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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  July 31, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, muddled messaging causes confusion and hysteria about the delta variant surge. former cdc director dr. tom frieden sets the record straight. a woman in florida says she lost her mother, her fiance, and her grandmother to the virus in a single week, and only one of them had been vaccinated. also tonight, mask protests in paris against the so-called health pass that will force people to prove their vaccinated. and as a new day of events dawns, we're live at the tokyo olympics with news on whether or
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not we'll see simone biles compete again. hello, everyone, i'm ryan nobles in washington. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are in "the cnn newsroom." experts warn that the increase of covid-19 infections among unvaccinated people is only beginning. already, cases are up in every state, way up in most of them. hospitalizations and deaths, which typically lagged behind those case counts, are now rising again in many states as well. right now the cdc says just 49.5% of americans are fully vaccinated, fewer than half of the u.s. but there is some good news. people are paying attention to the threat of the delta variant. the pace of new doses is up 26% from just a week ago. still, more than 80% of us live in a county considered to have substantial or high rates of
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covid-19 transmission right now. now, if you're vaccinated, the good news is, it works. you're unlikely to get seriously oil. in fact brand-new data from the cdc says that less than a 0.1% of fully vaccinated people have actually died from a breakthrough case of covid-19. vaccinated people can still get infected, but the real risk right now is spreading this virus to someone who hasn't had or cannot get the shot. so if you haven't gotten your vaccine yet, would 50 bucks change your mind? in georgia, where the case rate has more than tripled in the past two weeks and schools are about to reopen, one metro atlanta county decided to start offering cash as an incentive. cnn's natasha chen joins me with more. >> reporter: ryan, the bad news is the number of new covid cases have been rising in the state of georgia. the good news is so has the vaccination rate. the seven-day average of new
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vaccination doses administered is up 85% since three weeks ago. one thing we're seeing that's working today at this site is that incentives work. they're giving out $50 pre-paid debit cards. we've seen lines of cars even before the event started at 8:00 a.m. today they've vaccinated more than 200 people. we talked to the very first person in line who showed up in a wheelchair. he arrived by public transit. i talked to him about the dangers of covid but here he is, talking about what really drove him to get here today. if you are unvaccinated, you're 25 times more likely to end up in the hospital or die from covid. >> right, right. i've been listening to all of that. but really, like i say, the money is what got me here. you know, just bottom line. but i know eventually they're going to have to go up, because some people are only going to come for an incentive. you know, they just don't care, or are scared of the vaccine or
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whatever. but you throw an incentive behind it, and you know, people will do it. >> reporter: since he was first in line at the dekalb county, he walked away with $100 today. someone else who came through the line later on said he saw the clip of the veteran in the wheelchair and said that if someone in a wheelchair could get down here, then so could he. so hopefully that message is spreading. the decal ed dekalb county ceo says the percentage rate is in the 30s for people in the african-american, hispanic, and latino communities so there is an effort to reach them. school is scheduled to start in the next week. we already saw last week, a charter school started class on tuesday, more than a dozen cases causing more than a hundred students to be in quarantine there. that's prompting conversations
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across some school districts on whether it's possible to mandate that employees be vaccinated before going back into class in person, ryan. >> natasha chen, thank you so much. in paris, pandemic frustration is boiling over for the third weekend in a row over the government's decision to mandate a so-called covid health pass that shows proof of vaccination or a negative test, and will soon be required to enter most places including restaurants. the bill has also mandated vaccine shots for all health care workers by mid-september. the protest marchers were largely peaceful but three police officers were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. cnn reporters have more headlines from around the world. >> reporter: in essex, england, citizens of the united states and europe will be able to visit the united kingdom without having to quarantine, good news
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for great britain which wants to welcome back new tourists. both the u.s. state department and centers for disease control advise against traveling to the uk because of covid-19. the u.s. isn't ready to reciprocate with british travelers. the border remains closed to uk citizens regardless of vaccination status. >> reporter: from hong kong, the highly contagious delta variant is spreading across china. on wednesday beijing recorded its first covid-19 case in six months and tens of thousands of residents there are on lockdowns. authorities scramble to control an outbreak linked to an airport in nanjing. on friday nanjing officials confirmed the origin is an air china flight from russia. the virus has been detected in several provinces. concern is growing over a possible secondary cluster connected to a popular live show in a national park in hunan
