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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 29, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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to a shelter or double up, you're risking more exposure. doing it when the delta variant is out of control is a really bad idea. >> reporter: leslie says she's evicted once already, moved in with her mom. now you and your mom are -- >> yeah, getting evicted as well. >> thanks to nick and thanks to you. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening, we begin with breaking news and perhaps a way at least to begin to break through the resistance. so many people seem to have to getting a shot that could save their lives, not to mention wipeout covid. not just a way, in fact, several. late today after a stripping of key announcementes from the public and private sectors in blue states and red, president biden unveiled his own initiatives to vaccinate new americans. >> the federal government will now reimburse those employers to
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give their staffs time off, not only to get themselves vaccinated but also to get tear family members vaccinated. today, i am calling on all states and local governments to use funding they have received including from the american rescue plan, to give $100 to anyone who gets fully vaccinated. i am asking the defense department to look into how and when they will add covid-19 to the list of vaccinations the armed forces must get. every federal government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. and anyone that does not attest or is not vaccinated will require to mask, no matter where they work, test one or two times a week to see if they have acquired covid. socially distance and generally will not be allowed to travel for work. >> the president also said he is asking that similar standard applied to anyone doing business
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in the government. as we said, this was just the latest on any such new carrots and sticks today. the los vegas police department announcing proof of vaccination be mandatory for all new hires. nevada resumes tomorrow and at the time positivity in the state hovering over 17% and icus are filling up. in kansas, state employees and their visitors will have to mask up indoors starting on monday. and atlanta just returned to indoor making as well. late today, the los angeles unified school district second biggest in the country announced, it's going to require weekly covid testing for all students and employees returning to he in-person learning regardless of vaccination status. boston's mayor today said she is looking to a vaccine mandate for city workers. new york mayors applauded private sect roar initiative, specifically from the head of a big local high-end restaurant group and the local burger shake shack that customers in his feign dining locations will have
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to be vaccinated along with the staff. >> if you really want to go unvaccinated, you could die somewhere else and you can also go work somewhere else. >> reporter: his move follows similar steps from far larger employers, including google and facebook yesterday. it comes as a number of republican politicians bump the anti-vacciners and speak plainly. senate minority leader mcconnell made this spot for his listeners back home in kentucky. >> if you haven't been vaccinated. do the right thing for you and your family and get vaccinated right now. it's nothing short of a modern medical miracle. >> west virginia governor jim justice had this advice. >> if this delta variant comes and keeps coming faster and faster and faster, it will be too late for a lot of people who didn't get vaccinated. for crying out loud, you have to get yourself vaccinated.
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that's all there is to it. >> and there are signs, for any number of friend and neighbors going to the icu, vaccination rates have started ticking up. that is the good news, new vaccinations averaging 3 indiaind89,000 a day. it's the highest it has been in three weeks. joining us is tsurgeon general f the united states. that's certainly good news of the uptick. give us a sense of why it's going up? are people kind of heeding the advice more? >> well, anderson, i think people are seeing how dangerous the delta variant is. they are seeing family members get sick. they are realizing the savt majority in the hospital and dying from covid are unvaccinated. i hope they recognize they can get protection if they get vaccinated.
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there are other reasons, too, there are many in communities who have tirelessly been working hard to get the message out, whether they're faith leaders, local doctors and nurses. i hope some of that message is starting to break through more. we feed these numbers to keep going up. there are so millions in the country not protected and the delta variant is spreading very quickly. >> it takes a certain amount of time. weeks once you have been fully vaccinated for it to take effect and offer protection. the president saided that that every federal employee will be asked to quote a test to their vaccination status. i mean, contradiction will say the president missed an opportunity today to unveil or recommend a proof of vaccination system. why not go ahead and just, you know, recommend if you are not going to mandate it, recommend some sort of proof of a vaccination system. >> well, anderson, first let's start with what he announced today. it was an important step towards protecting the federal work force and i think a model, in some cases an important signal.
