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tv   CNN Newsroom With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  July 31, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> happening now in the
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newsroom. the science continues to change. while that's not simple, it's my responsibility. >> the cdc issuing new mask guidance after what it calls a pivot al decision on the delta variant. and what millions of people assume wearing mask indoors. those new guidelines pitting state and local officials against one another. the federal moratorium on eviction tonight and after the cdc says they do not have the power to extend it. what that means for people who are struggling to pay rent amid this pandemic. the lid is off. the pandora's box is open. and investigations will now follow the facts where they lead. >> the justice department rules the irs must turn over former president trump's tax returns to congress. what investigators and the public could learn from those documents. no mask, no card, no
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service. amid a spike in coronavirus inspections more and more business owners say their doors are only open to those who can prove they're vaccinated "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. it is saturday, july 31st. i'm boris sanchez. >> and i'm christi paul we're happy to have you here in the cnn newsroom. we want to begin with the race to get more people vaccinated against covid as a highly transmissible delta variant is spreading across the country it's leading to really an alarming surge of new cases in certain spots. >> yeah, the united states now averaging more than 77,000 new cases per day. listen to this, that's more than five times where we were at the start of the month. five times as many as there were on the fourth of july. the number of people sick enough to need hospital care is also increasing. the country averaging nearly
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1,800 new hospitalizations every day. more than 80% of the u.s. population, about 274 million people, live in a county considered to have high or substantial covid transmission. >> those numbers, i'll start what we know, after the internal cdc document revealed the delta strain is now as contagious as the chickenpox, likely causing more illness than any of the previous variants. but they also stress this, getting vaccinated is still your best defense against the virus. and the vaccines prevent more than 90% of severe diseases if you do get the vaccine. in other words, you're 90% more likely to get less severe illness. >> yeah, it appears fortunately, that more americans are getting vaccinated. the cdc reporting that the pace of vaccinations now at its highest levels since july 5th. >> so, we want to start in georgia right now.
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the case rating there has tripled in the last days. cnn's natasha chen is with us. we know dekalb county is a lot of places in georgia, where experts are encouraging people, roll up your sleeves. get vaccinated and they're pointing out some of their own incentives to do this. any indication it's working this morning, natasha? >> reporter: christi, the incentive is definitely working. they're giving out $50 pre-paid debit cards and there was a line before this even started. you can see all of the folks behind me, they're getting good numbers here. that is a good sign. it's tracking with what we see across the country that vaccination rates are on the steady rise. especially a sharp increase in some southern states that have been lagging in vaccinations, this is definitely a race against time. a race against that delta variant. america is waking up to a new day of increased covid restrictions and president biden says we're likely to see more as
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cases of the highly contagious delta variant continue to rise. >> in all probability -- by the way, we had a good day yesterday, almost 1 million people got vaccinated. so i'm hopeful that people are beginning to realize how essential it is. >> reporter: cdc data shows the new rate of vax nccinations the highest in weeks but just half the population fully vaccinated. and trying to get it through as quickly as possible to ease the minds of those worried about vaccine safety. that coming from the agency on just how dangerous the delta variant actually is. 72% of cases in one massachusetts county came from fully vaccinated people. though it's important to note there are few hospitalizations there and no deaths. the cdc maintains that vaccinations and masking remain critical in the fight to slow the virus. and we're learning more about
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how far the virus can spread. the droplets in the air can carry the virus as easily as somebody smoking. >> if you can smell the smoke of somebody smoking, that's the very same as the transmission. >> reporter: the risk outdoors is much higher as previously thought, all of this agency student it's head back to class. more than 100 students at an atlanta school that does require a mask are being told to quarantine. after students tested positive. only one of the staff members had been vaccinated. and the student's eighth great class is now back home doing virtual school. one parent is not surprised. >> we had the coronavirus. i felt real uncomfortable. we see it on the news, i'm not sure. it doesn't make sense with everybody not being vaccinated
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to go back to school and take that risk. >> reporter: meanwhile, some parents are fighting hard to keep their children from having to mask-up in class. >> i feel like it's our right to be able to have a choice to either mask or unmask our children. just like you have a choice to vax nature. >> reporter: altogether, eight u.s. steps are taking steps to ban mask mandates in schools but some areas of the country are taking the opposite tact. the new orleans mayor has reinstituted a mask mandate in her city after cases more than doubled in one week. >> the covid pandemic is once again raging out of control. >> reporter: and medical experts warn that we are far from done with covid. >> virus that we're seeing today as bad as it is not as bad as it can get. >> reporter: and of deep concern right now is the start of the school year. in many places, that's happening earlier to try to make up for lost instruction time during the shutdown last year.
