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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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news, florida's governor takes the battle over masks in schools to a new level, threatening financial punishment for educators who violate his ban on mask mandates. also as new york lawmakers prepare for their governor's possible impeachment, we're told andrew cuomo is in a fighting mode against the sexual harassment scandal that is threatening to wring him down. more information shows former president trump came very close to waging a coup. former justice department officials are revealing the intense pressure they face to undermine the 2020 presidential election. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> we begin with the breaking news on florida's governor now seeking to actually punish school officials who defy his
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mask mandate order. cnn's senior national correspondent is joining us right now. ed, florida governor ron desantis is taking the fight over masks in schools to a whole new level tonight. what is the latest? >> well, the governor there in florida is threatening to take away the salary of superintendents and school board members who insist on requiring students to wear masks now when schools go back to session. this is a dramatic move by the florida governor. they are just a week after the state is reporting its worst week ever in the number of new coronavirus cases. there are two counties in florida who are already defying the governor's orders, so we will have to wait and see how this plays out here in the coming days. and we're now starting to see the same thing here in texas, wolf, where governor greg abbott for weeks has been saying there
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will be no new mandates or shut down. and this as schools are set to launch here in texas. the first school district has come out today here in dallas saying that they will require students when they go back into school next week, teachers, administrators and students, to be wearing masks. i spoke with the superintendent here in dallas this afternoon who said that based on what he has seen in recent days in the number of spiking coronavirus cases in this -- in dallas county, this is a move he insists he had to make. >> we can save a few lives and save the health of some kids, it's worth whatever trouble i can get in. this is not something that we're defying the state just because it's willy nilly. it is because it is a need. and as soon as we get comfortable with the metrics, talk with the health profession sales, we will rescind the mask mandate because we don't like it, but we think it's necessary. >> superintendent who spoke with
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me says that he believes that based on the science and the number of cases that he has seen and he has been briefed on that this mandate will probably last several months before the case total gets back down to a manageable level. we have not heard any response today from the governor here in texas, but the superintendent also said that he was on a number of conference calls with other superintendents across the state over the weekend, wolf, and he believes that other school districts here in texas will follow the same path that dallas independent school district has done so he says be on the lookout requiring students to wear masks when they return to school here in the next coming weeks. >> let's get to more on the breaking news. our chief white house correspondent kaitlyn collins is joining us right now. florida's governor and president biden have been on a collision course over covid and masks, other issues. what is the latest. >> yeah.
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governor desantis says he doesn't want the federal government to tell florida what to do. but he is telling different localities in his state what to do. with this threat, they are saying they can withhold these funds. it is likely something president biden is not likely to take kindly to, given his message has essentially been do no harm with president biden saying if you are not going to help us implement these public health measures, then at least get out of the way of the officials who are trying to do so on local levels like states. you have seen republican senators pushing back on the idea that governor desantis is trying to ban things like mask mandates in certain schools. wolf, this all comes as there are big questions and headlines coming out of d.c. tonight on coronavirus. one is that the vaccine advisers will be meeting on friday to talk about booster shots. that has been a big question that everyone has had. when do they need to get a booster shot, especially if you
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are an elderly grandparent and you were one of the first to get the vaccine here in the u.s. right now they're scheduled to have a discussion on this on friday, not a vote to recommend anything out of the cdc, but it remains to be seen if that changes throughout the week because we know that dr. fauci and others have said a decision, especially those who are immunocompromised should do about booster shots is likely to come soon, sooner than the one for the rest of the population. that is something we're keeping an eye on in addition to new numbers from the cdc about those breakthrough cases. when fully vaccinated people are testing positive for coronavirus. now based on the latest numbers from the cdc that cnn has looked at, 99.99% of fully vaccinated people have not had a breakthrough case that has resulted in hospitalization or death, wolf. so that is good news on that front. of course, as we know the cdc is continuing to collect this data. >> the biden administration, kaitlyn, also has a new vaccine
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mandate in the works. and we're talking about for the united states military, active duty u.s. military personnel. give us the latest on that. >> yeah. of course this comes on the heels of president biden telling federal civilian workers they will have to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing, masking requirements. now the question is what's happening in the military. we got a memo from lloyd austin today saying by mid-september he is going to request a waiver essentially from the white house to where he can mandate vaccines, the coronavirus vaccine, within the military. they pointed to the fact there are several other required in the military. those all have full fda approval. it is authorized by the fda based on a smaller subset of data given of course the urgency of the pandemic. they say unless that full approval happens by mid-september which it could for the pfizer vaccine, then he is gong to request a waiver from the white house to require those
