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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  October 2, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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welcome to saturday, october 2. i hear it feels like october where you are? >> it does. it changed from one day to the next. i know you are a fan of the chi chillier weather. i am not. >> we'll have to change studios some day. united states surpasses 700,000 deaths from covid-19. take a look at this.
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700,000 white flags to memorialize every one of those people who has died. >> there is good news to share. drug makers merck has a new pill that cuts risk of covid hospitalizations cutting deaths in half. >> this is the most impactful result i've ever seen of an orally available drug perhaps ever. getting an oral pill that can help inhibit the reply
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indication of the virus. >> next fall, california to require covid-19s for students. adding the covid vaccine to the required list of vaccines. >> i want to get behind this to make sure our kids don't ever get another call that says they can't go to school. grades 7 through 12 and grades k through 6 only after the fda fully approves. parents are hopeful they can vaccinate by halloween. >> and what may become the first oral medication that may cut hospitalization in half.
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merck, the pill's manufacturer, is seeking authorization from the fda as soon as possible. >> i'm very excited about the drug going forward. we do need better treatments and oral therapy. it is not a replacement for vaccines. but when people get infected, we need to be able to help them. >> those who have gotten at least one vaccine are hopeful for the second dose. more than 90% of the roughly 700,000 have received their shots. those who didn't now being forced to unpaid leave. >> unless anything changes, come monday, they've decided i'm a threat to public health. i think that goes against some
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of the freedoms of this country. i would say this is an overstep. >> the few teachers can still reconsider. >> we hope and look forward to teachers to continue to get vaccinated over the weekend and we look forward to welcoming them back. we want them with their students. >> in addition to treating students under 12 with pfizer shots. also on tap, discussions on data on a mix and match booster approach. we want to talk to you about this in merck antiviral option?
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>> i've always used the word cautiously optimistic. i will actually take out the word caution and say i'm very optimistic. we are already familiar with the drug tamiflu that we've used many times. this is an oral pill taken early on. this is not used to prevent. when somebody is sick in my office, i immediately try to
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schedule the antibody infusion. with this, it is an oral pill you take for five days. i want to know about the data released by the company. i am optimistics this morning. >> we know the fda is holding three meetings this week talking about boosters. they are talking about the vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. i'm wondering among the doctors, are there concerns about the vaccine for children 5 to 11. are you comfortable in the trials out there? >> yes, i'm comfortable in the trials and the results. very strong antibody response in the younger kids. the biggest difficult with children as we get to the
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younger ages. 5, 6, 8, 9. we have to make sure we find that right dose. what has hit it right on the nail is one-third the dose of what we give adults. adults get 30 micrograms. kids will only get one-third, so 10 micrograms. i think this will not have any safety issues. the problem is going to be convincing parents. 30% of parents are planning to give their younger kids this vaccine. >> speaking of kids, justice
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s sotomayor blocked the case brought in new york, then we have california schools. kids know a lot. they've heard a lot from parents and at school. what is your concern for them? what do we need to be doing for kids right now? >> i think it is going to be really important to communicate with kids right now. they are smart, they are so aware of what you tell them on social media. if there is almost a discordance in the home. kids are convinced that masks
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work. and parents don't agree. it becomes difficult. anxiety and depression. i've probably prescribed more anti-depression in the last year than in the last five years even for young teenagers. the most important thing is communication. parents communicating and being open between the school and the family. >> and trying to keep it civil. >> we appreciate you. thank you. >> thank you. negotiations on capitol hill are at an impasse despite pressure from the white house. can moderates and progressives come together. we have new body cam video revealing new details of a fight
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bring out the bold™ a dramatic high stakes week on capitol hill. no vote on key elements of the agenda. >> the president is confident the bill and sweeping economic package will be approved. he's not sure when. he emphasized when doesn't matter. he made a rare trip to capitol hill. his visit gave him some breathing room and space to negotiate. >> progressives and moderates trying to agree on a top line number somewhere between $1.5 to $3 trillion. that $3 trillion plan floated
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where do things stand right now? >> i want to emphasize that this was probably one of the longest workweeks on capitol hill. look, democrats are not far from where they started when this week began. that is important here. this is one of the biggest tests of the bind administration and democratic leaders, house speaker pelosi and chuck schumer uniting to pass two infrastructure bills that are a pry ortd for the administration. biden's historic agenda. one of these being a hard infrastructure bill that would improve roads and a lot of republicans were behind this. the house wanted to vote on this. moderates wanted to vote on it
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so it could go to president biden's desk and pass. the other bill is the economic bill priced at $3.5 trillion. moderates want to bring that price tag down. the problem is they are trying to negotiate on how to bring these bills down. moderates wanted to vote on this bill this week. that didn't happen. what did happen? president biden came to the people's house. he tampered down democrats and u night efforts and told them unless they negotiate with each other, neither of these will pass. we watched in real time the
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congress and the house negotiate. the issue is that two moderate senators want to bring that price tag from $3.5 trillion. man chin has mentioned he wants no more than $1.5 trillion. what is this this bill? paid family medical leave, climate change, expand the child tax credit and expand the nation's social safety net which is why they really want this bill to pass. progressives emerged optimistic from their meeting with biden and their meeting. take a look at the congresswoman. telling anderson cooper about their optimism. >> six minutes, six days, six
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weeks. there is a lot of time to negotiate. there were skeptics like me who didn't think it would get done. i was wrong. i'm happy to be wrong 0 on that. i believe we'll be able to do that. as you hear there, lots of optimism. nothing really happened this week except they bought themselves 30 more days. because moderates and progressives want this bill
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passed. president biden urging moderate and progressive democrats there, trying to get them to find some common groun d there. in the message to keep the eye on the prize and continue on the agenda. yesterday when the president spoke to reporters, he made the case that no it didn't matter how much time it would take, his agenda is getting done. take a listen. >> you are asking me 1,000 different questions and they are all legit.