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so, here in dekalb county, school starts on monday. and there are some discussions, like at the charter school that you saw in atlanta, with the quarantine issues, discussions now about whether to require vaccinations for employees since teachers will be interacting with a laot of young students wo are not eligible for the shots, christi and boris. >> let's get more from an official from that school. gn natasha, thank you so much. two days into the start of the school year, you've got more than 100 students in quarantine. did something go wrong? i assume you anticipated this would be a risk, right, peter? >> absolutely. and we have put in a lot of measures to protect us in starting the school yard. we tested 1900 students and staff prior to the start of the school year. we had strong mitigation
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policies in place. mask mandates, social distancing, temperature checks and so forth. again, we felt well prepared for this, but we have certainly been surprised by what we have seen. >> one of the things that stands out to me in the reporting is that 1 of 5 staff members that tested positive had actually been vaccinated. i mean, this was preventible, do you feel like there was more you that could have done to get these people vaccinated? >> so, i'm pretty -- i'm proud of our vaccination rate at the school. at the school, we have 75% of our staff vaccinated. and that's almost double what the rate is in our community. we actually offered a vaccine clinic for our staff when it first became available for staff, back in march. and when educators were first eligible. so they had dedicated opportunities in employment. but we recognize there's hesitancy, so we're going to continue to work on that as we we can get as many of our staff
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as possible. >> now, the possibility of mandate for staff. i'm curious if you've heard resistance from that 25% of folks that have not gotten vaccinated? >> well, certainly, there are folks who are concerned and have -- you know, have medical, historical and consulultural cos around vaccines. we recognize that our vaccines are the single best tool we have to keep ourselves and those around us safe, particularly, those who can't get vaccinated. we recognize it's an important tool and high priority for us. yes, absolutely. >> it sounds like you are in favor of a vaccine mandate for staff? >> so, i think it's a complicated issue. i don't think it's because of the cultural and historical context for it, i don't think it's as straightforward as it may seem. but i recognize that it is an incredibly important tool we have. so, to my knowledge, we have not
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had public schools or public school systems who have mandated a vaccine yet. it's certainly something that needs to be on the table as we consider how to keep folks safe. >> peter, take me into those conversations. when you talk about social and cultural considerations, how do you try to persuade someone who is hesitant? >> i think what the research has shown, the best strategies for this is ensuring that folks can connect with individuals that they trust who have really good information. also, personal relationships are key here. as we approach it, we want to have folks available to talk with our staff and our community, again, they trust and can give them really good information, considering there's a lot of misinformation that's swirling out there. it's also helpful to have dedicated opportunities. we have those set aside and we think those are the strategies
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that can work best. >> and have you heard from the parents of the 100-plus quarantined kids? i imagine much are frustrated that remote learning was a think of 2020 and they likely wouldn't have to face it this fall? >> absolutely. this is certainly not what we expected for the start of the school year. i know it's not what our families expected either. at this point, it's a temporary transition to virtual learning. we've done virtual learning really, really well over the past year. we know we can pivot effectively and provide high-quality virtual learning. we recognize it's a convenience and concern for families, absolutely. >> yours is an important story to get out there. because it sounds like you took a certain amount of precautions and you had 70% of staff vaccinated. and yet, two days into the school year, more than 100 kids in quarantine. it does not bode well for other parts of the country with low vaccination rates like georgia right now. peter mcknight, thank you for the conversation. we appreciate the time, thank you. >> thanks for having me.
