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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  August 23, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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weren't -- um -- familiar with what was being negotiated. >> so the people at the white house didn't know what was being negotiated with the deadline? >> we -- we didn't speak to people from the white house. we spoke to -- um -- representatives that would normally come before the intelligence committee. >> i got ya. are you going to ask for followup on that because it pretty -- is the key determination right now, right? >> absolutely. and we will continue to debrief on this issue. and it's important for us to stop pointing fingers right now, and get our american citizens and those afghans who have helped us out of the country. >> i hear you, 100%. that's why i'm so worried about the number that, you know, you got to know how many people you are trying to get so that you'll be able to figure out how many of 'em you do get and how many are left behind because let's be honest, as you know better than i, the taliban in charge of taf afghanistan, you're not going to hear as much from that country once we leave in terms of who is left behind. how concerned are you that
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america will not get this done? >> well, i'm -- at this point, i'm not looking at whether we're going to get it done. we have to get it done. i'm also very concerned about the women and girls in afghanistan. i think we have a femicide that's about to happen in that country. it doesn't have to be any -- in anyone's memory not to remember the fact that there was a stadium used to stone people to death and women in particular. and shoot people at point-blank range. so i don't think the taliban has changed its spots. and i think it's very important for us to do everything we can to get women and girls out that want to get out. >> absolutely. and it'll be very interesting to see what the posture is of all allies about what is done to females, old and young, in that country when we're gone. congresswoman, thank you so much. i know it's been a very long day. appreciate you taking this opportunity to inform the audience. >> good to be with you, chris. >> all right. we'll be right back. hearing is important to living life to the fullest.
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knitted together by a principle of trust but verify. the numbers, the efforts in afghanistan, the ability to take a safe vaccine here. and then, the responsibility to do what's right for yourself, your family, and the people in your community. will we get it right? we'll see. thank you for watching. "don lemon tonight" with the big star, d lemon, now. >> got a translator who came over here. helped the -- the u.s. military in afghanistan. came over as a teenager. promised to get his family here. he is working on that now. i have some good news. it's not quite the end of -- of the line for them, meaning getting here. but i have some good news to share. that translator is going to join us in just a bit. but also, chris, what you and i have been talking about. really, what you have been i have to say probably more than any of us on the network saying you need to get this fda approval. if you get the fda approval, it will help people -- um -- you know, want to get the vaccine. i -- you know, i have been saying i don't think it's going to make a difference. maybe, we'll see where people are if they're really believing
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this thing that they are saying about, well, as soon as we get fda approval, we'll get the vaccine. so now, we have it. what's your excuse now? >> well, they shouldn't have one. now, look. the only carve out is that they didn't approve it for kids, yet. right? and that's because they don't have enough time and data and they have to follow the rules, which should be reminded to people when they say, hey, i heard that the fda approval was shortcut. it wasn't shortcut. it wasn't short circuited. >> i told you that was going to happen, didn't i? we had a conversation today for our podcast. >> stupid is always obvious. what i am saying is that, you know, the fda commissioner under trump was just on, and says he doesn't believe that. so, there's your boy saying that he doesn't accept that. so then, don't listen to it if that's your inclination of, you know, kind of political prism. but my point is this. this country is divided. it is the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. >> uh-huh. >> the vaccinated are a growing majority. they are republican, democrat, left, right, all the things that nobody really calls themselves, in real life. but the media and the political insiders use. that's who needs to be spoken to
