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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  October 1, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is friday, october 1st. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. breaking this morning, nothing.
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no deal. no vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal. it turns out the old if you don't give me what i want, then i won't give me what i want is a complicated negotiating position. now, there is a chance it could change the next few hours. as for this moment, for democrats, this is a huge problem, embarrassment, humiliation. those are the words being tossed around this morning. and all self-inflicted at that. known miracle work house speaker nancy pelosi worked late into the night but could not come up with a deal to bring the wings of her own party together. no miracle yet, which means no roads, bridges, bipartisan infrastructure bill yet. >> progressives downsizing their social safety net bill as they run straight into a brick wall called joe manchin. the west virginia senator saying i really meant it when i said $1.5 trillion is as high as i
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can go, and you can take it or leave it. all of this threatening to blow up president biden's stkphefbg agenda. lawmakers are set to convene hours from now. it is uncertain. progressive congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez calling him fundamentally cnn sunlen sur fatty live for us on capitol hill. where are we here? >> reporter: this is certainly a critical moment, brianna. negotiators were up on capitol hill last night until after midnight trying to reach a deal. but despite that last-minute frantic scramble, there is no deal yet. as of this moment, no clear path forward for democrats. a test of unity for capitol hill democrats as the future of
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president biden's sweeping agenda is on the line >> i think the holdup is us tpwr agreeing as to the scope and size of how big we want to go. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi effectively pushing back her self-imposed thursday deadline, as her party battles over $3.5 billion price tag. before making the call, pelosi calling thursday a day of progress in fulfilling the president's vision. white house press secretary jen psaki said biden is ready to begin negotiations again this morning. writing overnight, a great deal of progress has been made this week, and we are closer to an agreement than ever. but reaching the finish line could be difficult. progressive house democrats threatening not to vote yes on a bipartisan infrastructure plan unless a separate social safety net and climate bill is given the green light. it would expand programs for universal pre-k, child care,
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medicare and combatting climate change. . >> this is all part of the build back better agenda, which is the president's agenda. so we've got the president's back here. >> we're eager to pass both of those bills. they represent the president's agenda. >> reporter: meanwhile in the senate, two moderate democrats are stalling moving forward. senator joe man chen saying he wants to slim down the cost of the infrastructure bill. the west virginia lawmaker proposing slashing the price tag to $1.5 trillion, keeping the bipartisan infrastructure bill focused on upgrading roads, rails, and bridges. >> my top line has been 1.5 because i believe in my heart what we can do and the needs we have right now and what we can afford to do without basically changing our whole society to an entitlement society. >> reporter: senator sinema's stance is less clear calling her meetings at the white house earlier this week productive. while biden's path to moving his
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agenda is clear, signing a stopgap funding bill to avoid shutdown just hours before the midnight billion. the bill passing through the house and senate earlier in the day, extending government funding through december 3rd. >> with this continued resolution, we not only keep government open, keep checks flowing to our veterans and social security recipients and the rest. >> reporter: and lawmakers will be back on capitol hill in a few hours to see if they can break this impasse. it's going into today, brianna, is very much an open question whether they will be able to broker an agreement while these longstanding issues still very president. all the while the biden agenda hangs in the balance. >> a $2 trillion goal to overcome. thank you for that report. so where is the white house on all of this this morning? arlette saenz live for us there.
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arlette, it's got to be a tough morning there. >> reporter: it is, john. white house officials are insisting they have not reached the end of the road just yet, even as democrats remain on the standoff over the path forward for president biden's agenda. officials were working late into the night at the white house and up on capitol hill. but emerged from the evening without any deal. and officials insist they will get right back to work back at the negotiating table. white house press secretary jen psaki said last night that a lot of progress has been made over the course of the week and they are closer to an agreement than ever. but still that delay in the vote was a setback for this president. as for the president's schedule today, he has no public events currently on his schedule. that is by design. similar to the rest of the week when he was making phone calls, even hosting lawmakers here at the white house, traveling up to capitol hill for that congressional baseball game, all trying to strike a deal with
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these lawmakers. so we will see if the president will decide to host any lawmakers here today. he certainly will continue those phone calls as he has throughout the week. and the president has really fashioned himself as this master negotiator. after spending more than three decades in the senate. he has said he is someone that can strike deals. that has been put to the test so far this week but now has turned up empty. really what this whole episode has laid bare are the deep divisions within the democratic party. and right now the question is, if not just congressional leaders but whether president biden can actually bring those warring factions together to try to get his domestic agenda across the finish line, which right now appears to be in jeopardy. john. . >> yeah. he ran as. guy who could bring republicans and democrats today. the problem this morning is he can't get his own party to sit at the table and work this out. arlette saepbz at the white house. thanks very much.
