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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 28, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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simone biles, perhaps the greatest gymnast of all time and maybe the best athlete on earth right now, announced moments ago that she will not compete in tomorrow's all-around gymnastics competition for team usa at the olympics. usa gymnastics says she's withdrawing to focus on her mental health. and she has their support. >> this is a move that comes one day after biles pulled out of the team competition following a stumble during a vault. coy wire is joining us now live from tokyo. coy, tell us what does this mean for tomorrow's competition? >> yeah, brianna, jade carey will take her spot in the individual all around and the highly anticipated events of the summer games will now go on without the athlete that everyone wants to see. the individual all around simone biles could be the first woman in 53 years to repeat at the olympic champ and means that biles who is already the most decorated american gymnast ever will miss out on at least one more potential medal that she could have won here in tokyo.
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brianna, john, she does still have more opportunities to medal if she decides to go having qualified for all four of the individual events already. >> coy, i just want to ask you for a moment about mental health here because what we're seeing is the greatest athlete on earth, more or less, tell us that mental health -- her mental health, her well being is more important than competing. you're a professional athlete which we forget because you're a wonderful journalist, talk to us about the pressure that you feel competing at those highest levels and what the risks would be trying to do it if you were not feeling well. >> yeah. i'll just lean on my experience as a former professional football player in the nfl, john, it is a pressure cooker situation being a professional athlete. you feel like every moment that you step out there on the competition plain it could be your last moment whether it's because of injury or whether
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it's because you just don't perform and then your time has gone. so it's tough to put into words what simone biles is going through, what nay omi osaka was going through. we have to remember, simone biles is just 24 years old, dealing with all this stuff. she's still young to most of us, but she's talked about how aside from the physical she's starting to feel more physical pain than she used to. she posted on social media about her nickname within the team, og, which stands for olympic grandma. so this could be the last time we see biles competing in the olympics. and maybe, john, brianna we already have seen her last. we don't know what she's feeling mentally. we're getting a good glimpse of what it is. the world is waiting to see if she will be okay, if she can still compete here again in tokyo. john, brianna i asked a team usa official last week about what
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resources they have in place for the mental health of their olympic athletes. they referred me to a mental health resource handbook and said due to a need they saw before these games even, they brought to tokyo for the first time ever at an olympics two mental health officers. that's on top of the psychiatrists and the doctors and the psychologists that they already have on staff, they're dedicated to helping athletes who suffer injury, losses, and the greatest gymnast of all time, simone biles. >> coy, thank you very much for that perspective. >> this is really extraordinary what has happened at the olympics. simone biles pulling out of the individual all around competition, citing her mental health. she talked to the cameras yesterday after dropping out of the team competition. >> i was just like shaking, could barely nap. i've never felt like this going into a competition before. once i came out here, i was like, no. mental is not there. so i just need to let the girls
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do it and focus on myself. >> now, that happened after biles stumbled on her vault landing. she posted a score that quite frankly she just doesn't post ever. a score that actually dropped team usa into silver zone and biles decided that her team had a better shot trying for gold without her. they held on to silver but russia took gold and in america as many rallied behind biles, there was also a loud chorus of critics taking aim. >> she's probably the greatest gymnast of all time, she's also very selfish. she's immature, and she is a shame to the country. she's totally a sociopath. of course she's a sociopath. >> if we're okay with simone biles saying, hey, couldn't go tonight, mental health. we can be okay if lebron says the same thing? she's the greatest gymnast going. he's the greatest basketball player going. why do we have sympathy for simone biles but we wouldn't have sympathy or empathy for
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lebron james? it's called a double standard. >> on twitter, piers morgan, only athletic claim to fame is that he ran off the set of his former tv show simply because another host questioned his criticism of meghan markle complained, quote, our mental health issues now the go-to excuse for any poor performance in elite sport. what a joke. admit you did badly, made mistakes and strive to do better next time. kids need strong role models not this nonsense. yeah, maybe a role moe dell like a 24-year-old who sleighs competition after competition and mentors the younger members of her team, who between the last olympics and this one, came out as more than 150 athletes who said publicly that they were sexually assaulted by former team dr. larry nassar, right under the nose of usa gymnastics. >> i remember asking one of my friends, hey, if i've been touched here, have i been sexually assaulted? and i thought i was being
