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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 13, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the taliban are gaining new ground in afghanistan as the u.s. prepares to send more troops there to safely bring americans home. approval for a third coronavirus vaccine shot in the u.s. but it is not for everyone. and experts examine what the high pillow ceo says is proof of a presidential election conspiracy. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to all of you watching us here, in the united states and canada and around the world.
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i'm kim blrunhuber. we're following breaking news out of afghanistan where taliban fighters have claimed two of their biggest prizes yet, the country's second largest city kandahar and the capital of helmand province lashkar gah. cnn can't confirm this and you had then discity, but taliban fighters claim that they seized hundreds of weapons, vehicles and ammunition. afghan forces appear to either surrender or flee. so the taliban now control 14 provincial capitals, harat, the third largest city fell on thursday. meanwhile the u.s. is deploying 3,000 additional troops to kabul to help evacuate american citizens. let's bring in nick paton walsh who is live in london. nick, it is stunning since you and i spoke yesterday by my calculation four more provincial capitals have fallen, but the
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latest two lashkar gah, two huge prizes for the taliban. speak to the significance of the lot of these cities. >> reporter: yeah, kandahar birth place of the taliban under intense pressure over a matter of weeks and months. so important to remember that these big cities falling haven't suddenly happened overnight. this is the result of significant pressure. in lash cakar gah's case, they e been breathing down their neck for years. but you can't understate the significance and you can't understate the extraordinary efforts made by the afghan government to try to hold on to lashkar gah in helmand. and it is essentially the center of the opium trade that funds ini think he insurgeninsurgency. and so along with kandahar, that
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is one of the most startling events today. herat foul tt falling yesterday equally shocking and it has shifted the their i hnarrative . something unthinkable a week ago. and i think that we'll be learning more about the south of kabul and to the north also under pressure. that is an economic hub. i think that there is a lot of debate as to precisely when the pressure againbegins to tighten kabul and what the strategy is. is it negotiation and encircle. essentially a siege to force the government's hand inside there? the arrival of 3,000 u.s. marines any point now frankly, they could at any point turn up in kandahar international airport, a startling show by the americans, but might because
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they are sending in more troops to get their remaining staff out, they may essentially have to withdraw as part of their withdraw posturing. and it position shows i think that there will be airport and buildings nearby and the u.s. emb embassy. those troops and marines will not come without a lot of air support and various other enablers. so that will bring a short moment of comfort, a feeling certainly of panic and chaos inside the capital because essentially the clock is ticking, they have said that they will be gone by september and so if you are in afghan, in the capital, and you haven't already explored to exhaustion your options to leave, then this is certainly something that most of your attention will be given towards. but it will also essentially tighten the framework and time line for the afghan government's moves here. it is clear that security forces have not held up in any of the major cities yet at this point, although half provincial capitals at least still remain in government hands.
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but the speed of this change is nothing that anybody had anticipated. even the most pessimistic, those dismissive of the afghan security forces and their u.s. backers don't think they really felt that we would be seeing this happen inside of a week. so, yes, the question now is the city of 6 million, capital of afghanistan, what for that next. >> yeah, that story keeps changing so swiftly. thanks so much for staying on top of it for us. appreciate it. well, as nick mentioned, several thousand u.s. troops are being sent to help evacuate u.s. employees, but the pentagon insists that they are not going there in a combat roll. oren liebermann has the details from the pentagon. >> reporter: the pentagon is sending 3,000 more troops in to afghanistan for a very special limited role, it will be about 2,000 marines and 1,000 soldiers
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to the airport what is the international gateway into kabul and key entry and exit point for diplomats and embassy staff. these troops have a specific role and that is to secure and assist in the withdrawal of a partial drawdown of the embassy, only the core diplomatic staff will remain at the embassy in kabul as well as to assist in the acceleration of the withdrawal of [ inaudible ]. there is now critical time left as the taliban has made sweeping gains across the country as the u.s. faces what very much looks like very close to a worst case scenario with these taliban advances that are not slowing down at this point. as for the withdrawal of u.s. forces, that of course was president biden's goal. the withdrawal of combat troops john kirby says is set to be completed by the end of the month. it is already 95% complete according to u.s. central
