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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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can your internet do that? . we are learning more about the covid-19 pill that could be a game changer as the u.s. reaches another milestone in the pandemic. president biden urges his party to come together on aan agenda. plus the latest into the death of gabby petito and a possible sighting of her missing fionse brian laundrie. welcome to us here from canada and the unsz and around the
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world. this is cnn "newsroom." live from cnn center, this is cnn "news proom." >> several hundred thousands americans have now lost their lives to the coronavirus with the last 100,000 deaths added in little more than 100 days. the staggering figure comes wow there are deadly fallen infections. poly, more booster options are likely coming. the administration will meet in mid-october to discuss booster doses. later in the month, the panel is set to discuss using pfizer vaccine for children under 12. merck's if you drug isn't on the fda calendar yet. it's not stopping experts from calling it a dramatic game
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changer. cnn's dr. gupta has more on what we are learning. >> this the a pretty big deal. in fact, a data safety monitoring board actually looked at the trial results. they're ongoing from merck and decided they looked so good that they actually wanted to stop the trial and encourage the company to go ahead and apply for emergency useful often sometimes they're stopped because it looks too futile. let me show you the data. basically, these were participants who were in the early stages of disease. it's very important. they weren't super sick. they weren't in the hospital certainly early. they have been diagnosed with mild symptoms. those who got the drug. 325 of them, 28 were hosp hospi hospitalized. in the placebo group 337, 45 were hospitalized.
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eight died. when you do the math on that, that's the 50% reduction in likelihood of hospitalization and death. nobody died in the group that actually received the medication. now, all this information so far are coming from the company,lets. it seeds to be reviewed by the fda. it's got to be reviewed to see if the efficacy data actually holds up. also, just how safe it is. that's going to be a big question as well. if it does go through and gets the emergency use authorization, this will be an option for people who have been diagnosed with covid. it is not a substitute for the vaccine. i think most people probably realize that. but the vaccine is to prevent illness. this is to treat illness and that's going to be a major point i think that comes up over and over again. we still encourage the vaccines very much. one thing we want to point out. we don't hear a lot about anti-virals. we hear about antibiotics. viruses replicate within human
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cells. they need the human body and human cells to replicate. that's in part what makes anti-viral challenging, because the virus is within the human cell. the way this medication seems to work is by basically interfering with how the virus rep politics. it takes all these various components to allow this to replicate. this drug is sticking a trojan horse in the machinery of that replication. so the replication doesn't continue. people don't develop a sophisticate amount of viralload, they're not as sick. they're not as like will i to transmits. if all pans out, it will be another important tool when it comes to fighting covid. not sa substitute for a vaccine. cost, probably around $700 per course, which is two pills a day for five days, as we get more news about this, we'll certainly bring it to you. >> the nation's most populous
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state will become the first to require a covid vaccine for k through 12 to attend school in person. the governor announced the measure on friday. the requirement will go into effect in the school term after the fda gives full approval for the age groups to get the vaccine. it will apply to students in both public and private schools and is subject to medical briefs. he explained it to cnn's on that cabrera. >> we want to get this pandemic behind us. while we made great progress, california 84% of californians eligible received one dose, with the lowest case rate in america. we have a cohort to get to 17 right now, while only 63.5% of our kids have received at least one dose of vaccine. we think this will accelerate our efforts to get this pandemic behind us. >> california is one of 34 states that evacuated more than half of the residents.