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dramatic at first. and she's like, no, absolutely. >> and i remember telling my mom and my agent that i slept all the time, and it's because sleeping was basically than offing myself. it was my way to escape reality. >> sleeping was better than offing herself, she said. so she slept. and then she trained as nassar began serving 175-year prison sentence. >> i'm just fine -- >> biles is now in tokyo, the only survivor of nassar's campaign of abuse representing her team usa. >> i had to come back to the sport to be a voice, to have change happen because i feel like if there weren't a remaining survivor in the sport, they would have just brushed it to the side. >> to be clear, biles didn't say that that factored into her decision to sit out the all
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around competition or individual competition, but how could her critics not consider this burden, in addition to all the usual pressure that comes along with being the face of the olympics. biles is the second recent athlete at peak performance facing criticism for pulling out of competition because of her mental health. the other, of course, is naomi osaka, the number two women's tennis player in the world who pulled out of the french open. it was a move that was championed by athletes who know a thing or two about pressure and about being the best in the world. like michael phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time, who has been advocating that mental health be given the same weight as physical health. >> i think back to the struggles that i went through when i was competing. and i don't know if i would have been able to take my own words and put them on a platform for everybody to see. we think of everything we've gone through the last year, this is something that i think really could help a lot of people. >> that's because a lot of people are struggling right now
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compared to before the pandemic. this past february in march, suicide-related visits to the emergency room for girls age 12 to 17 jumped 50% during the same time period in 2019. the mental health epidemic is real. and it's life threatening. and these critics of simone biles' they're not just picking on a 24-year-old woman who let's be honest has a thing or two to teach them about mental toughness, they're seasoneding a message to people who are struggling f they're really tough, they won't prioritize their mental health. these critics of simone biles don't know what they're talking about. they are witnessing strength, even as they condemn it as weakness. know there is help, please call 1-800-273-talk. >> talk about mental toughness, how tough do you have to be to at the olympics with the whole world watching, with a country clinging to hopes that you will repeat as gold medal, how tough
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do you have to be to say i'm not well enough to do this? incredibly tough. i think it's the pinnacle of mental toughness. michael phelps, i'm so glad you played that clip from him, michael phelps told us he thinks this focus on mental health will save lives. save lives. >> that's right. he thinks that naomi osaka saved her own life by speaking out. truly, you're listening to michael phelps, we heard one of those commentators say there's a double standard for lebron james. maybe he has one. i certainly don't have one. i don't have a standard for michael phelps that i have for -- that i do not have for simone biles. i think there is one standard. i think we're seeing a shift towards that even as there's controversy over it. that's a good place to be. >> again, phelps told us he is as proud of the work he's doing with mental health as he is for 76,000 gold medals. i imagine simone biles might feel the same way. i'm sure she's so proud of her
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olympic golds and proud that she may have saved her lives an countless other young women as well. >> it's a very good point. developing over night, president biden plans to announce tomorrow that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or get regularly tested. it comes as the cdc changes its mask guidance for vaccinated americans with the delta variant spreading rapidly. here is what the map looks like this morning. nearly the entire country is seeing a rise in cases everywhere in red there is seeing a rise in cases. the deep red more than a 50% rise in cases week to week. cnn's elizabeth cohen joins us now. elizabeth, the news here, the real news, is on the changing mask guidance. right? including for vaccinated americans in these areas with high case counts and for all kids in schools k to 12. they need to wear masks now again. >> that's right, john. and you know, there are two
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reasons sort of two confluence of two things that went on here. one is this development of the delta variant in the past month or two that is more transmissible. and also that the vaccine rates never got up to what anybody wanted them to be. when you don't have enough vaccinated people, you have to start requiring masks. so, for all the people who are complaining, oh my gosh, the cdc, they're so annoying. they're telling us to wear masks again. well, that's because you and others did not get vaccinated. you can blame the unvaccinated for this squarely. they are responsible for the spread of the delta variant. now, the mask mandate also is ba because something surprising happened with the delta variant. one of the reasons it's more transmissible, vaccinated people when they do get infected, they might feel fine but have quite a bit of virus in their nose. they're quite contagious. they might feel fine but they're actually relatively able to spread it and that makes things
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much worse. >> is that what happened in province town in massachusetts out in cape cod? there's this big outbreak there. they're still counting after the fact how many people were infected and most of the people there were fully vaccinated. >> right. most of the people were fully vaccinated. the vast majority, all but just a few of the large groups that got infected, were feeling just fine. but again, they were fully vaccinated. they were feeling fine. but they were capable of spreading the virus. that really speaks volumes. and that's one of the reasons why the cdc is saying, you know what, in these high transmission areas people need to put their masks back on. but again, i can't emphasize this enough, if more people were vaccinated, we wouldn't be having these problems. it would just tamp everything down if more people were vaccinated because very few vaccinated people are getting infected. but because of the unvaccinated people, the virus is just able to spread like wild fire in some
