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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  October 1, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it is about the size of a yelly bean with a pair shep and a lemonade yellow color. how about that. i mean that is a happy friday, right. that does it for me today. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. i'm ana cabrera in new york. you could find me on twitter at ana cabrera until monday. i'll be back tuesday. i'm off monday because i'm running a race ore over the weekend in minnesota. have a great one, everyone. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone, welcome to "newsroom," ax alice join camerota. victor is off today. president biden is heading to capitol hill this afternoon in an attempt to save his economic agenda. on thursday, the democrats failed to bring that $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal to a vote despite a flurry of negotiations. house speaker nancy pelosi has promised there could be a vote but at midnight she announced
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there is a new dead line and that is today. pelosi just held a meeting with her party, some democrats have been floating a new number on that bigger social safety net package and that must be is $2.1 trillion. that is a counter offer to senator joe manchin's $1.5 trillion top line offer. the leader of the house progressive caucus has yet to receive an official proposal. >> you're just going to keep working as hard as we can. we'll see hor far we could get. >> do you think there is a lot -- >> there is a lot of good conversations happening so let's keep them going. >> ryan nobles is on capitol hill and jeremy diamond is at the white house. jeremy, when is the president going to the hill and what does he plan to do there? >> reporter: we're expecting to him to arrive around 3:30 and he's addressing the house democratic caucus.
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to try to bridge the multi trillion dollars divide between the two factions of the democratic party which is holding up the entirety, the most important parts of president biden's legislative agenda. how is he going to make the case today. we know he's taken different approaching over the course of the last week where he's doubled down on his engagement, at times trying to cajole lawmakers or understand their concerns and perspective and speak to them directly from that point of view. at other times he's tried to inject some kind of pragmatism, reminding people of what is at stake in these negotiations as he tries to salvage his agenda here and get it through a very divided democratic caucus on capitol hill. i think you could expect a combination from the president, but certainly he's going to be reminding his party of what is at stake as they prepare to get ready for the 2022 midterm elections. democrats and white house
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officials here believe that they need some kind of legislative accomplishments to be able to run on, not just for the president but for the party as a whole, especially as they eye the midterms next year. >> ryan, what is the latest on the vote for that infrastructure bill? i mean, we heard it was definitely happening yesterday and then at midnightspeaker pelosi said it is happening today. >> this is the question i've gotten most often this week. when is this vote going to happen. and the simple answer is we don't know. and i'm including nancy pelosi and others. they are still trying to hash this agreement out. and the simple fact of the matter is they do not have enough votes to pass the bipartisan infrastructure package at this stage and they still need to come to some sort of agreement on the much broader $3.5 trillion social safety net package. and progressives have held firm on that stance for weeks and
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they seem to be in that same place this morning as well. listen to what congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez said going into a meeting of the democratic caucus today. >> the framework enough, an agreed upon framework. >> we need a vote. we need to be real, are we going to deliver universal pre-k to this country or not, are we going to expand health care to our seniors and include vision and dental or not? are we going to invest inning so people could get hot water in winter time or not. that is what we need to know. >> reporter: what she said is the most difficult position that the house democrats could find themselves in and there are many progressives that believe no vote on the infrastructure plan until they get a vote on the reconciliation package that social safety net package in the united states senate. well that is certainly not happening today. that could take weeks. the question, alisyn, is the house speaker able to come up with a framework that guarantees
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something will be passed in the future that peels enough progressives off to get it over the finish line. she hasn't been able to do it yet. we'll see if today is the day she could make it happen. >> we'll stand by for developments. thank you both. joining me now dana bash and co-anchor of state of the union and errol lewis from speck rum news. what can president biden do to break this log jam today when he goes to the hill? >> his mere presence will really help seal the deal and that is why he's there. it's kind of hard to look the president in the eye and say, no, i'm not going to help you with your agenda. we're in the same party, i ran with you as a running mate, i touted all of the different things that you want to put in injure agenda and yet i don't have the courage to do it. it is a gut check moment for
