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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 3, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. just ahead on "cnn newsroom" -- >> this remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> pandemic refocus, president biden's push to get more americans vaccinated has become even more urgent. we are live in tokyo where gymnastics star simone biles is back on the beam for her
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comeback performance. and iran confirms a new president as the crisis in the persian gulf worsens foreign relations. good to have you with us. the u.s. once again is ramping up its vaccination efforts as the delta variant sends covid cases soaring. later today president biden will deliver a speech about boosting vaccination rates at home and around the world. it comes one day after the u.s. reported that 70% of all americans have received at least one vaccine dose. meeting the biden administration's goal about a month late. but even with vaccination rates on the rise, officials say that the danger is hardly over. >> there are still about 90
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million eligible americans who are unvaccinated. and we need them do their part, roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. >> while we desperately want to be done with this pandemic, covid-19 is clearly not done with us. and so our battle mist last a little longer. >> and it is clear the u.s. is not out of the woods yet. the cdc says daily case counts have gone up more than 40% over the last week. and an average of 300 americans are stilll dying from covid eac day. and the white house is making an all-out push for vaccinations. kaitlan collins has more. >> reporter: this week you are seeing the white house really try to make this renewed evident to make covid-19 the focus of president biden's schedule. it started yesterday when he returned from camp david and he had a meeting in the oval office with his covid-19 team before they later briefed reporters on where they see the play of the
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land when it comes to the state of the pandemic. and that came after of course the cdc led to a lot of confusion when they changed the masking guidance for fully vaccinated people. today we'll see president biden address the state of the pandemic and level of vaccinations which we know are going up in recent days but they are still not at the level that the white house wants to see them in order to reach normal vaccination in the country, somewhere they thought we were headed but now of course it is changing with the delta variant which they warn is highly gref a aggressive and contagious. and president biden will meet with the chief science adviser on how to prepare for future pandemics given of course that there should be so much criticism over how the beginning of this pandemic was handled by the last administration. this all comes as the white house is also battling this eviction moratorium fight with democrats on capitol hill, essentially both pointing the blame to one another for why it expired and what should happen next and the white house is calling on states and localities
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to help out there potentially extend their own moratoriums, make sure that they are freeing up aid for those families who need it. and this is as you see a renewed effort and focus on the pandemic that we have not seen in several weeks here at the white house where they have tried to focus on other priorities as they thought the pandemic was coming to an area where they felt a lot better about the progress. now you are seeing it is once again their number wo one prior. new cases are surging so badly that the federal government is deploying surgery teams to help stabilize ten states, one of those being louisiana where the largest hospital needs help treating the highest number of covid cases they have ever seen due to the delta variant. the governor says the situation may look bad now, but it will get much worse. >> the urgency is that we have the highest case growth rate in the country and the second place state is quite a ways behind us.
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that is not a distinction that we're proud of. and the percent positivity is above 13% of all tests coming back positive and that seems to be increasing which means that we have not reached the peak and we don't know how much further this is going to go. >> the same hospital says that they have no more available beds with more than 20 patients on a wait list to be admitted to the icu. most of their patients are unvaccinated and many are under the age of 50. one local nurse says the virus does not discriminate. >> in the beginning it was sad, we lost a lot of people in the beginning. but mostly it was people that had lived long lives of love and they had seen their families grow and this is just different. this really has made it show that covid does not discriminate and everybody is vulnerable.
