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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 31, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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inches or more, that's enough to extinguish fires. there's plenty of them, not just in washington, but oregon, idaho, montana. 83 active wildfires out there. yes, jessica, they could certainly need any rain at this point would be beneficial for a lot of the areas. >> sure looks like it. allison chinchar, thanks so much. hi, everyone. thanks so much for joining me today. i am jessica dean, in for fredricka whitfield. right now, the u.s. in a race to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus delta variant. cases of the variant now account for 90% of new cases we're seeing. the cdc says the best defense against infection, hospitalization, and death remains the widely available vaccines. silver lining here, vaccines clearly on the rise, even in some of the least vaccinated
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states. but vaccine hesitancy still an issue for a lot of people out there. the fda is bringing in extra help to speed up the full approval process of the covid vaccines, hoping it will encourage more people to get the shots. cnn's natasha chen is at a vaccination drive outside atlanta. are you seeing a number of people looking to be vaccinated, and what's bringing them out today and changing their minds? >> reporter: jessica, more than 200 people have come through to get vaccinated at this site in dekalb county, georgia, that's more than county officials expected. that's a good thing. there were people sort of skeptical in line about the vaccine but said it was the money being given out, $50 gift cards that brought them here. america is waking up to a new day of increased covid restrictions, president biden says we're likely to see more as cases of the highly contagious delta variant continue to rise. >> in all probability, by the way, had a good day yesterday,
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almost a million people got vaccinated, so i am hopeful people are beginning to realize ho how essential it is. >> they show the new rate of vaccinations the highest it has been in weeks. just under half the u.s. population is fully vaccinated. the fda says it is pulling in extra help to get covid-19 vaccines fully approved as quickly as possible to ease minds of those worried about vaccine safety. this comes as we learn more from the cdc about just how dangerous the delta variant is. the agency now says 74% of covid cases in one massachusetts county came from fully vaccinated people. it is important to note, there were few hospitalizations there, and no deaths. the cdc maintains vaccination and masking remain critical in the fight to slow the virus. and we are learning more about how far covid can spread. research showing that respiratory droplets in the air can carry the virus as easily as smoke from a cigarette. >> think of somebody smoking.
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if you can smell the smoke from their cigarette, that's the same as if you breathe in air they exhale out with virus in it. >> reporter: many experts say risk of transmission outdoors is higher than previously thought. all of this as students head back to class for what they hoped would be a normal school year. more than 100 students at one atlanta school that does require masks are now told to quarantine, after at least nine students and five staff members tested positive for covid. only one of the staff members had been vaccinated, and the school's eighth grade class is back at home doing virtual school. one parent says he is not surprised. >> we had the delta virus, numbers started going up, i felt real uncomfortable. i don't think it is a good idea. seeing on the news it is picking up. i am not sure. really didn't make sense now with everybody not vaccinated to go back to school and take the risk. >> reporter: some parents are fighting hard to keep children
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from having to mask up in class. >> i feel like it is all right to have a choice to mask or unmask children, like you have a choice to vaccinate. >> all together, eight u.s. states are taking steps to ban mask mandates in schools, but some areas of the country are taking the opposite tact as numbers rise. the new orleans mayor has reinstituted mask mandate in her city after cases more than doubled in one week. >> the covid pandemic is once again out of control. >> reporter: medical experts warn we are far from done with covid. >> virus we are seeing today bad as it is is not as bad as it can get. >> reporter: some of the people that came through here today were parents with their teenagers as school is about to begin in this area next week. there's a lot of concern because kids under 12 can't get shots. not all teachers may be vaccinated. and now there are discussions in some school districts and some schools about whether the
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mandate can happen to get all employees vaccinated before they come back in person to class, jessica. >> so many of the kids are about to head back to school. natasha chen, thanks so much for that. joining me to discuss this, dr. bissett. great to have you. there's a lot of new information and nuance. with new information from the cdc, start first, what stands out to you, what are the take aways for someone watching now and beginning to digest all this. >> you know, there's a lot of information to digest as you said, jessica, but i think the thing that we have to keep at the forefront of our minds is that the pandemic is not over. vaccines are still the best way to win the war against covid-19, so yes, while it may be true you could potentially be susceptible to contracting covid if vaccinated, that's not a reason not to get vaccinated. we talked about the outbreak in massachusetts, how 74% of those
