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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  July 28, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a member of the committee jamie raskin got an answer during a separate hearing. this time the georgia congressman couldn't walk away without answering. >> i want to ask you this. they were asked the question by several of our colleagues, including ms. cheney, about statements that you made saying that the january 6th violent insurrection against congress was akin to a normal tourist visit. and those officers said they weren't tourists, they were terrorists. do you stand by your statement that they were tourists? >> i would like you to quote my exact statement. not your interpretation of my statement. >> okay. watching the tv footage of those who entered the capitol and walked through statuary hall show people in an orderly fashion staying between the
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substantiation -- stangss and ropes, taking videos and pictures. if you didn't know the video footage was a video from january 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit. those are your words. >> and i stand by that exact statement as i said it. >> okay. do you agree or disagree with the officers who spent four or five hours battling that medieval mob that had baseball bats and lead pipes and so on, do you stand by the statement that the people they were fighting were tourists? or would you agree with them that they are terrorists? >> that statement did not say those people were tourists. >> there's your answer. despite gut wrenching testimony about physical abuse and taunts from four police officers yesterday, he apparently still believes it. the news continues. let's hand it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." chris? he just wants certain people who he wants to influence to
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believe he can tell them what he wants they want to hear. anderson, always good to see you. i am chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." you want to truth? here's the truth. we've got a long way to go with this pandemic. it's not going to be over soon. our fall is going to be screwed up, and there is fault in that. we made ourselves sick. it is our denial, it is our division. wear a mask. no. cases and deaths skyrocket. take the vaccine. waves of people do. the virus abates. but then rebounds. why? because there was a population that refused to get it. variants came as predicted. cases go again, up, up, up, forcing what? what they're telling us now. now it's a different form of the virus. things changed. it's how science work, right? facts, analysis, knowledge. now you've got to maskup. so, the same people who refused
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the vaccine and refused the mask before it are now refusing to mask again. now, here's where i'm about to qualify my statement because i know -- i know what you're doing right now. i know you're rolling your heads, what are you talking at me for? i know. there is a new "we." they are the vaccinated. and this pandemic has become about the vaccinated and the vacuous. and now more specifically, here's where we are. how much more are the vaccinated going to take from the vacuous and their enablers? i know that you within that group, the vaccinated, are a majority. and unlike what we've been dealing with, the rest of the time in our political poisoned environment, your different races, places, right, left, but overall reasonable, reasonable
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enough to respect the guidance, respect the science. reasonable enough to see bravery in protecting your families and others. and yet 60,000 plus cases a day when so many of you have been doing what you are asked to do, even though it's not easy. a variant strain so contagious the cdc says even the vaccinated can spread it. why? because the virus changed, not the science. the science reflects the facts. this variant is different than the one we had because it has been allowed to replicate at a rate and in a way that it has gotten more resistant to being killed off. the vaccinated didn't cause this. and they may have to mask up, but they will have to live with the pandemic and all the problems for work and family largely because of the shortcomings you had nothing to do with. now, those causing the problems say they are confused by the guidance.
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really? the guidance is and was simple. listen to dr. fauci from here just last night. >> we're not changing the science. you know what changed, chris? the virus changed. and the science evolved with the changing virus. >> i know people in the media are talking down to you if you didn't get vaccinated. that's not me. but i don't believe that you're confused. i believe you're being baited by your enablers to see it as confusing as a way of rationalizing your resistance. but you know you got it. get the vaccine and you won't need the masks, and we'll stop the virus. remember? that was trump's promise. that was the promise of operation warp speed. yeah, he overhyped it, but the vaccine came. it was his vaccine, and then you didn't take it. and when people did take it, what happened? the need for the masks went away. but then those who refused to
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get the vaccine allowed the virus to spread and change, so now we need masks again. so, get vaccinated. why? if you get vaccinated, we can slow this thing down because it can't replicate the same way. we can contain it. that's it. is that confusing? but the strong and wrong enabling you would rather state that it's confusing. it doesn't make sense. kevin mccarthy declaring the cdc decision wasn't based on science but conjured up by liberal government officials who want to continue to live in a perpetual pandemic state. why? why would they want that? it's bad for biden. conjured? take a look at the map, my brothers and sisters. does this look conjured? hospitalizations up all over. younger people now getting sick. that familiar refrain, well, it's really just the old people. not anymore thanks to you. do you know why that is?
