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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  August 14, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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good morning. welcome to your "new day." i'm christi paul. >> i'm boris sanchez. officials approving a third dose of the vaccine for people with immune issues. the taliban is continuing its aggressive push through afghanistan capturing 17 cities in just days. what it's like for people there as the taliban closes in. plus, troubling chatter. the department of homeland security warning of potential violence ahead.
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why experts say that new threats are very similar to what they saw on the capitol. do you believe trouble. states of emergency up in two dozen counties and we're tracking another system right behind it. welcome to your saturday, august 14th. we're so grateful to have you waking up with us. good morning. >> good morning. christi, always great to see you. we have plenty of news to get to this morning. the biden white house facing two crises as the nation battles a fourth surge of covid-19 and afghan anything stand now on the brink of collapse as more cities fall to the taliban leaving americans there in harm's way. >> the pentagon's deploying more than 3,000 troops into that
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country after the u.s. issued a major warning to american citizens to get out. officials say there's no imminent tret of them seizing kabul. the pentagon is pushing back on criticism that the u.s. was caught off guard by the taliban's rapid gains. >> what we couldn't predict was the lack of resistance they were going to get from afghan forces on the ground. as you heard the president speak a couple of days ago is what's needed is for political and military leadership. no outcome has to be inevitable. they're flying more airstrikes than we are on a daily basis. money can't buy will. will has to be intethere.
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we can tell you here in the united states we have a new flood of covid hospitalizations. states like alabama, mississippi, they have fewer than 100 icu beds available statewide. one mississippi hospital even putting hospital beds in parking spaces and an overwhelming majority of those who are sick are unvaccinated. >> cnn's paulo sandoval is with us here. we don't want it all to be just horrible because there is actually a bit of good news here. walk us into that. >> yeah, especially for the most vulnerable. the map is telling most of the issues in the southeast. the white house going beyond that saying texas and florida, they account for nearly 40% of new covid hospitalizations right
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now. the south is looking very ominous. >> reporter: for the first time some americans with compromised immune systems can get a third dose of the vaccine. the fda's authorized emergency use authorization meant for those with moderate or severe immunosuppression. >> they put out a list of the types of conditions that fall into this category. people who, for example, received organ transplants, taking medications to prevent rejections of their transplant organs, people who may have autoimmune disease and take medications to tamp down their immune system for that exhaustive list. it's on an honor system. >> i think it's going to broaden
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over time similar to israel. we've seen information from the mayo clinic that we are seeing a decline in the ability of more of the pfizer vaccine than moderna to protect against infection. >> meanwhile, icus are filling up mostly with the unvaccinated. florida reported more covid-19 cases over the past week than any other seven day period of the pandemic. that's according to the latest data from florida's health department. three teachers in the same school district died in the span of 24 hours and two more are hospitalized. >> broward county, the school board has defied governor desantis as he threatens to cut salaries, they're keeping mask mandates in place. >> three teachers and two other community members passed away in
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one day. it was a strong blow. i'm extremely happy that our school board and our superintendent are going to enforce the mask mandate. i am thrilled to hear that our president of the united states is backing all of florida school board administrators. >> at least three schools ever closed. in guinette county, georgia, 679 positive cases. they're getting hammered with oregon and hawaii setting records for new cases on friday. >> friday the 13th has never been so frightening. it is real and terrifying and tragically it's preventible. >> cvs health is prepared to
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start administering the third dose as early as today in efforts for the triple dosing. many of the places that are administering these vaccines do have protocols to keep triple dosing from happening. ultimately as we said in that piece, it will come down to honesty for those who truly need that third shot. >> paulo sandoval, thank you. >> thank you. let's talk things all covid from dr. seju matthew. always appreciate you getting up early for us. let's start with the booster shots. the fda authorizing an additional covid dose on an emergency basis. dr. fauci suggesting everyone is going to likely need a booster shot. help us understand the process here. when do you think we can realistically see the need for everyone to get a third shot? >> good morning, boris. i think it's important to make