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>> of course. without a doubt, people who work in grocery stores are essential employees. so, how are they able to stay safe while on the job? the president of the united food and commercial workers union joins us to discuss, after a quick break. also, a house committee has been waiting more than two years to see donald trump's tax returns. well, now, the justice department says that they must be released. that is still ahead. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi. well, stores are re-evaluating their policies to update the cdc guidance that everyone fully vaccinated wear a mask indoors. the guidance, it led to some confusion and frustration among customers who see this as a step backward, as you can imagine, and you're probably thinking the same thing. a union representing more than 1 million front line workers,
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though, are concerned about what it will mean for its members. according to the united food and commercial workers union, nearly 500 front line workers have died from covid-19 this year alone. and at least 96,000 have been infected or exposed. so, marc perrone, president of the united food and commercial workers union is with us right now. marc, it is so good to have you back with us. thank you. first of all, what are you hearing from workers about all of it? >> well, first of all, christi, thank you for having us. you know, my members are in fact extremely concerned about this delta variant. it is highly transmissible, as we all know, much like the common cold or chickenpox. they are very concerned. and even after the cdc changed the guidelines to allow a more relaxed position on masking, we did in fact voice our opinion
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strenuously to the cdc that we thought it was a dangerous precedent to full back so quickly when we did not have enough information on delta in the field. now, we're seeing that they're having to reverse their position. we think that that is -- you know, was very unfortunate, because, as we now know, this delta variant is in fact difficult with vaccines. it doesn't respond well, as far as the transmission purposes. it might keep you out of the hospital and it might keep you from having, you know, severe disease. but it still is transmissible. so, i think it's a two-pronged approach. we need to be very aggressive on vaccines. and we need to be very aggressive on the masking policy, because that will -- as we know, will help prevent transmission. >> so, we know that -- apple says that it's going to require everyone, employees and customers, to wear a mask in their stores.
6:20 am
there are other retailers that have yet to make their announcements. but, you know, if you could set your own list of what needs to happen, what would be on it? >> well, the first thing that i would hope would take place is that the retail operations in this country, regardless who they are, or where they are, ultimately decide to do the right thing for public health. and that is tell people, coming in and out of stores that they should be wearing a mask. secondarily, i think the biden administration has done a good job as it relates to the vaccine and the vaccination policies in getting that vaccine out. we definitely need to move that more aggressively to make sure that we've got people that are vaccinated. and not transmitting the disease through a mask policy. >> are you getting any pushback from employees who maybe don't want to get the vaccine, for whatever reason?
6:21 am
>> yes, we are. and i've got members that are nervous about the vaccine, you know, i think that as soon as the fda approves the vaccine, instead of an emergency use and makes it more standardized, i think that we'll have a much better result. we've had about 80%, 90% of our processing food members that have been vaccinated. and it's really reduced the amount of transmission of disease in those packing houses and into processing facilities. so, we have some basis of information and some statistics that would indicate that that vaccine does, in fact, you know, highly restrict the transmission of the disease. and where it's killing people. and we don't want that to happen. >> i know there are retailers
6:22 am
weigh egg the possibility of vaccine mandates for employees. where do you stand on that? >> well, at this point, i think that if the vaccine is not fda-approved under standard conditions, i think they'll be hard-pressed to mandate that, at least at this point in time because i think people do have real fears about that. but we're going to work with our employers, in order to educate the membership, or at least communicate with them about the pros and cons of the vaccine. and if in fact they're not willing to take the vaccine until it's permanently placed on the approved list, i think that what we'll do is we'll start talking about more aggressive testing, so that we can ultimately make sure that people that go inside the stores are not necessarily carrying the virus that could possibly infect, you know, customers or other fellow workers. >> that's a delicate dance.
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>> yes. >> marc perrone, we appreciate you taking time to explain to us what you're up against and hoping that everybody stays safe. thank you so much. >> well, christi, we certainly do appreciate it. and stay safe, please. >> you as well, be well. thank you. still ahead, the justice department says the irs must turn over former president trump's tax returns to congress. does that mean the public could some day see them? plus, instead of going on reset like her fellow lawmakers, congresswoman cori bush is staying on capitol hill. why she spent the night outside the steps of congress. just ahead. foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save up to $1,000 on select sleep number 360 smart bed and adjustable bases. plus, free premium delivery. ends monday. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis.