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he is sending to the whole countries. we all have to look at our power in our workplace, universities and hospitals and take steps to help insure miami get vaccinated. as far as a verification system is concerned, what the president and his team has said is they are not necessarily going to build a system onner that own. but they certainly, you know, are being supportive of the private sector doing this. the private sector is stepping up to create verification systems. i think what we will see more and more anderson in the weeks and months ahead, is i believe we will see more universities, more hospitals, more businesses, more retail establishments, looking to put rules in place to require people to get vaccinated. i think that will help us move forward on this effort to protect our country from covid-19. >> is that a part of what the president was doing today, essentially making some steps that give private businesses, perhaps more leeway to even go
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farther? i mean, there are a lot of big companies now which are saying you have to be vaccinated if you want to work here? are you hoping that private industry lead, you know, really push this, adopts that across the board? >> well, first, anderson, i am hoping that more situations will look at the steps the president took today and steps frankly that a number of businesses and universities have already taken to require vaccines and will ask themselves if they can do the same. particularly, anderson, when you think about hospitals and healthcare systems requiring the vaccine. this is i think a place where it makes really good sense for central requirements to be in place. we already in many hospitals require other vaccines, like the flu vaccine. this is a matter of protecting the people that we are caring for. that's why you saw 60-plus organizations step up several days ago and endorse requirements for a vaccination among healthcare workers. i hope that this movement continues to grow. >> in the federal government, in
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the military, military members get vaccines given to them. why is it not, why isn't this mandatory among the military? is it a question of waiting until the fda has approval as opposed to emergency use authorization? >> well, this is actually a question that the department of defense is actively considering and it's important because you are absolutely right. the military does require, you know, active duty officers to get vaccinated in many other cases and i believe it would make sense hear, too. so they are considering everything from what we know about the vaccine experience, we have with it, which is quite massive at this point to where it is in the fda approval process. they will likely make a determine eight on that very soon. but this is a part of a broader pattern that we have are seeing across the country, anderson, which is people recognizing if we want to keep our kids in school, protect the economy, get the country through this
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pandemic, you got to leave no stone unturned in ensuring people get vaccinated. >> i know you said the cdc and the fda will get a booster and if israel the prime minister said they will be offering a third dose to people over 60-years-old. obviously, people will look at that here in the u.s. and say, well, should that be happening here? should it? should that be happening here? >> well, anderson, what we've got to do to make that decision is look at a series of data points. one is data from other countries. another are data from our cohorts here in the united states, where we have been tracking more than 20 cohorts across the nation, looking at for evidence of when it may wane and break-through infections increase. putting all that information together is how we will make a decision whether boosters are required. with that said, i think it's very possible we will require
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boosters. it's possible we will know that fairly soorn. as soon as that decision is made, though, by the fda and cdc, one thing i can tell you is there will be supply available in ample quantities for the population and right now what we are considering also is whether there are spec groups that should be prioritized. if and when boosters are required. for example, those who are immunocompromised or seniors. so all of that will be informed by the data. rest assured, we are looking at that closely, we meet often to discuss it. we'll make a decision hopefully soon based on what the data tells us. >> just to be clear, when you say soon or fairly soon, what does that mean in terms of sometimes soon in the scientificfield is a longer time frame than a lot of people think soon s. so what do you mean by soon? >> well, it's based a little bit on what the data tells us anderson and how quickly we see a signal there. but i think it's very possible. but by the end of the summer/early fall that we may
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have a decision on boosters. again, it could take a bit longer. it could come sooner. it depends how quickly we see a signal in these cohorts in the individual we are fall following. >> dr. wynn has been critical. on masking again the week. she wrote in the washington post, we need to return to indoor mandates not because the vaccinate reasonable doubt a problem but we don't trust the unvaccinated to voluntary do a problem thing. it's about the failure of unvaccinated americans to fulfill their societal obligation to act in the interest of everyone's health. is she right? who is at risk to whom? >> well, it's an important question and i think the point that dr. wen is getting that that underlies it, in the majority of transmission we are'ing is coming from those unvaccinated right now. that is true. there are several different pieces of the cdc guidance.