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people were vaccinated, but of the 351 people that tested positive, four of the vaccinated people had to be admitted to the hospital. that by itself is enough evidence that the vaccines are working and helpful. >> right. and no people died in that. doesn't that show that vaccines are doing what they're supposed to be doing? >> it absolutely does show that. if you look at the numbers, 99.5% of people currently dying of covid-19 are unvaccinated. of those hospitalized, 97% of those are unvaccinated. again, you may have a little cough, you may get the sniffles, if you contract covid and are vaccinated, but you are not winding up on oxygen or a ventilator and not winding up in the grave like over 613,000 other americans who have succumb to the illness. >> right. that's the important thing to hold over here, right? if you're vaccinated, it dramatically lowers your chance
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of hospitalization or death. you're saying maybe you get a break through case, that's rare, but you have a cough or something as opposed to going to the hospital or potentially dying, which is truly remarkable. on the other hand, we are learning the delta variant can spread even amongst vaccinated. that's what we're also learning. and we talked a lot about viral load. we heard from the cdc director rochelle walensky who did suggest, say that data suggests that fully vaccinated people can spread the delta variant. how does that change the game in your opinion? >> well, i think it tells people that we still need to employ the nonpharmaceutical measures to combat covid, not just the vaccine. while vaccines are our best chance, while we're working on getting everyone vaccinated, getting up to that level, we need to achieve herd immunity,
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people should wear masks in high risk situation, indoors, in a large crowd or in a city or place you know there are high levels of viral spread. >> and you hear from people sometimes, especially now that we are getting new information, and look, they're tired, don't want to wear the mask. maybe they were happy to do it before, can't believe now we're back to this. does it underscore that the virus continues to evolve, as it evolves, everything has to evolve with it, including recommendations? >> no one is as tired of wearing a mask as me. i don't get to just wear a surgical mask, when i work the emergency department, i have on a full n95 respirator for 12 plus hours continuously. trust me, i understand mask fatigue. i am way more afraid of covid than being tired of wearing masks. >> let's talk about schools.
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we heard a dad talking about his child in school, start to set next week across the country. children under 12 are not eligible to be vaccinated. more than 100 students at a charter school are now in quarantine after nine students, five staff members tested positive two days after school started. the head of the school told cnn 75% of staff is fully vaccinated, but he is open to a vaccine mandate for staff. let's listen to him for a second. >> i think it is a complicated issue. i don't think it is because of the culture of historical context for it, i don't think it is as straightforward as it may seen, but i recognize it is an incredibly important tool that we have. to my knowledge, we have not had public schools or public school systems that mandated the vaccine yet. it is certainly something that needs to be on the table as we consider how to keep folks safe. >> doctor, i know there are so
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many parents out there with kids under the age of 12 who are concerned about sending kids back to school without knowing whether or not teachers are vaccinated. what do you say to those parents? >> the parents deserve to be worried. throughout the course of the pandemic i don't think we put enough importance on children and covid cases, how sick children can get. there are reports coming out of louisiana from our lady of the lake hospital that they've seen half of the year's covid cases in the month of july alone. the numbers of covid cases they're seeing in children are twice what they were in terms of initial surge last year. the american academy of pediatrics reported in the last week that pediatric cases are up 2%. for the week ending july 22nd, children made up 17% of covid cases. they're not invulnerable to the disease. while the teachers being vaccinated may not be as much sticking point, what parents
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need to ask the school systems is what else are you doing to protect our children? are you employing a mask mandate? are you making sure the children are socially distanced, are there increased venlt ladies and gentlemen efforts, ideas to hold classes outdoors during fall months when the weather is warm. those are the kinds of questions parents should be asking. >> thank you so much for that information and insight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. as the cases spread, the white house is not taking the possibility of new covid restrictions off the table. comes as the cdc issues new mask guidance. joe johns is live at the white house. president biden said in all probability, there will be further restrictions. what does he mean by this, what's he talking about? >> reporter: that is the exact question, frankly, jessica, what other measures will the white house take. not just that, also what
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measures could the white house take in the future. the president is well aware of how highly charged the issue is. he is concerned about taking the wrong step, could it be counter productive, pushing people away from getting vaccinated instead of increasing numbers of people that have gotten the shot. the deputy white house press secretary weighed in on this and says for now, there's no mandate under contemplation. listen. >> national vaccine requirement is not under consideration at this time. that's where we are with that. >> reporter: so also clear the president is frustrated with the direction all of this is taking and there are concerns here that this issue is object securing som -- obscuring other deadlines.