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vaccines from active duty troops within the military. that is of course something that in the next few weeks they have to figure out how they will implement it, whether or not certain divisions of the military need vaccines. that is a process that is happening. but basically the message that was coming from the pentagon spokesman today is this is something that will happen, so prepare yourself for it. it will be mandated at some point. >> commander in chief wants as well. it looks like it is certainly going to happen. thank you very, very much. let's discuss all of this and more with dr. tom freedman. thank you so much for joining us. as you know, as students are returning to schools all across the country right now, the florida governor, ron desantis, is going to great lengths to actually pressure school officials down in florida not to put mask mandates in place. are you afraid this pollicization will allow more
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children, god forbid, to fall ill. >> wolf, the virus doesn't listen to political rhetoric or partisan politics. what the virus does is preys on any divisions in society. and it is extremely disappointing to see governors around the country banning things that would save lives and keep our kids and teachers in school learning. you can fight this virus either with science or without it. with science, you are going to gain jobs. you are going to keep our kids in school, and you are going to save lives. what we know really well is that vaccines work and masks work. and doubling the protection is particularly important because we have this doubly infectious variant of delta. >> yeah. if you want kids to be in class to learn in class, wearing a mask, teachers potentially wear a mask and be vaccinated as quickly as possible, those steps
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will save lives indeed. as you also know, coronavirus hospitalizations here in the u.s. have doubled in about two weeks, doubled in about two weeks. some hospitals are once again putting up tents to prepare for overflowing icus. how did we backslide so far so quickly? >> wolf, what's really interesting, tragic and interesting is if you look at the graphs in the united kingdom and the u.s., in both countries, we had explosion sieve spread with the delta variant, and that continued to increase. but in the u.k. they didn't have such a big bump in hospitalizations and deaths because they have a much higher vaccination rate. the vaccines are working. they are holding steady against even the delta variant. the problem is we don't have enough people vaccinated. vaccination is our way through this pandemic, but we need to ramp up the numbers. we have seen some encouraging increases. but remember it takes about six weeks after you start the
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vaccination to be fully immune. we know that for delta, even a single vaccine of the pfizer or moderna doesn't give you strong protection. you need those two doses, so get vaccinated as soon as you can. >> because it takes a few weeks to get protected. the cnn analysis of cdc data finds more than 99.99% of people fully vaccinated here in the united states against covid-19 have not had a break through case resulting in either hospitalization or death. that's very good news for the vaccinated population and presumably it would encourage those who are still unvaccinated to go get a shot. >> absolutely. these vaccines are astonishingly effective. they're much more effective than we had hoped for when they were under development and they're extremely safe. the problem is we don't have enough people getting vaccinated. i think what you are seeing is a change in the perceptions.
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people understand that covid is here for a while. they understand that it can be deadly and cause long covid. there is more acceptance of vaccines. there is more acceptance of masking with some notable holdout. and i think there will be more acceptance of mandates, whether it's in health care or on employers like tyson foods and others, we're going to see more mandates for vaccines. we're going to see more mandates for mask use in places where the virus is spreading wildly. that's a good thing because that will allow us to keep our economy growing, to keep our kids in school and to save a lot of lives. >> we don't want the kids doing remote learning once again, and we know that these steps will save lives. dr. freedman, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. just ahead, new revelations that former president trump was close to waging a coup here in the united states as he pressured u.s. justice department officials to back his big lie about the presidential
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very disturbing new details are emerging tonight about efforts by former president trump and his allies inside the u.s. justice department to effectively stage a coup by overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election that trump lost. our justice correspondent jessica snyder is here with me in "the situation room." two top justice officials shared information with members of the senate judiciary committee that was very disturbing. >> yeah. the senator dick durbin called it frightening. it was also illuminating and
3:17 pm
lengthy. jeffrey rosen testified. sources are telling us that they focussed in on their interactions with the former president trump. but, wolf, lawmakers of course are zeroed in on efforts by another top justice department official at the time, jeffrey clark, and his efforts to promote those false claims of election fraud. members of congress are learning more about just how close the country came to crisis in the waning days of the trump administration. >> what was going on in the department of justice was frightening. >> revelations revealed after hours of system from the two men that led the justice department at the time, jeffrey rosen and his deputy richard donahue. >> the country came very close to a coup. >> the senator was one of several republican and democratic senators who sat in on closed door interviews with rosen and donahue over the weekend. under questioning from senate staff, rosen revealed how the former president repeatedly pressured him to back false claims of election fraud.