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it's an example to other states by implementing vaccine mandates across a football of industries. earlier i spoke to the associate executive trekker of the p perm permanente group. i asked him if mandates made a difference in his hospital. here he s.. >> we have had an incredible response. before the fourth mandate was put in place, we were at 78% vaccination rates. in california now, we're up above 78% for employees and 98% for our physicians. tremendous uptake. three things, nothing like a requirement. two, it's encouraged these conversations, critical conversations about disinformation. i have to call out our managers and actually our labor unions that have leaned in to actually dispel that disinformation. and then the third thing is you can't really dismiss the delta effect. i think delta, that variant,
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really galvanized people. it scared people, too. so all those things put together i think has led to these incredibly high percentages of vaccinations. >> then those who haven't, i mean, what have you done or what do you plan to do with those who refuse? do you suspend them? fire them? >> so a number of people verify exemptions, there are a few people that decline to get exemption or vaccinated. they have been put on administrative leave. they have the opportunity over the next couple months to engage if further conversation. but, yes, if necessary, we will terminate people. that is not our goal, though. absolutely not our goal. our goal is to protect the work force, to protect our patients and to protect our communities. i'm just so heartened by the fact that we saw this tremendous uptake. i'll just tell you, kim, when you have percentages above 90%,
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our communities are fought seeing people get hospitalized. this latest surge, we have communities within california, particularly the san francisco bay area, where the vaccination rates are 90% and higher for the eligible population and their hospitalization rates were 20%, comparable to other places with lower vaccination rates. >> let me ask you about that, in areas like rural parts of the state, the evacuation is much less. i was reading the busiest hospital in one republican part of the state said more than 30% of the workers had been granted tloe those religious exemptions as they are asking anyone to avoid the mass exodus of staff, to avoid lawsuits. it's a paradox, because we're seeing more covid patients and deaths in areas, where more people are refusing to get vaccinated. that seems to be where hospitals are letting their staff keep
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working without getting vaccinated. how do you deal with that in those times of areas? >> i think one of the most important things here is to show people the outcomes and to show that you don't get sick. you don't have your hospitals overrun with covid when you do this. for kaiser permanente, we have been challenging our vendors and contractors to participate and asking them to mandate vaccination. we're also reaching out to community benefit organizations that we provide grants and funding to, to also participate in mandatory vaccination. the other thing i will just say is we need to hold the business community to rally around this. there are other large industries. the airline industry is one, in particular, that has moved in the route mandating vaccinations. if you look at the country in the united states, more than two-thirds the of all workers now have some form of a mandate.
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so i think that the momentum is on the side of getting our workers vaccinated. >> all right. that's all the time we have. thanks so much for joining us, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, good to be with you. so though numbers are still high, it appears the final infections may finally be waning. according to john hopkins', the seven-day average dropped 30% from the 1st of september to the 30th. over the same period, daily deaths dropped by about 20% and something else that's spreading, covid optimism. cnn's michael holmes explains. >> reporter: dinner and drinks, the return of one of the simple pleasures of life in japan, just one of the signs of getting back to a sense of normal in some spots around the globe, where the number of if you coronavirus cases have declined. japan has lifted a state of
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emergency in all regions of the country for the first time if six months, allowing restaurants to increase their hours of operation and sell alcohol, once again. new infections in japan have dropped dramatically from over 20,000 a day in august to just under 2,000 now. welcome progress for people who have been encouraged to skip non-essential gatherings. >> i was just commuting fbetwee my home and my company, because of lack of communication, i felt lonely. >> reporter: they say the new numbers of deaths are declining, town 10% from mid-september. cautious optimism, though the virus is still circulating and killing. and experts warn it could quickly rebound. 52 emis also easing some of its coronavirus measures after a gradual decline in cases there. a stay@home order was lifted in
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hochi-min city. people in hanoi exercise outside in small groups and malls and retail stores have opened, something many hope will revive the economy. >> this year the outbreak is more complicated than the last. i have been jobless for two months now with no income. so staying at home feels very suffocating. >> reporter: masks are required on havana's famous seaside promenade. but the popular spot to fish or open up the sun is opened again after being limited after cuba's covid-19 restrictions. even the traditional double kiss in paris is making a slow comeback after falling out of favor during the outbreaks if france. >> i've stopped kissing people on the cheek due to covid due to social distancing. now i kiss people i know. only to loved ones, not people i don't know very well. >> reporter: the power of a human touch or a breath of fresh
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air, small reminders of life before the pandemic and what could one day bring us closeer to normal. holmes, cnn. >> president biden's high stakes high dollar domestic agenda suddenly stopped in neutral. can a quick trip to capitol hill get the process moving again in the president seems to think so. those details ahead. plus new details about a camping trip brian laundrie took days after coming home without gabby petito. hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. this prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. impressive! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ try the body wash, too. kinder bueno? woooooow. it's crispy. it's creamy. it's not your arage chocolate bar.
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is olay better than your clean beauty? olay has 99% pure niacinamide. it's derm-tested. and now, it's cleanest formula with hydration that beats the $400 cream. tried. tested. never bested. shop at . u.s. president joe biden says he's confident democrats will eventually work out their differences and agree on two massive spending bills that are the centerpiece of his domestic agenda. the president met with democratic lawmakers on friday after party progressives locked their vote on a bipartisan bill to fix america's roads, bridges and airports. after their meeting, some members of the congressional caucus said they appreciated the president's input but came away wanting more.
