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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  July 31, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> "58 hours: the baby jessica story," a cnn shortfilm at 9:00 eastern tonight right here on cnn. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm jessica dean. boris sanchez picks up our coverage right now. hello, everyone. you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm boris sanchez in washington. jim acosta has the day off. we start with a fight to eradicate covid-19. it's a fight that is evolving and the president of the united states is warning that americans should soon expect new guidelines and restrictions as the rate of new covid cases continues to rise, the biden administration is dismissing the idea of lockdowns, but it is taking steps to boost
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vaccination rates and the cdc is recommending that once more, even vaccinated americans wear masks in public indoor spaces where the virus is seeing a hot spot. why a new concern? report released by the cdc that underscores how the delta variant leaves the unvaccinated so vulnerable, and it shows vaccines have been literal life-savers. the cdc report estimates that vaccines reduce the risk of infection threefold and reduce the risk of severe disease or death tenfold or more. effectiveness reaches at least 90% and while vaccinated people are largely protected from the worst effects of the virus, they can still spread it. though, to be clear, that's among fewer than one tenth of one percent of vaccinated people. the report shows the bulk of the spread is driven by the unvaccinated.
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the data also shows the delta variant is spreading as rapidly as chickenpox. one expert comparing it to the way cigarette smoke travels in the air. let's begin coverage in georgia where new coronavirus cases are up 230% right now. cnn's natasha chen is live dekalb county. one of the new hot spots for covid infections and the surge is already interrupted the start of the new school year at one school, more than 100 kids now in quarantine. bring us up to speed with the latest. >> reporter: right. so the charter school in atlanta started class last tuesday and within a couple of days, they had to inform families of more than 100 students to quarantine and that's because as of friday afternoon, they've had 14 positive cases. that's because they've been actually doing a lot of testing to detect these. employees of theirs required to
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get tested before the school started and must continue that weekly. students strongly encouraged to test, and so out of about 1900 tests done before tuesday, they detected some positive cases and then a few more after classes started. mostly affected is that sixth grade class. nearly 100 sixth graders in quarantine. eighth graders are the ones having to move classes online because the eighth grade staff are the ones more affected by that quarantine. so this is really a serious situation that's now caused the school to consider whether to mandate vaccines for their employees because of the staff members who tested positive, only one of them was vaccinated. a breakthrough case. the rest of the staff were not vaccinated. and so this is a concern of parents that we've been hearing as they came through this vaccination site today that wrapped up about an hour ago. we heard from parents saying as school starts, they really want their children to be safe, to mask up, to get their shots.
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this particular event was also trying to reach people with incentives, giving out gift cards. i spoke to the very first person in line who showed up in a wheelchair an hour before this event started and while i told him about new cdc data comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated people, he told me it was really about the handout, the gift cards being handed out today. >> if you are unvaccinated, you're 25 times more likely to end up in the hospital or die. so that's an incentive. >> i've listed all of that, but really, like i said, the money is what got me here. you know, just bottom line. but i know eventually they'll have to go up. because some people are only going to come for an incentive. they just don't care or are scared of the vaccine or whatever, but you throw an incentive behind it and, you know, people would do it. it's like some things, people wouldn't do because it's dangerous, but if you pay enough
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money, they'll do it. >> reporter: $50 seemed to work because they got more people who came here today than in previous vaccination events in the past month. they vaccinated 230 people today. as you have mentioned, georgia has seen a rising number of covid cases but thankfully, also, the vaccination rate has been picking up compared to three weeks ago, of course. >> money talks. natasha chen reporting from atlanta. thank you so much. let's dig deeper with an expert. dr. peter hotez, professor and dean of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine and author of "preventing the next pandemic." good afternoon, dr. hotez. always appreciate having your expertise on. help us interpret this new cdc data. is this a game changer, an o outlier? how would you rate your cause for concern? >> well, the big cause for concern, boris, is the fact that this virus is accelerating down
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here where i am across the southern states and we just heard what's going on in georgia and remember, this is not even at the time when schools are reopening for in-person classrooms. that's going to start in a couple of weeks. so some of the louisiana parishes start august 9th. here in houston, august 23rd. this is just the warm-up act. we're going to start seeing lots of virus transmission, in part, because our vaccination rates here in the south are so miserable. look at the southern states in terms of adolescent vaccination rates. that's where there's the big disparity. so whereas the overwhelming majority of adolescents are vaccinated in the northeast, here in the south, none of the adolescents are vaccinated. it's a bit of an embellishment. 15% or 16% of the adolescents, and a lot of the staff and teachers are not vaccinated. and the delta variant is sl accelerated and we don't have
