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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  September 27, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thank you for watching. "don lemon tonight" starts now. >> i didn't see you the entire weekend, chris cuomo. >> my loss. >> i know. you were like thank goodness i don't have to carry that one this weekend and pay for all the bills. how are you doing? >> peachy. i am kind of confused by, you know, these two stories. this manhunt story. i don't know where this guy is. i was listening to the experts say they don't think he could make it in the park that long. another said if you commit suicide, suicide isn't usually a destination activity unless you jump off something. >> maybe that's why they're
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asking for his dna. >> yeah, i don't know why they're asking for it now. that's curious. hopefully, it's suggestive of an advance. i'm more confused. that's sad. gabby is gone and you know what you need to know there. with the democrats, i get it. you know, i was just talking to van. i don't think the american people see progressives and moderates. you see the left and you see the right, and i don't know that it helps to assess this situation by saying well, you know, the progressives, they've got good points here. these are popular things. the centrists should give -- i think people are watching and saying you guys are going to get something done for us or not? they face a threat, don. i have never seen politicians be open to what is passing state of play on the right right now. i've never seen anything like it. >> we have won, as i have said, and everything that you've said is why i don't belong to a
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political party because listen, there are many good things about political parties and many not so good things about political parties but i don't believe in voting because someone is republican or democrat. i vote on what they have done, will do and their records. having said that, there is one political party working of reality and that's the democratic party but in that, they're notg governing well at the moment. they don't see the urgency what is happening with voting rights, what is happening, the urgency of what is happening with the big lie. they are still operating on thinking that oh, everything is normal. you know, we've got to play politics, as usual. it not politics as usual. what is happening of the right is not politics as usual. it's not right, it's wrong. they should pay the consequences for what they're doing to our
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democracy, the damage they're doing to our democracy and the damage they're doing to this republic. hopefully, i don't see it happening in the near future. i hope the republican party can come back to some sort of semblance of a party that cares about actual democracy in people but i don't see that happening soon. >> whom did you hear from the republican party say i'm glad that arizona issue got cleared up -- >> no one. >> not only did he win but win by more votes. >> he got almost 199 more votes. >> paul, rubio, any of the guys who were distin wishing themselves, none. who came out and said enough with this? >> they know. they know. >> but that's the point. i mean -- >> they know they're lying, and they just want -- all they want to do is stay in power and that's it. they want to keep their position. >> so if you know that's what
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you're up against, my bother, w -- botrother, i wouldn't be airing it out in public. i wouldn't let people see me divided. >> democrats have to stop acting like it's 1997 or 1992 or let's go back to when barack obama was in office or 2012. it's not that anymore. that's not what is happening in this country. republicans don't want to work with you democrats. republicans don't want to work with you joe biden. they don't want to do it. so they have to figure out what they're going to do in order to keep this country on track. it is now up to the democrats and to the indepen ddents and republicans who aren't trumpers who won't apologize and be apologizing for everything donald trump says or does or lies about. it is up to those people to save this country, and if they don't do it, then god help us. >> we're going to see. >> yeah.