3:18 pm
>> he was asking him to do certain things related to states' election returns, which he refused to do. how directly involved the president was, the pressure he was putting on jeffrey rosen, it was real, very real, and it was very specific. >> rosen also talked to investigators from the doj's inspector general's office friday. there is no known criminal investigation of trump or any other official, but he says there may be basis for one. >> what donald trump did here, in fact, was try to overthrow the election. and there are all kinds of potential criminal charges because asking the department of justice to call an election corrupt falsely is potentially a criminal violation. >> good morning. i'm jeff clark. i'm the head of the civil division. >> jeffrey clark also has become a focal point for congressional
3:19 pm
investigators. clark drafted this letter to georgia officials telling them doj found evidence of voting irregularities in several states affecting the outcome when the department had not. rosen and donahue stopped the letter from being sent, but clark's efforts to back up trump's false claims didn't end there. sources tell cnn clark insisted that chinese intelligence used special kinds of they are mom meters to change votes. clark wouldn't believe it. and lawmakers are dropping hints that clark might not have been the only one assisting trump's efforts. >> well, it may have been more than just jeffrey clark. it may have been others in the trump orbit, and that's the focus of our investigation going forward. >> are you worried that there were sitting members of congress who were involved in this? >> it is a legitimate question. >> so far it is unclear exactly
3:20 pm
who clark interacted with. clark's representatives are declining to comment. wolf, we have learned that rosen and donahue in their testimony, they did detail some of those interactions between clark and republican congressman scott perty out of pennsylvania. we know that perry introduced clark to trump but no comments from the congressman. in the meantime senator durbin announced the next witness will be vijay poc who resigned right after that phone call was announced. he could offer some details about why he resigned so abruptly and maybe even if he was pressured. >> lots going on right now. we know a lot, but we will know a lot, lot more. >> we will. >> jessica, thank you very much. let's discuss this more with senator chris kuntz of delaware. senator, thanks so much for
3:21 pm
joining us. based on the testimony before your committee so far, do you see potential evidence of a crime? >> well, it is an ongoing investigation, wolf, so i'm not going to leap to conclusions just yet, but this is deeply troubling. further detailed evidence of president trump's direct involvement in trying to muscle the doj and its acting senior leadership in the very waning days of his administration to take acts that would have violated their oaths, to take steps that frankly would have allowed him to overturn the election. so as senator blumenthal and chairman durbin have suggested, this is an investigation we have to continue. we have to be rigorous and thorough and then go where the evidence leads us. i think so far it's already been uncovered through the testimony by rosen is striking. >> it certainly is. and for all practical purposes, the coup attempt in the united states infoulded inside the u.s. justice department.
3:22 pm
is it a mistake, do you believe, senator, for the current attorney general merrick garland to take what's being described as a hands off approach and really leave a lot of all of this investigatory material up to the u.s. congress? >> well, the u.s. congress has the ability to investigate. but we don't have anything like the tools the department of justice has. and it's my hope that if we develop even more details, such as i believe we will given what we have already heard, that the department of justice will take another hard look at whether this isn't evidence of significant irregular or even criminal activity. >> yeah. these investigations into a possible criminal coup are only just beginning. i will say that. let's turn to infrastructure here in the united states, which is so desperately needed. the bipartisan bill, $1.2 trillion is on track to pass in the senate in the next few hours, but this is going, at least right now, nowhere in the house without that $3.5 trillion
3:23 pm
reconciliation bill, a separate piece of legislation that only democrats support. will that price tag have to come down to get, let's say, some moderate senate democrats on board? >> let's take a moment and celebrate the fact that last night by a vote of 68, democrats and republicans, we were able to get to a place where we are certain that we will pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill likely tomorrow morning. i think in the end you will get 20 republican votes and all 50 democrats. this is going to make the biggest investment in infrastructure in a generation, and it will create at least 650,000 new high skilled high paying jobs as we connect tens of millions of americans to broadband, as we replace lead pipes and as we rebuild dams and airports, bridges and tunnels and roads all across our country. that is a significant accomplishment and it proves out president biden's thesis, that
3:24 pm
we are able to do big things in this country and that this congress is able to help advance president biden's agenda. the next bill that we will immediately move to is the much broader $3.5 trillion bill that will cut the costs facing working families. it will lower costs for day care and child care, for higher education. it will cut costs for prescription drugs, and it will be the biggest middle class tax cut in decades. i'm excited for us to take up and pass that bill. wolf, i believe that will get 50 votes. that will begin weeks and weeks of work here in the senate for us to put together the bill that will ultimately go over to the house some time this fall and that i believe will get 50 votes the second time that we take up the finished package and send it over. >> so you think moderate democrats in the senate like manchin and chrikriyrsten sinem
