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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 27, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman, a good morning to viewers in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, july 27th. a chilling warning from the head of the cdc as coronavirus cases surge. >> we're heading into a rough time. it's likely if our trajectory is similar to that in the united kingdom that we could see as many as 200,000 cases a day,
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four times our current rate within another four to six weeks. >> now, the seven-day average of new cases keeps rising. it is now over 55,000. for context here, one month ago, it was under 12,000. a growing number of cities and government agencies are taking action. there's new york's mayor announcing that all city workers will be required to get vaccinated or to be tested once a week. and california's governor is doing the same. the v.a. is nmandating its fron line health care workers be vacc vacc vaccinated. >> the department of justice mandated it's legal even if they have only emergency use authorization, this could be a precursor for federal agents joining suit. the cities of provincetown, massachusetts, and savannah, georgia, are announcing requirements for indoor masking.
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florida now the epicenter of the surge. cases have tripled in the past few weeks in every county in the state now has high levels of community transmission. now, cnn's randi kaye visited a florida hospital in jacksonville that's now really in crisis mode, randy, and i understand people there are more or less begging at this point for the vaccine. >> they absolutely are, and you will hear from some of them in a moment, john, but this hospital i visited, baptist medical center in jacksonville where nearly 100% of their new covid patients are unvaccinated. they're getting new patients every day, and even if they are eligible for the shot, they didn't get it. that's why they're in the hospital now fighting to survive. >> the increase started happening so quickly, and it's multiplying so fast every single day, we can't open up beds fast enough to meet the demand. >> we met chief nursing officer tammy daniel in jacksonville's baptist medical center on one of the hospital's covid floors
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where those battling covid are kept in special rooms, reserved for patients with infectious diseases. baptist is treating 389 covid patients. that's an increase of about 11% from last week. 83 of the patients are in the icu and on ventilators fighting to survive. baptist says more than 99% of the infected patients here are not vaccinated. and dr. michelle akeno says those getting sick are younger too. >> i admitted a perfectly healthy 19-year-old woman, a perfectly healthy 25-year-old. you're seeing these healthy people that are walking around saying i don't need a vaccine, i'm fine, if i get covid, i'll be fine, and that's not true. with the delta variant, that's not true. >> our average age right now is at the 50-year-old mark, and we are seeing patients infected with serious respiratory
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problems as young as in their 30s. >> and once patients are seriously ill it's too late to get the vaccine until they recover, but that hasn't stopped many for begging for it. >> we're getting ready to intubate which means putting them on a ventilator, and they say if i get the vaccine now could i not get on the ventilator. they're begging for it, they're desperate because they're gasping for air. they can't breathe, they are scared. they feel like they are going to pass away. >> in room 434, we find francis francisca who tells me her whole family has covid. none of them got the vaccine. >> i have shortness of breath. i feel sorry about not getting a vaccine. >> reporter: you're sorry you didn't get the vaccine. do you think you would be here if you had gotten the vaccine? >> no. >> reporter: down the hall, this patient is also unvaccinated.
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>> you were more concerned about the vaccine than the disease, and now you say you regret it. >> exactly. that's correct. that's right. >> reporter: you wish you had gotten the vaccine? >> yes. >> reporter: you probably wouldn't be here. >> exactly. >> reporter: same story for marco, he's 49, unvaccinated, ful fully regrets not getting the vaccine when his doctor offered it. frustration is high among staff since they know it doesn't have to be this way. >> have you lost patients? >> we have all lost paretients the last few weeks. when you see somebody who's 39, healthy, didn't get vaccinated, usually not a great reason, and they come in here and die from complications of covid. >> reporter: at that hospital, john, patients are younger, they're sicker and they're staying in the hospital longer on average, more than eight days, but what they're really
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concerned about also at that hospital, john, are the children. right now, they have 11 children who are covid positive in that hospital, one of them seriously ill in the icu, john. >> randi, what a tragic situation, as they all know, a situation that did not, does not need to be happening right now. thank you so much for that report. >> so how far should the biden administration go on requiring federal employees to get the covid vaccine. let's discuss this with melody butler, who's a registered nurse, and founder of the group nurses who vaccinate, and professor of law at uc hastings college of law, and studies legal and policy issues related to vaccines. dorit, starting with you here first, you know the news, the justice department says federal law allows businesses and agencies to mandate the covid vaccine even if it only has emergency use authorization rather than full approval.
