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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  July 30, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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the war has changed. leaked cdc documents revealing just how contagious the delta variant is and how the agency must rethink its public messaging on covid. >> if in fact you are unvaccinated, you present a problem. >> president biden's most urgent plea yet to unvaccinated americans. can his plan work? we have to go back to where it all started. >> scarlett johansson star of
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black widow suing disney, what she is alleging and disney's scathing response. hello, everyone, it is friday, july 30th, it is 5:00 a.m. here in new york. i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers around the state and the world. as contagious as the chickenpox, just one of the more alarming new revelations. not only does each infected person spread covid to roughly eight to nine other people, but it also appears that the delta variant causes more severe illness in the un vacunvaccinat. all this with the leaks late last night. >> and the document contained unpublished data that suggests that fully vaccinated people transmit the virus as easily as those unvaxunvaccinated. listen to one doctor who reviewed the material. >> we can't pussyfoot around with this thing. we have to get more vaccinated
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because this virus is better at its job than the renlg but it will take a while to do that even if we're successful. so until then, we have to go back on more universe al masking or it will spread like wildfire. >> and the agency is aware that it must overhaul its messaging as the best defense against the variant. the urgent city may actually be working here. in the last two weeks the number of people getting their first shot is un-44%. >> so how do you break down the brick wall of vaccine hesitancy thi in this country? president biden made his most serious plea yet. >> this is an american tragedy. people are dying and will die who don't have to die. >> and an urgent tone there. the president rolled out a new vaccine rermt for federal workers and he hinted a credit to presumptive democratic nominee since the vaccine was developed on his watch.
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i guess an attempt to blunt what has been some criticism on the right that this is a democratic vaccine. it is not. we also learned overnight members of the military will now have to disclose their vaccination status. jeff zeleny reports from the white house. >> reporter: president biden moving beyond simply asking americans to get vaccinations to requiring many of them to do so. of course the federal government workforce of nearly 4 million people, contractorses and emplo, saying that they will be require to the get vaccinated or be subjected to heavy testing and other measures. but we heard a different tone from the president. really imploring the nation to spend more time focusing on this. he even warned this problem will get worse. >> this new form, this new variant called the delta va variant, this is a much different variant than the one we dealt with previously. it is highly transmissible and causing a new wave of cases in
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those not vaccinated. our experts tell me that cases will go up further before they start to come back down. your decision to be unvaccinated impacts someone else. unvaccinated people spread the virus. any get sick and fill up you're hospit and that means if someone else has a heart attack or br hip, there may not be a hospital bed for them. >> reporter: the open question, will this change any minds already deeply entrenched. just simply not wanting to get the vaccine. that is not clear. but the white house clearly moving in to a new and aggressive phase here that perhaps the biggest outcome of all of this is sending a message to private businesses that they too have it within their legal authority to require their employees to be vaccinated. of course this is controversial in some parts of the country, but the president also leaving open the possibility that the federal government could impose an even wider mandate on all americans. he said the justice department
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was still looking into that. so clearly as we end this month of july here entering a new phase in the pandemic fight, the white house thought that they had moved beyond all of this but now it is clear they are still very much in the middle of it. >> and also the treasury department saying that it is expanding some tax credits for employers to be able to pay people to take time off to get the vaccine. so one by one taking away any barriers to becoming vaccinated. >> and it is really private businesses that are now stepping up to do what the federal government can't. the federal government cannot widely mandate this vaccine for all americans. and so that is why you see these private businesses stepping up and why you see the president supporting it because he knows that private sectors will be the ones to fill the gap. >> and also hope that once you have full fda approval that last barrier will fall away. >> yeah, the party line for so many people. and if you are wondering whether
