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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 27, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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explosive. >> these are bombshell allegations. chloe, thank you. "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn br breaking news. hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman, a good morning to viewers in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, july 27th. this is major breaking news. out of the olympics. gymnastics superstar simone biles dropped out of the team competition. the decision announced after stumbling during the vault. we have coy wire with the latest. coy, what do we know about what precipitated this decision? >> reporter: we have team members inside the ariake gymnastics center. saw her on the sidelines in a track suit with her foot in strapping. she was replaced by jordan chiles in the competition. nbc talked to her coach who said this is not a physical issue.
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nbc reports a mental issue. simone biles had an off day, during cqualifications. she missed a landing and stumbled. afterwards, she posted saying in part wasn't an easy day. i do feel like i have the weight of the world on my shoulders as times. i know, brush it off. make it seem like the pressure doesn't affect me. damn. sometimes it's hard. powerful words ringing wonderful what may be going through her mind and the situation in tokyo. we have to remember, as invincible as simone biles seems, she is the most dominant gymnast of all time as the greatest of all time. she is 24 years old. looking to become the first woman in 53 years to repeat as the all-around gymnastics champion. that is a lot of weight when everyone out there would
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guarantee you would win and have that pressure, certainly, you can't ignore. it. >> we don't know at this point, coy, do we, about the next few days will hold for simone biles? she is out of the team competition. alternate moves in her place. the u.s. has the chance to win without the greatest gymnast in the world, but it will be harder. what about simone biles in the individual competition? what you are talking about the idea of repeating? >> reporter: that is what would be going through her mind right now. as you mentioned, this is the team final. she wants to be there for her teammates. they talk about how they're like family. this is a group who moved from the olympic village and stayed in the hotel together. they are their own unit. tightly knit. she has to feel the pressure about not being out there to perform in the moment. john, this has nothing to do
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with the individual competitions which she qualified for in those events as well. she does have the opportunity to get back out there if she is feeling well enough to do so. that is the question everyone in tokyo and around the world are wondering about the greatest gymnast of all time. >> she is the greatest gymnast of all time. what we all want is for her to be well. >> this is going to be difficult news. coy, for a lot of people watching this, a lot of questions and she has a lot of pressure as those questions are going to be asked. coy wire live in tokyo. thank you so much. we also have more breaking news this morning. top federal health officials are close to announcing decision on new guidelines for mask wearing. sources tell cnn we could hear something as soon as today. right now, the pandemic is on the dangerous collision course with the start of school in the fall. just listen to the chilling
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warning from the former head of the cdc. >> we're heading into a rough time. it's likely if our trajectory is similar to that in the united kingdom, we could see 200,000 cases a day, four times the current rate, within another four-to-six weeks. >> the seven-day average of news cases is now over 55,000. just to put it in context here, one month ago, it was less than 12,000. for context here, one month ago, it was under 12,000. a growing number of cities and government agencies are taking action. there's new york's mayor announcing that all city workers will be required to get vaccinated or to be tested once a week. and california's governor is doing the same. the v.a. is mandating its front line health care workers be vaccinated. >> the department of justice says it is legal to mandate vaccines. there is a precedent. the cities of provincetown,
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massachusetts, and savannah, georgia, are announcing requirements for indoor masking. florida now the epicenter of the surge. 20% of the nation's new cases. every county in the state has high levels of community transmission. joining me now is dr. jerome adams. former surgeon general under president trump. thank you for joining us now. new cdc guidelines for mask wearing for individuals who are vaccinated. what should they do? >> i think the guidelines cannot come soon enough. we need to understand we tried the honor system and it failed. the cdc guidance said mask it or vax it. we know there are many more people out there going without a mask than the statistics suggest or vaccinated. that is number one. number two, the delta variant is 1,000 times more infectious.
