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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 23, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. ahead on "cnn newsroom." there's no way to evacuate this many people without pain, heartbreaking loss you see on images on television. we have a long way to go. >> thousands of people remain trapped in kabul. we'll have a live report on the latest evacuation efforts at the airport. destroying rural towns in tennessee is destroyed by flooding. at least 21 people are dead and
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many miss. vice president kamala harris is on a dip matic offensive in southeast asia in an effort to deepen ties with allies and counter china's influence. good to have you with us. amid scenes of cay chose at kabul's airport, joe biden said the deadline to pull all u.s. troops from afghanistan may be postponed and it depends on progress evaluating americans and afghans who helped the war effort. the airport remains the epicenter of a desperate attempt by thousands to flee the taliban. on sunday, mr. biden said a number of changes have been made to ease evacuations.
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there's little sign that the number of people waiting to get out is decreasing. >> increase the ability to get them out. we have changed the gate operations and the whole range of things. that's why we've been able to significantly increase the number of people we're getting out. >> has the taliban agreed to -- >> we've discussed a lot with the taliban. they've been cooperative in extending some of the perimeter. it remains to be seen whether we ask the question. sources say some 20,000 people are still waiting at kabul airport. all though the u.s. is ramping up the pace of evacuations, so many people keep aligning it's nearly impossible to keep up. their choice to leave life under the taliban is obvious. it doesn't make it less painful. they are leaving family members, friends, and their lives behind. one spoke to cnn's sam kiley.
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>> it's really strange. i don't know how to describe it. they're my happy and sad. with the government and the new rulers, i'm sure they will -- to be here. >> reporter: that must break your heart? >> of course. it has already broken, you know, that's reality. >> reporter: your heart is already broken? >> yes. yes, yes. >> meanwhile, we're l toing -- following developments at kabul's airport after a fire fight. nick paton walsh joining me now. bring us up to date on the latest on what you're hearing and the change and the evacuation policy at the kabul airport.
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>> reporter: yeah, i mean, when i was at the apt, i could hear gunfire then. this appears to be the most significant security instance we've heard so far since this crisis. about 4:00 a.m., a sniper appears to -- i'm told by a source familiar with the situation, a sniper fired on to the base and hit one of the afghan security forces that are assisting the americans in perimeter security culli -- killing that afghan soldier. they fired in the general direction but two were u.s. marines. everyone has not slept for weeks. a mistake seems to have been made. u.s. marines thought they were under attack and returned fire and appeared to have injured four afghans who are now in a stable conditions. there's something off on the base threatening them and on the base there's confusion. i'm sure it will play into the broader narrative we're hearing
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from u.s. officials about the security issues on the base. that will also inform the most important thing now, which is the timing of all of this, rosemary. there are 20,000, too seems, on the base who wants to leave. i think a source i spoke to familiar with the situation said there's something as to how the numbers remain so high. 8,000 got off the last 24 hours. president joe biden talked about 11,000 in the last 36 hours. they're moving people off an incredible clip but they're filling up again. a source said it is possible there are some of the afghan security forces creating a separate channel together with whoever the american stgts are getting on to the 5ir79 that is adding to the numbers being increased. now there comes a point, presumably, it may stop and also, today, in the next 24 hours, i'm told, there will be 33 c-17 cargo planes landing.
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i'm sure we'll see extraordinary scenes of thousands being put on the planes. in theory, it should bring it down to 10,000 or so. a huge operation, indeed. the key thing, today, i understand, is that essentially a policy change now. whereas before siv applicants could get on on to the base and might be successful. the policy the gates are closed. it's a key thing. it means you're not getting on unless you're part of the alternative groups being used to get u.s. citizens on to the base which u.s. officials don't want to elaborate on for security reasons. they're letting americans and nato citizens on to the base along with the immediate members of the family and green cardholders. this is, obviously, a practical choice. it's happening anyway. if the alternate routes are essentially just looking for americans or green cardholders, then the siv chance has diminished anyway. the gates are closed.
