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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  July 26, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> if he only sold the truth about the vaccine, the way he does the lie about the election. brother kos tas, thank you. >> there you have it. you have gotten me in trouble, again. somewhere, some precinct or other. i don't know. >> the mistake was coming on the show. after that, it is all on me. be well. bob costas, thank you very much. we will be right back with the handa handoff. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase.
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all right. thank you very much for the
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opportunity. i hope you know it's all coming from a good place, and i hope you understand that we got to talk to each other. don lemon, the big star, with d"don lemon tonight," even if h doesn't get the show name right, starts right now. >> well, um, i don't know. i'm sure a lot of people are not going to agree with this but don't get the vaccine? you can't go to the supermarket. don't have the vaccine? can't go to the ball game. don't have the vaccine? can't go to work. don't have the vaccine? you can't come here. no shirt, no shoes, no service. that's where i think we should be right now because we continue to waste our breath on people who are just not going to change. they're -- you know, the circular logic. they just keep going back and saying, well, it's my freedom. it's whatever. i'm free. well, your kid's not free to give other kids meningitis in schools. got to take the vaccine to do that. got to take vaccines into order to get -- to be employed. so, what is the big deal? and all these people are saying, i don't want to put this stuff in my body.
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they're out drinking, on the weekend and putting other substances in their bodies that's way worse than a vaccine so, come on, let's be real. >> yeah, look. there are people, who have health exception. i think they are the very pronounced minority. this is about something else. something just as toxic as the virus. now, my hope is that people, on the right, and trumpers changing their tune. whether it's steve scalise or sean hannity or these other guys starting to get more quiet about it. that, that may make a difference. they are aware that they don't want to wind up like trump. where you misplay a pandemic. it's demonstrably false, what you said. and you lose. they don't want the midterms to look like this election did for trump. and that's why you are seeing that narrative shift. hopefully, it makes a difference because, again, this is a situation where it's got to be reasonable. the science is there. unless you are one of the people who are immune compromised, it makes a difference for you. and even though, don, the congressman in florida didn't
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know this. the vaccine isn't just to keep me from getting less sick from the variant. it mitigates, it reduces my ability to give it to you. >> yeah. >> you -- i still might. but it's less and that's why you get it. >> well, that congressman lost me, when he said his wife had it and his kids had it. and i went -- hello? hello. it's just -- it makes no sense. it makes absolutely zero sense to -- and listen. this is not just -- actually, it's not a left-and-a-right thing. because the former president politicized it. that's who politicized it. nobody else was saying you got to get this because joe biden said. no one did that. the trump folks did that. that's who politicized this. the propaganda-news network politicized this. that's who politicized it. so, i -- it's -- it shouldn't be left or right. but for some reason, getting a vaccine has become that. and i don't -- i really don't --
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i really don't understand. there is no logic to it. it's not about freedom. it's not about anything. it's really about common sense, and about keeping your fellow man, your fellow american, safe and alive. and especially, kids, who are now getting it now. i got to tell you, though, before -- before i let you go. there's no, better example than i have, coming up, with ashley and scott owen. they were vaccine resistant. and didn't want to do it. they went to -- they had a party for july 4th. both got sick. both ended up in the hospital. one of them is, still, on oxygen. and they're going to join me, in just a few minutes. they show us exactly where we are, in this country. now, they are saying, everybody, go get vaccinated. >> the cautionary tales. we just don't need to have people go through that, in order to arrive at a conclusion that they could have made, before. >> and this is where we are. this is what i am doing, now. i'm masking up and i'm fully vaccinated and a lot of people are having to do it. >> well, that may be required in a lot more places, really soon, unless we get straight with this vaccine. and even if we do, it may be
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that way. anyway, i love you. >> all right. thank you very much, i i will see you later. this is "don lemon tonight." thank you for watching. we thought we were coming out of this on the other side like oh, we are coming out of this. we could have been having a largely covid-free summer without masks, right? without these things. back to normal activities. back to work. getting ready for back to school. but, no. free of fear. free of senseless death. for those who love to talk about their freedoms, how does that sound? the pandemic of the unvaccinated soars, more and more of us will see mandates. it's already happening in states and cities now. maybe, even yours. california, gavin newsom today calling out the right-wing echo chamber of vaccine misinformation in the midst of urgent attempts to reach unvaccinated people. >> we are exhausted. respectfully, exhausted by the ideological prism that too many americans are living under.