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i wonder if you agree. let's just start with not k whether it's a good idea, but let's start with the legal assessment. >> i think the legal assessment was spot on. the question was the law has a provision that says you have to inform the recipients they can accept or refuse a vaccine and it was a debate among legal scholars whether that means you can't mandate. the office of legal counsel rightly said this is what you need to tell recipients, not whether you can mandate or not, and i think that's a very compelling statement. >> so let's get to melody, if this is a good idea. do you think that mandating the vaccine for federal employees is the right move, and you are someone who believes it should be mandated for health care workers. what about federal employees? >> thank you so much for having me here this morning. so we signed on, nurses to vaccinate signed on with 50 other national health care organizations just to support
3:07 am
health care workers because we believe it's ethical, it's effective and it's going to be saving lives. when it comes to mandating for federal workers, it's all about a risk assessment. right now we strongly support the mandate for health care workers because they are the most at risk. that's where the most at risk clientele is, and we want to make sure we're protecting our staff and colleagues and patients. >> and what about once this is fully approved, do you think the businesses will be on firmer ground and not just legally but also in how their decisions are perceived publicly if they're requiring the vaccine for people. >> yes, to both. we have a long history of requiring approved vaccines. health care facilities are requiring influenza vaccine and other vaccines for many years, and although they have to give some exceptions, that has been upheld by the courts multiple times. it's completely legal to require a vaccine in the workplace. the only question was is it also true for an ua vaccine. >> melody you have heard from
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nurses who are not in favor of the covid vaccine, right? >> correct. that is correct. sorry, go on. >> no, so, i mean, and we have been through this before when we had previous outbreaks of the h1n1 outbreak, new vaccines come on to the market and were made available. we had vaccine hesitancy in the nursing community, he can community, and what we need to do is focus on education, and when that doesn't work and when you're losing staff and seeing such a critical surge such as we're seeing in florida, we need to take more action. so by placing these mandates into effect, you know, they're going to be saving lives in the long run, and it's all about protecting our communities. health care workers, we have a moral obligation to model good health care, and make sure we advocate for everyone to get it, even our colleagues, we need to
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make sure we're doing our best with that. >> having heard from nurses who aren't sure if they want the covid vaccine, do you think that full approval of the vaccine by the fda would change their minds or some of the minds of people you have spoken with? >> it's going to play a part. what's going to change someone's mind is having that one on one discussion, having that access to educational resources. you know, there's so much exposure to the misinformation, whether it's happening online, whether it's happening from somebody you work with. maybe it's the neighbor down the street who shares a scary story with you. it's all about people having access to someone they trust and have a good report when they have vaccine questions and concerns. what we aim to do with nurses who vaccinate, and voices for vaccines and shot at life, we make sure we're accessible to answer the questions, whether they're coming from a nursing colleague or our neighbor down the block. we want to make sure people have access to evidence-based information to help make good
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decisions that hopefully down the road lead to them getting vaccinated. it's all about trusting the process and making sure people understand the science behind the vaccines and understanding that these vaccines are safe, they are effective and they will save lives but only when they're being used. >> it's so essential as we look at the vaccination numbers. melody, dorit, thank you so much to the both of you for this information. new this morning, the man donald trump refers to as my bush, now he could call him my diss. george p. bush who is running for attorney general in texas has spent weeks desperately, adamantly, passionately prostrating himself before the former president, kissing the ring or the latin equivalent in an apparent effort to win trump's endorsement. this of course is particularly notable since trump has spent years attacking the bush family and brutalizing george p.'s
3:11 am
father, jeb bush but no humiliation was too much to forsake his family in the name of politics. bush met with trump recently in new york, tweeted out this picture. there was a campaign koozie made. when there's a koozie you know it's serious, and some cultures, i think that's a binding legal agreement. a source tells cnn that during one meeting that bush had with trump, trump assured him that he would stay out of the attorney general race but this source also noted that was never going to happen, and you know what, it didn't, overnight, trump announced that he is backing ken paxton in the race for attorney general. humiliation complete. another source compared the situation to this. >> this time i'm going to kick that football clear to the moon.