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>> and florida and texas are also in bad shape. last week one in every three new covid infections came from one of those states where vaccination rates are relatively low. but that could be changing. this was a vaccination site in miami beach on monday with dozens lined up to get their shots after hospitals in south florida announced record-breaking numbers of covid patients. the five states shown here accounted for nearly half of all new covid cases in the u.s. last week. what do they have in common? the scdc says all five have vaccinated less than half of their residents. lindsey graham says he is only experiencing mild symptoms after testing positive for covid-19. the u.s. senate republican was vaccinated and he credits the shots for keeping him from feeling much worse. meantime former president barack obama is getting ready to celebrate hit 60th birthday with
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a covid compliant party in martha's vineyard, that is according to a source who says the weekend event will be held outside and will include safety protocols including the testing of guests. meantime many u.s. states and cities are responding in very different ways to cdc advice on wearing masks indoors. georgia's governor says he won't impose a statewide mask rule. but atlanta pin sublic schools require masks for all students and teachers. a cardiologist i spoke to last hour warns why this could lead t to problems. >> everyone should be wearing masks as high a quality, as tight a fit indoors for sure. because even if you are vaccinated, you are still potentially vulnerable, that is how tough this delta is. and so the idea that certain states would have a mandate against mandates is just
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prepo preposterous. and the lack of this consistent plan and strategy across the whole country is another thing that is holding us back. >> the doctor went on to say that covid vaccines remain critical in preventing hospitalizations and serious illness as the delta variant spreads. the tokyo plolympics is not over yet for the young woman many consider is the greatest gymnast of all-time. simone bills is scheduled to compete in the balance beenl event. she was a favorite to win gold in multiple events before she withdrew last week citing mental health concerns. the balance beam is her final chance for gold this tokyo. she already has a silver as part of the u.s. women's team final.
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world sport anchor patrick snell is standing by here in atlanta. but first we go to blake essig live in tokyo. good to see you. so simone biles poised to compete later this hoyer with t hour with the world watching her latest move. what is the late snes. >> reporter: in less than one hour, city hone biles will make a dramatic return to olympic competition and she will do it on the balance beam while spectators aren't allowed inside to watch the competition, a handful of people waited for several hours during the hottest part of the day just for the chance to see the great one in person. and for some of these lucky fans, they are actually able to do that. it happened a couple hours ago, city hone biles and team usa gymnastics who are staying at a hotel right across the street instead of the olympic village in order to better control the athletes and their safety given
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the pandemic, and while they all looked focused, we only saw them briefly as they crossed the street to enter the venue. but they took the time to acknowledge the crowd and gave them a little wave. i spoke with one person who said she struggled told back a scream and almost cried when biles waved to her and that it was the highlight of the olympic games for her and she can't wait to see would what happens later tonight. >> i know that she'll give it her all. even if something -- maybe if she loses, in our heart she still won and she did her best and that is all that matters. >> reporter: before these games started, biles had a chance to win six gold medals and was a heavy favorite to win at least four, but so far he will only take a silver because of dropping out because of mental health issues. while she doesn't need to win any more gold medals to cement her legacy, withdrawing from competition and putting her mental health first will likely
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mean so much more to the sports world as a whole more than winning a few more gold medals. but tonight the world will be watching as simone biles goes for gold in tokyo. >> imagine the pressure she is feeling right now. just incredible. such an incredible woman and sports woman. blake essig joining us there, many thanks. and now we bring in patrick snell with the day's other actions. bring us up-to-date. >> yes, already so much to talk about. amazing historic day this tuesday and it was a pleasure to actually witness, a privilege even. warholm won gold in the 400 meter hmeet hurdles and 1459 shattering the records. we called it the race of the ages. world records standing at 46.70
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seconds which warholm said himself both he and benjamin beating the mark by a wide margin, warholm becoming the first to run it in less than 46 seconds finishing in a time of 45.94. benjamin's time 46.17. even the bronze medal, that time 46.72. and that by the way the fourth fastest in the entire history of this event. after the race warholm calling it the biggest moment of his life adding that it defines everything, all the hours that i put in, everything that my coach has been working for. i dream about it like a maniac, i tell you, i sleep all night on it, i spend all my time thinking about this, so just getting this last medal into my collection, it is complete. what a day, what an achievement. and we've already been hugely