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we're exhausted by the ron johnsons and the tucker carlsons. we are exhausted by the marjorie taylor greenes. we're exhausted by the right-wing echo chamber, that has been perpetuating misinformation around the vaccine and its efficacy and safety. we're exhausted by the politicalization of this pandemic and that includes mask wearing that has been equated to the holocaust. it's disgraceful. it's unconstitutional -- it's unconscionable and it needs to be called out. >> and it's uniquely american problem. harry enten, had the facts up earlier on chris's show. uniquely, american problem. so what is happening here? it's being politicized. by the right. that's the truth. the fact -- fact is there are far too many, on the right, who are willing to tell vaccine-resistant americans, exactly, what they want to hear. willing to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories. and look at what happens, as a result. let's look at just one state, in this case, and that's arkansas. okay? where the republican governor of arkansas, asa hutchinson, along with the top doctor, got booed
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on his trip around the state trying to convince constituents to get vaccinated. booed for telling the truth. >> does this impact fertility? well, the answer is no and that's been the data. but they -- doctor, do you want to answer that? >> so, at this point in time, there is no evidence -- >> you shut down from telling their stories. >> but this is the same governor, hutchinson, who told our jake tapper that he approved a statewide ban on mask mandates because people are capable of making their own decisions. >> at that point, we had very low-case rates in arkansas. and people knew exactly what to do. they were capable of making their decisions. >> hmm, well, now, here we are. and then, there is trump white
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house press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders, running to replace governor hutchinson, by the way. in an op-ed, trying to convince vaccine resistant -- the vaccine resistant to roll up their sleeves. she mentions her former boss no less than 14 times and says, and i quote here, it is clear that the trump vaccine works and is saving lives. is that what it's going to take to -- to get people vaccinated? like trump vodka or trump steaks or trump airlines? all right. then, look, so be it. you have to coddle people, or you got to do that. we're adults here. let's hope it works. and we are just hours away from the first hearing of the january 6th select committee. tomorrow's hearing, expected to last about two and a half hours with one round of questions from members. and never-before-seen police body-cam footage shown as four hero officers testify about the truth of what happened and what happened to them on one of the darkest days in this country's
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history. the truth, that gop deniers have been trying to hide for months with their lies comparing blood-thirsty rioters to tourists. calling them peaceful patriots. liz cheney, one of two republicans on the panel, along with adam kinzinger, will make an opening statement right after committee chairman bernie thompson. bennie thompson, excuse me. she talked, today, about how, in her view, this is bigger than politics. >> um, and a really important opportunity to remind everybody about the necessity of accountability. for what happened. for making sure that it never happens, again. >> accountability. accountability. accountability. that's what all this is supposed to be about. yet, kevin mccarthy, who just days after the attack on -- on the capitol, said that the then-president bore responsibility. now, he is calling liz cheney and adam kinzinger pelosi republicans. kinzinger called that childish.