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we are seeing breakthrough infections, not leading to death or hospitalizations, but it could cause the spread we are seeing. we have to take that into a account with masking. public health officials are left in a lurch. >> you like to see more mask wearing inside for vaccinated and unvaccinated people? >> absolutely. again, anytime you have mixing within crowds and you don't know if people are vaccinated or not, we absolutely need to protect people with these mitigation measures. >> part of that is unvaccinated people are not doing what they should. wearing masks. unvaccinated people are making decisions that affect the rest of us. what is your decision, not about what the decision means for
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them, but unvaccinated people making mean for us? >> well, it means significant risk for my 11-year-old daughter and my wife who is going through cancer treatment or my mother who had a stroke last year. all increased risk because everyone is not doing their part. i understand if you have questions about vaccinations. i never shamed anyone for that. if you choose not to get vaccinated, the guidance from the cdc says you should mask up. you should do that for your neighbor. we need people to understand we're going to see more closures. we will sighee more masking. we will see a return to the measures from last year. people are not coming together as a team and choosing not to get vaccinated or take other precautionary measures. >> unvaccinated people putting people in danger and putting us in danger of new restrictions of the way we live or come to enjoy. full fda approval of at least
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the pfizer vaccine, the first under consideration. how much of a difference would full fda approval make? >> it would be huge. even when you see the v.a. and health institutions saying they mandate vaccines. that is frontline workers. i heard from a number of businesses who said we would mandate the vaccines tomorrow if we had full insurance. people think it is about hesitancy. it is legally businesses told by lawyers we don't feel comfortable mandating a vaccine under eu. i want your viewers to understand there are scientists out there who believe we have more than enough evidence to have the vaccines fully licensed. we need an update. >> are you one of the doctor whdoctors who think we should get that now? >> absolutely. i talked to former fda
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commissioner scott gottleib. the efficacy data is there to authorize the vaccines. military would mandate the vaccines when we have f full full full licensing. >> what is your opinion about the mandates? >> we do it for other vaccins. we know from the public health st standpoint it is a valuable tool to protect the public. i understand people's hesitation until the vaccine is fully licensed. health care workers? i work at a hospital. we have a different responsibility to patients. you need to get vaccinated. you shouldn't put your patients at risk. everyone else out there, these
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mitigation measures will come. you are seeing people saying you get tested or wear a mask all the time. it is one or the other. no more honor system with the delta variant preying on the community. >> what about when the fda gives p full approval for the pfizer vaccine? then is it something you think could be helpful to have businesses maybe local municipalities or places requiring vaccinations? >> absolutely. i believe businesses will do that as soon as we get full licensilicensing. it should be a business decision primarily because people will push back if it is the federal government saying take the vaccines. the nfl is saying we can't stay open and make money if communities and stadiums are shutdown. they are using more and more severe measures to get people vaccinated. when mandates become a tool that is legally backed up with a
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lic license, you will see that coming. >> what do you think of republican governor kay ivey who believes unvaccinated folks are letting us all down? >> governor ivey is someone who is like my own grandmother used to be. she has tough love. my approach tends to be to bring people in by asking them what questions they have and encouraging them and providing them incentive. i don't fault the governor for saying to her people in her state who elected her. we have to step up and do the right thing so we can stay open. >> the former cdc director said we could be at 200,000 cases by september if things don't go well. what do you think the number is? >> i think that is within the realm of possibility. that's why you heard me say this weekend, this pandemic currently based on the projections, is
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spiraling out of control. we need to figure out how we rein it back in. with increased vaccinations and masking and potentially closures. closures will be coming soon if we can't get this pandemic under control. our kids will be at risk in another year of virtual school. >> who's fault is that? >> we all have to take on responsibility. you know me, john. i'm not one who likes to blame and shame. i think we all have some responsibility from the polite sags of the virus. we need to do more to support our neighbors and do more to engage people. if we look at this as a team effort, then we can overcome this pandemic. i'm optimistic. we have more tools than before to defeat this pandemic. we have to use them. >> we have the vaccines if people are willing to take them. dr. adams, thank you.
