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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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24th. in total, 98 people, 98 people died in the collapse. our deepest condolences to their families. may they rest in peace and may their memories be a blessing. erin burnett "out ffront" starts right now. "outfront" next the breaking news republicans demanding pelosiccarthy's picks. insults they are calling childish tonight. plus, the first federal agency mandating vaccines after the nation's largest city and largest state announce vaccine requirements. is this just the beginning? quote, somebody is going to get killed. that's a chilling warning after trump's national security advisor said he might use a semi automobile rifle on quote someone in d.c.
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let's go "outfront". good evening. i'm erin burnett, "out front "tonight the breaking news, house republicans demanding nancy pelosi seat mccarthy's picks for the january 6th committee. the two republicans pelosi v vetoed was jim jordan. >> the facts are how do you insight a breach of the capitol when it was already planned. how do you incite a riot when the breach happened before the president completed the speech. there was no language that provoked them or got them incited in what form whatsoever. >> jim pranks who said after he was tapped to the comcommittee, nancy pelosi created this c committee to justify the left's agenda. okay. now, just to be clear, the move to force pelosi to seat banks and jordan is on track to get voted down. could happen any moment here but
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it a fitting end to a day of shenanigans and ugly august. kevin mccarthy lobbying insults at liz cheney and adam kinzinger joining the investigation. >> some republicans have been saying that the gop should play a role in this committee. >> who is that? adam and liz? aren't they pelosi republicans? >> let's be clear. mccarthy is the highest ranking republican in the house resorting to name calling ba because cheney and kinzinger aren't afraid to investigate the insurrection and tonight are fighting back asquingainst the r in the house. >> we are about serious business. we have important work to do and i think that's pretty childish. >> it's childish. we're doing big things right now. we're getting to the answers of the worst attack on the capitol since the war of 1812. >> childish.
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mccarthy has opinion playing games ever since the days that followed the deadly insurrection. because just to remind everybody how far we've come, this was an insurrection that mccarthy once squarely blamed on trump. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. >> kevin mccarthy said it. he said it on the floor of the house. he said it. and during trump's second impeachment trial, we learned congresswoman jamie herrera beutler said she was told by mccarthy when he talked to trump on the phone, on the day of the insurrection, he tried to get him to understand how bad it was. while these scenes were playing out on televisions across the country, she says mccarthy pleaded with trump to forcefully denounce his supporters there that day. she says mccarthy told her that trump claimed that the people that were antifa, mccarthy said
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no, they're your people. call them off. trump refused. conversation continues. herrera beutler says trump says well kevin, i guess these people are more upset about the election than you are and as the rioters pushed deeper into the capitol mccarthy there on the scene responds who the f do you think you're talking to? standing up to the president, yelling at the president, telling him the truth and telling the whole world from the floor of the house he was responsible but then things changed so quickly. mccarthy turned it into a love fest doing everything he could to get back into trump's good dw graces. he voted against impeachment on january 13th and a week later he tried to get trump off the hook for whipping up his supporters and unlearyshing them over the months trump talked about a rigged election. telling supporters about trump's role in the insurrection, i don't believe he provoked. days after that mccarthy goes down to mar-a-lago and vote
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against an indepersonandent investigation to investigate the riot. equal subpoena power and before tapping five republicans to the select committee including three open supporters of trump's big election lie, mccarthy went to visit trump at his golf resort. which brings us to tonight. we are just hours from the start of a historic hearing to investigate the insurrection. a day that will be emotional for the first time, four police officers who were there that day will detail the horrors they witnessed and suffered and they will do so under oath. they include, michael fanon, an officer dragged into the crowd and beaten and you esuffered a attack. daniel hodges. officer harry dunn said he was culled the "n" word while trying to protect the capitol and u.s. capitol police sergeant who was beaten and had his hand sliced
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open. >> and i could hear them, we going to shoot you. we're going to kill you. >> sources also telling kcnn there will be video that's never been made public of the deadly riot tomorrow. it is an important day tomorrow one at the center of partisan bickering, name calling, childishness. manu raju is live "outfront" on capitol hill. doing all he can to district from the committee before it begins. >> yeah, trying to discredit this investigation and under cut it as well and just moments ago, the house voting down this mccarthy resolution to essential recall into question and criticize the speaker for rejecting two of his selections to the select committee. jim banks and jim jordan over concerns pelosi had they would undermine the investigation themselves but this resolution mccarthy put forward on a
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218-197 vote. two republicans did join to vote to kill this resolution. those two republicans adam kinzinger, liz cheney, the same two republicans are the only ones that voted to create this commit totee to incvestigate an adpree kneed to be appointed by nancy pelosi. mccarthy will move forward to undermine and distract and discredit the investigation over the weeks ahead but they don't have subpoena power if they were to have hearings on the republican side, they lack what the democrats which, which is subpoenas that and we can expect democrats going forward if they don't get what they want to move forward with subpoenas that and hearings, as well. >> i want to make a point again, kevin mccarthy could have had that subpoena power and pelosi granted it including that power. but he rejected that committee and that's why we're here. so what is the latest you're hearing about democrats calling mccarthy or other republicans?