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members of the democratic caucus who are going to stand on principle and threaten to sink some of his agenda. that is really hard to make that happen. but i think also the president is going to sort of make clear politically what is at stake. these are measures that in most polls come in between 49 and 60% popularity with the american people. i'm sure he has the numbers for vid districts and individual states as well. he could look them in the eye and say this is what your people want. this is what your people need and this is what you promised and we collectively as a democratic party promises. are you still going to sink this legislation and put all of this at risk? i think it is an important question and the president is going to be there to ask it. >> and just based on what i've heard from some democratic sources, particularly in the house, that is that there is part of the confusion and frustration that i'm hearing and
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that they are projecting is based on the fact that there are different messages being sent to different groups from the white house, depending on who is sending that message. and whether that is intentional or not, unclear. meaning, progressives keep fighting, moderates keep fighting. so if they're both fighting for what they want to believe in, then they're all dug in. so the way to change that is to have the president himself come and say, this is -- no mixed messages here, this is what i want and this is what we should try to get. this is where we need to be coalescing. >> and i feel like we have both sides in the same room. i don't know if there is a plan for that. you're right. everybody hears a different message from the president. and that is what they report to us when they come up. but is nancy pelosi seeing different math than the rest of us are seeing. she was so certain and projected
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confidence yesterday that she would have this vote at midnight she promised that today there would be a vote but the math still doesn't add up. >> right. the math doesn't add up because the progressives who said yesterday and the day before that and the day before that they will not vote for the bipartisan traditional infrastructure bill. that they support because they don't feel comfortable that they'll get what they want and what they say americans need and were promise d by the democrats from the other bill. that hasn't changed yet. what is different is that they appear to be talking more to each other and less past each other. but you bring up a really good point, alisyn, and that is one that i've been asking and i haven't gotten a real answer to for the past week or two weeks, which is president biden knows how to negotiate. he knows how to make a deal. he's done it ump teen times in his life, across the aisle
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within his party. why is he doing this in such a siloed way. why doesn't he sit down and get a piece of paper, get a legal pad and a pencil, have joe manchin on one side and jayapal on the other and figure it out. figure it out. what do you want? what do you want? what you could live with and let's do it. boom, boom. and i think the real answer is if it fails then he fails. but it seems as though we're at the point where those siloed conversations are run their course and they need to get people together. >> maybe that is what they'll do today. pros and cons and hash it out on the legal pad. we talk about the recalcitrant progressives or moderates, why don't they say what they want, we don't talk about the republicans, all of the republicans or the majority of republicans in the house are willing to vote against the
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bipartisan infrastructure bill and all of the millions, is the estimate, of jobs that this would create just to prove a point? let me play for you what kevin mccarthy said yesterday. >> where do you think your members are? >> i think the majority of overwhelming amount of our members are going to vote no because they don't view it as an infrastructure bill. >> why don't they view it the way that the republicans in the senate viewed it as a infrastructure bill. >> unfortunately they appear to be viewing it entirely in terms. they're viewing it as the path to getting the majority back and in the midterms next year. and it is sad. i'm glad you raised this, alisyn, because we should not just surrender and accept that we're going to have one party rule and then the other party rules and you never have cooperation and you never have true bipartisan governance. we have got to get back to that. we're in some ways no better off
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than we were than in the days of deadlock in prior congresses. this is not a responsible way to govern. and the democrats have not getten their act together yesterday but traditionally at this stage there could be some conversation about what republican members of congress are going to lose if this fails. this can't just be seen as a political failure for democrats or for president biden. there are a lots and lots of people in lots and lots of districts that could use lower prescription drug prices or help for community colleges and the whole rest of what is in the package. for them to, i guess, get away with just sitting on the side lines and refusing to govern is unprecedented and in some ways shameful. >> and errol is talking about democrats and what is stunning is what republicans leaderss the house are saying is their wepping against the bipartisan
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roads and bridges infrastructure bill that passed with unbelievable republican support, including republican leader mitch mcconnell in the united states senate. and there is one reason why their whipping against it. donald trump. he doesn't want to give joe biden a win. >> yeah. i mean nobody asks for your party affiliation when you cross a bridge. so that could be useful for everybody. but thank you both very much. a potential game-changer in the fight against covid-19. doctors may soon have the first pill that is effective against targeting coronavirus after you have it. plus teachers in new york have only a couple of hours left to get at least one covid-19 vaccine dose or get fired. so we'll speak with one of the teachers who have to make a decision in the next two hours.
