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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 5, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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missing whiskey. in this case, a bottle, a $5800 bottle, give you that again, $5800 bought of whiskey given to the former secretary of state pompeo by the secretary of japan. they are allowed keep gifts this they are $390 or less. he doesn't remember getting the gift or seeing it. anika cabrera picks up right now. ♪ ♪ hello and thanks for joining us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. here's the deal. the contagious delta variant is driving the u.s. towards what should be an avoidable milestone. right now nearly 100,000 americans every day are getting infected. and dr. fauci warns daily covid cases could reach 200,000 if vaccinations stall. several states now running
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critically low on i.c.u. beds. patients underwhelmingly vaccinated. yesterday in florida alone, more than 2,000 people were hospitalized can covid. 2,000. just one state in one day. florida also now leading the nation with hospital admissions of children. and here is what is so upsetting. there is a way out. more shots and more eligible arms. ment white house did have this little bit of hopeful news today. >> and we are seeing results. over the past 24 hours we recorded 864,000 vaccinations, the highest in a day since july 3rd. and importantly, 585,000 first shots. that's the highest since july 1st. >> moving in the right direction, but not fast enough to stop needless suffering and deaths right now. let's begin with cnn's nadia
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lomero in baton rouge. nadia, what's the latest there? >> reporter: ann a the state just updated us on the statewide numbers for covid-19 and it just keeps getting worse and worse by the day. let's dive in. hospitalizations, they're up. people who need to be in the i.c.u. need help to breathe, that number is up as well. cases are up all across the state. the only good news is that deaths are down slightly today compared to yesterday. for the state's largest health care system, they say they're up 73% in hospitalizations, just compared to last week. that's how bad it is. and we know that this state is lagging behind in vaccination rates, and so the governor's mask mandate now in effect statewide, in schools as well. he's encouraging people to get vaccinated. so we went to a vaccination site to ask people, why now? why in august 2021, why did it take you so long to get vaccinated? well, we spoke with one mother who says she's getting her kids ready for the school year. they can finally get that vaccination so she brought them
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out. we also talked to another woman, an adult, who says that her fear of the delta variant far outweighs her concerns over the vaccine. take a listen. >> i don't know as a parent how i could live with myself if i didn't get his vaccinated. he got it and then something happened to him. i don't know how i could live with myself. >> just hearing that you can get the shot and still get it, still spread it, i was kind of thinking what's the point. but then when the delta variant came out, it kind of made -- urged me to, you know, want to get it more. >> reporter: so the state's largest health care system said something that is so concerning for them is they are seeing a significant increase and people getting covid-19 who are 19 years and younger. anna? >> that is so alarming. thank you so much, nadia. stand by as we turn to cnn's leyla santiago in miami, florida. leyla, fill us in on the latest there.
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>> reporter: hospitalizations actually higher than where they were in the peak of last year. a 13% increase compared to july of last year. that's coming from the florida hospital association. the same association that is raising the red flag saying, look, 60% of hospitals will have critical staff shortages in the next seven days. so those two things right there give you an idea of where florida stands right now. i am in hialeah where the governor just spoke. he did not address covid or take any reporter questions, but listen to the last time he talked about covid. >> joe biden suggests that if you don't do lockdown policies, then you should, quote, get out of the way. let me tell you this. if you're coming after the rights of parents in florida, i'm standing in your way. >> reporter: and the governor saying that he will be reviewing how he will not prohibit masks,
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but make it optional or give parents, rather, an opt out for the upcoming school year. but one thing i want to highlight here, ana, the superintendent of leon county wrote the governor a letter asking him to be flexible and give them autonomy. and he said, please don't allow pride or politics to cloud our better judgment. >> yeah, and, in fact, he says that they have four school age children currently in the hospital and two teachers in the i.c.u. right now which changed his thinking on the mask mandates. thank you so much, leyla santiago. the baylor college of medicine emergency medicine physician. doctor, currently u.s. wide right now, 49.8% of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated. so not even 50%. reaching herd immunity, which is up to about 85%, possibly more because of the delta variant we're told that just seems
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formidable. but we did have that good news today, that vaccinations in the last 24 hours were the highest in a month. is fear what's driving it? is that the best motivator right now? >> i don't think it's fear, ana. i think it's facts. people see that the delta variant is a completely new beast. we've been dealing with this pandemic for over a month and a half now, but what has been emerging since the discovery of the delta variant is something that we have never seen before. vaccinated individuals are still testing positive and those who are unvaccinated are getting even sicker than they were previously. i think that's enough to motivate people to want to go ahead and get their vaccine. >> let's give some more facts, then. according to dr. megan radi, it suggests covid was in the top ten causes of death for children, and the top three for all americans. that again was last year. this is prelim data. this is delta varnlt. we know the delta variant is
