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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 29, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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♪ hello i'm blee yan that keeler alongside john berman on this "new day." as the pandemic is worsening for the unvaccinated, vaccine mandates and corporate america are growing by the hour. plus, why are cases in the uk suddenly plunging after a big wave? the mystery that is baffling health experts. it's call the largest federal investment in public transit and bridges ever. why president biden is on the verge of an historic feat. and capitol rioter back behind bars after buying 37 guns online and declaring that violence is better than a peaceful protest.
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♪ good morning to viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, july 29th. and get vaccinated or get out. that is the message from corporate america this morning. many companies are not just recommending that employees get the covid vaccine, they're flat out mandating it for people coming back to the office as the unvax in america threaten to derail the economic recovery. silicon valley leading the way here, both facebook and google announcing that all employees returning to the office must be vaccinated. and then netflix also mandating vaccines for all actors who star in the streaming giants programming and the employees who come into contact with them becoming the first major studio to do so. the financial sector as well starting to say get vaxed or find a new job. black rock and morgan stanley announcing that all employees
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must be vaccinated to return to the office. and sax fifth avenue, "the washington post," ascension health, lyft also requiring the shot to work. and today president biden is prepared to announce that all federal workers must get vaccinated or face strict protocols like regular testing and masking. >> so overnice, disney announced that starting tomorrow all guests regardless of vaccination status will be required to wear masks indoors. apple is returning to its mask mandate for customers and staff at most of its u.s. stores. and overnight, twitter announced it is closing its san francisco and new york offices just two weeks after reopening them. a cnn analysis of cdc data found that 71% of americans now live in counties with high or substantial covid transmission. the message might be getting through the pace of vaccinations has increased. 35% since last week. >> about one third of eligible
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americans have not been vaccinated. when many of them were asked about it, they say because the vaccine has not been fda approved. it just has that emergency use authorization. kristen holmes is on this story for us. okay, so assuming that would actually change minds what is the holdup here with getting full approval? >> well, that's the big question that the white house, that the public, that businesses all want the answer to. especially as we see these cases rise. right? so the fda insists to me that they are moving as quickly as they possibly can. they point to the fact that they made this a priority, meaning normally the process takes ten months. they shortened that down to six months. they said it could be sooner. january timeline that's the six months it's going to be before that. we have the former fda head saying it could be as early as august which of course is in two days or september. but still from the update we have no timeline. they say they are just pouring through the data. now, we have learned that over
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at the white house biden administration officials are watching this obsessively so. that's the the word that seen r administration official said to us. the reason is twofold, what you mentioned in the intro, the idea that one, businesses they want some kind of backing here. they want that legal backing that helps them issue those mandates. they can they can only get that or some can get that if it is fully approved. the other vaccine hesitancy. the white house wants to get as many shots in arms as they possibly can and this would be another tool in their tool kit. so, this is the question we continually ask them. we are wanting to know when this is exactly going to be approved. i will say we have heard there's no pressure from the white house. the fda officials do not feel pressure from the white house on this. the white house does not want to give any indication this is politicized. they want to get it right the first time. >> that is refreshing. >> yes, although the full approval will make a difference. >> you think lit?