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pharmaceutical giant merck say they have created a pill that could cut the risk of hospitalization or death from covid-19 in half. and they will seek emergency use authorization from the fda as soon as possible. cnn's correspondent elizabeth cohen joining me now. this is promising. what do wie know about this pil? >> it is promising and it is off a press release but the numbers look to promising when a data monitoring board and they're seeing everything that we're not seeing, when they saw the numbers from the clinical trial, they actually cut the clinical trial short. they said this is looking so good we need to end this so
11:18 am
merck to apply to the fda for emergency use authorization. so let's take a look at these numbers. so merck took more than 700 people and half of them were given, these are people who did not have covid, half were given this anti-viral drug and half were given a placebo which do nothing. the folks who got the placebo, at the end of the month, 45 were hospitalized and eight of them died and those with the anti-viral drug, 28 were hospitalized and zero died. so that is telling you something. now this is for people who are in the very early stages. these folks all had a positive covid test in the last five days. they were not in the hospital, let's take a listen to what dr. fauci has said about this and also jeff zients, the white house covid response team. let's take a listen. >> the news of the efficacy of this particular anti-viral is obviously very good news. >> if approved, i think the right way to think about this is
11:19 am
this is a potential additional tool in our tool box to protect people from the worst outcomes of covid. >> now doctor fauci went on so say that he expected merck to submit data to the fda imminently. there is another drug in the early stages of covid and it works very well but it delivered by an iv or by shots. much more difficult and much more complicated to deliver. this is just a pill. your family doctor could call in a prescription. allison. >> and just to be clear, this shouldn't replace getting vaccinated. this is not in lieu of that. >> right. >> that is just good news for people who possibly get sick. elizabeth cohen, thank you for all of that information. >> thanks. moments ago california governor gavin newsom announced that state will add covid-19 vaccination for eligible students to the immunizations required for in-person school attendance. dan simon joins me now.
11:20 am
who does this apply to and when does it go into effect? >> we're at the james denman middle school in san francisco where the governor made this noteworthy announcement. he indicated that this would likely be coming and today he made it official that if you are a student in the state of california that you need to be vaccinated in order to attend in-person learning. now this follows what some other school districts throughout california have done in the past couple of weeks including in los angeles, oakland and san diego. now this is going to be mandated statewide and the governor making the argument that you already need to be vaccinated against a whole host of diseases and here is what he had to say just a short time ago. >> we already mandate ten vaccines in so many ways this is the most -- look, this is a significant an aspect but probably the most predictable announcement. this is well established territory for our kids for
11:21 am
decades and decades. our kids and parents have been bringing our kids into the doctor's office or getting them to the school nurse and getting vaccinated and keeping them health a safe and so for the rest of us could move beyond that pandemic. >> now in terms of the timing for all of this, this is going to be worked in in terms of a phased in approach. once the fda grants full approval for the age cohort, you need to be vaccinated and of course later for 5 to 11 years of age. and in terms of how this is met throughout the nation, i think it is predictable. some will meet this news with applause and admiration and others not so much. >> dan simon, thank you. in new york city, the deadline for public school teachers to get a covid-19 vaccine is now just a few hours away. some teachers are still asking the supreme court to step in and try to block this mandate. new york mayor bill de blasio said that as of today, 93% of
11:22 am
the city's teachers are vaccinated. teachers who did not comply by 5:00 p.m. will be placed on unpaid administrative leave and could be fired. joining us now is stephanie edmonds, a new york city teacher who has decided not to get vaccinated. thank you so much for being here. as i understand it, after years of teaching, did you just teach your final class a few minutes ago, you just wrapped up? >> i did just finish a class so sorry if i'm a little bit emotional right now. i do have one more after this. but you know unless anything major changes over the weekend, it does seem like this will be my last class with the new york city department of education. it most likely won't be my last class ever. >> i hear that you are emotional. you said this is the hardest decision of your life. so why aren't you getting vaccinated? >> personally i have a deep,
11:23 am
deeply held religion objection. i believe that this goes against my faith. so that betrayal of my faith in god. and for that reason, i have decided not to. but i'm speaking out today for teachers who have a whole host of objections whether they be religious, medical, philosophical, and i am part of the class-action lawsuit that you were referring to that has the special supreme court hearing over the weekend and i am hoping that perhaps there will be some justice. >> as i understand it, you are jewish. and so help us understand, where in judaism does it say that you can't be vaccinated? >> so, you know, there is -- judaism is not a monolith like all religions. i'm a history teacher. even just a basic look at history will show us that people of the same religion faith do not often agree and while in