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>> nancy pelosi, i cannot criticize her feel for the game. you can't. it's like mitch mcconnell. i'm not comparing them with any ideology but they know how to do what they do and she's not going to bring something to the floor if she doesn't have the votes. this 27th end up not working for her or the party because it's evidenced them to the country at large at a time where the numbers are not good for biden personally, they're not good in terms of job performance and not good in terms of right wave or wrong wave for the country. on the last one, probably blaming the rowepublicans for that. they need to get something done and some are better than none. these are all popular items they're doing. whatever they get done but what if they don't get anything done? >> that's the point. let me tell you this, and this goes for us in the news media, as well. now that, you know, covid has -- we're out of quarantine so to speak, still safe and wearing
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the mask, i had a chance to travel around the country. i went to my home state. i went to talk to people and see people in the airport, wherever it is out and about. we listen to the fringes too much. the fringes have allowed us voices. the fringes on the right have the loudest voices, the people who are not, you know, playing with reality, the trumpers, not -- we listen to them -- >> twitter. >> twitter. we listen to twitter too much and the far left, everything. we listen too much to them. it is the radical middle, the radical center that is actually -- should actually be in charge in this country but we give, you know, it plays well on television so i guess we play the sound bytes and go to the rallies. that's how much of the country votes. that's not how most of the country feels but somehow most of the country should g get-togethers and let these people know they're not helping the country. i'm telling you, if you're republican and care what is happening in this country, you
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need to get on the democrat side to goatet your party in order. >> you need more parties. >> second of all, be ware. passion can be population. that's why they cater these cultural issues on the right because those people vote on them. i hear you. you're right. >> hey, virtual hug because i didn't get to see you. >> love you d. lemon. >> no, i got to do you like this. >> what is that? a fat joke? >> it is. >> i love you. >> get to news. this is "don lemon tonight" it's all on the line this week. it really is. this is the agenda joe biden ran on the agenda that got him to the white house. and it is hanging in the balance tonight. okay? the president says victory is what is at stake and the white house is working feverishly to win the victory negotiating the price tag for the spending bill. tonight, biden's former boss weighing in arguing that the wealthiest america capsns can't afford to pick up the tab for
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the $3.5 trillion spending bill. >> most importantly, it's paid for asking the wealthiest of americans who have benefitted incredibly over the last several decades and even in the midst of a pandemic saw their wealth and assets rise enormously asking them to pay a few poersercentag points more in taxes to make sure we have an economy that's fair for everyone. i think they can afford it. we can afford it. i put myself in this category now. and i think anybody who pretends that it's a hardship for billionaires to pay a little more in taxes so that a single mom gets child care support or so that we can make sure that our communities aren't inundated by wildfires and floods and that we're doing something about climate change for the next
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generation, that's an argument that is unsustainable. >> all this back and forth, all of this drama to placate members of the president's own party. >> do you think it possible that you could come to an agreement on roekeconciliation by thursda? >> that's a heavy lift. a lot to do and a lot to talk about but everyone has to keep trying to work in good faith the best you can. >> you have to wonder if democrats on capitol hill get it as senate republicans blocked a hill to raise the debt ceiling and prevent a government shut do d down. that is hypocrisy 101. they would be willing to let the u.s. default on its debt, to let your own country default on its debt. that wasn't their position during the trump administration when they voted to raise the
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debt limit three times. hypocrisy. is that what patriots do? let the country you live in default on its debts. they want democrats to handle the debt alone even though pay close attention, they know perfectly well the debt is all about paying the bills we've already got, about 97% of those bills were run up before joe biden took office. that is according to the washington post. now meanwhile, our democracy is literally at stake in the face of the big lie, alive and well across the country. the former president straight up lying this weekend claiming that the arizona fraud-it shows that he won. chris and i just talked about it. listen, i want you to listen because what i'm saying is really, really important tonight. i tell you that it's urgent every night that our democracy is on the line and because it is. and you have -- you must pay attention to this. okay? this is the true part here. he did not win arizona. he lost.