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>> reporter: thanks. former detroit health commissioner, dr. abdul el sayyed, managing director of -- former pfizer to senator mitch mcconnell. i will ask questions better than i read. i will tell you guys that. as we look here, john, at this hard line by progressives, how are you viewing this? strength or folly. >> it's a razor-thin manager anyone both chambers. they can only go as far as their most conservative member wants. the question is how far is he willing to go? $1.5 trillion not even close to their starting point $6 trillion. that's a hard ceiling. they will have to work through the stages of grief in order to get there. . >> the stages of grief >> denial, anger, bargaining.
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that's where we are now. this will be a while before it can resolve itself. the infrastructure bill remains stuck. and manchin holds all the cards here. he is from a demographically different state. a state trump won by 40 points. he doesn't need the party as much as they need him. >> i want to offer context here. first, let's be clear republicans have walked away from the governing table. so, you know, whether or not we as democrats can come together and figure out what it is we're going to do here, let's not forget the context. the reason this has to be passed in a reconciliation package is republicans have stonewalled all the great things that are in the reconciliation package. the second point is nobody is against the infrastructure deal. it will do a lot to rebuild roads, bridges and infrastructure. let's not forget all the things inside the reconciliation
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package, because it includes so much. everything from legislation to take on climate change, to extending the social infrastructure of our country through things like paid family leave, to extensions of medicare and shoring up the aca. i do believe that democrats will come together and get this done. we have until the end of the year. this was an arbitrary deadline. families don't have beyond that. too many are suffering the consequences of this pandemic. the last point here is that this is the moderate version of the package. this $3.5 trillion was paired down from the two before. families cannot continue to struggle without the support of things like paid family leave, extensions on medicaid. abdul, if that is the moderate deal, all fine and well. but joe manchin has a say in
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this, right? he is a moderate democrat. he may be missing the point, that joe manchin might say, you know what, whatever. i don't need you guys. i'm not going along with this. >> and that's exactly why speaker pelosi did not go forward with the vote on the infrastructure deal. i think senator manchin really values whether or not we get this deal done. he's going to have to decide whether or not we get it all done or potentially we don't get it all done. it is a great package. we really should go ahead and do all of these things. the last thing i want to say is let's not forget, yes, he is from west virginia, a conservative state. but he's also very much immeshed in the pharmaceutical and coal industry. to take him at face value is naive. >> this is the guy who came to
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the senate with an ad where he was shooting a hole in the cap and trade bill. i do want to listen to what some of what senator manchin said that i think is revealing about his philosophy on the size of a 3.5. actually, we don't have it. but he was talking about entitlement mentality. i wonder, john, what you think about that? it reads more like what a republican would say, for sure, than what a democrat would say. >> it has been surprising to hear manchin talks the way he talks. he talks like a republican and acts like a republican. he is willing to go along with the team up to a certain point. but his political incentives are totally different. he's not like aoc, or even joe biden or berne ya sanders. manchin is a conservative. he's talking about means testing, scaling benefits back, work requirements for tax
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credits. these are not things the democratic coalition is on board with. i don't know how you negotiate with something like that in a 50/50 senate. . >> abdul, he is pointing out he had this memo from late july with senate majority leader chuck schumer at $1.5 trillion. so we are learning that, you know, chuck schumer, he knew that this was the hard line. what do you think about that? it seems joe biden is pretty clear about where he is over time. >> a couple things here. i think this was from july the infrastructure deal hadn't been passed yet. the most they have is progressives in the house. it is in chuck schumer's interest to let this move forward and to let manchin feel
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pressure from this infrastructure deal. i want to comment on this point that joe manchin made about entitlement mentality. the fact is he hasn't pointed what he wants to cut from 3.5 to 1.5. those are just arbitrary numbers. when you look at his state, west virginia, the childhood poverty level is among the highest in the entire country. we watch as climate change is ravaging coastal states like his. so i really would like to hear what it is he does not want to offer people in west virginia rather than have a conversation about quote, unquote entitlement and dollars. >> okay. one word, gentlemen, each. who phreupbgs, manchin or progressives? abdul, go. >> manchin. >> john? . >> you'll get a compromise. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. appreciate the conversation. up next, new body cam video from gabby petito's traffic stop in utah.