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pointed out it was republicans, actually, who killed the independent commission in the senate. listen. >> we had an opportunity for a 5-5 commission that didn't even include members of congress. then, at every junction, it kept getting blocked, despite that we negotiated the 5-5. and so, it's become obvious that there are some that just, simply, don't want answers. and that, to me, is unacceptable. >> people don't want the truth. there are some, who don't want answers. some, who are spreading lies with their talk about how the rioters hugged police. look at all that hugging right there. we all saw, with our own eyes, that they were beating police of trying to defend the seat of our democracy. >> many of the republicans in congress were the most vocal about supposedly supporting the police and law and order, are the same ones who have dismissed and downplayed the shameful events of that day. >> and as the hearing goes on tomorrow, some of those republicans who have shown they'll stop at nothing to
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whitewash the events of that day are planning a press conference outside the justice department on what they are calling the treatment of january 6th prisoners. otherwise, known as accused rioters and insurrectionists. nancy pelosi, blasting their jailhouse pressor and saying house republicans are proving, once again, that they stand with the insurrectionists, not with our law enforcement. blue lives matter, remember? after everything that happened, everything we saw on january 6th, tomorrow, we're going to hear the truth. at the capitol. the scene of the crime. four hero officers testifying. officer michael fanone, who was beaten with a flagpole, tased with his own taser, who pleaded for his life saying, i have kids. who told me whitewashing the
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lies are an assault on every officer who fought to defend the capitol. >> i'm not a politician. i'm not an elected official. um, i don't expect anybody to give two shits about my opinions. but i will say this. you know, those are lies. and peddling that bullshit is an assault on every officer that fought to defend the capitol. it's disgraceful. >> officer harry dunn, who spoke out about the racist attacks he and other black officers experienced. who told me, the lies of insurrection deniers are like a slap in the face. >> some republican lawmakers and even former -- the former president. they are trying to rewrite history saying that the riots, that they weren't that bad and that the rioters were actually antifa. um, i know you have said that this isn't political, for you. but how do you respond to them
11:15 pm
twisting the truth, like that? >> it's hurtful. it's hurtful and it's kind of, like, a slap in the face without even asking us or talking to us about what we went through. >> sergeant aquilino ganel who was beaten so badly, he thought he might die, who told me the rioters were trump supporters. >> and for them to whitewash this, like -- like i'm -- i'm making it up like somebody told me that, oh, this is why black live matters or antifa. there was no antifa there. all the people were the sea of people that were there, they were saying president trump send me here. he's our president. he send us here and we won't listen to anything that you say that day. >> officer daniel hodges.
11:16 pm
who was crushed in the doorway by rioters. >> he was able to rip away my baton, beat me with it. and, you know, he was practically foaming at the mouth. >> patriotism. law and order. freedom. liberty. these are the ideas, the republican party has long claimed to hold. what happened to them? how can they look these men in the face -- men and women in the face -- who defended them? who defended democracy, that day? they can't. some will try to cover up what happened that day to distract, to pull stunts. why do you think they wanted jim jordan on there, right? you know why. so, don't let them -- don't fall for the okeydoke. let's try to get to the truth. okay? so, let me tell you. i told you about this a little bit earlier, as i was talking to
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chris. next, you have to stick around for this. they had a party on july 4th. they were not vaccinated. he thought he had a hangover. then, he went to the hospital. testing positive for coronavirus. they're going to join me. there they are. right after the break. [sfx: rad] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. (sound of people returning to the workplace) (sound of a busy office) (phones ringing, people talking, meeting) the company we've trusted to keep us working remotely, is the same company we'll trust to bring us back together.
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going on where they live and that's in florida. nearly a quarter of all covid cases, a quarter of all-covid cases right now, in the u.s., are there, in florida. more than any, other state. less than half the people, fully vaccinated. and with cases climbing, some hospitals are bursting at the seams. my next guests, while they are at home, now, from the hospital, thankfully. they didn't get the vaccine, ended up getting sick with the virus. ashley and scott owen are here to tell their story, tonight. thank you, both. and we're not here, just so you know, we're not here to judge you. we're here to hear your story because you're like so many people in this country, right now. and you can offer some help, and guidance about what happened. so thank you, both. um, how are you doing? you're okay? >> yes, sir, doing wonderful. >> you were released from the hospital, just this weekend, right? >> yes, sir, saturday. >> yeah. um, so how -- you still have symptoms. you're still on oxygen. tell me your story and -- and
11:22 pm
what is it going to take for you to get better? do you have any idea? >> depends on my body, my lungs, how they react. of course, i'm asthmatic. i'm retired navy. um, acquiring asthma in there from some chemical so maybe that's what attacked me with the covid. the doctors don't know. i'm still on 3 liters per minute of oxygen, until we have no idea. so i do exercises, daily. so, we will -- we'll see, in the future. >> what's your exercises? >> he has a little pipe thing. >> this nice, little machine here. >> what do you have to do with that? >> it's a suction machine to build up the, i guess, the pressure in your lungs. and it, slowly, clears out whatever's going on, along with the steroids and stuff that i'm on. >> yeah.