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by leaders. we don't have to sit around worrying about offending the unvaccinated. that's how we made ourselves sick. not how we'll make ourselves better. >> people who are getting injecting drugs for animals. and horse -- >> and people telling them to. what person -- you know, you talk about like, you know, cancel culture and who to shame. ivermectin? a dewormer? really? >> they are shaming themselves. no one has to shame them. they are shaming themselves. >> no, they need to be shamed. they need to be called out and shamed, brother. but i look forward to you making your witness. >> i will see ya in a bit. i love ya. >> and i am going to get to it. this is "don lemon tonight." so we have lots go ogen. we have new developments on multiple big stories to tell you about. a lot, especially for a monday night, all right, and we are going to catch you up on all of it. so here is the deal. time is running out in afghanistan. and the world really is watching this. the president -- president biden's deadline for removing all u.s. troops from the country
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just eight days away. just eight days away. so last week, he said that he would stay until every american who wants to be out is out. all right? now, military advisers say he's got to make up his mind whether to stay or go by tomorrow in order to have enough time to withdrawal the troops and equipment currently on the ground in kabul. that's a lot. some are advising the president against staying longer in afghanistan. here's what they cite. they cite potential terror threats on the ground. but in a sign of progress, there is progress. okay? the pace of evacuations, ramping up. a white house official says that some 10,900 people have been evacuated over a 12-hour stretch and that's just today. more people over the course of the last week or so. they were able to get onboard 15 u.s. c-17s and 34 coalition flights. that as the u.s. military is setting up alternate routes to the airport because of the threat that isis could target
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the crowds. listen to this. >> we're working hard and as fast as we can to get people out. that's our mission. that's our goal. and our determination to get every american citizen home and to evacuate our afghan allies is unwavering. and as the frantic race to evacuate thousands of people continues, afghan allies who have applied for special immigrant visas, being told to stay away from the airport today. especially -- essentially, pushed to the end of the line. that's what we're told. after american citizens, they go behind american citizens and legal-permanent residents. a source telling cnn the airport is becoming like the wild west. with special forces, both afghan and american, trying to help their afghan former colleagues. >> we will continue to get afghans at risk out of the country even after u.s. military forces have left. >> so, we have that.
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that could -- that's enough for an entire day here. two hours, especially on this show. but there is also some big news on covid, tonight. the fda giving full approval to the pfizer vaccine for people who are 16 and older. 16 and older. # the first vaccine to move beyond emergency-use status in this country. dr. anthony fauci spoke to anderson just a little bit ago, and says if we get people vaccinated, we could be back to some version of normal by next spring. #. >> we hope we'll be there at the timeframe that i mentioned correctly being the spring of 2022. but there's no guarantee because it's up to us. if we keep lingering without getting those people vaccinated that should be vaccinated, this thing could linger on. leading to the development of another variant which could complicate things. so it's within our power to get this under control.
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>> so there is no excuse. no excuse. that excuse that you hear from some people who said that they didn't want to get the vaccine or get vaccinated until the shot got full approval. well? today is the day. the pfizer vaccine is fully approved. now, we'll find out how many people were actually waiting for the full-fda approval. and we may see a lot more employers requiring their workers to get vaccinated. a requirement. we may see more restaurants, more theaters, other venues requiring it. >> if you are a business leader, a nonprofit leader, a state or local leader who has been waiting for full-fda approval to require vaccinations, i call on you now to do that. require it. do what i did last month. require your employees to get vaccinated. or face strict requirements. >> require it. require it. maybe, wouldn't have to be a requirement, right, if more people had done it, in the first place. and then, the virus wouldn't mutate and you wouldn't have a
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variant. so, anyways, the white house indicating there could be more vaccine mandates coming for federal workers. that as the president urged parents to make sure that their kids who are too young to be vaccinated, make sure they wear masks. >> make sure your child is masked when they leave home. that's how we can best keep our kids safe. >> and yes, that means at schools even in states like florida and texas where governors are putting politics ahead of students' health and safety by trying to ban mask mandates. # masks. vaccines. those are the best weapons we have against a virus that is killing more than 1,000 americans, every single day. yet, there are people who don't trust the vaccines. but they are willing to try any wacky, fake cure they read about