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command. but as for the 3,000 troops to go into assist with the withdraw, it will very possible that they stay longer than the end of the month, so not clear on their time line for withdrawal. and because of the situation there are more troops in the region ready to stand by. first 1,000 in qatar that will help with the processing of visas for the afghan interpreters and their families trying to get out of the country and if the situation t deteriorates much further, more could be brought in if it requires more assistance and more security. the pentagon says the troops now are not there in a combat role but it is very much a combat zone depending on fast the situation is deteriorating and that has put a sense of urgency on the decisions made in the last24 hours. afghans see it as abandonment, a blow not only to the morale of
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the afghan forces but the people who come to rely on the u.s. presence and support. oren liebermann, cnn, the pentagon. so we heard of it earlier from an off began journalist about the situation in kabul and whom he thinks is to blame for the advancing taliban takeover. >> i feel like everybody shares a responsibility in this. and the thing is, i never had any expectations. why would you have expectations out of the taliban? you never had expectations out of them. unfortunately, we've all seen the way the u.s. has acted here over the last ten years. well, 20, but for me ten. i'm also angry at this government because yesterday we had to sit and watch footage of the governor of a province fleeing, running off, not fighting for his province, and
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for him to leave, and to try to come to kabul 150 kilometers away when the taliban control and he essentially got arrested on the way to kabul, for him to even make it where he did, no way that he didn't make a deal with the taliban. but he made that deal for his own safety. he didn't make that deal to protect the millions of people who live there. he didn't care. >> the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, rariraq and syria s he agrees with the decision to send american forces to help with the civilian drawdown at the embassy, but he says the rapid withdraw of u.s. forces has clearly emboldened the taliban. here he is. >> in my view, we bear a major responsibility for this. it began under president trump when he authorized negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban
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without the afghan government in the room. that was a key taliban demand. we bein we a seeded to it and it was a huge demoralizing factor. we pressed them to release 5,000 taliban prisoners. eventually they did it and watched them go back into the fight against the people who released them. so this is a year and a half worth of demoralization and now this abrupt withdraw on our part i think solidifies it. >> crocker also says he thinks taliban forces are stretched thin and may have a hard time holding 00on to their territori gains. the u.s. food and drug administration has authorized a third coronavirus shot for some
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immunocompromised americans including those with organ transplants. cdc is set to heat tomeet todaye on whether to recommend it. health officials agree that the general population doesn't need boosters yet. meanwhile the delta variant is hitting the country hard, more than 98% of the u.s. residents now live in an area where there is a substantial or high risk of community transmission. and that is a steep jump from just a month ago. many hospitals are quickly running out of room. u.s. health officials have been looking into booster shots since israel announced the data suggests that coronavirus vaccines start to lose effectiveness over time. at the end of july, israel authorized booster shots for anyone over the age of 60 and has just expanded that to anyone aged 50 and older. so now the u.s. may be able to get a sense of what is to come by looking at israel. >> israel began their vaccination process a little bit
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ahead of us. so i think in many respects we've been looking to them and to a certain extent the uk for what we can expect as well as the people who participated in the original clinical trials of the vaccines in 2020. and those two things together generally speaking give us a sense of what to predict for the future. and i talked with rochelle walensky, the cdc director, and she is talking recgularly with the people in israel and generally speaking we can assume what is happening there today, we're probably a month or two from things that will be under strong consideration here at that point in time. >> the new fda emergency authorization is for a very specific group of immunocompromised people like or began transplant recipients. dr. gupta explains why boosters may help them but not necessarily other americans yet. >> people who are immu immunocompromised and vaccinated in the past, we know besides