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areas. >> elizabeth cohen, much more on this throughout the show. >> thanks. an atlanta restaurant instituted a new rule. if you are not vaccinated, you won't be served. after the owner and three employees were infected with covid despite being vaccinated. since instituting the rule, the restaurant has been the target of a number of attacks, including from congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. the owner of that restaurant is with us now. thank you so much for being with us this morning to talk about this. this is a tough situation that a lot of restauranteurs and their employees are in. you're face this, you and three other employees tested positive despite being vaccinated. can you tell us how you all are faring today? >> we're all on the mend. thankfully. we're trying to get our business back open back up and running as normal. thanks. >> okay. so you -- tell us about putting this rule in place. tell us how you decided to do
3:14 am
that. >> well, we decided to do this to offer our staff a better quality of life and a safer work environment. specifically with the lower risk of infection of covid. as a small business owner, i feel i have the right to offer that regardless of any washington politician using their own version of cancel culture to intimidate us and possibly shut us down. our goal is to protect our employees first. >> i assume that washington politician you're talking about congresswoman marjorie taylor greene, who of course represents congressional district 14, which is in northwest georgia. and she tweeted that this is called segregation. will you be testing everyone at the door for the flu, strep throat, stomach bugs, colds,
3:15 am
meningitis, aids, hep a, hep c, staff infections, croup, ringworm or any other con contagions. tell what you say that response has meant for you? >> well, first of all, i would like to say everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i've certainly been guilty of not so civil discourse regarding this. really we're trying to put our people back to work. hard-working georgians looking forward to re-entering society and being able to make an honest living. unfortunately that this particular tweet is hindering that -- their ability to do that but putting them under unnecessary stress of infection and threat.
3:16 am
>> how are you going to enforce this rule, armando? >> well, to be honest, the sign does a lot of the heavy lifting for us. i don't do -- i don't have the staff to check every vax card at the door. and i hope it really never comes to that. what we are asking and being very honest about is we reserve the right to see everyone's vaccine card, especially if they're up moving around our bar and main seating area without a mask. the goal here is to protect staff and our guests from possible covid infection. >> armando, you're in a tough spot, having been infected and your staffers being infected. we appreciate you being with us this morning to talk about it. >> thank you so much. four officers who defended the capitol on january 6th giving raw emotional testimony that republicans refused to watch. plus, how right wing media
3:17 am
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♪ new this morning, right wing entertainment hosts and many republican lawmakers are refusing to acknowledge or in some cases refusing to even watch the raw, emotional testimony from four officers who defended the u.s. capitol during the insurrection on january 6th. the hearing, the first hearing of the house select committee investigating what happened, also featured new, harrowing video of the violence that day, violence that some would like you to believe never happened. >> some of the people who breached the capitol today were not trump supporters, they were
3:22 am
masquerading as trump supporters and in fact, were members of the violence terrorist group antifa. >> i don't believe you provoked if you listen to what you said at the rally. >> it was 0 threat. look, they went in, they shouldn't have done it. some of them went in and they're hugging and kissing the police and the guards. you know, they had great relationships. >> the truth is being sensor and covered up. as a result, the doj is harassing peacefu ful patriots across the country. >> if you didn't know the tv footage was a video of january 6th, you would think it was a normal tourist visit. >> i don't know who did the poll to say that they were trump supporters. >> even calling insurrection, it wasn't. i condemn the breach. i condemn the violence. but to say there were thousands of armed insurrectionists breaching the capitol, intent on overthrowing the government, just simply false narrative. >> i have no problem saying that these january 6th defendants are
3:23 am
being treated like political prisoners of war. >> so if there were federal agents that were involved on january 6th, we really need to know what the fbi knew and when they knew it. >> we know what this is about. this is about the democrats attacking the president again -- president trump again, what they've done for five years. >> no reasonable person thinks that what happened on january 6th was as biden said, the worst attack on the capitol since the civil war. >> since 6th is being used as a pre-text to strip millions of americans of their core constitutional right. we're witnessing the most aggressive crackdown on civil liberties in our life time. >> the american people deserve to know the truth. that nancy pelosi bears responsibility as speaker of the house for the tragedy that occurred on january 6th. >> nancy pelosi's january 6th commission and literally it has
3:24 am
one mission and one mission only, oh, let's see if we can impeach and smear and slander donald trump one more time and, of course, the gop one more time on national television. >> the theatrics were intended to produce an emotional reaction, logic and facts be damned. it is with that knowledge that we will unveil the angle awards for today's best performances. first, for best use of tears and dramatic pauses in a leading role, we have a tie. it's between congress manikin sinker and schiff. >> i don't know any republicans, certainly any republicans like myself who were going to serve on this committee that ever minimized what ever happened on january 6th. that's a false narrative. >> i don't know how you can watch the hearing yesterday with the testimony from those four officers, the compelling accounts of what they went through during that day and since that day, and then go on