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any mask mandates. what makes anyone think this is going to go well? this is going to be a dramatic expansion. we're already seeing young people getting hospitalized. pediatric icu admissions, i just worry this is going to be really challenging to open up the in-person classrooms. i understand why we have to do it, but we didn't put in all of the safety net that we needed to protect everybody. >> dr. hotez, i want to ask you specifically about what we heard from vincent, that gentleman that natasha chen was speaking to. she was offering him data, talking about how effective the vaccines are and he was saying, right, right, right. i heard i was going to get 50 bucks and that's ultimately what led him to get vaccinated. what do you make of the incentives being used to get people who are apprehensive to cross that line and actually get a shot? should there be more of an effort to offer these kinds of
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incentives? >> one of the things i heard in that little comments from him was that, yeah, if you pay people enough, they'll do anything, even if it's dangerous and that's the key, right? so the disinformation empire coming from the anti-vaccine non-governmental organizations, coming from the far-right, coming from other sources. they portray these vaccines as dangerous or they'll compare it to tuskegee experimentation and that's the problem. you know, we never made a good effort to really take down the disinformation empire and it's not just a matter of the social media companies like facebook, we never went to the source and that's what i've been trying to talk about for a number of years. if we don't take down the anti-vaccine/anti-science empire, this is going to be pervasive. i'm not happy about the incentives, but if that's what it takes, i guess we'll have to go there. but had we done a better job
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dismantling the anti-science, anti-vaccine empire, we wouldn't have to be so focused on giving those kinds of incentives and now we're out of time because schools are about to open across the south. this is a scary time for all of us. >> and compounding that misinformation, doctor, is the report from the cdc outlining breakthrough cases and there's frustration from the white house and from the biden administration about the way that it's been portrayed in certain media outlets. put into context for us breakthrough cases and the possibility that people who have been vaccinated are potentially spreading covid. >> boris, the problem has been, they'll give the numbers of breakthrough cases, but it's seldom contextualized in terms of the number of people vaccinated. for instance, here, there's 35,000 breakthrough cases of covid-19 among vaccinated people, but people forget to
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add, that's among 162 million vaccinated individuals. so these are high performing vaccines. 90% reduction in symptomatic illness, even better for hospitalizations and deaths and yeah, there are breakthrough cases and the breakthrough cases are associated with a higher viral load because of this delta variant. so there is possibility of transmission. but you put that part at the end. first, you emphasize how well they're protecting. there was an unfortunate headline in the "washington post" yesterday about the outbreak in provincetown, said it occurred among 74% of vaccinated individuals but it neglected to say there were thousands and thousands and thousands of vaccinated people going through provincetown over those few weeks so the vaccines protected really well. and it's really important that the media now be very careful how they message this.
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it's not the cdc that has to be careful too, but also the media has to stop putting up headlines that sound like drunk texts. they've got to be more responsible. >> yeah, we will avoid any drunk texts here. dr. peter hotez, we thank you for clearing that up. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> of course. gymnastics great simone biles dropping out of two more olympic events as she battles the twisties. the behind the scenes look she gave the world at her struggles. plus, reaction from someone who knows a lot about the pressures of the olympic stage. amanda borden, captain of the magnificent 7 u.s. women's gymnastics team joining us live after a quick break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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individual finals for vault and uneven bars after explaining she's battling the twisties. it's a frightening condition for gymnasts that causes them to be disoriented and lose track of position midair. biles posting videos she later deleted of what she was going through. you can see that she's unable to land any of her dismounts during practice on the uneven bars and you hear her frustration. at this point, it remains unclear if biles is going to compete in the two remaining individual events. the floor and balance beam. in the meantime, usa gymnastics tw tweeting its support for biles. quote, we remain in awe of simone and stepped up for these unaccepted circumstances. joining us now is olympic gold medallist, amanda borden. in 1996, she was the captain of the u.s. women's gymnastics team
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dubbed the magnificent seven. they won the first ever gold medal for the united states in the women's team competition. amanda, so good to have you. we appreciate you sharing part of your weekend with us and offering your expertise. first, i just want to get your reaction to this news that simone biles has had to exit two more events. >> yeah, you know, i think for anybody that's a gymnastics fan, everybody was waiting to watch in the olympics. i think that's what made it so challenging. but anybody that's done gymnastics knows that the twisties happen, unfortunately. it's something we all have experienced at some point we can relate to and the level of difficulty she does, there's really not an, she can't do it part-way or do it where she feels she wouldn't be safe. had to make tough decisions. but the gymnastics team with amazing things.