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accelerating cases among kids and the younger population. what are the most critical things parents need to understand and do to keep their kids safe? >> first and foremost, if you have a child that is eligible for a vaccine, get them vaccinated. the delta variant is behaving very differently amongst children than the prior variants that we've seen. we've heard reports recently published in the "miami herald" that the sharpest increase in cases have been amongst children under 12. from arkansas children's hospital, we heard one of their chief officers there say, not only are they seeing more children who are symptomatic, but these children are becoming sicker and requiring oxygen. support for ventilation and being admitted to the i.c.u. i read report on social media of an 8 week old infant who required life flight because they were in respiratory distress. your children are not immune. >> that is such a good point.
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right now we know that the vaccines are holding up to even this variant. data shows it's not time for a booster shot yet, according to all the health officials we've been talking to here in the u.s. but germany, france, israel, the uk, they are all moving forward with third doses. while you have other poorer nations still struggling to vaccinate even 5% of their populations with a first shot. doctor, does it make sense for any country right now to move forward with boosters in, you know, these circumstances when other countries are struggling just to get people their first doses? >> you know, ana, i'm not actually sure if the data shows that booster shots are not required. and the reason for that is because we are only tracking the breakthrough cases amongst people who are sick enough to require hospitalization and required deaths. we know there are more breakthrough cases that are not being tracked. how can i deduce that? because if you look at the rate of rise in daily cases in the united states, it's a lot
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sharper than the rate of rise in hospitalizations and deaths, meaning that there are probably more cases in vaccinated individuals that we don't know about or are not tracking. now, where as there may be some controversy regarding giving booster shots, a lot of wealthier nations are typically giving the pfizer and the moderna shots. a lot of these poorer countries who are having trouble vaccinating their residents don't have the infrastructure in place to support having the pfizer or having the moderna vaccines. they require sub-zero temperatures. they require certain methods of transportation. we still have covax, the johnson & johnson vaccine, the astrazeneca vaccine. india produces their own vaccine. there are still other options available. so i think we probably need to look a little bit deeper at these breakthrough cases before we say that boosters are not necessary. >> we are learning president biden is planning to mandate covid shots for all foreign travelers. he hasn't gone there yet, but should he? >> i don't see why not, to be
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honest. i've been saying this since the vaccines were approved back in december. this is our strongest chance to win the war against covid. you do have a right if you choose not to get vaccinated, but we also have a right not to suffer because of yourselfish decisions. those who are unvaccinated are more likely to spread the disease. they are more likely to get sicker and put a burden on the hospital system. why take the risk when there is an alternative? >> dr. regina, great to have you here. thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. >> thank you, ana. and heads up, later this hour i'll be joined by secretary of education miguel cardona. these are live pictures of him now at the white house briefing. i'm going to ask what the administration is prepared to do to ensure students and staff stay safe as schools reopen. and local leaders are implementing their own plans district by district. stay with us for that. but first, what's happening in china now, it's facing its worst coronavirus outbreak in
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months. the city of wuhan, the original up center, is testing its entire population as the rampant delta spreads. we have exclusive reporting as the lengths intel agencies are going to to uncover the origins of the virus. cnn's katy williams joins us now. you have discovered the u.s. is now digging through this trove of genetic data. explain what this is and why it might hold the key to this mystery. >> reporter: yeah, so bottom line what they're looking for is they're looking for evidence to help them determine whether or not the coronavirus developed naturally in the wild or whether or not it possibly escaped from this lab in wuhan either through a lab accident or through some other means. and so specifically what they're looking for is they're trying to look through this big pile of genetic data from virus samples that the wuhan lab that some officials believe may have been the source of the pandemic were studying. and so what they're looking for is kind of a genetic blueprint
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for a virus that might be closely related enough to sars cov 2 as we know it today to provide some clues about how the virus evolved. but this is a big ask. it's a lot of data so it's a little like looking for a needle in a haystack. to that point, at least a few scientists we spoke to basically expressed some skepticism that there were any viruses that the wiv this lab in china was looking at, that u.s. researchers weren't already aware of. and to make that even more complicated, even if they do find kind of a kissing cousin to sars cov2 in this big pile of data, the community is still going to need lots of other contextual information to be able to reach a high confidence assessment about whether or not this virus escaped from a lab or whether or not it developed naturally as many scientists believe it did. >> really, really interesting reporting. katy williams, thank you so much for bringing us that update.