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online or they see in right-wing media. at least two people in mississippi have been hospitalized after taking an anti-parasitic drug meant for livestock. the fda tweeting, you are not a horse, you are not a cow. seriously, y'all, stop it. you're not a horse. you're not a cow. seriously, y'all, stop it. so, let me get this straight. think about this. okay? you won't get vaccinated. you won't wear a mask. you said you are worried about the fda approval, you don't know what is in the vaccine but you will take a drug meant for de-worming livestock? really? you are going to trust your health and your life to rumors and misinformation? just the latest in the hall of
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shame of covid misinformation. >> i said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. and i think you said you're going to test that, too. sounds interesting. >> we'll get the right folks who could. >> right. and then, i see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. one minute. and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or -- or almost a cleaning? because you see it gets in the lungs? >> the former covid misinformationer in chief, right there. but even he can't control the misinformation anymore because this weekend, he told a crowd of supporters in alabama to get vaccinated. and guess what? he got booed for it. that shows you just how out of control this whole thing has gotten. the former guy tells people that he's been vaccinated. something we only learned months after the fact. and people boo? after feeding the misinformation
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monster for years, he can't control it now. and there is news, tonight, on the investigation of one of the darkest days in american history. i am talking about january 6th. that's when blood-thirsty rioters, trump-supporting rioters tried to overthrow our free and fair election. hunting lawmakers forced to run for their lives and beating police trying to defend the seat of our democracy. sources telling cnn the house select committee investigating january 6th plans to ask companies to preserve the phone records of multiple people, including some members of congress. we don't know which members' records the committee is interested in. but the question of who spoke to the president that day sure does seem to be a sore spot for some republicans. jim jordan telling cnn that he hasn't been contacted by the committee to preserve his records, but he would comply. saying, quote, i've got nothing
11:17 pm
to hide. but i want you just to remember this from last month. the congressman stammering, stuttering, trying to make -- not to make eye contact when he is asked what should be a pretty simple question here. did ya speak with the then president on january 6th? >> did you speak with president trump on january 6th? >> yeah. i mean, i speak -- i spoke with the president last week. i speak with the president all the time. i spoke with him on january 6th. i mean, i talk with president trump all the time. i mean, that's -- that's -- i don't think that's unusual. i would expect members of congress to talk with the president of the united states when they're trying to get done the things they told the voters in their district to do. i -- i -- i'm actually kind of amazed sometimes people keep asking this. like i said, i talked with him last week. >> on january 6th, did you speak with him before, during, or after the capitol was attacked? >> i'd have to go -- i'd -- i -- i spoke with him, that day,
11:18 pm
after? i think after? i don't know if i spoke with him in the morning or not. i -- i just don't know. i would have to go back and -- i mean, i don't -- i don't -- i don't know when those conversations happened. but -- um -- but what i know is i spoke with him all the time. >> did you eat the blueberry muffin? son? um, i don't know. then, why are there blueberries all over your face? i don't know. really? so you spoke with him on january 6th. you think that maybe after, right? but you'd have to go back but you don't know when the conversations happened. but all you know is that you speak with him all the time. uh-huh. right. do you really expect us to believe that you don't remember when you spoke to the president of the united states on the day the capitol was attacked by
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rioters chanting, hang mike pence? really? hmm. okay. y'all believe that? by the way, look, there is the gallows hanging. i have said it before. the lies and the misinformation killing us. killing our democracy. the lies and misinformation about covid and the big lie that fueled the attack on the united states capitol. so just how wide ranging will the committee's investigation of the january-6th insurrection be? whose phone records will the select committee want to see? congressman adam schiff on the committee. he also attended a briefing just today on afghanistan. he is going to discuss that. we're going to discuss that with him and a lot more to come. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.