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impressed by another star, in this case the dutch competitor hassan who suffered that fall. but going on to the victory after a photo finish. one down, two to go as she looks to do something never before attempted, trio of track golds. hassan securing the first of those and she becomes now the first dutch woman to win an olympic medal in a women's long distance event. really impressive. and it all goes back to that fall, a real spurring point for her. and i want to get to a special piece of history today for japanese sport, another one, what an olympic games the host nation is having. the boxer kiclinching the women gold upsetting the world
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reigning champion as well. what an achievement for her. let's check in on the overall medal situation. china still leading the way, still leads the medals table with 29 golds out of their 63 in total. we have the united states with the most total medals at 66. 22 of them are gold. the host having an historic olympics, 18 gold medals for them so far, their most ever in a single games. what a tuesday it has been so far and plenty more to come as well. back to you. >> patrick snell, you have been doing such a great job covering all of this. >> it is exciting, it is such a privilege to be part of this. >> you're having a wonderful time. thank you so much. and we'll of course go back to blake in about 40 minutes when simone biles will compete this the balance beam competition. so stick around for that. the international olympic committee is investigating why
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an olympian is seeking refuge after refusing to stay home. she says she described feeling safe and secure after receiving a humanitarian visa from poland. she may fly to warsaw as early as tomorrow. >> their first concern is for the athlete. in terms of safe guarding, first and foremost i think the actions that we've taken together with our partners should hopefully give confidence not just to belarusian athletes but also that the ioc will take their concerns seriously and will act on them. >> she said that she was being forced to return to belarus against her will and that she feared arrest. she had criticized belarusian sporting authorities for entering her into a race without her consent. belarusian delegation said she was being withdrawn from the
1:16 am
games due to her psychological issues. and a u.n. spokesman is defending her saying that i think what is important is that everyone who asks for protection for refugee status is afforded that important. no one should be forced to go home under threat or under force. the battle to keep the taliban at bay, coming up, how close the militants are to taking over major afghan cities, when we come back. for the price of one frebreze refill, you get two air wick refills. for over 50% more of the fresh fragrance you love. choose air wick. tony here from taking to the streets to talk about credit. can you repair your credit yourself? yes. -guhhh...ow? how long does credit repa take? i don't know, like 10 years. what? are you insane? what's a good credit score? go.
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this giant sculpture stands in beirut made from the wreckage of last year's deadly port explosion. the artist says he wanted to pay tribute to the families of the victims. this wednesday marks one year since the tragedy and critics say it is still too soon for a memorial because no one has been brought to justice over what happened. the official investigation is stalled with no answers on how hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate were left at the port unattended for years when those chemicals exploded, more than 200 people were killed, thousands injured and large areas of the lebanese capital
1:21 am
destroyed. the taliban are getting closer to taking over the capital of the helmand province. most of the militant's gains have been in rural areas. now a source says they have seized a tv station. and afghan security officials says the u.s. has ramped up activities around the area. hundreds of forces have arrived. the security official says that t taliban forces had surged toward the city but had been pushed back for now. nic robertson is in london and is joining us with more. so what more are you learning about the recent taliban advances and where all this might be going? >> it is not going to a good place, that is clear. civilians are being caught up in the conflict we're hearing from the u.n., from other humanitarian groups, doctors without borders, saying that in
1:22 am
some areas people are too afraid to leave their houses and also that dozens of civilians are being treated for war injuries. the u.n. is saying that civilians are being killed in lashkar and helmand province. and they are trying to cut the road linking the airport to the city, strategic typical military fighting if you will. they want to did youcut off any possibility of the afghan government reinforcing the forces that they have surged into that city. why is the airport so strategically important? because the roads essentially are already cut. the road linking the airport to the city is a relatively remote road, several miles long, relatively straight. and for the taliban and afghan
1:23 am
government, that will be a key feature of the fight. but what is emerging in this picture as taliban go after the cities, whether trying to capture the whole cities, taking tv stations, et cetera, civilians are getting caught in the crossfire. and this is the emerging picture at the moment in afghanistan. the afghan government believes that the taliban won't negotiate, that they won't negotiate until they have been fought to a stalemate because they believe that the taliban think that militarily they have the upper hand. and really that does seem to be where the conflict is at the moment. there are key cities in the south that are vital for the government to maintain control of, to be able to say that it is winning the fight against the taliban, that it does control the majority of the country, albeit just the provincial capitals in many cases.
