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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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afghan interpreters the united states will be able to relocate before the u.s. completely withdrawals their troops from afghanistan in september. wol wolf? >> kylie, important story tonight our viewers, thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts now. "outfront" next, breaking news president biden singling more covid restrictions are coming as the vast majority of people were vaccinated. what should americans do now to protect themselves and others? just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me. that was a quote and message from then president trump to his acting attorney again real. is the justice department going to hold trump to account? my pillow ceo mike lindell versus fox news once partners in
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spreading conspiracy theories now at odds. why? let's go "outfront". good evening. i'm erin burnett. the breaking news, president biden just telling reporters that new covid restrictions are lik likely. >> should americans expect more. [ inaudible ] >> in all probability. by the way, we had a good day yesterday. almost 1 million people got vaccinated. >> well, on that last note, the best tool we have in this frightening and uncertain situation is the vaccine but biden's words about in all likelihood new restrictions comes as information is turning crucial things we were told about covid upside down. the cdc revealing tonight 74% of covid cases in massachusetts home to province town where there was a recent outbreak were found in people who were fully vaccinated and they say now the
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vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus as those not vaccinated and that of course, is contrary to what was widely known. >> in rare occasions, some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others. >> all right. there are serious questions now just how rare these breakthrough cases are and we're learning from the cdc's data, the delta variant could make it more deadly. people in canada and singapore had higher odds of death of contracting delta. now, where does that leave americans? unsettled? yes. confused? yes. there are serious questions but amidst them all, the one thing to tell people is no matter what, the single pbest thing yo can do to prevent getting ill or dying is to get the vaccine. that's the best thing you can
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do. look at this chart in today's cdc data. you're 25 times more likely to end up in the hospital if you didn't get a vaccine and 25 times more likely to die of covid if you didn't get a vaccine. vaccinations along with masks are the best way forward and out of the pandemic. >> we need more people to get vaccinated to stop this pandemic. >> the vaccinations remain the bedrock of ending this pandemic. >> the end game of this all, george, is to get people vaccinated. >> jeff zeleny is "outfront". the president speaking saying more restrictions are likely. ominous words to everyone for so many reasons, right? the fact it's happening, what they might be. what are you hearing? >> the president answering that question is leaving the white house a few 340emoments ago in dramatically different place than this month started on the same south laup of twn of the w
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house effectively declaring independence from covid and now he was asked just simply if more restirictions and guidelines ar coming and he said in all probability. he didn't say anything more than that but clear coupled with what he said yesterday, the blunt reality is cases will continue to rise until more people get vaccinated. but he did say there was a bit of bright news on the horizon. he said a million people were vaccinated. only a half million today were new people getting shots but a few options are still at his dis disposal. he's not closed the door to a wider vaccine mandate. the white house press secretary was asked that ask said it's not something being considered at this time but the military is still something the white house is still watching very carefully if they can sort of tighten the requirements for military members, as well as urging other private sector businesses to essentially force or require their employees to be vaccinated. potential mask guidelines increasing, as well, in parts of the country but erin, the president was not specific about that but he did not even stop a beat. he said in all probability, yes.
