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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  September 30, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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now. what do you want to start with? >> i want to talk to you about the alligator because you're obsessed with that video. the italian saying, look, i'm black and italian. >> i think he said, i'm italian and black. >> it is indicative of what's happening in washington, d.c. is what i'll say, and that is what nancy pelosi is trying to do, wrangle all the democrats together in order to get this passed so they don't snap victory from the jaws of defeat. >> or defeat from the jaws of victory. >> it's the craziest thing. they're in power, they can get this through. there should be some compromising as there always is, and, listen, meet somewhere, do some things, do what the alligator guy did. get it together, people. >> that guy has seven daughters. >> we said the same thing. as i was rushing up to get here, that was the last thing i heard you say. he said, i have seven daughters,
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and i said, seven daughters. as soon as i said that, you said, seven daughters? that's more heroic than anything he's ever done in his life is have seven daughters. >> i'll tell you what, he said this thing is not going to be around my kids, and then he released it, which was probably a better lesson to the kids than him even capturing it in the first place. but it is an interesting dynamic. i've never seen the likes of it with the democrats. this will be an historic achievement no matter what the number is. and i wonder if they get that? it's also, i believe, a seismic shift in the party. the progressives are in control. it is no longer about aoc. i know the media loves her and she certainly makes a passionate case. pramila jayapal is the one calling the shots. >> and joe manchin. i just got a bit of news here. this is reportable, right, producers? it's from lauren fox, one of our big producers here.
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senator joe manchin in a quote that is, i don't see a deal tonight. he emerged after an hour in his hideaway with kyrsten sinema and his officials. he doubled down on 1.5 trillion which is where he's been. he believes they can do enough with that price tag, he said when asked about prospects, but he says i don't see a deal tonight. kyrsten sinema wants to see how the senate votes, and as soon as they vote, she wants her people to rush to the capitol -- to the floor and vote so that the no's will be recorded first. >> right. manchin says, i don't see it. bernie says, i don't want to see it. jayapal says, you're not going to see it. they had to call some 70 participants and all the progressives said no. even some members of the cbc, i'm being told, the congressional black caucus. this now makes a very interesting question, not about
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the dynamic, not about the result, because they're going to make some deal. the leadership. schumer nowhere in this discussion. pelosi, only a question mark in the discussion. why did she force this? what was the strategy? is she in touch with the people who are calling the shots in the party right now? it's a really interesting time for them, but if they get anything done like this, we will have never seen anything like it since the new deal. >> yeah, and guess who is going to be here until the wee hours covering this if they actually do get to vote. we don't know. it's still up in the air. >> you will not have to stay late tonight. >> don't jinx me, okay, chris? don't say that. let's just say we'll see. let me say this. i think that, and i'm just conveying what's being said in washington. progressives are tired of waiting. they're saying, look, we need all that infrastructure and things in order to compete. we need child care, we need all of those things.
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we are tired of waiting. we keep giving our -- we keep giving leeway to the moderates in the party, even though the moderates in the party are winning most of the elections around the country. but progressives are saying it's high time, and if we can't get it done now, when are we ever going to get it. this is our chance, so that's how they feel. to me i'd rather have something than nothing. you know what i'm saying? >> this isn't just something. the lowball figure -- >> is good. >> -- is more than ever has been spent before. 2016, i know it's a couple cycles before, but when hillary brought up 700 billion, people were like, why don't you just say a gazillion? this is twice that. >> if they go back to their districts and they say, we worked really hard and we got this much, this was really tough, and we are going to remain in power, we're going to be here and there is going to be
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more because our party is going to get bigger, our influence is going to get bigger. we will have the power to do more. just you wait and see, rather than say, hey, we got nothing done. we didn't get it. i don't get it, chris, but i have to move on and figure it out. >> i think it's proof. not to keep beating the same situation. two parties no more. two parties no month. that democratic party is not one party. they can say we've always done this, paul begala tonight. no way. i've never seen the democrats run the train like they are. no criticism, it's just the state of play. they better be very clear how they'll pay for it because there will be a big push from the right about this being the most epic spending of all time. socialism. >> this is when the dramatic music plays in the movie. that's where we are at this point now in real life. thank you, chris. >> i look forward to watching
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you at 3:00 in the morning. >> thank you and i will make my witness as you say. >> make your witness. this is "don lemon tonight." and here's the breaking news we're talking about. we are awaiting a promised house vote on president biden's infrastructure bill. in a new dear colleague letter to her caucus, nancy pelosi writes, and i quote here, discussions continue with the house, senate and white house to reach a bicameral framework agreement to buy back a reconciliation bill and they tell me there won't be a vote tonight. the president you see there remains in the west wing, getting updates from his team. this is all up in the air, nobody knows what's going to happen. we don't know now. we're getting information from our sources, from our reporters and producers and correspondents on capitol hill.