3:25 am
tv last night, like what's her name, laura ingram did and claim it was an act. there's one person acting in that scenario and it's her. >> totally. look, we're going to talk to mike fanone, one of the officers who testified, and we heard him talk about what he goes through now even in the wake of this. the effects of that day. it was essentially the effects of hand to hand combat at the hands of a mob. and i think when you hear what these republicans that we just showed are saying, it just shows you that they have to be idiotic to have job security in their party or those hosts, they have to be idiotic to curry favor with the base of the republican party right now. i think it just goes to show you how shameful that is for the party and quite frankly for the country. >> and then there's the lawmaker after lawmaker after lawmaker who said they simply refuse to watch. don't care enough, can't be
3:26 am
bothered to watch what these officers had to say. blue lives matter until they don't we would say of some of those folks. brand new justice department decision put one republican congressman in legal jeopardy over his speech ahead of the capitol riot. plus, did jim jordan just turn himself into a potential witness for congressional investigators? ♪
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say "show me the olympics in 4k" so you can watch in stunning 4k ultra hd. ♪ so what did some republicans think of the emotional, raw testimony from the officers who saved them from the mob of trump supporters on january 6th? well, not much apparently. they couldn't be bothered to watch or listen. >> you don't have anything to say about the capitol police officers who testified? >> i didn't watch it. i don't know what happened. >> did you watch any of the hearing today? >> no, i didn't. >> why not?
3:31 am
>> i was busy doing work. i serve in the senate. >> so you think that some of the protesters were actually -- had good intentions on that day? >> i think some of the those protesters tried to protect that police officer. i think that ought to be noted. >> but do you think -- >> there were tens of thousands of people that day that engaged in peaceful protests. there were a few hundred that committed acts of violence. those are the people i condemn. >> that should be noted that senator johnson acknowledged that officers saved his life, weeks after saying he never felt like he was in any kind of danger. cnn's lauren fox joins us now with the latest on this. lauren, the idea that these hearings could be going on with this really raw, personal testimony from the officers and there are lawmakers who couldn't be bothered to watch. >> well, i thought it was interesting because the capitol was riveted. one of the pictures that i just want to paint for people back home is that capitol police officers who were on duty and doing their job were engage and looking at their phones.
3:32 am
we saw multiple capitol police officers alonging at this testimony. this is what they experienced. this is emotional, seeing your colleagues talking about what you experienced firsthand, hand to hand combat they were enduring in the halls of congress, that's powerful stuff. some of the republicans who didn't watch it, never saw donald trump's treats. these are republicans who don't want to believe there were something so dangerous, so harmful to democracy that happened that day. that's why you're starting to see so many of them say i didn't want to watch, i couldn't watch, i didn't have time to watch, i think that is sad honestly. >> a lot of republican lawmakers don't have access to cell phones and television sets. >> they're trying to hide under a rock. >> almost as if. >> almost as if they're trying. i think it's so interesting you mentioned the engagement of police officers. they're protecting these people. they want to know do i matter? does this experience that i had even matter to these folks? and i think the answer is very clear by what some republicans
3:33 am
are saying. we also saw jim jordan seeming to admit last night he actually spoke to trump on the day of the insurrection. let's listen to this. >> did you talk to the former president that day? >> i talked to the former president umpteen times -- >> on january 6th. >> countless times. i never talk about what we talk about, i don't think that's appropriate. just like i don't talk about what happens in republican conferences. >> sure. >> i talked to the president numerous times. i continue to talk to the president since he left office. >> on january 6th? >> yes. i've talked to the president so -- i can't remember all the days i talked to him. but i certainly talked to the president. >> so is he a witness? >> that's one of the key questions here. we have been looking at whether or not representative jim jordan would be one of the people democrats on the select committee ask to testify because of his close relationship with the former president. he did tell cnn last week that he would be interested. he had nothing to hide if he were called to testify. i think that's notable. obviously here he is trying to conflate the fact that any call
3:34 am
he might have had on january 6th was no different than any other call he had on december 24th or january 8th that he talked to the president so often that it's not quite clear when he was having those conversations. i think that might be part of the strategy here, right? to obscure what you and the president talked about because maybe you or maybe you can't remember exactly the specifics. >> there are two words to describe what jim jordan just admitted to being, they are material witness. i mean, you know, he tried to talk himself around it. but he says, yes, yes, i talked to him that day. okay, congressman. what did you talk about? and that's what i think people want to know as they piece together what liz cheney asked for the minute by minute of what was going on in the white house. some other big news last night that has to do with january 6th was the justice department has said it's not going to get involved in the lawsuit against congressman mo brooks. explain exactly what this means.