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but once again it informs this decision of how long does it go on for? i understand that on that base among the thousands are thousands of afghan military age males with no documentations. you've gotten in the early stage when it lapsed. there's no plan to kick off. siv applicants on the airport know they have to process and get off, and, also, the undocumented males who appear to be a problem they have to solve somehow. tense days ahead. >> understood. nick payton walsh, many thanks. president joe biden said there's a long way to go before all americans and afghan allies are out of the country. pledges the evacuation effort will push on. cnn's arkansas let saenz has more from the white house. >> reporter: president biden pledging to get all americans out of saafghanistan safely and
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said the u.s. troops may need to remain in the country past the august 31st deadline mo to scare make it happen. he said he does hope they will be able to leave by august 31st. it will be dependent on the status of americans who are in afghanistan. now the president's remarks came as he addressed the country for the third time since kabul fell to the taliban. while the president offered these assurances about evacuating americans and afghan allies safely and in a quick manner, he also said there is still room for something to go wrong in the process. take a listen. >> there's no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss and heartbreaking images you see on television. it's just a fact. my heart aches for those people you see. we are proving with e can move thousands of people a day out kabul. we're bringing our citizens, nato allies, afghanies who
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helped us in a war effort. we have a long way to go. a lot can still go wrong. >> reporter: the president is facing incredible pressure. not just to get americans out of afghanistan, but also to evacuate those afghan allies. he worked closely with the u.s. over the course of the 20-year war in afghanistan. now the president said those siv applicants will be able to come to the united states and insisted they will be thoroughly vetted before they travel to the u.s. the evacuees are leaving the kabul airport and heading to a thirty party site or operating base where that vetting is underway. now president biden later this week is also preparing to once again speak with foreign leaders. he'll attend and virtually attend a g-7 leader meeting where afghanistan will be a focus as there are so many questions from allies about the u.s. response in afghanistan and what the future holds. arkansas let saenz, cnn, the
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white house. we are now getting a better sense of how americans view the withdrawal from afghanistan. a new poll shows mr. biden's approval rating on the withdrawal stands at 47%. down from 60% last month. while 53% disapprove. in an nbc poll, just 25% said they approve of his handling of the situation in afghanistan. 60% disapprove. a major development in the fight against the coronavirus. the u.s. food and drug administration is expected to grant full approval of the pfizer bio tech covid vaccine as early as today. a senior official described it as being imminent. the surgeon general explains why
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it will be significant. >> for people who have been waiting for this i think that's a small number of people but i think so significant. i think it may tip them over toward getting vaccinated. i also think for businesses and universities that have been thinking about putting vaccine requirements in place in order to create safer spaces for people to work and learn have needed this move from the fda, when it comes, will help them move forward with the plans. we've had strong evidence, you know, from real world data that this vaccine is doing remarkably well and maintained a strong safety profile. we have given it to hundreds of millions of people and see it's doing its job. >> the surgeon general is also weighing in on booster shots. he said those who receive the johnson & johnson vaccine will likely need a second dose. he adds that the fda needs additional data to fully evaluate the safety and efficacy of that dose. according to the cdc some 14
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million americans have received the j and j shot. the united states is coming off a three-streak of administering more than 1 million vaccine doses. with the number dipping slightly on sunday, according to cdc data, over 170 million americans are now fully vaccinated. but u.s. covid deaths are rising. for the first time in nearly five months, deaths are once again averaging more than 1,000 a day. hospitalizations are also on a steady upswing. more than 95,000 people are currently hospitalized with covid 189, according to the u.s. department of health and human services. 23,000 of those are in icu beds. earlier, i spoke with a cardiologist about how to get vaccine skeptics on board with getting the shot even after the pfizer bio tech vaccine gets full approval.