3:25 pm
vote for that? >> and then we'll have to see. it is going to be a massive undertaking. there will be a lot of work on several different committees to design exactly how it is that we're going to reduce costs for prescription drugs or day care, how we will help deliver on president biden's bold climate promises. there was an alarming report out today looking at climate change, calling on us to take far more decisive action. while there is important pieces of climate work in this infrastructure bill, we need to do more, and that will be an important part of this much broader, much bolder bill that we will be taking up over the coming weeks. >> we will have the votes in the senate. we'll see what happens in the house. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. top aids are urging the new york governor to resign as he
3:26 pm
faces possible impeachment over multiple allegations of sexual harassment. but sources are telling us he's in, quote, a fighting mood.
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we're getting new insight into new york governor andrew cuomo's defiance as allies are urging him to resign and state legislatures discuss his potential impeachment. cnn national correspondent is covering this story for us. >> we had a historic moment in our state's history. >> reporter: andrew cuomo possibly facing an impeachment trial. the state net to discuss a time
3:31 pm
line following an explosive report alleging sexual misconduct by the governor. >> our goal is now to bring this matter to a conclusion. >> reporter: the meeting comes hours after this. >> what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. >> reporter: the woman identified as executive assistant number one in the ag's report revealing her identity. >> i know the truth. he knows the truth. >> 32-year-old who still works in the administration spoke to cbs news and the albany times union about the sexual misconduct she says she endured by the governor. >> i then felt, while taking the selfie, his hand go down my back on to my butt and he started rubbing it. not sliding it, not, you know, quickly brushing over it, rubbing my butt. >> then a second incident
3:32 pm
occurred last november. >> that's when he put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast over my bra. i exactly remember looking down, seeing his hand, which is a large hand, thinking to myself, oh, my god. this is happening? >> reporter: she is one of at least 11 women who the ag's report found cuomo sexually harassed over the last seven years. the governor also stopped short of recommending criminal prosecution. the albany county sheriffs department is now investigating his accusations after she filed a criminal complaint last week. >> to me and the other women that he did this to, it was not normal. it was not welcomed. and it was certainly not consensual. >> reporter: cuomo's team did not comment on the interview, but his personal attorney spoke about the accusations on cnn
3:33 pm
this weekend. >> i will be quite clear. the executive assistant number one, he did not grope her. >> reporter: and the governor denied the allegations laid nut of the report on a video statement tuesday. the interview airing just hours after the governor's top aid resigned. >> it's like an atom bomb dropping in the governor's internirkle. >> reporter: seen as one of the governor's most loyal confidants was mentioned as participating in retaliation against at least one of cuomo's accusers. she has not standed to those allegations, calling the past two years, quote, emotionally and mentally trying, adding, i am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such talented and committed colleagues on behalf of our state. her statement notably did not mention the governor. and the governor hasn't been seen in public recently. and he hasn't really released any responses to all these
3:34 pm
accusations since last week. we're told, though, he is in a fighting mood, wolf. his allies spent the last weekend with him trying to convince him to resign, believing really he does haven't a path forward in this, although, we're hearing cuomo is steadfast, that he doesn't want to go anywhere and he needs more time. this coming as this deadline is coming up this friday, wolf, when cuomo's attorneys are set to hand in all the investigative material they would like the assembly members to look at in that probe. wolf? >> all right. thank you very much. let's bring in cnn legal analyst, a former federal prosecutor jennifer rogers along with albany reporter for new york one. walk us through how the impeachment process in albany is progressing. what is the sentiment among state lawmakers right now? >> you know, i think people who are critics of the governor, wolf, will be disappointed a little bit in this impeachment investigation and the process as
3:35 pm
it unfolds. it will be deliberative. the body is designed to move slowly. they will move towards drafting articles of impeachment and voting on them on the floor. but it will not get there quite as quickly. >> jennifer, you just heard a firsthand account from one of cuomo's accusers who filed a criminal complaint against him. how strong is her case? >> well, it's hard to say, wolf, because what we have seen in the report was evidence it was considered under a civil standard, so when we saw that the report investigators credited her -- her narrative and said that he did harass her and he did grope her, that wasn't a beyond a reasonable doubt standard. so we really need to see under what's in the report. you need to see the underlying materials, the interview materials. and then the d.a. in albany county will have to meet with her personally, assess her credibility and think about whether they can get that heightened standard of proof and whether it is worth the resources to go after the