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there are people that have been protected by the moratorium on evictions, that expires at midnight. something else for the white house to deal with. >> joe johns at the white house. still ahead, joe talked about it, congress running out of time to help millions facing evictions during the pandemic. i talk to the congresswoman leading the fight, democrat maxine waters. later, companies try to navigate tricky re-entry with workers unable to return to the office. will it come down to vaccine mandates? ant more control of yor fragrance? the air wick scented oil warmer has five settings, not three, for better frangrance control than febreze plug. take control of your fragrance with air wick. usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. the house of representatives left for break friday without extending a federal ban on evictions put in place during the pandemic. millions of americans will lose protections at midnight tonight as a result. it remains unclear until the last minute. some democrats are blaming the white house, house speaker nancy
9:18 am
pelosi learned of the need to act in the house, saying she thought it would be the cdc to extend that moratorium. the white house legal team didn't see that as a viable option. no matter who is responsible, bottom line is the federal moratorium ends at midnight tonight, leaving more than 11 million americans at risk of being evicted. congresswoman cory bush slept on the steps of the capitol, telling cnn she wanted to send a message. >> this is our way of saying hey, house leadership, reconvene is, we're still here. do something, we can't take vacation right now. >> joining me, maxine waters, a democrat from california, and chair woman of the house financial services committee. congresswoman, thanks so much for being with us. i know you were ready to vote to extend the moratorium, had a bill ready to go. you met with house leadership, democratic leadership, with speaker pelosi. you talked for a long time. what comes next? what did she tell you? >> well, unfortunately we were
9:19 am
not able to get my bill up on the floor to be voted on and that's the approach that i took. the leadership decided they were going to try to get the republicans to give unanimous consent to take the bill up, but of course that failed. now we're left without a resolution to this tremendous problem. as you just said, the eviction moratorium is over as of midnight. we have families, probably 11 million families out there who stand to be evicted. there's nothing left that we can do in this session. we may be called back into congress in a couple of weeks because we still have work to do on the infrastructure bill. and i will attempt at that time to get the bill back up on the floor again. so my staff and i are going to work very hard to do everything that we can to get the bill back up on the floor that will extend the moratorium and pay the back
9:20 am
rent for many of our landlords, particularly the small landlords. we are absolutely cognizant of the fact that the landlords are suffering, many of them, the small ones, big ones can take care of themselves, small ones with two, three, four units, they have mortgages to pay. they also have retirement income tied up. many of them retired, basically depending on rentals to help through retirement days. all we can do now is hope that we can get back in a reasonable amount of time so we can try again to get votes we need to extend the moratorium. we need the help of the white house. we didn't know it would be thrown to us last minute. as the white house has said, no matter where the fault lies, this is an emergency. we should have been able to get
9:21 am
the bill up on the floor to protect renters. all we can do now is get back as fast as we can, work as hard as we can to try to get my bill passed. >> did you get anywhere assurances or commitment from the speaker that she would bring you back to deal with this along with infrastructure? >> well, the rules committee was prepared to pass the rule that it takes to put it on the floor. so we had gone to the rules committee already and they were waiting for a decision about whether or not they were going to agree to put the rule up on the floor. that's when all of the negotiation started. and i believe that our leadership believed they could work something out with the republicans. i never believed that. so they tried. and the republicans refused to give us unanimous consent. i want to tell you, the leadership was worried that we didn't have all of the votes we
9:22 am
needed in our own democratic caucus. some people were resisting. some talked about the landlords, they were concerned about them, some didn't understand, some said they needed more time. whatever the reasons were, we did not have an absolute count of success, even if we got up on the floor. i believe you have to put the fight on the floor, let people vote up or down. some people that were resisting i think would have come around based on arguments we would have made on the floor. it is an unfortunate situation, but we have all the families out there, families with children. children are not going to be able to go to school, even if we had extended the moratorium for a month, the family still had to look for places to live. children have to change schools. this is a tragedy. i am so sorry for it. for those people resisting it, and i heard of representative
9:23 am