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the guidance they issued a few days ago, we specifically asked individuals in areas where there is higher substantial transmission to put tear masks back on when they're in public or indoor spaces. that was intended to reduce transmission recognizing some break through cases can end up transmitting infection. particularly for people me and you and anderson and other parents who have unvaccinated kids at home. that extra layer of precaution will help us protect the vulnerable at home. localities, l.a. and others putting mask mandates back in place. they're not only looking to protect the vaccinated. they're trying to protect or prevent the unvaccinated from spreading it to others. again that is a dominant mode of transmission. we have to make that clear to the public. i think that's why you see more localities re-visiting mask mandates, because we got to protect the unvaccinated from infecting others and those who are vaccinated in unusual cases have break-through infections, we got make sure they don't
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transmit that to others, particularly if their family. >> we appreciate your time, thank you very much. >> good to see you. more perspective on this public health challenge, joining us the author of the lifelines, a doctor's journey in the fight for public health. also arthur kaplan director of new york yuvt medical center. dr. wen, you obviously heard from the surgeon gem addressing your op-ed. what do you make of what he said? >> well, agree with dr. murphy. i think his communications is clear. i think there are two things the cdc got tangled up with each other. how about people that live at home with vulnerable family members, like us, with compromised individuals. we should be making up not because we are at risk, because we don't want to be transmitting coasted back home to our vulnerable loved ones. that's not the reason, though, why we should be having indoor
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mandates in place for everyone. we are not the problem. the vaccinated are not the problem. the problem are the unvaccine napt who'd constitute as dr. murphy said the vast majority of the transmission. i think the cdc should be clear the reason why locals and businesses want to be implementing indoor mask mandates is not that somehow, something isn't right with the vaccinated. it's that if we don't have proof of vaccination, there is no way to tell who is vaccinated or not. so in a sense the vaccinated, maybe some people are mad saying why do i need to put a marc mask on now? the reason is we don't have the honor code that's working. we are putting on masks because we can't trust the unvaccinated to be masking. >> sow an ethical lens, this idea the burden lies again on the vaccinated population who have made a responsible choice. what do you say to those who feel they are being punished for the actions of unvaccinated or the people who are not fulfilling the duty as citizens?
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>> i think it's time to get our moral house in order, anderson. it's the unvaccinated who are the threat. it's the unvaccinated who will make us close our schools, lose our jobs again, shut down the economy. make my friends with immune diseases sick. we keep talking again and again in this country about the rights of the unvaccinated. unvaccinated have rights, but they're limited when they start hurting, harming others. and i think we've got it all backwards. we basically need to recalibrate. i think it's time to move away from this mask debate and get serious about mandatory vaccination. it's the right thing to do. it works. if you look at the numberings, everybody who is dead from covid these days not vaccinated. and i'm tired of sort of in indulging if you will, my body, my choice.