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having lower antibody levels, they are also far more likely to get sick. 485% more times likely to get hospitalized. they are getting sicker as a result. for the rest of us, you know, we're not seeing people who are vaccinated who are not immune know compromised really developing serious illness yet. maybe that happens in the future, but that is the signal i think you'd look for. >> emergency response systems across the u.s. are feeling the pressure. in memphis, one firefighter says they are so overworked they are asking residents to think twice before calling for an ambulance. >> our system is very, very stressed. our first responders are running on fumes. there is times when you may call for an ambulance and we may not have one available. >> as hospitals run out of beds and more people get sick and die from coronavirus, some americans
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are still outraged over suggestions that they or their children where masks and they are taking it out on health care professionals. nick watt breaks down the state the coronavirus in america. >> reporter: this is franklin, tennessee. >> questiwe will find you, we ko you are. >> reporter: after a school board vote for a mask mandate, members, doctors, nurses harassed. the president showed this video. >> the health care workers are heros to the players, school superintendents, local leaders who are standing up to the governors politicizing mask protection for our kids. thank you, thank you as well. thank god that we have heros like you. and i stand with you all. >> thousands of kids largely in the south already sent home back to virtual school. why? exposure and/or high case rounts
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counts. >> masking is something smag m small that we can do. >> reporter: nearly 99% of people live in counties where people should be wearing masks indoors according to cdc guidance. meantime more than 75,000 people are in the hospital fighting the virus. look at that line climb over the past month. that is a problem. >> florida and texas alone have accounted for nearly 40% of new hospitalizations across the country. >> reporter: triage tent just went up again outside lbj hospital in houston. >> things are terrible. my hospitals are full. >> reporter: and filling fast in mississippi. >> if we continue that trajectory, within the next 5 to 7 to 10 days, i think that we're going to see failure of the hospital system in mississippi. >> reporter:ing anger in alabama that the virus is surge going.
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>> until we get enough people vaccinated, we're just going to continue to see this revamp its ugly face. >> reporter: and san francisco just became the first major u.s. city to introduce an ordinance like this -- business owners of restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, are going to have to ask for proof of full vaccination from their employees and their customers before any of them can allowed to go inside. nick watt, cnn, los angeles. we're getting a first look at how the u.s. supreme court could handle decisions on covid vaccine mandates. amy coney barrett denied a request to block indiana university to require students to get vaccinated without referring the matter to the full court. she oversees the appeals court the case came from. a group of students had issued the emergency petition last week claiming the university violated their, quote, bodily integrity,
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autonomy and medical choice. this is the first appeal regarding a covid vaccine mandate to reach the supreme court. the supreme court did block part of new york's eviction moratorium that was put in place during the pandemic. it blocked a provision that allowed tenants to self certify financial hardship and denied landlords a hearing on the matter. new york's attorney general kathy hochul tweeted that she will work to strengthen eviction moratorium legislation. now to a mass shooting in the uk where at least five people and the suspected gunman are dead. this happened in plymouth in southwest england and police say it is not terrorism related. two females and two males were found dead at the scene and one was a child under 10 years old. another woman was treated for gunshot wounds and died a short time later at the hospital and the suspected shooter was also found dead. this kind of gun violence that happens daily in the u.s. is rare in the uk. a mass shooting 25 years ago
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promtded the british government to tighten gun laws and ban private gun ownership. still ahead, our breaking news coverage out of afghanistan continues as the taliban take control of two more key cities. stay with cnn for up to the minute developments. plus we're tracking a tropical weather system that could strengthen before it hits the u.s. was that your great-grandmother, keeping the family together? was that your grandfather, paving the way for change. did they brave mother nature... and walk away stronger? did they face the unknown, with resolve...and triumph. ♪ there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. at ancestry.
