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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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your together awaits. vrbo good morning, everyone. so glad you're with us. i'm poppy harlow. jim is off this week, and big news this morning. a major reversal in guidance based on the change we now know in the science of covid, the virus as it stands now. this morning, moments ago here on cnn, cdc director rochelle walensky explained why mask guidance for vaccinated americans has now changed. listen. >> the science that prompted this guidance is just days old, and in the coming days you will actually see the published information on the science that motivated this change. >> it's a big deal. this reversal is the latest sign of the delta variant's growing
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foothold in the united states and the resistance to the vaccine is largely to blame. it is now eight months after the first proven vaccine was made available and less than half of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated against covid-19, and that is not due to a shortage of supply in vaccine. that's for sure. president biden is taking action. cnn has learned tomorrow he will announce all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or get tested regularly. our team is following all the developments this morning, so let's begin with our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. elizabeth, good morning to you. for everyone waking up this morning, tell us what exactly this means for them. >> what this means is that if you live in an area of higher substantial transmission and, you know, more than like 45% of the country does -- 60 something% of the country does, you can see it's all in red and orange. that is a big chunk of the country, a majority of the country lives in these red or orange areas. the cdc says wear a mask indoors.
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you know, we talk about this being a reversal of what was announced in may. when this was announced in may, dr. walensky, we just had on the show, said, you know, look, this virus is unpredictable. this virus does strange things. we may have to change things as time goes on. and that's exactly what's happened. so look -- and also people are unpredictable, i'll add that as well. let's look at the first graphic that shows how the virus has been unpredictable. bianca back in early may, a teeny weany percentage was the delta variant. look how fast it's grown, july 17th, 82%. by now it's even more than that. and this variant is highly, highly transmissible. it behaves very differently. one key part of that is even if you're vaccinated and you get covid, you might not get very sick, but you can spread it to others. that's the difference with this variant. you are vaccinated, you get infected and you feel okay,
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maybe a little bit sick. even so, your ability to transmit it to others is really quite high. now let's take a look at how people are unpredictable. a third of the country is eligible for the vaccine, but has not gotten a shot yet. i don't think that anyone dreamed that that number would be that high. a third of the country. when a third of the country doesn't get vaccinated, that means that delta variant can just run rampant. that's exactly what's happened. poppy? >> jeremy, at the white house, you've got the news it's going to come tomorrow from the president in terms of federal workers. i think there are a lot of questions whether some of this vaccine mandates for anything going on at the white house, any federal building should have come sooner. >> reporter: yeah, and listen, the explanation that i've gotten from people at the white house and people close to the white house is essentially that the delta variant has created a different environment for this white house in terms of policy. and that's why we are seeing
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them take these far more aggressive steps. it began with that veterans affairs mandate that health workers at the v.a. be vaccinated in order to continue in their jobs. and a source close to the white house told me at that time that that was a watershed moment. that once the federal government starts to get in the business of requiring or mandating vaccines, that is a rubicon from which you cannot return. we saw that as a test case here. in the coming days -- tomorrow actually, we expect president biden will announce this requirement for federal workers to either be vaccinated or submit themselves to regular coronavirus testing. and so these are far more aggressive steps that we are seeing because of the delta variant and officials making clear that while for a long time they resisted the idea of getting involved in vaccine credentialling systems or in terms of mandates, they are doing it because of the situation they are facing.
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one other thing, poppy. they are hoping this eggs on the private sector. a lot of this in terms of doing this at the federal level is providing a model and an example for the private sector and local government to take similar measures. so we'll see if that happens. >> okay, we'll watch for that. elizabeth, back to you. just moments ago, pfizer released data ahead of their earnings call today that showed that vaccines could be available for children ages 5 to 11. when? >> so, what pfizer said was, look, we think we will have data from our clinical trials for children ages 5 to 11. we think we'll have that data in september. if we look back at adults, we look back from the time that they had the data until the time that the vaccine was okayed by the fda, that was a matter of weeks. if they had data in september, it's possible there could be a vaccine for children that age, you know, let's say october, november-ish. that is possible. but obviously not for the start of the school year unfortunately.