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vaccine man at dates really wor look no further than ryan tannehill. when the league said that it would impose fines on teams with outbreak, tannehill caved. >> yeah, i think the nfl kind of made it clear what they want to happen. and if you don't fall in line, they are going to try to make your life miserable with all the protocols. i wouldn't are gotten the vaccine without the protocols that they are enforcing on us. it is a personal decision for everyone. everyone has to make the best decision for them and their families. that is our mindset in this building. but they are trying to force your hand and they ultimately have forced a lot of hands by the protocols. he love this game, i love this team, i want to be able to compete and do the things that i think are important. >> forcing hands to save lives. as of the start of this week, 85% of nfl players have reportedly received at least one dose of vaccine. and patience has run out for employees who won't get the shot
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in corporate america as the delta variant surges around the country. the ceo of union square hospitality group, the restaurant company, danny meyer, he wants his employees and customers to be vaccinated. you can't have full restaurants if you have this virus still spreading. >> if you really want to go unvaccinated, you kcould diet somewhere else and work somewhere else. >> he banned smoking in some of nice restaurants back in the 1990s and that led the way really for the city. the ceo of the society for human resource management johnny taylor told me most employees want vaccine man dates. >> some organizations are trying one more step before that, they are saying if you choose not to be vaccinated, then you will have to be tested several times during the week on your own time and you will have to wear a mask in the workplace. and not any mask, but that n95
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surgical mask. we are going to at the end of the day make it a little uncomfortable for you because you are making it uncomfortable and the workplace less comfortable for your colleagues. >> facebook, twitter, google are taking a stance. microsoftaapproach for now. >> there will be some com bep nation of vaccines, testing and exceptions to it because in some sense if you think about the policies that one needs to have, it has to accommodate the best practices of all three. >> i read something scary on facebook's excuse, that won't work anymore. companies are tweaking their return to office plans, some pushing returns now into the fall, but they are signaling that vaccines will be required. and i've been looking at digging into some of these requirements, and in some cases they are not mandates, they are requirements and they want you to pay for your own testing, test several times a week. if you are -- if you test positive for example at the mgm
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grand properties, up have to your own dime stay home and not be paid. so make it hard for people not to be vaccinated here and in other cases there are incentives, tax breaks, in some cases companies are paying people to get the vaccine and making sure that they give it on site. >> but conspiracy theories on facebook, not a pre-existing condition to get out of the vaccine. the nationwide ban on evictions is set to expire tomorrow. that is ahead. something differe. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need.
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to reach the house floor today. in the senate all 100 members would have to come together for quick passage. a lot of lives will be affected by this outcome. nick watt takes a closer look. >> reporter: las vegas looks like a post-pandemic playground these days. woo-hoo. in the cold light of day, around the corner at the courthouse, hey -- >> all of us lost our jobs. and it was on the strips. >> reporter: apparently nearly 12 million americans are now behind on their rent and the federal covid era eviction ban for now expires midnight saturday. >> you are going to see nationwide on the first eviction notices being issued. >> reporter: and here in the state nevada -- >> seven days later, if you don't respond, you're out. >> reporter: congress has approved nearly $47 billion to help people across the country. >> i didn't know that.
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and i bet you a lot of other people do not know that as well. >> reporter: she's right. only about $3 billion was actually dished out through the end of june, spreading the word is hard and bureaucracy gets in the way. now in nevada -- >> you cannot be evicted -- >> reporter: as soon as you apply for that federal money, you cannot be kicked out while it is in process. >> and that is a state law. that every state should pass. >> reporter: a few other states like california will keep some eviction protections in place. anyone that has been impacted by this pandemic and cannot pay rent, 100% of that rent will be paid for. and there is one group that will benefit when the eviction ban disappears. squeezed landlords. >> we have many, many members that have exhausted all of their savings. i don't know how long that road will be before we became, you
2:16 am
know, solid again. but certainly on the road to it depending on whether or not july 31st truly is the end of the moratorium. >> reporter: but lifting some state level eviction bans last summer say researchers led to more than 10,000 covid deaths. >> if families are forced to go to a shelter or double up, you're risking more exposure. doing it when the delta variant is out of control is a really bad idea. >> reporter: leslie says she was evicted once already. moved in with her moem. >> . >> and now we're getting evicted as well. >> reporter: nick watt, cnn, las vegas. some states have had hundreds of millions dispersed by the federal government for relief and they haven't dispersed it. and in iowa, 100,000 renters who earn less than $100,000 a year,
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sf citysimone biles says she s has the twisties and she shows how scary it can be.