11:18 am
>> extremely challenging to begin with but a lot of folks including myself, this was the first time that i've ever heard of twisties. as we watch this video of her struggling with her dismounts, explain how frustrating this is. >> it's like bringing your body in sync. two flips and three twists in the air, that becomes a problem. and i coach little gymnasts every day, and even some of the gymnasts i coach, she gets the twisties too. it's very common in our sport. she'll get through it. what makes it hard is she's not in our country, so had to find a training facility where she can have the softer landings to see
11:19 am
if she could get it back. that was reassuring to see her have the opportunity to even try because if not, it's not worth landing on the hard mats. >> the outpouring of support she has received. this has also put a spotlight on some of the pressure that athletes face, often unfair pressure. there were comparisons to your former teammate carrie strug and her broken ankle vault at the 1996 olympics before you won the gold, and then another one of your teammates, dominique tweeting i was 14-year-old with a tibial stress fracture left alone with no cervical spine exam after this fall. i competed in the olympic final minutes later. simone biles decision demonstrates we have a say in our own health. a say i never felt i had as an olympian. do you think that simone biles
11:20 am
ultimately made the choice that carrie and dominique could not? >> i had not spoken to any of them directly about that situation. the gymnastics coaches for listening as an athlete and for me personally, i had a great support system in my coach and my parents even reminding me every single day, you're not a gymnast. gymnastics is what you do. so that really helped me handle pressure and also remember i had a confident voice to share what i was feeling. i had a vault i was very scared of as a gymnast and i went to my coach and said, i'm not going to do that vault anymore. if that means i'm not ghoing to make the olympic team, then i'm not going to make the olympic team and without the vault, i was fortunate enough to make it but i was very fortunate to have that support system and i think that's been awesome for us to see with simone as well. >> so it's still unclear if simone is going to compete in the individual competitions for
11:21 am
the floor or balance beam. she's 24 years old. we don't know if this is going to be her final olympics. if you were there with her in tokyo and could offer her a piece of advice, what would it be? >> you know, i said from the beginning, every athlete at the olympics started the journey to the olympics because they love their sport and, you know, she just needs to have that in the back of her mind. not worrying about everybody's opinion, about what she's doing or not doing and find that love and passion. if her skills are meant to come back, they're going to come back and we'll have a chance to see her in those quarterfinals and if not, it's going to be okay too but eventually, it does go away. that's the good news with the twisties. it does go away. it just takes patience and time. >> even if she decides to walk away and doesn't compete in 2024, she remains arguably the greatest gymnast of all time. she's done pretty well. amanda borden, thank you so much for the time.
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former president donald trump is hitting back against reports that he pressured his acting attorney general to declare that the election, which trump lost fair and square, was
11:27 am
corrupt, according to newly released handwritten notes of a december phone call between trump, then acting attorney general jeffrey rosen, and rosen's deputy. trump said, quote, just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the republican congressman. cnn's senior legal analyst and former u.s. attorney from the southern district of new york, elie honig joining us to answer your legal questions and also the author of the book "hatchet m man: how bill barr the justice department." yet another bizarre claim saying the notes prove he was trying to expose fraud. a viewer wants to know. w consequences if trump tried to interfere with the 2020 election and my own bit, isn't there already solid proof trump tried
11:28 am
to interfere with the note and phone call and elsewhere? >> this is a common question from our viewers. how much is enough for somebody to do something here? so let's break down what theoretically or possibly could happen. first of all, you've got congress. congress has an important role to play here. congress does have the impeachment power. we know that. you can impeach a former official. although, it hasn't worked thus far with donald trump. it's not likely to impeach for a third time but in normal situations, that would be one remedy. congress also has an or not oversight function here. they can hold hearings, gather evidence and all the more reason to get to the bottom of this and hear testimony from the people involved. separate and apart from that, the possibility we don't have any evidence that this is happening, but of a criminal investigation. it is against federal law, it is against every state's law to try to interfere with an election, to try to get votes counted that weren't cast and as you said, we seem to have so much evidence of this, but there's no public sign that doj is taking a serious
11:29 am
criminal look at this. speaking of doj though, this incident does really underscore how important it is that doj remain independent from the president because credit is due here to jeffrey rosen and others at doj who said to donald trump, we're not going to go along with this. >> it appears according to the reporting we've seen that trump essentially went door to door seeking people to be implicit in his attempt to overthrow democracy and again and again, had the door shut in his face. so the doj has instructed the treasury department to turn over former president trump's tax returns. a viewer is asking, will the house ways and means committee obtain trump's tax returns and when will the public see them? >> so yesterday was a big step towards congress getting those tax returns. the justice department has now changed its position from the trump doj and now saying, yes, treasury, the irs does have to turn over trump's tax returns to congress. that's what the law says, by the way. now the ball's in trump's court.