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he actually lost arizona multiple times, even the audit by the so-called cyber ninjas found joe biden won maricopa county. he got 99 more votes than the county reported in november and the former president, he got 261 fewer votes. but he says, i guess that's winning to him. he lost maricopa coupnty. he lost arizona. he lost the popular vote. he lost the electoral college yet he continues to push the big lie and the reason is both simple and terrifying for anybody who values our democracy. he does it because every time he raises questions, every time he sews the seeds of doubt, every time he pushes for another investigation in arizona even though it makes him look like an idiot, a fool, a loser, not look
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like a loser, it makes him even more of a loser and getsless votes. every time he pushes for arizona, pennsylvania, texas, a state that he won, he may be losing the battle but he is winning the misinformation war. spreading the same big lie that exploded into deadly violence at the seed of our democracy. that's when blood thirsty trump supporting rioters tried to stop the certification of the vote. liz listen to cheney. >> those who think that by ignoring trump he will go away have been proven wrong. when you look at the spread of these mistruths and spread of the disinformation, science enables the liar and silence helps it to spread. >> so, the fact is that there
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was a time when the leaders of liz cheney's party saw january 6th for what it was. what it is. a threat to our democracy itself. lindsey graham saw it. >> look, we've had a hell of a journey. i hate it being this way. oh my dgod, i hate it. from my point of view he's been a consequential president but today, all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. >> wow. okay. mitch mcconnell saw it. kevin mccarthy saw it, pardon me. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack by mob rioters. he should have immediately denou denounced the mod when he saw what was unfolding. >> and as i said, mitch mcconnell said it. >> there is no question, none,
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president trump is practically and morally responsible for proe v -- provoking the events of the day. no question about it. the people who stormed this bel acting on the wishes and instructions of the president. and having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing cfalse statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole, which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest mega phone on planet earth. >> so they all saw it. they knew it. they saw the big lie in action. they saw the violence. they knew exactly who was responsible and still do. they know. apparently, they have apparently
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decided their political survival is more important than the survival of our democracy, the misinformation war, the big lie. it all about laying the groundwork for the next time and make no mistake, the threat is gathering again. if people who know the truth won't speak out, if they're silent in the face of lies, it could happen again. it will happen again. if people are silent, if you don't pay attention. and as our democracy is under threat right now, the pandemic of the unvaccinated is raging. mitch healthcaremcconnell annou got his booster shot today. >> i'm glad to share that a few minutes ago, i received a booster vaccination for covid-19. it was app easy decision to receive a booster. i'm a survivor of childhood
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polio from before vaccines eradicated that disease here in our country and around the world now. so i've been a lifelong champion of vaccinations. >> joe biden got his booster shot today on live tv. now, imagine how different things would have been if his predecessor had done the same thing. imagine if he got the vaccine on live tv instead of in secret. we wouldn't have so many people refusing to get the vaccines that could save their lives. >> i ain't taking your medicine. not from -- i'll take what they give him but i'm not taking yours. >> he took the vaccine, though. >> well, he might of. i don't know that. >> i think they gave him the regeneron. >> they did give him that but he
7:17 pm
did take the vacvaccine. >> i'm not saying he didn't. that's what pissed me off. i'm not taking it because i'm that bull headed. >> we wouldn't have so many people screaming and yelling about vaccines and masks. >> your children and your childrens children will be asked how many vaccines have you had? have you been a good little nautzi. hail fauci. >> the lies and misinformation killing us and our democracy. and with all the trama on capitol hill tonight, one progressive democrat is calling out members of her open party. my colleague manu raju asked for her thoughts on krysten sinema and joe mansion.
7:18 pm
here is what she said. >> it is saddening to see them use republican talking points. we obviously didn't envision having republicans as part of our party and i hope that they will understand that democrats need to be united behind the president's agenda and we need to have urgent conversations on how to get this agenda done. your smile will always be brilliant. crest 3d white brilliance. 100% stain removal, 24 hour stain resistance to lock in your whitest smile. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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so a glimmer of hope for the progressive caucus chair saying democrats are getting really close on getting to a final deal on the broad economic spending bill. the progressive wing of the party has been in a standoff with senators joe mansion and k kyrsten sinema with a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. many progressives saying they want both to pass simultaneously while mansion and cinema said they don't support the $3.5 trillion price tag of the larger spending bill. so joining me now is democratic congresswoman and whip of the progressive caucus and that is ilhan omar. thank you for joining. >> thank you so much for having me, don. >> so you were at tonight's democratic caucus meeting and
7:23 pm