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morally liberty ends when you, if you will, swinging your arm threaten to punch me. that happens, i have to restrict what you can do. and that's what covid is. >> dr. wen, what do you think about that? i mean, obviously, there are a whole host of some liberties issues regarding it. you were a baltimore health commissioner. how do you see it? >> i really agree with art here that at some point we as a society have to side what are our values? who is it that we are trying to protect? right now the unvaccinated are able to walk around, macless, without any reason to be vaccinated and they're able to affect our unvaccinated children. they're able to put the immunocompromised at risk. now we know they also pose a risk to the vaccinated because of the spillover effect and break-through infections. is is that who we want to be as a society? so i go back to to the analogy
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of drunk driving. you can decide to drink if your own home. at the point you decide to get behind the wheel, society has an obligation to say this is about health. this is about security. i think the biden administration did exactly the right thing. they moved really fast on this. remember during the fourth of july, they had a celebration in the white house where that party, they didn't require proof of vaccination. right now they're saying the entire work force, the federal government work force, they need to be vaccinated or be tested. i think that's really important. it's a good move from them. although, i would have really liked to have see as you pointed out in your interview with dr. murphy, i would like to see prove of vaccination, they're saying you can attest and use the honor code and say you are vaccinated. we know the honor code doesn't work. >> i appreciate it. just ahead, sharon stone joins us to talk about why covid prevention is so personal and driven no one goes through what she and her family has during the pandemic. next a law maker who might be called on to explain
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statements and actions in and around the insurrection, including one who wore body arm rour our. what mate it take them to tes testify, well, we are joined by a former director of the fbi and justice official. someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can! this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. . last night we found out that alabama congressman mo brooks taking names and wore body armour january 6th. he was warned there might be danger. today in a statement he said, quote, the only threats i was aware on that day were blm and antifa. he added i had no threat warnings what chauffer regarding the trump supporters at the ellipse, which is where i was. just to make it clear, he was standing before a crowd egg them on using literally fighting words while wearing body armour
5:22 pm
for what the former president would later describe as a quote love feather. today, congressman zoe lofgren had this to say. >> actually the body armour ai was referred to were worn by the rioters who attacked the capitol. i am sure we will want to talk to members of congress to find out what their activities were. many have spoken publicly indicated they have nothing to hide, that they will certainly cooperate with the committee. that would be my expectation. >> hmm, well, is that wishful thinking? if it is, what can the committee actually do to ensure cooperation? joining us a former dep tip assistant attorney general and cnn senior law enforcement analyst and former fbi director anthony mccabe. given congressman brooks said the purpose is to create political propaganda. do you think it wishful thinking
5:23 pm
he will voluntarily comply? >> it might be, it's to ask someone to come in voluntarily. you might, this sounds counterintuitive. you might get it faster asking him to come in. if you go straight to a subpoena there is a number of votes that would have to happen before you can enforce a subpoena. you have to file a lawsuit or take it to the justice department. that may slow your proceeding down and ultimately not end up getting it, when, in fact, represent lofgren said right there if you ask the members of congress to appear voluntarily, either for a short period of time for a deposition or transcribed interview and then he he says no, don't give am lot of time. slen slap him with a subpoena. i think people have a false notion how quickly subpoenas get enforced in congress. >> congressman brooks earlier said he had threats of violence january 6th. now he's claiming it was from
5:24 pm
black lives matter and antifa. whoever informed him of those threats clearly did not really know anything because tafts rer that was not the focus of that day despite what some qanon people might be clinging to. if that is, in fact, true, is that something congress would normally share with the fbi? >> well, anderson, you would hope so. right. if a member of congress stumbled across some credible threat information as early as i think he said in the reporting monday, so that would have been january 4th, you would certainly have hoped. i have been on the receiving end of these calls many times in my 21-year career in the bureau that congressman would have called the fbi to say, hey, there is some threat information you should if aware of. i'd also be curious to know who is this source of intelligence that's feeding warnings about blm and antifa to the
5:25 pm
congressmen? that's apparently the only person involved in this thing that actually thought that. because the fbi has already said to us, they had no information that those groups were involved in any of the activity on january 6th. so i don't think he's put himself in a position of being any less relevant as a witness to the committee. >> this remind me of willie gohmert years ago, he talked about a friend of his at the fbi or a former agent or someone if law enforcement who told him about when pregnant women coming to have babies in america, then they would go back and they would come back as terrorists and attack america. it was a whole blot. look it up on youtube. it was an interview. it was an interesting interview. no actual evidence. if brooks were to fight a subpoena, how long would that drag out for? >> yeah, i mean, you are talking months, if not years. it takes a long time, anderson, i've worked both for the senate
5:26 pm
judiciary committee and doing this for the justice department. they just take a long time. andy's point is exactly correct. this is incredibly relevant information. if he as many republicans in congress were making the argument, this is about capitol safety, if are you saying that you were threatened by blm protesters. that's relevant to the insquarery happening rate here. come in, say it under oath voluntarily to congress. everyone thinks the speaker would seek a subpoena and the justice department would enforce one. shhe has a hammer over his head, if he chooses to go down that world. >> i appreciate it. thank you. just ahead those texas democrats who took off to d.c. spoke today with former secretary of state hillary clinton and stacey abrams about federal vogt legislation. meanwhile, back at home in texas, supporters continue a multi--day march at the capitol, two of the organizers of the march join us next.