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i'm telling you we'll get this dong whether in 6 minutes, 6 days or 6 weeks, we'll get it done. >> i was told his tone reminded them of a wise uncle. understanding but not demanding. he told lawmakers both the social safety net package priced at $3.5 trillion will have to go along with that infastructure vote and that basically now is the time to compromise. it could look like coming down off of that $3.5 trillion price tag somewhere in the $2 trillion amount to get something passed. yesterday's visit to the hill was president biden's first as the president. he addressed them as vice president and it marked the top of his engagement with the hill
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on this. >> the question is what does he do next? trying to bring those hold outs back to the fold and get his agenda moving. they are optimistic but his agenda still hangs in the balance. >> thank you for walking us through it. let's get more perspective now from cnn political commenter. host of the you decide podcast. good morning. always good to see you bright and early. president biden vowing this is
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going to get done no matter how long it takes. what point do you think the white house becomes uneasy about the chances of these enormous bills being passed? >> good morning. i think the president has a fine sense of whether or not they are close to agreement he didn't already understand that they were close. on the one hand, you've got $3.5 on the high side, $1.5 trillion on the low side. they'll likely compromise in the middle. what i think will happen, there will be a lot of shifting of when certain programs phase in and phase out. the medicare dental benefit.
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now, it has it starting in the year 2028. if you move the dates around, i thinks that what is going on now. we should pay less attention to the top line number and more to the detailed information and sun setting. there's a lot in there. the child tax credit and support for community colleges a lot of the different components of this and much more than just the top line number. >> another thing that has come to the forefront is the power the caucus has, it feels more influential and less willing to tow to whatever the speaker pelosi wants. after promising to vote on the
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infa strauk bill this week. what does this show you about a shift of power? >> we talked about how this might be joe biden's fdr moment. in reality, it might be america's fdr moment. they fought in dozens of races in urban and rural districts and why they had a sizeable progressive caucus and why they are insisting they came washington to make serious change. to lift half of all poor children out of poverty. to make school lunches available to an additional 9 million kids. that's serious stuff. these are folks saying this is a once in a generation effort and opportunity to get some stuff done. we are not going to squaunder i
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and get the vote. this is in a sense is what politics is all about. >> which wing is more electorally at risk? >> it is interesting. i've talked to a number of members. the democrats are in danger of holding on to the house. there is a bit of fatalism. they could face losing up to 45 seats. that would be sizeable for the
3:27 am
republicans that will guide the members sticking to their guns saying, look, this is it. this will be the only chance we get i don't think those who want to hold on to their seats and majority could be outnumbered but those who are pivotal. >> a huge moment in american history. we appreciate you giving us that perspective. thank you very much. stay with cnn. we'll be right back. and she'll feel so good about her plan, she can focus on living it. that's the planning effect, from fidelity.
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attention to the search for brian laundrie. the body cam footage that came out about their domestic dispute has brought about questions of wha what was going on. >> walking us through that footage and exactly what gabby was saying to the officers. >> new questions about brian laundrie. brian and his parents visited the desoto campground. brian's sister cassie was also with them for a day. brian spoke to nbc news in an interview that aired september 16. >> we haven't been able to talk to him. >> cnn obtained records showing
3:33 am
laundrie's mother canceled a camping reservation. the day before he returned home without gabby. a day later, she booked reservation for three people. >> a witness called police to report a domestic dispute. >> there's two people that came us and told us they saw him hit you. >> in the back of a police car, she stated she started the fight. >> kind of looks like something hit you in the face and then the arm. >> the officers turned their focus on petito's actions
3:34 am
instead. >> were you attempting to cause him physical pain or impairment? >> i was trying to get him to stop telling me to calm down. they questioned therm separately and determine laundrie is the victim. something even laundrie finds surprising. >> she's a fiance, i love her. just a squable. lau laundrie is sent to a hotel for the night. >> you don't want to be separated? >> no.