1:24 am
>> thick robertson joining us live from london with that sobering report. many thanks. thousands of afghans will soon have another pathway to the u.s. the state department is expanding it refugee program to afghans who worked with the u.s. and could face taliban reprisal. these are people who didn't meet the requirements for a special immigrant visa but may have worked for contractors or as interpreters for the u.s. or nato. however, there is a catch. these applicants won't be processed as refugees until they are in a third country. and they will have to get themselves out of afghanistan. >> so today the state department is announcing a new resettlement program for afghans who assisted the united states but who do not qualify for special immigrant visas. we've created a priority two or p-2 designation granting being assess to the u.s. refugee
1:25 am
admissions program for many of these afghans and their family members. >> critics and human rights act it i virgin islands say the fact that applications must be processed outside of afghanistan will make it much more difficult for desperate afghans to resettle in the u.s. still to come here, china is scrambling to contain a growing covid-19 outbreak caused by the delta variant. a live report from hong kong, next. and time has run out for many americans after a federal ban on evictions expired over the weekend. now some are left with no options and little hope. >> this tiny virus has come along and just -- >> taken everything. hey, i just got a text from my sister.
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. while vaccinations are a major focus in the u.s. right now, the white house spent the weekend looking for a way to legally stop evictions for those affected by the pandemic. the effort wasn't successful leaving millions of renters with no where to go. nick twatt reports on one famil who could be kicked out of their apartment at any point. >> oh, i owe 1900. >> that is a 24 hour eviction notice. >> and you guys, i'm freaking out because i'm really thinking that they are coming at any point. >> reporter: to throw kelly and her little girls on to the street. talking about it doesn't help. >> sorry. >> reporter: no, we're sorry to -- yeah. >> you know it is happening when
1:30 am
you start talking about it. it is bringing all my emotions. >> reporter: i'm sorry. kelly was a casino dealer here in las vegas. loved it. >> i'm like come on, please win, i'm rooting for you. >> reporter: she lost her jobs, now has no car and no money for child care. >> it is this tiny virus that has come along and just -- >> taken everything. i've had to donate a few days ago. >> reporter: she is now donating blood plasma, 100 bucks a time, to buy groceries. >> so you are managing to eat okay. >> oh, yeah. well, they are eating okay, let put it that way. there are days that i don't even want to roll out of the bed. you get what mine. >> reporter: kelly's pawned or sold nearly everything she has. >> i had a bed right here and there was a tv right here on top of this stand. so i had to pawn that. >> reporter: she thought about working online -- >> you lost your laptop?
1:31 am
>> i had to pawn that trying to keep up with the bills. >> reporter: this is the girls' room. >> they used to have their bed right here and a little chest. >> reporter: not any money. >> i'll sacrifice high couch, it is a little beat up now, just so that they don't have to -- >> reporter: more than 11 million americans are reportedly behind on their rent. congress approved $47 billion to help, but very few of those billions have actually been handed out. kelly applied, hasn't heard back. >> it is a process, two or three months you have to wait or something. >> reporter: and that federal ban on evictions expired midnight saturday. >> did they know what is going on? >> not really. how do you explain that to your kids, you know what i mean? i don't have any words. i think that i'll just break down crying. just hug them, i guess, and let them know everything is going to be all right and we'll figure it out, i guess.
1:32 am
>> reporter: kelly has always set up a gofundme trying to just cover her rent. it is a hail mary, she is hoping, praying for a miracle. another thing she is hoping for is that more people would just wear masks, that way she says we could all get back to work, back to life. nick watt, cnn, las vegas. the coronavirus is also rapidly spreading across the u.s. heartland where vaccinations are low. take a look at arkansas, the state is fighting a sumprge in w cases. it reported its highest increase in covid hospitalizations ever on monday. the state's republican governor is urging people to do their part and get vaccinated. and in missouri, covid cases are rising again after months of decline. cnn spoke to kimberly jones of st. louis whose daughter erica didn't trust the covid vaccine and didn't want the shot.