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more people forced to flee their homes in california where 11 large wildfires have already burned an area roughly half the size of rhode island. the river fire just started yesterday and has already torn through 1400 acres, damaging or
10:18 am
destroying at least 40 structures, and it's prompting this dire warning from a local sheriff. >> if you receive an evacuation warning, please go. and if you receive an order, get out. do not take your chances. please go. we do not need you in there. you're taking your life in your hands. >> the state's largest active wildfire, the dixie fire, it engulfed the entire town of greenville last night. and the aftermath, looks like a bomb went off. so far the fire is only 35% contained. now to florida where covid hospitalizations have broken the pandemic record. well, there are a multitude of reasons for this spike. false information and a lack of understanding are a big part of the root cause. and one florida doctor is being pegged as the most influential super spreader of misinformation online. cnn's randi kaye tracked him down.
10:19 am
>> it's unproven vaccine. it's being accelerated and eliminated virtually every safety study. >> reporter: he is the ultimate super spreader. not of the coronavirus, experts say, but of misinformation about covid-19. his name is dr. joseph mercola. >> it is likely most people in america, if not the vast majority of people in america, have seen misinformation that has originated with this super spreader of lies and misinformation. >> reporter: that's exactly why the center for countering digital hate, a nonprofit tracking misinformation covid online, put dr. mercola, an osteopathic physician at the top of its disinformation dozen. a list of 12 people, the group says, were the source for sharing 65% of all antivaccine messaging on facebook and twitter from february 1st through mid-march. >> in a pandemic misinformation has a life that has -- a cost
10:20 am
that's paid in lives. >> reporter: we tried to track down dr. mercola to ask about the misinformation he's been posting, like masks may not work. vaccines could be dangerous. and vitamin c and d can prevent or treat the coronavirus. we first tried to find him at his office in cape coral, florida, outside ft. myers. >> i'm looking for dr. joseph mercola. >> not here. >> reporter: not here. is he here today? can i leave a message? >> he's not here. >> reporter: will he be here tomorrow if not today? >> no, he's normally not here. >> reporter: even though his office is listed here, he doesn't work out of here? >> no, huh-uh. >> reporter: okay, thank you. >> reporter: next stop, more than 220 miles away, ormond beach, florida, which d dr. mercola calls home. we found his house behind a large gate and tried making contact through the security access pad. hello, this is randi kaye from cnn. i'm hoping to get a word from dr. mercola. later we spotted him riding his
10:21 am
bicycle. once he stopped we thought this is our opening to get some answers as to why he's pushing false claims about masks and the vaccine. how are you? >> good. >> reporter: i'm randi kaye with cnn. can we ask you a couple questions? >> no. >> reporter: we just want to talk to you about vaccines and what you've been saying about them. do you feel responsible for people who didn't get vaccinated, possibly got sick and died because of what you told them about the vaccine? what do you say to families who lost loved ones? are you spreading misinformation? >> no. >> reporter: why won't you speak to us? here's your opportunity to speak with us and answer questions. so, despite all his bravado online, mercola suddenly had nothing to say. though after we emailed him questions he responded saying, i encourage every person to fully educate themselves to make individual decisions about medical risk taking. throughout the pandemic, he's
10:22 am