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mccarthy was detailing jamie herrera beutler's, you know, quotes from his phone call with the president of the united states on the day of the riot. he could be have a very important witness. >> yeah, democrats and the two republicans on the committee are open to calling mccarthy and republicans who had conversations with the white house and with donald trump, the trump white house and the runup to january 6th, adam kip nzinge i asked him today if he's willing to call republican members to testify and he said he is. we wouldn't do it to embarrass him but get answers and the committee will layout a road map for the incest gvestigation loo for areas to dig into and get documents as part of the investigation here. a long way until we get to that point but certainly an issue that's not at the table. >> manu, thank you very much. i want to go to democratic congressman jamie raskin a member of the january 6th select
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committee. i'm really grateful for your time tonight and i know you're hours away from the first hearing of the select committee. it will be important. you had republicans introduce a resolution where pelosi would be forced to seat mccarthy's vetoed picks, banks jordan for the committee and they are planning a dueling press conference to over lap with your hearing to try to minimize it as much as possible. what's your reaction to all of this? >> well, they're desperately trying to destruct and derail an investigation into what happened and you know that from the basic fact that we gave them everything they wanted in terms of five republican, five democrat, independent outside 9/11 style commission with equal subpoena authority on both sides and they blocked that. they just don't want an investigation into what really happened and i mean, it's almost getting absurd and comical all of their little diversion antics to try to distract the country from watching what we're doing.
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i think it's having the reverse effect. the country realizes they have a lot to hide and that they don't want us to get to the truth. we'll get to the truth and we have a very strong bipartisan committee right now and we're going to kick it off with law enforcement, which to me is like the moral center of gravity of the whole thing because these were hundreds of our officers on the capitol force and d.c. police force who were being beaten with baseball bats and trump flags and confederate battle flags and engaged in basically medieval style battle field tactics to try to save the democracy and to prevent them from over throwing the election, which was their purpose. so the truth is going to come out and this is a democracy and you can't have a democracy without the truth. so they can attack their own colleagues in the republican caucus. they can attack democrats but they're not going to stop us from moving forward. >> you know, you were the lead
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impeachment manager for the former president trump's second impeachment trial. now republicans are using that against you and your party regarding the committee. here is jim jordan and kevin mccarthy. >> we know what this is. this is impeachment round three. >> she appointed adam schiff and raskin. this is an impeachment committee. >> so what are you doing to do to make sure tomorrow doesn't look like another inpmpeachment hearing? >> remember, the second impeachment was about one person, donald trump and one crime, insicitement to violent insurrection, which robust bipartisan majorities found the president engaged in. so we already have as a constitutional fact that the president engaged in incitement to violent insurrection but we're looking to something much bigger than that, which is who planned it, who organized it, who mobilized it, who paid for
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it, who penbenefitted from it a where are they now and planning to do next? that's the real issue here. they want to especially disarm us from protecting the republic against right wing domestic violent extremism and that's obviously not something we'll accept. >> so let me ask you about congresswoman liz cheney. she and adam kinzinger are republicans on this committee. a source says she'll be giving an opening statement after benny thompson. look, there are a lot of issues politically where you and she do not see eye to eye, many, in fact. i know you've talked about a recent phone call where you and she formed a bond about your families. what did that tell you? what does that tell you about liz ch cheney's character? >> i liked her for a long time and she's a woman of strong integrity and character and we disagree about policy issues but
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fundamentally what we're looking for in america today is a collision of constitutional patriots that is people who will stand up for the constitutional order for elections and for democratic norms in the rule of law against this new form of domestic violent extremism and donald trump's authoritarian politics which are outside of the constitutional order. they don't accept our elections. they don't accept our constitutional rules. i think we got to solute and embrace liz cheney and congressman adam kinzinger and republicans, democrats who will stand up for american democracy. >> congressman, appreciate your time as always and thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. next, the first federal agency mandating vaccines. is there going to be more from the biden administration? plus, trump's long-time ally tom barrack breaking his silence after being charged as a foreign agent.
