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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  July 31, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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will ford in april of 2020. >> we've underestimated this. it's time to consider business for the long hall. you cannot avoid delta. it is not possible. so you have a decision to make. get vaccinated or fought and the results are telling us, if are you not vaccinated, you have a really poor outkukoc. >> i am hopeful many realize how offensive it is. >> extreme high traits rates of vaccination, we will see more and more variants. but if you put an a parachute you have a 50% chance of living when you land. you better put on a parachute. >> hello, everyone, i'm ryan nobles in for pamela brown
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tonight. are you in the cnn newsroom, a jaw-dropping reality check from the cdc a short time ago. according to cdc, covid has been fatal to less than 1 .001. the so-called break through infections occasionally happen. they rarely lead to symptoms that require hospitalizations. so the bottom line, the vaccine works. worried health experts are now scrambling to drive home that message as the frightening spike in cases and hospitalizations pushes higher. you can bring the very contagious delta variant which accounts for thousands of cases and vaccine hesitancy, less than half of the nation is vaccinated. it's slowly inching higher as the cdc dress e stresses the vaccine is still the best
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protection against protection and hospitalization and death. as the cases climb nationwide, the conditions spread only worsen. next week, kids will start returning to school. and those younger than 12 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated in the united states. in new york, though, there are signs of progress. the vaccination rate is climbing after requirements were announced for city and state workers this past week. paula pool larlo sand seval is. >> reporter: here in new york, mayor deblasio says we could see an announcement as early as monday. new cases of the coronavirus are rising in every state across the nation by at least 10% over the past week. there are complimenters of hope. vaccination rates are up 26% from three weeks ago and 49.5%
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of the population is fully vaccinated. still, far short of where the white house hoped to be now in the south, like alabama and arkansas, states with poor vaccination progress now seeing the average number of shots double in the last three weeks. but the south still has a long way to go. >> as bad as things are in the south, they're about to get worse, if for lots of unvaccinated individuals. >> reporter: new cases in florida have jumped by more than 50% in the past week. neighboring georgia, the new case rate tripled in in the past two weeks. in indian, daily vaccination rates jumped 111% from three weeks a. >> the delta variant is a game changer and at this point it's not whether we vaccinate or mask, we have to do both. >> reporter: an internal document from the centers for disease control and pre investigation says the delta variant feeling much of the rise
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across the country produces similar viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people affected. they may spread the krarnt as unvaccinated people. but it's critical to know break-through infections among vaccinated people are rampl as the cdc pushes for people to wear masks indoors, president biden says, more restrictions could be coming s. and health experts agree, unless many more americans get vaccinated, things could get much worse. >> what we can say is this virus is doing exactly what we predicted it will do. if we can't get extremely high rates of vaccination and those rates now need to be higher than they were with the original strain because of the increased activity, we're going to see more and more variants, some of which will be worse.
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>> reporter: a quick note wihen it comes to florida, the case positivity 22% for those 19-years-old. ron desantis issued an executive order to prevent a masked mandate when it comes to schools, ryan. >> all right. thank you from new york. many vaccine hessstant americans say they're not ruling out getting the shot and they just want to wait and see. well, that can be a fatal mistake. 39-year-old michael free, big mike, to many of his friends want to give it a year. after a trip to san diego and his faye onsay and his five children, he started feeling unwell. he tested positive for covid. he was hospitalized. he died on thursday. his fiancee spoke to phil mattingly a short time ago. >> it still feels real, like he should be here, he should be
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coming home. this is somebody else's life. as looping as i'm doing somethi i'm fine. i have to get this laundry done, as long as my mind is moving, wait one year, what's one year from when the vaccine started being released. one year is not bad. after that we'll decide which ones that hit the market are best for us and our family. so it was never, no, we're not doing it. we need to see which one is best for us, which one had the least side effects. people are complaining the least about. whereas, what is the safest one? so it's not we're not doing it, the hesitancy was which way to go? i think right now if you are on the fence and it's only about side effects, then whatever that is, it's wholly worth it. because i don't have mike
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anymore. my kids don't have a dad anymore because we restated. i we hesitated. everybody can have a bad reaction to any vaccine throughout history. but i would take a bad reaction to vaccine over having to bury my husband. i would take that any day. mike was the kind of person that everybody should tribe to be. he was kind,gent him, giving. he was funny. he was larger than life. he was everything. >> absolutely heart breaking. if you want to know more about michael, his wife, the people lease left behind, jessica has set up a go fund me page in his memory. right now, all three vaccines in the u.s. have only emergency use authorization. so the fda is bringing in extra help to speed up the final approval of the pfizer vaccine. health officials are hoping that full approval will help convince