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>> i was cut right here. i can feel it. >> more of the shocking details. what gabby petito told police officers about the fight with brian laundrie and why we are only learning about it now. . >> supreme court justices, defensive, angry, all out in public. new developments on what this all means for key, imminent decisions. ahead, one of the most recognizable men in the world walked into a dive bar and he got no satisfaction. how the people around him reacted. what happens when we welcome change? we can make emergency medicine possible at 40,000 feet. instead of burning our past for power, we can harness the energy of the tiny electron. we can create new ways to connect. rethinking how we communicate to be more inclusive than ever. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change.
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new police body camera footage reveals gabby petito told a utah police officer that her fiancee, brian laundrie, hit her during an argument. in previously released body cam video, petito only said she hit
3:19 am
laundrie and took the blame for the fight. this new reporting corroborates the witnesses who called 911 and that they told police. cnn's nadia romero live in north port, florida, with this really important development, nadia. >> reporter: yeah, john. this gives us more insight not only into the relationship between gabby petito and brian laundrie but what happened on august 12th, just two weeks before we know that this story really developed. the last time she was seen in salt lake city. police can't find brian laundrie who may have the answers. now we are seeing more of a complete picture of that august 12th domestic dispute where gabby petito seems to take responsibility for the altercation between petito and laundrie. listen to the exchange between gabby petito and one of the offers on scene. >> is there something on your cheek here?
3:20 am
it looks like -- did you get hit in the face? it kind of looks like someone hit you in the face and over on your arm, your shoulder right here? that's new? kind of a new mark? >> yeah, i don't know. >> can i see the other side of your face? so what happened here and here? >> i'm not sure. he was just trying to get back in the car, and the backpack got me. . >> so the backpack got you? there's two people came to us and saying they saw him hit you, punch you. just independent witnesses by moon flower. >> i hit him first. >> where did you hit him? >> i slapped him. >> you slapped him first on his face. >> he told me to shut up. . >> how many times did you slap him? . >> a couple. . >> and his reaction was to do
3:21 am
what? >> grabbed me. . >> he just grabbed you? >> yeah. >> did he hit you, though? it's okay if you are saying you hit him. we want to know the truth if he hit you. i guess, yeah. but i hit him first. >> where did he hit you? don't worry. just be honest. >> he grabbed miss face, i guess. he didn't hit me in the face. he didn't punch me in the face or anything. >> did he slap your face. >> like he grabbed me with his nail. i was definitely cut right here because i can feel it. it really burns. >> so there you heard the police officer asking gabby more and more questions, trying to figure out exactly what happened that led up to a witness calling police. and we hear more about what happened in that complete picture from the body cam video. now, utah is one of about 20 states where if they arrive to a domestic dispute, someone is supposed to be arrested if they
3:22 am
have probable cause. that didn't happen in this case. instead, the two were separated and police drove brian laundrie to a hotel for the night so the two could cool off. now, that has come under an investigation. there is an independent investigation into how the moab police officers handled that situation. we are learning more about august 12th. now we are here in florida where brian laundrie lived with his parents just behind me. yesterday the fbi came to the house to gather more evidence used by canine units to find brian. there is an ongoing seven for him, not for the death of gabby petito, to be clear, but for actions that happened when the two separated, when brian was allegedly using devices and a debit card that did not belong to him. that's what the search warrant is for. again, they haven't been able to find brian laundrie. he's been missing, the parents say they haven't seen or heard from him in about two weeks. so that seven is still ongoing.