been quite outspoken. >> i wanted to go back to the reason why the mask may not work. >> reporter: in his email to us, mercola challenged any suggestion that he belongs on a disinformation list. still, by fueling the narrative that vaccines are dangerous, who knows how many of his followers chose to skip the vaccine. this was mercola on a podcast last year saying vaccines are -- >> being fast tracked, abandoning all safety precautions to the wind. i'm sure will cause enormous disability ands premature deaths as a result of implementing this. >> reporter: what mercola hasn't made clear to his followers, according to the cdc the vaccines are safe and effective. of the 345 million doses administered, there have been an infinitesimal percentage of serious adverse events conclusively linked to the vaccine. though he told us via email over 400,000 adverse events and 6000 deaths from the covid-19
10:23 am
vaccines have been filed, a majority of which were filed by medical professionals. to be clear, the fda has not established a causal link to these deaths. earlier this year, mercola posted this outlandish claim, that vaccines, quote, alter your genetic coding, turning you into a viral protein factory that has no off switch. the cdc has said vaccines don't interact with your dna. mercola also posted an article he authored that states aerosolized hydrogen peroxide can be used as an at-home remedy to treat coronavirus. according to the ftc there is no information to support that. via email he said it is one many clinicians have discussed provided significant improvement to their patients. the danger in all of this is that amemercola's information h reached mainstream media with
10:24 am
more than 4.3 million followers. his website promises to deliver trustworthy natural health information, and has had more than 37 million visits since january. >> he wants to replace those doctors as the source of health information for people because then he can recommend his cures. >> reporter: his cures? apparently they include vitamin c and d. after mercola posted an article headlined vitamins c and d finally adopted as coronavirus treatment which has since been removed, the fda requested mercola take immediate action to cease the sale of unapproved and unauthorized products after noting he misleadingly represented the supplements as covid-19 treatments. in his email to us, dr. mercola said he has responded to the fda letter and asked to meet with them. and just today, mercola announced he is removing all articles from his website within the next 48 hours. >> the last week has brought a tremendous amount of reflections
10:25 am
to me and a lot of unacceptable threats to a company. so the course of action, i am now forced to take is to remove my entire archive of articles. 25 years worth of blood, sweat and tears coming down. >> reporter: now, this doesn't mean that he's actually shutting his website down. he just says that he's now going to post those articles and keep them up for just 48 hours before removing them. but the question is will he continue to share those articles across his social media platforms along with the misinformation that they contain. we reached out to some of those social media platforms to ask them what they're doing about that. twitter told us they have removed tweets and they have also applied misleading information labels to some of mercola's tweets. facebook says they have removed some pages and youtube says they have removed some videos, but he hasn't measured up to the number of strikes that he needs to be fully removed from the youtube
10:26 am
platform, but they're not opposed to that, they said. we did check on it and since we did our story, they have removed some of the videos that we actually used in our story, so they are certainly staying on top of it, ana. >> well done. thank you for shining light on this. thank you, randi kaye. with covid numbers surging, how might they affect an economy that was so close to reopening? that's next. ugh, these balls ar. or is that the damp weight of self-awareness you now hold in your hands? yeah (laugh) keep your downstairs dry with gold bond body powder.