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stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. . in algeria, out of control firefighters and more than 20 arrests. authorities say the suspects are accused of lighting the fires that have affected over half a million people. jomana karedsheh is tracking what is happening there, but first we go to eleni giokos in evia greece. you've been seeing the damage firsthand. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, when we arrived, it was still about putting out the blaze. so many parts of evia were still alight. right now we're seeing a big
1:23 am
monitoring system going on with a lot of foreign boots on the ground and a lot of rekindling and monitoring that situation. when we spoke to the impacted communities and they are still shocked, they are devastated and they are now counting the losses. the forest accounts for such a big part of their income stream, the raisin or honey producers, so many of them have lost everything. and these trees take about 20 to 30 years to mature. so we're talking about decades and decades of economic pain for so many of the people. we also heard from eyewitnesses specifically in the towns that were first impacted by the fires that they didn't have enough help. we know that the prime minister has apologized but he also said that there will be responsibility taken for the weaknesses that occurred within the reaction system. importantly, and i want you to understand the scale of this, 465 kilometers of land was
1:24 am
burned in evif evia alone, so i is absolutely traumatic to see these kinds of images. and i think that the government's response in terms of the measures of restoration, it needs to be a long term plan. that is what the locals tell us. and then of course the next big worry is going to be when the rains come and you have forest that has been destroyed, what does that mean in terms of the risk potential of mudslides and flooding. one scientist told us that that is going to be the next big focal point. >> yeah, the problems far from done there. eleni giokos, thank you so much. now we go to jomana karedsheh for the latest on the fires across algeria. the probability that much of the damage and deaths from those wildfires were even called by arsonists makes it more tragic. what is the latest on the fires and the investigation? >> reporter: well, we heard last night from the country's
1:25 am
pres president [ inaudible ] they have arrested 22 people, criminals he said involved in starting these wildfires. while he didn't deny that the current weather conditions, this heatwave the country is going through, contributed to the fires, he said most of the fires arsonists are to blame. an investigation is ongoing into what has been catastrophic for the country, some of the worst wildfires in the country's history impacting about 16 to 17 provinces, dozens of lives lost. and, you know, whatever caused these fires to spark, the situation has been so difficult for the authorities to deal with for several reasons. you've got the geography of the area where this happened, a lot
1:26 am
of hard to reach areas, you also have the weather conditions, heatwave exacerbating these fires. and also one big factor has been the lack of capabilities. they did not have the capabilities to deal with fires on the scale. and we heard that from the president. saying from the early days they did reach out to the european union to try to get assistance, but firefighting planes were already engaged in turkey and in greece, assisting with the wildfires there. but right now, help is beginning to arrive he said, on thursday two planes from france. today they are expecting two more from spain and another one in the coming days from switzerland. and just to give you an idea of what they are preparing for, he says that he has instructed the military to look into algeria buying its own firefighting planes, preparing for what it seems to be the new normal, what we have heard from scientists,
1:27 am
this mediterranean region is becoming a wildfire hot spot because of the climate crisis we're living through right now. >> jomana karedsheh, thank you so much. the storm known as fred is now a tropical depression and currently bringing heavy rain to parts of eastern cuba, but it is expected to regain strength as it approaches the united states. let's get the latest with tyler. >> and should we be spooked on friday the 13th? not right now. the center is just to the north of cuba. all the thunderstorms are down to the south. it is a weak 35 miles per hour depression. and as it pushes to the north, there is a chance that it will regain that tropical storm strength, that is why we have tropical storm watches up for parts of cuba and also parts of
1:28 am
south florida too. that does include the keys. now, as this system, fred, does pushstraits, that is when it hits the really warm waters and eventually into the gulf of mexico and it becomes eventually a 50-mile-per-hour storm. models are in really good agreement on this track, and that track is to take it into the florida straits and up the eastern gulf of mexico. and on that track, that pits puts the state of florida on the sloppy east side of the system. a lot of rainfall and potential for severe weather, we're talking not just strong wind gusts but himself potentially some tornadoes too. and then that carries over into parts of alabama, georgia, and on into the carolinas as well. and so in the next few days, and we do expect to make landfall come early next week, around monday, tuesday in the panhandle
1:29 am
of florida, so this is something that we'll be talking about for several days. and we're also watching something else, we're going into the peak of hurricane season, that is september 10th, so we'll start to see the atlantic really light up. the second system which is on the heels of fred is coined invest 95-l. not exactly tropical yet, but that could change. and the reason why we have to keep an close eye on it, ob obviously anything that goes into the caribbean, we have to keep a close eye on that. so weebl watching that in the days to come as well. and when it gets a name, it will be named grace. >> thanks so much tyler malden, appreciate it. coming up, mexico is reporting a record number of daily covid infections as the delta variant fuels a surge. we'll go to mexico city for the latest update. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. updating our top story, the taliban have now taken control of two major cities in afghanistan, kandahar and lashkar gah. video claims to show victory celebrations with taliban fighters riding on a u.s. humvee through the streets. cnn can't independently verify the video's authenticity. the taliban have taken over 14 provincial capitals and the rapid advance has the u.s.