3:23 am
john. . >> nadia romero, thank you for that report. it raises so many questions. the former baltimore city deputy police commissioner. thank you for being with us. that body cam video is heartbreaking. we heard her say, yeah, he hit me but i hit him first. it's all of this self-blame that we see so often in domestic abuse cases. >> absolutely. it is heartbreaking video. what i'm seeing now is the cops totally blew that call. there was enough probable cause there, in my opinion, to make an arrest of mr. laundrie. you had witness statements, you had the physical evidence, you had their statements. there was enough to make an arrest. we also see laundrie do what
3:24 am
many aggressors in domestic violence do, and that's to play calm and cool, noncombative, yeah, you know how it is. i'm just trying to deal with this crazy woman. and they fell for it. and they started to sing along to his tune. and it's really disturbing what we saw. and to think that many others who have gone through this are getting this type of response is totally unacceptable in policing today. . >> we know the fbi back in the house of brian laundrie over the last 24 hours. what could that be about? >> well, it could be a collection of more evidence. maybe there was something they t should have retrieved the first time in and they didn't. maybe they want to get some personal clothing, et cetera, to
3:25 am
freshen up the scent for the dogs. but i will say this, you can't keep going back over and over again to the same scene because each time you leave out of that dwelling something could change. clothes could have been washed, things discarded. so we really need to know what we're going in for. get it and live. >> finally, another interesting piece of evidence, maybe a confusing piece of evidence, the fact that all of these calls came in around the time of gabby petito's disappearance relating to the brian laundrie residence in florida. what does this all mean? >> i really would need to know what was the text of the calls. what happened? what officers responded? what supervisors responded. you have all of these calls coming in, and it seems as if
3:26 am
the police did not take the time to figure out what's going on. why do i say that? because the calls kept coming in. we need to pull that, get into it, and figure out what was going on with these calls. is there any type of statements in these calls that could help the police, could help the fbi at this time? i don't know. we don't know. it is important, and it should not be dismissed as such. >> what does your gut tell you this morning is, are there any closer to finding brian laundrie? >> oh, i -- i think the way that the feds work, they're very methodical. so i still have faith in them. i have faith in all law enforcement that is involved in this search. but, you know, each day the doubt grows a little bit to be honest. >> anthony barksdayle, i appreciate the discussion. you helped me understand a
3:27 am
little bit further. >> the conspiracy theory who pushed the disgusting lies for sandy hook. how much will alex jones have to pay up? a marine who claimed he was pictured evacuating a baby from kabul now under investigation for appearing at this trump rally. we will have that story ahead. ♪ ♪ i can turn anyone into a beach bum. i bring families together for a living. i make memories for people i don't know yet. i know this view is too good not to be shared.
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with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. well, the supreme court is set to return for a new term beginning, as always, the first monday in october. this comes as the high court finds itself in the political spotlight in an extraordinary public display by justices who are angry and clearly on the defensive. cnn supreme court analyst joining us now for this high
3:32 am
drama with the high court these days. >> it is. samuel alito gave a fiery speech complaining how some internal processes were being interpreted. when they stopped -- they refused to intervene in the texas abortion law, let that take effect which stopped abortion rights in texas september 1st. and he was defending the midnight order they put out and the processes that occur on their emergency docket. in a broader picture, brianna, he was the fifth of the nine justices to complain about public expectations, media coverage, and frankly fellow justices in just recent weeks. and it really underlines this potential for a declining public confidence and legitimacy of the supreme court. they say they're worried about that, but they are also sort of taking shots at outsiders and insiders. here's the deal.
3:33 am
we have a 6-3 court now with three trump appointees. six conservatives all appointed by republicans. three liberals all appointed by democrats. and they're at odds. there is no getting around this partisan divide, even as amy coney barrett said i want to questions you we are not partisan hacks. but she says that in the face of divisions that look very partisan. so you have these statements coming out when justices typically, the ordinary speeches are very much about the history of the court. they can be very bland. but these have allen expired a lot of coverage. they've been very provocative. and just think, one day before sam alito was complaining how the court is seen, justice sotomayor said essentially, you ain't seen nothing yet. there's going to be a lot of unhappiness coming, a huge amount of unfortunate rulings. and she's on the other side. >> they don't want to be
3:34 am
politicized. perhaps the things they are saying so publicly might backfire and politicize even more. joan, thank you so much. >> sure. we have major breaking medical news that could be a game changer in the fight against coronavirus. this is one of the holy grails that people have been waiting for, an anti-viral, a pill that could keep you from getting sicker once you get covid. drug maker merck has an experimental pill that cuts the risk of hospitalization and death in half. now, this is according to merck so far. this is clinical trials. merck has put out information that says it plans to apply for emergency use authorization as soon as possible. again, we're just seeing this information now. and if it is what it purports to be, this could be hugely important. dr. sanjay gupta will join us
3:35 am
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the virginia gubernatorial race between the former democratic governor and republican businessman is shaping out to be a tight one. right now terry mcauliffe is leading in the polls, but republicans may maintain an edge in one category, enthusiasm among voters. jeff zeleny has been all over the commonwealth of virginia to give us a sense of what's going on there. jeff. >> reporter: john, good morning. terry mcauliffe has been sounding the alarm trying to get democrats interested and focused on this race. it is much closer than they expected. virginia always elects a year after the presidential campaign. it offers a glimpse of the party's mood.