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so again, as he'll return here on sunday. that's august 1st. a dramatically different place than they hoped they would be heading into the closing weeks of the summer. >> very much so. thank you very much, jeff. i want to go "outfront" to dr. larry brilliant that helped eradicate smallpox. dr. brilliant, you know, you ahead of all of these new revelations about how infectious this is and contagious this is said that you anticipated it would be more infectious than sma smallpox, one of the most infectious diseases known to man kind. how do you see this mayiplaying, doctor? >> thank you for having me and pleasure to share a screen with dr. ryaner. this delta variant is twice as infectious as small box and in a way, i know it's not technically
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correct but for all intensive purposes and practical purposes, we should be treating it as a different disease. the way in which it super infects people who have had the disease before or who have been vaccinated and makes it possible for you to then spread the disease is quite different. we have to remember there is three parts to what the vaccine does. stopping you from getting it, stopping you from getting sick, getting hospitalized or getting dead and stopping you from spreading it. does a great job in the middle, not as great as we'd hoped in the two ends and for that, we're going to look for masks. so we're going to go back, i think, a little bit to vaccination for you, for me, and masks for our friends, our children and our neighbors. >> so dr. ryaner, to this point it interesting dr. birilliant yu frame it as a different disease. dr. ryaner, the biden administration said breakthrough
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infections are rare but of course, the headline capturing people today is that 74% of the cases in that outbreak in massachusetts were among fully vaccinated people. for many reasons that's concerning, right? nobody knows whether they get long covid. nobody knows what the impacts on them are. how concerned are you about this new data? >> well, first let me say it's an honor to be here with d br. brilliant. the data is interesting and i wouldn't focus so much on the fact that 74% of the infections were in vaccinated people because large number of people there were vaccinated. >> yeah. >> but i would focus more on the fact that out of 346 infections in vaccinated people, there were four hospitalizations and no deaths. so our vaccines continue to work supremely well as preventing
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really, really bad outcomes but what we know from delta is delta is a very pdangerous variant. it will infect vaccinated people not nearly as avidly as unvaccinated. it looks like vaccines provide about an eight-fold benefit in terms of reduction in infection. but what this really shows us is i think that for now, and until the curve starts to drop like it is in the u.k. and india, i would add. >> yes. >> it's rapidly dropping. >> yes. >> the entire country needs to mask up. >> right. >> everyone needs to mask up. >> there are so many questions we don't know the answer to. you know, if a virus is spreading among people vaccinated to that virus, what is that virus, quote unquote learning. there is a lot we don't know that may be concerning and we don't know until we know. but dr. brilliant, i will say something about the data.
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in a sense, it shouldn't be a surprise the vaccinated are spreading this so easily. the vaccinated are getting infected. you know, the "wall street journal" reported israel found weeks ago half of adults infected with delta were fully vaccinated. we saw the headlines. israel said vaccinated people were spreading the virus. we saw those headlines. the cdc is only recognizing this data. why do you think that is, dr. brilliant? certainly they were aware of it and had to be aware it was true. >> i don't think the cdc is very surprised by this data. i don't think that endeem ol' sq -- epidemiologist are surprised. i'm surprised it was characterized as a leak. there lies the problem. cdc shouldn't be leaking. cdc should be communicating to everyone in the united states and all the health offices and they should see that as job number one is talking to us on a daily, weekly basis. the best scientists in the world are at cdc. so the leak part of it and all
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of that that goes with it is a concern to me but i don't think that anybody in our field is really particularly surprised. i think maybe if you say each one of these things were a little bit surprised by 10%, 10% more infective, 10% morbidity, 10% more spread. i think that's right. what cdc has done is put it in a package for us. >> of course, the disturbing thing is if they knew it and it was known in other country, why did it come from a leak? it should be put out there. let me ask you about children because the florida governor ron desantis signed an executive order that allows parents to make decisions for their children on mask wearing and bans any formal mandates in the school system. in the meantime, in louisiana we're finding out in baton rouge a children's hospital says they're seeing a dramatic increase in children being hospitalized with covid. ic u is almost full. children that are in there
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requiring breathing tubes and extra oxygen and they're attributing this to the delta variant. what should parents do right now, dr. ryaner? >> so, first thing i would remind everybody is that every state, every state in the united states requires vaccinations for school aged children. and we can't vaccinate kids who are 12 and under but we can vaccinate children who are 12 and over, every child 12 and over should be vaccinated. for kids that can't be vaccinated, they need to go to school wearing masks. every child in school needs to wear a mask and even if you're over 12 and you're vaccinated, we don't have an about tyabilitw who is vaccinated and unvaccinated and the data from the cdc this week shows the vaccinated can transmit the virus. so if we're going to open schools safely, every child attending a school in the united states and every teacher in the school and every staff member in the school needs to be wearing a mask.
