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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 12, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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. welcome to all of you watching us here and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. ahead on "cnn newsroom" -- >> we still have recalcitrants in some areas of the country of people who just don't want to get vaccinated. it is almost inexplicable that that is the case. >> as surges of the delta variant overload health systems across the u.s., officials push to get more americans vaccinated. afghan security forces lose another provincial capital to
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the taliban putting kabul at risk of being next. and inside covid icus, what the youngest victims of the pandemic are saying about their battle with the virus. health officials in the u.s. are racing to expand vaccine protection as a surge in covid cases driven by the delta variant has patients overwhelming hospitals. a source says within 48 hours the food and drug administration is set to approve a third dose. and then they will discuss and vote on the need for additional vaccines. the push is being felt across the country. california's governor says all
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teachers and school staff must be vaccinated or face weekly testing. the u.s. surgeon general says it is possible a covid vaccine could be available for kids under 12 before the end of the year. listen to this. >> trials are still under way right now for kids under 12. and my hope is that they will come to a conclusion soon. and that we will get that mix fro applications from the companies to the fda because i can tell you that they will move fast too determine if it is safe for our kids. if everything were to fall into place, i think it is possible that we could see a vaccine before the end of the calendar year for kids under 12. >> among those now eligible for a vaccine, the cdc says more than 61% of adults are now fully vaccinated. and when it comes to the total population, that number is just over 50%. but america's top expert explains why that number is still not high enough. >> we have the tools to fight
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the virus very effectively. i just cannot imagine why people are not looking at this as let's say we're all in this together. the common enemy is the virus. let's not let the common enemy be arguing with each other and have ideological differences dictate whether or not you will get vaccinated or not. as long as you have, and we have in this country 93 million people who are eligible who are not yet getting vaccinated, that allows the virus to circulate regularly and easily and therefore you have the possibility of the emergence of ano another that may also allow to spread.
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you are becoming part of a potential problem that would lead to the development or evolution of another variant, that is the problem. some hospitals in texas are so packed with covid patients that they are using tents to house the overflow. governor abbott are sending personnel to help hospitals across the state. and you can see the surge in new hospital admissions in texas and these numbers are administrators worried. >> there is no intervention out there that i am hearing about from the state or anyone else that is going to have an impact on those numbers anytime soon. if this continues, and i have no reason to believe that it will not, there is no way my hospital is going to be able to handle this there is no way the region will be able to handle this. >> despite the growing number of covid cases, governor abbott is
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not backing away on his ban on mask mandates. the state is asking a court to block the mandate. several counties have been granted restraining orders against the governor allowing them to keep their mask requirements for now. from stubborn politicians to frenzied parents, this was the scene outside a tennessee school board meeting when anti-mask protestors began berating others in masks. watch this. [ chanting ] >> no more masks, no more masks! you are a child abuser! everybody is taking notes, buddy. keep that little smug. >> the williamson county board of education passed a temporary mask requirement for elementary schools and anyone on its
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property. as you can see, it didn't go well with everyone. parents on both sides of the issue shared their thoughts, some more passionate than others, some threatening board members and others in attendance. health care experts were on hand to stress how important the mask requirement was to keep students safe. a health care worker spoke with cnn about what she believes is fanning the flames. >> i think that they are afraid of another shutdown. i think that they have been so enclosed with not being normal that the potential of someone controlling their life, they are stressed out, you know. and they are lashing out. and we are simply -- we don't want to wear the masks either. we are inch isly trying to be an advocate. >> tennessee is just one of many states seeing a rise in hospitalizations, especially across the southeast. a new cdc forecast says that is
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likely to continue for the next four weeks. it predicts as many as 40,000 more u.s. deaths by september 4 and another 10,000 to 33,000 more hospitalizations over roughly the same period. in the past hour, there is word the taliban have seized a tenth provincial capital in afghanistan. ghazni. it fell after a local official described long and intense fighting. this is about 100 miles south of kabul and on the road that connects the capital with the large city of kandahar. they think that kabul could be captured within a few months. this is triggering alarms because the region is considered essential to the defense of kabul. and the human toll is growing. the foreign minister says 6,000 people have been killed since april including 2,000 civilians.