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for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. tonight a florida hospital warning it is bursting at the scenes with coronavirus patients and needs help. florida accounts for a quarter of the new coronavirus cases in the united states, more than any other state. daily case counts tripltripling. the virus spread is so extensive each of the 67 counties is experiencing high levels of community transmission according to the cdc. "outfront" now giff nielsen director for the prevention and issued the warning about his hospital being overwhelmed with covid patients and i'm sorry to be talking to you under these circumstances, chad. i hope your speaking will help because i know hospitalizations in florida have surged along with cases. you've been begging for more
4:19 pm
help from the federal government, from the state government. can you tell me what you're seeing in your hospitals that is different unlike anything you've seen in the pandemic so far? >> yeah, absolutely. we had a previous surge in cases back in january of 2021, and we thought it wouldn't get worse than that, particularly with the vaccination coming out but as of this point, we are seeing our cases doubling in just a week's time in our hospital. we're seeing an 8 to 10% rise almost every single day in new covid-19 case emid eadmissions. >> major medical groups, american college of physicians, they are calling on health care providers to mandate covid vaccines for their workers and i know right now when you go across your hospitals, 79 employees have tested positive. 31 i know you're still awaiting results or at least as of when we came to air, you were and 90% of the infected are unvaccinated. these are people working obviously in hospitals. do you support calling for a
4:20 pm
mandate? >> absolutely. i think what you'll find is hospitals that are mandating vaccines for employees are really doing two things. they're trying to protect their staff members from exposure and trying to protect the patients in the hospital. that's what this is about. we mandate vaccines for hospital employees all the time whether it's the flu, mmr, tdap because we're trying to protect our patients so i'm 100% mandating these vaccines for our workers. >> one thing that others on the ground have been lamenting and concerned about now with this latest surge, obviously, of many older people who are vaccinated, so you're seeing younger people in the hospital, younger people without underlying conditions. are you also seeing similar in your system? >> yes, we are. so in our previous surge in january there were very few pediatric or under 18, very few 20s and 30s, however this time around with our numbers surging
4:21 pm
past our january peaks, we're seeing an increased number of pediatric and patients in 20s, 30s and 40s, sometimes with no co-morbiditi co-morbidities. the hospital in jacksonville we're seeing a younger patient population. >> that's deeply concerning. "the "miami herald" accused the governor for suspending local restrictions. the quote from the editorial is burning florida's covid-19 states is the governor's m.o. like through 2020 so if anyone asks, florida has beat the virus. sure more than 38,000 floridians have died since the beginning of the pandemic but let's just call that a footnote. the orlando sentinel also saying similar things. is it fair to put some of this blame on the governor. >> i certainly think there is things we could be doing as a state differently. really, it comes down to mitigation factors on the
4:22 pm
ground. i'm glad to hear that we're hearing state leaders and local leaders talking about vaccines but that's only half the battle. what we need is the ability to do mitigation efforts in the local communities and that has to be decisions made and not stopped by the state. for instance, masking guidelines have gone live in palm beach county and we need that ability to do these things on a local level because we have two different ways we need to stop the pandemic now. >> appreciate your time. sorry for what you're going through but thank you very much for speaking out to raise awareness. >> thanks. i want to go to dr. jonathan reiner now. you know him. he advised the white house medical team under president george w. bush. a reaction to what chad nielsen is talking about there. a surge, wishes for more mitigation factors, younger patients. some without co-moore rbiditco- surge in patients and change in
4:23 pm
the patient profile. >> we've done a good job in the united states protecting the most vulnerable population, the elderly. almost 90% of people over the age of 65 in the quite had at least one shot so we're not seeing those folks being hospitalized now. but one of the largest dem dpraf if -- demographics in the united states not to be vaccinated are people between the ages of 18 and 29 and in many places those are the otherwise healthy people we're seeing in the hospitals. we're seeing a younger dem dpraf if -- demographic and a very sick demographic because the delta variant replicates high and the viral loads are high and as a result, these patients are real sick. that's why the hospitals in the south and southwest and up to the midwest are being filled now. really at levels similar to what we saw in january. >> so you heard chad snielsen talking about the people that work in the hospital that are infected. there are people who work in the hospital that are not vaccinated and they are the bulk of the
4:24 pm
infections. the department of veteran's affairs is mandating many of the front line workers get vaccinated, which is a major step for the biden administration, right? they were reluctant to start mandates at the federal level. this has now changed. let listen to the head of the cdc. >> we're not counting on vaccine mandates at all. >> what i think you won't see is a requirement from the federal government to have people vaccinated. >> that's not the role of the federal government. that is the role that institutions, private sector entities and others. >> okay. so that's what they said then and some of these were not long ago, right? and now things have changed days later at least from veteran's affairs. do you think this administration will start doing more? >> well, they clearly are. this is a big move with the v.a. this is a vaccine mandate for about 115,000 front line health care workers that work in the 150 v.a. hospitals and 1400 v.a.