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unvaccinated people and the people enabling the renaissance or outright resistance as it was some misplaced cause. it's freedom. i'll take to one of you tonight. we've got him on the show. it's freedom not to take the vaccine. you've got the right. but we learn every day how not right that decision is. it's not a confusion. it's contamination of toxic thought and now in this era of animus, the kind of talk of mccarthy gets a new response. and here it is. >> leader mccarthy, against the science? >> does that help? no should be the answer. but then you see chip roy of texas, member of congress, file a motion to adjourn congress over the mandate. listen to this. >> we have a crisis at our border and we're playing footsie with mask mandates in the people's house.
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we have people coming with covid across the southern border and you all put masks -- masks up front here? which is it? vaccines or masks? do the vaccines work or they don't work? do the masks work or they don't work? this institution is a sham, and we should adjourn and shut this place down. >> oh, god give us strength. i mean, could it be any more perfect, i guess, in it's perversity that marjorie taylor greene, the qanon cook is the one who stands up. we've got chip roy on the show. he can't believe what just came out of his face. did the vaccine work or not? the vaccine works, but not as well when you allow the virus time to grow and change, when you did by not pushing people to get vaccinated. and just the ill logic of it. so, chip roy was one of those
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guys who said, look, man, don't shut us down. if you shut us down, it's going to hurt people's lives. it's going to hurt our economy. and that was always true. nobody wanted to shut down, but now he is insisting with his refusal to make it more likely we'll have to do that again. what ill logic? that's confusing. what's confusing is choosing to see unvaccinated people as a problem but only if they enter the country illegally. you saw them throw it in there because he's from texas. why? because it's a boogie man. it is not true that migrants who cross the border from mexico are not tested. they are. oh, i heard there's been a surge of cases in the detention centers. there has. two reasons. one, our immigration system sucks. and nobody wants to fix it. the laws aren't right. the resources aren't right. the remedies in term of how we deal with countries of origin is not right. nobody's fixing it. they just want to complain about
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it. we were never a wall away. but there's another reason that cases are popping in the detention centers. do you know what it is? because they're popping everywhere all over the country. so, don't look for a scapegoat. look at yourselves if you're the unvaccinated. and yet there is hope. the vaccinated and their allies are closing ranks. big companies, google, facebook, netflix, "the washington post," lyft, they're requiring employees to be vaccinated in order to return to the office. do i like that people are being forced? it's irrelevant. i'm not making policies do. i think they have the legal ability? yes. do i think it needed to come to this? no. i don't think people should be forced to do what's smart. do we have precedent? yeah, although this vaccine is different. biden administration not having this fda approved -- i told you it was a problem. i said it was going to become more of a problem. and now it is going to be more of a problem because you're going to have people forced to take a vaccine that's not fda approved. you better make the case.
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but the best case for hope is that maybe this scare, maybe this variant, maybe seeing that we really can go backwards is sinking in because despite all the enablers saying, this is confusing, remember you're free not to take it, more are joining the ranks of the vaccinated than we've seen in a while. the white house says almost half of -- almost half a million, so right around 400 and something thousand americans got their first shot today. it's the highest daily pace in almost a month. good for them. if your doctor says it's okay and you can handle it healthwise, good for you. now we just need these trump enablers to stop trying to make america sick again. for more on the way out, let's bring in a better mind, david lean heart, senior writer at the "new york times." good to see you, brother. >> thanks for having me on. >> did i get anything wrong?
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>> nope. >> so, when we look at -- >> i mean, look, i think -- >> go ahead, bud. >> no, i think there's so much going on at this point, right? some things are clear, which is the lack of vaccination among a very large share of americans. about a third of those who are eligible is the dominant reason that the pandemic is growing. there are also some things we don't understand, right? as you can see in england that with delta it surges and then it recedes. so, there are aspects of this pandemic that we don't fully understand. but in terms of what the main problem is, it's exactly what you said. it's that a huge portion of americans are not vaccinated. >> i take solace by the way in the peak diminishing return curve of this variant. it does suggest if you do the right things, it can be short in duration in terms of how rapidly it spreads. but there's a caveat in there that you have to do the right things. corporate mandates, mandates in general within government, and now private sector, good, bad? right, wrong?