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but there is no change in the u.s. plan to withdraw troops by the end of this month. the u.s. special representative to afghanistan is pushing for a political settlement in talks and the pentagon insists the outcome of this conflict is not a foregone conclusion. >> clearly from a estrategic perspective, the taliban keep advancing. but the narrative that in every place, in every way the afghan forces are simply folding up and walking away is not accurate. i'm not at all, and nobody should take away from this, this i'm discounting what we're seeing, a deteriorating security situation. we've been nothing but candid about that. but to your question, there are places and there are times, including today, where afghan forces in the field are putting up a fight.
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nick paton walsh is in london. reports of a tenth provincial capital falling. are you surprised by how quickly the taliban has taken over large swathes of the country? >> reporter: yeah, i think even some of the worst predictions didn't think that we'd be signing ten provincial capitals falling in under a week. is it possible john kirby has a point and that there may be places that the afghan security forces are able to hold? we'll see that. certainly the city of harat in the west hasn't fallen yet. there is still intense fighting in the south although it does appear that the insurgents have broken into the police headquarters there. and in kandahar to its east, a prison break has released 1,000 criminals. so things are not looking good in the south here. but it is a very different story in other parts of the country
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and the fact that ghazn ii has fallen is significant because it is the second major city to fall under taliban control, and it is vital in terms of connecting the two cities and al add to the narrative and even john kirby accepted that we're seeing a swift taliban advance. predicting, yes. comforting, absolutely not. i'm sure there are a lot of people wondering why that capital city of 6 million may start to feel increased pressure from taliban moving in around it. today some abrupt changes within the ranks of the afghan military, the chief of staff replaced, and some individuals in charge of special forces promoted. so, yes, clearly they note things are not going in their direction. but they will not be remotely heartened by the background noise of u.s. intelligence assessments that at one thought
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in their nightmarish scenario that maybe kabul may be vulnerable in six months, but now that is reduced by potentially 30 days. noises like that are just bound to speed up the debate as to when and how diplomats at u.s. embassies and other embassies might need to be lessened in number and you may start seeing that coach its own momentum as well with a significant impact to the security situation. so it is a bad week for the security forces there and it looks like that it will continue to worsen. >> yeah, more dire by the day. nick pay coton walsh, thank you much. last hour i spoke with ashley jackson, and i asked her about the taliban's momentum. >> people seem like they were
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surprised. they shouldn't have been. the taliban has been laying the ground work for this for months if not years. and i think that it is surprising that it is coming before the u.s. completes its withdraw, but even u.s. security and intelligence assessments have been telling us this is likely for months. >> so we got word today a tenth provincial capital possible falling. the afghan government has been trying to minimize the perception of these losses, claims that it can retake the districts. but even if they can, which is not a given, the evidence seems to suggest that they can't hold the territory if they were to recapture. >> yes. just to be clear, when the taliban swept through these districts last month and the preceding weeks, they captured more than 200 of the 400 districts. the government is not getting
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those back. nine, ten cities in the past week or so, they are not getting those back. and these are large towns really, they are the low hanging fruits for the taliban. but wihat the taliban is trying to do is stretch the government, stretch the afghan security forces who are really reliant on these special forces that have been shuttling between city and city and trying to hold the lines and reinforce really exhausted afghan army and troops. but the taliban strategy is sadly working. >> and she went on to suggest it that even if the taliban could take kabul, they are not equipped to govern. . tropical storm fred has weakened to a tropical depression as it dumps heavy rain on parts of haiti and the dominican republic, but there is a chance fred could strengthen to a tropical storm again, so
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let's bring in pedram javaheri. so you have been tracking this. what are the chances that it could get worse? >> certainly possible. there are some elements that will allow the storm system to flourish potentially as we go towards early this weekend and then eventually into next weekend a then there are other elements that will try to inhibit it and at this point the model consensus is that it will try to inhibit strengthening. it is a system with 35 mile-per-hour winds, not very organized, very much a weakening system because the past 24 hours it has been battling mountains at 10,000 feet or 3,000 metersae taller than anything that you will find in the united states. so this is a rugged landscape. the elements in place here that allow the storm to strengthen are water temperatures above 82 degrees fahrenheit, minimum threshold to sustain a tropical
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system and i'm here to tell you it is well above that value and get into the gulf of mexico, that is concerning for later in the season, it is bath water warm there, about 93 degrees. but notice pretty good agreement within the models that the system will want to hug the northern coast of cuba the next several days. and that will play a role in trying to strengthen this and then eventually end up somewhere around the western coast of florida. but once we get to sunday and monday, there is some wind shear that will try to break it apart and that is another inhibiting factor for tropical systems. so we'll watch that carefully. we think the system should remain weak as a result of that and again, the steering environment is such that it will drive it into that area where wind shear is highest. so if that is the case, this will try to gradually strengthen 40, 50, maybe 60 miles per hour. but with tropical systems, any sort of variation in wind pattern here and steering environment could push it back into the golf and if it goes western side of the golf, it is an entirely different story.