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5:30 pm
georgia can galvanize voters and produce wins down the road as it did in two georgia senate races this year. as this were happening, they were marching for a 2nd day in texas for a moral march in democracy. it started in george town and expected to end in boston saturday. two of the leaders of the palm beach, former congress mach beto o'rourke and bishop barber join me now. bishop barber, why are you palm beaching? >> well, we're trying to nationalize texas. sema was nationalized to sigh we have to have federal protections. we have to have the end of a filibuster. we have to fully pass the true genres for the people's act before he died. when it's ready and written, we have to pass the restored voting rights act. we need $15 living wage. we need to protect immigrants. you can't litigate your way, mobilize your way. i met with the texas legislators
5:31 pm
the other day from zoom. they understand that clearly. what's happening it's not just democrats, it's people of all race, creeds, colors, parties, for the organization. my brother down there who said we would march from george town to austin and on set we'll have a massive rally. people will be invited there. we'll be limited during the march. not for the rally. even willie nelson will be joining us on saturday. people know 66ple people use mailout ballots this past election. 36 million people ordered early voting and these are the things that these state legislators want to take all over the country. they want to retrogress and take these away from the people. it's wrong and unconstitutional in america. >> congressman o'rourke, to get a federal legislation, obviously the votes aren't there right now and the filibuster exist was him v.
5:32 pm
earlier today president biden says we'd lose democracy if we lose the filibuster. what do you say to that? >> i think there is another path. i think we can change the rules of the filibuster as they have been changed a number of times in the past. for example, you can pass a fast track trade bill on a simple pa majority vote. you can pass the, you know, nomination of a supreme court justice or a federal judge or a budget reconciliation bill. there was good news, senator warnock. he was able to come forward with something all as democrats agree upon. with that political majority in the senate, that means they amend the filibuster and pass voting rights legislation like before the people act on a simple majority.
5:33 pm
that saves democracy and right to vote in free and fair elections across this country. only good things can come from there. whether it's a minimum wage, a living wage or expanding healthcare access to all, confronting climate change before it's too late or as bishop barber says, insuring that those undocumented americans who work so hard and contribute so much to our success have a legal, safe pathway to citizenship in this country. so good things will come. we need the make some changes to the filibuster first. >> bishop barber, it seems without some sort of federal legislation, obviously, the republicans control the legislature in texas and they can pass whatever they want, really. >> well, in some ways, exactly right. and everything that they're trying to do would be illegal if we have the people's act fully passed with all the compromises. without any compromise. and you know, when we talk about joe manchin, he hasn't faced pressure here a. lot of the senators say what they won't do.