3:12 am
>> isn't it peculiar, charlie brown, how some traditions fade away. >> charlie brown should have known better. >> everyone on earth saved charlie brown in this case, and charlie brown is a metaphor for george p. everyone on earth knew what was going to happen, except for apparently george p. bush. i don't know what you do with the koozies. >> those are collectors items. i'll take one. you'll take one. they're lovely. >> there is one way to say maybe george p. knew he was never going to get the endorsement, was trying to get trump to stay out of the race or if trump endorsed paxton, his opponent, at least beg trump not to attack him personally. i don't know. >> i have no idea. i think he's just really in trouble with trump having endorsed packsxton. we have said this before, blood is thicker than water but it's
3:13 am
not thicker than kool-aid, and i think this one is particularly embarrassing for all of the terrible things that donald trump said about the bush family that i don't know how george p. bush ever thought that he could somehow be disconnected from that being jeb bush's son. i just don't see that. he wanted to make a big deal in this race about paxton's character. right? he had been indicted, accused by top aides of bribery, yet the character that i think got drawn, you know, brought into question was actually george p. bush's. >> maybe george p. needs to get a new koozie which says my bush, which is what donald trump calls him. >> i love it. next it's a big day for answers on the attack on the u.s. capitol. new details about who and what lawmakers will see in the first hearing for the january 6th committee. plus, former senator barbara
3:14 am
boxer attacked and mugged on the street. new information on her condition and president biden's infrastructure deal hits a roadblock. a democratic pollster warns that democrats shouldn't get too greedy.
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3:19 am
expect the democrats are going to push back on republican arguments that this was a loving crowd, a couple of tourists out for a walk. >> in just hours, the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection will hold its first hearing. >> our democracy is on thin ice, and one of the things that i hope that we will shed light on is how our country got to this point as well as how we got to january 6th. >> tensions are rising within the gop, with congresswoman liz cheney, and congresswoman adam kinzinger facing the brunt of anger for accepting a seat on the committee, while some want to see mccarthy punish the two for serving on the committee. >> some republicans have been saying that the gop should play at home this committee. >> who is that, adam and liz? >> aren't they kind of like pelosi republicans. >> the two remain unmoved
3:20 am
standing behind their decision to participate. >> we have important work to do. and i think that's pretty childish. >> to call members of congress by childish names like donald trump used to do is par for the course. if the conference decides or kevin decides they want to punish, you know, liz cheney and i for getting to the bottom and telling the truth, i think that probably says more about them than it does for us. >> reporter: monday night, mccarthy brought a vote to the house floor, attempt to go block pelosi from withholding his original republican picks from the committee. the motion failed. with both cheney and kinzinger voting against mccarthy. >> the problem isn't that there's republicans serving on the committee, the problem is who picked the republicans and the republicans that are picked. there's a special level of disdain across the country for those two, as even compared to some of the democrats on the committee. >> the country realizes they have a lot to hide, and they
3:21 am
don't want us to get to the truth. we're going to get to the truth, and we have a strong bipartisan committee right now. >> reporter: the committee is expected to present never before seen video footage of the attack today, and will feature the testimony from four law enforcement officers. officer michael finone who was tased with his own taser and suffered a heart attack that day will testify. another officer, harry dunn will also appear. he's publicly spoken about the racial slurs he and other black officers heard from rioters. >> here we are giving so much, and putting our lives on the line to protect democracy and keep it, and we're being called racial slurs, traitors. >> reporter: and democrats are supposed to have just about three hours to complete this committee hearing. the goal, of course, is to have high impact in what they're talking about today. after this hearing, we expect that they are going to spend a couple of weeks really trying to
3:22 am
identify where they want to go next in this investigation. john. >> lauren, stay with us. we're also going to bring in phil mud, our cnn counter terrorism analyst to talk about this. what are you expecting today? how do you see this day fitting into this larger investigation? >> you got to look at this as two pieces, what happened and what do you do about it. typically in a committee, you want to focus on how do we improve how the u.s. government operates. in the current environment, you have to do the emotional set up. you have to have the people on camera to explain this was not a bunch of polite protesters. this is a violent riot. the set up is today, and you're going to move on to the tictoc, the time line of how people were deployed, and what we can do to improve it, past and future. today is the past. >> i have to say, i'm fascinating to see how liz cheney, and adam kinzinger will be used. i don't mean to suggest they're being manipulated by the democrats here but what role exactly they're going to play