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will she compete in the individual events starting on sunday? coy wire is in tokyo with this morning's "bleacher report." those videos are amazing. >> yeah, these posts as you mentioned, they show how dangerous gymnastics can be especially if you are not feeling right mentally. biles said that she felt pet ry friday filed and her mind and body are not in sync. said i cannot tell up from down, the craziest feeling ever. and what is scarier since i have no idea where i am in the air, i also have no idea how i'm going to land or what i will land on. head, hands, feet, back. and she also said it started after preliminaries here in tokyo and when she has had the twisties before, it has taken two weeks or more for them to go away. i was there at the event when biles was watching the all-around gymnastics from the stands thursday.
2:23 am
and cheering on her teammate and gold medal success or suni lee. the 18-year-old extending a run of five all-around olympic golds for the u.s. lee grew up in st. paul, minnesota training in a backyard on a wooden beam that her dad built for her. she missed two months in 2020 with a broken bone. her dad paralyzed from the chest down in 2019 and she lost her aunt and uncle due to covid. she said that she felt like quitting at times but she persevered and it all came down to the floor routine where she he would held on strong for an emotional win. and you can imagine the scene back in minnesota when lee's family and friends knew that she would bring home gold after going through so much. lee says that she is savoring this accomplishment. >> with covid and my family and everything else, this medal definitely means a lot to me because there was a point in time where i wanted to quit and i didn't think that i would ever
2:24 am
get here. including injuries and stuff. so there are definitely a lot of emotions but i'm super proud of myself for sticking with it and believing in myself. >> let's go swimming. the u.s. continuing to stack up medals. training partners and friends lilly kill and annie laser competing in the 200 meter breast stroke and we saw a world record performance. the 26-year-old almost quit swimming after not making rio olympics. and even got in the cal athletic department. her family celebrated the win back in michigan. l lazor's father passed away but was her ardent cheerleader. finally, scary moment here during a semi final bmx racing. connor fields of the u.s.
2:25 am
crashing to the ground in turn one and two other riders falling over help. the 28-year-old taken off the course on a stretcher. left in an ambulance. dangerous sports. had a crash in 2018 that gave him a seizure and he woke up in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. we have heard that he is awake and stable and awaiting further medical evaluation. of course we here all whifishin fields a quick recovery. >> thanks, coy. still ahead, a scare aboard the eninternational space station.
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now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. good friday morning. this is "early start." >> and time for our top stories to keep an eye on today. so just how contagious is the delta variant? >> we can't pussyfoot. we have to get more people vaccinated, we have to go back to universal masking or else it will spread like wildfire. >> a leaked document says that the variant causes more serious illness in unvacc vacvaccinated and is much more con ttcontagio.
2:31 am
similar to chickenpox. >> patience are running thin. because the fact is, if you had high vaccination rates, we wouldn't be in this spot right now. >> president biden says millions of federal employees and contractors will have to be vaccinated against covid or wear a mask and face frequent test. they hope it will serve as a model for private employers and local governments. several people were hurt after a tornado touched down in bensalem, pennsylvania. the high winds tore apart a car dealership ripping the roof and walls off the building shattering windows. and ex-card ninal mccarrick facing sexual abuse charges. he was defrocked in 2019.