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>> absolutely. absolutely. it will make it easier for mandates and requirements to be implemented by businesses and localities. >> and those work, right? >> absolutely. >> kristen, thank you so much for that report. republican governor kay ivy says it is time to blame the unvaccinated for america's current predicament. most officials have been too polite to say it that bluntly. >> this is not about who needs to take responsibility. that is not really why we put this guidance out. >> you know me, john, i'm not one who likes to blame and shame, but we all have some responsibility for the politicization of this virus. >> we're not here to place blame or threats. we're here to provide accurate information. >> they say they're not here to place blame, but the blame doesn't need their help. it's placing itself. it's just obvious. if the unvaccinated are not to blame, who is? the vaccines prevent serious illness. the vaccines keep you out of the
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hospital. the vaccines in the u.s. at least are everywhere. if you want them, you can get them. this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. it is now a pandemic of choice. the choice not to get vaccinated. and it's a choice that's having a profound impact, a bad one on the rest of us. the facts bear it out. >> the facts only 49% of the country is vaccinated and that is still a far cry from the 70 to 85% threshold that health officials say is needed to reach herd immunity. >> the world health organization says the u.s. recorded the highest number of cases in the world over the past seven days in a country where the vaccine is everywhere. if you choose to get it. >> health agencies and states all report that nearly a a a of the current hospitalizations and deaths as a result of covid are from the unvaccinated. again, nearly all. more than 97% across the nation. and there's very rarely anything
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97% right, but vaccine efficacy is getting pretty close here. >> but you have to take it for it to work. now with the ferociously contagious delta variant, cases up in nearly every state, 36 seeing increases of more than 50% in the past week, more than 70% of the u.s. population lives in counties considered to have high or substantial transmission. >> in louisiana, the state's largest healthcare system reports a 700% increase in covid patients over the past month. 700%. and nearly 9 out of 10 of those patients are unvaccinated. >> in georgia, one of the states seeing more than 50% increase since just last week, only 40% of the population is fully vaccinated. the unvaccinated are prolonging this pandemic. the unvaccinated are accelerating this pandemic. the main reason the cdc says it was compelled to change its mask guidance and essentially punish the vaccinated was because of cases among unvaccinated.
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the surge risks a new hit to the economy. risking a smooth reopening of schools. risks the reopening of workplaces. and speaking of schools, it's risking the health of children. >> children's hospitals in arkansas reporting a record high number of children hospitalized with covid. that is the reality here. children, yes, they have been largely spared by severe covid cases, but that's clearly not the case with this delta variant. one more thing to point out here, while the reasons certainly vary for not getting the vaccine, one obvious one, a big one, is the political and consperitorial efforts by the right wing and social media. according to a new survey, 46% of republicans who most trust far right news refuse to be vaccinated. and that is up 31% in march. >> so pointing all this out is not about shaming anyone, but not pointing it out ignores reality. it ignores what needs to change. and who needs to change.
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the solution is available with a shot. until then, the summer surge of covid in the u.s. brought to you by the unvaccinated. now this morning the drama over mask wearing on capitol hill is in full force one day of a mask mandate was reinstated in the house, many house republicans purposefully defied the rules. they appeared maskless on the floor. they ranted about the reimposed requirement. >> we have a crisis at our border and we're playing footsy with mask mandates in the people's house. we have people infected with covid coming through our southern border into texas and you all put masks, masks, up front here? which is it? vaccines or masks? the vaccines work or they don't work. do the masks work so they don't work. this institution is a sham. and we should adjourn and shut this place down. >> joining me now democratic congressman raul ruiz of
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california. he is also a former emergency room physician who has been administering covid-19 vaccines to his constituents in hard to reach and underserved areas of his district. congressman, thank you so much for being with us this morning. what do you think about what chip roy said there? >> i think it's shameful because it fosters the confusion, the chaos. it distracts from the importance of following scientifically proven precautions in order for us to prevent and mitigate this fourth surge we're about to face. >> what do you think about chip roy? factually about what he said? >> it's wrong. it's wrong because we understand that we're dealing with a new, more severe, more infectious variant, which is a delta variant. and we also know that the vaccine has -- does have protection against this variant but we also know that individuals who have had the vaccine can have breakthrough infections, still be contagious and they can be at risk and not