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>> we have a lot of work to do. there's too many people. we need to get everyone either vaccinated or prior covid that would provide some immunity. we have a long way to go to get the delta immunity built for the united states. >> and, doctor, the fda is waiting for the necessary data it needs from pfizer so authorize the vaccination of kids under 12. they probably won't be able to get access to the shots until the end of fall or perhaps the beginning of winter. yet the governors of florida, texas, and arizona refuse to mandate masks in schools leaving the kids vulnerable and former fda chief said it could be a -- do you share his concerns? do you think the governors are willing to expose their kids and families to possible infection? >> you're bringing a critical point up, rosemary. the past week was the first week
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after many we're starting to see a dropoff in case growth. so here we have a chance to start to turn things around in the fourth delta wave and at the same time schools are opening up and have been opening in the south. there have been many operations recorded. we have to tighten up. this is a wrong message that is happening there, as you mentioned in florida and many other places. masks are certainly a helpful but things like rapid testing, things we could be doing on a daily basis as we get schools back in all over the country, which we're not doing well. >> and that was cardiologist speaking to me earlier. the son of civil rights leader jesse jackson has given an update on his parents' conditions after were hos hospitalized with covid over the weekend. jonathan jackson said doctors were continuing to monitor his
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parents and that both were resting comfortably. he added my family appreciates all of the expressions of concern and prayers that have been offered on their behalf. we ask you continue to pray for the full recovery of our parents. still to come, we are hearing from survivors after catastrophic floods swept through parts of tennessee. >> the houses moved off their foundations. cars and trees, i mean, this is almost a biblical proportions here. like a massive tornado came through here rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena®
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. it came so fast. i packed a bag as quick as i could and next thing i know, the water is in my house and it's up to my chest. we're still in it. we had to break the window in the kitchen and fall out of it and get on the roof as fast as we could. the yard filled up and it was
1:20 am
like, okay, it's going to go back down. it'll be okay. all of a sudden, it was like a tidal wave that came over the road into my yard and swept my house away. it was so fast and so devastating. >> terrifying situation there. that was kasey hipshire describing the devastating floods in tennessee. at least 21 people were killed and around 20 others are still missing after flood waters swept through part of the state. almost all the people who died were found in the small town of waverly west of nashville. on sunday, authorities described how heartbreaking it has been for the community. >> you know they just got one of my best friends. he drown in this. and, you know, it's sad here thinking about that. yeah. it's tough. we're going to move forward.
1:21 am
it's the hard part. small town and small community. we know and love each other. i said one of our biggest assets in this county is our people. when rubber meets rubber, our people will come out. >> right now search efforts are continuing for those missing. the long road to recovery is just beginning. nick havalencia has more. >> reporter: the governor of tennessee called it devastating and looking at the images, you can certainly understand why. we tried to make our way in to the hardest hit area but it countered washedout roads and bridges. according to the national weather service, 17 inches of rain fell in the span of 24 hours. talking to residents, they said it was like somebody was outside their home with a fire hose. 3 inches of rain consecutive for
1:22 am
three hours straight. the devastation is all around and as the week begins, the clean up will continue. over the weekend, search and rescue crews went door to door trying trying to door trying to account for the missing. according to local witnesses, there was a housing project behind a dollar general, several residents tried to make the way to the rooftops but were swept away by the water. this week will continue with a lot of search and recovery efforts. nick valencia, cnn, humphreys county. in the northeast, the storm is expected to produce heavy rainfall and flooding across the region in the hours ahead. we'll bring in our meteorologist. what are you seeing in the frost for the tropical depression? how bad do you think it will be? >> reporter: once the sun comes up, i expect the atmosphere to
1:23 am
destabilize a little bit and thunderstorms to through rich a little bit more. at this hour, we're seeing conditions quiet down just a tad here as we're seeing, of course, the daytime heat and. with the sunrise here expecting thunderstorms coverage to pick up in intensity. and looking at the historic track of henri it took the vout south of bermuda. it looked like southern potential u.s. landfall. category i at one point. making landfall as a tropical storm. and pushing back inland before we expect it to make a sharp right turn over the open waters. with that said, quite a bit of rainfall in place. gusty winds at times. gusting up to 70 miles per hour. strong enough to leave upwards of 100,000 customers in the height of the storm without power. still watching flood watches here wide spread around parts of new england. rainfall amounts in millimeters, 200 plus, about 8 to 9 inches. across areas of brooklyn and cranberry, new jersey. again, we're coming up on the
1:24 am
historic month of july of new york state and massachusetts for the wettest month of july on record. so any additional rainfall here on monday afternoon is going to be problematic. i expect another couple of inches on top of the 8 to 9 that is falling in the region. so the weather service here has pushed the level of concern up to a 3 out of 4 for excessive flooding risk. that's in place across the northeast but we talked about flooding also happening in portions of tennessee and the rainfall there as remarkable as it gets. in fact, you look at the observations coming in with 17 inches. the preliminary number this is out of central tennessee on wednesday -- on saturday afternoon. an incredible amount for 24-hour totals comes in as the wettest 24-hour period on record shattering the previous record for the entire state which was 13 inches. staktically, it's a 1 in a thousand year event.
1:25 am
it's an incredibleabi amount of moisture in the atmosphere. >> many thanks. bring us up to date on that. it didn't take long for the flood waters to rise once henri made landfall on sunday. cnn travelled to connecticut to assess more of the damage from the storm. >> reporter: just before the tropical storm passed through the area of new london, connecticut. we talked to local officials, mayors and fire chiefs who were worried about storm surge. also, about power lines down and trees being down. i talked to the fire chief of new london. he said biand large, they may have dodged a bullet as far as flooding and storm surge. he said some houses have damage like this.