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the clock is ticking. the speaker is saying she'll only bring that bill to the floor if she has the votes to pass it. progressives are saying she doesn't have the votes to pass it. president biden's own party threatening to blow up his domestic agenda, his own party, and all of this is about placating manchin and sinema. manchin who says he doesn't see a deal tonight. i just reported that to you. he doesn't see a deal saying his massive bill is $1.5 trillion, which is a long way off from the $3.5 trillion the president laid out. manchin said he told the president that. >> he was really sincere. he would like to have a lot more than that. i said, mr. president, i understand that, and i said, hopefully you can respect this. he said, hey, joe, i've never asked you to go against your convictions. i think he said we all want to have the same things.
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do the tax reform, i'm all for it. >> so here's the thing. that very same number manchin threw out september 12th to dana bash. >> how do you know it's not going to be 3.5? >> we don't know where it's going to be. it's not going to be 3.5, i assure you. once you have a competitive tax code you can compete globally and then what's the urgency and need we have? >> you just said 1.5. >> i've looked at the numbers. if we have a competitive tax code from a noncompetitive, it doesn't help the working person that was done in 2017, that's in the 1, 1.5 range. that's where it is. shouldn't you be look at what does it take now to meet the urgent needs that we have that we haven't already met? >> so joe manchin told democrats what he wanted and they just didn't listen. just didn't listen and they were saying sinema and manchin should tell us what they want.
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well, apparently joe manchin did. chuck schumer knew that was manchin's number. in late july they both signed a letter obtained by politico that made clear manchin's number was 1.5 tril $1.5 trillion. and here we are on the brink of the president's agenda blowing up all because of his own party. let's get to folks who are experts on all of this. joining me now cnn's chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins and cnn's congressional correspondent ryan nobles. good evening to both of you, pins and needles. i want to get to the capitol first. so ryan, that means you. we're almost into friday and there has been no vote. house speaker nancy pelosi just sent out a new letter. so talk to me about it. >> and, yeah, don, that letter isn't really offering us much clarity onto where things are heading here tonight. i talked to three different sources familiar with their
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thinking saying we shouldn't interpret this letter as saying there will not be a vote here tonight. in fact, this is part of what the letter reads. it has been a day of progress in fulfilling the president's vision to build back better. thanks to so many members and staff the work is being done. discussions continue with the house, senate and white house to reach a bicameral framework agreement to build back better through a reconciliation bill. so that indicates that the house speaker is content to let this play out at least for a certain period of time tonight. and we have seen officials from the white house, senator manchin, senator sinema, senator bernie sanders come in and out of different offices on capitol hill here today clearly trying to come to some sort of agreement. but at the same time this is all playing out on the senate side, don, on the house side that group of progressives of more than 50 progressive lawmakers held a zoom call amongst their members where they continue to hold firm that their not going
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to vote yes unless the bill is passed in the senate. that's not happening tonight, so it is still hard to see at this hour even though the lights are still on here at the capitol, how we get to a position where they're able to vote on this bill here tonight. >> so, kaitlan, to ow you at the white house. last we heard the president will still there at the west wing playing close attention to what's happening on capitol hill, also planning a trip to go down to convince people to move. so it's a crucial moment for his agenda. what's he going to try to do to get everyone to reach an agreement? what else can he do? >> don, his number one goal this entire week has been getting senator manchin and senator sinema onboard so they could have this vote tonight. of course now you've seen people like senator sanders railing against the idea here it is 10:00 your show and this is still happening on capitol hill long after these members would have left there by then. so the white house is waiting to essentially see what is going to happen here.