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anyone reluctant that it's safe to get the vaccine. joining me now cnn medical analyst and professor of medicine and surgery at george washington university. let's get right intoist. the cdc just released this number showing how miniscule the chances of dieing is if you are fully vaccinated. how much more clear does it have to be to change anyone's mind? >> so if i tell you that if you are vaccinated, you have a 99.991% chance of actually 99.999% chance of not dying from this virus, what else in life gives you that kind of guarantee? our vaccines are exquisitely effective and very safe. the messaging, unfortunately, from the cdc very poor and the release of this data is an effort to try to get back on
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track. but the news is just phenomenal with these vaccines, even with the soup were aggressive delta variant, vaccines work and they work really well. >> so let's talk about the media's role in all of this and to brave the nervous public especially when it comes to break-through infections. i believe we have a clip from fox news last night. take a listen. >> i don't think you can mandate someone to get vaccinated. i'm pretty sure we've never done that before and it was a month ago kamala harris and the president said i can't force anyone to do it. but europe is doing that. could you ever get behind a vaccine mandate for everybody? >> no, not unless there is some incredibly deadly disease, much higher fatality rates with covid. we don't know the final infection fatality rate right now, it's looking like it's not going to be much more a double bad season in a clinic. >> doctor, 600,000 americans
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have died of covid. does that qualify in your professional opinion as a deadly disease that senator johnson is alluding to? >> senator johnson never ceases to astounding with his lack of knowledge when it comes to things medical. just to set the record straight, seasonal flu in a bad year kills about 30-to-50,000 americans. and that's awful. so the death toll, which is almost a significant undercount is more than 12-fold higher than that. using the highest estimate of isn't theal flu. i don't know how, what kind of horrible catastrophe he expects to come to the united states in which he'd be willing to vaccinate the country. but, listen, we have mandatory vaccines in this country in every state. you can't go to school in the united states without a whole series of vaccines. every state in the union requires children to be
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vaccinated. so we are accustomed to mandating vaccines. this is a lethal pathogen. we have a tool to prevent just about everyone from dying from this. yet with have particularly fox news, not just sort of vaccine hesitant, they are vaccine hostile. some of their evening hosts seem hell-bent on preventing more and more americans from actually getting vaccinated. you know under the guise of just asking questions. they seem to have a lot of questions and never have anyone on their panels that can answer those questions. the answer is no, these vaccines are safe and incredibly effective. >> luckily, doctor, we have people on our programs that can answer these questions. are you among them. later this hour, we will have you back. we've asked our viewers to tweet us with some questions that they had concerns. they have about the covid vaccine and wear going to have you back to answer them, if you
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would still like to get a question in, tweet me at ryan nobles with one n. we will take a look at them and have a doctor to answer those questions. right now, let's talk about louisiana, a major covid hot spot. the governor calling the delta variant a quote game changer. and he says he is seriously considering a mask mandate arguing, quote, you can't keep doing the same thing and just hoping for a better outcome. one batten rouge hospital has seen the number of patients with consisted of increase rapidly. most there had a chance to get a vaccine and didn't. now they're very sick and very regretful. cnn takes us inside. >> reporter: amy madison struggles to breathe. what does it feel like to have covid? >> exhausting. extremely frustrating, tiring. and the fact that i am here now,
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i am furious with myself. >> reporter: why? >> because i was not vaccinated. >> reporter: not anti-vaccine, she says she just didn't get around to it. the 44-year-old is now one of dozens of covid-19 patients in baton rouge's our lady of the lake regional medical center. her oxygen low. her doctor says she might need a vert. ventilator. >> i don't want anyone else winding up like me, especially when the vaccine is so easy to get now. >> reporter: the delta variant now prevalent in the bayou state. not only is it enormously infectious. >> the delta variant is far more contagious, right, that doesn't mean i will spread it to more people. it means when i inhale somebody else's breath, i am getting a massive amount of virus. >> reporter: it is spreading everywhere, in cities and rural areas. >> there is nowhere safe. you should be vaccinated and
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have a mask on. because we are inundated with covid. >> ronnie smith 47 says he thinks he got it from a friend outdoors. outdoors at a barbecue. he was planning to get the vaccine when covid-19 got him. >> well, two days after the event, it just like i had, i went down on the floor and i couldn't get up. >> reporter: nurse here say they've watched the number of critically ill patients grow rapidly. some anti-vaccination patients still in denial. covid-19 is real. >> some people insist that we're lying to them about their covid-positive diagnosis. >> reporter: even sick people? >> who need oxygen on their way to death are denying they have covid? >> i have patients deny it all the way up until intubation. what do they think they have? >> they think they have a cold. >> reporter: carson baker only 21 has a kidney condition.