1:34 am
gravely concerned about the capital kabul. it is sending 3,000 additional troops to help evacuate most american civilians from the u.s. embassy. and hundreds of thousands of afghan s have fled their homes. almost 400,000 have been displaced inside the country just this year, others have fled the country. pakistan hosts almost 1.5 million while some 780,000 are living in iran. many of those recently up rooted have made their way to kabul in certainly of refuge, but with the latest advances, the capital may soon be no safe haven. michael holmes has more. >> reporter: families sleep on the hard ground outside this school in afghanistan, it may not look like the most comfortable place to rest, but at least for now, it is safe, away from the trail of violence left behind by the taliban's
1:35 am
advance. many bombs were dropped on our village, one woman says. the taliban came and destroyed everything. we were helpless and had to leave our houses. one afghan official where the school is located says that there are thousands of displaced families in his province alone, trying to escape the fighting, but for some it is too late. the taliban were firing guns next to our house, one man says, many bullets came our way. in the end my wife was killed. a hospital filled with wounded civilians shows just how pitched the battle is. one patient says, i was on the side of the street, i was hit by a more tatar and one of my legs injured. some taking refuge in kabul thinking it is one of the safest bets with the taliban on the move. this man left the besieged city
1:36 am
of lashkar gmpah g but hopes to return. 99% of the people will say that the fighting is not the solution he says, the only way is peace and the afghan people want peace. a peace that seems more elusive as more civilians are forced from their homes. michael holmes, cnn. mexico has just had its highest single day covid increase since the pandemic began, almost 25,000 new infections. ? health officials worry if this trend continues, mexico's health care system could be once again pushed to the brink of disaster. matt rivers has a look at what is driving the surge. >> reporter: public covid-19 testing centers packed in mexico
1:37 am
city as yet again the pandemic spirals out of control in mexico. this week yet another new record set, the highest number of cases recorded in a single day since this all began. the seven day average of new cases, about as high as it has ever been. experts blame loosening restrictions and the delta variant. >> we have one patient infect eight. so the cexponential growth mean more contagious variant. >> reporter: multiple doctors told cnn more and more young people in their 20s and 30s are now filling icu wards across the country and as beds fill up, once again do the morgues. about as many people are dying of covid each day in mexico as in the u.s., despite the u.s. population being more than 2.5 times larger. mexico's testing rate also remains among the worst in the world, experts say that means the true number of deaths and cases is inevitably far higher. and yet life around the country goes on as normal in many
1:38 am
places. >> there is one world in the hospital and another world out outside thospital. you go outside, nothing is happening. >> reporter: behapart of the re, continued mixed messaging. mexico city is at red level, but the city's mayor says things aren't that bad and insists on keeping the city at orange level a notch below meaning fewer restrictions are in place. the good news in all of this, a vaccination campaign continues. just over 21% of the country has been fully vaccinated, and more than 40% have received a first dose. u.s. and mexican officials announced the u.s. would donate millions more vaccines to mexico in the coming weeks, crucial experts say in curtailing a pandemic that respects no border. >> but this disparity is also dangerous. there is no path to recovery for any country while its neighbors
1:39 am
remain vulnerable. and while they circulate. >> reporter: mexico might follow a similar path to what we saw in the uk, a huge spike in cases followed by a swift decrease. but a complicating factor looms, mexico's millions of schoolchildren head back to the classroom on august 30th, some fear it could keep driving cases higher and push medical systems to their absolute limits. >> because of the time and stress of having younger people very sick, young children, i'm really from uusfrustrated. >> reporter: so two single day records for coronavirus cases recorded in a 24 hour span. as of now, hospitalization rates across the country remain at manageable levels. but that doctor you heard from in that piece told me that if these numbers continue to go as they have been, continue to rise, that icu space will begin
1:40 am