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the aides are still here in the west wing. the lights are still on. typically they would have call td a lid by now, which means we can't expect anymore presidential appearances for that day. that haven't done so tonight and that is notable in itself. i think the white house was hopeful earlier there could potentially be a vote tonight. they were waiting on house speaker pelosi to potentially wrangle some votes, of course those progressive lawmakers who were saying they were going to vote no as ryan was just pointing out. but it does seem as time goes on it does seem less likely a vote is going to happen, though people are waiting to see what is ultimately going to be the end goal. even since this morning aides at the white house were tampering down expectation at the white house tonight. saying if there wasn't one tonight in their opinion, don, it wasn't the end of the world. >> i'm trying to remember the last time we were doing this, kaitlan. i think the last time was
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probably for the insurrection, when we were waiting for them to certify the insurrection we were up this late at 10:00 stationed at the white house and the capitol. and the time before that i believe it was when the president and first lady tested positive for covid. >> don, we have had some very late nights together here on this show. i know you wanted me to come back. that's why this is going on. >> remember you and i were here late the night of the big health care vote and the affordable care act, the john mccain thumbs down bill. that was like 3:00 in the morning. you probably don't want us to jinx us, so let's hope it doesn't come to that tonight. >> when we're here this late that means there's always suspense, always drama and breaking news we're reporting. i want you two to standby because i want to bring in cnn's chief political analyst, gloria borger. good evening to you. here we are up late with the breaking news. there's not much clarity what's going on even with nancy pelosi's note, democrats are
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trying to cut this last ditch deal, but tensions are still running high. it's not a good look or good time for the party, is it? >> no. well, it's not a good look at all because they look like they can't get out of their own way. i mean this is -- this is stuff that joe biden was talking about when he ran for president, and he's also supposed to be the president who can unite both wings of his party. and for some reason he's really been unwilling to wage kind of a public pressure campaign on members of the house or members of the senate. he prefers as a former senator, i think, to do this privately. but it seems to me that while nancy pelosi is the one who has been pushing this, because very often legislatively deadlines work. we all know that in our lives. you put a deadline before someone and you say, okay, we've got to get it done by this day and sometimes that can be helpful.
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tonight, i think, a deadline is really working against her. because while they may be working on some kind of framework i was told earlier in the day by a moderate democrat, these progressives are saying, well, why should we buy into this? we don't really know what's in it. and that's what caused bernie sanders to go off and say uh-uh, we can't buy this. i would urge all the progressives in the house to vote no, and so that's causing a real problem. so my guess would be this gets delayed, although i know it's dangerous to guess at this point. and that they try and work something out. and if they succeed as chris cuomo was saying earlier -- if they succeed, it's going to be a very big deal no matter what it is. >> gloria, let me ask you because, you know, you said other than putting a deadline there, right, to give some urgency to it, why this self-imposed deadline, now this arbitrary deadline?
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was it just to give some urgency to it and put it in front of people and say -- >> right. it wasn't a real deadline. you know, the -- it didn't mean anything except that pelosi wanted to kind of set a date. and if the date has to move and people in the white house are hinting at this. and i just talked to a moderate democrat who said you know what, we just need to get the buy in from progressives so if this has to slide into next week, we just have to do it right so that the party can unite. and so i think that this deadline in the end kind of works against them because we've all been watching this under a microscope. and you know as legislation gets done it's not pretty. and the democrats are feuding publicly. and that's not good. it's not a good look for joe biden. it's not a good look for the democratic party. and we're all watching it. so this really doesn't help
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them. and what it does is it makes the public look at the fissures in the democratic party and say, wait a minute, whose party is this? is this the party of the moderates, or is this the party of the progressives? and, you know, that's a difficult question to answer. i know what chris was saying, it's now become the party of the progressives. certainly more than we have ever seen. and they have decided to hold firm. and whether a deal can be struck remains to be seen, but it will be a big deal if they get it. >> it's interesting because where democrats win has been with moderates. and even in the last election there were some progressives who won, but the party is mostly moderate except you wouldn't know that from what's happening now in washington. >> well, and that could be a problem. >> yeah. gloria, i want to ask you because a person who's really sort of championing or helming the progressives is congresswoman pramila jayapal.