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the distinction between a booster shot and a third shot. there is actually a big difference. this is really the point. the reason the immunocompromised population is going first, their immune systems are basically compromised. they were not even able to mount an adequate antibody response. for them it's a third dose and there are about 13 million immunocompromised people in this country and it's a long time coming because if they're not able to have enough antibodies, there are about 485 times more susceptible to dying and being hospitalized than the general population. so that is basically, if you will, the third dose. a series of shots. when it comes to booster shots, that would be for the rest of the population who actually mounted a good response, boris, but now will need a little bit of a higher antibody response with the third dose. so i think we shouldn't pan
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fwhik it comes to the rest of the population. let's wait for the cdc to give us that indication that we need a booster shot, but right now it's only the immunocompromised that will need that third shot. >> that's a really important distinction between a booster and a third dose. i want to ask you about counseling some of the people who may have immune issues. right now it's people with organ transplants and certain cancers. how do you talk to a patient who is immunocompromised who isn't included in this group. what would you tell them about the threat of the virus? >> right. obviously the threat of the virus is great for all of us because we know this delta variant is way more contagious. it has 1,000 more viral dose in the back of your nose compared to the original strain. we're all susceptible to this
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strain. when i talk to these patients, i would look at their history. are they on chronic steroids? what is their age group? are they receiving chemotherapy for cancer? there's going to be a defined population that will fall under that immunocompromised. let's remember, it's not just older people. it can be a 20-year-old who has leukemia going through chemotherapy. the next question is what about older people, 60 to 85? if they're diabetic, they have high blood pressure, do they qualify as being immunocompromised? the answer to that is, no. they are not immunocompromised like an 80-year-old on cancer therapy so the distinction is definitely different. >> doctor, we're watching hospitals across the country get overwhelmed. in some states there is a shortage of icu beds. there is a field hospital in a
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parking garage at one hospital. for you it has to be frustrating to see. it's like a scene out of the spring of 2020. we're a year and change into this pandemic and it seems in a lot of ways we're losing progress. >> this virus is gaining so much speed ahead of the rest of the population, boris. i didn't think i would be having this conversation with you now. this is supposed to be summertime when the virus doesn't really misbehave. can you imagine what happens when we get into the colder weather? but i think what's most frustrating for me as a doctor that sees covid patients, is the fact this is preventible, boris. if you get this vaccine, it is working beautifully to prevent people from dying, being hospitalized and that is what you want from a vaccine. these break through infections, we shouldn't worry about that because those are mild symptoms. this vaccine works best at the lung tissue and not the upper
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airways and that is also why we're seeing a lot of these breakthrough infections. if you get vaccinated, we can prevent all of these field hospitals from being erected left and right in so mean places in the u.s. >> yeah. the surge is mostly among the unvaccinated. the vast majority of the surges is among the unvaccinated. that's why it's so important to get out of there. always appreciate having you. thank you. >> you bet. the other major issue consuming the white house's attention this morning, afghanistan. president biden is under pressure as the taliban races through town after town. we'll talk to a reporter based in kabul as the taliban approaches. there are new concerns regarding a domestic terror threat. online extremist rhetoric is ramping up. the threat is similar to what we saw before the attacks on the
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glad to have you back. they're hearing online rhetoric. you may notice something significant here. this is happening just before the 20th anniversary of the september 11th terror attack. it is approaching. jessica schneider has more for us. >> reporter: the department of homeland security issuing a new threat detailing a diverse set of potential threats. it ranges from domestic terrorism, which could include
3:18 am
people participating in grievance based violence or even actors motivated by foreign terrorists. the warning is coming up now because the 20th anniversary is weeks away. that anniversary is coming up. so dhs is saying this in the bulletin, the reopening of institutions, including schools, as well as several dates of religious significance over the next few months could provide increased targets of opportunities for violence. there are no credible or imminent threats identified. now this comes at the same time as our team learned in an exclusive interview with the homeland security intelligence chief, john cohen, that they're actually seeing online extremist rhetoric that is strikingly similar to what they saw in the buildup to the january 6th attacks on the capitol.