to run out very quickly. matt rivers, cnn, mexico city. martin sneak is asking tourists to leave. they have tightened lockdowns. all beaches and nonessential businesses are closed. hotels are open, but only for easies. many tourists are disheartened. >> i thought i was going to have a dream holiday, but in the end, i didn't get to enjoy it as much as i wanted. even though we did have a few activities, it is a bit ruined, it is a shame. >> seems the music festival in chicago didn't become the superspreader event many feared it would. only about 200 new cases have been linked to the event. no one has died or been hospitalized. nearly 400,000 people attended the festival two weeks ago, but about 90% of them were vaccinated, the reason they think the cases were relatively
1:41 am
low. a top supporter of former u.s. president donald trump claimed he could prove the last election, where he reveals he calls evidence for conspiracy theories turned into a flop, that is ahead. plus britney spears gets a win as her dad says that he will step down as her conservator, what he had to say, coming up. if laundry stinks, it could be bacteria. detergent alone doesn't kill all odor causing bacteria. adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9 %. lysol, what is takes to protect. you know, i'm glad that you got your credit sorted with extracredit, but isn't this a little much? too much? is getting 28 different fico scores with extracredit too much? no, it's just 100 degrees out here. i mean, aren't you hot? getting credit reports from all three bureaus does make me feel warm inside. what? right? who knew there were that many scores. turns out lenders don't care about free credit scores
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side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. see for yourself at . a promise by a top supporter of donald trump turned out to an whole lot of nothing. mike lindell said that he would present evidence to back up the conspiracy theory that the last presidential election was stolen. but lindell couldn't deliver on his baseless claims. >> we got attacked by china and they flipped this election to
1:45 am
the tunes of tens of millions. this is crazy. all you have to do is come to the symposium. >> reporter: for weeks mike lindell has been touting his so-called cyber symposium in sioux falls, south dakota, claiming that he would present data that would prove to the world china hacked the 2020 election and stole it from donald trump. >> if you are correct, if you have that evidence -- >> forget about the evidence. if i'm right, then china took our country. do you care? would that bother you? would that bother you? >> but you have to show the proof. >> would that bother you? >> of course it would. >> then why do you think i keep going, do you think i like getting attacked? >> reporter: lindell invited the media and cyber experts to the symposium. we went along and brought a world renowned cyber and voting machines expert. if you see something in there, if you see some data that seems legit, that does show that there was some sort of fraud, you are ready to investigate it, right?
1:46 am
>> absolutely. i will follow the evidence wherever the evidence will go. >> re >> this was an attack, the whole technology was attacked. >> reporter: so the conference was supposed to begin about an hour ago. but lindell is having some problems with streaming live the event on his website. he is claiming without any evidence that it is because of an attack that his systems have been attacked. >> there are cyberattacks every day as you can see. >> reporter: and it went downhill from there. lindell ultimately didn't produce the data to prove his claim the election was stolen by china. >> i think the guy makes a wonderful pillow, but i wish some of this information would have been organized a little better. >> reporter: were you given any data at all from the 2020 election, anything useful, anything that would show any sort of fraud? >> we were not given any kind of raw data which we would even be
1:47 am
able to start looking at. >> reporter: if your data is le legit, wouldn't it be better for you to hand it over to as many cyber experts as possible? >> i'll give you the answer because i've been told that they can go out there and corrupt it and make big stuff and put fake news out. so i don't need your people to doctor the evidence to put out a mike lindell is a conspiracy theorist. >> but you've been saying come see the data. >> we're showing it on the screen so you can't do a hit piece when it is on screen right now. >> reporter: to your knowledge, was anything on the screens proof of lindell's claims that the election had been stolen? >> based on everything we found, there was nothing there to draw any conclusion. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm not a computer guy, i don't know what most of this stuff means, but i've been researching election since november 3. but the cnns of the world, you need to start reporting this and
1:48 am