11:20 pm
there's a tweet from her asking progressives to, quote, stick to the plan. that's a bold message to put out to everyone as the house speaker is trying to feverishly get everyone on the same page. >> right. i mean, look, she's saying don't cave. we've come this far, we have our priorities -- >> or is that bluster? >> i think the progressives mean it. i think, look, they're negotiating it. they're doing it in public which is always difficult, and they're taking on the speaker in a way, and they're taking on the president in a way. but, you know, i spoke with a democratic poster who said to me, look, we sink or swim together on this. if the democrats fail and can't get out of each other's way and fail to pass something, you know, the infrastructure bill is 70% popularity. there's a lot of stuff in the build back better that is hugely
11:21 pm
popular. medicare, prescription drugs, child care benefits, you know, on and on. if they can't do that, then they can't govern. so this is a governing moment for the democratic party. and they have to prove no matter what that number is, that they can get something done and that they can tell the american public what they did. i mean, we're not hearing enough talk i don't think about what's in this bill for americans. and i think if they do more of that and they pass something they can say we did this on our own. >> i'm trying to figure out the logic here, gloria. because do you think -- i don't think the average voter or the voter back home for progressive or a moderate or whatever or conservative democrat, they're going to say, well, i'm not voting for you because you didn't get 3.7 or 3.5 as opposed to 1.5 or 2. they're just going to say, well,
11:22 pm
you did the best you could. do you understand what i'm saying? >> right. i do. but what they want to hear is what did you do to lower my prescription drug costs? >> right. >> what did you do to help with my family and medical leave? >> but isn't that included in the 1.5? >> what did you do to help with climate change? well, yes, exactly. well, the progressives believe that's not enough. so maybe there's compromises there. should human beings test some benefits, for example? so there are lots of ways that progressives and moderate democrats can get together on these things. they just have to figure out what the price tag is. i don't think they generally disagree on the shape of something. they just kind of disagree on the priorities here and how much it should cost. so it's an argument they're having and it's a family
11:23 pm
argument they're having in public, and that doesn't do joe biden any good. and it could turn into a huge problem if they can't figure out a way to come up with a number that's somewhere between 1.5 and 3.5 and then tell people what they're doing for them. >> all right. well, gloria, i just got word we have someone waiting on the other side. thank you, gloria. i appreciate it. >> sure. >> representative stacey plaskett is going to join us in just moments. so we have her. there she is right now. because the clock is ticking, the president's agenda hanging in the balance. you know she gives it to you straight. she doesn't beat around the bush. right after this break. nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana. we're back with breaking news. don't go to sleep because we are waiting for the promised house vote tonight on president biden's bipartisan infrastructure bill, but time is running out. so joining me now is democratic congresswoman stacey plaskett. congresswomen, good evening to you. i know that you want to talk to us about focusing so much on the timing and the deadline. am i wrong? >> well, you know, i think that we've spent a lot of time talking about the when, and what we really need to be talking about is about the what. what is contained in both of these bills? and i think that there's broad consensus among moderates, conservative blue dogs and the
11:28 pm
progressives that both of these bills need to get done. now the size of what need to get done within them is what we are discussing. and what we're having a family discussion about right now. you all just happen to be seeing our kitchen table as we're having that discussion that's being led by our speaker nancy pelosi. and i believe at the end of the day whichever day that is whether it's late tonight, tomorrow or the next day we're going to get that done because we all believe we have a shared values that the american people want this. and, you know, we talk about it being the budget reconciliation being 3.5, but we don't talk about the fact that so much of this is already paid for. i sit on the house ways and means committee. we're responsible for $2.3 trillion of this. and we had pay-fors for this legislation. being from raising corporate taxes as well as raising taxes on the 1%. we have committed that no one
11:29 pm
making under $400,000 are going to have their tax increases. we've seen with the expansion of the child tax credit we've been able to cut child poverty by 50%. and we know each year we lose productivity in the amount of $500 billion -- >> okay, congresswoman, so i'm just going to channel what everyone at home is thinking. if you have these pay-fors, and you know much more about this than any of us on television know. if you have these pay-fors and you're saying you're having a discussion or even disagreement about it, what is the hold up? and the second part of that is isn't this a question of governing for democrats? first part, what's the hold up? >> i think the hold up is the scope and the size of how big we want to go. i don't think anyone believes
11:30 pm
that we don't want to get this done. and no democrat doesn't want to make this happen. i think what we need to agree to is the scope of what we have a firm agreement on, the framework as speaker pelosi said as to what we're going to do in the budget reconciliation so that individuals who are progressive or otherwise feel that casting a vote for one will indeed also bring them across the line to the second. because all of us want to make sure that we get that done for americans. and i think the other thing that you're seeing us do is also make sure which ones are the priorities and how we're going to make this happen in the time frame that we need it to get done. you know, i sit in the house, which is very different than the senate. i'm not going to speak as to what the discussions that senator schumer is having with his democratic colleagues and what they need to do to ensure that.