3:35 am
>> this is a civil lawsuit brought by eric swawell against mo brooks and others who he argued had contributed to the events of january 6th and have incited violence that day. this is really based off that speech that mo brooks gave at the ellipse. he said our ancestors sacrificed their blood, their sweat, their -- and sometimes their fortune. then he goes on to say, are you willing to do the same to this crowd? and i think that what the justice department is arguing here is he didn't give that speech in his official capacity. what he was doing was giving a political speech, therefore they are not obligated to step in and defend him. obviously that could have long-term repercussions when it comes to whether or not they step in for anyone else as a civil lawsuits continue. >> yeah. it's significant, he would get more protection if he was doing it in his official capacity. interesting distinction. >> lauren fox, great to see you. simone biles announcing that she is out of tomorrow's all
3:36 am
around gymnastics competition. we'll speak to the parents of another star on the usa gymnastics team. plus, republican congressman andrew clyde confronted over his claim that the capitol rioters looked like tourists. we'll have the fiery exchange coming up.
3:37 am
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breaking news overnight, simone biles announcing she will not compete in tomorrow's all around gymnastics competition for team usa. this is the individuals competition. usa gymnastics says she is withdrawing to focus on her mental health, and she has their support. biles will be replaced by jade carey who will join her teammates sunisa lee to compete in the all around final. with me now are su nirks isa's very proud parents. i want to thank you both for
3:41 am
being with us. if you were looking at "the new york times," when simone biles stepped back, suni lee stepped up. there's a lot riding on the shoulders of your daughter today. i wonder if you can react to the news of simone biles pulling out of these all around competitions. john? >> wow. we are very surprised. we don't know what to say. i mean, simone biles out. we don't know how that's going to turn out. jade carey stepping in. hope jade carey do just as well. >> wow. well, i hope simone is okay. i hope she's doing okay and i hope she gets the help that she
3:42 am
need. yeah. that is kind of like shocking. having sunisa stepping up and jade daree, they have to go out and do their best. >> i wonder one of the things that your daughter talked about knowing in a sense that when she was really arriving and that she belonged was that she was competing at a level withsy mo simone biles. your daughter is tremendous. anyone who hasn't seen her on the uneven bars needs to look, it's unbelievable what she can do. do you worry about how this affects her? she is in a role that she maybe didn't plan for. >> i think she can handle it.
3:43 am
i mean, she could handle the pressure. so i see that in her. when she's under pressure, then she seems to get herself, you know, out there and do better. so she can handle the pressure. i think she'll be okay. >> she said, john, that when simone biles withdrew, suni said it was the most pressure i've ever felt in my life. what has she been telling you about her path forward at the olympics? >> so we spoke with her a little bit. and yeah, she said there's a lot of pressure on her. but i've told her that, you know, she went through a lot of -- she experienced pressure all the time. so when i got hurt, she was in a lot of pressure. she did well. so she handled pressure pretty good.
3:44 am
yeah. i think she worries, but i think she can do okay. >> you mentioned when you got hurt. you actually suffered an accident in 2019 that left you paralyzed. that's what you're referring to. i know this has made the path for suni to olympics tough. tell me a little bit about her path towards really this big moment tomorrow when she'll be competing in the individual all around. >> yeah. in the past when -- she's just been competing under pressure i think all the way -- ever since i got injured in 2019 up to now up to the point where she made the olympics and even going to the olympics and then after the team event, simone pulled out, she got pressure into competing with the team without simone.