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province. officials say the beijing cases are linked to the hunan cluster. the outbreak is a test of china's virus suppression tactics. china takes a zero tolerance approach with mass testing and tracing operations. it's also a test of the efficacy of china's massive vaccination program. china has administered more than 1.5 billion doses so far. >> reporter: in jerusalem, israel will begin administering a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to anyone over the age of 60 who received their second dose more than five months ago. israeli prime minister naftali bennett made the announcement on thursday evening, saying the evidence is showing the vaccine efficacy may be waning over time especially in light of the delta variant. recent data released by the israeli health ministry showed that for those people who received their second dose of the vaccine by the end of january, the vaccine's effectiveness dropped to 60% at
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preventing infection although the people were still well-protected against illness. israel is a test case for boosters that the rest of the world will be closely following. >> reporter: in sydney, australia, 1,000 police and 300 soldiers enforced a strict lockdown in australia's largest city saturday, managing to avoid the violent scenes of an antilockdown protest expected in central sydney. those were the scenes last weekend as people turned out frustrated with the lockdown that's gone on for five weeks now and still has at least four to go. the delta variant spreading through a dangerously undervaccinated population, just under 20% of australians are fully vaccinated against covid-19. the government of australia saying on friday that that needs to get to 70% of all adults
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vaccinated to avoid lockdowns like the one being felt in sydney right now. >> and a special thanks to all our correspondents for those reports. clearly world is very much in the grip of the covid pandemic. dr. tom frden joins me now, of course the former director of the cdc and he's the president and ceo of resolve to save lives, a group wrdiovascular di preventing epidemics. welcome, doctor, it's always good to talk to you. you recently tweeted that you were hearing from a lot of vaccinated people that they were worried about these breakthrough infections. but you actually say it's the unvaccinated people who need to be worried. tell me about your concerns. >> absolutely, ryan. what we're seeing is a pandemic that is going to get people who aren't vaccinated, basically. the delta variant is more than twice as infectious as the covid we've been dealing with for the last year and a half. and so many of us, all of us, are just sick and tired of dealing with it.
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we wish it were over. but it's not over. in fact it's gaining strength. and when the virus adapts and doubles its infectivity, we have to double down and add layers of protection. fundamentally that means let's vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible, and yes, wear masks in indoor locations where the virus is spreading. >> so talk to me just about how common these breakthrough infections are with the delta variant. is it a bigger problem with the delta variant than it was previously? >> there is some evidence that the delta variant is a little bit better at getting around the immunity from the vaccine, not definitive, but it does look suggestive. but still, these vaccines are astonishingly effective. if you think back to before they were trialed, we were hoping for a 70% efficacy against illness. we've got 90% efficacy against
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infection, 95, 98, 99% efficacy against illness, and that's holding. if you get the vaccine, you're very unlikely to get severely ill or die from this disease. now, with 170 million vaccinated people, there are going to be people who have been vaccinated and get the virus even if that rate is extremely low. and of course the more virus there is out there, the more infections, including the more breakthrough infections there will be. that's why masking up and a really small price to pay to get our economy humming again, to get our schools open and staying open, and to save lives. >> you see those who for some reason want to spread misinformation around the vaccine point to the fact that there are a very small percentage of people who do end up in the hospital with these breakthrough infections despite being vaccinated. put that into context, though. what is the actual percentage of someone who has been fully vaccinated, ends up in the
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hospital, and even could die from covid despite being vaccinated? >> simply put, if you're vaccinated you're somewhere between 25 and 100 times less likely to die from covid than if you didn't get vaccinated. it is true that some people who got vaccinated are getting sick. we need to learn more about that. it may be people who are over age 85. it may be people who have organ transplants, kidney transplants, maybe they would benefit from a dose, not a booster but a different vaccine series for people with weaker immune systems. but the vaccines are astonishingly effective at protecting against serious illness and death. >> i want to go back to the point you made about everyone wearing masks again particularly in indoor settings. if you're like me, you've gotten both shots of the vaccine,
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explain why it's important for someone like me to wear the mask inside even if i've taken the steps to get both shots. >> one of the reasons, quite frankly, we don't have a way of telling who has been vaccinated or who hasn't been. if you go into a supermarket or health care facility and you're not wearing a mask, fleece way practically for someone to say it's okay for someone not to wear a mask because they've been vaccinated. also there's new data emerging that with the delta variant, some fully vaccinated people do spread the infection to others. and that the amount of virus that they hold when they're sick, when they have an infection in their nose and their mouth, is higher than we expected. we thought that people with breakthrough infections would be less infectious. and they may be. but what we're seeing so far is, some people with breakthrough infections, even if they're not getting very sick, might be able to infect many others. >> now, i want to ask you about outdoor settings, because obviously the step has been taken in a lot of cities to already move to requiring masks