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regardless of the vaccination status. >> all right. appreciate both of you. i always do. sorry often about the somber nature of the content but thank you very much. >> my pleasure. trump told his acting attorney general to say the election was a fraud and leave the rest to me and the rep republican congressman. he said it. what will biden's doj do about it. students quarantining after students and teachers test positive. four of the teachers were not vaccinated. i'll talk to a mother whose two kids go to that school and we're learning amazing new details about mars. including how mars has been racked by earthquakes and that is not all of the revelations tonight. introducing ore-ida potato pay. where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. ore-ida. win at mealtime.
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(burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one. (customer) that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ tonight, just say that the election was rcorrupt and lever the rest to me and the american congressman. donald trump pressuring jeffrey rosen to help him and congressional republicans overturn the 2020 election by saying it was corrupt. now, what you just saw on your screen there is a picture of a newly released note of a december 2020 call that trump held with rosen and the acting deputy attorney general. evan perez is "outfront" and evan, they took notes. sometimes that's what it comes down to in this era, taking notes. we knew trump was pressuring but to see it in black and white, a detailed account to say it and i
4:17 pm
and the congressman will take care of the rest. this is totally new information. what more can you tell us? >> right, it still manages to astonish you to see in writing what was being said to these top officials of the justice department if you remember at the time, the president was pushing for the justice department to say that there was fraud even though as you know, everybody there was looking for it and they didn't find any, erin. and what these notes are from a call on december 27th. >> yeah. >> jeffrey rosen was the acting attorney general, rich donohue was his deputy and donohue is the one that takes these notes and the president is pressing him saying look, the justice department officials are saying we can't find this fraud and the president says just say that the election was corrupt, leave the rest to me and the republican congressman, which is -- which tells you everything about what the president was trying to do. these two officials were also saying, telling the president
4:18 pm
directly that some of what he was being told was false. these allegations of fraud in georgia and other states. the president responded you guys may not be following the internet the way i do. again, illustrating that despite everything that the justice department was doing to try to find what the president was looking for and not finding it, that wasn't enough for the former president. he wanted the justice department to simply say those words so that then the politics could take over and this is why this is now still under investigation by these two committees on capitol hill. the oversight committee, the senate judiciary committee and the new committee that is looking into the events that led up to january 6th, erin. >> evan, thank you very much. i want to go to democratic congressman of virginia who is a member of the oversight committee that obtained and released these notes. let me just read it again. one of the notes, right? trump on this phone call says just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the republican congressman.
4:19 pm
and then they listed notes of which republicans i guess he then referred to. scott perry, ohio congressman jim jordan and senator ron johnson of wisconsin. so congressman, when you first saw this note, you know the president of the united states said this to the acting attorney general, were you astonished? >> no. you know, we had jeffrey rosen the former attorney general before our committee for questioning in may and i point blank asked him did the president at any time attempt to engage you in enteinterfering w or turreturning or injecting th fair and free results of this election? >> he declined to answer. we know the answer from the contemporaneous notes mr. donohue, the then acting
4:20 pm
attorney again real's deputy. so no, i wasn't surprised. i suspected it certainly long ago. what does bother me is, though, that the attorney -- the acting attorney general at the time, when he answered that question or didn't answer that question to me in may, was basically sa saying confidentiality is more important than the most violent episode involving the capitol since 1814 when the british burned it down. >>exchange. it is your question and the way he responded. again, this was in may. this was just a couple months ago with mr. rosen. here it is. >> part of-- prior to january 6 were you instructed by president trump to advance election fraud claims or to seek to overturn any part of the 2020 election results? >> well, congressman, as i just
4:21 pm