1:26 am
downed trees. coming down on top of this house on montauk avenue here in new london. the homeowner was home when it happened and heard the crash and came down assessed the damage. he saw the power lines down around his house. not quite a safe situation here even though he was uninjured and no one in the house was injured by this. no one in the town, fortunately, has been reported injured in this storm so far, by the way. he said one fortunate thing the house is so solidly built it didn't seem to cause a lot of damage on the roof up here. it came krashing down and hit that part of the roof. it didn't collapse. a large part of the tree snapped and came down here. you've got that damage. he's assessing that and getting ready to call his insurance company to come and try to help him out that way. again, power lines down here and we know there are power lines down throughout the city over here is where the homeowner told me that the power got knocked out. you see the dangling wirings up
1:27 am
there on the pole. that's where the power got 0 knocked out in the neighborhood. you have that to deal with in many of the neighborhoods here in new london. again, this area was so saturated with water already with recent storms and recent weeks, you had situationings like this. this is what local officials were worried about here. they've had so much rain, the ground was saturated, any small amount of wind could pick up a tree and bring it down on a house like this one. so that's what happened here. by and large, officials here in new london are pretty thankful right now they dodged most of what they anticipated would be major damage from the storm. as the u.s. rushes to evacuate americans from kabul, one official is warning about emerging threats in afghanistan. the latest from washington. that's next. the u.s. vice president gets down to business in singapore. we'll tell you what was on the agenda in bilateral talks and
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in paris activists are demanding western nations do more to support afghans who are now living under taliban rule. hundreds of people gathered for an afghan lives matter protest on sunday. french president emanuel macron is working to evacuate those who worked with western groups.
1:32 am
what -- they want western leaders to offer more help to those resisting the taliban. the u.s. national security advisor is warning the threat of isis in afghanistan is real and should be taken seriously. those comments from jake sullivan come amid the urgent push to accelerate evacuations of americans and vulnerable afghans from kabul. cnn's kylie atwood has more from washington. >> reporter: president biden made clear how dangerous the situation on the ground in afghanistan is as the united states is trying to evacuate as many people as they can from the country. he said isisk a terrorist group in the country, may seek to exploit the situation at the kabul airport where the evacuation flights are taking off. he made it clear that isisk is a swarn enemy of the taliban. that's significant because the united states is working with the taliban right now to try
1:33 am
create safe passage to get those americans and afghans safely to the airport. that's not a perfect agreement, that is something that the united states is focussed on. they are in touch with the taliban. isis k a sworn enemy of the taliban. the other thing president biden made clear is the united states is working on efforts to get americans to safety and get them into the airport. if these americans are in kabul, are in afghanistan, trying to figure out how they can safely get to the airport for their flights out of the country. now we know late last week that the pentagon, the u.s. military sent a helicopter to a hotel close to the kabul airport to get out more than 160 americans and bring them to the airport. it's clear that the military, the biden administration is working on ways to creatively get the americans out of the country. this comes, of course, as the situation is evolving. as there are more threats to
1:34 am
come. and when it comes to the timeline for how long the u.s. will have a presence in afghanistan, will have a u.s. military presence at the airport in kabul, president biden said u.s. military officials are discussing the possibility of extending the self-imposed august 31st deadline. he also said he hopes that they'll be able to get everything done before then. kylie atwood, cnn, washington. well, two u.s. house republicans with ties to the afghan war are blaming the trump administration and the biden white house for the crisis. air force veteran adam kinzinger flew missions during the war and the conflict started almost 20 years ago under the watch of former vice president dick cheney, congresswoman liz cheney's father. here is what they're saying about the u.s. withdrawal. >> let's keep in mind mike pompeo met with the taliban as
1:35 am