11:23 pm
scott, we are going to talk more. i'm going to get back to you. i want to -- let's bring in ashley, now. because a, ashley, i want to go back to how this all started. so you and your husband hesitated to get the vaccine because you have been trying to get pregnant, right? but you have been hearing some misinformation about the vaccine and fertility. so tell me what you heard that made you and scott choose not to get vaccinated? >> i don't think we necessary -- we really didn't hear anything. there wasn't a yes, get it. there wasn't a, no, don't get it. it was kind of -- there was -- there's not enough information -- um -- regarding fertility. i have struggled. we have, both, struggled with fertility for -- it's been five years now. i had surgery last year af -- during covid to try and help my fertility. um, went through a very rough recovery. i didn't -- it's not that i
11:24 pm
didn't want to get the vaccine. it's not that i didn't want to protect myself. i just didn't know. um, and that's scary, whenever you really want a baby. and that's been -- it's been tough. it's not been easy. >> talk to me about that. >> it's scary. i'm 38. i see people with children. um, and it's -- it's just -- it's hard. it's scary, for me. i didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that, if i got the vaccine. what if i got the vaccine and it made me infertile? what if i got the vaccine and it didn't? but i didn't know. and not knowing is -- is the hardest part. and i think that's the hardest part for everyone. they don't know. they're scared. um -- >> did you talk to your doctors
11:25 pm
about it? >> yeah, and they said it's up to you. and -- and it -- >> can i cut in for a second? >> yeah, go ahead. >> i, personally, also, had cancer polyps found last year. and i was told that i should, and then i was told i shouldn't, from the va, from tri-care, from numerous sources. yes, no. so, there was a lot of hesitation, both directions. so, that's another thing. we're not for or against. but after going through this, we're definitely for. >> it's changed. >> sure. yeah, it has. it's -- it's changed both of our minds. i mean, it woke us up. it -- seeing him laying there. um, me being as sick as i was. i -- i, luckily, did not get it as -- as he did. but i said if it makes me
11:26 pm
infertile, if it makes him infertile, then we'll adopt. there is plenty of babies out there, that need a home. and that -- that's where we are, at this point. >> yeah. now, listen. i am going to -- you -- i'm not -- i'm glad you checked with your doctors. but from all of the medical experts that we've had on the network and we have spoken to, you know, this vaccine is just -- it's been in the works, right? this mrna vaccine has been in the works for quite a long time, before covid-19. to work on other viruses and even coronaviruses. this one is -- this, new strand is new but this isn't something. this research and this -- this form of medicine is not something that is new. um, but go on if you want to respond to that. >> understand that, too. i know that a lot of people are misinformed because they see it from both sides. they see a media outlet telling them one thing. and then, another media outlet telling them another. and i wish we could, all, just
11:27 pm
get on the same page and do this together. we don't have to have this divide. we're all americans. we, all, need to fight this, together. and that -- that was his thing. you know? he spent 20 years in the navy fighting for us. and -- and we should all fight, together. >> i couldn't agree with you, more, about we should all be on the same page and we are all americans, we are all in this together. listen, i want to talk to you guys about the party and the other people at the party who en ended up testing positive, as well. can you stick with me, scott? i don't want to interrupt anything you guys are doing. i want to take a break, and come back and speak with you guys longer. >> not a problem. >> okay. we will be right back, everyone. welcome back to milkshake mustaches, high fives and high dives. to 3-on 3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s.