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>> okay. but that's helpful. it gives us parents, you know, a little bit more of a condensed time line in terms of when our kids may be eligible. thank you, elizabeth, for the reporting. jeremy diamond at the white house. let me bring in u.s. surgeon general vivek murthy. thank you for being with us on a morning like this. >> it's good to be with you, poppy. >> look, i think a lot of people are waking up this morning -- i know i did -- thinking, look, i got vaccinated. i did the safe thing for me, for my community, for my children under 12 who can't get vaccinated. now the government is telling me to do the opposite of what they told me i could do at the end of april. how do you explain it to them? >> well, poppy, i completely understand that people may have heard these recommendations that the cdc made yesterday for people, even those who were fully vaccinated to wear a mask in indoor settings, especially if they're in areas with higher substantial transmission. people may have heard that and
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said, are we taking a step back? here's what i would say to them. number one, what has not changed in all of this is that vaccines still save lives and they prevent hospitalizations at a remarkably successful rate. it's one of the reasons why 97% of people who are hospitalized are those who are unvaccinated. the reason this guidance changed, though, is because the science changed, because what we learned about this new delta variant is that not only is it remarkably more transmissible, not only does it generate a thousand-fold greater levels of virus in your system, but for those people who have the unusual breakthrough infections that sometimes happen in a small percentage of vaccinated people, they actually are able to transmit to other people, which is different than what we saw the breakthrough infections with other versions of covid-19. and these mask guidances, even though we're putting the mask back on i know is an annoyance and is something we hoped we were all going to be able to leave behind. it is one step we can take to
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help prevent transmission and will get us closer toward the end of this pandemic. >> i understand that completely, and it's annoyance that is just fine if it's going to keep people alive and people safe including our children. that's a big change in science that you just laid out this morning, right? that this has mutated in a way that made breakthroughs more dangerous to other people, to unvaccinated people especially. so what does that mean going forward? does that mean that unless large swaths of the united states decide all of a sudden to get vaccinated and we get up to 70-plus, 80% full vaccination, that this is the new normal, more mutations, a more contagious and dangerous covid and mask guidance on and off for the foreseeable future? >> well, it's a good question. and really, we get to a place where we can start to get, again, back on our track to
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normal, of getting masks off of people, what we're going to need to see is infections come down and stay down. a good point you're raising, poppy, is about future variants. right now we're dealing with the delta variant which we know is the most transmissible variant we've dealt with to date. but part of the key in preventing future variants from developing, ones that perhaps be more dangerous is to ensure that we vaccinate people as quickly as possible because if there are -- if the virus doesn't have people it can infect and replicate in, its chances of mutating are much, much lower. so yes, community immunity is our solution to future variants. we get there vaccinating as many people as possible. >> but what you're saying, doctor, is if -- if we can't as a country majorly change the trajectory here and convince 20, 30% more of our population to get fully vaccinated, this is where we're going to be. potentially in a worse place
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with more dangerous variants? >> well, i think, yes. if we don't make further progress on the vaccination effort, i think we are looking at an ongoing restrictions we're seeing with regards to masks. but this is a very important "but." i do think we will make progress and i have several reasons to believe that. one, because we are already in the areas of the country that have been hardest hit by delta, we are seeing a significant increase in vaccination rates beyond the national average. that's encouraging. we are seeing more family and friends step up to encourage their family and friends to get vaccinated. and we are also seeing more businesses, more universities, more hospital systems step up to encourage, in some cases require their employees and staff to get vaccinated. >> that's right. >> all of that is going to help us improve our vaccination rates. >> i'm glad you mentioned the progress and i'm glad to hear about it. there is a long way to go. you mentioned the private
6:11 am