2:18 am
the president was optimistic. here he is. >> i'm telling you, we're going to get this done it doesn't matter when. it doesn't matter whether it's in six minutes, six days or six weeks. we're going to get it done. >> so as you've just heard, the president dismissed artificial deadlines. he is now telling democrats to take as much time as they need to negotiate the ambitious suspending package. we get more from cnn's jeremy dimon at the white house. >> reporter: with his legislative agenda on the line, president biden arrived on capitol hill making his most public play yet to bridge the multi-million dollar democratic divide. he addressed democrats after nancy pelosi delayed a vote on the trillion dollar infrastructure bill rather than watch it sink under the weight of progressive demand. now a new approach for the president after a week spend negotiating on the phone and in
2:19 am
the oval office. >> why the change in tactics? is that a make-or-break moment? >> this is a moment where he feels it's exactly the right time to go to the caucus and make the case for why it's important to work together to get this agenda done. he wants to speak directly to members, answer their questions and make the case for why we should all work together to give the american people more breathing room. >> reporter: now the white house and democratic leaders are trying to get moderate senators to buy into a $2.1 million excise framework. the late-night meetings between officials and moderates so far yielding no deal, manchin sticking to his own top line number. >> my top line has been 1.5 because i believe if my heart what we can do and the needs we have and what we can afford to do without being basically changing our whole society to an entitlement mentality. >> reporter: the white house insisting a deal is closer than ever. >> the negotiation and the
2:20 am
deal-making alls happens at the end. it doesn't matter how the process works or how many weeks there are, it always happens at the end. this is exactly the moment where people put tear bought lom lines down, their best ideas forward and there is however negotiating. that's exactly what's happening. >> reporter: emerging with that meeting with house democrats, president biding vowing we are going to get this done, saying it doesn't matter if it takes six minutes, six days, six weeks, we're going to get it done. according to lawmakers in the room, the president was very much laying out the stakes. the high stakes as it relates to his entire agenda and the priority for the democratic caucus at large, talking about the need to pass not only this infrastructure bill as well as the $3.5 billion budget reconciliation. according to one law maker in the room, the president made clear that compromise was going to be fess, it was far more likely something in the realm of $2 trillion was going to happen. for now, the president back at
2:21 am
the white house and negotiations still ongoing. jeremy dimon, cnn, the white house. >> so those negotiations, if successful, will ultimately lead to a single bottom line number that everyone agrees on. earlier, the head of the democrats' progressive caucus spoke with our anderson cooper about what that elusive figure might be and that money actually represents. >> sit specifics you want to hear from sinema and mandhin. he had given the 1.5 number a while ago to dana bash of cnn. is it specifics i feed to hear? >> well, i don't think that's the number. that's not going to be acceptable to us. this is a negotiation, so we need to figure out how we're going to get to a number that we can all adpee on. but the key thing we were fighting for, anderson, which which feel so proud about tonight is we were fought going to leave behind families who feed child care, who need paid
2:22 am
leave. people who feed affordable housing. people who are committed to delivering real results on climate change. we're not going to leave behind immigration. these were the five priorities of the cpc that are in the build back better agenda, the build better act i should say. >> natasha is a professor in justice from england. i want to start by asking you about that quote from president biden that keeps getting repeated there. it doesn't matter whether it's in six minutes, six days or six weeks, we're going to get it done. the last part first, will they get it done? >> well, i think they absolutely have to. this is one of those situations where they don't have a choice because the democratic party appears as if they can't govern if they don't get it done. this is also as you mentioned, this is the cornerstone of joe biden's huge domestic agenda to
2:23 am
really transform society by providing huge amounts of investment in infrastructure that's badly needed, which we talked about at length. they have all the investment in high speed internet and bridges and roads and so forth. but this social safety net bill, which is progressives have fought for to delay in order to ensure that it does get passed is going to be popular offering support for pre-k, offering free community college tuition, expanding medicaid and offering child tax credits. all these things are going to be very popular. this is really qucritical at th point, because right now joe biden's approval ratings aren't doing that well. he's at 45%, that is seven points higher than trump at this point but 7 points below obama. he is struggling with key
2:24 am
graphics, meaning african-americans and hanging on with older people, men and white college educated. but people have this perception that the one big thing he said he was going to deliver is he's going to improve people's trusts in government and make feel people feel like government can help them. at the moment the optics weren't very good. so they needed to come back to the table and at least ensure they get these two pieces of agenda passed. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much. we really appreciate you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. more body footage is sharing a line between a domestic dispute between gabby petito and her fiance. and the largest incursion by china yet. we'll have the latest from taipei coming up. stay with us. have you tried crunching? crunching gave me resting fun face.