3:19 am
they're seeing increased calls for violence. congressman betnny thompson, he said he finds it especially troubling that the terrorism threat is based on grievance based violence and the election and former president trump and the big lie in social media. >> thank you for that report. we want to pivot now to the worsening situation in afghanistan where the government is teetering on the brink of collapse. moments ago the afghan president told his people he's focused on, quote, further insecurity, aggression and displacement. one intelligence statement said the capitol could be isolated within the week, possibly within
3:20 am
the next 72 hours. the taliban have taken control of kandahar, the country's second largest city. if you look at the map, they control half of afghanistan's provincial cities. cnn is now working to verify the source of these videos. the biden administration is deploying 3,000 u.s. troops to evacuate u.s. embassy personnel. as for the taliban's rapid advance across the country, the administration says it is time for afghan troops to rise to the challenge. >> certainly deeply concerning, the speed with which the taliban has been able to move. what has been disconcerting to see is there hasn't been that will, political leadership, military leadership and the ability to push back on the taliban as they advance. >> i want to bring in fa fahim abet. we appreciate you joining us especially under the
3:21 am
circumstances. i want to share with our viewers something you tweeted this week. you wrote, quote, being an afghan journalist in afghanistan is like writing a story about different fires in your house and report the burning of each part despite your family members being stuck there and you can't help them just in case if you don't know how it feels. how are you and your family members doing? have you heard from them recently? >> my parents are in a city under siege. i talk to them every hour. they're super worried about the situation and the possible collapse of the city. they are fighting against the taliban forces. they are committed. elsewhere in the country as you also say, the south is a potential for falling.
3:22 am
neighboring city to kabul has collapsed. and now kabul. >> you've heard the president of afghanistan speak just about an hour ago. what did you make of his remarks? did it offer any calm for you or for your family in regards to the urgency you're feeling? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. international community, i think now the leadership of afghanistan should do whatever they can do. and it should do it very soon because it's very late now. >> fahim, you've heard the white house say that the taliban has a choice to make in how it might govern saying that it has to
3:23 am
consider its role in the international community from jen psaki the press secretary a few days ago. given your reporting, what does the taliban want out of the role of the international community? does it care about the international community? >> i don't think so frmpt the past couple months the international community, they never said they wanted to decrease violence. the system the taliban has for governing our country, it's not very important for thoenl legitimized initially. they don't consider relations with other countries so i am not very hopeful about relations on the taliban because they are
3:24 am
afraid of consequences. >> soon they will be surrounding the capitol of kabul. they say kabul will fall within 90 days. are you concerned for your own safety? >> yeah, exactly, i am concerned. under taliban control i have been in contact with many journalists and they are sometimes accused of changing their religion. if kabul collapses, people will be questioned for what they have done. >> what would you do? do you have any plans to perhaps leave afghanistan? >> well, i am trying to but
3:25 am
there are very limited choices. i don't know if i will be able to leave or not. i won't be able to leave under taliban. they don't believe in freedom of speech. >> rahim, we very much appreciate your work and what you're doing to bring the news from afghanistan to the world and we wish you the best. if there's something we can do to try to help, please keep us updated. rahim abed, thank you very much. >> thank you. as the situation in afghanistan deteriorates, the taliban has taken over several former u.s. military basis. next, we're going to have an exclusive report from inside afghanistan from clarissa ward. she hears from the taliban directly. that's coming up in the next
3:26 am
hour. we want to share a preview. >> so we're just arriving at another u.s. base and already i can see a large number of military vehicles over there. >> according to the taliban, afghan forces here surrendered three weeks ago when their food ran out leaving weapons and ammunition and more. >> reporter: when the americans were here, were you and your men attacking this base ace lot? >> translator: yes. many times we attacked this base when america was here. we did operations. we were using i.e.d.s. the americans had their helicopters, weapons and tanks on the ground. we resisted very well. >> an exclusive report you will not want to miss coming up next hour. and also ahead, the long awaited sex trafficking trial for r&b singer r. kelly begins next week. we'll discuss that with joey jackson next.
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well, in today's legal brief, the long-awaited sex trafficking trial for r&b singer r. kelly begins next week in new york. there's a jury of 7 men, 5 women who have been selected to weigh the charges against him. they'll remain partially see questered for this trial which may last 6 to 8 weeks. let's bring cnn legal analyst joey jackson into this. joey, we've talked about this case before. this surely is not the first time. i think what's unique here is the fact that this is coming after this 2019 lifetime documentary called surviving r. kelly, and with that said, what
3:32 am
is so unique about this is, aim wondering, have you ever seen a trial after something as expansive and troubling as something like this was made public. >> christi, good morning. i think certainly that document exposed a lot of information and it got the eyes and ears and interest, of course, of prosecutors not only in new york but around the country. we know that in addition to the new york case based upon the r kelly we know in chicago the then state sitting county attorney said, hey, you know what, is there anything more to see here in the event that you believe yourself to be abused by r. kelly, please come forward. so to your question, based upon that documentary and all the explosive details of it, you had a state investigation launched in chicago. you have a state indictment in chicago.