3:23 am
during these hearings. >> look, i was fascinated yesterday because there was a prep session on capitol hill, and this is the first time i can remember republicans and democrats prepping together for one committee. >> never heard of anything like this. >> exactly. so we expect that whiccheney is going to have an opening statement, and you can expect her to lean heavily on the fact that it doesn't matter if you have an r or d behind your name, what happened on january 6th, getting to the bottom of what caused what happened on january 6th, that is the work that everyone in the u.s. congress should be doing. you are seeing right now that republicans are going after kinzinger, they're going after cheney, they do not care. they do not care if this is the end of their political career. they think this is the right thing to do. expect them to lean heavily on that today in the hearing. >> do you think there will be any daylight between liz cheney and adam kinzinger and the democrats, if we closed our eyes and listened to what they were saying, would we be able to tell if they were a democrat or republican.
3:24 am
>> i think today is about officers on the front line. i don't think it matters if you're a republican or democrat. if you start to talk about what led up to this event, there may be differences in how republicans and democrats talk about potentially the time line there, whether or not this was just republican political violence. you have heard republicans in the past argue that there are events from that summer that maybe contributed to this in some way. maybe you'll see a difference there. when it comes to respecting the officers and the people who put their lives on the line, i don't expect much daylight at all. >> phil, what question do you want answered. if not today, over the next several days and weeks here. >> let me give you a simple explanation of what's going to be a bunch of spaghetti, and that is air gap. there was a time line including by the head of the national guard, about the air gap of when he requested people, and when people showed up to provide support for the capitol police. was that air gap caused by political interfeerence and was
3:25 am
that appropriate. let's move on from the past and is there something we can do to prevent air gaps like that in the future. >> we have seen republicans like marjorie taylor greene, and paul gosart, coming out on the side of rioters, calling them prisoners, what do you think of that. >> one of the problems with this country is people don't have passports, one of the most fundamental things we have is the rule of law, you can go to school, the grocery store, your church without having the law applied differently to different people. the law says that hundreds of people did wrong. they breached the capitol, they should be charged. respect for the rule of law is primal, and i find that disturbing that people say political interference should define the law, not lawyers and judges and juries. >> it's situational for these
3:26 am
po politicians, the rule of law. >> if someone takes federal property by using a chair and crus cru crushing a window, how many facts do you want. you're going to jail. politicians don't decide who gets charged. >> and i think there's going to be republican counter programming today. i would be interested to know if kevin mccarthy was aware or in any way contributed to what they're going to do today because they are trying to have their own republican leadership press conference with the five members he wanted to seat and then decided not to seat because pelosi rejected two of them. he has his own counter programming plans. i don't think marjorie taylor greene's plans are in any way what kevin mccarthy was talking about. >> who will get more attention. lauren, phil, thank you so much to both of you. ahead a conservative radio host regrets not taking the vaccine as he fights for thiz l -- his life in a battle with covid. a big celebration in alaska,
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>> awesome, john, 17-year-old girl living the olympic dream and born on leap day 2004, lydia jacoby is technically only 4 years old, the first olympic swimmer from alaska has won gold medal in the 100 meter breaststroke, the daughter of two tour boat captains. she learned to swim so she could stay safe. there's one 50 meter pool in the entire state of alaska, so she has had to train on 25 meter pools at times during the yearlong pandemic delay. her family moved two hours away to anchorage to find an open pool. she doesn't think she would have been ready had the games gone on in time. she grew in that extra year, and the people back home who were growing with them, look at this, one of the best videos of the olympics so far, a watch party turned to a whole new level. lydia making her home state and her home nation proud. now, just days after lighting the caldron at the opening
3:33 am