11:31 pm
but you can believe that on the house side this is a discussion that we're having. and when you talk about governing, listen, the democratic caucus is as everyone knows a why tent. and that is our strength, that we represent what america truly looks like. we are not a monolith. we are, in fact, the full breadth of america. >> okay, let me ask you this -- >> and because of that there is massaging that needs to be done to ensure we're all on the same page so we can deliver for the american people. >> so the folks at home are saying, okay, great, again if democrats -- if nancy pelosi can't whip the people and get them to go for it, and if the president can't do it and get members of their own party together, why are they there? >> we are together as to our shared values as to what we want to get done. the size and the timing and the breadth of it is what we're working outright now.
11:32 pm
you just happen to see the sausage being made out in the public, but you can believe that we're going to serve up a dish to the american people. we're going to give them the meal that they have been looking. we know during this pandemic 1 out of 4 women have lost employment. we know what child care is necessary. you know, in terms of equity for african-americans, homeownership and creating generational wealth. >> okay, let me ask you -- those are all things we're asking for and that's in the budget reconciliation. >> you know i have limited time. you get it. you are a vocal supporter of many of the provisions in the spending package you just mentioned including paid family leave. >> and remember i'm not a progressive. i'm not a progressive member. i happen to be in the new democratic coalition. >> all right. so then what is at stake here if this collapses or drastically shrinks? do you think it's not going to collapse? you don't think it's going to
11:33 pm
drastically shrink? >> well, you know, that's a subjective term, drastically shrinking, right? what i consider drastically shrinking may be less than you. if we get a 2.3 trillion, 3 trillion, $1.7 trillion budget reconciliation, that is still a seismic shift. and an inflection point and a generational shift in what we can deliver to the american people. along with the 1.5 billion hard infrastructure deal that is being done. 2.3 is already paid for. >> do you think there'll be a vote tonight? >> we'll see. i think members are ready, ready for today, tomorrow. you know, we're ready. come on, don. >> representative, thank you. >> we've got our shoes on, jackets on. >> i appreciate the crown. >> and i'm so grateful to my -- i'm just so grateful to my
11:34 pm
colleagues in the house judiciary who voted out the crown act, which is giving voice to so many of us african-american women and other women who have been discriminated against, our daughters who have had difficulty having their natural hair, having their beautiful hair be as it is. i've had locs, braids, cornrows, you maim it, i've been there. >> afros. >> what? i had the angela davis afro. but i'm grateful we're recognizing there is discrimination that's being done even against our young daughters in school and that we are standing up again it. so thank you so much to all of them who voted this out. and cory booker has the bill on the senate side, and i'm hoping we can bring it to the president's desk. >> okay, thank you for that and we may need you tonight so don't go far. we appreciate you joining us. thank you very much. so we've got a lot of breaking news as you know. we don't know what's going to
11:35 pm
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we're back now with our breaking news. so what happens with president biden's agenda hanging in the balance? is there going to be a vote? we still don't know what exactly democrats plan to do about these two massive bills. joining me now the press secretary for hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and a man about washington. you've been here before.
11:40 pm
good evening to you. you've been here before so offer some insight. we have waited all night. it's looking like a mess, no vote yet. how do you see it playing out, brian? >> if i had to predict, don, i think one of two things is going to happen. one, either nancy pelosi will bring to the floor -- >> brian, standby. i'm getting some information. hang on one second. i just want to triple check. this is reportable, right? that was my mask that -- okay, so no vote tonight. that's what we're being told, that there will be no vote. let me check and see if it's in my inbox. i'm just being told by producers, brian, no vote tonight. what does this mean? it means they're not going to vote, right, in the broader sense of the term. >> this is not surprising. what i was about to say is one of two things was going to happen. either they would hold the vote on the bipartisan infrastructure package and it would fail on the house floor.