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her doctor had as advised against getting vaccinated for now. she thinks she pick up the coronavirus while in a screened-in porch across the room from someone else who had it. what does that tell you how easy it is to get it? >> immune disease you can't go anywhere nowp just everybody is getting sick. it just doesn't matter what you do. >> reporter: lauren douglas has been in nursing for 35 years. the last year her hardest. frustration with sickness, death and unvaccinated at boiling point. >> sometimes praying isn't enough. and yell at jesus if i need to. it's head shaking, teeth grinding, knees tight, standing up, just wanting to scream from the hilltops, frustrating. >> reporter: miguel marquez, cnn, batten rouge, louisiana. >> thank you. this just into cnn, a mass
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shooting this afternoon outside a funeral home in indianapolis. the victims include a 4-year-old girl, one of five people hit. she's now listed in critical condition. all of the victims are alive. police believe at least some of them were there for a funeral service. investigators think the gunman got out of the vehicle, approached another vehicle and got into an argument with someone before opening fire throughout the parking that. that shooter right now remains on loose. we are keeping an eye on this situation. if there are new developments, we will bring them to you immediately. well, with so many people unvaccinated, it's important to understand why they are hesitant to get the shot. so i'm going to talk to a woman who is initially a skeptic of the vaccines. you will find out what changed her mind. but next the u.s. women's gymnastics team takes to the floor in tokyo without simone biles. will rip ply live in tokyo. he'll have all the latest for us when we come back. to gelato made from scratch.
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. >> just a few hours, the final round of competition for several individual gymnastics events will begin in tokyo. missi missing from the stage will be money is biles. she pulled out after a mental state known as twisties. they lose track in the air. will, it's looking increasingly likely biles will go home without any medals. and just a few seconds of competition time. which is remarkable given what an incredible career she's had. >> reporter: it goes to show you this mental health which has been under discussed, naomi osaka brought it to light, simone biles brought it to life. the pressure on athletes given all of the social media, sponsor shpgs, agents, the need to perform, all the media hype,
4:22 pm
that all comes together. it can cause an athlete to get in their head. for simone biles it's the terrorist i twisties where your mind and body are out of sync. that's dangerous when you do these complicated maneuvers. by checking her ego and step aside and let her team mates to shine has been incredible. sun seuni lee and other talent were showcased. it's opening the door. >> she's shown leadership among many of the other things impressive. tough competition, there has been brutal heat in japan. they aren't the only things these olympians are facing. i know covid, to a certain extent, you must get sick of talking about it. but it's impossible to ignore the impact that it's having on
4:23 pm
these games. the cases are on the rise again. how much of that is touching the games, themselves? >> reporter: it's a really interesting question. because there was this concern all along of the olympics turning into a super spreader event. co the concern is the foreigners would bring something with them. it would disperse out into the community, which is why we get consisted of tested and go through procedures, quarantine and what not. so the olympic bubble is holding with a couple hundred cases, mostly staff members, yet, outside, in tokyo, they have the biggest numbers, daily numbers throughout the entire pandemic. part is because people are out seeing some of these eventsp we saw thousands of spectate rors at the triathlon the course is right below where i am standing. they lined the streets and we saw examples of people sitting
4:24 pm
outside the olympic stadium streaming the telecast on their phone. so these types of activities during the olympics are potentially along with the delta variant causing a significant surge in cases here. >> the most initial olympic games, perhaps, of all time. will ripley continuing to cover it for us live from tokyo thank you so much. the fire of olympic competition is compounded, making for conditions the worst in the history of the summer games. coming up, we'll look at the toll it can take on some of these athletes and how olympians are handling it. the case of vaccinations is picking up in the united states, even in states that have been struggling. so what's working to get the word out about this life-saving shot? i'll ask a former koifld sccovi skeptic. what changed her mind and for others still on the fence.