eluded to in your prior question, i can tell you what the actions of the department were -- >> no, sir, no, sir. mr. rosen -- >> i cannot tell you -- >> mr. rosen -- >> about private conversations with the president one way or the other. >> it is pretty incredible the way he answered it. i can tell you the actions of the department. he wanted to highlight i didn't do what he asked me to do but i won't tell you what the ask was, i'll make it clear i never said anything about, you know, the election was corrupt, you know, and leave the rest to me. but it is -- what could the repercussions be? sorry, go ahead, congressman. >> it's important to note he never did invoke privilege. he was perfectly free in may to answer my question in a fort wright manner and he had an obligation to do so. >> what are the repercussions. i'm not talking to rosen but the former president of saying such a thing? trying to get the top justice
4:22 pm
official in the country to say an election that was free and fair was corrupt? >> i really believe that president trump krcrossed a lin multiple times in inciting violence, in perpetuating the big lie to undermine the results of a free and fair election that were decisive and to engage in a criminal conspiracy to undermine democracy in violation of his oath of office and he's done that with certain allies who have aided and abetted him in the united states congress. three of them apparently were named in mr. donohue's notes on that conversation of december 27th. and so i think that under scores the wisdom of speaker pelosi putting together a bipartisan commission to get at the facts, but i hope after we get at the facts that mr. trump and those who aided and abetted this criminal conspiracy for a free
4:23 pm
election are held accountable to the highest extent of the law. >> appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> for more on this i want to bring in lawrence tribe and h harvard law school professor. will trump ever be held accountable? the justice department just increased the odds. professor tribe, explain to me how, i mean, you know, i know congressman wasn't astonished. evan and i were that such a call even such a quote would have happened. just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me. so we've got notes now showing that this occurred. tell me why it's so significant. >> well, these contemporary notes by the acting assist attorney general's deputy are compelling evidence that the president was committing several different crimes. it was violating crimes relating
4:24 pm
to stealing elections, crimes relating to pressuring government officials to engage in political activity, violations of 18 u.s. code, section 610, violations of 18 u.s. code section 2383. i could recite a lot of them but the point would really be not to simply e numnumerate a laundry of crimes but we know from firsthand evidence with the cooperation of the new justice department that is finally finding its sea legs that the president was ingengaged in an going conspiracy to overturn the results of a free and fair election. it was the lead up to the insurrection, puts the insurrection in context. it shows what his motives were in rallying people in this violent mob to sack the congress.
4:25 pm
it was all part of a plan to say i don't care if there was no real corruption, just say there was, say the election was stolen, and then turn it over to me. that is criminal activity. >> so, so, in terms of where we go, it's interesting because the congress man raised this point about executive privilege and the justice department now says they won't assert executive privilege for any doj official's communications with trump about january 6th. now, obviously, the significance of that is well, all of this. right? now you can't have rosen answering the question the way that he did. i know he didn't formally invoke privilege but the way that he did with congressman conley what he said private conversations to the president, i wouldn't talk about them. now he can and now they can call him to testify and others. so how -- what happens from here then? >> well, what happens is hopefully, grand jury investigations and investigations by the u.s. attorney for the district of colombia. it's very clear that maerit
4:26 pm
garland seemed to be preserving the prerogatives of the justice department as an institution by persisting in some positions that bill barr had taken, he's basically taking off the gloves and looking at the facts and authorizing the turning over of documents of a sort that the prior justice department kept hitting. he's turning over the justice department is saying to the treasury department turnover the taxes. they've overturned the decision of the office of legal counsel that kept them secret. the lid is off. the pandora's box is open and investigations will now follow the facts where they lead. whether ultimately, the president will be indicted so it is premature to say. the committees on the hill investigating will be generating evidence, that that evidence will be admissible in court and
4:27 pm
it will be admissible before a grand jury, of course. and we're off basically to get to the bottom of the worst insurrection in this country's history since the civil war. i didn't want to prejudge what a jury might say but clearly, the idea that this president will simply get away with murder and will never be held accountable is not nearly as plausible today as it would have been a week ago. >> all right. professor tribe, appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thank you, erin. next, an atlanta school quarantining more than 100 students in the first week of school after students and teachers tested positive for covid. vaccine mandates again. why is there nov vaccine mandat at this school. i'll talk to a parent at home with two kids of this school. and stopping with the sham audits, he's "outfront".