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11:24 pm
congress. so let's get to it now with democratic congressman and chair of the house intel committee, adam schiff. congressman, thank you so much. appreciate you joining us. good evening. a lot to get to on afghanistan. but i -- i want to start with the select committee investigating january 6th. you are on that committee. congressman bennie thompson, the committee's chair confirming to cnn that he wants telecom companies to preserve phone records of several people, including members of congress. we know that kevin mccarthy, jim jordan spoke with trump on january 6th. whose records do you want to see? >> well, i'm going to leave it as you might imagine to the chairman to make those disclosures public or in a formal announcement. but i can tell you this. we intend to be very thorough. we want to know exactly what took place before january 6th that led to that tragic day. and -- and the violence of that day. anyone who was involved, anyone who had foreknowledge of who would be assembling on that mall or the violence that was to come. anyone who funded it. what the white house was doing,
11:25 pm
people in the administration. what they were aware of and when? why we weren't reinforced in the capitol. why it took so many hours to send the national guard. so we want answers to all these questions and we're not afraid to ask them of anyone and that includes members of congress, former members of the administration, current people that are serving within the administration. anyone who has relevant information. >> yeah. listen. your answer may be similar but i have to ask it, anyways. letters are also going out going to be sent to social media companies. are you able to say which ones? and how expansive do you see this investigation becoming? >> i really can't. but, you know, i can -- i can say that this is a very traditional investigative path where you want to get the documents, first. before you bring in witnesses. so you know the right questions to ask. and we are working in a very bipartisan, indeed nonpartisan way, and we have brought on some, i think, very capable investigative staff. so, we're -- we're getting well
11:26 pm
situated to get this important work done. and it's gonna be one of the most important investigations i think congress has ever undertaken. >> i appreciate you talking about that. let's talk -- let's turn now to afghanistan, shall we? when you take into account what you heard at the intel briefing today, along with the images coming out of kabul. the volatile security situation on the ground there. the american citizens, afghan allies who are still there and -- and still need to be evacuated. give me your real assessment of this situation, congressman. >> well, you know, it's pretty dire. there are thousands and thousands of people that need to be evacuated. americans, first and foremost, and u.s. residents. but also, people that we have a moral and ethical obligation to. those who fought beside us. those who helped us to gather intelligence to save american lives. and as well as, you know, civil society figures that we were working with to try to establish a government that would protect all of its citizens, including the rights of women and girls.
11:27 pm
and so, that's a big group of people. and i'm encouraged that, you know, we have really ramped efforts up in the last 24 to 48 hours with 11,000 people evacuated in a single day. that's pretty -- that's pretty extraordinary number. but there are so many more yet to -- to evacuate that we have got a lot of hard work ahead of us and under dangerous circumstances. >> listen. you're there. you know. you get the intel briefings. you know more than we do in this and certainly some things that you can't reveal. but let's -- let's put up those images at the kabul airport. you -- you have been concerned about the threat at that airport. we have seen plenty of video showing crowds of people desperate to get in. do you think the u.s. needs to do more to beef up security? or do you think that right now they're doing what's needed to be done? how do you feel about it? >> well, i -- i guess i would say there can never be enough security at that airport. it's just such a chaotic situation. and when you amass that number
11:28 pm
of people, people can get hurt just being in a crowd that size. but it also makes a very attractive target for our enemies. for isis, for example, would like nothing better to than to attack, set off a -- a suicide bomb in that crowd or take out one of those aircraft. that would be, obviously, catastrophic and they would love to see that kind of catastrophe. so it's a very difficult, dangerous situation. um, and, you know, look. we have got the best-trained military in the world but this is a first-class, first order safety logistics nightmare and we're going to have to use all the skills we have. >> yeah. as you say those words as we say in our home, god forbid. let's hope that doesn't happen. what you said. but yes, it's a very real possibility. i understand that. so you also say -- you say that we should have a military presence in afghanistan as long as it takes to get the u.s. citizens and our allies and our
11:29 pm