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there is more and more talk of vaccine mandates, but are they constitutional? john avlon has the reality check. >> reporter: it is said freedom is not free. that is a balance between the individual and community. we are dealing with the delta variant cases spike and fill hospitals. the unsfvaccinated are holding e rest of the us hostage. not just putting our lives at risk, if that was the issue, we can watch them to win, place or show in the darwin awards. the problem is we pay for the polit sags of science and he health. in new york and states like california decided to mandate vaccinations or weekly testing for government workers. department of v.a. requiring
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vaccinations raising the question if president biden will expand the mandate to more agencies. this provoked predictable outrage. the flurry of medical freedom bills lying in wait. which former george w. bush speech writer calls former libertarianism. five routine childhood vaccines for mmr are required for school in all 50 states. no one is requiring that to be ove overturned. it makes sense and works. vaccine mandates are unconstitutional according to some. that is not true. this has been settled law for more than 110 years when the supreme court says impose during deadly small pox outbreak. it is not clear that owning the
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libs qualifies for the exceptions. let's be honest. that is what we are dealing with here. a poisonous form. it violates the principle that my right to swing my fist ends at your nose. you know what also is libertarian? making other people pay for your mistakes. get this. the average cost of hospital care is as high as $78,000 for patients between ages 41 and 60. remember, the unvaccinated make up 97% of hospitalizations. you and i will pay for that if those patients are uninsured, they get treatment. if they are on medicare or med medicaid, the taxpayers pick up the tab. and premiums will go up for the rest of us.
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ironically, the unvaccinated will not pay a higher rate thanks to the affordable care act. for the talk about freedom, the free market doesn't apply here. they take the risk and the rest of us pay the cost. so much for personal responsibility. folks who think they are partisan warriors by refusing to get the vaccine might not know that fox news is requiring its own version of vaccine passport while republican donors were required to show the negative test to get into the event in florida. this case is covid hypocracy. in the most absurd. hemmings toward a cliff. the dangers they take the rest of us down with them and
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potentially compelling a new round of lockdowns that no one wants. that's why we need to remember real freedom requires responsibility and connection with common sense and common good. that's your reality check. >> thank you, john. thank you for that. we are about to hear some dramatic testimony from some of the police officers who defended the capitol on january 6th. the number three democrat in the house will be joining us next ahead of this. plus, the son of jeb bush bets on donald trump only to see it blow up in his face. we have more on our big breaking news. simone biles out of the team competition at the olympics. the greatest gymnast of all time, maybe on earth right now, what's going on here? we have details ahead. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel
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this is absolutely not a game. this is deadly serious. some in my party and leader mccarthy act like this is partisan politics. i think it is sad. i think it is a disgrace. this capitol was attacked. attacked counting electoral votes. the american people deserve to know what happened what decisions were being made here and in the white house and they
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deserve to get to the bottom of it. we have to make sure it never happens again. we have to defend our republic and rule of law. >> that was representative liz cheney. in less than an hour, the committee will begin its first hearing. we are hearing testimony from four police officers who were on the frontlines that day as rioters stormed the capitol. let's talk with the number three democrat in the house. south carolina congress member james clyburne. sir, thank you for joining us this morning. it is great to see you. i wonder when it comes to this committee and what they should be doing moving forward, if you think they should subpoena kevin mccarthy and mark meadows and jared kushner and ivanka trump? >> i think the committee should do what is necessary to get to
5:23 am
the bottom of the trauth. the four people testifying today will testify as to what the conditions were and how they felt when all of this was going on. i think the committee will conclude this is a serious matter of life and death. people felt threatened with their lives and this will get to the bottom of whoever was at fault. it may be they will need to subpoena if they don't voluntarily come forward. not just the leadership on the republican side, but a lot of the other members of the republican side who participated in the events that gave rise to the incident. >> kevin mccarthy, the republican leader in the house, has called adam kinzinger and liz cheney pelosi republicans.