ceremony, naomi osaka's olympics are over. the four time major champ eliminated in straight sets from the czech republic. this was osaka's first tournament since withdrawing for her mental health. she said afterwards, i don't know how to cope with that pressure. how disappointed am i? i'm disappointing with every loss, but this one sucks more than the others. and just minutes from now, one of the crown jewels of the summer games, the women's gymnastics team final, simone biles and looking for a three-peat. the americans were more than a point behind the russian olympic athletes in qualifying but all of those scores are erased now, so biles and her squad are looking to bounce back, and take gold. finally, america's carissa moore bringing home the first ever gold medal in women's surfing, the four time world champ from hawaii started surfing on wi khaki beach with
3:34 am
her dad when she was 5 years old. she went to the same school barack obama attended growing up an oahu. lydia jacoby, 17 years old, her team's shining example of the youth movement in these games. she's one of eleven teenagers swimming for team usa. ten of them are women. >> the reaction from alaska was one of the coolest things. we were sitting here watching that. that's one of the coolest things i've seen. >> it's one of the things where i kind of tear up a little because i'm so happy as my face scrunches up watching them. >> and lydia jacoby, she finishes the race, and the hundred meter races are quick. she gets to the end and realizes she's won, what, me. it was really cool. >> she defeated lili king of the u.s. took bronze, the world record holder. a huge upset and moment for her, her family and as you can see,
3:35 am
all of alaska. >> great to see you. thank you so much. >> you too. a conservative radio host changing his tune on the coronavirus vaccine as he fights for his life after getting the virus. his brother joins us next. plus, police chiefs in america are going off on the crime surge in big cities as we learn former senator barbara boxer was attacked in th e
3:36 am
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3:39 am
street. conservative radio host phil valentine had been a skeptic on the coronavirus vaccine for months but now he feels differently, why, he got covid bad. he's now hospitalized himself. the family put out a statement saying quote phil contracted the covid virus a little over a week ago and has since been hospitalized and is in very serious condition, suffering
3:40 am
from covid pneumonia and the attendant side effects. phil regrets not being more vehemently pro vaccine and looks forward to being able to rigorously advocate that position as soon as he is back on the air which we all hope will be soon. phil's brother mark valentine joins me now. thank you so much for being with us. i understand your brother is feeling at least a little better over the last day or so. give me a quick update. >> well, the update is that he is better than he was. i have not gotten the report this morning but i expect to have it anytime now. he is alert when he's not sleeping, which they encourage. when he's not sleeping he's, you know, communicative and talkative as you might imagine, and you know, a day or two ago he was, you know, sitting up on his computer, you know, and told susan, he said, you know, i don't know what the doctors are telling you, but i'm telling you i'm getting better. so we hope that that trajectory
3:41 am
continues. it has been described to me as a non-linear recovery, which i think the layperson's translation is roller coaster. >> so how bad did it get and how scared was he and frankly were you and the rest of the family? >> we were terrified and petrified, it was as bad as it gets. i mean, there were very very serious questions about whether or not he would survive. it could not have been any worse as far as i can tell, and, you know, it certainly changed my position on this whole thing, as it did his. >> talk to me about that. it basically scared you straight, right, you went out and got the vaccine, why? >> i went directly to the walmart and got the vaccine and said, you know, you pick the arm, i don't care, just do it. and it occurred to me that -- and it has occurred to him that,
3:42 am
you know, my purpose for being on here this morning is to try to encourage people to take the politics out of this whole equation and go get the vaccine and, you know, quit worrying about the politics and the conspiracies and all that sort of stuff, and, you know, if phil were able to tell you that's what he would tell you, and when he gets back to the microphone, that's exactly what his position is going to be. the very short assessment of this is he got it wrong. and he wants to do everything he can to make sure that as many people get vaccinated as can, and i'm happy to report this morning that we're getting dozens of people that are writing in saying, you know, as a result of this we went and got the vaccine. i was reading something right before we came on the air where a fellow says, you know, i was down getting the vaccine and the guy beside me said do you listen to phil valentine, and he said yeah, that's why i'm here too. we want as many people as can
3:43 am