2:32 am
and climate change deniers, researchers say the green land ice sheet is melting so rapidly that it would be in you have to cover the entire state of florida in two inches of water. pair of hikers lost in the wyoming wilderness, they ran out of food, water and were suffering from dehigh drait drags in the sweltering heat. but expected to be okay. and president biden meets today with western governors about the region's devastating wildfires. so far this year, fires have burned an area equal to the seize of delaware and rhode island combined. fires are being fueled by record heat and drought. blockbuster trades. the world champion dodgers acquiring max scherzer and trea turner from the nationals. lakers traded for russell westbrook. and let's dig in on covid now. school is right around the corner for millions of american
2:33 am
kids. some are already back in class. everyone had hoped this year would be different of course, but covid is being hanging over classrooms. in atlanta more than 100 students on remote learning. >> and two students and two employees tested positive in the very first week of classes, head of the school tells the local website that it hopes to work with families to increase vaccination rates. >> we were at 3 million doses a day. if we had stayed on that pace, we'd probably be at 80% immunity which means that we wouldn't have to have these discussions about things leak like booster dosing. i feel like we've let our children down. >> and of course children under 12 aren't even eligible for vaccination yet. some cities and local school systems have moved to put their own mask mandates in place.
2:34 am
but in a number of states, officials have blocked those requirements including texas. >> we are back to the same place we were when we were in the springtime. there is a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear. we are asking the governor to do the right thing and change his mind. and cases are going up and our students and educators will be put at risk that they don't need to be put in. if i have a student that their family wants them to wrar a mask, they want to wear a mask but they are seeing other kids not wear a mask, the peer pressure of fitting this is going totake ttahe safety of it. and governor abbott can stop that right now. >> i'm worried about that fear of fitting in. a lot of parents are sending their kids to school with masks and they worry that other kids won't be. at least three of michigan's biggest health systems now mandating vaccines for its employees. top doctors are trying to dispel the unfounded myths about the
2:35 am
vaccines. >> most common myth is that the vaccine was created too quickly and it is only safe once it gets full fda approval. the technology is not new. it has been around for quite a while. mrna technology has been used to treat certain cancers for the past ten years. >> president biden trying to debunk those myths yesterday as well. and with all the talk of booster shots, health officials from several states are saying not so fast. they say that their priority is getting first vaccine doses into rm as before giving any boosters. the u.s. surgeon general says the decision on boosters could come by the end of the summer. and israel started rolling out a third dose of vaccines to people over 60-year-old making it would be the first countries do that. the u.s. has followed israel's lead on vaccination policy since last year. new proof how dangerous vaccine avoidance is this morning. kr cnn al an analysis shows that
2:36 am
louisiana is stuck at just under 37%. and miguel marquez traveled there and has this report. >> reporter: the numbers in louisiana are enormous. they are breaking records for all the wrong reasons. not only are the case numbers up across the state, that is translatoring to real problems for individual hospitals and entire networks.d to real problems for individual hospitals and entire networks.t for individual hospitals and entire to real pror individual hospitals and entire networks. they have seen a 700% increase in the number of positive cases that they have treated in the last month. 700% in a month. and a lot of this occurring after the fourth of july holiday. we went to the largest hospital, largest single hospital in the state in baton rouge, our lady
2:37 am
of the lake, and they are seeing a record number of patients right now. they haven't seen this many admitted patients in the entire pandemic. >> there is nowhere safe. if you are interacting in the community, you should be vaccinated and have a mask on because we're inundated with covid. >> reporter: so there is a bright spot. the number of people getting vaccinated in louisiana for example, arkansas, missouri and these hot spots, those numbers are starting to tick up. not enormously, but they are starting to tick up. health officials say that while there are some people who will never get vaccinated under any circumstances, there is a pretty big mass of people that are pervadable. so if you know enough and you love them, keep working on them. and where we are on the current wave, it is not clear some hospitals just dealing with the day to day. other hospitals have crunched the numbers and they say it is late september becafore they wi see the top of the current wave
2:38 am
of infections. and of course then you are just in time for the autumn, just in time for winter, and another possible wave all over again. >> miguel, thank you so much for that. and so vaccinations one of the reason this is economy has managed to crawl out of the covid hole. gdp back to its pre-pandemic size growing at a rate of 6.5%, fastest since last fall. you can see the two red bars there, that is where the pandemic caused the economy to post its worse gdp drop in history. but it has been roaring back to life since then. dow and s&p touched all-time highs during the day. fell short of setting records by the close. tech earnings have been amazing in the second quarter. even boeing and ford made money shaking off disruptive travel and chip shortages. the risk now is the delta variant, why so many companies are requiring workers to be vaccinated or face onerous testing and quarantine protocols or lose their job.