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so, i am back, now, with ashley and scott owen, who hesitated to get the vaccine. then, ended up getting coronavirus. and listen. just because you guys -- as you agreed, that you said you want everybody to get on the same page and you are hearing one thing. listen. we -- we have been -- again, i'm not scolding you guys. i just want to get the right information out. okay? because people are watching and this is what we have been saying on the air and this is cnn. this is cnn fact check. there is no clear, scientific reason to think the new vaccine would cause fertility problems in adults. likewise, there is no, scientific reason to believe it would cause fertility problems in teenagers. those are the facts, regardless of how old the person is. as the data comes out, what we are seeing in these thousands of women, who took the vaccine, is that their pregnancy outcomes are no different than the population of pregnant women, who did not get one of the vaccines. there is no evidence that people have lost any fertility because of covid-19. the rumor, apparently, started with the myth that the coronavirus-spike protein, which
11:33 pm
is mimicked when you get a vaccine, also, mimics the protein on surface of placental cells. u.s. centers for disease control and prevention also said there is no link between vaccines and infertility. i want people to know the truth, ashley. so they're not -- i don't want to end up in a situation, like you guys, as i hope you understand that. >> and i -- i -- i didn't say this. but i struggle -- i have stage four endometriosis. so i have a disease that causes infertility. >> yeah. >> um, that's -- that's kind of where i was going with that. i'm sorry. >> i understand. i understand. but so let's -- i want to talk about -- so, you -- you -- scott, you had a fourth of july party. 12 people at that party ended up testing positive for coronavirus. you felt sick, immediately after that. right? >> yes, sir, on the 5th. that monday. and like i said, thought it was a hangover.
11:34 pm
thought it was just hangover slash maybe a cold or something. and laid on the couch, all day. didn't have the energy to write my wife's birthday card. so that was not my best moment. led into thursday, us getting tested at our clinic. and from there, it was, pretty much, downhill from that point on. directly, to icu, about two days after that. and then, ten days in icu, and 12 days, total, until i finally got to come home. >> so, knowing what you guys know, now, would you have done anything differently? >> gotten the vaccine. >> oh, definitely. i don't like to almost die. it's no fun. >> no, it's very scary. whenever you see someone you love right next to you. you know, deteriorating. and you're calling 9-1-1 because his oxygen levels dropped --
11:35 pm
um -- it -- it -- it really makes you realize that -- that there's nothing a couple -- that you need the vaccine. >> what do you want to say to folks who are resistant or hesitant? or that just don't want to get it? or may be ambivalent? what do you want to say? >> i mean, do your research. um, it's always your choice. but really, really think about it, and really look at a man who is 6'4", 210 pounds, stronger than any man i've ever met. can barely walk, from the couch to the backyard without getting winded. um, everything has changed, for us. our -- our lives have changed because of this virus. and we don't know how long it's going to be. we don't know if this is going to be a few months, if this is going to be years, that he is going to be dealing with this. but everyone who knows scott,
11:36 pm
knows that he is up. he is doing something. he is building something. he is moving something. he is working in something. and to see him like this, i know that a lot of our friends. we have changed a lot of their minds because they know him, and they know what kind of man he is. and have seen him get as sick as he did. >> yeah. well, scott, ashley, thank you, both. i am going to let you go, unless you have anything else you want to say. but -- and i want you to get well. both of you. >> thanks. thank you. >> thank you. keep us updated. thank you very much. >> yes, sir. thank you. so, um, they represent a lot of people in this country. and you can say what you want. like, oh, they should have known better and this -- they didn't -- okay, maybe they should have had the evidence but they didn't and a lot of people don't. so, maybe, they can be of service to you and to others who don't see the benefits gof
11:37 pm
getting the vaccine. hopefully, you will see that now. and we wish them the very best. now, let's move on to other misinformation that we want to talk about. and, that is, january 6th. officers, who defended the capitol, testifying in just hours. the investigation into the insurrection beginning. what will they find? congressman eric swalwell tells us what he expects. that's next.
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so, we are just hours away from the first hearing of the january 6th select committee. hero officers, who protected our capitol, will testify under oath for the first time. and sources tell cnn, there will be never-before-seen video from the deadly riot. joining me now, democratic congressman eric swalwell of california. representative, thank you very much. as matter of fact, i went longer with that couple so i thank you for your patience because i know you have a very busy day. >> that was an important segment, don. >> thank you, thank you. i really appreciate that and again, i appreciate your patience.