3:40 am
>> all right. who is ready for a new governor? >> we're about to absolutely send a shock wave around the country. >> reporter: that shock wave would be a victory this fall in virginia where the gop has not won statewide in a dozen years. he's locked in a tight race for governor with terry mcauliffe, who is hoping to approximate keep that democratic streak alive by trying to paint his rival as a clone of donald trump. >> he is a total wanna-be donald trump. >> reporter: they are testing how big the republican party tent can be. >> never trumpers. single issue libertarians, tea party folks. it's about bringing people together. >> reporter: he rarely mentions the former president by name. . >> the only guys that win are the guys that embrace the maga movement. >> you need to embrace the maga
3:41 am
movement more. . >> well, he knows exactly where i stand. . >> you didn't mention his name. >> i'm a virginia first candidate. i'm on the ballot. it's glenn younkin running in virginia. . >> republicans must chart a new course. >> the former private equity executive is investing millions of his own money into the campaign, introducing himself as a former college basketball player, father of four, and an outsider. >> i'm glenn young king. i'm not a politician. >> but his positions are coming under closer scrutiny, like his support for requiring vaccinations for mmr but imposing mandates for the covid-19 vaccine. >> i believe it is one that everyone should get, but we shouldn't mandate it the. >> is it the politics or science that you support mandates. >> nothing about politics in
3:42 am
here for me. . >> should we mandate it for young children? >> i think we need to step back and recognize the best way to do this is to encourage everybody to get the vaccine. . >> and his calls for election expect, which we repeatedly raised during his primary race to solidify his standing with the far right base despite saying now there is no evidence of fraud as trump and many followers insist. >> you believe all day long that president biden won? >> i have been very clear that there's not extensive fraud in virginia. >> with early voting under way, younkin is hoping to capitalize on any dissatisfaction with president biden and the democratic policies in washington. >> go vote. who has streeted already? >> in a november contest in which each are portraying the other as extreme. >> all eyes are on virginia. america wants us to win. why?
3:43 am
they need help. . >> so mr. younkin does have a careful balancing act ahead of him trying to get the trump voters but not necessarily fire up democrats by mentioning trump so much. john, this race is focused on the stalemate in washington. terry mcauliffe believes inaction, inability to govern is hurting his race as well. one more month to go in the race. it is going to be a fascinating window into the moods of both parties offering a bit of a tea leaf. >> no one is watching what's happening more closely than terry mcauliffe. . >> that's right. . >> no one cares more about this deal going through. he just turned the lights off behind you, he cares so much. thanks for being with us. a rock legend walks into a bar, and no one notices. that's what happened to mick jagger. look at this. that's mick, the guy standing there she duck actively, the one who looks like mick jagger, drinking a beer at a bar called
3:44 am
the thirsty beaver saloon in charlotte, north carolina. they were there for a concert on their no filter. some of the bar patrons are huge fans and they plan to go to the concert. jagger himself amused. out and about last night in charlotte. what do you think? >> i love that. is that the most mick jagger profile you have ever seen. i was trying to figure out the word, and you nailed it, she duck actively. >> i will tell you, my main reaction to that story is thrift. >> you want a beer. you're like two hours away from a beer. that's when your friday night is. >> that looks like a good place to go at 9:01 this morning if i can get there. all right. we have much more on our breaking news. drug maker merck announced that its experimental covid pill, this is a pill you take after you get covid, it cuts the risk
3:45 am
of hospitalizations and death in half. this is a big deal. this is what has been missing in this pandemic so far. dr. sanjay gupta joins us live ahead. police killings in the u.s. a new study finds a startling statistic on just how many black americans are affected. you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean
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all right. this just in, a disturbing new study reveals that black americans are dying at the hands of police at a much, much higher rate than white americans. and those numbers are being severely undercounted. brynn gingras joins us now. how is this happening, brynn? >> there are a number of factors pointed to in this study. what it really highlights, though, is the need for more
3:50 am