11:24 am
judaism there is no specific tenant as there is for much of life in the modern world, we could look to it for guidance. so i've done what i suggest other people do, consult with your family, pray, and this is the decision that i've come to between me and god and it was -- it was not -- it is not an easy decision in the face of doing what i love and being so dedicated and caring about my students, you know, over the past three weeks i've built relationships with the students who i -- my current students but the seniors, i've had them, i've known them for four years and i have a deep relationship with a lot of the students and it breaks my haeart to leave them and i don't know who is going to replace me. and i know that there is no way
11:25 am
that, you know, they could put a sub in here that does what i do. that does what so many of these teachers do. and we're -- we talk about safety, you know, sure covid is something that we should be keeping in mind, however, there are so many more as pecks of safety to these kids lives and one of them is having a teacher that understands what going on in -- and has a relationship with them and is -- i remember being a young teacher. now i don't think about teaching, i think about everything else that go news this job that is beyond just teaching the content. >> i hear you. and just to be clear, you're a social studies teacher, a tenth grade social studies teacher so you've known the kids for a long time. so just so i understand, because this is so hard for you, what worries about you about the covid vaccine? what part scares? >> like i said, my objection is a religionly held objection.
11:26 am
i have my hearing yesterday with the department of education and the union rep and my lawyer and the arbitrator, and we discussed that there, and so i'm waiting to hear back on that decision. i'm praying hard on it and hoping that unlessing in changes, come monday, they've decided that i'm a threat to public health and i think goes against some of the very basic values of this country. of course we need to balance freedom and safety and i would say this is an over step of freedom, we've gone too far. >> well look, we have seen cases where teachers have sickened their students with covid and the students who weren't old enough to get vktd vaccinated brought it home to their family. they are not just making this up. we have seen cases of that happening. so i understand, stephanie,
11:27 am
judaism believes in modern science and modern medicine and being able to protect yourself. did you for instance ever get the polio vaccine? did you get the measles vaccine or the diphtheria vairk? >> i would say i got those when i was a kid. and i obviously didn't have a choice in that. that was a choice that was kind of made for me. however, upon further research, particularly over these last 18 months and really leaning on my faith as i have throughout my life in very difficult times, i would say when covid hit, i went to a very dark place and from there, again, i lean to my faith. and -- and yeah, this is decision that i've come to in
11:28 am
consultation with god. and now i that would think again some b some of the other ones as well. >> well, stephanie, edmonds, we really appreciate your time. and we'll be watching closely to see what happens. but it sounds like nothing is going to change your mind between now and 5:00 p.m. >> yeah, it was hard to come to my zwdecision but once i did, i have deep faith in that and whether this path leads me, i know it is where i'm supposed to be going. so perhaps it will be back here or perhaps it will be to another classroom somewhere else. >> stephanie edmonds, thank you for your time. we appreciate hearing your story. >> i appreciate you telling it. thank you. >> now to this. new body cam video released from that encounter between gabby petito and brian laundrie and police. hear what she said about their
11:29 am
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how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. . disturbing new police body cam footage shows gabby petito describing her injures from an altercation with fiance brian laundrie. on august 12th, police in moab,
11:34 am
utah, pulled over the couple after a witness called 911 reporting they've seen a man hit a woman and drive away in a white van. here is part of what peteito told officers. >> you say you hit him and i understand if he hit you and we want to know the truth if he hit you. >> i guess, yeah, but i hit him first. >> where did he hit you? don't worry, just be honest. >> on my face. like, i guess, he didn't like hit me in the face. he didn't punch me in the face or anything. >> did he slap your face or what. >> well he grabbed me with his nail and i was cut right here and i could feel it. >> cnn national correspondent nadia romero is in north port, florida, and what do we learn from the body cam video and the new 911 calls. >> reporter: well we're seeing quite a difference in this body cam video from the images that we saw on social media media of
11:35 am
gabby petito and brian laundrie seeming happy and in lover. this is a different aspect of their relationship. and we saw a difference between gabby petito and brian laundrie and telling officers that i was the victim whereas gabby petito was emotional and it was painful to watch her as she pleaded with officers not to arrest her or brian laundrie. in the video you hear the officer telling her he's limited on choices and that is part of the reason why the officers involved are under an independent investigation to see if they handled this call in the right way. utah law mandates that someone has to get arrested if there is possible cause when it comes to a domestic dispute call and another one of them were arrested. instead, laundrie wass taken toa hotel to separate them for the night. and here in florida, the search continued for brian laundrie. the family has not seen or heard