11:42 pm
listen. you were an impeachment manager for trump's second impeachment. the charge against him was inciting an insurrection. and tomorrow, the select committee's going to hear four officers who were on the front lines during the attack. what do you expect to see, congressman, and hear? >> tomorrow starts with four police officers who were on the frontline, don, fighting in hand-to-hand combat to defend the count that was taking place, and the lives that were inside. essentially, it's to make sure, animating through those officers, that january 6th is a day that is not erased from the story of america. >> you know, adam kinzinger -- um -- is now on the committee. he says that he is open to potentially calling some republican members of congress to testify. should that include kevin mccarthy and the former president, as well? >> they shouldn't be off the table. certainly, kevin mccarthy knew donald trump's mindset, as the insurrection was taking place. and what donald trump was willing to do, and most
11:43 pm
importantly, not do. but second, donald trump, as i saw as an impeachment manager, don, he incited this mob. he aimed the mob. and once the mob went to the capitol, de nhe did nothing to them. i was convinced, after that trial, that but for donald trump, that dark day never would have happened. we invited him to testify at the impeachment trial. he refused, which i think showed a consciousness of guilt for his conduct. but i hope that the select committee, with less time pressure that we had in a senate, if they think that he is a valuable, relevant witness is able to seek him. >> how much do you think this investigation -- how much do you expect it's going to focus on donald trump's role in the insurrection, versus security failures, other factors that led up to that deadly day? >> certainly, we need to know, as a democracy, how can an individual or a party or, you know, an individual's supporters have so much, you know, capability to storm the capitol,
11:44 pm
make it inside, and stop the count. so we don't want that to ever happen, again. and by the way, don, what has changed, right, we haven't -- the republicans have voted against or stopped us from having security assistance on the senate side. they're not taking up that vote. so donald trump is still around, saying that he is going to come back in august. so what has changed? so, we have to make sure we protect against this type of situation happening, again. and then, of course, we want to make sure that, in january, 2025, and future-electoral certification days, that we are better able to protect the capitol. and -- and that means a full mri has to be taken to what led up to that day. >> so, as you know, um, and i think it -- it bears repeating. people should -- we should continue to say this. the house speaker, nancy pelosi, initially, agreed to an independent 9/11-style commission, only for senate republicans to knock that down. she put two republicans on the select committee. so, for the people who say that this committee is, you know, now partisan. where does the responsibility for that lie?
11:45 pm
>> squarely, at the feet of kevin mccarthy, mitch mcconnell, who are doing the bidding of donald trump. and it's not only that we won't understand, you know, the truth about january 6th, in the most complete way, if we had a bipartisan-independent commission. and the select committee will do the best job possible, absent an independent commission. don, it's such an insult to the police officers, who you are going to hear from tomorrow. they have seen, now, in the last six months, republicans have voted against giving them the gold medal for what they did on january 6th. republicans have not voted to give the security assistance that would help us. republicans have blamed the fbi, and said it was an inside job. republican leader mccarthy refused to meet, for many months, with officer mike fanone. and then, the ultimate, you know, coup de grâce so to speak was walking away from the select committee. they have shown that to honor donald trump, you have to dishonor the police and tomorrow will be entirely about honoring
11:46 pm
the heroes of january 6th. >> we will be watching. thank you very much. so, you know who has a lot to say about this and you don't want to miss it? matthew dowd. after the break. a lot of people think dealing with copd is a walk in the park. if i have something to help me breathe better, everything will be fun and nice. but i still have bad days... flare-ups, (cough cough) which can permanently damage my lungs. my lungs need protection against flare-ups. so it's time to get real. because in the real world...