holding speaker pelosi's hand as you came out but the stakes here incredibly high. biden's entire domestic agenda is on the line. where do you stand after this meeting? >> well, we are really optimistic about fighting for the biden agenda to be accomplished in the house and in the senate and for us to send these two bills in tandem to his desk. you know, there are so many people across the country who are looking for the democrats to fulfill their promise. this is a promise that the president made to them on the campaign trail. it is the promise that we, when we were campaigning made and this is our once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver on that. we have about 12 members in the
7:24 pm
house, in the senate, on the democratic caucus who are, you know, an obstacle to getting this done. they would like to make the public believe that the prodeprpro progressive caucus is blocking these bills from pastsing. it the opposite. if we don't pass these bills, the president's agenda will not pass so we're consistent in having the president's back and supporting the whole agenda. we are going to do everything that it takes to be able to get this done. >> so let me ask you as i mentioned, the prodepgressive c saying she believes lawmakers are getting close to a final deal on the larger spending deal. you told manu raju you need made clear, do you know where negotiations are right now? >> yeah, we are really getting cl
7:25 pm
close. they have a conversation with the few accepsenators holding u progress, our chairwoman had a phone call and a conversation with krysten sinema and we continue to be close ly monitoring the work that the speaker, that the majority leader and white house is doing in bringing progress and bringing progress on these bills. what we are waiting for is what is it that they are interested in seeing changed so that we can move this legislation forward? >> yeah. so what are you willing to compromise on and i'm doing to -- how much lower than 3 $.5 trillion and so on. what are you willing to compromise on? >> what we're looking to do is to deliver on c constituents in regards to climate change and deliver on drug pricing and child care and
7:26 pm
to deliver on fair taxation. how far they are willing to go on that is something that we are willing to have a conversation on. it's been talked about quite a lot in our caucus and with the senators just how much of a significant progress and investment we want to make in these areas. and we continue to wait to hear what kind of significant changes and investments they're willing to make in their constituent's lives because we're ready to do everything it takes so the people can feel the changes in their lives. >> you've written with a couple colleagues, congresswoman jie paul and katie porter and you said you write you'll put your votes on the line and only vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill only after the build back better bill is passed. if an agreement is close and you get assurances from mansion and
7:27 pm
cinema, does that change anything for you? >> so a frame work and policies need to be agreed within that frame work in order for there to be any progress. we need in the house what we are looking for is that our, you know, now that our bill is done in the house, it's written, we want to be able to produce a manager's amendment for any changes they want to make and we want to have those conversations with them. how much are they willing to invest in regards to lowering cost for american families? whether they are willing to reduce child care costs burdens for so many americans and whether they believe that we should be investing in community and trade school. these are still questions that
7:28 pm
haven't been answered by these senators and some of our house colleagues. the majority of our caucus stands united to deliver the agaenda of the president and, yu know, don, if you remember it's been months that this deal has been agreed upon as senator bernie sanders has said over and over again the infrastructure by p -- bipartisan legislation would not have passed with his support and support of so many other democrats in the senate if an agreement wasn't reached that we will be able to pass these two bills together in order to fulfill the president's agenda. now that they are getting on that promise and that deal, we have to hold the line and we have to hold them accountable for breaking the deal that they
7:29 pm
made with us. >> congresswoman, we know it's a very busy time and quite a tense time because this is the president's agenda on the line and the things that he promised you on the campaign trail on the line. we appreciate you joining us. we hope you'll come back and we hope you get a deal done. thank you so much. vaccines for kids under 12 coming soon. okay. well, pfizer says they could be going to the fda in just days. stay with us.
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president biden getting his booster shot in full view of the america cap people today up like the former guy. i want to bring in the former commissioner and author of "up controlled spread why covid-19 crushed us and how we can defeat the next pandemic." thank you very much. listen, appreciate you joining us. it's important for our leaders to show people that they are comfortable getting the vaccine and poobooster. listen, president biden getting the third dose today. how important is it to show the booster is safe and effective? there is a lot of confusion about the booster rollout. should everyone eligible be seeking out a booster? >> look, i think it was very important for the president to do this in public and he made a statement about the population that is eligible to receive the booster. i certainly think anyone over the age of 65 and those who live in long term care facilities
7:35 pm
should seek out a booster shot. that's the age group that the cdc and fd a agreed upon. for those under 65 the authorization allows for those who have medical conditions with heightened risk of covid to receive booster shots as well as those with excessive occupation exposure that could put them at risk of severe covid includingg store workers, first responders. that group should go out and seek boosters right now given the risk of the disease and we're in the pap ndemic where y see the surging delta. >> pfizer is expected to ask the fda to authorize their covid vaccine for kids 5 to 11 within days. with potential shots in arms by halloween, that's what they're hoping. talk to me about the effect this will have on the pandemic, doctor. >> right. i serve on the pooboard of pfiz. the company said, as you said, file within days.