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indoors. we saw thousands of people gather in chicago this weekend for lollapalooza. major league baseball is playing to full, packed stadiums. we're on the verge of the nfl season starting again and fans want to be back in football stadium. will we get to the stage of advising people to wear masks in outdoor settings particularly when they're going to be around other people? >> first off, as a general rules, outdoors is extremely safe. ventilation is important if you're walking down the street, if you're hiking somewhere, biking somewhere, the chances that you'll inhale or spread covid are extremely low. on the other hand, there are some circumstances where people are packed together, there's very little ventilation, you're there for a long period of time, and there may be a lot of people spreading covid. at a minimum, if you're someone who is more susceptible to severe illness, you may want to mask up, even indoors, using an
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n95 or kn95 mask which is more protective against this. for those packed venues, i think it will depend on how much covid is spreading. i go back to the basics. yes, we would all rather not have to wear a mask, ever. but how much really does it hurt you to wear a mask if that's going to save someone's life, allow us to get our economy back, and get our kids back in school, in-person learning? that's what concerns me most in the next month. schools are reopening. at the same time, cases are spiking. the only way we're going to be able to get those schools to open and stay open is with a layered approach. vaccination, masking, ventilation, other measures that will keep our kids in-person learning, because that is so, so important. >> and millions of those children, including all four of mine, 12 and under, don't have access to that vaccine yet, so it's so important to keep that case count down. dr. tom frieden, excellent information as always, sir, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you.
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the house adjourned friday for august recess without voting for an extension to the eviction moratorium that expires at midnight. millions of americans now face homelessness. some democratic lawmakers slept on the steps of the u.s. capitol last night. representative ayanna pressley was one of them. she joins me live, next. arn a de with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching, including resume building, interview prep, personal branding and more, for your entire career. so if you commit to earning a degree with us, we commit to standing by you until the day you retire. that's career services for life. find out more about our commitment at mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man.
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be. millions of americans could potentially be homeless within days after the house failed to reach a deal to extend a ban on evictions. the cdc's ban on evictions expires at midnight. congresswoman ayanna pressley of massachusetts joins me now. congresswoman, thanks for joining us. tell us about the experience
3:21 pm
last night and what you hope to achieve by making this kind of show of force with those who you're concerned may be evicted from their homes. >> i think the point here, ryan, is that many families are on the precipice of devastation. and the fact of the matter is that families are running out of options. but government has many still on the table that have not yet been exhausted. pre-pandemic, there were 6.7 -- rather, 3.7 million eviction filings. so there are already so many families that were vulnerable. that has only been exacerbated by this pandemic-induced recession. we have three options remaining. the senate is still in session and they can act and extend this eviction moratorium. secondly, the house can reconvene and we can pass chairwoman waters' emergency bill to extend the eviction moratorium. finally, the white house and the
3:22 pm
cdc can act. the reason why we are here and why we came last night is because we want to affirm that we are one human family, and that our destinies are tied, and eviction is a policy choice. and the fact that we fail to act not out of an inability to do something, to stave off this crisis, a national tent city, an eviction tsunami, it was an unwillingness. i agree with chairwoman waters, the author of the emergency bill. i serve on the financial services committee. we should have fought harder. families are running out of options but we still have many available on the table and we need to exhaust every single one of them. we're talking about projections of anywhere from 7 to 11 million people, people, who could be evicted, and still in the midst of a pandemic, while the variant is surging. eviction is already violent, but
3:23 pm
to evict people in the midst of a pandemic is cruel, inhumane, unacceptable, and 100% preventible. >> so congresswoman, you mentioned that you believe the cdc should extend the moratorium. the speaker, nancy pelosi, has said the same thing. the white house disagrees, their legal team says that's not an option because of a supreme court decision last month. do you disagree with the white house legal team and do you think the president has done enough to try and prevent this crisis from happening with very little time left to go? >> we absolutely should have received word from the white house much earlier than we did. we simply ran out of time. there is still time, though, to right this wrong. i do believe that the white house and the cdc can act, should act unilaterally. and if we are challenged by the courts, that will still buy these families time.