11:30 am
he can still challenge this legally, but it's going to be really difficult for him. the law's pretty clear that the irs does have to turn that over. if trump goes to court, he can try to slow this down. i don't think he'll ultimately prevail but better than nothing. the field is slanted heavily against donald trump now. if congress does get those tax returns, there are very few constraints on turning them over to the public. by contrast, the manhattan da had for a year. those are grand jury materials, secret, not going to see those but if congress gets hands on these, they don't have the same constraints and we could see them in the public fairly quickly. >> knowing the frequency of leaks that come out of congress, that timetable may be very short one. i do want to ask you something covid-related. the cdc now warning that the delta variant can spread easily as chickenpox. we know the spread of this virus is being driven by the unvaccinated. so one viewer is asking, quote,
11:31 am
can individual states or even the federal government mandate that everybody take a vaccine? >> yeah, boris, so obviously there are heavy political considerations that have to go into that, but legally, absolutely states can do it. we've known that for over a century that the supreme court ruled that states can mandate vaccines. federal government can almost certainly do so as well on the same basis and a specific federal regulation that gives hhs the broad authority to take, really, even more drastic measures than mandating vaccines if necessary to stop the spread. what you legally need to show is reasonable medical need. i don't think there's any question given the efficiency, efficacy of the vaccines we would have reasonable need here. >> yeah, and given some of the protests that we've seen to similar measures overseas, specifically in france, it's unlikely that the white house will move in that direction anytime soon. who knows, things may get bad with covid again. elie honig, as always,
11:32 am
appreciate your time. >> thanks, boris. >> thanks. up next, the mask wars are back. the republican revolt in the house including a crude remark by georgia's marjorie taylor green. all that and more next. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life, including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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11:37 am
house. the official account for house republicans even tweeting this out as they are in session, quote, no mask saturday. cnn's brian tong has more. >> reporter: a symbol of open revolt. republicans in the house of representatives staging a symbolic mask-free walk to the senate where masks are not required. they're battling a new rule saying house members have to wear masks inside chambers. gop congresswoman marjorie taylor green tweeted her own video of the protest. in her video, she writes on twitter, quote, crossing back into speaker mask hole's land of covid referring to nancy pelosi, that was just one display. >> this institution is a sham and we should adjourn and shut this place down. >> reporter: texas republican congressman chip roy led unsuccessful vote to shut down the house over the new mask rules. >> we have a crisis at our border, and we're playing footsie with mask mandates in
11:38 am
the people's house. you all put masks, masks up front here? which is it? vaccines or masks? vaccines work or don't work, masks work or don't work. >> reporter: house republicans also held a tense meeting with the house attending physician, dr. brian monaghan. sources in the room telling cnn they grilled monaghan on whether he was pressured by democratic leaders to institute the mask rule. monaghan insisted he wasn't pressured, the sources say. still, the debate over the cdc over did guthe guidelines has ny gotten political in washington but gotten personal. speaker pelosi saying, quote, he's such a moron. slamming the gop minority leader kevin mccarthy saying new calls for mask-wearing are, quote, not a decision based on science. mccarthy fired back at pelosi accusing her of politicizing medicine and outright hypocrisy. >> i watched her today in a
11:39 am
private meeting not wearing a mask. >> reporter: on the first day of new mask requirement of the house, at least 24 republicans seen openly defiant including congresswoman lauren bobert. >> we know science is real. >> reporter: bobert threw a mask at a house staffer when offered one. the office said she simply slid the mask back across the table. one analyst said while lauren may not be a household name across the country, resistance can have a real impact. >> seeing her say no we're not going to do it, people look at that and say, well, we don't have to either. they're mainly trying to appeal to the part of their constituencies who think this is all a conspiracy against them by the democrats to impose their will on them. >> reporter: an epidemiologist has a warning about america making mask-wearing political again. >> we're going to see the same thing happen we saw last year when politics got in the way of public health.