7:36 pm
the fda said the review will be weeks, not months. i believe a four to six week review and if the fda sees app a a authorization as early as halloween. a lot of residual anxiety is the risk they will develop a mild or asymptomatic infection and bring the virus back into their homes and put at risk children or older individuals they might wbe caring for. the ability to vaccinate young kids 5 to 11 will relief anxiety getting out and most of us who have been vaccinated understand we're not at risk of serious severe disease or hospitalization. the vaccines have been very effective at reducing hospitalizations and preventing severe disease, but we're still at risk of an asymptomatic and mild infection that could leave us contagious. >> i found it interesting you said this may be the last major
7:37 pm
wave of the infection and perhaps by thanksgiving we may transition into a better face of the -- phase of the virus. are you confident a new variant won't emerge? >> no, this are new variants. there are 12 different variants of the delta strain. you know, it is doing to be the case you'll get variants that emerge that partially escape the immunity offeredvaccines. we find a variant that completely evades the immunity we acquired through vaccination or infection, i think that's less likely. you don't know what you don't know. it could happen. it more likely this virus will slowly drift over time and you'll get a new variant within that delta linage that will escape. we have to do that for a period of time. the transition from the pandemic phase from this virus at least here in the united states isn't going to be a sort of bright
7:38 pm
line demarcating the states. it will be a gradual transition. i think on the back end of the delta wave of infection sweeping across the country, prevalence will decline. this may be the last major surge of infection and we'll have to deal with this as a more persistent men nace and learn h to reduce the pathogens particularly in the winter time because this will become a more seasonable pathogen. >> i hope you're right about that. we want to get back to normal. listen, this whole thing has been so politicized. i want to ask you about the pugh research. 86% of democrats had at least one dose of the covid vaccine with republicans only at 60%. if this rate stays the same, do red states continue to be more vulnerable between lower vaccination rates and resistance rules like masking? >> look, people around the country right now have a choice about how they're going to acquire immunity to the coronavirus but the reality is this delta variant is so
7:39 pm
contagious, it will eventually infect most of the people unvaccinated. it's unfortunate in the red states you see higher infection rates but on the back end of the surge, most americans will have acquired immunity to the virus through natural infoection or vaccination. the immunity acquired through infection, those banking on the immunity by infection will eventually need to get vaccinated to sustain the immunity. it's unfortunate you're seeing sharp diverging in vaccination rates across the country. some of it is cultural, some political. so there are states that are going to be more heavily affected. you see the same thing with childhood immunizations. here in connecticut where i live, the mmr vaccine, 98% of kids get vaccinated with that but overall the coverage is 90 to 94% from year to year. there are a lot of states below 94%. you see variance in the uptick of vaccines and often varies across states.
7:40 pm
>> you say the durability, meaning how long having infection will protect you against getting covid but some people have gotten second infections. so we don't know how durable it is, correct? >> right. we don't know how durable the vaccines are and obviously, people are getting boosters because the vaccines that the immunity hasn't been that durable, particularly in older people. we're seeing rising breakthrough infections. we don't know how durable. it will probably be the case while there is a period of immunity offered by natural infection, it won't be in perpt duty forever, eventually that cohort will have to get vaccinated to sustain the protection against this virus. >> very important. i wanted you to reiterate that. thank you. again, the doctors book is "uncontrolled spread, why covid-19 crushed us and how we can defeat the next pandemic." there it is up on your screen.