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11:51 pm
pre-ordered now on amazon. i'm waiting for the audio version, but i'm going to have to get the text so that i can read it because i really want to read it. matthew, thank you. i appreciate you joining. >> my pleasure. thank you, don. >> the gop is blasting this select committee, matthew, as partisan with the house minority leader responding with insults when asked about the two republicans who are on the committee. listen to this, and we'll talk. >> some republicans have been saying that the gop should play -- ball with this committee? >> aren't they pelosi republicans? >> okay. i think he thinks he's being cute there, right? pelosi republicans? republicans had a chance for a bipartisan commission and rejected it. did they misjudge how this would unfold? >> well, i think what they're doing is that what they're most concerned about is the truth
11:52 pm
coming out. every single thing they've done since january 6th has been evidence of people that are very scared of the truth coming out. and the funny thing is they didn't want republicans on there that would speak the truth and seek the truth. that's what's so interesting, that they've now become a caucus of the dishonest. and the two people that look like to be the most honest of that republican caucus in the house, adam kinzinger and liz cheney, who are very conservative members, republicans, are two people that want to pursue the truth regardless of partisanship, and we should all want that. >> mm-hmm. you know, as always, this story, when it unfolds as it relates to the former president, is interesting because tonight we are learning that the former president is endorsing incumbent ken paxton over george p. bush, the texas attorney general, even after bush made his support for trump the cornerstone of his message. he threw his own family under
11:53 pm
the bus. it should be a reminder, i think, to other republicans that loyalty is a one-way street for the former president? >> well, you know, it's fascinating to me. what's happened in the attorney general's race tells me two things. one, donald trump thinks the best candidate is somebody that's been under indictment, multiple indictments for the last five years, and still under indictment and has not gone to court yet. so that's his kind of republican. two is george p. bush is, you know, went out of his way to boot-lick donald trump, throw his family under the bus, and this is what he gets in return on that. people forget that a devil's bargain -- in a devil's bargain, it's not only are you dealing with the devil and not only do you not get what you wanted, the devil ultimately does what the devil's always going to do. it's amazing to me republicans still think pursuing donald trump's endorsement in this and going after it is going to somehow benefit them.
11:54 pm
donald trump is an albatross, and they have not figured that out yet. >> my colleague jamie gangle is reporting sources close to george p. bush believed this is exactly what would happen and warned him not to publicly play up to trump because trump would once again take the lead in embarrassing the bush family. that is exactly what happened. >> well, you know, sycophants sometimes can't help themselves. you know, george p. wants a higher office than land commissioner in the state of texas, here in the state of texas, and he will do anything. you know, i was somewhat surprised that he'd be willing to throw his own family under the bus after how donald trump treated jeb bush's father in this. but, you know, at this point in time, republicans don't seem to have any sort of moral code or moral compass at all. all it is pursuit of power or pursuit of some higher office, and in the end they get punished for it. that's what happened in this case. >> let's talk about this
11:55 pm
bipartisan infrastructure deal. it now appears to be crumbling with democrats and republicans pointing fingers at east other, right? this is your fault. president biden told me this at our town hall last week. watch. >> the bipartisan infrastructure deal failed. the procedural vote today, right? no. it did, but that's irrelevant. >> okay. negotiators say they need more time. >> yeah. >> they're expected to vote again on monday, but how much time do you think they need to get this done? >> till monday. look, no, i'm not being facetious. i'm not being facetious. you had up to 20 republicans sign a letter saying we think we need this deal. >> i got to say it didn't happen today the way he said. so what happens if the president's bet on bipartisanship falls apart? this is a continuation of a conversation that we've been having. >> well, i'm hopeful and i hope that this infrastructure bill can get through because our bridges are crumbling, our roads
11:56 pm
are crumbling. our infrastructure across america is crumbling. it's unreal that the richest country in the world at this point in time in the 21st century can't rebuild their bridges in this. i have been saying to you, and i know we have had this conversation. bipartisanship should not be the goal. bipartisanship is a process to get to a goal. the goal should be the truth. the goal should be what's best for america. if bipartisanship works towards that goal, great. if it's a block to that goal, forget bipartisanship. and when you have almost an entire republican caucus who just seeks to block anything that joe biden wants to do, whether it's from the commission that we just talked about to investigate what happened on 1/6, to everything else, is you can't have bipartisanship with a person in a relationship who you can't trust. the republican party cannot be trusted in america today. >> matthew dowd, thank you, my friend. i'll see you soon. >> thanks, don. >> thank you. covid hospitalizations more than doubling over the past three weeks, and now the vaccine
11:57 pm
mandates are beginning. stay with us.
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