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coming up on 28 minutes past the hour right now, want to give you the top stories we're following. first of all, cuba's foreign minister is responding to the latest sanction issued by the u.s. right now. in a tweet he wrote this, these arbitrary measures are adding to the misinformation in inhuman block against cuba. this is after president biden met with members of the community and key members yesterday. including new sanctions targeting cuba's national revolutionary police and cuban dissidents. the united states is not the only country dealing with devastating wildfires. look what's happening in turkey. 14 wildfires are burning at 1100 different points along the mediterranean. at least four people have died
6:29 am
and in the middle east, wildfires are spreading in lebanon. officials are calling it an environmental disaster. back here in the united states, two of the largest colleges in michigan have joined a growing list of universities that will now require all students and staff to get vaccinated before returning to campus for the fall semester. on friday, michigan state university and the university of michigan, both announcing the new changes to their policies because of the rising number of cases on campus, because of the highly infectious delta variant. both universities also have mask mandates in place, requiring that masks be worn indoors at all campus buildings and facilities. meantime, in hollywood, one of marvel's biggest stars is suing disney. actress scarlett johansson said disney breached her contract when they released the equipment "black widow" on its streaming service, disney plus and theaters at the same time. the actress claims she was promised a theatrical release.
6:30 am
disney claims they fully complied with the contract. they say there is, quote, no merit whatsoever to this filing and that it's, quote, distress and callous disregard to the covid-19 pandemic. since the president trump battle over tax returns, the justice department told the treasury department they must turn them over to the house ways and means compete. >> it's been a multiyear process for this to happen. caitlin pollen joins us now. the justice department saying they must get the tax returns, the trump justice department sang a different tone. >> within months we're finally getting an answer from the biden administration about what they're going to do with donald trump's tax returns. there are various leaders in the
6:31 am
committee and the house seeking the tax returns from president trump, now ex-president trump, in multiple ways and ended up in court over the past several years. there's one particular case, this case from the house ways and means committee where it was a bit of a sleeper case, it was one we are weren't really waiting that close attention to, it was especially on hold for the last two years bus the trump administration said we would like the tax returns from the irs, from the treasury department directly under a specific code statute that believed they could get them. the trump administration said, no, we're going to block that. now, the biden administration has now reviewed that and it's reversing course. they're saying that the trump administration had not properly assessed what the house was saying the reason was for wanting the tax returns. the house wanted the tax returns in this particular committee to look at possible legislation, especially reviewing how the irs does audits.
6:32 am
now in this particular case, it's now alive again. we are seeing this reversal from the biden administration, where they're saying that the treasury department receiving this request must hand these tax returns over now, now that they're being asked by the house ways and means committee. it is a major shift, but that doesn't mean that we're at the end of this court battle. like these court battles often goes, everybody gets to have a say. right now, donald trump isn't a party in this lawsuit but is going to be able to talk to the judge, put out some arguments. there's going to be more, what they call, briefing in court. there's going to be more arguments being made. the judge is going to review it. we're supposed to get another set of filings next week. and there is a hold for three days that means that the tax returns just can't get turned over so, we don't know when there there be a resolution to this. it is a continuing case, but this is a big shift in how this administration is approaching congress, boris and christi.
6:33 am
>> katelyn, so glad you're on it, thank you so much. to, a pizza shop in northern california is just one of many restaurants nationwide that's now asking customers to prove they've been vaccinated to eat indoors. after a quick break, the owners are going to tell me why they decided it was the right move. retirement income is complicated. as your broker, i've solved it. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab.
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the world in which we live equally distributes talent, but it doesn't equally distribute opportunity, and paths are not always the same. - i'm so proud of you dad. - [man] i will tell you this, southern new hampshire university can change the whole trajectory of your life. (uplifting music) well, a federal ban on evictions put in place during the pandemic expires at midnight
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tonight. and that leaves millions of renters at risk of being kicked out of their homes, obviously. so the house failed to pass legislation extending that moratorium. congresswoman cori bush slept outside at the capitol last night. she's calling on the house to reconvene, to extend that moratorium, or for the senate to take action. >> either our president and the cdc extend the moratorium without any lapses, or the u.s. senate take it up and get it done. or the house reconvenes, we come back, come off of vacation and get this done because i just don't understand how we go on vacation knowing that people's lives are at stake. >> and she's talking about a lot of lives.