bush sleeping on steps of the capitol, do everything you can. fight to the last breath for renters. most vulnerable in the society, see what we can do to eliminate them becoming homeless. >> and the clock had been ticking on this for some time. you all knew this was coming. how did this get down to the wire like this. it is rare what happened yesterday with speaker pelosi trying to get something done and it wasn't happening, you didn't have votes. that doesn't happen a lot. what happened for it to come down to the wire like this? >> well, first place, we thought the white house was in charge and we know that cavanaugh at the supreme court said that they did not think the president had the authority to use executive power to extend the moratorium. however, i think the president shouldn't have taken opinion
9:24 am
from one of the members of the supreme court, he should have gone forward with an executive order to expand and extend the moratorium and then let whatever and whomever wanted to file a lawsuit, whatever they want to do, to come after and challenge that opinion, but the president should have moved on it, he should have used executive power and executive order to expand and extend the moratorium. >> congresswoman maxine waters, thank you so much for joining us today. >> you're welcome. thank you very much for having me on. i want all our renters to know some of us are going to fight. >> congresswoman, thank you. we're going to speak to representative cory bush about her protest last night on capitol hill over the expiring moratorium. new revelations on the pressure campaign from former president trump to overturn 2020 election results, telling his justice department to falsely declare it as corrupt. o milkshake mustaches, high fives and high dives.
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just say the election was corrupt, leave the rest to me. that's what former president donald trump told justice department officials according to newly public notes from acting deputy attorney general. the new details add to the upsetting list of examples we now have of trump's efforts to overturn the election he lost. kaitlin pollance is in washington. what do we know about the apparent pressure campaign? >> what we're learning this week is coming because notes from the acting deputy attorney general at the end of the trump
9:30 am
administration, richard donahue turned over of a phone call with trump and then acting attorney general, jeff rosen, on december 27th of 2020. he turned those records over to the house oversight committee that's looking into trump and his handling of the election aftermath and now we're seeing what trump was saying in those days. as you said, the main quote from this was that donahue wrote down trump had said just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and republicans in congress. that came after trump was clearly looking to push with the justice department to investigate voter fraud or try and say there was some possibility that the election was corrupt. donahue at the time was pushing back against that strongly, saying they weren't able to go out and say that, and the justice department never did uncover any evidence of widespread voter fraud, but this piece of new information is really part of a larger
9:31 am
constellation of what we learned donald trump was doing in the last days of his presidency after losing the election. we knew he was wanting mike pence not to certify results of the election. we knew from other documents that lawyers around him wanted court cases that cast doubt on the result of the election to go to the supreme court. trump responded saying his words are being misconstrued, but the committee chairman of house oversight said trump directly instructed our nation's top law enforcement agency to take steps to overturn the election and that's what this showed. so again, we have a situation where there's donald trump and the justice department completely at odds and that lasted through the end of his presidency. >> it is remarkable. we also learned the justice
9:32 am
department ordered the irs to hand over his tax returns to congress. something that's been very drawn out. when can we anticipate seeing that happen? >> i can't tell you it will be anytime soon. it is in court, as things go, court doesn't wrap up quickly when there are fights between different branches of government. in this particular case, house ways and means committee went to treasury department and said we would like to get access to donald trump's tax returns under special provision where the irs can give them to the house. the trump administration and justice department under him said no, they didn't believe those should be turned over at the time. the biden administration is now reversing that and saying when requested in this fashion, the treasury department must turn those tax returns over. but i'm saying they're not happening anytime soon, we shouldn't expect or the house shouldn't expect them anytime soon because there will be a lot more arguments that take place
9:33 am
in court. there's already a schedule being developed, more filings next week that give us a little more inclination of timing and there's also a hold placed on this by the court where treasury just can't hand them over. >> it has been a long, protracted thing anyway. thanks so much for the reporting. appreciate it. returning to work is only getting more complicated as the delta variant spreads. it is prompting confrontations between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding, energy-building, dually-adjustable, dad-powering, wellness-boosting, foot-warming, temperature-balancing, recovery-assisting, effortlessly life-changing proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save up to $1,000 on select sleep number 360 smart beds and adjustable bases. plus, 0% interest for 24 months & free premium delivery. ends monday. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts. 100% online car buying.