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as the country sees restrictions go back into place and mask mandates enforced once again, the federal government is still urging the same message, get vaccinated. the biden administration offering people incentives. they include calling on local governments to offer $100 to americans getting vaccinated. nearly 50% of the total u.s. population is fully vaccinated. in the past weeks, we've seen the steady rise in the pace with a sharper increase in states that have been lagging the most. so what's working?
4:30 pm
let's discuss this, for someone initially skeptical and recently decided to get the shot. elizabeth greenway joins us now. walk us through the decision-making process. why are we skeptical do beto ben with and what changed your mind? >> yes, hi, ryan, thanks for having me on. to start i was so concerned with how new it was. i was worried about the side effects, short term and long term. i know they have studies, of course, that they do before opening it to the public even under an emergency use authorization. but i was just concerned that those trials are limited in scope and number and so was just nervous about what this look like long term for me. so i credit prayer with sort of bringing it altogether for many i think it's important to mention that. because if you look at the statistics, there is a lot of others like me that are skeptical a. lot of conservative
4:31 pm
christians. so, i had not given up on doing research. i was doing research. i wantled to see if this was something that felt safe and i happened to see dr. paul offit from philadelphia hospital on a number of news programs talking about side effects and other components of the vaccine. and i don't know the doctor, but my daughter has a rare health condition and is under care at the children's hospital of philadelphia. so that was something we had in common. i have been very impressed with them and how they cared for my daughter. and so, i was very impressed with his resume. and so i had paid attention to a lot of things that he said. there is video that captures it really well on the children's hospital of philadelphia website. he gives a really astonishing statistic. but in all of vaccine history,
4:32 pm
the side effectings, always appear, within six weeks of receiving a dose. so now we have about is 63 million people vaccinated. a little more than that it's been over 30 weeks since we started offering it in the united states. so that statistic just keeps getting more and more compelling. in addition to that i started thinking about others. so outside of myself. now, right, i have been following the rules from the begining with masks and we have been careful because of my daughter, but i started thinking about what that looks like. it's true that you reduce the risk of infection and, therefore, reduce the risk of you passing this along to somebody else. and so, that was important to me with a daughter at home who is 2 years alleged and isn't going to have a vaccine for a while so those were the things that made a difference for me. >> it's interesting what you said about some of your fellow
4:33 pm
christians, conservatives, in particular, that seem to be skeptical. i wonder what you think is at the root of that and what are you doing to talk to people in that community to try and convince them? i know you said your prayer life was something that helped you through that process. what are your conversations like, particularly in the contradiction community that remain skeptical? how do you try to reach them? >> yeah. so i would say they fit into maybe a few different categories. everybody is very different. i think there are some who are just probably against it. they just for whatever reason don't feel good about it. i'm not sure if they've prayed about it. that's what i encourage people to do in our community. we also in our community, unfortunately, have a couple healthcare professionals who are vocal lip, i won't say opposed, but they're vocal skeptics. so when you are getting a message to talk to your
4:34 pm
healthcare professional, your primary care physician and that individual is skeptical and isn't encouraging it. that can be really dit trimtal. we do have a committee here locally that has reached out to me and i have written an op-ed for our local newspaper. i'm going to be doing a spot for radio as well here. to just try to get the word out aboutpy story. i think it's important for people to be able to see and hear from other people who are like them, who are in the same boat. and so i think that's really important and really i'm not sure there is one thing that can make a difference for everybody. but i certainly think the rise in vaccination rates might be because of delta. people are starting to feel a little afraid of that. >> right. so i wonder, too, because it's become so polarizing, i can't understand why it's becoming polarizing. it's just about saving lives. but have you found it's difficult? have you lost friends because
4:35 pm
you have been trying to reach out and implore them to get the vaccine? if so, how heart breaking must that be? >> yeah, i would say i haven't lost friends, but i would say that the atmosphere is just very different and it can be hard to talk about. because people do have very different, very strong views on this. and it has been polarized politically. and i just, i, in my mind, it's a bipartisan effort. right. so a rub was in the white house and sort of paved the way and now there's a democrat in the white house who's helping distribute. and so to me that's a bipartisan effort. a lot of people don't see it that way. it is hard. there is a lot of heated conversation, just within the community. just because people feel so strongly. i think at the end of the day it's about doing your research. i'm hesitant to tell people around here to listen to healthcare professionals.