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welcome back. a little pop of enthusiasm. on wall street as investors shrug off yesterday's losses and welcome the weekly jobless claims which were a reassuring sign in this unpredictable pandemic economy, and cnn's richard quest is with us here in new york. richard, it was a steady jobs report, but how vulnerable is the economic recovery right now, especially with the delta variant starting to impact business decisions? >> i think it's very vulnerable in the sense that is it going to fall over with massive lockdowns. no. however, the rate of growth and all the gains that have been made are somewhat susceptible to delta. that's why we're seeing companies taking decisions, for instance, to delay requiring
10:32 am
people to come back into the office. now, it was meant to be september. that was the date everybody was looking at. but now some are saying, well, don't come back for another six months. some are saying, well, we don't know when you're going to come back. i think it's indicative of the corporate environment what people don't know. the level of uncertainty, and that goes right to our company, it goes to every company you can imagine, ana, that there is -- delta has changed the rules of this game. we were moving in one direction. we're now having to shift course and move in another. >> and we're seeing a lot more of these types of companies have to mandate vaccines or trying to give real incentives for their employees to get vaccinated just so, i imagine, to make sure they can keep working. >> so, there's two aspects to this. firstly, mandating the vaccine. well, if you mandate the vaccine such as, for example, the many state governments, new york city has done for health workers and the like, what do you do if
10:33 am
people won't? do you have a mask alternative with testing, those sort of things? a lot of companies are now saying, you want to come back to work, you must be vaccinated. and the gist seems to be that's legal. and then you've got these. kroger, $100, vanguard $1,000. mcdonald's four hours p.t.o. bolt house farms, $500. now, these are paid or given to people after they've been vaccinated. it does raise the question, i've got to say, in the rest of the world people look at this very strangely, ana, they really do. there is part of the world where they are screaming just to get the vaccine. here in the united states, companies are having to pay people to go and get a vaccine when it's coming out their nostrils in many parts of the city. it's an odd world, but that's the way it looks at the moment. >> the one that was most eye popping to me was vanguard giving $1,000 to employees. that's crazy. richard quest, i wish we had more time. thank you for being with us. it's the question a lot of
10:34 am
parents are asking right now. is it safe to send my child back to school? and are we doing enough to protect our kids? i'll ask the secretary of education miguel cardona who is standing by when we come back. it's crispy. it's creamy. it's not your average chocolate bar. smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy hazelnut filling. it's kinder bueno. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain,
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just minutes ago at the white house, education secretary miguel cardona driving home the administration's priority to get american kids back into classrooms full time and to accomplish that safely. it's a herculean task in a pandemic of the unvaccinated, especially since children under 12 aren't even eligible for the shot, at least not yet. a vaccine adviser to the food and drug administration says adults need to step up now. >> i think we've let her children down. as a general rule, children catch this virus from an adult. you know that for children who are less than 12 years of age, they can't receive this vaccine yet because there's not a vaccine available. they depend on those around them to protect them. you have children who are about to go back to school. it's going to get to fall and early winter when this virus is transmitted more easily. it's the delta variant. and i think we need to get vaccination rates up so the children can be protected. >> he went on to say we're letting our children down.
10:40 am
the secretary of education miguel cardona is with us now. secretary, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us one on one. we're both parents. let me ask you the question on every parent's mind. are we doing enough to protect our kids, especially as they return to the classroom? >> well, thank you, ana. back to school is a special time of year. that feeling we have as parents, as educators, and we know our students feel it to go back to school. we owe it to our students. as our speaker said before, wes owe it to our students to follow what we know. we know what works. we know how to keep our children safe. the difference between this year and last year, we have a year's experience. we have $130 billion in the american rescue plan and tools to make it happen. there's no reason students shouldn't be able to enjoy a full return to school this upcoming fall. >> that all sounds good, but we also have the delta variant which we did not have at the end of the last school year. you say we know what works and you've also said the key to winning this fight against the
10:41 am