5:34 pm
they say they couldn't do a voting rights act of '65. dr. king and rabbi at white and brown went out and made them do it. not only are we launching on texas. we have been doing non-violent actions since judgment. on monday, hundreds of pastors and rabbis are coming back to d.c. to engage in another round of porl directi action. we are not going anywhere. this isn't a race issue. this threatens black people, white people, disabled people, latinos, young people. that's why people are standing up. you look at the crowd that's marching with us. they see this as a threat not just to the democratic party, the republican party, but to democracy, itself. and when we call ourselves the poor people's campaign, we say this is a moral recollection resurrection and a march for dreams i wound say what people are or not going to do. west virginia disagree with
5:35 pm
manchin. they're still marching on his office and pushing him every day. >> texas democrats state legislators are holding out in washington. a number of them. some were witnesses today in a house oversight hearing on voter rights state representative had this to say to them virtually. i want to play this for our viewers >> first let me say this to my democratic colleagues there with you today. it's time to come home. you've had your fun. it's time to get back to work. you know as well as i do, this legislation has been negotiated in good faith and deserves your attention. >> congressman o'rourke, what do you say to that? how long can they decide to stay away? >> you know, these courageous democratic legislators have left not only their family in some cases young kids, but they potentially face arrest upon return to texas. so, what they've done through their sacrifice is essentially purchased us some time. this special session will end on
5:36 pm
the 6th of august, which happens to be the 56th anniversary of the signing of the 65 voting rights act. before then, the senate needs to make some progress so that we roll back suppression in texas and advance voting rights to the country. so they can only hold off for so long. texas is doing all that texas can do. we see it with bishop barber's leadership and the poor people's campaign marching from george town to austin, arriving there this saturday where everyone is welcome to join us. but, after texas has done its part, it's time for president biden and those democrats who hold a majority in the senate to do theirs. they must pass before the people ac. >> we appreciate you joining us. thank you. just ahead a look at covid in the workplace when that workplace is hollywood, actress sharon stone will join us to talk about her mandatory vaccines and covid safety has become personal for her. the disease infected and even
5:37 pm
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. actress and best-selling author sharon stone is speaking out about mandating vaccines, vaccinations i should say. several members of her family have been acted. she shared in an instagram video last year. >> they keep saying the rings are so small and you might not die and it will be fine. but i'm telling you what's going on with my family.
5:41 pm
my grand mother died of covid. my godmother died of covid. py sister and her husband are fighting for their lives. and my sister is not doing well. >> sharon stone joins me now, thanks so very much for being with us. you said you were recently on a job in which vaccinations were not mandatory. you think they should be? >> yes, i have been offered a job and right now in our sag actress situation jobs on the set, it's not mandatory vaccination. and with the networks and the streaming services, there is not mandatory vaccination. there is certain pods are vaccinated and there is covid tests on a certain kind of regularity. and that was good when that was all there was. we were trying our best and people were doing tear best to
5:42 pm
fight this. and i salute that effort, of course. but we're looking at a different situation now and we have more intelligence and more understanding now. and i've worked in the infectious disease arena for all of my adult life. as you know, i worked in hiv/aids community, with 'organizations. >> you helped raise a lot of money for hiv/aids and other infectious diseases. >> and it's been so fruitful and i have learned so much as a front line worker, as a fundraiser and as a mom, what it really takes to address an infectious disease. and what i see now is i understand people's fear and i really do see how terrifying it's been. because i've lost people that i
5:43 pm
love very much. and i went through a terrible crisis with my sister and her husband and my sister has lupus, which is an auto immontana illi montana il /* /* immune illness. we have a lot of experience in our own family. certainly i have been working with dr. fauci for many years on aids and on other infectious diseases and just this year, during the 2020, polio finally came to an end and sleeping sickness. >> how is your sister doing? >> she is okay now. >> does she still have long covid sim se tt symptoms. >> she has i would say long-term lifetime difficultys that kicked her health down to another level.