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only that but infect others. so we need to get vaccinated and we also need to wear masks so we prevent it from spreading to other people. >> let's parse this. he is correct that people are confused about this. >> yeah, people are confused. >> but what he's saying is it the masks or is it the vaccines? >> it's both. it's got be both. so you have to realize that this delta virus now can infect people who are vaccinated. now, most of them will be asymptomatic. some will be mildly symptomatic. but if they're infected then they can spread to others. the whole purpose of the mask is to prevent one person from spreading it to others by preventing the air droplets from exiting people's mouths. so that's why we have to combine both of them to increase the likelihood that you will not get infected and you will not infect others. but here is the deal. it's one of those things that if we all wear a mask, then we're all protected. if we're not wearing a mask, then we're minimizing that protection and hurting everybody else. >> if we're all vaccinated, then
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we don't have to wear a mask and people who are vaccinated are annoyed. i talked to people. they're going to do it because they're going to do what is going to keep them and their children safe, but this is terrible. why do they have to do this when it's because of people who are not vaccinated? >> look, i understand that. my wife and i were celebrating the fact that we're coming over the maximum of the pandemic. we thought we were in the home stretch. a lot of parents are getting frustrated because their kids are going to go to school. we're going to send our 6-year-old twins to their first day of class and we're excited about that. now we're thinking, oh my goodness, we're having the conversations. are we going to have to keep them home again? are we going to have to start minimizing the commerce and gatherings of people? i don't want that to happen. many people don't want that to happen. i want to get through this pandemic. so that's why it's so urgent that we talk to our family members and our friends who are hesitant to get the vaccine and plead with them for their sake for their family's sake, for our
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community's sake, for our country's sake. this is the most patriotic thing we can do right now is to get vaccinated and help our fellow americans get vaccinated so that we can get our economy back, we can get our kids back to school, we can get back to work and we can build back better as president biden is leading us into this new era of our country. >> congressman ruiz, thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. president biden is on the verge of a historic victory involving the nation's roads and bridge. what's in this massive infrastructure deal? plus, we'll speak live with the councilwoman who was targeted with a racial slur from one of her colleagues. and matt damon says it was eye opening to shadow an oklahoma oil rig worker who happens to be a trump supporter. he joins us live. in a hurry, so the house comes with everything you see. follow me.
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♪ developing overnight a major step forward for president biden's agenda, the senate voting to take up a historic $1 trillion infrastructure doeal. ultimately, 17 republicans joined with democrats, that is quite a number. jeremy diamond live for us at the white house. all right, jeremy, we have spent months watching the sausage be made. it has been something to be hold. what is in this sausage? what's in this bill? >> reporter: well, with that key senate vote last night, president biden is closer than ever to finally getting this $1 trillion infrastructure bill. it has about $550 billion in new spending and here are some of the top line items here. you have $110 billion for roads, bridges and major projects. 66 billion dollars for passenger and freight rail. the largest ever investment in public transit at $39 billion. and that is how the white house is framing this. you can see in this next slide here that they are calling this
3:18 am
the largest federal investment in public transit. talking about the fact that this is the largest bridge investment since the interstate highway system. the president in the statement last night said this is the largest, most significant investment in infrastructure in nearly a century. let's be clear, brianna, a lot still remains to be done. this bill is not yet written fully into legislative text and there's delicate political dynamics within the democratic party that could threaten to up end this bill. we saw yesterday after this deal was announced, one of the key negotiators on this bill shez opposed the separate $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill which democrats are trying to pass along lines and some progressives aren't happy with the infrastructure bill and in response to the comment, alexandria ocasio-cortez making clear she is willing to hold up this infrastructure bill if that
3:19 am
separate reconciliation package doesn't go through. so this parallel track still very, very delicate in the days ahead. br brianna? >> we'll see how that plays out. jeremy, thank you so much. a lot of sausage. >> a lot. >> they agreed on a lot of sausage there. >> finally we can say what's in it instead of what might be in it. >> you're make ing me hungry. i want to bring in mark jaffrey. mr. president, thank you for being with us this morning. how happy are you about this apparent deal? >> this is a good deal for the american people. it's a good deal for the people of the state of new york. we need this infrastructure. we need the jobs. and politics aside, it looks like we're going to move forward on a trillion dollar worth of spending for infrastructure, roads, amtrak, tunnels and broadband to help fuel the economy and create better paying jobs. >> what do you like most in this
3:20 am