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tonight more than 100 students asked to quarantine
4:32 pm
after nine students and staff members tested positive for covid happening at a school that does require masks raising concerns for schools in eight states banning mask mandates for schools and teachers. "out front now her 10-year-old daughter is quarantined and her 13-year-old son was sent home to learn virtually teachers are under kwquarantine. jessica, what was your reaction when you found out two days into the school year, a school year you hoped would be dramatically different than the one you just had that your kids already had to return home? >> i was sad, but i can't say i was surprised. when i dropped them off, i had a feeling this was going to happen. i just didn't think it would happen this soon. >> i mean, so i guess i'm trying to understand. if this was able to happen in your school with a mask mandate, right? so people are wearing masks and that prevents a lot of spread, are you worried about kids and parents in the eight states
4:33 pm
where mask mandates are banned so everybody is going to school and no one has to wear a mask? >> yeah, i mean, our school does so much. we do require students to be masked and teachers and we have highly encouraged testing but even given all that, we still have this -- these cases so i'm absolutely concerned about those eight states and i think that's the absolute wrong direction to be moving in as a nation. >> so looking at your school as you try to understand what happened so, what to do so this doesn't happen again, i understand that four of the five staff members who tested positive were not vaccinated. obviously, with children that's not -- we don't -- they're either too young or ages aren't disclosed. we don't know. four out of the five staff members were not vaccinated and the head of your school are discussing a vaccine mandate for staff members and right now they're only required to get regular testing. do you think there should be a vaccine mandate? >> absolutely. i support a vaccine mandate and
4:34 pm
i welcome that. i'm grateful for all they've done. i think we need to do a little more and i also support the idea of pant tory mandatory testing. it's encouraged but i think the numbers were around 50% of the people could have gotten tested did. i would support doing more in that area. i would absolutely support mandatory vaccines for teachers, of course. >> so a resent study found kids are four to five months behind where they normally would have been last school year and the summer with whatever slip gets worse on top of that. how concerned are you that this virus could jeopardize another school year for your kids and really jeopardize them, if this continues to go on this way, in ways that you can't just catch up quickly? >> i'm very concerned. i've absolutely noticed sort of social emotional impacts, especially from my 13-year-old.
4:35 pm
i think he is -- he's very much involved in online gaming and that's great. he is able to maintain social contacts but i think there is a loss of an ability to interact in person that might be happening, as well, my kids hate me for it but i put them on a schedule and have them study at home but i don't think that's going to be quite enough going, you know, going forward. i want them to have that kind of in person learning, if possible. >> so when you talk about, i mean, you're very clear about where you stand and i think it's important, right? you're very open about how you see things. in your school, are there disagreements? i mean, is this something that know divides parents and families, feelings on things like mandates and masks? >> i think so. i think very much so. i mean, we're trying very hard to support as far as i can tell, many of the parents are trying very hard to support the school. we do support the school and are
4:36 pm
grateful the school is doing so much more than many other schools are. there is a lot of anger towards, you know, the fact that we're in this situation where kids have to be back home, teachers aren't vaccinated. so i do see a lot of anger and it's hard for folks that moderate facebook parents page. there is a lot going on. >> do you have any idea why people didn't get vaccinated? some of them it probably surprises you. teachers you thought you knew, you probably expected them to get the vaccine and be first in line. >> i don't know. yeah, it does surprise me. i hope it's minority of teachers, perhaps their vaccine hesitant but there is so much misinformation and i hate every time i hear people say the vaccine doesn't work, i understand we have a new variant and vaccine is not armor but it is some of the best armor we have so we need to go ahead and put that armor on. >> i really appreciate it and thank you so much, jessica, for
4:37 pm
talking to me. >> thank you, erin. appreciate it. next, a pennsylvania republican lawmaker telling his party to stop calling for sham audits. mike lindell the ceo of my pillow once a fox regular now at wore with the network. we'll tell you why.