sector. biden will make an announcement tomorrow when it comes to the federal sector, but in terms of private businesses, is it the position -- is it your position as a health expert and as a u.s. surgeon general and the biden administration's position that their strong preference is for all private companies to mandate vaccination for employees and customers? >> well, it's certainly the decision and it's up to private businesses to decide what they're going to do in that regard. the administration is not going to tell them what to do. but what i can tell you is particularly, poppy, when it comes to health care systems, including hospitals, i think it makes good sense for them to require the vaccinations because that, first of all, is what we do in other settings. we require the flu vaccine in many of our hospitals around the country. and the reason to do this, hospitals in particular, because our responsibility as health care workers is to protect our patients. and if we are not vaccinated and if we can get essentially infected and transmit that to our patients, we are not doing
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everything we can to safeguard those who come to us for their care. that's why you are seeing so many hospitals move in that direction and i think it is very reasonable and help us improve vaccination rates. >> well, what about schools? because you've got a handful of states now where the states have outlawed the ability of schools to mandate masks or vaccination. but as you know, there are a host of vaccines we give our babies and toddlers that are mandated for our kids to go to school. is it time for covid to be add today that list of mandatory vaccination? >> well, poppy, i'm glad you asked about kids and schools because as a fellow parent whose kids will be starting school in the fall, you know, i really want my kids to be in an environment that's safe. that's one of the reasons that the, you know, the cdc put out layers of precautions that schools need to take, which include testing and masking, and it does worry me, poppy, that when i see and hear discussion in localities and states about trying to restrict the ability
6:13 am
of schools to put mask requirements in place for their students and their staff, what the cdc announced yesterday, in fact, was further -- i would say, addendum modification to the masks, everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, wear masks. think about it. for people like me who have children under 12 who can't get vaccinated yet, they really depend on the rest of us either being vaccinated or masked to protect them in the fight of the virus. that's why it's important. >> we just got news this morning from pfizer that they say third pfizer dose of the vaccine makes people between 18 and 55 five-fold more protected from covid. so -- from the delta variant. i have two questions for you on this. what does that mean for everyone at home? should people be going to get a third shot right now? i don't think so, but tell me if i'm wrong.
6:14 am
and also, it's striking to hear that when you have countries around the world where people can't get any vaccine. >> yes, the data from pfizer, we've been in talks with them about what they're seeing with regard to their studies related to boosters. but at this point, i want to be very clear, people do not need to go out and get a booster shot. the decision about boosters will not be made by the individual company. it will be made by the cdc and by the fda in particular, looking at the whole breadth of data that will come from companies, that will come from cohorts that the cdc is now following where they're tracking whether or not there is any waning immunity or increasing breakthrough rates. and ultimately, that collective information is what will drive any decision about boosters. but right now a routine booster is not being recommended for people. >> and just to the second part of that question, i mean, i wonder if there is a debate -- it's really an ethical debate within the white house about, you know, should a third booster
6:15 am
be recommended when there is still a major vaccine supply shortage in the developing world. >> yeah, poppy, it's a critical question because of something we talked about earlier about the fact that our ability to reduce the likelihood of future variants developing depends on tamping down spread of the virus not just in the united states, but in the world. >> right. >> we in the country have a vested interest in getting the rest of the world vaccinated. it's one of the reasons why we don't want to have to choose between giving our population boosters if it's required and vaccinate the rest of the world. that's why what we're doing is increasing manufacturing capacity in other countries, working with pfizer, moderna, others to ensure that they are producing more for the rest of the world and actually donating excess supply we have to other countries so we can get the rest of the world vaccinated and get through the pandemic together. >> 100%, and the biden administration joining covax to work to do that is a big step in the right direction on that front.