5:44 pm
>> as you know, i mean, one of the arguments of the people have about mandatory vaccinations, it's an infringement on their civil rights. what do you say to that? earlier dr. lena wen was on the program saying your rights to stop when it adversely acts ot affects other people. if you are unvaccinated, you are a threat to everybody's child who can't be vaccinated. >> right. i think we should love ourselves as much as we love our children and if we don't love ourselves, then our children will not be safe from us. and we have grown to understand this with the very fact that we have to have a polio vaccine to go to school or to really go anywhere. po polio vaccines are mandate. we learned how to deal with different illnesses and you know you have a deadly disease and you give it to someone else,
5:45 pm
it's a felony. we are starting to know and understand that covid is a deadly disease. >> as you said, you worked a lot on hiv/aid, there is still not a vaccine for that. tr people around the world and that would be an extraordinary thing if a vaccine was developed. the fact that a vaccine, this miracle vaccine was developed for covid in the amount of time it was, obviously, there was more than a decade of research done before the idea that we're so blaise in this country about it. half the country hasn't gotten fully vaccinated. there is people all around the world desperately waiting, dying waiting to have covid for this vaccine. it just seems particularly i mane i don't know if privilege is the right word. the idea that we're, you know, the rest of the world is desperate for this and we have it and we're kind of turning the other way about it? >> well, you know , you wouldn'
5:46 pm
let a terrorist run through your neighborhood unbridled without doing something about it. because you know that terrorist is there to kill people. what we know about viruses versus bacterias is that you can kill a bacteria, but you can't kill a virus. a virus can kill you. but you can't kill a virus. this is why we have vaccines against viruses. this is why science developed vaccines against all things that are viruses. and we have a special way that we deal with viruses versus bacterias. and what we can do about them. so you have to think of a virus as a teeny tiny little microscopic terrorist. are you going to let that run through your neighborhood, your family, your business? unbride amounted? i'm not. >> yeah. >> that's a decision that i think is a logical decision. we as a democracy, we make the
5:47 pm
decisions that are the greatest good for the greatest number of people. we now with giant refrigerator trucks full of dead people come to understand that we can't say good-bye to our loved ones. i couldn't say good-bye to my grandmother or godmother, because it's such a deadly disease. we have to wear masks everywhere we go because it's such a deadly disease. my best friend and her son got covid-19 last weekend, though they are vaccinated, they got the delta variant because the alpha variant that they were vaccinated against kept them from becoming so dangerously ill that they had to go to the hospital. but yet they had flu symptoms for several days and needed to stay in bed and stay home and stay quarantined so that they didn't spread that delta variant to someone unvaccinated who could die from it. >> yeah. well, listen, i appreciate you speaking about this tonight and people listening get vaccinated. >> i'm a mom.
5:48 pm
when i go to work on my sets, as a leading lady or a supporting lady, it's a work family. and i feel a lot like i'm the mom of my work family. and i don't want any of my family to die just because i might have the privilege of being vaccinated or my pod, might have the privilege of having more regular tests or being vaccinated more regularly. that's not a fair and even playing field to me. >> we're under the situation where they can lead the way on mandating vaccines. that's another avenue beside government. thank you, i appreciate it. good luck on your book. >> thank you. and i just would like to say one more thing if i mate. which is this, ander zorn, is why i am running for a board seat on my union. because i want my union, the screen actors guild and i want the networks, streaming networks and the studios to protect us
5:49 pm
and i want our union to protect us. >> they were stone, i appreciate it. take they're. >> thank you. the defiance on capitol hill over mask wearing rules in the house. that's what they're talking about. all the things going on in the country. they're fetching about mask rules in the house. all right. we'll be right back. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you've been taking mental health meds, and your mind is finally in a better place. except now you have uncontrollable body movements
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impressive! that's 'cuz you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? back to capitol hill, here is another look at the house republicans who staged a mass free walk to the senate, today, where masks are not required. they are against the new mask
5:53 pm