4:38 pm
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tonight, a pennsylvania republican state senator and trump ally is pushing for an arizona style audit in his own state and threatening to subpoena election materials and voting machines as three pennsylvania counties reject the request they voluntarily turnover election materials including router logs. the router logs again and tabulation equipment. "outfront" now dan loughlin of pennsylvania. he opposes this attempted audit. appreciate your time tonight. you wrote an op ed ripping into
4:42 pm
your republican colleague e's attempt to aud tit the election again. why did you feel it was so important to speak out? >> appreciate you having me on tonight and the opportunity to get my message out. republicans in pennsylvania had a banner election year in 2020. we won up and down the ballot, we held the majority in the state senate. we picked up seats in the state house. we actually picked off the minority democratic leader. we picked up two other seats, statewide seats with the treasurer and the auditor general and we haven't held those seats concurrently in, i believe, 60 years. so we had a banner year. and, you know, i don't know how you can look at the election, look at the results that we had statewide and then assume that somehow just one race was bad. >> yeah, well, i mean, so this
4:43 pm
is the thing. it doesn't make sense and it doesn't make sense as you point out in intellectually. let me ask you, the emerging spectacle of a state senator, trying to audit pennsylvania's 2020 election absent credible evidence of fraud won't change the 2020 outcome and only further the paranoid atmosphere. that's what you wrote and that's what is happening here. their inability to accept that one loss. they -- this is where we are. so what's the response been to your op ed saying, guys, stop in your own party? >> well, there is two emerging tales here, erin. you know, obviously, on my social media platforms, i've been taking hits from people that want the audit, but it's kind of a small vocal minority in my opinion.
4:44 pm
i think, you know, roughly 80% of the people in pennsylvania are comfortable with the results of the race. you know, some of us are disappointed in who won the top of the ticket. i am. voted for trump. i wish he would have won. i thought he was doing a good job. but the facts remain that we ran an election in pennsylvania that was a pretty, pretty good election. and, you know, no election is perfect. you can't find one in the whole country that's perfect where there isn't some little anomaly, but you can't look at the statewide results and point to anything of any credence. >> right. >> well, i mean -- >> this audit -- >> want to accept all the results of all those other races you point out because they won, but not the one that they lost. i mean, right, the absurdity of it of course is play tablet. but let me ask you about that because it's not just pennsylvania. republicans in wisconsin and michigan have also attempted
4:45 pm
their own audits. what do you say to members of your party who are so focused on relitigating the 2020 election because it's not just your state, senator. >> right. you know, in my opinion, we are harming our party right now with these audits. there hasn't been, you know, really a shred of everyday anything has been turned up. we'll bear the blunt of that this fall and next fall if we don't get back to the business of governing or states and helping them with that. and working on legislation that is impactful. that's what we got elected to do, not argue about an election from a year ago. >> appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thank you, erin. next, fox news and mike lindell once united in pushing the big lie now the my pillow ceo is breaking up with fox.