11:41 pm
or realizing it would fail they would decide it's better not to hold the vote tonight. and they decided the latter course is best, they're going to hold the vote. they were initially going to hold the vote monday and they delied it until tonight and now they're delaying it again. the way washington works this counts as progress for joe biden and his white house in the following sense. today i think the hold out senators like manchin and sinema and a few hold outs in the house now realize that the progressives like congresswoman jayapal and the progressives she represents mean it they're going to with hold support for the highway package until they get support for the rest of the biden economic agenda. so now they know they have to come to the table and deal with the progressives on the rest of the biden economic plan, the so-called build back better plan, the $3.5 trillion reconciliation pack nl. so i think we're going to see noeksations kick in earnest in a
11:42 pm
way that happening the last several weeks. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema would not even say what number they could support -- >> well, joe manchin said 1.5. >> right. and that's another reason why today is progress. >> i want you to standby, brian. sorry, there's a delay. pardon me, i really don't mean to be rude. there's just a delay, everyone. so brian, please standby because i want to bring in kaitlan collins with the breaking news now. kaitlan is at the white house as we have brian standing by. kaitlan, what do you know about what's going on with the breaking news? >> manu and ryan have been on the hill all day long. these marathon talks have been going on back and forth between the white house and now they're concluded there's not going to be any vote on infrastructure tonight. it was something that seemed pretty obvious this morning as we were hearing from progressives saying they did not have the votes to get this
11:43 pm
infrastructure bill passed tonight, and house speaker nancy pelosi said she would not bring a bill to the floor it it did not have the votes, and now of course this is the conclusion they've reached. despite these late night talks that have gone on between top white house aides, the president's top aides who have been on capitol hill in senator schumer's office, in speaker pelosi's office in just the last several hours, but now they've decided there's going to be no vote tonight and they will reassess this tomorrow and just another indication, don, all of this is coming to an end at least for this evening. president biden has returned to the residence for tonight. this came after aides stayed at the white house, because they weren't sure, don, if he was going to go up to the hill, if there was a lot of lobbying going onto try to get senator manchin and sinema onboard with that framework of what those progressives wanted to see. you were seeing progressives like congresswoman jayapal
11:44 pm
urging her progressives to physical therapy going to vote tonight, to vote no. >> kaitlan, you want you to standby because brian is going to help us with this conversation, the press secretary for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. what happens now? the president returned to the residence, left the west wing. what's up now? >> well, what they've been negotiating the last few hours tonight was trying to reach a framework on an alternative to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. so pelosi with her house moderates and schumer with mantion and sinema was trying to figure out could we put together at least an outline to the alternative to the $3.5 trillion package that you could say you would nominally support, and then we could go to the progressives withholding their support on the highway bill in the house and get them to vote for it based on that outline. and they've not been able to come up with that outline
11:45 pm
tonight, but the good news is they finally have manchin and sinema at the table talking details about the big back better package. are we going to end up with something closer to 3.5 or 1.5? are we going to have things like paid family leave in the bill, free community college in the bill, something on the child tax credit? all of these things joe biden has campaigned on is now happening in earnest. that is what progressives have wanted to force manchin's and sinema's hand to vote on these things. >> i don't know if you got a chance to listen to stisy plaskett who was just before you came on, in the segment before you, before the break saying, look, we agree. this is just -- we're having a family discussion and you're just kind of in on the kitchen table talk right now. the idea of we're not together on this, she doesn't believe that is true. she's saying it's just how big we are going to go. you believe they're going to
11:46 pm
come to an agreement, and this deadline is just arbitrary? >> i do. the time line really is arbitrary. and the truth is 97%, 98% of the democrats serving in congress want to pass both of these bills. they want to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and they also want to pass the rest of biden economic agenda. so these progressives that you keep hearing about in the house led by congresswoman jayapal, these are not people holding hostage for the sake of things like medicare for all, this is not the bernie sanders presidential campaign agenda they're trying to insist upon. they're trying to assist upon the moderate proposals joe biden campaigned on. these are very popular, 70% supported by the public ideas. like expanding the child tax credit for families with kids under 6. they want to make that extended for four more years. that's either going to live or die in this package depending on
11:47 pm
whether we end up with 1.5 or 3.5. that's a very real economic impact for households. and so pramila jayap pal and the house democratic caucus they're saying we want the free community college, we want the measures that really confront climate change, and joe biden wants those things, too. and so i really think at the end of the day this is not about between, you know, half the caucus on one side, the so-called progressives and half the caucus on the other side. 97% of the democrats serving in both the house and senate want to pass both of these measures. you just literally have a handful, like less than ten fingers of people holding up the package. two of them are sinema and manchin in the senate. and because they only have 50 seats in the senate, they have outside sway. but even the most vulnerable democratic incumbents that have to run in very purple districts in 2022 want to pass the most
11:48 pm
robust version. >> i want you both to standby and bring you back on the other side of the break. because kaitlan i want to know from you now what from the president as you're standing there at the house. our breaking news, we're being told there will be no vote tonight on the infrastructure bill. no votes tonight and back tomorrow. we'll have kaitlan and brian on the other side of this break. more on our breaking news.