6:16 am
thank you so much and good luck to you and your entire team. >> thanks so much, poppy. take care. be well. >> you as well. we do have breaking news overnight on olympic gymnast, the phenomenal simone biles. she has now withdrawn from the individual all around competition to focus on her mental health. much more on that. plus, several republican lawmakers say they didn't watch the testimony of police officers, capitol officers who saved their lives on january 6. one of those officers responded to that this morning. you'll hear from him. and a florida school board forced to postpone its meaning after a handful of parents showed up last night, look at this, showed up and actually started lighting masks on fire. >> we will not -- any more of our kids. your cloud... it isn't just a cloud. it's everything flowing through it. and it's more distributed than ever. one company takes you inside. giving you visibility and take action.
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big question right now. who will the january 6th house select committee call to testify next in their investigation of the capitol attack? after the first public hearing that was so powerful and emotional yesterday where we heard testimony from the officers who risked their lives defending the capitol, republican committee member liz cheney said subpoenas should be issued and enforced quickly, but she did not elaborate upon who the committee is looking at for those subpoenas. lauren fox joins me from capitol hill. good morning. it's a big step in terms of process. impeachment of president trump, for example, there were requests, letters and then eventually subpoenas, and some of this dragged out for years. it's different now according to the chairman bennie thompson. they're not going to waste any
6:22 am
time. >> reporter: i think it's very significant, poppy. look, yesterday was about setting the table, reminding people what officers, what staff, what members, what the country really went through on january 6. those recounting of those harrowing experiences very emotional, and obviously the next step is really redefining what the time line was. and members are going to be having discussions on the select committee to try to decide who is most important to hear from. they aren't saying yet who they want to talk to. but, of course, they haven't ruled anything out. we have consistently asked the chairman bennie thompson, does he want to hear from donald trump? does he want to hear from jim jordan? does he want to hear from other republicans who may have spoke not to t -- spoken to the former president that day. he said they will follow the investigation to where it leads. they are not wasting time. they are going to send polite letters requesting people to testify and then those people say they're not going to testify and have a lengthy back and forth. they're going to issue subpoenas. now, i'm told it's going to take
6:23 am
sometime to decide who those subpoenas are going to be sent to, decide when they're going to send them. but you heard thompson yesterday say, look, the members on the select committee are not going to get a full august recess. they're not going to get seven weeks like many other members in the house. instead they are going to continue doing their work. they have answers to get to the bottom of. they don't want to waste any time. it has already been seven months. poppy? >> it's a huge change, you're right. the question is who they will be subpoenaing. thank you for the reporting on capitol hill. joining us is chairman rogers. thank you for joining us. let's start with lauren left off. what do you think of the process, subpoena them right away? >> well, i mean, they've got a lot of facts. here's my thing where i think republicans made a mistake by not trying to be a part of this. they could have been constructive in their approach to this. there is a lot of information i think america needs to know, including how you secure the
6:24 am
capitol the next go around if this, god forbid, ever happen again. i think they need to be careful -- i mean, subpoenas are a pretty blunt instrument for the government. and if this is where it gets dicey, if it looks too political -- i know bennie thompson. i work with bennie thompson. he's a solid thoughtful guy. we may disagree on a few things, but he's a solid thoughtful guy who is going to try to do this right. if it comes off too political, they go for trump first, they beat members head and shoulders up front, it takes away from the seriousness of the committee. >> that's an interesting point. certainly worth consideration. let me get your reaction to what we heard from republican congressman adam kinzinger. he was asked about a move by the freedom caucus, republicans that tried to get his and liz cheney's committee assignments stripped just for saying yes to being on this committee. here he was. >> and if people want to get petty, that's fine. i think that reflects more on
6:25 am
people than it does on the situation at hand. this is a historic moment, and this is a democracy-defending moment. no matter the consequence -- me and i know liz will stand to defend democracy. >> you can hear and see the emotion in his voice. what do you make of it? >> there are matters of conscience for members of congress. everybody faces them in your career. if you don't face one, you're probably not doing that job very well. this is certainly a matter of conscience for both liz cheney and and adam kinzinger. this is where they're making the mistake. there has to be someone there to keep the guardrails on. anyone wants to lurch to a political conclusion, you need somebody who thinks a little differently. they're going to think differently enough to get to the facts, keep it focused on the facts. republicans are wrong about this. listen, this to me was a matter
6:26 am