5:24 am
he is threatening to punish them for participating in the committee. if he goes ahead and strips them from the committee assignments, do you expect speaker pelosi would reinstate that? >> i suspect she will. i know penancy pelosi very well. if there is a patriot, she is one. not a summer patriot or sunshine patriot. a real patriot who stands by this country irrespective of what the conditions might be. what wie see here is kevin mccarthy and others being what thomas payne called sunshine patriots. they are all for things going their way. the moment a challenge is come, they retreat behind the shadow of donald trump in this instance. in otther instances, they find others to stay away from the truth. >> i want to ask you while i
5:25 am
have you about this fight for voting rights that we see going on across the country and in washington. the new york times columnist called president biden's efforts to protect voting rights historic failure. he says during the biden victory speech, he told black supporters he has always had their backs. then writes, i'm sorry, mr. president, in black's people most time of need, you are concerned about roads instead of rights. referring to the infrastructure deal going on with republicans. what do you think about what he says there? >> not much. i know charles very well. i think he is mistaken in this ins instance. yes, joe biden is trying to get the economy back up and running. joe biden can do more than one thing. if he is talking to the
5:26 am
negotiators in the senate, one minute, who knows who he is talking to the next minute? just because he is not standing in front of microphones doing this, doesn't mean he is not sitting at telephones doing what is necessary. i would say that those of us who operate in public life do not always operate in public view. >> you famously gave biden the push he needed in the primary season with your endorsement. i wonder as you look at the clock ticking here, are you worried that time is running out on the biden agenda? >> no, i'm not worried at all. i've been here long enough to know that it ain't over until it's over. we're in session. the house for the rest of the week at least. the senate, through next week. i think a lot can get done in
5:27 am
the week or two. i expect a lot to get done in the next two weeks. this notion that just because we are up against the clock means we are failing, nothing could be further from the truth. if you watch the senate operate over the years, you do know a lot of things can happen in that moment just before midnight. >> you are optimistic. we will see if that optimism is playing out there as the senate is working through some of the differences. i also want to talk to you about something else. you are chairing the select sub committee on coronavirus. you say there is new evidence to show the trump administration bullied the cdc in charge of the covid response. what is the evidence? >> we are now seeing letters and we're seeing emails. we are interested in talking to 11 people. two of whom we know were given
5:28 am
warnings and they were threatened and removed from the positions. others seem to be involved. we are interested in bringing them before the committee and seeing exactly what it is that they were doing and we want them to testify under oath so we can get to bottom of why we are now in our fourth surge with covid-19. none of this had to happen. all of it is upon us because of the dereliction of duty and the inner farings from the white house when the professionals, s scientists, were trying to get this under control and they were interfered with, so it seems. we want to find out the extent of it and who was responsible for it.
5:29 am
>> congress member james clyburn, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> we will watch the hearing ahead on capitol hill today. a lot of drama we will see. george p. bush learned a tough lesson from donald trump. maybe one he should have learned from charlie brown. we will explain when jake tapper joins us next. >> he is a charlie brown expert. >> that's why we are talking about it. also the breaking news from tokyo. u.s. gymnastics star, simone biles, pulling out of the olympic games. what happened? so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ and you might be the next one to represent our nation ♪ ♪ this summer on your tv, tablet, or any screen ♪ ♪ xfinity is here to inspire your biggest dreams ♪ we are tracking breaking news right now. we are moments away from the hearing that will happen on
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capitol hill about january 6th. we will hear from police officers who were on the frontlines. evan perez is here with something new. evan, what can you tell us? >> brianna, we can report the justice department has declined to assert executive privilege for the testimony of former justice department officials who may be called to testify before the committee. the january 6th committee. that is an important move because it means it paves the way for potential testimony of jeffery rosen. the acting attorney general during the time of the insur insurrection. he was also involved in the pressure campaign that the trump white house, mark meadows and others pushing to the justice department to say there was fraud in the days after president trump lost the election. so, he can testify to a lot of things. including the type of pressure that he was under and other