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so we'll watch this. >> don't want to see that. we'll keep tracking it. pedram javaheri, thank you so much. there are brutal heatwaves fueling wildfires. the dixie fire has grown to half a million acres. it has already destroyed a,000 stru thousand structures and threatening more. a man in southern italy was killed while trying to save his animals from a wildfire. and temperatures are just shy of 49 degrees celsius or 120 fahrenheit. in al fgeria, there is three da of national mourning. and firefighters on the island of evia are slowly gaining
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control. jomana karedsheh is standing by but let's go to eleni giokos in greece. is the situation finally improving there? >> reporter: yeah, so what we're seeing right now is the continuous monitoring of the possibility of rekindling of fires which we had seen over the past day. it is still defined as an active front. you have planes flying monitoring what is going on in northern evia. but i want to show you a building that has been burned down, and in fact maybe homes have been impacted. i'll take you through to what was an english school and you will see the devastation. and some people lost their homes when they were in the path of the fire, other homes were actually saved. i want to take you inside just so i can show you the extent and the impact, intensity, kim, of the fire. you can see that the whole roof, all the times have been destroyed. this is the experience of so
1:18 am
many locals. so while the big flames are largely over, the economic losses are enormous. we know the government has put measures in place for compensation, but for people here, they say we're talking about decades and decades of recovery because they rely on resin from the pine trees that have been destroyed, those industries have been heavily impacted. it takes 30 to 60 years to fully mature. you have honey makers, other people with plantations that have been destroyed. and now it is about their economic recovery. remember last year we had the pandemic, this year they were hoping to have tourists, but that hope is gone. people have seen 100% cancellation in hotels. so i think right now still des despair, still a lot of pain. >> heartbreaking to see the cost of that damage up so close
1:19 am
there. thanks for bringing us that. and jomana, turning to the deadly fires in algeria, they have asked for help from the international community. what is the latest on the fires there? >> reporter: well, it seems we are entering a fourth day of the algerian authorities trying to battle these flames, more than 100 fires they say erupted starting on monday, they have spread in the northern part of the country impacting 16 provinces. what has made this a really tough battle for them is if you look at these areas, these are mountainous areas, forests, villages, pretty much hard to reach areas for the authority. they have had to deploy the military to try and assist in the evacuations and firefighting effort and that is why we've seen the devastating death toll more than 28 service members among those who have lost their
1:20 am
lives to these wildfires. now what is also making this tougher for them is the fact that the country is under a heatwave. record temperatures according to state media, 47, 48 degrees celsius in the fire zone in the shade they say. so it has been really tough. the government as you mentioned has turned to european allies for assistance and international aid seems to be on the way. they have also hired planes they say from the european union, the french president announcing that france is deploying a number of firefighting planes. the government says that it is dispatching experts to the region, they are investigating these fires, but they have been insisting, kim, that this is the result of arson blaming this on criminals saying it is deliberate and premeditated. but as we have been seeing in
1:21 am
the mediterranean region, this seems to be the new normal as a result of climate change. scientists have been warning that the mediterranean region has become a wildfire hot spot. >> yeah, and we're seeing it all around the world. jomana karedsheh, thank you so much. meanwhile in northern turkey, four people have been killed in flash floods along the black seacoast. heavy rain has caused flooding that has destroyed homes and damaged roads and bridges. more than 600 people have been rescued and evacuated, some plucked from rooftops by helicopter. a family in missouri learned the hard way that children should get vaccinated against covid-19. up next, an unvaccinated teen has a close call with the virus. >> i left it up to her and she decided she didn't want to get vaccinated.
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covid cases in the u.s. among children have been increasing for more than a month
1:26 am
thousand. a 000. a now. gary tuchman has a story about one family that decided not to get vaccinated and had a change of heart. >> knock, knock. >> reporter: a children's hospital in missouri, and sitting on the couch is angel baker, a mother who has gone through a horrifying week. her 14-year-old daughter tested positive for covid, got very sick, and was put on oxygen for five days. angel says her daughter has received excellent treatment here at the cardinal glennon children's hospital in st. louis. >> might make you cough, but that is what we want. good job. >> reporter: mariana and her mother live in southern missouri and they started feeling ill the at home and it quickly got worse. >> monday august 2, i decided to take her to urgent care because she told me she couldn't breathe.