1:33 am
the 37-year-old died from the virus and now her mother is pleading with people to get vaccinated. >> you don't want this. and you can avoid this. my message would be to people that, you know, that we have to trust the science and the medicine and if you want to protect yourself and your family, don't be selfish and only think about yourself. for those that think that, you know, you see all the pictures in the media and on tv and stuff, and you think that it can't happen to you. it can happen to you. it can happen. because it happened to me and my family. right now i do not have my daughter, she's gone, 37 years old with a bright future and my daughter fought, fought hard for her life. this is something that, you know, you can avoid. if we going to beat this virus, we got to get vaccinated. >> powerful message there.
1:34 am
new york city has also seen a rise in covid cases with substantial or high transmission reported in all five boroughs. but the mayor is not implementing an indoor mask policy. instead, he is focusing on vaccinations. jason carroll has the details. >> reporter: mayor de blasio is recommending that anyone who foes ifoe foes goes inside a public place mask up, but he stopped short of issuing a mask mandate. some of his critics are questioning why especially when you consider that new york city is seeing an uptick in covid cases. the mayor says his recommendation is based on data and science and that the strategy going forward is focused to getting more people vaccinated. in fact he said everything the city is doing is about, quote, getting vaccine centric. when pressed, he said the city is offering the same guidance the cdc issued last week. so no mask mandate, but he is urging people no go inside public places like a restaurant or grocery store or a gym to max
1:35 am
up. in fact equinox and sole cycle require all members be vaccinated before entry, that goes in to effect in september. i spoke to a restaurant owner right here at cafeteria restaurant, a popular place here in new york city, to ask them about how the mayor's recommendation might affect their policy going forward. >> i think it is a great approach. ultimately, you know, as we've all been saying, new york is a resilient city. i think that it is important that everybody take part and do, you know, whatever is needed to try to eradicate as much as we can this virus. if it is just a short little step back in wearing a mask for a little bit longer indoors, or any part where there is a high level of amount of people, i think we should do it, it is important. we should try to do as much as we can to try to save our city and our businesses. >> reporter: new york's governor
1:36 am
andrew cuomo also held a briefing on monday where he also encouraged businesses to adopt a vaccine admission only policy. jason carroll, cnn, new york. across asia, the battle to end the covid-19 pandemic is facing even more challenges. malaysia just reported its highest daily death toll from the virus with 219 new fatalities on monday. thailand has extended its lockdown until the end of the month to slow down rising coronavirus cases and now china is struggling to contain a growing covid outbreak caused by the delta variant. cnn's kristie lu stout is joining us from hong kong. good to see you. so what is the latest on china's effort to contain this outbreak? >> reporter: china really is being tested by the rapid spread of the delta variant. tuesday it reported 61 new locally transmitted cases, higher than the day before, and
1:37 am
yes, far lower than the u.s. and uk, but let's bring up the man. the fact that these viruses have been able to spread across 26 cities and 16 provinces across china in the last two weeks, that is sparking immense concern as you can imagine china has rolled out sweeping pandemic restrictions in wuhan, the city where the coronavirus was first detected. the delta variant is there. some 11 million people live there, all will be subjected to covid-19 testing. and in another city, three rounds of testing there the last two weeks. beijing is banning any people coming from mid to high risk areas from entering the city. and yet experts outside china say these measures are not enough. take a listen. >> i think it is time for the government to seriously consider shifting to mitigation based strategy that focuses on taking care of those severe cases and reducing mortality.