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we know when it comes to domestic violence, victims want to protect their abusers. take a look at chicago. trying to get guns off the streets but there's a leel loop hold getting these guns in the hands of criminals. we'll talk about it. stay close. ♪ (peaceful music) ♪ ♪ ♪ (battle sounds from phone) ♪ ♪
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take a record number of guns off the streets this year. now federal prosecutors are stepping up efforts to arrest the people supplying them to criminals. >> nearby indiana charging them with illegally purchased guns. 20 have been recovered at crime scenes. looking at the effort to end what is known as straw purchases. >> what is leading to violence in the city, where does the influx guns fit into that? >> it is not a light subject. it is the ground zero for gun violence is violent people in possession of weapons. >> this year, chicago is on pace to take a record number of guns
3:41 am
off the streets. >> we want to interject how those are getting into the hands. people who make blood money off of getting guns into the hands of felons. >> the gun that killed chicago officer initially bought in indiana before being transferred to the alleged shooter who would go on to use it less than six months later. >> one of the things unique to chicago is the over proliferation of guns on our streets. they've had an unrelenting problems whether they come from chicago, indiana or as far east
3:42 am
as virginia. >> alleging, they've sold over 850 recovered crime guns and about 180 guns to at least 40 people later charged with federal crimes. ignoring warning signs. we've reached out to the owners of this store, they had no comment. across the border suburb of chicago, it functions accordingly when it comes to straw purchases. >> the western area is where most of the guns come from. what we are seeing is one or two at a time. are they putting it in the hands of someone they believe will commit a crime. >> chicago is one of five cities at the center of the newest anti-gun trafficking strike forces. >> that is juan of one of the t
3:43 am
that makes it so difficult or the guns legally transfer hands a number of times. >> linking shootings by looking at the imprints of guns they fire, test firing them and if there is a match to other crime scenes, they can better find the gun's history. >> identifying that point where the gun leaves legal commerce. >> we are trying to detour people from lying on that form and giving the gun who shouldn't have it. that's really the only preventative thing you can do at this point? >> it is. >> the penalties need to be conveyed to discourage that this is a harmless, mostly clarical
3:44 am
thing. it is blood money. the giants and dodgers vie for the top seed in the international league. coy has more after the break. a women being part of the cnn heroes helped her grow her cause. >> i was 14 when i started building and i was under 23 when we were honored. to get this award and have our work shown was just so incredible. it really changed the narrative that we were up against that we were just kids and this was just
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welcome back. major league baseball has played more than 60 games but none will be as important as these two. san francisco shutting out the padres 3-0 to tie up the record with their 106th win. clinching at least a share of their first title since 2020 but they can't celebrate just yet.
3:51 am
to difference makers. featuring captain of the afghan women's soccer team. when the taliban took control of afghan one of the concerns was all the progress women have made. we spoke with her about her fears for young girls and women. >> i got selected for the afghan's woman's national team. back in 2016 where i got to see the afghan women in afghanistan and how brave they were and the barriers they were going through just to go to practice. i knew i had to make a
3:52 am
difference. bringing a little bit of joy. that girl was dreaming big in the football world. she's not allowed to do that anymore. we had big, big dreams. we really wanted to be united and show them afghan woman could also play football and have an education. it is heartbreaking for me, my teammates, i know them as very brave women. we are suffering as a team. i am suffering on behalf of all of my sisters. they are not able to use their words right now and their voice. i try to be their voice as much as i can. >> she says she and her teammates will do everything they can to the soccer pleaders who fled the country. standing up for rights of women and girls who want to live
3:53 am
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3:58 am
the reaction from capitol hill as well. >> after more than a year of complaints, it's about to get worse. >> i feel like we already wait so much. >> the cause, the trump postmaster plan starts on friday. it promised to increase the delivery time from three days to five. experts say it will rely more on ground than planes. western states will experience the brunt of these. first class mail sent to nevada will be delayed. 58% to washington state and montana. florida will also see delays
3:59 am
with 60% of deliveries. lawmakers pushing back. >> medical shipments have gone missing. >> i've gotten complaints from families that didn't get a birthday card to grandma from grandchild. >> intentionally slowing first class mail and package delivery is ill conceived. creates risks not justified by the low financial return and doesn't meet our responsibility as an essential part of the infrastructure. >> dejoy remains. the trump hold owner and republican megadonor came under
4:00 am
fire. slowing down delivery during unprecedented mail-in voting. a a investigation and he denies all accusations. a call on biden to get rid of dejoy. he doesn't have the power to fire him, he can replace the board that does. nominated two people to vacant seats. but the majority installed under president trump standing behind dejoy. the postmaster telling lawmakers he's not going anywhere? >> how much longer are you planning to stay? >> a long time. get used to me. >> cnn, washington. quick programming note, the new cnn original series dian


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