5:34 am
officials were under and we'll see what else he can tell us about what he witnessed in those early days of january. >> one point of clarification. the current justice department is not going to stand in and try to block the testimony. does that mean that jeffery rosen will show up the minute he is called? >> well, potentially. it means when he shows up and he is called to testify, right now, what the justice department is saying is that his testimony is not covered by executive privilege. the therefore, he can say everything he witnessed. this is applying for former justice officials. not white house officials who were covered by other executive privilege. we don't know what the committee will ask for. we suspect jeffery rosen will ask for testimony from. you can bet that mark meadows and others would love to hear
5:35 am
from, woill see if they assert executive privilege. keep in mind, the former president can still try to go to court and try to block some of the testimony and try to claim executive privilege. at this point, the justice department is not standing in the way. there are a few more steps before we get to that day. >> may i jump in? >> hang on. joining us now. >> i need to ask a question. the attorney general for president biden is known and respected by some, although not by progressives, as being conservative when it comes to such things. being an institutionalist. declining to -- the personal lawsuit. against donald trump in which the biden administration sided with trump on the precedent and principle. do you think they would have done this to biden without
5:36 am
jeffery rosen's approval? >> i think you are on to something there. i suspect you have witnesses who are willing to testify and that's a big deal during the trump years you had witnesses if they wanted, could have answered questions. they hid behind executive privilege because the white house and justice department gave it to them. if you have someone who wants to testify, it makes a difference. if rosen wants to answer the questions asked of him, i suspect you have a different outcome because of the ruling. jake, it is dependent on the witnesses. >> if rosen didn't want to testify, garland would not have done this sdp. >> the committee will hold the hearings today, anchored by jake tapper. will they call former trump
5:37 am
officials and how hard will the former officials fight it? will they not show up as they chose to do during the trump presidency? this is different if jeffery rosen wants to show. >> there are a number of former trump officials and we have seen this since the end of the trump presidency and before when the writing was on the wall, were eager to try to depict their role, especially in the crazy final months as not enabling donald trump's mad pursuit of undoing the democratic election that we have seen bill barr and others giving interviews eager to bring attention, critics say recidivism or 11th hour justification. interesting to see who wants to stand up and say i was trying to keep the guardrails there and who will hide behind the fear in
5:38 am
a lot of cases of what trump will do. >> one of the interesting things that happened at the justice department around the turn of the year, january 1st, when an official, jeffery clark was lower level in the justice department, went to the president and auditioned for the job. it was an unusual situation. this is one story that this committee should want to hear about which is rosen had to go to the president and argue for his job. other top justice department owe efficient officials were ready to resign en masse. >> the attorney general of georgia resigned instead of coming forward with the lies. >> this opens a range of possibilities. evan perez, thank you for the reporting. >> i want to listen and get perspective, jake, that kevin mccarthy said. two republicans on this
5:39 am
committee picked by speaker pelosi. liz cheney and adam kinzinger. s>> the gop should play tin thi committee. >> adam and liz? aren't they pelosi republicans? >> what do you think about that? >> first of all, we should note that congress member liz cheney used the word childish as the term. second of all, the new editor of the national review noted that will be used against cheney and possibly kinzinger in races against them. kevin mcckcarthy was commening with a term to use against them. you have a number of republicans in the house caucus. you have one paul gosar who
5:40 am
meets with and flirts with white sue supremacists and nationalists. you have matt gaetz involved in child sex trafficking investigations. you have marjorie greene who had crazy issues with rockefellers were behind lasers and causing wildfires. these three people do not offend kevin mccarthy based on his public statements or lack there of. liz cheney and adam kinzinger do. kevin votes with nancy pelosi far more than liz cheney does. i mean, that's who kevin mccarthy is. >> that is not test. >> not about the conservative principles, but if you are willing to support trump lies.