of conscience. do i think, by the way, that the speaker should have overridden the other party's selections even if you don't like them? no, i don't. i think that's a really dangerous precedent here. >> even someone like jim jordan given what he said on fox news yesterday about when he talked to the president, former president, even though he can be a witness? >> well, any one of those members could be a witness. they were all part of the event. and, again, remember, precedent setting is not if i agree or disagree. it's about does one party get to select everybody that agrees with them on any issue. i worry a little about that. we have two independent enough republicans that they're going to keep the guardrails on. it's a bad precedent and -- any one of these selections. i don't think that's helpful. why? because i want this to be a fact finding committee. i think it's really important for the country to hear some of
6:27 am
the information, even if it's hard to hear -- >> didn't mean to -- one point here. pelosi basically caved and gave mccarthy everything he asked for previously, and then in what was going to be a bipartisan committee not made up of current serving lawmakers, and he still said no to it. before you go, let me get your reaction to what we heard from officer fanone who testified yesterday and then was just on cnn this morning about republican lawmakers, some of who are still downplaying the insurrection. listen. >> many in the republican party -- not all, but many have chosen donald trump not only above the law enforcement officers that fought that day, but they've chosen donald trump above their country. and in doing so, it's my humble opinion that they betray their oath. >> some of these are people you served with previously,
6:28 am
congressman. do you agree with -- >> marjorie taylor, i didn't serve with her. i just don't understand her, but let me say this. as a former law enforcement official who got trained, his testimony was very powerful to me and i know a lot of law enforcement folks heard it. because we're trained about how to protect your weapon in any bad situation. and being overwhelmed with the sheer number, being hit with clubs and pepper sprayed and people around them saying, get his gun and shoot him with it, boy, it even rattles me a little thinking about that. and i don't know if anyone can understand the feeling of that. about one in ten officers are killed with their own weapon or their partner's weapon that is taken away from them in an altercation. they need to understand that. officers understand that when they show up when they get in the cars, respond to calls. boy, i don't know how that didn't move people to understand what was actually happening on the ground. man, unbelievable. >> yeah. former congressman mike rogers, former chair of the house intel committee, thank you for being
6:29 am
here this morning. >> thank you. well, this breaking overnight, gymnast, the phenomenal simone biles withdrawing from the individual all around competition, citing and focusing on her own mental health. we'll take you live to tokyo. we are also moments away from the opening bell this morning. futures relatively flat ahead of a critical fed meeting. stocks closed lower ending a streak. apple, microsoft, and google's parent company alphabet all had huge profits. we'll keep a close eye on the markets. hey, dad! hey, son! no dad, it's a video call. you got to move the phone in front of you it's a mirror, dad. you know? alright, okay. how's that? is that how you hold a mirror?
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really big news, really meaningful news out of tokyo this morning. phenomenal gymnast simone biles announced she is pulling out, saying she needs to focus on her mental health. she has the full support. coy, what does this mean for biles? and b, what a big deal to see her and so many prominent athletes speaking publicly, openly, vulnerably about their
6:35 am
need to focus on mental health. >> reporter: it's much needed. it's admirable what they're doing. if you can't quantify the impact it's going to have on so many others out there, mere mortal, if you will, who are going through tough times mentally. there are some positive signs, i will say, poppy, in tokyo that biles is mentally moving in a good direction. she was at the men's all around cheering on team usa. that's a positive sign. if she can get to a better place mentally, poppy, there will be several opportunities for her to compete if she chooses to do so. biles is 24 years old. she's posted on social media which stands for olympic grandma. could this be the last time we see biles competing in the olympics? she talked about how she feels more physical pain than she used to. she was asked about the best times in her career, the off time. the world is waiting to see if she'll be okay, if she'll
6:36 am
compete again in tokyo. michael phelps understands biles' situation more than anyone else. he's been incredibly out spoke in about his mental struggles when he was the face of team usa. i spoke to him, poppy, here this past weekend in tokyo before biles' announcement. i asked how do athletes get mentally prepared for all the stress that comes with an olympic games. listen. >> the mental preparation for these games, i can't -- i can't even imagine what it was like going through these, heading into this. especially the last year because there is so much that is out of our control, right. so i think at that point the only thing you've got to do is make sure you're doing, if you're sleepy, tired, make sure you sleep. take care of yourself as much whenever you possibly can. >> reporter: simone has talked about the year long delay of these games for them to arrive, poppy, and how it's impacted her. she has a few more days mentally to prepare for the four individual events for which she qualified, starting with the vault and uneven bars.