4:46 pm
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♪ make your reunion happen with vrbo. your together awaits. vrbo my pillow ceo and election conspiracy promoter mike lindell is pulling his ads from once friendly fox. why? brian stelter knows. ♪ for the best night's sleep in the world visit my ♪ >> my pillow is more like a source of nightmares due to ceo mike lindell's delusions that threaten democracy. >> this was the biggest fraud and the biggest crime i believe against humanity. >> lindell's pillows have been propping up fox news for years. >> i want you to get the best night's sleep of your life. >> with lindell spending tens of millions of dollars on ads to
4:51 pm
pitch towels, sheets, and, yes, pillows. but now fox is rejekting one of the pillow guy's promos and he is pulling his other ads in response. >> fox isn't doing their job. >> his frustration has been palpable for months. >> is fox here? >> as he has descended into a dangerous voter fraud fantasyland -- >> the election was hacked. >> even fox tuned him out. now lindell is promising a big august reveal. >> we are going to bring it to the supreme court. it's going to be 9-0. they are going to take the election down. yes, donald trump will be your president. he is your president now and get this country back where it should be. >> so he wanted to run an ad on fox touting the theories, and fox said no. networks are well within their rights to reject ads like that. but it could cost fox a small fortune. last year according to the "wall street journal" my pillow paid nearly $50 million for fox air
4:52 pm
time. boosting shows like tucker carlson tonight that other advertisers avoid. >> i have never seen so many ads for so long. >> donald trump says he is a fan. >> i actually use them, believe it or not. >> and leaned on lindell for help pushing the big lie last winter. but stores dropped my pillow. business has shrivelled up and he could be in deep legal trouble. >> mike lindell is begging to be sued. >> sure enough dominion voting systems is suing for defamation and he is counter suing. but fox facing multibillion-dollar lawsuits of its own is having second thoughts about sharing a bed with the my pillow guy. >> i have to just say as, the puns were quite wonderful. the nightmare. okay. but in all seriousness, this relationship was so tight between mike lindell and fox as you show there, brian. so what is the end game here?
4:53 pm
>> ultimately, lindell needs fox more than fox needs him. the phone lines are going to dry up. people will start ordering pillows. he is going to have a bad night's sleep and need fox's help. this is bigger than pillows. it's about democracy. he is selling something that he cannot deliver. he is selling a return of president trump to office in the next few weeks. that's crazy and he can't deliver it. so he is digging a rabbit hole even deeper and not building himself a ladder to climb out. needs to get back to pillows. he was pretty good at that. >> that's the thing, right? sometimes stay in your lane. next, a thinner than expected crust, larger liquid core and earthquakes. amazing what we are learning about mars tonight. ore-ida pota. where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner,
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mars quakes. that's what seismic activity on the red planet is called thanks to exploration decades in the making. we know more about mars than ever before. here's kristen fisher. >> confirmed! [ cheers and applause ] >> three years after nasa's inside lander touched tdown on mars it delivered the information it was september to collect from millions of miles away. >> this is definitely data we have been waiting decades for. >> reporter: for the first time scientists have mapped the interior of another rocky planet. they discovered a thinner than expected crust and the biggest surprise a larger, lighter, and more liquid core than earlier estimates. for comparison, earth's core is more dense, meaning the martian core is partially made of different elements. why is this important? why should earthlings care about the composition of mars? >> it allows us to take our theories of the formation of
4:59 pm
planets in general and the earth in particular and understand how our planet formed out of the initial solar nebula, how it changed from just kind of a ball of kind of gray, indistinguishable material into a diverse planet that we have today with oceans and continents. >> reporter: on earth there are earthquakes. but on mars they are called mars quakes. the seismometer spent two years measuring them and tracking the seismic waves as they rippled through the red planet. the other robot focused on the surface. they are expected to collect it's first rock any day now. for the first time in history, nasa has company. in may china became the second country in the world to successfully land a rover on mars. nasa administrator bill nelson
5:00 pm
testified to congress that the images beamed back from the rover should be a wake-up call. >> we are suddenly realizing that we don't own all of this. and it is a very aggressive competitor. >> reporter: kristen fisher, cnn, washington. >> thanks so much for joining us. anderson starts now. good evening. we begin with five words that define where we are in the pandemic. acknowledge the war has changed. those words come from a slide present, a strengths within the cdc. the war has changed. because the enemy has. the delta variant according to the cdc presentation travels as easily as chickenpox, meaning every person, each person can infect on average as many as nine other people. additionally, today the agency released this study is based its new recommendation on to wear a mask indoors even if you have been vaccinated and showed that infections with th