5:41 am
>> along the lines, george p. bush, the current commissioner of texas running for attorney general of texas actively, obsessively sought the approval of donald trump despite the fact that the former president belittled the bush family in the 2015 primaries. george p. putting out the campaign koozie. a graphic depiction of the meeting. he is the one member of the bush family that i like or agrees with me. doing everything to get that endor endorsement. what does trump do? endorse ken paxon. >> he is under investigation himself who put forward the deranged lawsuit that sought to take away the electoral votes
5:42 am
that they got and threw out the window. he has proved this by doing this major thing to support donald trump's election lie. secondly, i have a difficult time getting past the george p. kowtowing to begin with. it wasn't he went after jeb bush or george w. bush. p politics is a contact sport. he retweeting at donald trump as a candidate and when dana bash at the reagan library in 2015, when dana raised the issue and jeb bush said to donald trump he owed his wife an apology, he refused to apologize for it. he is part of the racist attack
5:43 am
on george p. bush's mom. whether he got the payoff he desired or not, i have a difficult time getting past that. whether it is ted cruz or george p. bush, they are willing to look past hideous attacks on family members to get trump's support. >> what is the phrase? >> blood is thicker than water, but not thicker than kool-aid. that is what trump demands sdpdemands. >> i don't know how you make kool-aid. >> this isn't the only person. >> i get the metaphor unless you have sugary kool-aid. sorry, sorry. i'm being technical. >> you are a fiction writier. work with me on this. this is not the first time he demanded someone come out and be in favor of him over a family member. it never goes well. >> i don't think donald trump was asking for it. george p. bush was just doing
5:44 am
it. >> but, focus on the behavior here. he is responsible for that. why would george p. bush look at what is happening with the family. the hatfields and mccoys of politics with republican politics. why put his dignity in donald trump's hands. >> this is where the center of the republican party is to win a primary. you are far more likely to succeed in most places and parts of the country and most primaries if you have the support of trump. he did it clearly because he thought it was the best way he could win. i'm sure he doesn't support racist tack attacks on his mom. he is willing to look past it. he is part mexican too. george p. bush said we have to get beyond mean tweets. look, everybody has their own level. i have a difficult time imagining forgiving anybody that
5:45 am
went after my family. i'm not a politician. i'm not trying to get donald trump's endorsement. that is where the republican party center of gravity is and when mccarthy calls cheney and kinzinger pelosi republicans. he knows what he is doing. >> i'm going to advocate here. i heard an interview with you and paul at c.h.o.p. in philadelphia. he is an expert on vaccines and i immunizations. he is so helpful over last year. in the interview with you, he was pissed about vaccinations. he is pissed at people who are choosing to be unvaccinated and spreading misinformation. >> i was really surprised. my dad has known paul. my dad is a pediatrician in philadelphia. he has known paul for decades.
5:46 am
i don't know him personally. i had him on the show last year. he is an exhibit perpert. he is apolitical guy. he was really, really mad. he actually told the story about the measles outbreak in philadelphia in 1991. families refusing to get kids vaccinated. i forget if it was the city or the commonwealth of pennsylvania that stepped in to force vaccines on the kids to save the lives of the kids and people in the surrounding community. he is mad. he is mad because he doesn't understand because we have a way to end the pandemic and people are refusing. it is so sad. i don't get mad at the people, but the situation. it is so sad. this is going on since last april where you see obituaries written about people who were vaccine deniers and were trump supporters who were just following his lead on everything
5:47 am
except for his, you know, tepid evndorsement that operation war speed created or signed into law or supported or whoever. it is sad. you interviewed somebody the other day who was a radio host. >> phil valentine's brother. against taking the vaccine. now in the hospital and supports it. his brother was against take being the vaccine. he ran to walgreens to get the shot the minute his brother went in the hospital. >> we see the stories sday afte day. we need to remember just with the election, they are being lied to by people they respect and lied to by politicians and people in the media who they listen to and i'm not mad at them for believing the lies. i'm mad at the liars. >> their decisions are having an impact on your kids.
5:48 am
>> that's true. >> a lot of kids vaccinated. >> i have a kid under 12. he cannot get vaccinated. it is sad. it makes me worry. we also see, by the way, the republican party, house republican kevin mccarthy. i don't see the leadership. there are republicans out there who talk about the vaccines and praise the vaccines. senator tommy tuberville. they are a bunch of republicans out praising the vaccine. i don't see the effort to support the vaccine from the republican party the way i see an effort from kevin mccarthy to support the election lie. >> jake tapper, great to siee you. do not miss his coverage in just a few minutes. just ahead. shocker. simone biles out of the team competition. withdrawing a few minutes ago in tokyo. we'll tell you why next.