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employers want you to get back to the objection, but the delta variant upended many plans for the fall to return. it is complicated. becoming a battle of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. cr christine romans reports. >> reporter: the delta variant is a setback for return to office plans for so many companies. the message is clear. they want you back at your desk and vaccinated. >> i am producing more work, i can be held accountable virtually. i don't need to be physically in the office. >> reporter: some workers aren't ready to give up flexibility and safety from working from home. from the employer perspective, it is time. >> you can go to a restaurant in new york city, you can go into the office, we want you in the office. >> reporter: offices for some wall street firms are already nearly full.
9:39 am
other industries preparing to return around labor day. >> at its core, people are best being in person. >> reporter: this may be coming to an end, whether employees like it or not. >> employers are saying the struggle with the narrative of this is good for me is that we pay you. so it has to be good for us. >> reporter: this tricky re-entry made more difficult by employees questioning safety of the workplace among surging cases of the delta variant in the u.s. >> between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees, we have reports of employees confronting unvaccinated employees and literally almost getting into physical fights. >> reporter: a june survey shows 63% of workers support vaccine mandates at work. >> many employers are hearing from workers, employees, that they want to know that people
9:40 am
are vaccinated. >> reporter: new york city employers are growing more confident, workers will be in the office come september, from 45% in march to 62% in may. willingness to return to the office, though, is uneven. >> young tech employees, it seems to be much tougher to get them back. >> reporter: the balancing act also important for small businesses. >> while there's concern about forcing people to come back or get vaccinated, there's also a lot of concern about the overall economy of the city. a big piece is the commuters working remotely, not patronizing local stores. >> reporter: child care is still a problem until it is clear schools can reopen in person for good. also a concern, impact on careers of those that don't want to return to the office. >> two, three, five years from now making promotional decisions, we promote people we know, with whom we built
9:41 am
relationships. >> reporter: we're seeing a sea change in federal vaccines. the government is requiring all workers to be fully vaccinated and more companies are doing the same. >> let's talk more about the cases have on businesses and planned reopenings. joining us, former secret service agent and law enforcement analyst, jonathan, you work with businesses as risk management consultant, perfect for what we're talking about. what impact will the cdc's adjusted mask policy have on businesses, is it going to slow down the return to the office? >> jessica, good afternoon. a few weeks ago, we thought there was light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic. little did we realize that light was this on coming train from the delta variant. positive news is throughout the pandemic, businesses have actually learned how to take a real adaptive approach in mitigating spread within their
9:42 am
workplace environment. what i mean by that, now they can effectively implement control measures like adjusting to cdc mask guidance, social distancing, testing, vaccinations. while we never thought we would be at this point, these enhanced control measures are making businesses more prepared to return to the work force in coming weeks. that's not going to be a quick return to the office. the delta variant has implemented a challenge for businesses to recalibrate their safety protocols on returning to the work force. you may see a little delay, but businesses are prepared. they have the right tools. we're in a better position now than we ever were before on a returning work force. >> and requiring that federal employees be vaccinated or face testing protocols. a lot of companies are working
9:43 am
with that. other companies are doing it. do you think the white house is going far enough in what they're asking? >> i think they are. here is why. we know the vaccines are a game changer in how we fight virus. all morning long, every show we heard, vaccines remain best way to prevent serious illness and hospitalization death. businesses are listening. they realize the risk of covid-19 are not diminishing, going away. the threat is still with us. there's increased awareness by businesses and they're looking at mandating workers similar to the government has on being vaccinated. the eeoc stated that employers can do this. they are allowed to mandate their employees be vaccinated as a condition to coming back to work. the question now is should they. we know mandates are a polarizing issue. introducing that into the
9:44 am
workplace brings for the complexities that can arise. light now, what we are advising businesses is to set a strategy within the organization to encourage workers to get vaccinated. communicate with them benefits of it, in some cases, incentivize them to get vaccinated prior to mandating some sort of process of vaccination. at the end of the day businesses have responlded, this will be a business decision. walmart, disney, google have taken measures to make the decision to vaccinate some or all employees. the spread of the virus moving forward is going to dictate whether or not businesses mandate or have a voluntary process. >> it will be interesting to see how it develops. jonathan, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks a lot. coming up, protests are escalating in france over a covid-19 health pass requirement that will restrict where people
9:45 am
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a developing story out of france. crowds there taking to the streets across the country today for renewed protests against the government plans to mandate the so-called health pass. that shows proof of vaccination or negative test for many public places. jim bittermann has the latest from paris. jim, tell us more about the protests. >> reporter: well, in fact, it is the third week in a row for protests. here's the objective. the health pass people have that you carry around.