comprehensive and public data system on police violence, particularly because this data shows, again, how much people of certain races and ethnicities are affected dispro participation natalie by that violence. my colleague broke down the study and found researchers looked at a 20-year period in the u.s. and determined more than half of all deaths found due to be by police violence are miss classified in a public database where they can be accessed publicly. the mortality rate over the two decades was three and a half times higher than the black population and 1.8% higher for hispanics. it is commonly understood that particular database undercounts deaths for one reason is that death certificates don't always note police involvement. the bottom line there isn't a single source of comprehensive data by force for police or
3:51 am
standard in which any use of force is judged. this suggests that one is needed. so the scope of this problem could really be fully understood. the study punctuating the national discussion we have had in the aftermath of high profile cases like george floyd, breonna taylor. we know congress so far has failed to pass major federal are he form. . >> to fix it, you have to know the facts behind the problem. it shows how lacking that has been. brynn begingras, thank you so much. no nothing. a deep division over the infrastructure bill. but are there signs of possible hope for them ahead? and next, we have an interview with a family, including five kids, age 4 to 13, reunited after a harrowing escape from afghanistan. (man 1) oh, this looks like we're in a screen saver. (man 2) yeah, but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 2) definitely higher.
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a family of american green card holders separated by the takeover in afghanistan, finally reunited back home in philadelphia after a harrowing escape. the father worked at the u.s. embassy in kabul and took his wife and children for a visit to afghanistan to see family. a last chance to see his ailing mother, he thought. he returned home ahead of his wife and children but then kabul fell, and he wondered if he would ever see them again. a harrowing journey for a philadelphia respect and her five children. ending in the u.s. with a reunion that almost didn't happen. muhammad sadid embracing his family. his wife bibi, whose face we aren't showing because she fears reprise als was out shopping when life in kabul changed in an instant. >> translator: yes, they were
3:57 am
closing the shops. i asked what the matter was. they said the taliban had come. as i got closer, the gunshots increased and everyone started running. . >> she hurried to her family's house where her kids, including 11-year-old zareena, hid. >> we were so scared. my cousins were telling us that the taliban is coming. and my mom came to the home and she said, everybody has to go to the basement. and that was a scary time. >> bibi and the kids, also green card holders, were to follow in early september. too late it turned out. afraid but determined to get home, they went to the airport where they took this video. . >> there was a lot of people and the taliban was also there.
3:58 am
and at the airport we hear some gunshots and we were so scared. my cousin was crying and everybody, and i was so scared too. >> she urged her children to hold hands so they didn't get lost. >> the first time she attempted with my children there were shots and seven people were killed. >> muhammad was desperate. he told his story to the "washington post" and appeared on cnn. . >> i can call it a matter of life and death. they are still in there. i tried all my network but i could not succeed to bring them back. >> mohhamad was at a dead end. so i sent his wife's contact information to the white house. in what i initially thought was a hail mary, i connected m mohammad with veterans who were shepherding people with a legal claim to be in the u.s. through
3:59 am
a little known route through a secret gate at the airport. bibi's first attempt failed. even with all her kids in tow, the taliban said she couldn't travel without a male escort for her family. so she hatched a plan. >> so she pretended that your brother was her husband. >> yes. >> that was the only way through the taliban. >> yes. . >> for his brother, getting bibi and the kids to safety meant leaving his own family behind. just before the explosion outside the airport that killed 13 u.s. sfgs members and more than 90 afghans, bibi and her children made it through and onto a military transport plane. >> what was the airplane like as you flew out? . >> it was the military airplane. that airplane did not have the seats that we can sit. >> they flew to germany, staying in tents like these. at times going hungry because they said there wasn't enough food.
4:00 am
and finally, after 10 days, they arrived back in the u.s. >> who did you hug first? >> my brother. to just respect him and to just show my appreciation to my brother. he was the first one i hugged. and just gave him a sense and a thought that i have not forgotten what you have done for my family. >> that is what he's doing now. he's trying to help his brother's family after his brother came through for his. >> what an odyssey. it took so many people pushing that make happen, including you, i might add. what a remarkable story. >> yeah. it was really a village that got them out. and "new day" continues right now. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we are beginning with some breaking news. a potential game changer in the


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