11:40 am
we're going to see the virus win. >> reporter: and other public health experts say part of the problem is that mask guidance is no longer all encompassing for americans. it instead requires every american to look up whether they need a mask depending on a map of how much transmission there is in their area. another problem, according to a top psychologist who spoke to cnn, it's asking a lot of everyone when you keep moving the finish line on the pandemic. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> brian, thanks for that report. joining us now, cnn senior political analyst and usa toist then charlie dent. thank you so much for joining us today. congressman, for these republicans railing against masks and playing coy about being vaccinated, shouldn't they set a better example? the well being of their
11:41 am
constituents are at risk. >> of course, boris. what they should be doing is following the lead of mitch mcconnell who's been putting up advertisements in his district, encouraging people to get vaccinated. that's what every member of the house and senate should be doing. republican and democrat. that is their responsibility. the reason why we're fighting about whether or not to wear masks is because of the unvaccinated who are putting the rest of us at risk. it's also important too that our public health officials provide clearer guidance, unam biggous guidance about who needs to wear a mask, where and when. it's confusing. that said, house gop members should refrain and desist from this foolish war against wearing a mask in the capitol. nobody likes wearing a mask. that's why i got vaccinated, so i didn't have to wear one but may have to wear one again because of the unvaccinated and the way they're spreading this illness and even those of us who are vaccinated may be too. get vaccinated. that's the message for every member. >> kirsten, i want to ask you
11:42 am
about something the congressman brought up. particularly, these advertisements put out by mitch mcconnell. we have a clip from one. let's play it now. >> as a young boy, i faced a different disease. polio. it took decades for us to develop a vaccine. this time, took less than a year to develop three highly effective covid vaccines. nothing short of a modern medical miracle. every american should take advantage of this miracle and get vaccinated. the only way to defeat covid. >> let's compare that to the other senator from kentucky, rand paul, tweeting, quote, no. the government doesn't decide who gets vaccinated. you do. do not submit to the fear mongerers. which message wins out here, kirsten? >> well, i don't know which message is going to win out, and i think that it would have been helpful, also, if republicans
11:43 am
would have been putting this message out sooner than they're putting it out, but what mitch mcconnell is saying, contrary to what rand paul is alenlegallegi exactly what rand paul says you should do. you decide to get the vaccine. he's not saying that the government's forcing people to get the vaccine, though if the government did force people to get the vaccine, that actually wouldn't be that big of a deal because it happens already. most of us have been vaccinated with vaccines that are required when we were children to go to school. people who have children have to have vaccines to go to school. so this is not a new thing. and i was listening to the story before these accusations from the republicans. they're just so nonsensical. the idea that democrats are somehow trying to force them and control them to wear masks. like, what's the master plan here? that democrats walk around wearing masks so they can make you wear a mask? could we please use our heads
11:44 am
here? this is nonsensical and the members of congress who are saying the things they're saying, which is it? wear a mask or get vaccinated? i'm so confused. if you're that confused over what's happening, you shouldn't be in congress because you're not smart enough. this isn't that hard. get vaccinated. and then you should wear a mask around other people who could potentially get infected. this isn't that hard. i don't understand why everyone is acting like this is that big of a deal. put a piece of cloth over your mouth. what is so hard about this? >> so much of the misinformation and the animosity is fed by the fringes and the places where these fringes thrive. specifically, fox news. let's play a clip. >> americans were promised if they took the vaccines, they could have their lives back.