3:24 pm
and that is what we need. the other reason why we need to extend this eviction moratorium is because, yes, the states have the money and they need time, they still need time to get these funds out. so since january, i have been with my progressive colleagues organizing, lobbying, writing bills, lobbying the white house. just weeks ago i led the letter with progressive colleagues to extend the eviction moratorium by that additional month. then again we heard very late that the white house would not be extending that eviction moratorium and congress was not given the time needed really to act. and i agree with speaker pelosi that a failure to act to extend the eviction moratorium is a moral imperative and the enact we did not do that was a failing. it was a moral imperative to act to prevent this crisis and it is
3:25 pm
a moral failing that we did not act. >> you tweeted, quote, eviction is a policy choice and a violent one at that and the indifference by many is heartbreaking. i know many of your fellow progressives believe it's your movement that led to democrats controlling the house and senate and maybe even putting joe biden in the white house. do you feel that it is your party, the democratic party, that right now is failing the very people that they promised to protect in this last election? >> i absolutely believe that in this moment, yes, we are failing the american people, and the most vulnerable. eviction is a policy choice. we can disrupt this eviction tsunami, we can prevent this national tent city, this public health crisis. our families have already experienced unprecedented hardship. we should not be evicting anyone. housing is a human right. we should not be doing that in the midst of a pandemic.
3:26 pm
and we have tools available to stop it. there is not a deficit of resource or opportunity or tools. i do believe there is a deficit of empathy. and that is across both aisles. and that's what we're here for today. that's why i slept here last night. was it uncomfortable? absolutely. but nowhere near as uncomfortable as the families right now who are in limbo, who are wondering how they will -- how they will survive, who are living in real fear, who are looking to us to intervene and to stand in the gap. and we still have time. so the senate is still in session. they can extend this eviction moratorium by midnight. the white house and the cdc can act unilaterally. or the house can be called back into session so that we can pass the emergency bill offered by chairwoman waters to extend this eviction moratorium. again, the american people have run out of options. but those of us in positions of
3:27 pm
leadership and power, we have not. and we must act and we must act urge urgently. and we have to meet the needs of this multiracial, multigenerational movement of the marginalized who made this democratic majority possible. we must meet the moment and meet the needs of the most marginalized. a movement of people who made this democratic majority possible. this is about us being responsive to the most basic needs of the human family in the midst of unprecedented hurt. so that's why we're out here. >> congresswoman ayanna pressley, as this deadline looms, you spent the night outside the capitol trying to impress upon leaders in washington to take action. we so much appreciate your time, congresswoman. this deadline is fast approaching, we'll have to see if the will is there to take the responsibility needed. thank you, congresswoman. gymnastics fans are still
3:28 pm
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the final round of competition for some individual gymnastics events begins in just a few hours in tokyo. and team usa will go into them without superstar simone biles. biles pulled out days after suffering a mental block that gymnasts call "the twisties." she could go home without any medal. cnn's christine brennan joins us live from tokyo. the twisties is not something i enjoyed in an ice cream cone as a child, it's something gymnasts
3:33 pm
want no part of. >> reporter: yes, ryan, as you're twisting and turning in the air, you lose your place in the air, and that's incredibly dangerous because it means you could land in a horrible position, you could injure yourself, you could paralyze yourself. that's the danger here. and she felt that, in that one vault, that's the only event of her olympic games, just a couple of seconds, that's all she's competed in these olympic games, that's what she felt. she said last night she is still experiencing the twisties and that's why she's not participating in the olympics today, and i think it's doubtful she'll be competing monday or tuesday in the other events. >> it's heartbreaking not to have her competing. what are the odds for the rest of the gymnastics teams, are there opportunities for them to take home more medals without biles as part of the
3:34 pm
competition? >> reporter: absolutely, ryan. as americans are learning, this gymnastics team is deep. when sunisa lee came in and replaced simone biles and won the all-around, one of the most prestigious gold medals in any summer olympic games, sunisa lee wins that. she absolutely could win on the uneven bars. she is a force. there is also jade kerry, michaela skinner on the vault. the united states is loaded in gymnastics. there are certainly many medal opportunities for the united states in these four final events. >> you have to tell us about what happened with novak djokovic. it's like we were watching tennis in the '80s again, a john mcenroe moment. >> reporter: he came here, he's an a gold medal favorite, he wants to complete that golden slam and get that olympic gold medal, and yes, he lost it.