4:36 pm
i tell them to look at the data, themselves, to do their own homework and make a decision they can live with. >> right. it probably won't hurt people to do it. everyone has deeply-held beliefs and you are going about the right way to meet them on their level and talk to them about it. use your experience and the people you trust. we appreciate you in this conversation. thank you so much for joining us. elizabeth greenway, a vaccine skeptic who is now singing a much different tune. we really appreciate it. up next, from when vaccines will be available for young kids to whether we'll soon need to line up for booster shots. a lot of you have been sending in your coronavirus questions. my feed is lit up. dr. jonathan reiner is back to answer all of those questions. i hope you are ready, doctor, when we come back. it's dry. there's no dry time. makes us wonder why we booked fifteen second ad slots.
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. >> some fresh perspective from the cdc a short time ago. you might want to take note. according to cdc covid has been fatal to less than 0 .001 of a percent. that somebody is staggering. the so-called break-through infections occasionally happen. they rarely lead to symptoms that require hospitalization. the bottom line can't be stressed nor dramatically.
4:42 pm
the vaccines work. dr. reiner, you were very popular. we had so many questions from people on twitter. so as best you can, make your answers as short as possible to get to as many as possible. let's begin first in light of this new cdc number. we get this question from the viewer. any idea when the vaccine will be available to children under 12 in this impacts me a great way, i have four children under 12 in my household, what's the answer? >> so the first group probably at the end of september so pfizer, their clinical trial looking alt kids under 12 has three parts, the first group that should be ready to present to the fda is the 5-to-12-year-old group that i think pfizer is planning to present to the fda sometime towards the end of september. the other groups will follow fairly quickly after that. so i'm hoping that, you know, before halloween, we should have
4:43 pm
an emergency use authorization for kids 5-to-12-years-old. >> as i say, they won't be going to school, they won't be starting school with vaccines on, so they should be starting schools with masks on? >> right. right. right. another viewer having, they want your opinion on getting a booster vaccine for fully immunized folks. is there any benefit to that? >> pfizer thinks so that's very likely coming to all of us. maybe starting with the immunosuppressed, there is a group in this country that does a robust to vaccines, people on medications for things like multiical sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritisp they may not have a sort of normally robust anti-body response to two doses of an mrna vaccine. that is probably the first group that will get the first dose. maybe elderly. there is data out of israel the
4:44 pm
elderly might get a third dose. eventually all of us will a booster. think every year we get a new flu shot, i think for next couple years, we'll be getting booster shots for covid. >> people talk about specific health concerns related to covid and the varnt. me, my wife and 13-year-old daughter are vaccined, my 9-year-old son cannot be. i'm worried for my son. he has asthma. i'm worried about the full fda approval for these vaccines? >> well, full fda approval for the pfizer vaccine will probably come within the next few weeks. there is great pressure. but in a household which is mixed with vaccinated and largely protected folks and unprotected folks, such as kids under 12, i think everyone needs to mask up when they go out so
4:45 pm
someone doesn't bring it home to a child unvaccinated. in that household, the entire family should mask. >> this question is about anti-bodies and how accurate are tests to see if i have anti-bodies after receiving the vaccine in february of 2021? how do i know? they have an underlying condition but they have not been treated with immunotherapy. >> well, this there is an underlying condition that might pre dispose you to not having an adequate response, it's a semi quantitative anti-body response to the sarsco v-2. the vast majority people do not need to test their anti-body response. people don't feed to check to see what their numbers r. no one is quite sure what the threshold
4:46 pm
number of adequate anti-body response is. but that test can tell you whether you have mounted an antibody response. it's used more and more in folks who have underlying reasons to suspect they might be immonosuppressed. >> to try to keep with the theme, dr. reiner, i think we answered the equivalent percentage of the questions we received that relates to the number of people that are hospitalized with break-through infections. so i apologize to the many 99.9 people's questions, if you want to look at my replies on twig and answer them personally. i don't want to put you on hook, that's an option. >> i'm get to them all. it will take me a while. i'll get to them all. >> we appreciate it and a lot of freight information. thank you so much. millions of americans are hours away from being at risk of losing their homes. an organization is trying to help them, mass evictions are
4:47 pm
real, fast approaching threat. >> families are panicked. they don't know where their children will sleep come monday night. they tone know how they will cover the past-due rent, that they are not likely to pay off in their lifetime. >> is congress really not going to do anything about it? we have a live report from capitol hill where some lawmakers are camp out calling for action tonight. dove men, 48h freshness with triple action moisturizers.