7:41 pm
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brooklyn nets kyrie irving refusing to detail his vaccination status today. >> i'm a human being first and obviously, living in this pub like spear there is a lot of questions what is going on in the world of kyrie and i would love to keep that private and, you next handle it the right way with my team and go forward together with the plan. >> so irving making that statement remotely separated from his teammates and because of local restrictions, he can't
7:46 pm
play in home games unless vaccinated. kareem abdual ja bar is talking about it. so kareem abdul-jabbar, thank you for being here tonight and doing what you do. can i get your reaction to kyrie irving's statement. >> i can't accept ckyrie irvings statement. he's hiding behind procedure here. you either understand what is going on and you do the right thing or you don't understand what is going on and you're going to continue to create all this confusion with your stance. so, you know, we got to get that cleared up exactly where he stands and what that means to those around him. >> sources telling cnn that approximately 90% of nba players are vaccinated against covid-19. you think the 10% should be let
7:47 pm
go? >> i think they should be disciplined. i don't think that they are behaving like good teammates or good citizens. this is a war that we're involved in and masks and vaccines, they are the weapons that we use to fight this war and when you're not going to be corporative with that, you are working against the effort to make everybody safe and, you know, we can't have that. that doesn't work for everybody. >> what about the folks who say hey, listen, it's my right and freedom and my body. i can do what i want. i shouldn't be told what to do. >> that's fine but they don't have to do that within the frame work of the nba and put other people at risk. that's what we're talking about here. putting other people at risk, not about whether somebody feels
7:48 pm
macho enough they will go against the covid virus and not have any vaccination protection and, you know, maybe it makes them feel brave or, you know, able to do something that others can't do. that's not what we should be doing here. we should be trying to limit this virus with all the tools that we have at our disposal. >> i want to play this and see if you remember. this is from lebron james, watch this. >> predicated to my family, you know, for the majority for 99.9% of that. so it's about the health and safety of my family and that's what it came down to. me being available to my teammates on the floor is me taking care of my body. >> do you mind me asking if you're confirming you did get the vaccine? >> it's not a big deal. >> so listen, we haven't heard
7:49 pm
from lebron about that since, the lakers general manager said all players on the roster will be fully vaccinated for the new season. what would it mean if lebron were more transparent about the vaccine or encourage others to actually get it? >> well, i think it would be helpful if he encouraged others to get it but he has a right not to do that. you know, you can't force everyone to do what you think is correct. you know, so people do have the right not to participate in using the vaccine but if they're going to do that, they should not put other people at risk because they might become contaminated. there are children at i want to ask you one more question and i think it's important.
7:50 pm
you've win about this, quote, those who promote more have blood on their hands. spread is the kind of selective science white people use to jeff enslaving black people. elaborate on that, please, sir. >> the more ignorance that's spread around the easier it is to confuse people about what's happening. so people who dislike black americans at one point refuse to give them treatment. in this instance, we have people that are trying to confuse the issue and have people not use the available treatment because of who knows what reason. but we can't let that be something that pulls us back. we have to educate ourselves so that we understand what is being offered. these vaccines are safe and they are effective, and we have to
7:51 pm
fight this virus as a group. we can't have certain people feeling, well, i don't have to do that. that's insanity. >> i think it's important that you point out that they confuse the issue, especially when it comes to the tuskogee experiment. it's not like they weren't injecting africans, they didn't. those that they did inject got better. >> thank you, kareem. i enjoyed this. >> thank you. we need people like you being willing to point the facts out, and if not, we'll have more problems. >> thank you. i appreciate you as well and your voice. kareem abdul-jabar, everyone. we'll be right back. bar, everyo.
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we'll be right back.
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a department of homeland security whistleblower found some intel because they made president biden look bad. >> we completed the assessment in march of 2020, and it doesn't go out for months. and the reason for that is ken cuccinelli and chad wolf and others consistently wanted several areas changed. one was on the white supremacy part and the other was on the russian disinformation. >> did they explain why they thought that made president trump look bad? >> is to cuccinelli told me
7:57 pm
because of the president's statement in charlottesville, and more as the spring and summer of 2020 went along as it related to the murder of george floyd and other things in that time era that it would make the president look bad. that was his exact words. >> there you have it. a homeland security official said he was asked by political appointees to modify a report meant to help keep the country safe all for the former president's ego. up next, the week from hell. that's what one democratic lawmaker is calling it. the clock is ticking on biden's agenda and looming government shutdown. stay with us.
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