3:33 am
a federal investigation in chicago predicated upon that. now a federal indictment in new york you have and minnesota even got involved. to your point, certainly because of the allegations brought up by journalists, he's now been held to account and of course we should know very briefly, christi, 2002 he was put on trial in chicago. of course, it lasted not the trial itself, by the time it went to trial it was six years later, he was acquitted in 2008 but certainly that documentary had a lot to do with the fact we're talking about this now and that he'll be standing trial in new york in the eastern district in brooklyn starting next wednesday. >> with that, let's listen together here to part of that documentary, a couple of interviews, one with his ex-wife and then another with a couple of alleged victims. >> i would give my life for my justice and any other woman you
3:34 am
validated. i would not go away. i would not be quiet. i would not hide. you know what you did. you know the turmoil you brought into my kids' life. and not just my kids, my family. >> i feel like he needs to be held accountable for his actions. the more times he gets away with it, the worse it's getting. >> i never really recovered from it. i'm really angry with you for what you're doing. i don't understand it. why you would want to hurt so many women. >> joey, when we watched that documentary, are we essentially seeing some of the witnesses that we're going to see in this case? >> well, we really are, and here's how. first of all, christi, think about when we just listened to the short piece that you played there, how compelling those statements were that they made.
3:35 am
think about, number two, how it made you feel. think about, number three, what prosecutors are asked to do, which is not only speak to the issues he's facing, having his managers and other assistants recruit women for him, obstructing justice, lying about things, et cetera, kidnapping, all of the sexual exploitation but they're allowing, the judge is allowing prosecutors to bring in other witnesses, other women who he's not even charged with so they can tell the story to the jury. why? it's part of a pattern of uncharged crimes, prior bad acts which are admissible. yes, we're going to hear other testimony from other women who allege he participated in this conduct. we've seen it with cosby and wein weinstein. we're in different times. i think they're very concerned, the women that he's allegedly
3:36 am
abused, and they want to tell their story. >> if we want a preview of what we think we'll see from r. kelly, let's take a look at this 2019 interview with gayle king. >> here we are in 2019. they are still talking about you with underaged girls. have you ever had sex -- >> no. >> -- with anyone under the age of 17? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> the first thing that stands out is his demeanor. he's very emphatic. he's very angry. here's the problem. at last week's pretrial hearing kelly's defense team conceded he did have under age sexual contact with victim number one. how do they make that admission and deef fend him? >> they do it with great difficulty. in that case involving aaliyah, the indication is he got married to her when she was young, i
3:37 am
think 15, he was 27 and the reason for the marriage, allegedly, was so that she could not be compelled to testify against him because of spousal privilege. that was going to be admitted to this court. how do you get around that? it's not a charge in the specific case but it certainly goes to whether he engaged in the other conduct and it's with great difficulty because when you're facing an diemt, as he is, which is multiple accounts of similar behavior. did you not do a? did you not do b? maybe not b, what i'm suggesting is when you have a mountain of evidence and different people are saying the same things, it becomes compelling testimony. at what point do the jurors start to say, h'm, there's really something here and that something may equate with your guilt? so it's a very difficult thing to overcome from a defense perspective. >> joey jackson, your insight is
3:38 am
so important to us. thank you for taking time for us this morning. >> always. thanks, christi. >> thank you. still ahead, president biden was hoping for a banner year, but august has been testing that. he's under pressure to address moves in afghanistan with the taliban making huge gains and his handling of the pandemic, too, as covid cases are climbing. we're back after a quick break.
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the bhiden administration i facing multiple crises. afghanistan is ready to collapse. record numbers of migrants have been detained at the u.s./mexico border and there's still that uncertain path of the sweeping infrastructure agenda. all of that means president biden is staring down a pivotal moment. erroll lewis is with us this morning. good morning to you, sir. glad to have you here. >> reporter: good morning, christi. good to see you. >> thank you. so let's talk about, first of all, afghanistan. this was a long-promised move. the president said he does not regret his move. the swift power move of the taliban and the territory that they've gained.