stop fact checking it. >> reporter: and in case you at the conference for hours. he was allegedly behind the qanon movement according to an hbo documentary, an allegation he denies. >> all i need is for all those experts to say, yeah, it is from the 2020 election. >> but that is not proving that it was rigged. >> i have that proof with my people that we're bringing to the supreme court. i don't need the media driving the f narrative before my case to the supreme court. >> we expected a huge pile of data which we wouldn't be able to understand and how it can be evidence. we didn't expect there is no pile of anything. >> there is not even a pile of bull shit here, just a pile of nothing. >> only a pile of nothing. >> no evidence of election fraud here, but plenty of promotions for pillows and other products. >> the bath robes, slippers,
1:49 am
pajama, bath mats, so look at what you like. >> reporter: cnn, sioux falls, south dakota. coming up, britney spears dad is giving his daughter what she wants but he is not happy about it. we'll have reactions, next. y ne? because it was specially formulated to protect synthetics and blends from damage in the wash. like fading, stretching, and pilling. new woolite has evercare, a first of its kind formula that keeps today's fabrics looking like new. new woolite with evercare well, would ya look at that! it was an accident. i was— speaking of accidents, we accidentally left you off the insurance policy during enrollment, and you're not covered. not even a little bit?
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there has been a real life "field of dreams" game in iowa and lionel messi is training with his new club. don riddell has our sports. >> many top football leagues will be returning to action later this friday and the summer of mega spending continues. chelsea have completed the signing of the belgium striker for a club record fee of $135 million. it means he returns to the club that he last played for in 2014. meanwhile lionel messi has trained for the first time with his new club paris saint-germain
1:54 am
after completing the move from barcelona. he is reunited with neymar. psg are in action this weekend, but messi is not expected to play for them until the end of the month. and the jamaican hurdler is returning to thank the volunteer who paid for his cab when he was lost. he gave her the money back and showed her what she had helped him win. an olympic gold medal. and baseball romantics have been loving oneoff game in iowa recreating the scene from the iconic movie the "field of dreams." the white sox beat the yankees with a walk-off home run. kim, back to you. thanks. and one of south korea's top business tycoon says he is truly sorry as he walked out of prison. the vice chairman was released on parole, one of hundreds set free as liberation day. he was caught in a scandal that
1:55 am
led to the impeachment of the first female president in 2017, he was convicted of bribery and embezzlement and can't work without a special permit. he still faces separate charges related to a corporate merger in 2015. a court filing says britney spears' father intends to step down as co-conservator. a move her attorney calls vindication for britney. stephanie elam has more. >> reporter: while jamie spears says that he didn't think that there is any grounds for his removal as conservator of his daughter's estate, he has indicated that he will step aside and help her current lawyer find a new conservator. that said, he said that he doesn't necessarily believe that it is going to be in the best interests of britney or him to step aside to step aside, but he also believes that a very public battle with his daughter would definitely be in the best interests. for their part, matthew rosen guard who is britney spears' new
1:56 am
current law says this is vindication for his client and that they plan on continuing their investigation into jamie spears' behavior while he has been the conservator of her he is state, and they claim that he has profited millions of dollars while in this position and that they continue to investigate that. if you remember back in july when britney spears was part of a hearing in court about this very issue, she said that she wanted to press charges against her father. and she said that he is guilty of conservatorship abuse. that wrap this is hour of "cnn newsroom." "early start" is next. tony here from taking
1:57 am
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good morning, it is friday, august 13, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. i'm whitney wild. >> great to have you here all week. thanks for your help. i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. in a dramatic decision, the biden administration is rushing 3,000 troops to afghanistan to help with a major withdrawal of civilian diplomatic personnel. the u.s. is also urging all american citizens to leave afghanistan immediately as the security situation there swiftly deteriorates. the taliban have now seized 14 ou


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