2:39 am
president biden getting serious about a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocun documented emgrants as part of the bubble the plan. >> how did your meeting on daca go? >> it went very well. i think that we should include in the reconciliation bill the immigration. >> daca program shields undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children from deportation. a federal judge in texas recently found the program unlawful but it has been in litigation for years. daniella diaz is live on capitol hill for us. plb president biden seems to tie to economic relief. can i pull it off? >> reporter: it all depends on one person and that is liz better t mcdonough. she is the person that ruled that the $15 minimum wage increase could not be included
2:40 am
in a previous reconciliation bill passed earlier this year. she ultimately decides whether this immigration reform proposal can be included in this budget reconciliation bill. another thing to remember, of course, is this bill can be passed by simple majority in the senate which is why democrats want to include this in this legislation. they don't need any republican support for this to pass. and this is the $3.5 trillion package that is filled with, quote, human infrastructure proposals, of course paid and family, medical leave, extending the child tax credit, funding to combat climate change, all of the proposals that are a priority for this biden administration. but look like, these lawmakers practice their case to the president, having the president behind them is huge for them to be able to argue why this should be included in this proposal to the senate parliamentarian. and she will listen to their arguments about whether immigration reform has budgetary
2:41 am
effects. and they feel positive coming out of this meeting. take a listen to what one democratic senator in leadership said, senator dick durbin. >> we have not had a serious immigration reform bill in 36 years. we have to go back to the reagan presidency. we have an opportunity now to move forward and have true immigration reform in this country in the reconciliation bill. [ inaudible ] -- challenges we face are with us. and we made it clear that he stands with you'reour efforts t sure that all those [ inaudible ] have their chance. so we'll do what we can to make this a reality. >> reporter: and there is a lot
2:42 am
riding on this for it to be included in this bub either reconciliation bill. several democrats in the house have even gone as far as to say that they won't support this budget reconciliation bill if immigration reform is not included in the final proposal. and look, the slim majorities of democrats house and the senate make it tight for a vote and leaders need every democrat behind this. >> all right, we'll hope that they all get on board. thanks so much. mmm, licorice records. wonka, digital workflows for it tell us this machine needs updating... immigration reform is not but it tastes better on vinyl... servicenow.
2:43 am
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:46 am
♪ ♪ moments ago the first group of interpreters who helped those in afghanistan arrived in the u.s. and many more are in increasing fear of the afghan.
2:47 am
coukylie atwood spoke with many them. >> if i don't go, i'm counting down to the end of my life. >> our future will be dark, they will cut our heads too. >> kylie atwood is live for us in ft. lee, virginia. and some of the interpreters are heading your way. how many are we expecting? >> reporter: yeah, this is the first group of a began interpreters who have applied for visas here to the united states who will be arriving here in ft. lee [today. about 200 and their families are coming here. and president biden said that this is an important milestone as the u.s. works to fulfill their promise to these interpreters who worked shoulder to shoulder with u.s. troops and u.s. kdiplomats. there are some 20,000 interpreters who have applied for these special immigrant visas. so these 200 folks coming here today, they are just one small group in that.