donald trump was publicly saying we have to get out of afghanistan at all costs. it's not worth it. mike pompeo meets with the taliban and tries to negotiate something. by the way, end up getting rolled harder than ever. almost as bad as neuville chamberlain. they knew the desired out of the trump administration. they set it up to fail but always, of course, joe biden could have easily turned this around and instead used it as an excuse to get out. both parties failed the american people. it can't continue and particularly can't continue point fingers. >> what we're watching in afghanistan is what happens when america withdrawals from the world. everybody who has been saying america needs to withdrawal, america needs retreat, we're getting a devastating, catastrophic real time lesson in what it means. a veteran u.s. army officer who works on getting allies out of afghanistan says he's disappointed with the u.s. withdrawal and he's praising
1:36 am
americans for coming together to help get afghans who worked with the u.s. to safety. here was major manziella on sunday. >> i see the best in the american people rising to the occasion to try to solve this. we must be clear, our leadership did not get right but the people who are now trying to execute the impossible at the 11th hour are heros. people in government that are working around the clock to try to save the people. there are veterans all over the world who have united in a sort of digital dun kirk that are -- it's incredible to see us falling into our skill sets and, you know, organizing ourselves by the various different jobs we did in the military to figure out, okay, who knows logistics best, intelligence best to help people figure how to navigate taliban check points in real time. in is a big thing and a huge question mark in this, the thing that gives us most anxiety, we
1:37 am
haven't heard the president of the united states say the one words we need him to. we're going to stay until mission complete. they keep talking about this end date and the taliban having a say at that. we can't let that happen. if we leave these people behind, the taliban are going to kill them. >> some state leaders are also calling on president biden to do more for those afghans trying to flee taliban rule. on sunday, new jersey's governor posted an open letter to the u.s. president saying his state is prepared to accept refugees and urging the white house to speed up visas for afghan allies. writing these brave individuals and families, many of whom, worked to assist our military or put their own lives on the line for support of human rights and american initiatives must not be left behind. the heartbreaking images we've seen of afghans trying to flee the country have laid bear
1:38 am
bare the desperation many are feeling. amid the chaos and despair, there also have been small moments of joy. cnn shares one such story. >> reporter: an image of hope amiss the chaos. a baby girl born in the cargo bay of a u.s. air force carrying afghan evacuees. as the plane landed, the 86th medical group rushed in to safely deliver her. the air base in germany has become the latest hub for evacuation flights out of afghanistan. cnn filmed as some of the first flights arrived. more than 6,000 have been evacuated here with 17 flights landing in 24 hours, air base officials say, and more to come. here there is safety, basic shelter, food, and water. it's a temporary measure. many here do not know where they will go next or how. for the moment, there is relief and reason to celebrate new
1:39 am
life. >> the capacity of the air base is 7500, even though flights are not coming in on sunday evening, they are expected to continue monday morning. so it is filling up fast. it's still not clear where evacuees will go to next. cnn in germany. and to find out how you can help afghan refugees or if you're a veteran troubled by events in afghanistan, go to for assistance. a busy day in singapore for u.s. vice president kamala harris. she and the prime minister held bilateral talks that touched on security, climate, economics, and the coronavirus pandemic. the trip was planned before the current crisis in afghanistan erupted, but the situation there was also discussed. harris is said to meet with american service-members at
1:40 am
naval base. our journalist is in singapore joining us live. what is the latest? what is expected to come out of this? >> reporter: well, it's been a warm welcome for vice president kamala harris here, rosemary. there have been fist bumps. there's been an orchid named after her. giving you an idea of the soft side of things like this. it's significant to have the vice president in town. this is a very senior ranking u.s. official to come here. in that sense, it sends a strong message to the renal, not just singapore and that is enduring partnership with the u.s. is very much still on and is here to stay. in fact, during a press conference that followed the talks, the vice president using that word endearing more than once. more than three times, i can tell you, and talking about reaffirming the ties and reenforcing them, as well, they have in the region with singapore, in particular.