pandemic and fully reopening schools is vaccines. >> right. >> right. you said today 90% of teachers are vaccinated, but right now only about a third of 12 to 17-year-olds, the group of students that are eligible for a covid shot are fully vaccinated, according to the cdc. given what we know now, and this delta variant, should schools be requiring teachers and eligible students be vaccinated? >> look, last year we safely reopened schools without the tests that are available now. without the resources for reopening and ventilation that we have now, and without the vaccines. so i am confident we can do it. we have to just make sure we're following those mitigation strategies and promoting vaccination amongst the youth. as you mention, that number, we have to do better. so we're looking forward to doubling down on our efforts to have pop-up vaccination clinics in our schools and get our students involved in the efforts to vaccinate, students ages 12 to 18. >> respectfully, let me push you
10:42 am
on this a little bit more. some federal employees are facing vaccine requirements. large companies are mandating vaccines for their employees. who is protecting the kids? why not stick your neck out there a little more? >> with regard to mandating vaccinations, is that what you're saying? >> exactly. we have vaccine mandates for other types of illnesses and diseases. >> look, i'm an education expert. i trust my health and safety experts to follow the process. i understand the fda has to go through the process and i respect that process because we want to make sure people feel confident it got final approval. i think that's going to help tremendously. i certainly support vaccinations for 12 and up. my own children were vaccinated as soon as they were able to. and i think that's going to be part of the confidence building. we are doing everything in our power, ana, to make sure we have vaccination clinics set up, that we're giving the tools -- we have a return to school road map with tools for families in districts. we are encouraging states. i'm having conversations with governors, with superintendents, with state leaders to do everything they can in their
10:43 am
power. if we leave the politics out of it, let our educators and leaders lead, i'm confident we're going to get the students back in. >> let's make sure parents have the right information in terms of making decisions for their families. already in arkansas, one school district has more than 500 students and staff in quarantine because of an outbreak. we're hearing similar stories in mississippi, tennessee, north carolina as schools are reopening and the school year has begun. if more students and staff don't get vaccinated, are we looking at another year potentially of remote learning? >> you know, that would be so disappointing if our students who have been waiting to get back into their classrooms, who have done everything we've asked them to dough, it, it would be disappointing if their school year is disrupted because of decisions by adults. all hands on deck. we have to work together. our students are waiting. they shouldn't be penalized because we're putting in policies or we're hesitant or not communicating effectively with our families. you know, it's really on all of us, educators, elected officials
10:44 am
to communicate with families, give them the confidence that they need to make the decision to vaccinate their children when they're ready. but also if their children are under the age of 12, they should feel confident the school is doing everything in their power to keep their children and staff safe. >> what if republican leaders like ron desantis in florida or greg abbott in texas aren't doing what the cdc says is in the best interest of children and keeping them safe, who are making masks optional in schools and preventing school districts from requiring masks? what do you say to them? >> you know, we all share the same goal. we want our students in the classroom safely. and, you know, we're going to work -- the department of education will work with florida, with texas. they're our students, too. we'll get farther if we work together. the message really is look at the data. we want to reduce community spread. we want to get our students in the classroom. we don't want them to be the
10:45 am
reason why students' educational experience is disrupted their r or they have to quarantine or they aren't able to enjoy extracurricular activities. we want to get students back in safely. we have the tools to do t. we have great examples across the country where states are doing good things. i applaud the governor hutchinson for revisiting what he's revisiting over there. let's get our kids in safely. let's work together on doing that. our students are waiting. get the politics out of it. this is about safe school reopening. they deserve to be in the classrooms. >> and you are referencing governor hutchinson in arkansas who says he regrets allowing a law to go into effect that bans these mask requirements in schools. let me read you a letter from a superintendent in florida. this superintendent originally said he supported keeping masks optional, but he has changed his tune writing this. in the last ten days alone, before school has even opened, four school age children in leon county have been admitted to local hospitals. two of our pre-k teachers are currently in the intensive care unit at one of our local
10:46 am