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there's a deal on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill which includes money for crumbling roads and bridges, improves mass transit and our
4:52 pm
water system, but it's not a done deal yet because the final version isn't out and amendments could threaten one of president biden's top priorities. the majority leader chuck schumer is pushing to get it finished before the august recess, and he vows to keep the senate working as long as it takes. meanwhile, house lawmakers left without passing an extension to the federal eviction moratorium. and that has more than 11 million americans and their families scared. if they're behind on their rent, their protection runs out tonight at midnight eastern. suzanne malveaux is watching these developments for us on capitol hill. one is not giving up the eviction battle. >> reporter: we're just hours away from that eviction moratorium expiring at midnight, and representative cory bush of missouri, she definitely is putting herself on the line here. she's been overnighting on the
4:53 pm
steps of capitol. she says she'll continue to do so until there is some sort of action here. there is blame to go around, a lot of finger pointing here in terms of how we got there and who can fix this whether it's the administration, the cdc or congress. but nevertheless house speaker nancy pelosi on thursday was told to come up with a bill to extend this deadline here. she was unable to rally the troops in time, and now house democrats essentially have gone on a 7-week recess. and congresswoman bush said this is unconscionable. she said she knows what it's like to be homeless. she was homeless with two young kids living in a car in her early 20s. she said she'd been evicted three different times. she said there was no shame in this. she was simply a low wageworker who eventually had her family assist her in getting her out of that situation. she's using her power, anything she can do at this point to highlight this problem and to prevent the homelessness that might occur. take a listen.
4:54 pm
>> it's important because i just don't believe in human suffering. just because my heart is to love humanity just period because i know what it feels like to feel like nobody hears you, that you're in this world just trying to make it in your own way surviving. and i didn't want to be that when i came to congress. i felt like if i just had some type of power to help people the way i needed to be helped, that's what i would do and i would do everything i could to do it. >> reporter: representative bush has attracted quite a crowd of supporters there who are going to be waiting to see if there are any breakthroughs. in the meantime speaker pelosi emphasizing there's a lot of money in local government and state coughers not been spent for this rental aid and it's time to put that the pipeline and get it to those folks who need it desperately. >> suzanne, thank you.
4:55 pm
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some good samaritans and quick thinking saved the life of a huge animal that was definitely in trouble this week. this is in southern alaska. a 20 foot killer whale somehow
5:00 pm
stranded itself on a rocky beach. it was screeching and calling out for help. a ship's crew says the whale in distress kept it wet and protected for several hours until the tide came in, and the wayward whale was able to swim away. it's a message as simple as it is essential, covid vaccines work. now health experts are scrambling to hammer that message home as cases and hospitalizations rise. meantime in arkansas unvaccinated patients of all ages are filling up hospital beds. our martin savidge is on the scene. and going home empty-handed and without one of his rackets. tennis star novack djokovic loses hibronze medal match and withdraws from another. we're live in tokyo. i'm ryan nobles in


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