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>> i would say effective. so, i would separate a little bit. i mean, i think there are people out there saying president biden needs to enforce a national mandate. i think that's wishful thinking. i think it would get tied up in the courts. i think it might be ruled unconstitutional. it's not something we have any history with in this country. i don't think we're going to see a national mandate. but i think corporate mandates are going to have an effect. we know from polls and from experience there are a significant number of people out there who are skeptical of the vaccine. but if you tell them you need to get it in order to keep your job, they're going to get it. so, i think corporate mandates can have a big effect. and the fact that google and facebook and netflix have done this, what this means is if you're a small company and you want to do it and you're afraid, you're a lot less afraid now. you're not going to be seen on the news as the company who put a mandate in because google and facebook and apple have done it. >> i have been big on the getting approved train.
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no, i'm not saying to rush the approval, fake the approval, manipulate the approval. but if it's what tony fauci says which is they're basically more dotting the i's and crossing the t's, get more teem with pens. get the work done. not only do i think it is ammunition in terms of why it's not legal to force people to take it, but also it hurts people who have hesitancy that it's not approved. and i think that dove tails with what we're seeing in some gaps from the cdc here about information. we can show where the cases are, but show us the break through infection data. show us that cases have given an opening in places for this. about why you need to change guidance. show data. am i right or am i looking at it too closely? >> no, i think you're onto something important here, which is clear communication is a vital public health strategy.
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and it's not enough -- look, the people who work at the cdc and the fda and the nih where dr. fauci works, these are dedicated public servants who are trying to do the right thing. and i want to say that because i'm about to say things that are more critical. these are dedicated public servants trying to do the right thing. but when they communicate unclearly and they hide behind that's our process so we have to do it but it doesn't makes sense to the rest of us, they're not doing their jobs as well as they could. so, the fda has not maintained a policy of neutrality. the head of the fda and other senior people at the fda have come out and said the best thing you can do is get vaccinated. so, they're not neutral on this. they're out there advocating, and yet they've fallen short of approving the entire vaccine, which has precisely the problems you've laid out. it raises doubts among people who maybe they're looking for reasons to have doubts, but it raises doubts. and second of all it makes it harder for companies and organizations to mandate the vaccine. if the fda says we don't know yet, this is an emergency
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product, that would be one thing. but instead the leaders are out there endorsing the vaccine loudly at the same moment they're not doing the most important thing that would lead people to do exactly what they're telling people to do, which is get vaccinated. that's just not clear speaking. >> david's also written about the need for clarity with break through data, which is, by the way -- i apologize -- not to david. he knows everything -- but to you watching wherever you are. that is a confusing term. we've never used it before and we just threw it into our conversations in the last week or so. it's an infection that somebody who is fully vaccinated gets. it breaks through the vaccine protection. and that data -- they haven't really been on it. they haven't really been controlling how much of the infections are variants and owho gets them and how -- they need to do better. and the reporting of people like david, specifically him, will help guide the way to accountability. so, david, thank you and come again.
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>> thank you so much, chris. >> be well and stay healthy. so, i say the unvaccinated and their enablers. why? because a lot of people on the right who are telling you, you don't need to talk it, you know? it's safe, but, but, but, but, but. they don't even tell you if they've taken it. and now we know some republicans in congress do need to take vaccines more seriously. like i would argue, my next guest. why? because he's a doctor. he's respected. he advocated early for covid and taking it seriously. and i believe he needs to ascend in his party right now. next. from liberty mutual!nce nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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what do you think that's about? they won't even champion the trump vaccine? it's up to you and your doctor. of course it is. but they have no problem speaking up about everything. why aren't they more full throated about that? why this suggestion of resistance? let's discuss the new rules and the state of play with a house republican who sits on the rules committee and is also a physician. look, last time i had burgess on -- i've had him a couple of times on. some of you say why, why. i'll tell you why. because burgess is a doctor. i respect him. i respect his service. he was early on the truth of see covid for what it is. he made multiple motions on the basis of it. he made motions to push the fda for a faster approval process. all right. so, don't lump everybody in together. all right? doctor, thank you for being back on the show. >> hey, chris. you know i ask myself the same question, why am i back on your show.