afghan allies. but the taliban say any delay to this august-31st deadline, they say it's a red line. are you worried an -- an extension could put even more lives in jeopardy here? >> well, i'm certainly concerned about any effort by the taliban to go after people after the end of the month. but look, i'm very mindful of the fact that there are still many tens of thousands of people that we need to get out. and getting people to that airport is very difficult. and the end of the month will be on us, before we know it. and i think that we need to maintain our military presence long enough to get everyone out. certainly, our own people out. but also, those we have that moral obligation to help evacuate. so i mean, look. i support the withdrawal of our u.s. forces out of afghanistan. i think the president made the right decision. we could be there another five, ten, or 15 years and still be in
11:30 pm
the same situation in terms of the taliban takeover. but we shouldn't leave until we get all of our people out and those that we have an obligation to help get to safety. >> yeah. cnn is reporting that the -- um -- u.s. is scrambling to fill an intelligence vacuum in the aftermath of afghanistan's collapse. are you worried that all this instability could embolden extremist groups, again? as you said, to carry out an attack. you mentioned at the airport but carry out an attack at home or abroad congressman? >> look, when you draw down your military footprint somewhere, you lose eyes on some of the dangers that exist. um -- but -- but i think we have to acknowledge that right now the danger to the country is greater outside of afghanistan in terms of terrorist attack that may be organized against the homeland. so there are other parts of the world where al qaeda has a bigger presence, where isis has a bigger presence. but over time, that could change
11:31 pm
in afghanistan. we're going to have to try to keep a close watch to make sure that al qaeda doesn't reconstitute itself there. and that we take action against isis k -- um -- and make sure that it doesn't pose a growing threat to us. that's more difficult to do -- um -- when you don't have those troops on the ground. but of course, when we did have the troops on the ground, they were targets and we were risking american lives in that fashion, too. so not a bright line here but i think the drawdown is the right decision. and we're just going to have to really strengthen our intelligence-gathering capability from other places. >> yeah. look, we appreciate having our leaders on to speak directly to the american people but especially someone in a position like you and the committees that you are on, giving our viewers the knowledge that they need this evening. thank you so much. please come back. we appreciate it. >> thanks, will do. >> thank you. with just about a week left until the president's deadline to get out, is the white house getting a better handle on the crisis in afghanistan?
11:32 pm
we're going to talk about that. that's next. (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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so we are told that president biden's still is deciding whether to extend the august 31st deadline for removing all u.s. troops from afghanistan. officials say they need to know by tomorrow in order to have enough time to get all troops and equipment out of kabul airport by the 31st, which is next tuesday. so let's bring in cnn political commentator, charlie dent. and former-republican congressman. he is a former-republican congressman. also, jim messina, the former obama campaign manager. gentlemen, good evening. so good to have you on. jim, let's start with you
11:37 pm
because we have got these two big stories. really huge news here. the full-fda approval of pfizer. something, the white house hopes will get more shots in arms. we are also at a critical point with what is going on in afghanistan and people getting out. so give us a sense of what's on the line for president biden this week, will ya? >> well, look. right now, he's, you know, trying to talk about getting everyone vaccinated. making sure we get to those numbers. obviously, the pfizer thing's a very big deal. at the same time, you are having very good [ inaudible ]. this is going to be in august, in which we were going to kind of soar and he was going to spend a lot of time talking about the economy. and -- and the vaccination efforts. and instead, we are talking about afghanistan, 24/7. and so, you know, when you work in the white house, as you know i was the white house deputy chief of staff. you realize that, every day, something goes wrong that only gets to the white house if no one else can fix it. and so, right now, they are attempting to kind of surf over this -- this sea of bad news and
11:38 pm
try to stay focused on the broader picture of getting needles in arms and making sure our economy continues to build back better. >> charlie, listen. we have spoken about this. i know you felt that president biden's decision on afghanistan, that it was reckless. i hope i'm not putting words in your mouth. but -- but we are now learning that he is still deciding whether to extend the august-31st deadline for removing the u.s. troops. several of his advisers are against staying longer because of security on the ground. do you expect troops will have to stay past his deadline to get everyone out? >> absolutely. i mean, look. we can get out by august 31st but i suspect we'll be leaving a lot of people behind. i couldn't tell you how many american citizens would be left behind. but we'll be, certainly, leaving a lot of our afghan allies behind if we abide by this arbitrary date. i understand the seriousness of the circumstance on the ground. but i -- and for the life of me, don, i cannot understand why we abandoned the bagram air base in the middle of the night in july.