deal? and what will help the businesses that are part of your organization the most? >> well, you know, our businesses in the new york area like it. jet blue, macy's, lyft. we'll improve airports. we'll improve roads. we have had success as americans throughout the century when we invest in good public works that keep giving dividends to the american people and create a strong economy. this is a good deal. we hope that politics doesn't get in the way where we have an either or situation. a trillion dollars in good spends and good plans to use the american rescue act, almost $4 trillion pumped into the economy that hasn't been spent yet. we're excited that this bill will create jobs, give us much-needed infrastructure, power grid components that we have been talking about for decades. let's get it done. and let's not play politics. let's get it done for our
3:21 am
businesses and the people that those businesses can employ. >> is the biden white house delivering for you? >> is the biden white house delivering for us? they're doing the best that they can. it's not just the white house. i mean, we have a whole congress and we have 50 state capitals that have input in this system. and there's always in roads and fighting. we're looking at the money coming for mass transit and three states are trying to agree on which state gets more and so forth. so, a trillion dollars for infrastructure, that's good deal for the american people. >> what do you think of bipartisanship? this runs counter to the whitewashing that seems to work right now. they got some agreement on both sides of the aisle. >> well, yes. you have 17 republicans. but within the democratic caucus alone, we're seeing perhaps threats. the progressive caucus says we need more. we want more. well, let's be thankful for what
3:22 am
we have. let's really be thankful that the pharmaceutical companies came up with a vaccine. this is important. and we're still fighting over mask mandates and how best to make sure the delta variants and other variants don't cripple our economy again. so, politics is always involved. and we're very much concerned that we're going to have a stall of this. it still has to go. this bill still has to go through the whole congress. you know, the white house likes it. business likes it. the greater new york chamber of commerce likes it. but it's not a done deal yet. so we're keeping our fingers crossed that we can reach a complete agreement and make sure that this deal gets through to help the american people with much-needed infrastructure improvements at a time where interest rates are so low this is a good deal for the american people. >> mark jaffe, thank you. we appreciate you being with us this morning. coming up, a record-setting win for an american swimming star, the emotional moment that
3:23 am
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♪ the simwimmer being called e next fiemichael phelps. >> caleb dressel being touted as the next michael phelps. that's a lot of pressure. he won three relay golds. now he won his first gold medal on his own with an olympic record. he won the 100 meter free from the jump. look at this start. he got an arm length lead out of the blocks and he ended up winning by that same length. caleb trains like a football
3:28 am
player. his trainer told me after the race all that explosive training he did in his garage through the pandemic were on full display, but he also said that caleb's parents are the biggest factor. cheering from florida with his high school sweetheart turned wife megan, they and caleb were overcome with emotion after this win, even broke down in tears afterwards talking about how long and difficult this past year has been. and two-time defending world champion pole vaulter sam kendricks olympics are over after testing positive for covid just two days before his event was set to start. the u.s. army reserve first lieutenant won a bronze at the rio games. he's been transferred to a hotel and placed in isolation, according to the u.s. opc. the women's gymnastics all around competition will go on tonight without the greatest ever. simone biles withdrew herself from the competition for mental health conditions. the outpouring of support made me realize i'm more than my accomplishments in gymnastics. which i never truly believed
3:29 am
before. unquote. earlier today i interviewed an ioc member and chair of the ioc member as the link between the athletes and the ioc. she says that biles is brave. >> it will be incredible, positive thing for smo more athletes that may or may not be in the same situation that are going to look to her and she's inspiring athletes. she's allowed for it to just be something that can be accepted by people. and i think that took a lot of bravery. >> now, she says the ioc does have resources in place for the t athletes. they realize they need to do more for these athletes who want help and perhaps more importantly, brianna, john, ensure athletes they have a safe space to speak out. simone biles is a powerful step toward letting other athletes know it's okay to do what she's doing. >> absolutely.
3:30 am
she's really paved the way for athletes to talk about this more openly. no question about that, coy. and her statement that this is all made her realize she's more than just her accomplishments, lovely and sad all at the same time. >> it is. she is in a unique position because she doesn't have anything to prove? everyone knows she is the best. look at her record since 2013, she's the best. and that gives her this platform that hopefully benefits other people and also allows her to see her value beyond gymnastics. >> which i'm -- i hope is now clear to her. >> yes. definitely. coronavirus cases plunging in the uk after a big surge from the delta variant. so why is that happening? plus, lollapalooza kicks off today despite a surge in cases in chicago. is it safe? would that make it safe-a-palooza?