10:23 pm
but, look it's important to get the message out there. this is a disease that has evolved significantly. it is a bad disease, the delta variant is real. and it is hurting people. the good news is if you've had even moderna or the pfizer vaccine, maybe the j&j plus a booster shot, you are well protected against serious illness and death from the delta variant. and i think that's the message that people need to hear tonight. the choice is yours to be sure. i'm not a fan of mandates. i think mandates drive oppositional behavior. we certainly saw that in texas when the governor mandated the hpv vaccine and had a lot of resistance to it. and to this day i don't think there's been the uptick there should have been. but, look, educate yourself. and here's the other place where you and i agree, if you haven't had the vaccine yet, go talk to your doctor. the vaccines are available in doctor's offices now. some of the cold storage requirements have been relaxed, so your doctor can have it on board, have it available.
10:24 pm
call first to make sure it's available or you can go in to schedule the appointment to have the discussion. and after the discussion you can decide whether or not you want to take the vaccine. the private companies can, as a condition of employment, can certainly require the vaccine, and i respect that. i do think it's strange that -- and this was testimony last may -- that dr. fauci at nih and dr. marks at the fda and the head of the cdc said only 50% to 60% of their employees were vaccinated. and that was late may. so, that's -- that's concerning to me. and i've asked questions as to what they've done to follow-up on that. i'm not getting any answers. i've had a call into the cdc for over a week to talk about just the very thing you talk about, what is this break through data? what is -- are people being tested for some other reason and then found to be positive? or are they in fact symptomatic,
10:25 pm
which is what leads them to testing. at this point i cannot tell you. i don't know what the answer is there. but i also know this. the delta variant is bad. serious complications do seem to be reliably prevented by taking one of the vaccines and following the advice of your doctor. so, i think i told you last time, don't get your health care advice from a cable news show. talk to your doctor. >> right, look, but at the same time you know what i said last time. you're an elected representative, you're a physician, you know what you're talking about. we need your voice right now. i'm not telling you to pretend you're everybody's doctor. but when you have someone like chip royce stand up -- i've had him on the show. he's welcome on the show. he stands up, what is it? is it the mask or the vaccine? you know that is an asinine thing to say. you know the guidance is simple. >> i didn't hear that. >> he stood up and he said what is it? >> he is correct and this has concerned me for some time. the spread of the virus even before all of this started.
10:26 pm
the spread of the virus in places like the lower rio grande valley, in el paso, up in texas, it has been extremely concerning. is it in fact coming across the border? that of course was a concern of the trump administration. >> come on. >> why they instituted the title 42 restrictions. >> but i'm saying it's a little bit of a boogey man issue. we know there are cases all over the place. it doesn't have to be the migrants. and you know part of the protocols is they test. but it's screwed up like everything else is screwed up in the immigration system that never gets fixed. i don't see that -- >> i've advocated that we should provide the vaccines. now that vaccines are generally available for american citizens and our population, it's time and you've got the single shot j&j vaccine. i think that should be administered upon entry. >> fine, but i'm saying you have much bigger problems than people coming through our immigration system >> 20,000 people last month. it's a big deal in texas. >> you have a third of the
10:27 pm
population that hasn't taken the vaccine yet, doctor. >> i don't think that number's correct. >> really. >> here's the thing -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute, why don't you think that number's correct. that's the number we're being given by the government? >> i can't argue that point, but i -- >> you just said you don't believe it. why? >> well, i don't because in the area i represent with the big vaccine hub they stood up at texas motor speedway and the county folks, fema was in there, the national guard, we vaccinated a ton of people in denton county, texas, a historically very vaccine hesitant part of the world. >> that's good and -- >> in the 1980s people didn't take measles vaccines. >> that's good. its empirical but it doesn't let you understand whether or not to question the overall number. call the cdc, see what the basis is -- >> the cdc won't talk to me. i would love to talk to them. get them on the phone. let's have a discussion. >> i'll call them right after this and see what i can do. i think you should be in the loop on this. my point is this. especially from your party,
10:28 pm
because these people listen to you. they listen to you in a way they won't listen to the media. they won't listen to people from the democratic party, but they'll listen to you. him saying, what is it? do vaccines work or not? we know they work. the data proves they work. and him suggesting something like that is fuelling hesitancy and we don't need it. will you say on this show that yes on the left but they're doing it and on the right you don't need to balance the suggestion to get the vaccine, go talk to your doctor with but remember you don't have to take it? you know, is it time for the people in your party to say, talk to your doctor, get the vaccine if you can? >> sure. but look, i told you at the outset of this, i'm not a big fan of mandates. i do think mandates drive oppositional behavior. you saw that at the ground level when governor perry mandated the hpv vaccine for schoolgirls in texas. >> right, what do you do when you have the oppositional behavior already?