11:39 pm
it would have been an ideal place, i would think, to evacuate, you know, thousands of our -- of our citizens and allies. i mean, these -- there are so many decisions, tit's just so disturbing to watch this. this is a strategic, humanitarian and diplomatic disaster that is unfolding. there are going to be long-term consequences. you know, we can go home but doesn't mean the war ends. i mean, i'm really fearful that we are going to have another base for these jihadi terrorists to operate from. >> yeah, i want to tell people that your family hosted a young afghan refugee. 2011 and 2012 so that she could finish her senior year in your community. her name is sammy. what would you say to americans concerned about the u.s. taking in afghan refugees now? and to the fear mongers playing out on that concern? >> i would tell people we have -- we have an absolute sacred duty and obligation to help so many of these afghans who helped us.
11:40 pm
they want the same things we do. we -- they -- they hate the taliban more than we do. poor sammy. her father was executed in front of the family by the taliban. and -- and were forced to flee their country where they were actually reasonably successful people. changed everything for them. but there are so many other thousands of people like that. who have experienced such terrifying hardship, and then when they come to this country, they become americans and good americans. and i would tell anyone who's -- who's fearful, that you have nothing to fear. these people are going to be just like the vietnamese and the koreans and the cubans and others who came to our country. you know, after experiencing war and hardship. they have nothing to fear and it's -- and i would -- and look. we -- we did our part. we didn't do anything heroic. i would just encourage anybody to think about helping a family or a young woman from afghanistan. help them. that's the best thing you can do right now. help these folks get settled in this country. and -- and same goes out to our allies and friends who are going
11:41 pm
to be taking their fair share too, i hope. >> jim, listen. you know, numbers go up and down. stock market goes up and down. ratings go up and down. biden's approval rating dipped to 49%, down from 53% from april. that's according to nbc news poll. so, look. these polls are a snapshot in time. we always say that. but the president is dealing with a pandemic and ending a 20-year war. which has come with severe complications. is there anything that he could do to boost domestic -- um -- numbers? domestic achievements? >> well, yeah. go get more things done. you know, this weekend, i was with speaker pelosi in this big democratic retreat. and it's fair to say that there was mild panic among the democratic constituency base about the poll numbers. and, you know, i -- i know you're not trying to bait me, don, but you know how i feel about these polls. it just drives me batty. i mean, here is the truth. the president is at his lowest moving average since his presidency.