3:35 pm
i think he was very, very surprised to not be moving on in the competition. you know, he has been a favorite for a lot of these professional athletes, ryan, who are in the middle of seasons, the olympics is a big deal but it's not as big a deal as it is for katie ledecky or caeleb dressel or simone biles, it's the super bowl for them. djokovic, another story to put in the djokovic file. obviously not exactly the way you want to leave the olympic games. >> it's fun to see him with a little bit of fire, he's so even-keeled, so it was something a little different that we're not accustomed to with djokovic. unfortunately no time for swim which will disappoint my daughter but we have to move on. we appreciate your coverage from tokyo. thank you so much, christine brennan. >> reporter: my pleasure, ryan, thank you. as more communities consider mask or even vaccine mandates to keep residents safe from the delta-driven covid surge, the
3:36 pm
governor of florida is vowing to fight off any new pandemic rules. will the cities fight back? we'll ask the mayor of miami beach that question. sh he's going to join me live, next. s moisturized and clean. my friend stefanie, her skin was dry. i'm like girl you better get you some dove. she hooked me up. with a quarter moisturising cream, dove cleans effectively and cares beautifully. we were alone when my husband had the heart attack. he's the most important thing in my life. i'm so lucky to get him back. your heart isn't just yours. protect it with bayer aspirin. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. (piano playing) here we go. ♪ [john legend's i can see clearly now] ♪ ♪
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[footsteps] so, are you gonna buy the car? please! if i could just go home, and discuss things with my wife- i've been here all weekend. you can leave anytime you want. no! ahhh! never go to a dealership again. well, that was painless. go to, buy a car and we'll deliver it straight to you. in another devastating example of the resurgence of covid-19, a florida woman says that she lost her mother, her fiance, and her grandmother to the virus, all in the past week.
3:41 pm
>> i had to skip going to my meemaw's funeral so i could go to the hospital and say goodbye to my mother. i feel so alone. i don't know what to think or how to feel right now. i want my loved ones back. they're the ones that always got me through the hard times in my life. and now they're all gone. >> that was tiffany devereau. her life was turned upside down this week after she and her family became infected. her 85-year-old grandmother was the only one who was vaccinated. she says her mother and her fiance's dying wish was for her to get the vaccine. in florida, new numbers from the state's department of health show a 50% jump in cases over the last week. more than 110,000 new cases reported. the average of new people now partially vaccinated, though, is ticking up again.
3:42 pm
but the state is still shy of having half its residents fully vaccinated. yet in the face of those numbers, this is the message from the state's governor ron desantis. >> there will be no restrictions and no mandates in the state of florida. [ cheering ] floridians have been, are, and will remain free to choose what's best for themselves and their families and we will protect their right to work, we'll protect the right of businesses to operate, and we will protect the right of our kids to attend school in person. >> nearly every county in florida right now is considered by the cdc to have a high level of community transmission. that's the red on this map. and it includes miami-dade county. the mayor of miami beach, dan gelber, joins us now. mayor, thank you for being here.
3:43 pm
you heard your governor there. where do you currently stand on mandating masks and also on mandating vaccinations for your city employees? i know this is something you've been considering. >> we're not allowed to have mask mandates right now. we were one of the first cities to require it. we charged a fine just to get people to do it. the governor stopped allowing us to do it. then immediately we saw a surge across our county and state when he did that. so we're in a very tough position. today was the statewide, 21,000 infections, that's the most in a single day since the entirety of the pandemic. we are trying to do everything we can to get around the governor's very wrong-headed desires. we're trying to get all of our people vaccinated. i think we'll probably have to require that they get tested every week to sort of encourage them. we're paying people money to get vaccinated. the governor has made it as difficult as possible to make people safe. >> so tell me about that frustration.