hear my voice this morning to put the politics aside and go get the vaccine. >> that's great. listen, last question, why do you think you and phil got it wrong? >> i think that there is a crisis of confidence in the country that this thing has been politicized and it shouldn't be. i think people are having a very difficult time trying to decipher who's telling them the truth. everybody seems to have an agenda, and it is something that we need to look at as a society and try to figure out a way to separate public health issues from the political arena, and that's what i'm trying to do this morningm. this is not the time for politics. i would be happy to come back on sometimes and talk about the politics of this, but my purpose this morning is to try to tell everybody to just get quit questioning everything and get the vaccination. >> listen, mark, thank you so
3:44 am
much for delivering that message. we're glad phil, your brother, will be delivering that message. give our best to him. i'm glad he's doing well. thank you for the work you're now doing. >> i appreciate the opportunity, and hopefully we can have him on where i'm sitting very soon. >> let's do it. it's a date. >> you bet. >> thanks, mark. coming up, exclusive details about the probe into the assassination of haiti's president, some investigators are now receiving death threats. plus, former senator barbara boxer attacked and mugged in the street. we have some new information on how she is doing. tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can! this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. popour a cap of downy unstopabls into your washing machine before each load and enjoy frfresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks.
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we have exclusive cnn
3:49 am
reporting this morning about attempts to block investigators from learning who killed haiti's president, including death threats to multiple haitian officials. cnn's matt rivers recently returned from puerto -- port-au-prince haiti, and he joins us live. what is happening here, matt? >> reporter: that's a good question. it has been three weeks since the president of haiti was killed, and who killed him and why has become an all consuming question on the island. it appears, for some investigating who took the president's life, they are risking their own lives to do so. cnn has obtained a copy of a previously unseen formal complaint filed with haiti's national police in which several haitian court clerks, key figures in criminal investigations detail the death threats they have received in the past few weeks. hey, clerk, you can wait for a bullet in your head. they gave you an order and you keep on doing
3:50 am
[ bleep ] read one text message. angry that the clerk has not followed whom and what to investigate. the threats to be one example of consistent patterns of intimidation and a failure to follow procedure throughout the investigation into the president's death. cnn has spoken to multiple sources close to the investigation who detailed what they believe are clear attempts to block investigators and therefore the public from finding out more about who killed the president and why. starting a few hours after the assassination, at 7:00 a.m. outside the presidential residence. sources tell cnn multiple court clerks were kept outside a police perimeter for more than three hours after arriving, even while other law enforcement was inside. normally experts on haiti's legal system say clerks enter a crime scene right away to officially document evidence and to take statements from key witnesses, per haitian law. it's unclear why in this case they were delayed but when they eventually did make it into the
3:51 am
presidential residence just down the street behind me, sources tell us that not one of the roughly two dozen or so guards present at the time of the assassination were still there, meaning no witness statements were immediately taken. later on that day, there was a fierce gunfight between haitian security forces and some of the alleged assassins at this building. multiple suspects were killed, all of whom were colombian. court clerks were not immediately allowed into the shootout scene which would have been filled with evidence, including we're told, the bodies of the dead colombians. in an official document filed with haiti's top prosecutor, clerks describe examining the bodies not here at the shootout site but here outside of an office building just down the road. that suggests the bodies had been removed from the crime scene before being processed. no official explanation of why that happened was given. >> where is the leadership of haiti? >> a few days later, authorities zero in on this man, christian
3:52 am
emanuel, as someone who allegedly recruited and helped organize some of these men seen here, the large group of colombians and americans haitian officials allege carried out this crime. we haven't heard from them publicly. a source close to the investigation says sonan told investigators he is innocent. it was around this time the anonymous phone calls started. according to the official complaint filed by police obtained by cnn clerks received multiple threatening phone calls telling them to stop investigating two suspects in the case, and remove them from their reports. according to the complaint, the calls were followed by this text message quote they told you to stop going around searching people's houses in the president assassination case and you refused. you have been told to take out two names, and you refused. we're watching you. sources close to the investigation tell us the clerks were also told to add unrelated names to their reports, people who had no clear connection to the crime. it's unclear who made any of the calls or sent the text messages.