3:44 am
what are the political ramifications and is there a plan moving forward? should the u.s. have a plan, obviously, besides getting people out? >> reporter: there were no good choices here. this was a campaign promise that followed on the previous administration's promise which followed on the previous administration's promise which was the obama/biden administration, end the forever wars, bring the troops home and come home. one reason the promise has never been kept is because of the reason you are hinting at. it's going to be awful. it's going to be terrible, the story. it will be a catastrophe. there are an estimated 20,000 claimants who are in real danger of being attacked or killed or imprisoned when the taliban complete their takeover of the country. you multiply that by 4 for family members, you're talking about 80,000 odd people needing to get out of there in the next couple of weeks and that's just
3:45 am
not going to happen. many can't get to the capitol. there are paperwork concerns as well. we have had thousands of americans who lost their lives there. 20,000 who have been wounded, in some cases grievously wounded. it was time to end the forever war and joe biden is going to have to live with the consequences of it. it's something he went into with eyes wide open, christi. >> let me ask you about homeland security secretary mayorkas. he says there are 212,000 immigrants at the border and that was just in july. that's the highest in more than two decades, erroll. what is biden -- the president's immigration plan? >> reporter: well, the plan is going to be the only thing that he -- the thing that he's campaigned on and the thing he has said repeatedly, try to create a regional solution so
3:46 am
that this is not simply a problem of the u.s. unfortunately he's working against a lot of different factors including the seasonal surge in migrants. this is the time of year when this kind of thing does happen as well as the strengthening economy in the united states where there are some labor shortages near the border and people are paying $1,000 bonuses in some cases just to get workers. if you're coming from guatemala where you might make $2700 per year, that's simply irresistible. you have a policy on a collision course with the success of an economy and there's no end in sight. what the administration has reported is reporting migrants back into mexico, flying them into dusty towns that can't handle the surge. rather than getting a regional solution, we're getting a regional problem spreading
3:47 am
elsewhere. there will be no good end to that. >> let's talk lastly about the infrastructure agenda. it's in imlimbo. what is standing out to you at this stage of play? >> well, you know, the infrastructure bill is -- the president has gone back and forth about what has to happen first. it seems like the political state of play is the traditional infrastructure is going to have to happen first. it's the easier, the lighter lift. it's the thing that is going to have to get done if he wants any kind of bipartisan win of significant size before the end of this year. so it's on track to move faster. it's most likely going to move faster. that larger bill that will create excitement and get press
3:48 am
attention, in some ways could be a distraction from what needs to get done in order to put this big win, this major infrastructure bill behind us. the biden administration as far as i can tell understands this fully. this is an exsenator. i think he's content to sit back and watch the process. >> erroll lewis, thank you, sir. >> thank you. so this morning we're keeping our eyes on tropical depression fred. it could strengthen and slam parts of florida as a tropical storm. we'll have the latest forecast next. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe...
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my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. allison chinchar has two storms that are brewing. >> both of them may end up impacting florida just several days apart because as you can see, fred is obviously much closer to the u.s. grace, albeit the better looking one on satellite, is still very far away.
3:54 am
we begin with fred. moving west northwest. it got torn apart moving over cuba. once it gets back over over the gulf of mexico, we anticipate it will restrengthen back into a tropical storm before getting into biloxi. we're still going to have impacts from the storm, water spouts, isolated thunderstorms and strong winds expected for the southern half of florida. here you can see a lot of outer bands expected to move through as the storm is expected to slide off to the north. it's on the eastern side of the storm which doesn't bode very well for florida. rainfall will be the concern. atlanta, montgomery, charlotte as it interacts with the front may get more rainfall than areas of florida from that storm. then you have tropical storm grace. for now, this storm is expected
3:55 am
to take a very similar track to fred but something we'll keep a close eye on in the coming days. >> we appreciate you watching it for us. allison chin char, thank you so much. stay with cnn. we'll be right back. you can enn if you're sensitive to dairy. so anyone who says lactaid isn't real milk is also saying mabel here isn't a real cow. and she really hates that. stop! clearing breakouts doesn't have to be harsh on your sensitive skin. new cetaphil gentle clear contains balanced formulas that gently clear breakouts and soothe sensitive skin. cetaphil. complete acne care for sensitive skin. now in the acne aisle.
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your "new day." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm christi paul. under siege. the taliban captures 18 cities now, just in days. it's still aggressively pushing forward. taking a look inside a former u.s. base that is now controlled by the taliban. meantime, here in the united states as the delta variant pushes hospitals to the brink, officials approving a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine for people with immune system issues. we'll break down what you need to know. hackers are targeting schools. they're shutting down phones and wi-fi connections as millions of students rely on virtual learning. why officials are so concerned this is going to get worse. and a changing america. what the results of the latest census tell us about the makeup of the country and why that data is going to have major impacts in cities across the united states


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