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. welcome back. thank you for watching us here, in the united states and canada and around the world. this is cnn "newsroom." the search for gabby petito's fiance intensifies, they are monitoring items of alleged sightings of brian laundrie. this comes as we learn more of what he did after returning from a cross country road trip without petito. new body cam video show what is he told police about a dispute she had with him. >> reporter: new questions tonight about brian laund rid
2:29 am
and his interactions with family in the days around the disappearance of gabby petito. brian and his parents visited the fort de soto campground the weekend of september 6th, according to tear attorney. who now says brian's sister cassie was also with them for a day. she spoke to abc news in an interview that aired september 17th. >> have you been able to talk to him? >> i wish i could talk to him. i cooperated every way that i can. >> reporter: cnn obtained record showing laundry's mother cancelled a camping reservation august 31st, the day before brian returned home without gabby, later that week, she made a new reservation for three people. this as new body cam footage is providing insight into the strained relationship between gabby petito and brian laundrie. officers in utah caught up with
2:30 am
the couple in mid-august after witness reported a domestic dispute. >> so there's two people that came to us and told us they saw him hit you. >> reporter: in the back of the car, she claimed she is the one who initiated that fight after a few quick questions about her injuries. why did he hit you in the face and over and your arm, shoulder, right here. that's a kind of a new mark? >> yeah, i don't know. >> reporter: the officers turned their focus on petito's actions, instead. >> were you attempting to cause him physical paper or physical impairment? what was the reason behind the slapping and stuff? >> i was trying to get him to stop. >> reporter: they determined laundry is the victim. >> reporter: so at this point you're the victim of a domestic assault.
2:31 am
>> reporter: it is something even laundry finds surprising. >> i'm not going to say anything. my fiance, it's a squabble. >> reporter: ultimately, laundry is sent to the hotel and the police deemed it a mental health crisis. >> reporter: are you having anxiety? >> yeah. i want to see him, please. >> reporter: everyone wants to know is when will the autopsy be complete? what is the official cause of death? and will that help get investigators answers to their many questions? >> the metropolitan police are facing harsh criticism after issuing advice of what to do when approached with a safety officer. wayne cousins was sentenced to life if prison for the rape and murder of sarah everard. >> reporter: for police officer wayne cousins may now be behind bars, but the sarah everard case
2:32 am
is by no means behind the metropolitan police. they have said they've issued new influence to people who feel unsafe if approached by a lone undercover police officer. they can ask for help call 999, ask for identification or draw attention to themselves and hail down a passing bus. here on the streets of london, many women saying that that is holy impractical and also it wouldn't have saved sarah everard's life. >> if took and said to me and took crimes more seriously, it leaves me feeling very, very angry. >> reporter: they need to be training and any signs of, you know, a bad attitude toward women need to be rooted out straight away. people need to understand it cannot go on. >> do you have a public inquiry? >> yeah. >> the metropolitan police said she wants to ensure all of the lessons that need to be learned are learned by the institution.
2:33 am
but this has rocked a 200-year-old force, a crucial one, which is the most important police force in the country. and for that reason, opposition politicians are saying there needs to be a full cultural review and a public incyr i query into how when cousins was vetted and how bad behavior was dealt with, despite policing the uk. on friday, the police conduct watchdog was investigating five officer and former officers of the metropolitan group with wayne cousins in 2019, that was allegedly sharing indecent materials. she says she won't resign and continues to enjoy the support of the mayor of london and home secretary. there are questions about how the sarah everard case undermines trust in policing in the uk. for now, don't appear to be going away soon. nina dos santos, cnn, in london. the british military will be deployed on monday to help with
2:34 am
the fuel driverries. the uk government says 200 tankers and drivers will be on road in an attempt to alleviate the fuel shortage. they say a quarter were still dry as of friday gas stations. the sandy hook school shooting, 21 teaches and students were murdered in new town, connecticut in 2012. now a man who has lied about the shooting for years has been found legally responsible for damages in two lawsuits. right wing conspiracy theorist alex jones repeatedly and falsely claimed the shooting was a hoax. a lawyer for the family says fighting jones' lies has been difficult. >> it affects every part of their life. i mean, you know, it's hard enough that sort of we have to relive these things and people fought wars trying to make sure pictures of their kids were
2:35 am
taken down off websites, these are false flags, these children are still alive. that hurts. it's hard. it keeps going and snowballing. when you can't go about your daily business without somebody calling you a liar, saying this didn't happen. it's hard enough they suffered if ultimate loss and combooil compiling and piling on, it's unimaginable. >> a texas judge issued default judgments against jones. the jury will decide how much he owes the families. >> 61 from fall head city, arizona. >> los vegas is remembering the 60 people killed in a mass shooting four years ago friday. the government opened fire from a room in the mandalay bay hole. there were thousands on the ground attending a concert. hundreds were injured in the panic during the shooting.