11:49 pm
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okay. so we're back now with our breaking news tonight. no vote in washington on the infrastructure bill -- or bills in the house and senate. i want to bring in now brian fallon and kaitlan collins back with me. kaitlan, now what? now what for the president? >> reporter: that's a good question. we do know that officials are saying these talks will continue tomorrow. we'll see if they get any closer
11:53 pm
to getting to a framework because this is a chief complaint that you heard from someone like senator bernie sanders tonight, saying that they were negotiating this late into the night. he was worried about what this was going to look like, calling it absurd at times. he was pretty frustrated with the idea that they were going to try to settle on something tonight so they could get that agreement to get to that infrastructure vote. and so whether or not they try to vote tomorrow, it really remains to be seen, don, because i don't think this morning aides thought they would be going this late into the night to try to get to a vote and then not ultimately get to one. they kind of thought speaker pelosi would delay the vote earlier in the day. they're really leaving all of this up to her, don, because she's the one negotiates with these progressives. yes, it's president biden who is the chief person working with senator sinema, senator manchin about what this top-line number is going to look like, but really how they decide to come to this remains to be seen. they still think ultimately they will get that infrastructure deal passed. they still think ultimately
11:54 pm
they'll get a reconciliation bill passed. but what they've been saying is some version of the reconciliation bill. that is far from certain and we'll likely find out more. it is notable we have not seen the president on camera today talking about this. we could potentially tomorrow. >> okay. i'm just looking here. i have a question for brian, but the reporting that we have now, pelosi delays vote on trillion dollar infrastructure bill after house negotiations. okay. so the question is, brian, does it matter if it's tomorrow or monday or tuesday or wednesday of next week, or does that -- does it really matter, you think? >> well, you know, don, in a certain way i would be surprised if there was a vote tomorrow either. i wouldn't completely rule it out but i guess i'd be surprised. here's why. because at this point, what the progressives' position is, is don't just come to us with a back of an envelope, you know, chicken scratch proposal about what joe manchin says he might
11:55 pm
support in two weeks when we actually get legislative language because we don't trust him. congresswoman jayapal and the house progressives as well as progressive senators in the senate do not trust that sinema and manchin will vote for the larger build back better package if they surrender all their leverage and just vote for the highway bill now. what they want to have happen is have these bills pass in tandem. they want to see the senate move and pass the full reconciliation bill. then they'll pass the bipartisan highway bill. so it's just -- it's hard to imagine that with all the negotiations that are happening late into the night tonight on capitol hill, with brian deese and other white house staffers, with chuck schumer's staff and with pelosi a staff, that they're going to come with a meeting of the minds on the build back better reconciliation package and they'll get manchin and sinema to say yes such that
11:56 pm
progressives are convinced it is real and then will release their votes for the highway bill. short of that, you're asking progressives to take a leap of faith and assume that joe manchin and sinema can be trusted to vote for something down the road if they vote for this highway bill tomorrow. i would be surprised if it's tomorrow either. >> i've got less than 30 seconds before we get to break. go ahead, kaitlan. >> i just wanted to say to look at the level of negotiation that happened today where manchin and sinema met for 45 minutes. you've see white house aides be on capitol hill for several hours today. they think they are covering good ground here, but as brian noted, the question that will come tomorrow when the sun is up is whether they covered enough ground to get to a vote. >> very well stated. i lucked out having both of you here for this. i happened to be in the middle of an interview with brian and kaitlan also got up in front of the camera and helped us out with the breaking news. we're going to reset, everyone. thank you very much. we're going to reset and get to the top of the hour. we don't know what's going on because there could be more information that comes out, when
11:57 pm
they're going to vote on it, if it's going to be tomorrow, what the president does next, what nancy pelosi or chuck schumer or joe manchin or kyrsten sinema. we have no idea and there's news coming out of washington. stand by. more breaking news. no vote tonight. we'll be right back. - [narrator] as you get ready for what's next, custom gear from custom ink can help make the most of these moments. we've developed new tools to make it easy for you. custom ink has hundreds of products to help you feel connected. upload your logo or start your design today at
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