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♪ the morning encouraging signs out of the uk. new coronavirus cases there are plunging after the country experienced a spike because of the delta variant. cnn's phil black live in london with much more on this. phil, the big question is, how? why? >> reporter: indeed, john. last week when england threw away the pandemic rule book and declared so-called freedom day, the expectation was things are going to get much worse. the scientific modelling showed the existing surge would get bigger and stronger, but since then, this extraordinary thing has happened. cases have fallen rapidly. and no one really knows why. ♪ >> reporter: in the first week of england's hands off, mostly unrestricted policy of living
3:36 am
with the coronavirus, something extraordinary has happened. the uk's growing wave of cases has suddenly, unexpectedly fallen away. the drop has been quick and dramatic. compared to the previous week the total number of confirmed cases is down 36%. scientists admit, no one saw this coming. >> it's not something that i expected or predicted. >> i think it surprised a lot of people that has come down this quickly, this much in sin crony. >> they only have theories on why this is happening. the end of the european soccer championships means no more big emotional crowds. a recent stretch of good weather encouraged people to stay outside. schools are out for summer, closing what some scientists believe is a significant environment for transmission. awareness of surging cases may have inspired more cautious behavior. and there's also the possibility vast numbers of people are still being infected, they're just not following up with tests because they don't want to cancel plans and stay at home. >> so the issue is what we're
3:37 am
seeing in terms of reduction in cases a true reflection of the community levels of infection? >> reporter: scientists feel confident on one point, vaccines are helping but it's too soon to attribute the drop to herd immunity. >> we need to remember, only 55% of our population are fully vaccinated. the rest are either partially vaccinate ord not vaccinated at all. >> reporter: the delay between infection and symptomatic illness means does not affect the consequences of england throwing away the pandemic rules july 19th. >> it's very important we don't allow ourselves to run away with premature conclusions about this. >> reporter: but the sudden changes are fueling hope the uk will not experience the grim, difficult summer many predicted. so, is this real? is this a blip? is it a new, sustained trend? scientists say they will be studying hospital admission
3:38 am
figures in the coming weeks. if this is a real significant drop in infections, you should see reduced number of people falling ill and at the moment those numbers are still going up, john. >> we're watching, waiting and frankly, phil, hoping based on where we are here in the united states that we can follow that example if it's really in the united kingdom. phil black, thank you very much. joining us now is the uk ambassador to the united states. ambassador, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> how are you viewing this phenomenon and how is the british government viewing it? >> well, we're cautiously optimistic. we're conscious we don't have all the data yet. we believe it has something to do with good messaging, people following sensible rules on behavior, like hand washing and of course a high vaccination rate. but we need much more information before we can properly analyze this and work out what the future trend will be. >> you know, one of the things we're trying to figure out here
3:39 am
is are you doing something different than we are? what's different about the uk than the united states? one of the things you mentioned to us is, you're a brit living in the united states right now, so you have a unique perspective. in the united kingdom there's not the anti-vax sentiment that there is here. explain. >> that's exactly right. there are some communities that resist getting the virus. and resist getting the vaccine. we rely on peer pressure and local leadership and public messaging to bring those communities around. but on the whole, the numbers are very good. 70% of adults have been fully vaccinated. 90% have got one dose. and we continue to push out messaging about hand washing, good behavior, wearing masks in crowd. we're not dropping all the rules but we are being careful and cautious and opening up. >> 90% -- almost 90% depending
3:40 am
on the country wherever you are, but that's huge when you compare what we're dealing with in the u.s. britain is now allowing americans and europeans who are fully vaccinated to come into britain and not have to quarantine. and i know that britain is looking to the united states to do the same thing. do you expect that the u.s. reciprocate? >> we were pleased to make the announcement yesterday. as you say we will allow americans who are fully vaccinated into the uk without restrictions. they will need to show proof of living in america. they will need to show their cdc card. they will need to take a test before they leave and a test when they've been there for two days. i can say so no one gets confused by the rules, anyone who wants to go can go on to
3:41 am
we have a task force working on this with the administration. set up after the president visited the united kingdom in june. we know you're not ready to lift that order yet. that executive order partly because of vaccination rates. but we continue to look at all the detail, all the technicalities and try to work out with our american colleagues how we could get a travel corridor of some sort going. we really want to open up to business and international travel. >> one of the requirements is proof of vaccination. which is something that i think there's more of a willingness for in the united kingdom than here in the united states. you have these covid passports in a way. what rights, you know, what does this get you into? what doors does it open when you have proof of vaccination in the united kingdom? >> at the moment document whose use is being developed. from september, there will be venues like nightclubs that will