11:36 am
from him since september 14th. we're now in october so it's been more than two weeks and gabby petito believe that's brian laundrie has all of the answers to their questions. >> and do you also have some new details about the laundrie family movements after the days after brian's return from wyoming? >> reporter: yeah, so we know that once brian laundrie came back to florida on september 1st, he was without gabby petito. but was in her car. and the family had a camping reservation, it is only supposed to be two of them and this changed to three. so people have been questioning what do these parents know? what were they told what happened to gabby petito? they left together and they lived in this house together before the cross-country trip but did not turn. so what exactly did the family know and what did brian tell them. the other question comes on september 11th. that is the day which gabby petito's family reported her missing and we have a police report from that day but everything has been redacted,
11:37 am
which leaves us to believe there is a lot more to the story that we just don't know about. >> nadia romero, thank you for the reporting. so the gabby petito case has highlighted just how many missing person cases there are every year in the u.s. here is another one weigh we want to highlight in florida. the fbi is searching for a 19-year-old orlando woman who went missing one week ago. mia mark ano has not been seen since last friday when she vanished from her apartment complex. this week the orange county sheriff said a person of interest in the case who worked at that apartment complex was found dead of an apparent suicide. if you have any information whatsoever about mia's whereabouts, call the orange county sheriff, the number is on your screen 407-836-help. 407-836-help. the search is also
11:38 am
intensifying for a new jersey woman missing since june. lauren cho was in california before she disappeared. she was lastine in yucca valley near the joshua tree national park. she was reported missing after she left an airbnb resort where she was staying with her boyfriend and other guests. they believe she walked into the desert without any personal belongings and with no food, water or cell phone. if you have any information on lauren cho call the san bernardino sheriff's office at 760-956-5001. if you don't have any pen, you could also just call your local 911 and ask them to put you in touch with san bernardino. we also have newly released audio from police on january 6th and the chaos into the insurrection. we have that to play for you ahead.
11:39 am
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newly released audio tapes provide a ground level perspective of what the u.s. park police were experiencing on january 6th, hours before the capitol was attacked unruly protesters overwhelmed the park police. >> mark service has requested that the flag circle is closed. we have about 300 people out there, they're all refusing to leave. do we have any react squads, so we can have a small show of
11:44 am
force to get this area closed. >> this was obtained by citizens for responsibility and ethics if washington. let's go to correspondent whitney wild. what do we learn from these ta tapes. >> reporter: over the seven hour period it became clear that this crowd was prepared for a potential fight and simply wasn't going to listen to police. what we heard over and over were police saying, we're telling people to leave and they're not going to do it and further describing that these people were in riot gear, carrying shields and in some cases carrying a pitch fork was some of the observations in the radio transmissions. here is a brief snippet of some of the 7 hours of audio captured by crew. >> we have a mob of onlookers in side of the flag circleowd of the entrance to the monument. so so just be advised when you come up to a prisoner to stand by for now. >> we have an arrestee on the
11:45 am
washington monument, we're going to temporary close it right now so we could further assess what we need to do. these are a large crowd surrounding right now. >> the prisoner is inside of the base the monument with multiple park police officers saying they are completely surrounded with protesters and their trying to figure out a plan how to get the arrestee down to the wagon. >> we have individuals with shields an gas masks at the statue. >> they're at the lincoln statue with shields and masks. >> they're taking pictures right now, he flagged us as [ bleep ] antifa. >> the 141 monitor only, do not take any type of enforcement action. let it happen. >> so it also shows there were flare-ups throughout washington, there were problems at the washington monument and the lincoln memorial, further there was also the issue because
11:46 am
people were trying to get into the stop the steal rally at the ellipse and they didn't know they couldn't bring backpacks so they left them outside of the rally and the park police is trying to figure out what to do with that because those pose a asecurity risk because they're unattended bags. it shows how dynamic and how much that situation evolved from even the early hours of january 6th. >> absolutely. and how outmanned they clearly felt. they just said we're just going to have it let it be at one point. it sounds like in the audio. whitney wild, thank you very much. okay, so one month after hurricane ida thousands of families are still without power. i'll talk to the mayor of one town whose residents are till suffering from that deadly storm. also we're live on capitol hill where president biden is expected to meet with house democrats soon. can he persuade them to take action today?