6:37 am
they take place on sunday. >> okay, whatever she does, let us all the world be behind her, not just have the weight of the world on her shoulders. coy, thank you so much. if you or anyone you know are dealing with mental health issues, here are a number of resources. on your screen, we will also tweet it out, phone numbers you can call, places you can reach out to for help. well, florida is one of the states at the center of this latest surge in covid cases. it is also sadly at the center of this mask debate. wait until you see some of what has happened from some parents in the state ahead.
6:38 am
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...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. ore-ida. win at mealtime. welcome back. despite alarming data about the spread of the delta variant, the cdc's new guidance calling for everyone to wear masks in k through 1 school when it begins shortly. doubling down on the anti-mask message, it is worth noting his state is completely red on this map that you're looking at now, marking high transmission rates there. leyla santiago joins us from miami. leyla, good morning. let's talk about how the guidance is being received in the state of florida. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. the governor spoke in front of the press minutes ago and did not mention once anything about covid or masks. that being said, he has certainly doubled down this week when it comes to his position,
6:43 am
you know, it seems like he quickly sort of goes against anything dr. fauci says and is quick to also say that there is no potential for any mask mandates or any sort of a lockdown mandate in the state of florida. but let me show you what happened last night in broward county where the school board was just about to meet to discuss the masking policy for the new school year. and protesters interrupted that, forcing the board to postpone that meeting. protesters shouting with signs, even burning masks. so clearly in the state of florida, this is a very controversial issue that will get a lot of attention from parents that feel strongly about what the right thing to do is for their child. now, if you listen to the cdc, the cdc will tell you their guidance is any child vaccinated
6:44 am
or not k through 12 should be wearing that mask, especially in a place like florida. i can tell you i am right now at a vaccination and testing site where they are averaging 2,000 tests, 300 vaccinations and the state is roughly at 48% of its residents fully vaccinated. poppy? >> leyla, thank you. it's stunning to see that video of those parents doing that. thank you for the update. as covid hospitalizations are spiking in so many places around the country, more than 50 health and medical groups are calling for all health care and long-term care facilities and employers in the united states to mandate that anyone who works there be vaccinated against covid-19. joining me to talk about it is dr. rashel villa nueva. they signed onto this and represents more than 50,000 black doctors and physicians
6:45 am
across the country. good morning. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> explain the urgency of this call. it is stunning to me, but there are e.r. nurses, doctors, employees across the country who are non-vaccinated and some of whom have died from covid as a result. >> right. i think the urgency of signing onto that statement was just what you highlighted in the segment before. the delta variant is aggressive, surging, and targeting unvaccinated individuals. i think it's a very powerful statement that you had almost 60 health care organizations, professional societies coming from all segments of the health care system advocating for universal mandate of health care workers. we know that in order to keep our patients safe, which is a priority for us, we need to have all workers vaccinated. and this is not an unusual concept.