3:44 pm
and you mentioned the surge in these cases. we just showed the seven-day average. it's really staggering. what kind of level of communication do you have with his office? are you able to plead with him, to try and give you a little bit of flexibility, to make these decisions on a local level? generally republicans believe in local control on things like this. what kind of guidance are you getting from his office? >> interesting, the local republican mayors, i think, are all on the side i'm on, which is they want to save the lives of their residents. i sent him a letter the other day asking to do three or four things that i thought were important. he's not responding. look, this governor has become a champion for people who don't want to wear masks and don't want to follow the cdc. that's who he is feeding dogma and ideology to. he should be screaming for people to get vaccinated. he should be edncouraging them o wear masks. he offers them a false choice,
3:45 pm
wear masks and shutter the economy. it's not true. >> if you can't take the measures you would like to take, what can you do to keep your residents safe? and do you feel confident you'll be able to do that with this inability to take the action you would like to take because of the rules of the state? >> we'll do everything we can. the problem is he's really hamstrung us. that said, i had a meeting with the business community the other day. i know other mayors are doing the same thing, urging them to do everything they can to create a safe environment, requiring masks in their businesses, urging an incentive program for vaccines, having them require their employees to be vaccinated. the truth is, i'm the mayor of a hospitality town, i think most people coming here would rather be in a place that they feel safer than a place that they feel like they may be getting, you know, the virus. so for me, i think it's a smart
3:46 pm
thing to do. and he just seems to be doing everything -- he's a like the pied piper, leading everybody off a cliff right now by letting them know that they don't have to like the cdc, they don't have to wear masks, that they can do whatever they want when we're in the midst of an enormous pandemic. florida by wide margins is easily the worst state in the country in hospitalizations, in deaths, inti positivities, in percentages. florida is leading the nation right now in all the worst data points. >> expand on that in terms of your concerns about tourism. what message does it send to the "visit florida" campaign if the stories are that the widest spread of covid is in your state? that must be very difficult, when you're trying to lure people there to spend money on a vacation. >> yeah, listen, i've had pretty good clarity about this from the beginning. i love our hospitality industry. but we have to provide a safe environment for them. and by the way, they've been great partners.
3:47 pm
i think many of them probably wish the governor created some mandates for mask usage. i think it would make people feel safer. i think universal or disney just did it. a lot of places are doing it because it's good for business. the governor is just trying to curry favor with a group of supporters that like to hear this red meat ideology. he should be focused on delivering what would be good advice. he could save thousands of people if he did that, because the people most likely to avoid wearing a mask and not want to get a vaccine are probably people who are among his most ardent supporters. >> mayor dan gelber from miami beach, thank you so much for being here, we really appreciate it. muddled messaging from the top causes confusion about the delta variant's surge. the white house now reportedly pointing the finger at the media. cnn senior media reporter oliver darcy will join us next to discuss this. d me,
3:48 pm
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from coast-to-coast, the delta vaerpt is tightening its grip on this country and americans, especially those vaccinated or looking for more clarity on how to remain safe. they are shifting the white house to a more urgent tone. when it comes to actual messaging, it's been anything but clear. oliver darcy joins me now. americans are certainly frustrated about this. have you some reporting that the white house is also annoyed. what can you tell us? >> that's exactly right, ryan, i have been talking to a couple senator biden administration officials. i can tell you the white house is incredibly frustrated and
3:53 pm
they are, frankly, concerned that the media has been too focused on these break-through infections. this cases when someone is fully immunized against covid and managed to contract the disease. their worry is that by focusing on the rare threats to vaccinated americans that it will deter people from wants to go out and seek a vaccine. you know, if you watch the coverage over the past week, it might have presented a message to people that said, you know, vaccinated americans are still very likely to get the disease and spread it to others. obviously, that's not true. they're much less likely to get the disease and spread it to others. that might have been the message that people took away from some of the coverage. so white house is concerned about the, actually reached out to news organizations, asked them to dial back the cover age on the real issue here, the millions of americans quite likely to spread covid to their friends and loved
3:54 pm
ones. >> it's also because those who would like to pedal this information can take those reports and proceed them up into something that would be beyond who the traditional media outlet may have intended. what are americans response to this pandemic? >> you know, since he took office, most americans have supported biden's handling of the pandemic, it's about two-thirds approval for the president it will be interesting, however to see if that number holds after this week. the cdc announceing they are recommending masks indoors again. that's a big change. it will be interesting to see if he continues to have that consistent approval rating. >> we appreciate it. with the changing mask guidelines and a delta variant spreading among mainly unvaccinated americans, i got a lot of questions. we're going to try to answer some of those next hour with dr. jonathan reiner. stay here.
3:55 pm
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british prime minister boris johnson is going to be a dad again. johnson's wife announced on instagram she is pregnant with the couple's second child and due in september. in her post, the 33-year-old announced she suffered a miscarriage, hoping for all rainbow baby this christmas. at the beginning of the year, i had a miscarriage, which left me heart broken. i feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant again, i've also felt like a back of nerves. they welcomed their first son
4:00 pm
will ford in april of 2020. >> we've underestimated this. it's time to consider business for the long hall. you cannot avoid delta. it is not possible. so you have a decision to make. get vaccinated or fought and the results are telling us, if are you not vaccinated, you have a really poor outkukoc. >> i am hopeful many realize how offensive it is. >> extreme high traits rates of vaccination, we will see more and more variants. but if you put an a parachute you have a 50% chance of living when you land. you better put on a parachute. >> hello, everyone, i'm ryan nobles i


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