11:45 am
so by the millions, they did that. now they have learned in the clearest possible way that they were lied to. they got their shots, but the biden administration has decided to continue to control what they wear, control, and who they talk to. why are they doing that? what's happening here exactly? >> tucker carlson, who refuses to say if he's been vaccinated, he plays this pseudosocratic. he's sewing mistrust. the virus keeps mutating. do you think somebody will say at fox that you have to stop because people are dying? >> i certainly hope so, boris. i did notice some other fox personalities who have been standing up and speaking up to say people should get vaccinated, but this is a big part of the problem. people who know better, like
11:46 am
tucker carlson, they know better. and they're sewing doubt within the community across the country about the efficacy of vaccination. i mean, this is just beyond the pale, out of control. my good friend, paul ryan and others on the board, would say enough of this. we have a responsibility to the country, you know, to set a proper example. i'm sure to walk into the fox office, they require all sorts of either temperature checks or vaccination. i'm sure they do. just like every other business and i think it's really incumbent on not just fox but every business in america. some of them are doing it, and i'm glad thaey're doing it. if you want to work in this space, you better be vaccinated and they'll say the same thing about their customers. that may change. i would argue people like nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell should make the same demand for anybody working in the u.s. capitol as president biden has done within the executive branch. >> it's notable fox has very
11:47 am
specific rules reportedly about vaccinations and yet they have that on their air waves. kirsten, final thought to you. >> i mean, what tucker is doing is just despicable. he definitely knows that what he is saying is not true, and i don't think lying is ever okay or manipulating people is ever okay under any circumstance, but when it involves people's lives, it's just, it's beyond indefensible and pretending that there's some sort of conspiracy, again, i just want to walk people through it. where democrats wear masks in an effort to get republicans to wear masks. what's the conspiracy? like, it doesn't make any sense. people just want to protect other people from getting sick. it's very simple and i think that's what most americans should want to do. >> yeah, and when you consider the viewership of fox news, they are among the most vulnerable people when it comes to coronavirus, so it's really
11:48 am
perplexing they would take this approach. we have to leave the conversation there. kirsten powers, former congressman charlie dent, we appreciate you. >> thank you, boris. >> stay with cnn, we'll be right back. 6- not touching is still touching protection. adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria. detergent alone, can't. lysol. what it takes to protect. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the faa says it has received 3,500 reports of unruly passengers on commercial flights. most of those cases over the federal transportation mask mandate. now for the first time in months, the federal government is showing flight attendants how to defend themselves. we have this cnn exclusive.
11:53 am
>> reporter: they are taking a defensive stance against a growing problem in the air. flight attendants are training to hit, elbow, and gouge simulated aggressive passengers with actual passengers getting more violent than ever. >> are you going to possibly die. you need to defend yourself at all costs. >> reporter: undercover federal air marshals are guiding eight flight attendants through this self-defense course. the first class offered by the tsa since training was paused by the pandemic. >> it's sad that it needs to happen. >> reporter: flight attendant carrie is taking this class having just returned to her airline following a leave of absence. are you scared? >> sometimes, a little bit, yeah. you get on a plane full of people, and some aren't happy and you never know what's going to happen. >> reporter: a brawl breaking out on a frontier airlines flight is among the latest unruly passenger incidents that the faa says are skyrocketing. federal documents detail how
11:54 am
passengers have shouted down, grabbed, and struck flight attendants thousands of times since the start of a zero-tolerance policy earlier this year. in may a passenger punched a southwest airlines flight attendant causing her to lose two of her teeth, according to her union. >> there is no back up at 30,000 feet. that plane is in the air. that has a crew that has to deal with the issues, and it's incumbent to make sure they're fully equipped. >> reporter: federal officials say some passengers are fueled by alcohol, but most are fighting back over the federal transportation mask mandate which make up three quarters of all incidents reported just this year. >> it's so bad out there. >> reporter: sarah nelson of the association of flight attendants says airlines should pay their people to take these classes and the federal government should require that flight crews attend each year. >> we can have that muscle memory and be able to respond when someone is immediately attacking us. >> ready, move. >> reporter: here instructors are teaching techniques that could be lifesaving like pinning an attacker who is armed with a
11:55 am
knife. but the tsa says only a few hundred people have enrolled in this course after it reopened training in late june. veteran flight attendant donna o'neil says more like her should take this class to deal with the type of passenger becoming too common. >> ready, move. >> i don't ever want to have to use any of this, but if i had to, i certainly feel much more confident. >> reporter: cnn, sunrise, florida. >> great report. thanks, pete. a quick programming note to share with you. a new cnn short looks at the famous case of jessica mcclure and how her small hometown scrambled to save her when she fell and was trapped in a well at just 18 months old. "58 hours: the baby jessica story" airs tonight at 9:00 on cnn. line. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old.
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