3:36 pm
governor of new york for a misdemeanor offense. we have a lot to consider here, obviously the fact she was credited by those investigators is a good start, but it doesn't get them all the way to a criminal charge. >> as you know top cuomo aid who was mentioned throughout the attorney general's report has now resigned. can you give us a sense of the power she wielded and what her departure means? >> well, melissa derosa was the highest ranking official. she basically ran the governor's office and in many respects ran state government here in new york. she was the governor's most trusted aid. i know from dealing with her she was both liked and very much feared by reporters. you also knew when you were talking to her, that was as good as talking to cuomo himself because they saw eye to eye. the loss was really astounding. we found out about this last night. we certainly thought that one of the last people remaining standing with the governor would
3:37 pm
have been melissa derosa. something about the report spooked her and she wanted out, wolf. >> which is very dramatic indeed. jennifer, there are 11 women where claims are specifically detailed in the state attorney general's report. when you look at the totality of governor cuomo's legal exposure right now, what stands out to you? >> well, you know, it is hard to say. he's got this criminal possibility. i think the civil exposure, though, is huge because not only do you have the 11 women whose narratives were credited by the investigators, but you have all of the other people who worked in the governor in this atmosphere they found was toxic and was an atmosphere of intimidation and harassment. it is not as if it is limited to these 11 women. it is much, much broader than that. so there is certainly that. and then of course impeachment. so he's got it coming from all sides. there is a lot of exposure on at least two of those three fronts.
3:38 pm
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tonight dana bash goes one-on-one with one of the most celebrated progressives in the house of representatives. we're talking about alexandria ocasio-cortez. she opened up about her first fears during the january 6th insurrection. take a look at this clip. >> i think one of the reasons why that impact was so doubled that day is because of the misogyny and the racism that is so deeply rooted and animated that attack on the capitol. you know, white supremacy and
3:43 pm
patriarchy are very linked in a lot of ways. there is a lot of sexualizing of that violence. and i didn't think that i was just going to be killed. i thought other things were going to happen to me as well. >> so it sounds like what you are telling me right now is that you didn't only think that you were going to die. you thought you were going to be raped? >> yeah. i thought i was. >> dana is joining us right now. january 6th was clearly a traumatic day for representative ocasio-cortez. what else did she tell you about the attack there? >> first, context for what she just said. she told me about so many threats that she had gotten really when she was first elected but leading up to january 6th. so that was in the back of her mind on that day. she was fearful already.
3:44 pm
secondly, she talked more about the fact that she's a survivor of sexual assault. so that's another reason why that was going through her mind, because of the trauma that she still has from what happened to her. she told me it was in her early 20s. so all of those things combined led her to be extremely fearful on jan 6th. it is just a reminder, again, all of these people who recover, they are human beings and never more so than when they were so vulnerable on that day. >> what else can we expect to hear from you? >> well, you know, she was elected in a very, very surprise way and in the primary contest you remember more than she years ago she beat a member of the democratic leadership, always talked about to be a speaker of the house, maybe even a successor to nancy pelosi. and she talked about what it was like when she came to washington and especially when she was
3:45 pm
dealing with her fellow democrats and how chilly the reception was. >> i saw that you said once that i think a lot of people, including my democratic colleague, believed the fox news version of me. >> yeah, yeah. i mean, it was -- my first term was very painful. it was very, very painful. and, you know, i came in and i am seated an incumbent that, while may not have been very rez gnat in our community, was very popular inside those, you know, smoke-filled rooms. and so i took away a friend. and i walked in to a very cold environment, even within my own party. >> and she's right. joe crawley was and still in incredibly popular here in washington among a lot of democrats. and what i really tried to do here is to show, again, the human being behind the sound
3:46 pm
byte and there are a few politicians right now who are more viewed through a prism of a love her or hate her. and she recognizes that. we walked through the bronx and we got to see what that was like. >> i'm really looking forward to that program tonight. >> thanks, wolf. >> thank you so much for doing this. really appreciate it very much. be sure to join dana for her special "being aoc" only here on cnn. coming up, some high profile republicans defying science right now by spreading misinformation, even issues threats as covid cases and deaths are surging across parts of the u.s. ol of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget, then customize your down payment and monthly payment. and these aren't made-up numbers. it's what you'll really pay, right down to the penny. whether you're shopping or just looking.