10:29 pm
what are we supposed to do? >> i've told you this before. the area i represent and i've long understood this from when i was in practice, there's a segment of the population that does not, is not, going to take a vaccine. i can't make them take it. but what i can do is vaccinate myself and my family and guess what, they get sick they're not going to bother me. >> well, we've got to take care of them because they're our brothers and sisters. >> absolutely. >> congressman michael burgess, i hope you don't really regret coming on the show that often. >> just a simple country doctor trying to do the lord's work. >> listen, as we all know, what the lord says is the love of me is the love of truth. keep telling people what they need to do is don't play into the suggestions of some of the people in your party. it's not helping. but a appreciate you being here. >> don't be divisive. my advice to you is let's not divide people. let's bring them together. we've had enough division. >> i want nothing more. be well. >> thank you. >> all right. it ain't easy doing the right thing. it's not a praise worthy job, but it matters.
10:30 pm
and i believe in that, okay? people will listen to him. and they should listen to him. go talk to your doctor. don't listen to chip roy. don't listen to kevin mccarthy. i don't know why the hell they are suggesting to you that this is suspect and you shouldn't do it. i don't know why. a very notable admission from congressman jim jordan, you know him. nancy pelosi wouldn't allow him to be seated on the january 6th select committee. should he now expect a subpoena from the panel? the media loves subpoenas because it's like a gotcha contest. i don't see it that way. i see it about what the best avenue is to move the needle on january 6th in the understanding in our society. congressman adam schiff is here to make the case next. you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and you need it here. and here.
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we have some new troubling information about january 6th. let's bring in congressman adam schiff. good to see you, sir, as always. >> good to see you. >> congressman mo brooks says he wore body armor to the january 6th rally because he was warned on monday there might be risks associated with the next few days. were you aware? >> was i aware he was wearing body armor or was i aware of risks? >> no. yes. >> you know, certainly i think we had information that there
10:35 pm
was a heightened security environment over the last several months beginning some time before the election. but in terms of any expectation of violence on that day, i was focused on the arguments on house floor. i had little knowledge of what was going on down the mall until i noticed people starting to look at their phones and watching something. and i asked them what are you watching. i didn't expect any kind of big rally and i didn't expect anything thereafter. >> relevance that he did? >> i think it's very relevant. what information did he have? what was the source of that information? and, you know, was that information in connection with these white nationalist groups that were coming to that rally? and if he had advanced notice of it, did people in the administration and those who were organizing the rally? what did they know in advance of that, and why didn't they do something to stop it? >> subpoenas for documents routinely would be the first
10:36 pm
phase, let you develop your understanding and figure out the testimony you want to access. jim jordan on the basis oof what he had said about speaking to the president on the day of january 6th. i'll play his response for the audience to give context. >> i spoke with him on january 6th. i talked with president trump all the time. >> on january 6th, did you speak with him before, during or after the capitol was attacked? >> i would have to go -- i -- i spoke with him that day after -- i think after. i don't know if i spoke with him in the morning or not. i just don't know. i would have to go back and -- i don't -- i don't know that -- when those conversations happened. >> why would it be worth having jim jordan come to testify knowing the circus of victimization that would ensue? >> well, first of all we haven't
10:37 pm
made decisions yet on witnesses apart from the hearing we just said. my expectation is we'll develop an investigative plan. we'll focus on the issues that need to be addressed and the questions that need to be raised. but jordan seems to be indicating that he talked with the president that day. and if that conversation involved what was happening in that day or happened on that day, that obviously could be very pertinent to our investigation. so, i don't want to make any declaratory statements right now. that would be up for the chairman to make. but certainly what you described in terms of both jordan and my other colleague from alabama, they both seem to be quite pertinent to what we're looking at. >> as you know i have a rule, i'm not going to push you to speculate on things and get ahead of your own fact pattern and plan. as you progress, you are always welcome back on this show to make the case for where things stand and why. congressman adam schiff, thank you very much sir. >> thank you.