1:38 am
that could be done by developing, importing and distributing more effective vaccines. >> the delta outbreak in china is a test of the country's zero tolerance approach to infection with its mask testing and contact tracing and lockdown campaigns, but also a test for the mass vaccination rollout. so far china has had ministered 1.65 billion doses of the vaccine. back to you. >> kristie lu stout bringing us the latest from her vantage point there in hong kong. and when we come back, it is election day in cleveland, ohio with a hotly contested race between a vocal progressive and an establishment democrat. back in a moment.
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. voters go to the polls today in ohio's 11th congressional district in a risk that is exposing dangerous divisions in the democratic party. and it is bringing out some big name campaigners as well. jeff zeleny reports. >> reporter: bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail, this time asking ohio voters to send his friend nina turner to washington. >> the next member of congress, nina turner! >> reporter: james clyburn spent the weekend here taking a different stance. saying president biden needs a loyal partner. >> he needs somebody there who will work with him. >> reporter: here in cleveland, a contentious congressional primary contest is reviving old divisions between the democratic establishment and the party's progressive win. turner and brown are vying to fill the seat of marcia fudge who stepped down to serve in
1:43 am
biden's cabinet. sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez are for turner and hillary clinton and leaders of the congressional black caucus backing brown. >> there is no contrast, it is all about shontel brown. >> reporter: it is a key test for the party's direction and the biden agenda with other groups flooding the airwaves spending millions. >> shontel brown out for herself. >> don't just attack joe biden and kamala harris, i'm sick of it. >> reporter: she is talking about turner using an expletive to describe the difference -- >> you have two bowls of shit in front of you. >> reporter: and we asked turner if she regrets disparaging biden. >> i will say that at that moment we know primaries are very heated.
1:44 am
>> reporter: she said that she would work with the president but not bow to him. >> congress has power too and my job is not just to parrot any administration, whether democrat or republican. my job is to represent the interests of people who elect me. >> reporter: sanders is chairman of the senate budget committee and key player in negotiating biden's economic plan. he said criticism of turner is unwarranted, yet telling. >> they are afraid of her, that she would stand up and fight and take them on in the struggle for justice. >> reporter: the race has emerged as a proxy war with sanders ap-clyburn leading the respective flanks of the party. how important is shontel brown to president biden's agenda? >> very, very important. >> reporter: brown a member of the cuyahoga county council talks often about helping the president's agenda, so much so that turner has seized upon it. >> i would consider a puppet someone that has been on the national stage delivering catch
1:45 am
phrases like hello somebody, i'm a partner who know what is it takes to sit at the negotiating table to get things done. >> reporter: and that was a not so subtle crack at one of turner's signature phrases. >> hello, somebody, hello, somebody. >> reporter: the acrimony any has intensified but the rivals found themselves side by side sunday at church. >> owhere brown extended her had to turner as the battle is left to the voters. >> reporter: infrastructure bills is precisely why the party establishment is so focused on races like this. the majorities are so small, every vote counts. of course party leaders say they are simply worried about the squad getting another member in knee that turner. they say the president needs more allies and not antagonists. for turner's part, she says the white house could use a progressive push. jeff zeleny, cnn, cleveland. iran's supreme leader is done firming iranian
1:46 am
president-elect ebrahim raisi today. he will be sworn in thursday. he was elected in a largely noncompetitive vote after his serious rivals were barred from the race. and the u.s. is promising a collective response to an attack on a commercial tanker. they blame iran for the drone attack on this ship. britain and romanian were killed. iran is denying any involvement and vowing to respond to threats firmly and with seriousness. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken says iran has been acting irresponsibly. >> iran's action is a direct threat to freedom of navigation and commerce. it took the lives of innocent sailors. we're coordinating with our partners and consulting with governments in the region.