1:27 am
>> reporter: the decision was made for mariana to be transported by ambulance to this children's hospital. it was like a nightmare. >> very scary. >> when you saw her struggling to breathe with the oxygen, what was going through your blmind? >> just praying, asking god to bring her back, keep her safe. >> were you afraid she wasn't going to make it? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the mother received the covid vaccine but her daughter did not. >> why didn't she get vaccinated? >> i don't know. i left it up to her. and she decided she don't want to get vaccinated. >> i don't mean to make you feel badly because you've gone through so much. my guess is, and i'm making an educated guess, that she wished that you had insisted her get the vaccine. >> yes. >> reporter: currently there are children as young as 2 years old at this hospital. of course children under 12 cannot yet get the vaccine.
1:28 am
last year at this time, doctors here say the typical numbers of children with covid coming into the emergency room on a daily basis were zero, one or two. now they say that daily number is usually 11, 12 or 13. this doctor is a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the hospital. >> we are seeing more severe cases, we're seeing more cases in the icu and seeing more cases that require longer duration of a treatment in the hospital. >> reporter: and this surgical unit medical director -- >> it is agonizing when you see some of these kids spiraling down before they head to the icu. >> how many children ill with covid in this hospital have gotten the vaccine? >> none. >> reporter: mariana has turned the corner and is looking forward to recuperating at home and then being well enough to
1:29 am
start her life as a high school freshman. she left us with this message -- >> get a vaccine so you don't have to be in the hospital bed, can't breathe. >> reporter: and her mother has one too. >> please parents, get vaccinated and get your kids vaccinated. it is real. don't let no school, no governor, nothing -- it is real. >> reporter: there are certainly wonderful people who work in this hospital, but it is a sad place to be and that is why the news i'm about to tell you is very nice. mariana is back home recuperating. and she won't be able to go to school just yet, but her mother is hoping she is healthy enough to attend school perhaps before the end of september. and one more interesting note, she has a 12-year-old sister who also hadn't gotten her vaccine but drove more than two hours this past friday and took her
1:30 am
younger daughter to get her vaccination. gary tuchman, cnn, st. louis. just a couple weeks ago, we brought you the story of agnes and her daughter who was fighting for life in a florida hospital. >> she is in induced coma and she is also medically paralyzed. toughest part for me is seeing how she suffered. >> but now we have good news. paulina has woken up from her coma, is off the ventilator and walked for the first time since entering the hospital. paulina wasn't vaccinated against covid-19 and even though her mother was, agnes still became infected with mild symptoms. here is what paulina had to say when she woke up. >> it definitely is real because i'm sitting here and i had it. and i know a lot of people who
1:31 am
have had it. it is real. take it seriously. and please wear your masks. >> great vision. florida is in the middle of a heated battle over face masks. the state's governor has tried to ban school mask mandates with an executive order, though some school districts are resisting. still to come, joe biden is celebrating a pair of victories in the u.s. senate this week, but his economic agenda still faces many obstacles. we'll have an update on what comes next. plus, she is about to become new york's next governor, the first woman to ever hold the job. what kathy hochul is saying about andrew cuomo and her plans, just ahead. hey, i just got a text from my sister.
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u.s. senate has given joe biden a pair of big wins in the past couple days. first it passed the infrastructure bill and then it moved forward on his $3.5 trillion budget. but the fight to pass biden's which economic agenda is far from over. kaitlan collins explains. >> reporter: president biden is cheering his recent legislative feats. >> in the past 24 hours, we've seen the senate advance two key pieces of my economic agenda. >> reporter: but while a since of celebration is in the air, democratic leaders are warning of the dektifficult path ahead. >> this was one of the most significant legislative days we've had in a long time here in the united states senate. but we still have a long road to
1:36 am
travel. >> reporter: all 50 senate democrats voted to approve a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint which they are hoping to turn into an expansion of the social safety net filled with funding. >> it is as if we caught a pass, a nice long pass at midfield, but we still have 50 yards to go before we score a touchdown. >> reporter: hours after democrats passed that $3.5 trillion budget paving the way for the ambitious package, a key moderate voice issued a warning. senator joe manchin saying that he has, quote, serious concerns about the grave consequences if congress decides to spend another $3.5 trillion. press secretary jen psaki says man che chin manchin is conflating the issue. >> i think that he is con confounding a couple things in there. it is not about putting a huge amount of money into the economy over the next few months.