3:45 am
she handled it pretty well up until now. so, going forward she'll be okay. >> i know it's tough. we're talking to you there in st. paul. i know that you want to be there in person watching your daughter but that you are watching her from afar as we are. big day tomorrow as she competes in this individual all around. we'll certainly be cheering her on along with you. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. she was the first american to receive a coronavirus vaccine in the united states and now she's joining us live on "new day" to respond to americans who refuse to get the shot. plus, the cdc director joins us to explain why changes were just made to the guidance on mask wearing. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren
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this morning a change in the masking guidance from the cdc. the cdc now recommendation fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas with high or substantial coronavirus transmission. of course, unvaccinated people should be wearing them always. right now you can see the substantial transmission areas, the red and orange right there make up a majority of counties in the united states. joining me now is a medical
3:50 am
pioneer who is now part really of american history, critical care nurse sandra lindsey, america's first vaccine recipient of working on the front lines of pandemic. i want to replay the video of that moment, sandra. let's watch. and that was the shot felt around the world, shall we say. the first vaccine delivered in the united states. such an important moment. but i wonder going from then in december until now if you ever thought we would be in a moment where in a way we're going backwards. you know, instead of making progress in the fight against coronavirus, we're backsliding a little bit, issuing new mask guidance, having a hard time signing people up for vaccinations. >> so, good morning, john.
3:51 am
>> what does it feel like to be in this moment, sandra, where things seem to be moving in the wrong direction? >> so, you know, we're overwhelmed with dealing with this deadly coronavirus. we've been at this now for 17 months. i still believe that we're closer to the finish than we were over a year ago. so, i can understand the frustration, but we're still learning as we go along. and so, what the cdc is saying is that in areas where we have low vaccination rates, people that are unvaccinated are at a higher risk for sure, but people who are vaccinated, they're recommending that they wear masks to protect most of the people who are unvaccinated because we see now that there's a pandemic among the
3:52 am
unvaccinated. like other states and other hospital systems have reported we're seeing increase in number of hospitalizations for unvaccinated people. not to extent that we were a year ago, for example, in april of 2020, we had 4,500 people across our health system. today we have a little bit over 100. so we're not where we were before, but we can lose all the progress that we have made if people don't get vaccinated. >> is it frustrating for you as someone who is willing to be a pioneer, to see the reluctance in people getting vaccinated. >> i'm more concerned. that's why i am here and take every opportunity i get to share my experience and to appeal to people the importance of getting vaccinated. >> you were the first, which is
3:53 am
back in december now, which is, what, eight months ago at this point. there is a discussion about whether or not people may need a vaccine booster at some point. has there been any discussion with you about you or when you might need a booster shot? >> no discussion. and right now the evidence is stating that for me, healthy, young individual, the booster is not required, at least not yet. but if that becomes the case, i will again be the first in line to get that booster. >> you know what, we're lucky to have you willing to be the first in line. i hope everyone watching sees the courage that you have consistently shown and speaking out because people need to go get vaccinated now if you haven't already. sandra lindsay, thank you for everything you're doing. >> thank you, john, for having
3:54 am
me. so republicans claim they support the police, then why did so many of them say they didn't even watch yesterday's hearing on the capitol riot? officer michael fanone joins us live.
3:55 am
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some dangerous storms that are heading toward the midwest and the northeast, bringing the potential for flash flooding and damaging winds. let's check in now with cnn meteorologist tom sadar were the forecast. what are you watching here? >> this is going to be an extremely dangerous event, level 4 out of 5. it's called derecho. this is going to be a place to watch. more on that in just a moment. this weather segment brought to you by carvana. the new way to buy a car. look who will be impacted here. the last time we had a severe derecho event, august 2020, south dakota to ohio, winds over 100 miles per hour, left in its wake $11 billion in damage. that's right, 11 billion. that's going to be a scary place today. 40 million americans from border to border will have heat and humidity levels making it feel like it's 100 to 110. joining the rest of the western u.s. and the sweltering heat. but i have good news, we'll end the month of july and begin august on a cooler note. only for that area of the
4:00 am
country. yesterday new york city near 90 degrees. how does 74 sound for tomorrow. cnn "new day" continues right now. ♪ welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, it is wednesday, july 28th, and no one on the planet, no one, can beat her. but mental health is proving to be a formidable opponent for simone biles. the breaking news this morning is biles announcing she is pulling out of tomorrow's all around final, the individual competition. usa gymnastics saying she has their support. of course biles withdrew from the team competition one day earlier after she stumbled during a landing from a vault. here is what she said about it yesterday. >> i was just like shaking. could barely nap. i've just never felt like this going into a competition before. once i came out here, i was like, no. mental is not there. so, i just need to let the girls do it and focus on myself.


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