9:50 am
there were thousands of demonstrators in the streets as there have been the last two weeks, although i don't think -- we are waiting for official numbers, doesn't appear that as many as were out last week, there were 160,000 out last week across france, one of the reasons might be because there were about 3,000 police on the streets of paris today, just to keep things under control. there are four separate demonstrations. big question is why are they on the streets. >> i am sick of freedom killing measures of government. for me, health pass is one too many. >> vaccination is i think okay, because it is to fight the disease, but i don't think it is going to change anything for covid. it is to stop people. for me, stopping me from having
9:51 am
freedom. >> i came here because i am forced to be vaccinated to go to work and don't want to. it is my choice. today that choice is being taken away and i am against it. >> i think some of the wind is out of the sails of demonstrations because not all of the french support them, according to a poll, only 23% of french support what was going on on the streets today. 62% support use of the health pass, 69% believe vaccinations are necessary. rather high percentage behind the government plan. >> that's very telling. all right. jim bittermann, thanks for the reporting. in the midst of the olympics, tokyo reports the highest ever number of daily covid infections. more than 240 infections are tied to the games. meanwhile, we learned a resident of olympic village had credentials taken after going on an unauthorized sight-seeing trip. for the latest covid headlines,
9:52 am
check in with correspondents around the globe. >> reporter: this is kristie lu stout from hong kong. the delta variant is spreading across china. wednesday, beijing reported the first covid-19 case in six months. tens of thousands of residents are on lockdown. authorities scramble to control an outbreak in manjing. they confirmed the origin was a flight from russia. concern is also growing over a possible secondary cluster from a live show in hunan province. they say the beijing cases are linked to the cluster of outbreak. china takes a zero tolerance approach with mass testing and tracing operations. it is also a test of efficacy of china's massive vaccination program. china has administered more than
9:53 am
1.5 billion doses so far. >> reporter: hadas gold in jerusalem. israel will give a third dose of coronavirus vaccine to anyone over 60 that received the second dose more than five months ago. the israeli prime minister made the announcement on thursday evening, saying evidence showed the vaccine efficacy may be waning over time, especially in light of the delta variant. recent data released by israeli health ministry showed for those that received a second dose of vaccine by end of january, vaccine effectiveness fending off infection dropped to 16%, although people were well protected against severe illness. a decision is not made without controversy. israel is making this move ahead of the u.s. food and drug administration recommendation. essentially making israel a test case for boosters that the rest of the world will be closely following.
9:54 am
>> thanks to our correspondents around the globe for the updates there. news just into cnn, carrie johnson, wife of boris johnson, confirms she's pregnant again. a post on instagram today, she wrote hoping for our rainbow baby this christmas. at the beginning of the year, i had a miscarriage which left me heartbroken. i feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant again, but also felt like a bag of nerves. she goes on to say i found it comfort to hear from people that also experienced loss. i hope in a small way, sharing this might help others too. remember, the pair contracted covid spring of last year before the birth of their first child. congratulations to them. be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:55 am
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9:59 am
police in atlanta are out in force trying to solve a brutal murder at a popular park. they're canvassing piedmont park in midtown, hoping to find witnesses to a stabbing that left a woman and her dog dead. the body was found early wednesday morning. the dog was also killed. police have no suspect and no motive. police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. hi, everyone. thanks so much for joining me
10:00 am
today. i am jessica dean, in for fredricka whitfield. we begin this hour with the u.s. entering a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic as the delta variant spreads like wildfire across the country. vaccinations remain the key tool in preventing infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, and those vaccinations clearly are on the rise, even in some of the least vaccinated states. a silver lining there. the vaccination numbers are not high enough to prevent that variant from spreading. every state is now reporting more coronavirus cases than the previous week, and this as we are learning more about the delta variant. the cdc making what it calls a pivotal discovery, saying new study shows the variant produces similar amounts of virus in vaccinated and unvaccinated people, if they infected. that prompted new mask guidelines this week even for the vaccinated. president biden says more restrictions are not off


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