3:53 am
and then there's what happened with the fbi. special agents from the bureau invited in by haiti's government went to the presidential residence about two weeks ago to collect evidence. sources tell us the agents managed to find a lot, including the megaphone used here. >> everybody back up. stand down. >> this is from the night of the assassination where one of the suspects is keeping people away from the scene claiming it was a d.e.a. operation, something the agency, and haitian officials denied it was. sources tell cnn fbi agents were a little surprised to find so much evidence still at the crime scene, and left wondering why haitian authorities hadn't already collected it. those sources added they do expect the fbi will have continued access to evidence that they requested. now, cnn reached out to multiple government agencies for comment on this story and we only heard back from one person, haiti's top prosecutor who said he would try and get investigators more
3:54 am
protection moving forward. overall, not a very reassuring response from haitian government officials. >> no, that is certain. matt rivers, thank you so much. so florida now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, but the governor defiant about any new restrictions. >> plus, former president trump snubbing another member of the bush family. should he have seen this coming? centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to c conqr your day. try centrum multlti gummies. now with a new look. only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner.
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wonka, digital workflows for it tell us this machine needs updating... kids don't really have records anymore... but it tastes better on vinyl... servicenow. police in oakland, california, are launching an investigation after former u.s. senator barbara boxer was assaulted and robbed on the street on monday. the 80-year-old boxer tells cnn affiliate kpix that she wasn't physically hurt. she was shaken up. the male suspect pushed her, forcefully took her cell phone and fled in a waiting car. boxer says he was very young, likely didn't know who she was, and oakland police are offering a reward now of up to $2,000 for information that leads to an arrest in this case. obviously an example of what's going on around the country right now.
3:59 am
obviously we have seen crime, violent crime rising in cities and we're starting to hear from police chiefs who are fed up with what they have been seeing around the country. do we or do we not have the sound of this. okay. later in the show, we'll play you sound from police chiefs who are awfully upset about what they're seeing, and they're saying the justice system is lets citizens down at this point. >> i think they feel like their hands are kind of tied behind their backs, right, they're having a difficult time obviously confronting this issue. they're the ones facing the pressure for it, and clearly they feel they should not be the only ones bearing this burden, so we'll be talking about that. "new day" continues right now. i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar on this new day, a stark new warning about coronavirus from the former head of the cdc. as staff at a florida hospital say their unvaccinated patients are now begging for shots. and then these bipartisan infrastructure talks, they're actually reaching a critical
4:00 am
moment here in washington. is this bill going to make it to the president's desk. >> the humiliation of george p. bush after apparently begging for an endorsement from donald trump, he didn't get it. why didn't he see this coming? and fresh off his trip to space, he wants more. jeff bezos is now setting his sights on the moon with an aggressive new move. all right. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is tuesday, july 27th. coronavirus cases exploding and the former director of the cdc warnings that the next month and a half is going to be painful. >> we're heading into a rough time. it's likely if our trajectory is similar to that in the united kingdom that we could see as


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