10:38 pm
one of the things i laid out -- i know there's a lot of response to what i said tonight. it is a tale of two societies. you have the vaccinated and you have the vacuous. what do you want me to tell you? i'm not trying to insult them. i want them to get vaccinated if they can but they're not and people are enabling them not to. and in this alternated universe, it's the vaccinated getting a hard time. you're about to meet the owner of a restaurant in california who wants proof you haven't gotten a shot in order to be served there. and no masks allowed. why? next. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save up to $1,000 on select sleep number 360 smart beds and adjustable bases. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time.
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okay. you have vaccine resistant, skeptical, hesitant. and then you have just, i'm not taking it. a restaurant owner in california posted signs calling on customers to show proof that they have not gotten the vaccine. he's also banned diners from wearing masks inside and put up this massive billboard that says, leave the mask, take the canoly. of course it has to be an italian guy and he's using the
10:43 pm
"god father" -- anyway. tony roman is the owner and he joins me now from inside his restaurant. welcome. >> man, you said the name perfectly. you said it perfectly. good job. now i know you're italian. >> it's because i speak the language. let me guess, you don't. >> i love it. i love it. >> tony, is this a little bit of a joke. can you give me some hope that you really don't want to people to not get vaccinated so they can come to your restaurant. >> that's a good question. you're a smart guy. it's an iq test. like i say to people when they ask me, if they're so blinded with their rage and their hate, i tell them, you know what, if you don't understand it, maybe we should put up a sign that says you're too stupid to come into the restaurant. it's very simple. i think you figured it out. am i right? >> i don't even know what you're saying right now. >> we're making a point. >> so, what's the deal? >> i'm saying we're making a point. you answered the question.
10:44 pm
>> so, you haven't been vaccinated? nobody in your family has been vaccinated? >> are you going to answer that when i ask you? >> sure, ask me whatever you want. now answer my question. >> i'm not vaccinated. are you? >> i am. how about your parents, your wife, your kids. >> you were hesitant. >> no, i got vaccinated. >> i'm going to ask you the same things. is that all right? >> yeah, go ahead. >> no. is your family vaccinated? >> yes. >> see, what you're not getting, you're failing the iq test. what you're not getting -- which i expected. what you're not getting is that this is not an antivaccine stand. it's a pro-freedom stand. that's what you're not getting. >> what is the difference when you are ignoring the science that suggests that if you get vaccinated you protect yourself, you protect the people around
10:45 pm
you and you help us get out of this pandemic a little bit faster? >> so, what's next? are we all going to lock ourselves in our homes whenever there's a flu outbreak or there's an outbreak of a cold, awe common cold? are we going to lock ourselves inside our homes and wear a moon suit? where does it end? >> it ends with you getting the vaccine so that this virus doesn't keep replicating and creating variants that we need to find ways to combat. the whole reason this is happening is because people won't protect themselves, tony. i mean, what are you thinking? >> then why did you leave your house when you had covid? you had it and out left your house. it's been documented. >> first of all, it has been documented -- my ass, it's been documented. i quarantined. i went out -- my wife got accosted by somebody -- >> i don't know, man. >> i know you don't know. i'm trying to help you. >> trying to help me? >> i'm trying to help you. >> you care about me all of a sudden.
10:46 pm
>> enough to have you on the show. i was hoping it was a little bit of a stunt. you have the freedom not to take the vaccine. i just don't know why you think it's a good move. >> maybe we should ask your brother about protecting people, right? >> look, that's his job. if he doesn't do it well, people won't vote for him. >> whole new can of worms. >> tony, i don't know if you know me too well. i'm asking you about you. >> yeah. good. i appreciate that too because i know you talk a lot. so, my stance here is a pro-freedom stance only. it's not political. if you come down here you're not going to see a trump flag flying over the roof. you're not going to see campaign signs, campaign slogans or political slogans ever. you're only going to see pro-freedom messages and that's it. and you're not going to drag me down the hole talking about the science. this is not about whether i'm pro-vaccine or not. i'm pro-freedom, antityranny, okay?