3:42 am
require people to be fully vaccinated. so that passport will be useful for that. but at the moment, we're working out what venues, what large events, what large crowded events a passport might be useful for. >> it is like a different world in a way from the country that we are living in with the different factors here. it's very interesting to hear from you. ambassador, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. a capitol rioter is back behind bars after buying an arsenal of guns online. plus a councilwoman who was the target of a racial slur from one of her colleagues joins us. beforere discovering nexium 2r to treat her frequent hearartburn... claire could only imimagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake
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♪ cities across the midwest and the mid atlantic are bracing for severe storms that could bring damaging winds and possible tornadoes. cnn meteorologist allison chinchar has the forecast. all right, what are you looking at here on the map if. >> right, brianna, this is the same system that brought damaging winds and hail to the upper midwest yesterday. now we're starting to see it shift a little farther to the east. but the threats remain the same. damaging winds, large hail and cannot rule out some isolated tornadoes. the best chance area is really going to be from philadelphia down towards washington, d.c., where you have a level 3 out of 5 threat for severe weather. and that forecast is brought to you by carvana, the new way to buy a car. now the forecast itself is all about the timing. you'll see you've got that first waef wave that comes through indianapolis dinner time tonight. the eastern portion, will hit areas of philadelphia about the same time indianapolis will likely get hammered by some strong winds and heavy rain. washington, d.c., new york,
3:48 am
you're looking at little closer to 7 to 9:00 p.m. local time. once we get into the overnighttime frame, a lot of these storms begin to fizzing back out. down to the south and west is the heat. you have widespread heat advisories out for that feels-like temperature could range from 110 to 115 across many of these states. >> wow. that is something. allison, thank you so much. virginia police officer who was fired for storming the capitol on january 6th has been rearrested and jailed. investigators say thomas robertson recently purchased 37 guns on the internet and posted online that violence is better than peaceful protests. josh campbell here with that. that seems to be a pretty good road map to problems for that guy. >> that's right. there have been hundred us of defendants arrested. this one is important because it
3:49 am
shows the threat that we all saw for ourselves on screen, lingers to this day and prosecutors were concerned enough with this case, thomas robertson, this virginia police officers was arrested in january and then released pending his trial. but federal agents just rearrested him they say after they found bomb-making material in his home, a rifle as you mentioned. they say he purchased a nearly 40 firearms and just to show what they consider to be very, very dangerous, i'll read you a portion of what he allegedly wrote online, the only voice these people will now listen to is violence. buckled armer or just stay at home, that a reference to suiting up for some kind of battle. now his attorney says this was all a big misunderstanding. he says his client is a, quote, anti-gun lover. the judge wasn't buying any of that. writing very tersely the record shows otherwise. again, the judge giving that order to rearrest him. i'll read a portion of what this federal judge says. there's probable cause to
3:50 am
believe he willfully shipped or transported firearms. under the surrounding circumstances heightens the risk to public safety. now, one of the officers who testified this week, officer harry dunn, spoke with our colleague don lemon last night. he was asked about this development. take a listen to what he said. >> as long as people are emboldened by people in power, then there's still a threat for things to happen. that's why we need to make sure we're prepared. and we continue to shoot down all rhetoric that could possibly lead to violence. but the riots and the violence and the damage this summer, they were wrong. they were wrong. and that's the exact same thing that happened at the capitol. but their goal was to overthrow democracy. which is a bigger threat to america. >> now, this is obviously one case. but it shows you this continued threat from the big lie, the
3:51 am
january 6th was not a one-day event. you see that lingering threat. people who believe the election was stolen. people who the prosecutors say are gathering weaponry. in this case, this is one of many you have seen that could be prone or predisposed to violence on full display. >> which seems to be explicit embrace of violence. >> that's right. >> josh, josh campbell, really appreciate it. thank you very much. so corporate america taking action as coronavirus cases surge. should you expect to see a vaccine requirement at your workplace? plus, how donald trump is trying to sabotage the infrastructure deal between president biden and republicans. tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can! this towel has already beeeen ud and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downwny unstopabls into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks.