11:42 pm
he is also at an average that is higher than any day of donald trump's presidency. we are sitting 15 months before the next election. everyone ought to put the polls as far away from them as they can. pour them a very nice glass of wine and start drinking it and calm down. what members of congress need to do, what the democrats in congress need to do is do what they -- what they are trying to do, which is pass bills, make people's lives better. and have something to run on in the next election. and so, i don't think any of these poll numbers mean anything at all. and people just need to take a deep breath here, and realize it's just about getting things done to make the american people's lives better. sorry for the rant. >> a lot of people were like amen to the glass of wine thing or whatever. i don't know if i've ever heard any advice like that from someone like a jim messina. okay. but so listen, charlie. president biden is urging vaccine holdouts to get their covid shots now that the fda has granted full approval of this pfizer vaccine. will this get people who have
11:43 pm
refused to get this vaccine, who believe that the misinformation -- will you think it's going to encourage them to get it? >> i think some people will get vaccinated as a result of the fda approval. but i think what really is going to get people vaccinated are -- are consequences. sticks, at this point, if you will. when employers tell people, you know what? if you want to step foot in this office, you better have a vaccination. if you want to be able to go to the football game, you bitter h better have a vaccination. i mean, this is what is going to get people vaccinated. you have to impose consequences on people for their reckless behavior. some people don't get vaccinated because their dogmatic. some because they're -- >> so, let me -- let me ask you this. i said that and i have heard others say that. and people say, oh, commy and this is, you know, america and we don't do that here, in america. where -- what do you say to that? >> well, i -- i had to get my kids vaccinated to go to school, last i checked. you know, it's been a while for me. and we have all gotten vaccinations. we put our arms out and i say to
11:44 pm
all of them, you know, in this country. you know, we -- we are very privileged in many ways. the fact that there are people in other countries who many people don't have a lot of education in those countries but they put their arm out in a second to get a shot. because they have eyes and they have ears and they know they need it to be -- to be safe. and here we are. we have an excess supply of -- of -- of vaccines and people won't take them. so my -- my answer is get the shots. i mean, many of the same people are complaining about mask mandates are the same ones who don't want to get vaccinated. not all of them but many and i think that's the real sorry thing about this. i maean talk about being privileged that we have this access and so many of our fellow citizens won't get the shots when, you know, look at india. look at -- look at sub-saharan africa. look at all the places in the world where they don't have access. tiny percentages of their populations are vaccinated and here we sit with excess supply. >> charlie, jim, thank you very much. i love having you both on. i will see you soon. thanks so much. >> thank you. a lot more on pfizer's covid
11:45 pm
vaccine getting the full authorization. schools, companies, local governments telling people that they're required to get the shot. more, next. icy hot. ice works fast. heat makes it last. feel the power of contrast therapy, so you can rise from pain. ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. ♪ ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year.
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woman: from our classrooms... man: the playing fields. maybe more than ever before, we are ready for this school year. i'm so excited to see all of my students. we're doing all we can to make sure our schools are safe... woman: make sure our schools are safe. i want to thank parents and families for working with us. and continuing to be our partners. thank you so much. we can't do it without you. we can't do it without you. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california...
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. some big, big news today in the battle against covid-19. the fda granting full approval to pfizer's vaccine for all people aged 16 and older. children 12 to 15 are able to get it under the emergency use authorization. but with schools reopening, children under 12 still not eligible to get the vaccine, but that's expected to change over the next few months. joining me now is dr. peter hotez, professor and dean of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine. doctor, thanks so much for being here this evening. more than 80 million eligible americans still aren't vaccinated. one excuse that we have been hearing from people was that,
11:50 pm
hey, we want full fda approval, not emergency approval. well, they've got it now. do you think this is going to move the needle for these folks? >> it's going to move the needle, but not in ways that we're talking about. so, you know, the anti-vaccine groups, the disinformation campaign coming from the political right and dedicated non-governmental organizations, dedicated anti-vaccine groups identified by the center for digital hate have a dozen or so talking points, but they convince people and this has created a huge problem. now people tie their allegiance to not getting vaccinated to the republican party, to the gop. so this has been the game-changer. the anti-vaccine movement has been adopted by political extremism on the right, and now it's extending. so these are people who are tying their identity to it. so i think this is one of the major talking points. they say it's only released through eua. i don't think it's going to have