1:41 am
but as you indicated, she was drawn on questions over afghanistan. at least three journalists focussing essentially asking the same question three times over to get her opinion of the way things went there. this, however, is how she responded. >> there will be and should be a robust analysis of what has happened. right now there's no question our focus has to be on evacuating american citizens, afghans who worked with us, and vulnerable afghans, including women and children. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris speaking earlier there. i think it's worth mentioning that she comes to the region against a backdrop of the pandemic. in fact, she mentioned how it's a new era. it's a new era in we're dealing with the climate crisis,
1:42 am
cybersecurity, and dealing with the pandemic and the potential of further pandemics and, therefore, the united states and singapore talking in the bilateral negotiations about cooperation on pandemic prevention in the future. also, cooperation on sustainable -- where the climate crisis is concerned. important measures there. something else she talked about that was on the agenda is around semiconductors. this is something that has ham strung a number of u.s. businesses. even leading to u.s. car factories being shut down. it's an important issue for the u.s. it's also a strategic issue for the u.s. in terms of where the companies are based that produce those semiconductors. she talked about supply chains and making sure we can guarantee their efficiency and flow. so many issues on the agenda. you mentioned, rosemary, she's going to the naval base happening this afternoon here in
1:43 am
singapore. the "u.s.s. tulsa" is in port. >> thank you. still to come on cnn, how a growing number of unvaccinated covid patients are filling up hospitals in kenya and overrunning the country's health care system. we're back in a moment. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ a look now at the covid situation around the world. australia's state of new south wales reported another 818 new cases. a slight drop from sunday's record daily high. the prime minister said the strict covid lockdown measures will come to an end once australia's vaccination rate hits 70%. new zee will is extending the nationwide lockdown through friday. it comes after the country reported 35 new local cases
1:47 am
today. the most in one day since april of last year. meanwhile, china's national health commission reported no new local cases on monday. the first time it happened in over a month. in east africa, a surge in covid cases is getting the attention of vaccine hesitant kenyans as hospitals and morgues are being pushed to the limits. cnn's scott mcclain is monitoring the story from nairobi. good to see you. what is behind the vaccine hesitancy in kenya and are surges changing attitudes about the vaccine? >> reporter: kenya is not only -- [ inaudible ] >> all right. we're clearly having some issues there connecting with scott. we'll leave him for now. just ahead on "cnn news room"
1:48 am
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70% of chile's population is fully vaccinated, but now authorities are rolling out booster shots for some older citizens who received the vaccine developed by chinese company. it's part of the efforts to turn back new tide of covid cases in the country. our rafael romo has the story. >> reporter: while some people refuse to get vaccinated, this man in chile was told he was not yet eligible to get inoculated. it was 8:00 a.m. but lines outside the vaccination center in santiago were long. the government announced the third dose was available for some. the new vaccination campaign started earlier this month for those 86 and older. those who got dtwo doses the chinese-made vaccine are eligible for an astrazeneca booster shot and those with
1:53 am
chronic diseases can get pfizer buyon tech. i showed up early to seek my third dose because i'm 86 years old, this man said. you have to be smart and show up. it would be redick tlous say no to this doesn't, this woman said. the president said his government expects 2 million chileans 55 and older will get the third dose in the next four weeks and younger people will start to have access gradually starting in september. at the same time, the president made a passionate plea to the estimated 1.8 million who have yet to get vaccinated. >> translator: i would like to tell them once and for all, the president said, how can you be so stubborn and not understand that not getting vaccinated puts not only yourself but others at risk. chile was supposed to be latin america's bright spot that defied against covid-19.
1:54 am
thm head start gave many a sense of safety given the rapid pace of vaccinations. after christmas gatherings and new year's festivities, a push to open schools and shopping malls, the country was hit by a new wave of infections early this year. things have since gotten better in the country of 19 million. more than 12.7 million people are already fully vaccinated. just over 100,000 have received the third dose. >> translator: it's like going back to the beginning, this nurse says. we have to redouble our efforts but our personnel is trained to inoculate the patients. >> reporter: the chilean health minister several months ago apologized for mistakes that caused pain for many families
1:55 am
announced a 82% decrease in covid-19 admissions to icu units. he warned we must remember we have not defeated the pandemic and need to keep up fighting against it. rafael romos, cnn atlanta. football fans in france invade the pitch during a match and one major league baseball star joined an elite club of hitters. pat patrick snell has more. >> reporter: in france and the match abounded on sunday with under 50 minutes left to play. demetri struck bay bottle and throws it into the crowd and the fans surging forward on to the pitch. a massive brawl. nice's players did come out to try to finish the match but he did not. french media reporting injuries to three players. ronaldo in the line up on
1:56 am
sunday. powering home the header and stoppage time but the vai deemed it on off side. frustrations for cr 7. meantime anna dmornordqvist celebrating a victory. keeping a cool on the last hole to seal her third major title at carnoustie on sunday. and miguel cabrera the 28th player to join the 500 club. it's right back to you. >> thank you so much. and thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. be sure to connect with me on twitter. "early start" is up next. air wick
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good morning everyone. it's monday, august 23rd. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thank you for getting "early start" with us. i'm laura jarret. >> i'm christine romans. we begin with the urgent evacuation effort in afghanistan. president biden now acknowledging u.s. troops may need to stay in the country beyond his august 31st deadline. depending on progress -- umm, progress evacuating the americans. so far nearly 28,000 people have been lif


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