10:47 pm
and maybe the conversation should really be between me and your brother. that's what i'm thinking. >> maybe so. your pro freedom but people can't wear masks. tony, it doesn't make sense. it really doesn't. i gave you a chance to make the case. i hope your family stays safe. >> i made my case. you didn't have much to say. >> honestly you sound like an idiot. >> so do you. >> only for having you on the show. that was my only mistake. it's stupid. i'm profreedom. it's not about the vaccine, it's about freedom. what the hell is he talking about? of course you have the freedom not to take it. the question is is it a good move? he doesn't know the science. this is my problem. i hate he's italian american by the way because he plays into a stereotype. this suggestion that somehow there is a strength in the resistance to the science, to the mandate, to being told you
10:48 pm
don't tell me, i'll do, it just doesn't make any sense. it is such a false sense of strength. it is such a stupid ethnic stereotype, masculine, moronic thing to be. you want to talk about my brother, fine. fine. i back away from nothing. i just can't cover it because it doesn't make any sense. you'd never believe me anyway. but guys like this, i was hoping it was a stunt. it's not. joke's on me. but i tell you what. don't be like him. we'll be right back.
10:49 pm
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10:53 pm
to compete. whether as a member of a team, or as an individual. that sucks, for her, because she was about to establish something, i believe, that nobody may have ever equalled and would have been amazing for our country. but she's hurting. head, heel, heart, hamstring, what difference does it make? it's all health. it's all hurt. it's all about pain and what you can handle, and still perform. she showed that, even though we've seen her fly, of course, she's still human. they all are. the olympics serve as a reflection of the moment. this one is shining a bright light on the need to deal with the reality that we, all, live. body health, mind health, emotional health. it, all, plays the same role. deserves the same respect. do we say someone has a leg health? or kidney-health issue? and why say mental health, like it's something separate from the body? stigma. stigma, that we all know is wrong, from our own lives. you or someone you care about has a health issue, involving their mind and their emotions. like to think, that boob i just had on the show.
10:54 pm
no medicine for that. it's a glaring reality. # and now, we can own it. and biles has been a gift, in that way. it's the torch that naomi osaka, the tennis player, was carrying before she ever lit the cauldron. it's the same point dominique dawes was making on this show when sprinter sha'carri richardson was left off the u.s. team. remember this? >> these athletes are human. and you got to recognize that, um, they are going to be affected, greatly, by the questions that you ask. and it really brings light to mental issues, and not just something that's someone is possibly born with but when they're going through a tragedy in their life. and how they respond to it. and that's something that we should address. >> brilliant. pain is pain. world watched every moves biles made up to these games. stress. pressure. anxiety. cameras waiting at the airport. arrival in tokyo. but you weren't listening to
10:55 pm
her, were ya? on instagram, when she talked of feeling the quote, wait of the world on her shoulders. when she told "the new york times" the happiest moment of her legendary career was her time off. yet, notice who it is that's rushing to call her a quitter or selfish. same voices, on the right, that want to play on the frustration we all feel about needing to put a mask back on. when they have done more to prolong the pandemic, than anyone. and now, they want to extend a stigma and shame on them. i guarantee you, them, and their own family, people they love about, they suffer. they're the same ones who would belittle the wounds that are still carried by capitol police officers. suck it up. no, they need to shut up. they want you to believe the pain of january 6th ended when the terrorists went home. hear the truth, for yourself. >> i've been left with the psychological trauma and the emotional anxiety of having survived such a horrific event.
10:56 pm
and my children continue to deal with the trauma of nearly losing their dad, that day. >> pain is pain. and let me tell you something. it is strength to admit it. we marvel at athletes who take the field, despite injury. remember kirk gibson in the '88 world series? willis reid in the nba finals. carry strug, remember her? she supported her. why? because pain is pain. and i will tell you what. it's easier to work with a hurt joint or limb than it is a hurt head and heart, when everything is telling you that you can't go on because remember what gets you through the physical is the emotional and the mental. mind over matter. what about when the mind's not straight? injuries can incapacitate. and if you are battling bad things, you're going to have bad outcomes. mind, body, it's all connected. all the hurt, the pain, is real and deserves respect. and that is a gift that biles gave us, that's bigger than any gold medal. we'll be right back with the handoff.
10:57 pm
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