6:39 am
11 million people currently behind on their rent in this pandemic. and next hour, we're talking to someone who knows what that's like. she fears she's at risk of losing her home without any action of congress. we'll talk more about that at 10:00. >> and more more businesses are beginning to require proof of vaccination staff from staff and customers. it's a topic getting a lot of mixed reviews at residents in the bay area, at one restaurant in southern california, the owners of tony and ealva's pizz is doing what they can do to maintain it safe. they're doing proof of masks and vaccination inside the store. >> numbers are rising, people are not telling us the truth about whether they're vaccinated or not we. we want to make our community and customers safe.
6:40 am
joining us the owners, al and deona. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, as i understand, you both battled covid, and now you're trying to prevent others from going through what you went through. deanna, in your case, what you're still going through. you got sick in january. i read you're still feeling some of the effects. help the viewers understand what this has been like for you. >> well, it's been really tough. so end of january, i took my mother to get her vaccine. a few days later i started developing symptoms. luckily, i was wearing two masks at the time. we're not sure exactly how i got it. but al test -- about a week later, he tested positive. we think i probably got it from him, he never developed any symptoms. >> yes, i was asymptomatic.
6:41 am
so we really couldn't figure out the last part of the tracing. >> while i started getting lower back and leg pains. that was my first symptom and dizziness. and my husband just thought that maybe i strained my back. it kept getting worse. the next morning, i called the doctor. she said go down and get tested it might be early stages. i didn't have a fever yet or cough. i didn't get my results until two days later. but i isolated. the pain was extreme. i asked the doctor after i found out i had covid, this back pain symptom, she said, yes, it's so new, they don't know all of the symptoms. after i got better, a fever for a couple weeks, the cough for a month. the pain never really subsized. it got better and i'll suffer from i'll be perfectly fine. a couple days later, lfall of a
6:42 am
sudden, i can't walk. i can't go up the stairs. i can't lift my legs. i have extreme fatigue. it hits me all at once. i might be fine in the morning, all of a sudden in the afternoon, i'm in excruciating pain. so, there's nothing they can do. my doctor is trying to get me into a clinic over at cakaiser, they have a long haulers clinic. they had me on a diet for a couple months that helped a little but not really. >> deanna, i hate that you have to deal with that. and it speaks to how great you are to your community, that you're now trying to keep people from going through what you went through. and, al, the state of california actually lifted capacity restrictions and other business restrictions a month and a half or so ago. you have kept them on, and now you're mandating vaccines among
6:43 am
staff and customers who eat inside the restaurant. has keeping these restrictions on hurt your business? are you concerned about staying profitable? >> you know what, i don't believe it's hurt our business. because you got to do the right thing right all the time. by doing that, we've given bonuses out for our employees that got the shots. we have a few employees that were given bonuses to get the shots. we kind of do what we got to do. when the state opened up, we both said we thought it was a mistake with the masks -- everybody heard, nobody can wear a mask, that's what they said, but that's what everybody heard. we delayed our dine-in for a while and when the numbers started ticking up, we said, we've got to do this. and it hasn't hurt. 99% -- we have people drive by and families say, hey, we feel we can come in and eat.
6:44 am
it can get warm here at night, not everybody wants to dine outside. and we have a lot of positives. so, it doesn't hurt us in the long run, time will tell but i don't think so. >> we also felt like we have to keep our employees safe. we do have a few employees that have not gotten vaccinated. one is adamant about not, we're trying to check all of the customers before they come in, make sure everybody is asking, if not, they have to keep their mask on until they order and dine outside or get it to go. >> i'm curious, before we talk about the complaints from the community about those employees hesitant to get vaccinated, what are those conversations like if you're now mandating the vaccine? >> well, the employees that have gotten vaccinated are a little irritated with the ones that haven't gotten the vaccine yet. for some reason, they're afraid, a couple of them are on the
6:45 am
fence and ready to do it but they're good employees. they're reliable. they're good workers. but they're just afraid about getting the vaccine so they have to keep their mask on all the time and we keep our mask on to protect them. some of the employees in the front that don't want to wear a mask, they're fully vaccinated, we told them we have to keep doing that because of the numbers rising. we want to keep all of the employees safe. >> yeah, our employees have been great. they feel a lot of pressure now. you know, this is a restaurant, people are coming in and out and our employees have been incredible for the last year and a half. now, you're starting to see people getting anxious a little just because of the haves and have nots kind of things with the masks. i think in the long run, everybody will get the vaccine. we know some of them are finishing off the vaccination program. >> we had one customer walk in without a mask. a lot of them think it's okay to not wear a mask anymore.