1:37 am
>> reporter: president biden is also pushing back on manchin's fears about adding trillions to the debt. >> my build back better agenda is fiscally responsible way to reduce the cost for families. >> reporter: chuck schumer is declining to say if he would support lowering that price tag that moderate democrats have said is too high. >> every part of biden's proposal will be there in a big robust way. there are some members in our caucus who want less, some who want more. >> reporter: as the white house navigates the economic recovery, officials are also confronting rising concerns about inflation. >> there is going to be -- there will be ups and downs. >> reporter: after consumer prices rose by 5.4% in july, president biden predicted a reduction as the economy recovers sfrecover s. >> we'll trust the fed to take appropriate action if and when it is needed. >> reporter: and several moderate house democrats have
1:38 am
called on nancy pelosi to bring that bipartisan infrastructure package immediately to the floor for a vote instead of waiting for that much bigger more ambitious package that is expected to only have democratic support. but so far she has held firm to her plan, two track strategy, telling her caucus, i'm not freelancing, this is the consensus. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house. a federal judge has handed donald trump a resounding loss in the battle over his tax returns. the judge ruled house democrats can see some of the former president's records through a subpoena of his accounting firm. lawmakers say they need the information as they consider the emoluments clause of the constitution and whether trump earned illegal foreign profits through his washington, d.c. hotel. here is cnn's legal analyst. >> these are the same records, trump's tax records while he is in office, that prosecutors in
1:39 am
new york are looking at. and we know that there are issues of tax fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud. the judge considered michael cohen's testimony, congress will thousand get a hold of those and with one set of charges already in place in new york, possible additional charges trump is at substantial risk and now congress closing in, i think that is a big deal. we could see more revelations of the kinds of two sets of books fraud that got mr. weisselberg in trouble so far and that is just starting. >> a source tells cnn that former u.s. attorney resigned earlier than planned after learning that then president trump was considering firing him. the senate judiciary committee earned bj pack on wednesday as part of its investigation into trump's efforts to overturn his electoral loss. the "new york times" report that
1:40 am
pack testified that he was going to be fired because he wouldn't back claims of election fraud in the state of georgia. a federal judge is allowing defamation lawsuits over the big lie to move forward against three trump supporters. they suing over their unfounded claims of election fraud. dominion which makes voting machines used in the 2020 election wants billions of dollars in damages. the judge who issued the ruling was appointed by donald trump. for the first time we're hearing at length from the woman poised to become new york's first female governor. lieutenant governor kathy hochul will replace andrew cuomo following his resignation over mug multiple sexual harassment allegations. brynn gingras reports. >> reporter: kathy hochul, ready to become the 57th governor of the state of new york and the first woman in that role. >> i will fight like hell for
1:41 am
you every single day like i've always done and always will. >> reporter: the 62-year-old speaking publicly to new yorkers this her first news conference since governor andrew cuomo announced his resignation tuesday. promising a different kind of leadership. >> no one will ever describe my administration as a toxic work environment. >> reporter: immediately setting herself apart from cuomo. >> i think it is very clear that the governor and i have not been close. no one named doing anything unethical in the report will remain in my administration. >> reporter: she assumes the role in less than two weeks. she has held offices from the u.s. house of representatives to county clerk. the transition to governing a state of about 20 million people coming at a challenging time with the pandemic hochul says being top priority. >> i'll be working with the communities where the rates are higher and vaccination rates are lower and to come up with a strategic approach to target that and make sure that we overcome the hesitation and
1:42 am
worries. >> reporter: with 16 months left in the term when she takes over, hochul tells cnn in a one-on-one interview she plans to stick around. >> we understand you've formed a political team. does this mean that you will seek a full term in 2022? >> yes. it is not the time to talk politics, but i'm prepared to run for re-election and begin the process as soon as we get everything under control in the state. >> reporter: cuomo said he would step aside after mounting calls for him to resign based on the attorney general report which found that he sexually harassed multiple women, claims he denies. the governor expressing confidence in his successor tuesday. >> kathy hochul is smart and confident. >> reporter: and hochul says she is intent on leaving the controversy behind, but she will be coming into the governor's mansion with a conflict of interest. her husband is general counsel, senior vice president and sect of secretary of the company delaware north and could be
1:43 am
impacted by his wife's calls being made from the executive office. >> i have a recusal policy in place since i was lieutenant governor. and we're reexamining that to see if any of that would change. >> reporter: and in the interview, i asked her if she thought the governor should be impeached or if his resignation was enough. she really declined to answer saying that she would not get involved with the decision of lawmakers but had full confidence in them. we know that the judiciary committee will be meeting on monday to discuss what their next steps might be and we're told through a source that all things are on the table. brynn gingras, cnn, albany, new york. still to come, reopening to the world. new zealand says it will cautiously open it borders again next year. stay with us. 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed.