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we're following breaking news out of florida. the republican governor is threatening schools for consequences for defying his ban on mask mandates. brian todd is following this. we're seeing new and rather outrageous gop attacks on masks and vaccines. >> that's right, wolf. as we see another surge in deaths and illnesses due to the delta variant, some of the strongest resistance to vaccine and masking guidelines tonight is coming from republican politicians. as wolf mentioned, ron desantis threatened to withhold salaries of school leaders in florida who want to impose their own mask mandates and other high profile republicans are ramping up their anti vax, anti masking offensives. tonight, georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene spreading more misinformation claiming on
3:52 pm
twitter that many people who got the pfizer vaccine say they are getting sick with covid-19. greene saying of the pfizer vaccine, quote it should not wibe approved or mandated. this comes as greene suggested public officials encouraging vaccinations could be shot. >> you lucky people here in alabama might get a knock on your door because i hear alabama might be one of the most unvaccinated states in the nation. well, joe biden wants to come talk to you guys. >> don't do that. >> he's going to be sending one of his police state friends to your front door. what they don't know is in the south we all love our second amendment rights. [ cheers ] >> and we're not real big on strangers showing up on our front door, are we? they might not like the welcome they get. >> republican senator rand paul tweeted out this video to his followers regarding the cdc's
3:53 pm
latest guidelines on mask wearing. >> it's time for us to resist. they can't arrest all of us. they can't keep all of your kids home from school. they can't keep ever government building closed. no one should follow the cdc's anti science mask mandates. >> when you have people in a position of authority such as a senator who is also an m.d., it's tempting to say well, that person knows what he's talking about even though what he's saying counters the message of basically every public health and medical organization and is really damaging. >> florida governor ron desantis is entrenched in a legal battle to block businesses from vaccine passports in schools for mask mandates. today desantis' office threatened to withhold the salaries of teachers that defy a florida law that bans mask mandates in schools. one senator from his party
3:54 pm
pushes back on the florida governor. >> i disagree with governor desantis. if my hospitals fall and my vaccination rate is low and infection rate is going crazy. we should allow it. >> coronavirus cases and deaths spike. >> they think that the biggest energy in the party is in that trump base and that trump wing that is looking to resist anything that's coming from the biden administration and unconcerned even as the delta variant continues to run through the unvaccinated community. >> analysts point out there are republican leaders like mitch mcconnell and alabama governor kay ivy that have been outspoken supporters of the vaccine but people lmcconnell and ivy are outliers and the anti maskers and anti republicans are scoring big messages. >> very disturbing, thank you
3:55 pm
very much. more news right after this. [grunts] ♪ ♪ [grunts] pnc bank believes that if a pair of goggles can help your backhand get better... yeah! ...then your bank should help you budget even better. (laughing) virtual wallet® is so much more than a checking account. its low cash mode feature gives you at least 24 hours of extra time to help you avoid an overdraft fee. you see that? virtual wallet® with low cash mode from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. (chimes)
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finally tonight, we want to share our excitement as we begin the 17th year of "the situation room." this program was launched on august 8th, 2005 and brought a new look and urgency to television news. i'm wolf blitzer and you're "the situation room" where news and information from around the world arrives at one place simultaneously. on these screens behind me, data feeds coming in, other information crossing in in realtime. and happening right now, we're
4:00 pm
watching several stories around the world. i remember that day well. thanks to everyone who works on this show. thanks to you, our viewers, as well. we look forward to reporting the news for many years to come. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, florida's governor upping the ante in the fight over masks and warning officials in the covid ravaged state their paychecks are in jeopardy if they defy mandates. >> governor cuomo seems to be in a fighting mood as allies call on him to resign. he says he needs more time. for what? his attorney is "outfront". how far he went to overturn the election and the stunning testimony isn't done yet. let's go "outfront". good evening. i'm erica


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