hospitals. secretary, right now florida leads the nation in new covid-19 adult and child hospital admissions. should parents feel comfortable sending their kids to school without mask mandates in place? >> that's frustrating to hear that letter. this is preventable. this isn't delta variant. this is policies that are preventing students from getting to the classroom safely. and just to see that, you know, my heart goes out to the superintendents that are trying to do the right thing and are being pushed in the wrong direction. we know how to keep our children safe. we know how to set up pop-up clinics and get our students talking about the safety of vaccination. let's let our leaders lead, let's let our educators educate, keep the kids in school but do it safely. >> absolutely. i wish you the very best of luck. >> thank you. >> i hope your efforts are successful in making sure that this school year gets underway successfully. thank you, education secretary miguel cardona. >> we're going to do it. >> let's get it done. appreciate it. the olympic curse continues
10:47 am
after the men's u.s. sprint relay team fails to even qualify for the finals. we'll explain right after this. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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a silver lining for the u.s. women's soccer team in tomorrow yo thursday, but on the track? big diss pointment for four american sprinters. don, give us the latest. what happened in that 4x 100 relay? >> reporter: it did not go well for the american team. i ran track in high school. when you get it right, it is brilliant. when you get it wrong, it is a fiasco. that happened here. you watched fred curly trying to hand the bat on to ronnie baker, but they made such a mess, they lost so much speed they only ended up sixth in the race, which meant they didn't qualify for the finals. this is a problem that goes way back to 2000 when they lost one gold in this event. they've had one problem after another. it seems to be they didn't practice or they didn't get in enough practice, and the american track legend carl lewis said what happened was an absolute embarrassment. he said a total embarrassment
10:53 am
actually. no leadership, poor passing. you've got the wrong guys running the wrong legs, and for the deepest track and field team at the olympics it really is embarrassing, anna, they didn't manage to get to the finals. >> he called it unacceptable. i would be embarrassed to be getting that kind of a reprimand from carl lewis if i were them. i hope you have better news, let's end on a high note, please? >> good news for the u.s. basketball team. remember, they made a slow start and they were really poor in their warm-up games, but they beat australia in the semifinal by 97 points to 78. good night for kevin durant who scored 23 points. it means they're into the final, going for a gold medal. they will be playing against france. good team. france beat the auchu.s. in the start of the opening so a chance to get revenge there. also a good end to the tournament for the u.s. women's football team, soccer team. remember, of course, they lost
10:54 am
in the semifinals so they couldn't go for a gold, but they did manage to pick up a bronze medal on the way out of tokyo with a thrilling 4-3 win against australia. meagan ra peepinoe with a coupl goals and lloyd with a couple of goals. a nice story to end on. simone biles, who has arguably been the story of these olympics mainly for not competing and the twisties and such honesty from her about the mental struggles she was going through. of course, she ended up, as we know, with a bronze medal in the balance beam, but she has now said it was a rather obscure gym on the outskirts of tokyo called juntendo which gave her the opportunity to go there and practice in private. they locked the doors and nobody knew that she was there, and she was able to basically get herself back on track, compose herself, learn how to go through the moves again. she is just so grateful to that gym. she also said that the japanese
10:55 am
people are some of, if not the nicest people that i have ever met. so nice there. >> that's nice. that's heartwarming. thank you so much, don. good to see you. happy friday eve, dare i say. a quick programming note for everyone. from the occasionally low-brow laugh of always sunny to the expertly crafted sharp wit of atlanta, we have our favorite working class sitcom. i'm sure you can relate. it is about making ends meet and the difference between classes. that's what is next on the brand-new "history of the sitcom" sunday night at 9:00 on cnn. thanks for being with me today. i will see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 eastern. as always, follow me on twitter @anacabrera, and the news continues next with victor blackwell. have a great day. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato... you've ever tasted. talenti. raise the jar. when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching,
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♪ ♪ hello. i'm victor blackwell. thank you for joining me. alisyn is on off. we are now more than 500 days into this pandemic and the spread of the coronavirus is accelerating. the seven-day average of new infections is closing in on 100,000. the cdc just reported 103,000 new cases on tuesday alone. now, just six weeks ago the average daily case count was under 12,000, and now states with lower vaccination rates are running out of beds in their intensive care units. there are just six icu beds left in all of mississippi. that's not a percentage. that's the actual number of beds. but as cases surge, vaccinations are also ticking higher. a short time ago the white house covid response team said the unvaccinated are getting the message to get


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