2:36 am
the gunman took his own life. investigators never determined his motive. still ahead, taiwan says it's witnessed the largest ever incursion by chinese military aircraft. we go to taipei for the latest after the break. plus the taliban controls afghanistan. not everyone recognizes the government, including some of it own embassies. we'll explain their diplomatic limbo coming up. stay with us. have you tried crunching? crunching gave me resting fun face.
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in clinical trials, weight, cholesterol and blood sugar changes were similar to placebo. if you're affected by schizophrenia, ask your doctor about caplyta from intra-cellular therapies.
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well, beijing was showing off its latest generation fighter at an air show on friday in south china. the scombr ken-d is a warfare jet capable of jamming anti-aircraft systems. until now, only the united states has had military architect with that capability. taiwan's defense ministry is reporting the largest incursion
2:40 am
by china's air force yet. the self governing island says more than three dozen aircraft entered the air defense zone on friday as beijing celebrates the founding of the people's republic of china. will ripley joins us from taipei. what are with eto'o make of all of this? >> i think we might not have will up yet. we'll try and get back to him a little bit later. >> wait, what happened? what time was the hit? >> and moving on now, the taliban may now run afghanistan, but some of the country's own embassies refuse to recognize the new deposit as cnn's bill wedeman reports, it's placed them in a sort of a diplomatic limbo. >> reporter: 5,000 kilometers away if rome, the old afghan flag flutters over the embassy
2:41 am
splo so what we do, we issue visas, also, we extend the duration of our passports. >> this is called the golden rule. >> reporter: the ambassador continues to work and live at this elegant villa that has housed his country's embassy for almost a century. >> we have 1964 -- >> reporter: boasting relic from a different era. by the former prime minister, the king said send one to the embassy to italy. we have 11 local employees. >> reporter: since the taliban takeover, the ambassador says he's had to let some staff go. others received their last paycheck in september. the new boss in kabul gets a cold shoulder here.
2:42 am
>> they have contacted us twice once via an official memo. we declined to respond because we did not recognize the current care taker pushing of the taliban. >> this is called the oriental corner. >> reporter: many afghan embassies are getting by, collecting consular fees, yet refusing to deal with the new regime. >> italy and afghanistan established ties in 1921. the king visited rome seven years later. the last king of afghanistan lifld in rome before returning home where the taliban were ousted 20 years ago. with the taliban back in power, the body shrugs off the notion the group has changed, warning the world may have gone full circle back to 2001.
2:43 am
>> has the warrened in afghanistan? i do not think so. i think this is base on naivete and ill calculation. >> the biden administration indicates the american war has ended. this is my message. i think a world war with transnational terrorism has begun. >> reporter: or to put it diplomatically, the more things change, the war may stay the same. ben wedeman, cnn, rome. well, as i mentioned earlier, taiwan's defense ministry is reporting the largest incursion by china's air force yet. we have cnn's will ripley
2:44 am
joining us, take us through the intent behind the show of force. >> reporter: well, beijing never announces its reasons, ken. if you put the pieces together here, the timing, the number of aircraft, it paints a pretty clear picture in the eyes of the leadership here, this is bullying, military intimidation. this is propaganda and as one analyst put it to cnn political warfare. now if you look at what the air defense evacuation zone is. it's crucial we make the distinction between taiwanese airspace and their self declared air defense zone, which goes much further. it's a buffer zone, if you will. when they play, they're not violating international law. they are entering where taiwan control will ask them to say letter the military in taiwan of a potential incoming threat. that's why it's called the air
2:45 am
defense identification zone. beijing has been flying a lot of planes. on friday, it was the largest number. it came in two waves. 38 warplanes altogether. if you look at the list of the hardware in the skies, pretty intimidating stuff from the taipei perspective to have 32 chinese fighter planes, two different types of fires, four capable bombers. one acre and one early warning aircraft. all of these planes flying tra jectories that bring them close enough to make taiwan nervous and feel intimidated. not so close it would create an international incident. beijing did this on friday, which so happened to be their national day. the day they were celebrating 72 years since the founding of the people's carolina in 1949. so you have a real propaganda show of force here according to analysts. chinese president xi jinping. at the same time they're flying these warplanes near an island
2:46 am