11:47 am
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it's been one month since hurricane ida devastated parts of louisiana but for thousands of residents in the hardest hit parishes, the lights are still off. in the small town of golden meadow in lafourche parish, at least 35% of energy customers still cannot connect to power according to the mayor. the mayor also says people are still eating cold meals and sleeping in tents on their lawn or putting tarps over their houses if their homes are still standing. joining us now is the mayor of golden meadow, joy buzega, thank
11:52 am
you very much for being here. it sounds like it has just been hell there in your town and parish. has fema ben there to help at all? >> yes, ma'am, fema has been here on the ground going door to door getting information from the people in the community, but it's taken a while to get any housing or camper trailers here to get shelter for our people. it's taken quite a while to get there but they are on the ground feeding the information to their superiors, but we're still waiting, like i said earlier, people are living with blue tarps on their roof. when it rains, it's raining in their homes, you know. >> how many people do you think are still homeless there? how many people would you say are in tents right now? >> oh, i can't tell you how many. there's a few in tents. some of them sleep in their vehicles. we've got about 35% of residents
11:53 am
that you can't even live in, their homes are destroyed. >> i mean, people sleeping in their cars, it's been a month. what's the answer? >> the answer is we need help from the federal government to send us campers or trailers that powers our people. that is the answer. >> so just so i understand, fema has been going door to door to assess the situation but you haven't gotten any fema trailers for people to move into? >> no, ma'am, not one. >> what's your plea today to the federal government? >> my plead is we need help. we need housing for our people. there are motels for some of our people but motels are 3 1/2 hours away, four hours away, so they got to commute back and forth, those that want to commute, but we need people. people want to be home.
11:54 am
they don't want to live on their property, they want to be in their community. they don't want to be living three hours or four hours away in a hotel. >> of course. so has fema told you what the hold up is, why haven't they gotten you trailers? >> gathering information. go ahead, mayor. >> that's all the information, you know, they can give us. they can't give us a direct answer. can't give us a date, you know. >> that's really hard to hear, mayor. i just want to show a map of where golden meadow is because you're on this little spit of land, basically, it looks like, surrounded by water, so you're south of new orleans, so of course you were so hard hit. i read that more power outages were caused by ida than katrina, rita, and zeta combined. what's the status of kids there in golden meadow? i know that the roof was torn off the high school. what's happening with kids going
11:55 am
to school? >> well, kids are not in school yet. they are in the process of sending them to school in the next couple of weeks in different phases, but we lost a roof on our old high school, used to be the old high school. now it's a middle school. we lost the roof on that. the last time i saw the roof come off that building was hurricane betsy. sorry, go ahead. >> our town is devastated with hurricane hida. we really got punched in the face hard by this storm. people are suffering. right now you've got people in line a mile trying to get food in line with the local churches feeding every day. >> well, mayor joey bouzaga, we will try to get in touch with them on your behalf. obviously you need a lot more help than you have gotten.
11:56 am
thank you for taking the time to tell us what the status is. >> thank you for having me. minutes from now, president biden is going to head to capitol hill, he's going to meet with democrats and try to rally members around his agenda. we have much more on what it to expect next. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. if you have this...
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