6:46 am
we are required to have vaccinations for many things as health care workers in hospital systems. influenza, hepatitis b. so this is very common for us. >> you're an o.b. as i mentioned at the top, and there is very troubling data when it comes to how many pregnant women have chosen not to get vaccinated. the cdc study that came out in june, not that long ago, showed just 11% of pregnant moms at that time were fully vaccinated. i want to show people this tweet. an instagram post, i think it is, from actress emmy ross who has a newborn daughter. she shared she got vaccinated while she was pregnant, how safe it was and she just learned her daughter now has antibodies protecting her from covid-19. what is your message to pregnant women who still have not gotten vaccinated? >> i think my message to pregnant women and to all that are eligible to get the vaccine that are not vaccinated is to get vaccinated.
6:47 am
the delta variant is not something that we can play with. i see patients every day and i ask every single patient, pregnant or not, have they been vaccinated and encourage them to get vaccinated if they haven't. we understand why, especially pregnant women, may have concerns about vaccination, about receiving the vaccination. pregnant women were not included in the original studies, but we have an extensive -- manufacturers have had an extensive safety system that has been collecting data about women who are vaccinated in pregnancy. the data does not induce any fear about safety concerns, so there is no adverse outcomes for pregnant women who receive the vaccine that's out of proportion to what would normally happen in a pregnancy. so there's no safety concern there thus far. they are still collecting data obviously, but what we do know is that pregnant women, although the risk is not high, are at
6:48 am
higher risk for severe disease in pregnancy if affected by covid. so they go to the hospital more. they undergo mechanical ventilation or have to be on a ventilator to breathe. and unfortunately die at a higher rate. so it is very important. >> such an important message from the expert. thank you very much, dr. rachel villanueva, we appreciate it. >> thank you. president biden is warning that escalating cyberattacks could lead to war. hear more of his comments ahead. . ♪ t-minus two minutes and counting. ♪ um, she's eating the rocket. -copy that, she's eating the rocket. i assume we needed that? [chomping sound] ♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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(. a stark warning from president biden. he says an increase in cyberattacks could ultimately lead to war during an address to members of the intelligence community. president biden noted russia is already interfering in the 2022 midterm elections. alex marquardt joins us now. that's a big deal considering the warning he gave putin. what else did we hear from the president? >> this was a pretty remarkable speech, designed to thank the intelligence community. essentially patch the relationship after four years under president trump. president biden talked about the threats he says around the world and said with ransomware attacks and cyberattacks on the rise, if the united states were to get into a war with another major power, it would likely come about as a result of a cyber breach of great consequence. take a listen. >> we've seen how cyber threats including ransomware attacks are
6:54 am
able to cause damage and disruption in the real world. i can't guarantee this, and you're as informed as i am, but i think it's more likely we're going to end up -- if we end up in a war, a real shooting war with a major power, it's going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach. >> he didn't elaborate on that. it does indicate we are in this new age where the president of the united states believes cyber activities can lead to war. he also talked at length about russia and said russia is already mounting a disinformation campaign around the 2022 midterm elections. he called that a pure violation of our sovereignty. now, that is not surprising, but it is certainly notable that russia is up to its old activities, its old tricks around u.s. elections ahead of those midterms next year, poppy. >> it certainly is. this was also his first visit, face-to-face, with the intelligence community. can you talk about what the goal
6:55 am
was here in terms of the four years that he followed and the fraught relationship between former president trump and much of the intelligence community? >> this speech really came off as a real rebuke of the relationship between president trump and the intelligence community. president trump expected loyalty, installed loyalists as the directors of the head of national intelligence. president biden went to the office of the director of national intelligence speaking to the workforce and say they will not feel any political pressure or partisanship. he wants unvarnished information. he said he wants to get back to basics. poppy, that will be a welcome message for many in the intelligence community. >> alex marquardt, thanks for the reporting this morning. okay. new information out from pfizer about their data on a third dose of their covid vaccine. we'll tell you what it means for you, what you need to know this morning with our dr. sanjay
6:56 am
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good morning, everyone. it's the top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. so glad you're with me. jim is off this week. as the delta variant surges, the cdc is citing new science, new data that has led them to reverse course on their mask guidance. the agency now says you should wear your mask inside, vaccinated or not, if you're in an area with a high or substantial transmission rate.


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