1:47 am
>> and fred pleitgen is in tehran with the latest. he joins us now. so fred, how might this tanker attack impact u.s./iran relations as the new president prepares to get sbworn in? >> reporter: they certainly aren't going to improve those relations and it is very interesting that as ebrahim raisi is set to take office on thursday, that there is already this heightened tension between not just the u.s. and iran but also britain as well as, the romanians which are part of the european group and iran. so generally a time of heightened tensions between iran and western nations and that certainly is something where you can see that that will occupy the first days of the administration of ebrahim raisi. and what we're set to see when he takes office is going to be an iran that will be a lot more assertive in international politics. that is something that raisi said, he said iran internationally will be dynamic and very active in foreign
1:48 am
policy. and of course that first and foremost means that region here, middle east, although iranians say that they will act globally as well. iranians also saying that they don't intend to talk to the united states. it will be one of those things where right now of course you have the indirect negotiations going on to try to revive the iran nuclear agreement, but he also said that he will not speak directly to the u.s. or president biden. so one thing that we could already see happening potentially is more friction with between the u.s. and iran. it will be very interesting to see how things move forward after this incident. as you said, the iranians are continuing to denny y any sor involvement. but also interested in seeing if there is any retaliatory action. exact words of the spokesman of
1:49 am
iran's foreign minister is those two sow wind will reap a whirlwind in return. >> fred pleitgen bringing us the latest from tehran. many thanks. it is simone biles last chance for gold this the tokyo summer olympics. the american superstar will compete in the balance beam final very soon. we're live outside the gymnasium after this short break. you remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. wow. so sudden. um, we're not about to have the "we need life insurance" conversation again, are we? no, we're having the "we're getting coverage so we don't have to worry about it" conversation. so you're calling about the $9.95 a month plan -from colonial penn? -i am. we put it off long enough. we are getting that $9.95 plan, today. (jonathan) is it time for you to call about the $9.95 plan?
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any moment now the women's balance beam final will begin in tokyo where simone biles among those aiming for gold. it is her first defense since she withdrew from competition last week citing mental health concerns. this is her last chance to win gold in tokyo. and blake essig is live this hour in tokyo, he is joining us now. i'm almost feeling nervous for her. the pressure is building of course for simone biles as she prepares to compete just moments from now. what is the latest on all of
1:54 am
this? >> reporter: you know, as you said, any moment thousand the bal now the balance beam final will take place behind me. i'm jealous, i wish i was in there to see what was going on. but here we are. there is no question that the eyes of the world are focused on this event to see what happens when simone biles arguably the greatest gymnast of all time returns to the mat after admitting that she's been struggling with mental health issues. of course the olympic games haven't panned out how biles or anyone really thought they would especially for someone considered by many to be the face of the usa olympic team. at the start of these games, biles had a chance to take home six olympic gold medals and while things could change shortly, she will only leave with a silver because more than a week ago biles was competing in the women's team final when she withdrew herself after stumbling on the vault citing mental health concern. in the days that followed, she
1:55 am
withdrew from an additional four competitions. biles said the reason that she wit withdrew is because she's been struggling with the twisties, a mental block where competitors lose track of positioning midair. it might sound innocent enough, but for a gymnast, disconnect between body and mind is encreen enincredibly dangerous. also taking place tonight, suni lee will also be going for gold, her second. but who will claim the final women's gymnastics gold? biles, lee or someone else. we'll find out in just about an hour. >> we certainly shall. very exciting. blake essig bringing us the latest from tokyo. many thanks. the turkish government is under scrutiny as firefighters work to contain the wildfires,
1:56 am
at least seven are still burning out of more than 100 that started last week. villages in one resort town have been carrying buckets of water up a hill to fight the flames themselves saying the government has not sent enough resources to help. a government spokesman rejected the criticism and says people will be compensated for their losses. thank you so much for your company. i'm rosemary church. be sure to connect with me on twitter. "early start" is up next. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number?
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muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. see for yourself at america finally reaching the president's vaccination target. will the momentum for new shots keep up. more tragedy for the d.c. place, ftwo more officers who defended the capitol dying by suicide. and we're just moments away from gymnast simone biles' return to the olympics. we're live in tokyo. >> it is tuesday, august 3, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm laura jarrett. >>


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