11:51 pm
that big an impact because they're going to fall back on the other talking points. the good news, though, is i think it will have a big impact on employer mandates, federal mandates and the u.s. military, and that's what's going to move the needle. but how far that's going to take us, i don't know. 80 million is a big number, don. we've got 80 million people who are defiant or refusing vaccines, and how far the mandates will go is unclear as well. and the numbers are daunting because we have to pretty much have all of the adults and a adolescents vaccinated to stop this virus. this is going to be the challenge is closing that 80 million gap. >> a good segue is that dr. fauci was on with my colleague, anderson, earlier tonight. he says if most people, eligible people, got vaccinated or get vaccinated, we could have this under control by 2022, okay? so we have been at this since march of 2020. really, what is it going to
11:52 pm
take? >> well, actually, i agree with tony. i agree with dr. fauci that actually we could have it much sooner. we could be out of this by the end of the year if we got everybody vaccinated. but that's the problem. and, you know, the mandates will only get us so far, and i think the public service announcements will only get us so far. there's one thing the biden administration has not done that i think is going to be essential if we're really going to get to that benchmark of stopping transmission, and that is we've got to dismantle the disinformation empire. and that's what the biden administration so far has been unwilling to do. you know, they've gone after facebook and the social media companies, and they're important for the transmission of this, and they certainly have a role. but they've not wanted to take on what i call the three-headed monster, which is the political aggression from the far right, number one. number two, the disinformation dozen identified by the center
11:53 pm
for countering digital hate. those are non-governmental groups. and the third, which surprises some, is the russian government that's been launching a very aggressive program of weaponized health disinformation, weaponized health communication to divide our country. and that, we're going to need the department of homeland security, the justice department, the commerce department, even the state department, and he's got to create this interagency task force that i've been asking them to create to really take this on. and it's unpleasant. it's dirty work in the sense that it's really -- not dirty in terms of illegal but unpleasant, but that's the reality. >> yeah. yeah, i get it. down and dirty. you got to get into the weeds and you got to get it done. understood exactly what you're saying and i'm glad you clarified though. listen, i can't believe i'm even asking this, especially with people saying, fda approval, we don't know what's in the vaccine. some people are taking a drug called ivermectin. it is a deworming drug mostly
11:54 pm
for horses. the fda tweeted this warning, saying, you are not a horse. you are not a cow. seriously, y'all, stop it. so what are the consequences of taking a drug like this? i'm sure it has its uses, but what are the consequences of taking this for something like covid? >> you know, don, the other hat i wear is shaping policies in a framework for this group of poverty-related diseases called the neglected tropical diseases, helping to organize a package of medicines that's now reached more than a billion people. one of them is ivermectin. in some ways i've helped treat more people with ivermectin than just about everyone. it's a great drug for scabies. it does nothing for covid-19. and, again, this is version 2.0 of hydroxychloroquine. this is again coming out of the disinformation from the far right. it's, again, it's a sign of defiance. it's saying, be against
11:55 pm
vaccines, but we'll give you something else to champion, and that's ivermectin. it's absolute nonsense. it does absolutely nothing for covid-19 as far as we can tell. i mean there's been lots of studies. we don't have every i dotted and t crossed, but it's looking like it's not working, nor should it. it doesn't really make any sense compared to something like a vaccine. >> exactly. you won't take the vaccine because, but you'll take -- whatever. thank you, doctor. the results of the sham arizona election audit are taking a short pause this week. three out of the five members of the fraudit team -- take this -- the cyber ninjas are sick with covid. next. stop! clearing breakouts doesn't have to be harsh on your sensitive skin. new cetaphil gentle clear contains balanced formulas that gently clear breakouts and soothe sensitive skin. cetaphil. complete acne care for sensitive skin. now in the acne aisle.
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take this. the arizona fraudit results are delayed because some of the cyber ninjas are sick with coronavirus. yep, the full report of the so-called findings from the company that conducted arizona's sham audit of last year's election will be late because three of the five members of the cyber ninjas company are covid-positive. we learned that from a statement by arizona state senate president karen fan, who says two of the audit contractors are, quote, quite sick. it is unclear if they had been vaccinated. remember the cyber ninjas, a florida-based company, has zero experience in election auditing. the man who runs the company has promoted the big lie. nearly 400 vote tabulation machines turned over to the cyber ninjas will not be reused and will need to be replaced. maricopa county election officials have already conducted two audits and found no evidence of widespread voter fraud and other issues in the couldn't's


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