rule for the house put in place by the chamber's attending physician, a doctor. yesterday, on the first day of the mask requirement for the house, at least 24 republicans were seen defying it, including congresswoman lauren boebert. that same day, a witness told cnn that boebert threw a mask back at a house staffer, when she was offered one. boebert's office said she simply slid the mask across a table. back in her district, in western colorado, in southern parts of the state according to the cdc, with a high case count. the north west corner of the state, where the vaccination rate is low, and the cases high. here is gary's report. >> reporter: congresswoman lauren boebert is a flamethrower o. on twitter saying things like covid-19 mutated into communism a long time ago. and the easiest way to make the delta variant go away and to turn off cnn and vote republican. a tweet, she later deleted and at a speech at cpac, where she implied that federal workers would bring vaccines to people's homes. something that is not being
5:54 pm
done. >> don't come knocking on my door with your fauci ouchie. you leave us the hell alone. >> reporter: and then, there was this tweet. t trotting out hitler and his third reich, biden has deployed needle nazis to mesa county, which is one of the counties in our district. what was she thinking with that tweet and the other things she's written and said? we went to capitol hill to ask her. >> representative boebert, question for you. why did you use the term needle nazis on your twitter feed? were you trying to make fun of people? liken them to hitler? any comment at all? the tragic fact is much of lauren boebert's congressional district is now a covid-hot zone, amid this delta-variant surge. here in mostly rural third congressional district, transmission rates are dangerously high in most of the district's counties. vaccination rates, low. >> it's as bad as we have seen since the beginning. >> reporter: memorial regional hospital had to re-open its covid unit, where people are getting sick and dying.
5:55 pm
andy daniels, who describes himself as a superconservative individual, is the hospital's chief-executive officer. how does it make you feel, the way representative boebert has treated this pandemic? the mavsks? the vaccine? >> you know, i am embarrassed for colorado, quite frankly. i am embarrassed that she is my representative. um, i -- >> so, you are the ceo of an important hospital in her district, and you are willing to go out on a limb and say that? >> i am. i think if you are going to take a stance in healthcare policy, you might actually want to learn something about healthcare policy. >> reporter: this doctor is the hospital's emergency department chief medical officer. >> i think that people are listening to what she is saying, and a lot of what she is putting out there is ideology that isn't fact, isn't medically sound. and it's putting a lot of people at danger and it's, quite honestly, costing people lives and it's frustrating to have to fight against that. >> reporter: doctor and ceo would both like a chance to speak to lauren boebert about what's going on.
5:56 pm
and show her things, like this. 78-year-old robert edwards is a patient in the covid unit. the husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather, who already had comorbidities was quite sick when he came in. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel a lot better. >> robert has improved very significantly. doctors believe the reason for that is because he did receive the covid vaccine. >> you think you could have died if you didn't have the vaccine? >> without a doubt. >> reporter: a few hours after i sat down with him, robert was released from the hospital. i know those are tears of happiness. >> correct. it was scary. >> i know. >> reporter: hospital officials say, representative boebert has not paid a visit to this hospital to see people, like robert, since she was elected to congress last november. she, also, would not respond to me, when i tried to talk to her one more time, as she was leaving the capitol. >> representative boebert, i
5:57 pm
just want to give you one chance to answer a question, if you want to. it's very unusual, anderson, for hospital officials to talk negatively about an elected official. and these two men took no joy in talking to me about that. but when you are a doctor or a nurse or a ceo of a hospital, your main priority is keeping people healthy. and pekeeping people alive and they are gravely concerned that people are continuing to be unhealthy here, and continuing to die in this small county. and they believe, anderson, that if representative boebert spoke honestly and honorably about this pandemic, her words and her actions could be very influential and could, literally, save lives. >> yeah. >> anderson. >> doesn't seem she is interested in doing that. gary tuchman, appreciate it. thank you. we'll be right back.
5:58 pm
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backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it. well, the news continues. let's hand things over to chris for "cuomo prime time." chris. this is cnn breaking news. >> i am chris cuomo and welcome to prime time. we have breaking news on our catch. an internal cdc document argues the delta variant is spreading faster and with more illness than anticipated. the headline, according to "the washington post," the vaccinated may be as contagious as the unvaccinated when it comes to transmission. now, we, still, need to see the data that created this conclusion. but we do know that government