6:46 am
i stop them and say you have to have a mask. he said i don't have one, i said step outside, i'll get you a mac. i asked him if he was vaccinated he wasn't. i said, step out, we'll get you a mask and take your order. before we started checking i don't know how many people might have come in that weren't vaccinated. >> al and deanna, thank you for the time. it underscores what we're likely to see in the future, the frustration that you're having among your employees. those that are vaccinated looking at those unvaccinated, wondering what it's going to take to cross that line. >> thank you. >> have a slice day. >> you, too. >> we caught that, didn't we -- have a slice day. very nice. simone biles pulls out of more olympic events are we going to see her at the games? and the fastest woman in the
6:47 am
world has just been crowned. coy wire tells us who it is and a live report from tokyo next. also, be sure to join cnn this august for a once in a lifetime convert cert event. we love new york city homecoming convert, tit's tuesday on cnn. you've ever tasted. talenti. raise the jar.
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team usa is flexing their muscles at the tokyo olympics, particularly in the pool. superstars caleb dresser and katie ledecky have five gold medals between them after putting on one heck of a dazzling display overnight.
6:52 am
>> let's get to tokyo and coy wire. some folks thought swimming with the united states wouldn't be the same without michael phelps, but the dominance from the olympians haven't declined a bit. >> reporter: 26 of the 46 medals came in theeleb dressel said th reason he hit the weight room hard. including his 100 meter butterfly. dress dressel exploded off the blocks and never looked back. the 24-year-old breaking his own world record, picking up his third gold medal here in tokyo. he holds 8 of the top 10 times in the world in this event. check out his family back home in florida. mom is in the middle, can barely watch. falls on the couch with his wife, megan. let's see if he can pick up even more medals in the last day of
6:53 am
swimming. and katie ledecky gets rede redemption, beati ing titmus in the free. she's the most dominant swimmer of all time. more gold medals than any woman in history. joining michael phelps as the second american ever to win three olympic golds in the same event. katie leaves tokyo with four more medals to her name. she can't wait to be back with her family. >> i haven't been able to think beyond this. this is kind of an end point to a whole long process. i haven't been home since before the pandemic, and so it was kind of like, all right, let's get to tokyo. i want to go home. at that point, as i said, i'm just going to let this sit and soak it in. >> congratulations, katie. and the race to become the
6:54 am
fastest woman in the world is complete. the 100 meter dash. america's superstar sha'carri richardson serving the ban for marijuana. in her absence, jamaica, ya mon, one, two, and three, sweeping the field. florence griffith joyner's olympic record that stood for 33 years was broken, 10.61 seconds. it is the fastest 100 meter time by any woman ever. shelley ann fraser-pryce who claimed gold in 2012 taking silver. jackson with the bronze. simone biles was the athlete everyone wanted to see in the olympic games, but she's taken herself out of sunday's individual finals in the vault and uneven bars. this comes after posting videos of her struggling at friday's practice session in tokyo. biles said she, quote, literally cannot tell up from down. what is scarier, since i have no idea where i am in the air, i have no idea how i'm going to land or what i'm going to land
6:55 am
on, unquote. the 24-year-old said when she's had the twist ties, it's taken o weeks or more for them to go away. biles has two more events in which she could potentially compete. the women's floor final is monday and beam is wednesday. biles will be evaluated on a daily basis. this is likely the greatest we'll see the greatest of all time competing in an olympic games. the world is seeing if biles will feel well enough to compete again in tokyo. >> fingers crossed. coy wire, thank you so much. we still have plenty of news to get to. in the next hour of "newsroom," we'll explain exactly why the cdc is asking everyone, even those who have been vaccinated, to mask up again indoors. we'll be right back.
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happening now in the "newsroom,". >> the science continues to change, and while that is neither simple nor easy to convey, it's my responsibility. >> the cdc issuing new mask guidance after a pivotal discovery on the delta variant. details on the data that's leading health experts to recommend millions of vaccinated people resume wearing masks indoors. >> if it's a requirement for me to wear it, i may not go


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