the people's republic of china claimed as it's own sovereign territory more than seven years ago. this island has had its own government, it's a democratically elected government. tell only chinese speaking democracy in the world. you have its own military. taiwan will be showcasing its own domestically made missiles and a military parade when they celebrate their national day later this month. so you have this show of force, this propaganda, this military intimidation and valuable training for china. i will read you a statement for taiwan's ministry of affairs. it sums up saying taiwan is taiwan. it is not a part of the people's republic of china. they have never ruled taiwan for a single day. but shows of force can be a clear message from by a sing they will not rule out force to take back what they considered their territory if taiwan takes formal steps towards declaring
2:47 am
its independence. >> will ripley in taipei, thanks so much. this just in from the philippines, news agencies report president duterte says he is retiring from politics. so that would put to rest expectations he would run for vice president next year. he isn't eligible to seek a second presidential term. analysts say he could be paving the way for his daughter sarah to run for president. she could protect her father from potential prosecution over his deadly war against drugs. nigeria's president says he is ready to lift his ban on twitter but with some strings attached. in a speech marking the independence day, the president said the social media giant would have to agree to four sets of conditions. they include opening a local office and paying taxes in nigeria. earlier, other officials said twitter would have to manage its engagement together with the
2:48 am
government. the buhari administration blocked access in june. after they delete a tweet many consider offensive. participants are pulling out all the stops to make an impression at dubai's world expo. next the unique, the stuping and the backy at the ongoing world's fair. stay with us. >>
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. a code red aviation warning is in effect on the big island of:00 after the volcano started erupting went. so this was the scene from above on friday. high levels of volcanic gas are the primary hazard of concern. officials say it can have far reachingesque down wind. lava continues to erupt from multiple events. so far it's contained to hawaii's national park. over the past day, the lava lake has risen 4 meters but slowed since erupting. world expo 2020 is now in full swing if dubai. united arab emirates. over the next six months, more than 190 countries will showcase their innovation, architecture and culture. the expo is the largest
2:53 am
in-person event in 2021. the opening was delayed a year because of the pandemic. as scott mcclain reports, the participants are going all out to make a splash. >> after eight years of planning, expo 2020 is finally opened to the public, part tech invention, part united nations. part them park all under these scorching temperatures of the desert. on thursday night, the show opened with an olympic sized opening ceremony, which showcased just how far this country has come over the past 50 years, even the crown prince of abu dhabi was spotted reporting it on his cell phone. also notable to see was the flag of israel just a year ago. they're represented with their own pavilion along with 191 other countries, some of which have some truly wild and whacky
2:54 am
pavilions like the saudi pavilion. there is nothing traditional about the design here. the same foes for the moroccan pavilion. this is the very first expo, where all of the people are represented. thanks to help, the african union tells me the reason that they are here is to send the message that affect is a secure place to invest. scott mcclain, cnn, dubai. >> all week long, join us for more climate and biodiversity as dubai expo 2020 right here on cnn. young climate activists are demanding world leaders take them seriously they say world leaders haven't done nearly enough to protect the climate
2:55 am
from rising temperatures. activist greta thunberg says young people are sick of being lied today. >> right here in milano, minsters have gathered here to discuss the climate crisis. they are pretending that they have solutions to the climate question, that they are taking sufficient action. but we see through their lies and their blah blah blah and we are tired of it. >> the head of the upcoming cop 26 climate talk says perhaps it's time for world leaders to take a queue from the younger generation. sotheby's is about to auction something never been auctioned before. it's an immersive digital experience sold as a non-fungible tone or ntt. it's called machine whose nation's space, metaverse and ft collection. the artist used artificial intelligence to generate eight
2:56 am
works featuring immersive experiences. here's huh he describes it. >> what is becomes is a pigment for a painting and a skultture in the room. basically you are immersed in the mind of the machine in a fully immersive material. >> the collection will be sold in the form of an nft or non-fungible token, which is a crypto asset that makes digital art distinctive and unique. the whole collection may touch nearly 2 million at the end of the online auction on monday. that's it for me in atlanta. thanks so much for joining neon cnn "newsroom." .
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