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3:56 am
preparing to end federal unemployment benefits early. vanessa yurkevich has more. >> reporter: four generations and a 100-year-old family recipe is what got nicole and her family through the toughest year of their lives. >> i never thought that we would be doing this for survival. >> reporter: the louisiana's family crawfish bisque recipe unexpectedly turned into a small business. helping to pay bills during a year of loss. first it was nicole's job in the oil and gas industry. >> this is my bb -- >> reporter: then she lost her grandfather to covid. >> you think what else could happen to you. then boom, you lose your uncle, too. >> reporter: now she's losing unemployment benefit. louisiana is ending the extra $300 a week in federal unemployment benefits early at the end of this month. and despite labor shortages, nicole says she's applied to over 150 jobs since the winter.
3:57 am
struggling to land one that pays enough to support her family. >> you know, i get a lot of people talk about it's because everybody is on unemployment. nobody wants to work anymore. but reality is eight, nine, ten, $20 an hour just does not sustain life for a family. >> reporter: women are still struggling to recover out of the pandemic. facing issues like balancing work and childcare. unemployment rates for black women remain almost twice as high as before the pandemic. >> go, go. >> reporter: nicole is switching industries to tech, hoping that will open new opportunities. until one sticks, surviving off dwindling savings and unemployment. >> i do think there are opportunities for people like myself to get a piece of that booming economy that everybody is talking about, it's just not booming for everybody.
3:58 am
>> reporter: nicole is not the only one struggling to find a job. while the lines of people waiting for food here in new orleans and around the country have slowed, louisiana still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. >> i don't know they think this is the new normal, people still being out of work, unemployed, in line for food. most of these women who come here are in hospitality industry. >> reporter: andrea jones is one of those women in line. >> thank you. >> reporter: she's worked in hospitality but says her hotel still doesn't have enough business in their banquet hall to bring her back. >> this gives me hope. i don't have money i can actually go spend to get the food. >> reporter: food kept this family afloat during covid. >> if you have more than 50,000 -- >> reporter: but now nicole is hoping studying for a new tech certification will give her a leg up in the job market.
3:59 am
that test is next month, the same time her $300 a week in unemployment benefits run out. >> is there a point when the money is gone all together? >> the point is not to ever get to that point. if i have to work at night and during the day, then i'll do it. whatever it is, i will do it to feed my family. period. >> reporter: vanessa yurkevich, cnn. thank you. "new day" continues now. ♪ i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar on this "new day." corporate america taking action, requiring vaccines as the pandemic worsens for the unvaccinated. and what is driving vaccine hesitancy? there are two former vaccine skeptics here to explain why they decided to get the shot. >> president biden on the verge of an historic victory on infrastructure. the deal that's being called the largest federal investment in
4:00 am
public transit and bridges ever. and an alabama city councilwoman targeted by a racial slur in her workplace. she'll join us live. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is thursday, july 29th. take the shot or take a hike, corporate america threatening to crack down on unvaccinated workers. this morning, many companies not just recommending that employees get the vaccine, they're mandating it because it's becoming increasingly clear that the unvaccinated are what is threatening to derail the recovery. later today, president biden plans to announce that all federal workers must get vaccinated or face strict protocols including regular testing and masking. >> as of this morning, 71% of er


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