2:48 am
and the reason that many of them need to leave afghanistan is because of the threat posed by the taliban. some of them facing death threats. some have been killed in recent days because of their work alongside u.s. troops. and now some are coming here as i said, there are two other locations that they are going to, they will be going to u.s. facilities abroad and also third countries as they wait for their visas to be processed. the group coming here as gone through the majority of their visa application process already. the thing that they need are medical screenings. so that they can have the medical clearance that they need at the final stage in this visa application process and then they will be relocated to the united states. the other thing to note, that these afghan interpreters with are offered to get vaccines, they will be given the opportunity to get them again here today. covid-19 making this already complicated challenge even more complicated. >> keep us posted as those first
2:49 am
batch comes through. thank you. and the coronavirus delta variant raging across asia. thailand warns no matter how many beds are added it will not be enough for the current outbreak. h more than 40,000 are on lockdown and a record number of new covid cases reported in tokyo making japan a sitting duck. blake essig is live in tokyo. obviously this is all going on with the olympics happening. is there a sense of urgency about this right now in japan? >> reporter: absolutely not ideal right now. a fifth wave of infection continues to swell. as a result just within the past shower, japan's prime minister has declared a state of emergency for several
2:50 am
pre-vehiclpareas. and the past several days the infection rate has soared record high daily totals have been recorded nationwide. and inside the olympic bubble. although olympic related cases remain relatively low, you bubble has already burst and the more transmission that takes place outside of the general population the more opportunity for people within the bubble to get infected. according to the national institute of infectious disease, the delta variant is responsible for about 70% of cases reported locally. worth noting that tokyo's most recent state of emergency order has been in place for about two weeks and it has done little to nothing to reduce the number of cases. japan's medical association fevers that if the surge of infection continues, the medical system will collapse. >> makeblake essig, thank you f staying on top of this. potentially dangerous situation at the station station, it lost control for an hour after a newly docked
2:51 am
russian mold you'module misfires thrusters. >> a pretty exciting hour but because of the team's preparedness, the crew was ready, the con continue depends city operations performed and we were able to return to a stable and safe configure race.continu city operations performed and we were able to return to a stable and safe configure race. space flight is an art and when we bring on new capabilities, there can be glitches which is why we prepare and train for these contingencies. >> and she calls it a pretty exciting hour but terrifying actually. communications were lost for 11 minutes. matthew chance reports from moscow. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. and russian officials say the seven crew members aboard the space station were never in any darng bnger but the malfunc was several hours after a recently launched module that docked thursday after a long
2:52 am
eight day space flight to get there. nasa says that the module thrusters started firing inadvertently and unexpectedly, moving the station 45 degrees out of altitude for several minutes during the incident. communications were apparently lost with the space station. but nasa says recovery operations have corrected the situation and the iss is again in, quote, good shape. the 20 ton russian module which has upgraded laboratory and living areas was meant to have been launched back in 2007. but delays and budget cuts to the russian space program saw it delayed until just last week. back to you. >> thank you so much for that, matthew chance. a check on cnn business. this is the last trading day of the month. you can see losses around the world. on wall street, stock index futures are also leaning lower. but the u.s. economy grew
2:53 am
rapidly in the second quarter and now back to pre-pandemic size. the dow just short of a record high. s&p 500 also missed a record close, nasdaq finished slight liter higher. we have to go back to where it all started. >> one of marvel's biggest stars is going pack to where it all started, her contract. and is suing disney.pack to whe started, her contract. and is suing disney. the lawsuit claimed that her salary would be based on the box office haul. and disney pushed back saying that the lawsuit had no merit and it is sad and distressing in its callus disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the covid-19 pandemic. disney added releasing it on disney plus allowedl her to ear more money.
2:54 am
finally this morning, a powerful pairing, melinda gates and mckenzie scott are joining forces to give wh $40 million t ors organizations that promote women. they have made supporting gender equity a center piece of their charitable efforts. four contest winners were part of the equality can't wait challenge, a competition hosted by gates with the goal of expanding women's power and influence in the united states. wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for their conversations. >> so fascinating. mackenzie scott, the kinds of charities that she picked to put her money behind will really change the world. she has picked some remarkable things that will be game changers. both of these women have done so much to try to find answers to the equity problem. and it is exciting to see how that will bear fruit. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next.
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♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it is friday, july 30th. we have breaking news this morning. the war has changed. that is the chilling take away from an alarming new sbenl cdc document that states that the delta variant likely causes more severe disease than the earlier strains of covid. and, it's just as infectious as chickenpox. the cdc slide presentation obtained by "the washington post" and confirmed by cnn confirms the variants spread faster, easier than flu, the common cold, ebola, sars and contains unpublished data that says vaccinated people may spread the virus as easily as


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