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breaking news this morning, simone biles pulling out of the team competition at the tokyo olympics. she's considered the greatest gymnast of all time. she may be the greatest athlete on earth now. now her teammates who are all first time olympians are forced to finish the team competition without her. it is unclear if she will perform in the individual events or the all-around individual final. joining us is teresa edwards. she is the winner of four gold medals and the u.s. basketball player to participate in five olympic games. such an honor to have you on this morning. i should note, you're the author of a new book called "black gold," had her days as a pioneering member of the u.s. women's national basketball team. terrific having you on, especially this morning. we're trying to come to terms with what is happening to simone biles.
5:54 am
greatest athlete on earth. what is your reaction to this news? >> sure. it's really heartbreaking. you know, i'm feeling deeply -- pretty much like everyone in the country. like what happened? i feel hike she's had a lot of weight on her shoulders. i feel like she is trying to carry this load for a lot of us, not just her teammates. so my heart really goes out to her. >> i wonder if you think when it comes to the olympics if there's, you know, is there nun who bears the burden more than the star on the female jam gymnastics because of the nature of the individual competition and the team competition and the expectation that they'll come out on top? >> i think you have to hope that they'll rise to the occasion, that they'll come together and be stronger because of it. she's not going to go anywhere. she wears her heart and she wears theirs. that's what happens on a team. these things happen. so we have seen great things
5:55 am
come out of the situations as well during the olympic games. >> i want to talk u.s. women's basketball. seeking the seventh straight gold medal. this is a team with some incredible experience on it right now. what do you think the chances are? >> i think we have our work cut out for us. it may look easy. we work really, really hard. sue bird and diana is going to go for the new record of fuf gold medals. i'm hoping with that motivation we have a seventh gold medal to attribute to women's basketball. >> the men's basketball team is underperforming. they lost their first game since 2004. this was shocking. what do you mach of this shift in what was once such a dominant program? >> i think that the changing of the tides and the other countries catching up to us as well as, you know, preparation
5:56 am
time. it's really hard to get that chemistry when you have a lot of stars. the so they're just going to have to dive in and go real deep within themselves really, really fast to get on track. i truly believe in our guys. i think they are talented as ever by coming together as awe cohesive unit really fast on this stage is not always easy. and the other countries are truly catching up to us. we have to respect. that if you don't respect your opponent, they can slip up on you. >> controversy around all olympic games. one of the ones happened before the beginning this time which is u.s. sprinter richardson suspended because of a positive marijuana test. now this day and age, marijuana keeping a sprinter out of the games, what do you think? >> changing times. very changing. i'm an old school person. you know, really didn't have complication of this matter. i have a lot of respect for the young lady. she is very talented. but i really don't want to have a strong opinion about how it wept down for her and what those
5:57 am
issues are because the rules are changing every day in our world. athletics is looked upon totally different than it was when i was competing. so just going to reserve it. i really, really want to see her compete. >> i want to see her compete. everyone wants to see her compete. that was going to be one of the highlights. so it's so incredibly, you know, disappointing that that happened. butte but teresa, thank you so much. it's very much an exciting time. we're on a will roller coaster here with this simone biles news. we appreciate you discussing it with us. moments from now, the first hearing by the committee that is investigating the january 6th attack is going to be getting under way. four officers expected to testify about what they saw. stand by for that.
5:58 am
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good morning, i'm jake tapper. for ow viewers in the united states and around the world, welcome to cnn's special live coverage. we're minutes way from major first step in the search for truth and the first high profile public hearing, the house select committee investigating the january 6th asemented insurrection. we'll hear the emotional testimonies of four law enforcement officers who are on front lines defending the capitol and democracy on that day. the officers expected to recount the vicious physical attacks they experienced by the pro trump rioters. they were beaten with flag poles, crushed in doorways, tazed, dragged by the violent mom mob along with their harrowing testimonies, the km the expected to show never before seen videos depicting the violence if that


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