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we could surpass 300 million reported cases early next year. but we can change that. we are all in this together but the world is not acting like it. >> the head of the world health organization went on to stress that the true number of covid infections is much higher, more than 4 million new cases were reported this week, many in north america. 65,000 deaths were also reported this week. one country that has been spared the worst of the pandemic is new zealand. it has kept its borders closed for nearly a year and a half but now it is unveiling plans for a phased reopening with ramped up vaccinations being the first step. let's go to singapore. the dos are not wide open? >> that's correct. right now the trajectory is for early next year 2022, the prime minister has used carefully
1:48 am
placed language including careful and deliberate in terms of the pathway ahead and also confidence, clarity, these are the sorts of things this that they want to be feeling. and it will be done in tiers, in stages. those coming from low risk countries will not have to go through mandatory quarantine if they have been vaccinated but then there will be a scaled system up to high risk countries if they are coming from there, they will still need to do quarantines. but listen to what gentarden ha say. >> we're not in a position to fully reopen just yet. when we move, we will be careful and dlebeliberate. we don't want to be in the same cases of countries that are
1:49 am
seeing cases rise again. >> and of course the prime minister also making it clear that if things don't go the way they are hoping, it could have a big impact on business of course, so a lot of countries thinking about reopening borders really because the economies are suffering with ongoing lockdowns and border controls. but all of that said, new zealand will be putting six weeks from the first and second vaccination to get a bulk of people at least partially vaccinated and get that movement going towards opening up come early next year. >> thanks so much. and still ahead, it is the hottest shirt in soccer right now as lionel messi spends his first full day as a member of paris saint-germain. stay with us. air wick essential mist transforms fragrance infused with natural essential oils into a mist. with an extra boost of fragrance you can see... smell...
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1:54 am
building but the team says anyone who is fully vaccinated won't have to wear a face mask in the outdoor parts of the stadium. seating is open air. it has been quite a welcome for lionel messi in paris and the preseason trophy for chelsea here now is don riddell with a minute in sports. >> lionel messi is settling into his new life in paris after completing his mega move from barcelona. he was officially unveiled to the media on wednesday where he spoke of his ambitions to win his fifth champions league title and what would be a first for paris. the excitement in the french capital has been a fever pitch ever since it was revealed that messi would be leaving barcelona, already there is massive demand for shirts with his name on the back. although the french league season began last weekend, it is not yet clear when he would make his debut for psg. messi had a pretty busy season
1:55 am
with arrestgentina. and in bein belfas, there w two saves to win the game and chelsea's manager says the plan has been in the works for months. back to you. and in our pop culture headlines, jeopardy game show is finally answering a question that has been lingering for months. executive producer mike richards has been named the official new host of the show. and both filled in as guest hosts after alex trebek died. the new season of the show debuts on september 13th. jetblue is making either first push into european skies.
1:56 am
on wednesday the u.s. discount airline flew from jfk to heathrow for as little as $202 for a one way ticket. instagram has unveiled a new feature to block racists and other offensive comments, it is called limits and it can filter direct messages and lock down an account when facing a flood of nasty comments. they wrote we hope the new features will protect people from seeing abusive content whether racist, sexist or any other type of abuse none of which have anyplace on instagram. let's hope it works. that wraps this hour. "early start" is next. tony here from taking
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good morning. it is thursday, august 12, it is 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm whitney wild. >> and i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. as early as today, we expect the first federal authorization for extra doses of coronavirus vaccine. the fda expected to give emergency use authorization for a third dose of pfizer or moderna vaccines for some people with weakened immune systems, that includes some cancer patients, people taking medica


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