4:25 pm
community medical centers and it's a very positive step. what i'd like to see happen next, is i'd like to see the federal government mandate all employees who work in federal -- on federal property are vaccinated. i'd like to see a simple step in the white house announce that all workers at the white house are vaccinated to protect each other and the president of the united states and then finally, a big step will be to see the federal government mandate that all 1.4 million active duty soldiers in the united states, military, soldiers, aviators and sailors are protected. >> all right. well, we'll see if that happens. certainly hope there will be more monoandates. >> thank you. tom barrack pleading not guilty as we learn about the extraordinary steps prosecutors are taking to make sure that he doesn't flea. plus, one congressman warning that someone could get killed after michael flynn says this about his new semiautomatic
4:26 pm
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tonight, breaking his silence long-time donald trump ally and the chair of trump's inaugural committee tom barrack speaking out after charging not guilty to foreign lobbying for the uae. >> just move. just move. >> we're trying -- >> paula reid is "out front "outside the white house. can you tell us about some of the extraordinary steps because that seems to be an accurate word, extraordinary steps they're taking to make sure he doesn't flee the country? >> reporter: he poses a significant flight risk based on his enormous wealth and the fact his co-defendant in this case fled the u.s. in 2018 shortly after being questioned by the
4:31 pm
fbi. he is out by out on $250 million bond. as part of this agreement, he has to wear a gps monitor and he has to abide by certain restrictions. though, i will note for some people who are not billionaires having their own jets, some of these restrictions may not seem restrictive. he's limited. he has to fly commercial. he can't have private jets and when he does travel, he has to submit itinerary in advance. he can come to new york where his case is being tried, colorado where he has a primary home and southern california where he has family. he also cannot transfer any money overseas and any money he transfers in the u.s. has to be less than $50,000 lsunlessi it' going to his attorneys and he's barred from speaking to his co-defendants. his lawyer noted he spoke with the fbi back in 2019. he says he was cooperating with the justice department a few years ago but the fbi accused
4:32 pm
him of not being truthful when asked if he's a foreign agent. he's expected to remain free as long as he abides by these restrictions leading up to what we expect will be a trial. at this point my sources say there is no indication he'll cooperate or enter a plea deal with the government. he says he's not guilty and he intends to fight these charges all the way. >> all right. paula, thank you very much. i want to go to laura coats, our senior legal analyst. laura, it is extraordinary here. prosecutors, these restrictions that paula is detailing that they're putting on tom barrack and he loses up to $250 million. his son, his ex-wife, his business partner would lose properties if he violates the terms. it does seem extraordinary. >> it is an extraordinary amount of money we're talking about and as paula pointed out, you have a co-defendant in the case that fled several years ago after being interviewed by the fbi. there is cause for concern about
4:33 pm
him perhaps fleaineing and also compare the other co-defendant that remained in the u.s. i think he had $5 million. you're talking about $200 million compared to $5 million, you're talking about the extraordinary wealth difference here and something else, the person who has maybe the most to lose versus the person who has the $5 million bond, imagine what the leverage we're talking about who might be willing to cooperate against the other. they can't talk to each other by court order so you can expect pressure put on the co-defendants in this case. >> here is one thing i can say, you know, knowing tom barrack over many years. he knows everything about donald trump. he also knows a lot about ivanka trump and jared kushner and business dealings that i know that have been under investigation. he knows a lot, and yet, so far, no indications of cooperation. how do you think that plays out? >> well, you know, the more you
4:34 pm
know, the more impactful it can be on your plea bargaining leverage here. we already have an indictment. it's not necessarily going away. just because somebody is charged in one case does not mean their cooperation is limited to the case they're actually charged in. there might be other cases including the new york level of the manhattan d.a., maybe the a.g.'s office. there is the fdny investigations. all this orbit around the trump world might be causes for concern if he knows information that could be useful in those cases. that same notion reminds people that they will be able to accuse these different entities, new york a.g., the manhattan d.a., the edny of this political witch hunt perpetuation but in reality, they are entitled to use the cooperation in any case as long as there is a common thread here and that might be here available. >> so let me ask you one other thing on this issue of registering as a foreign agent. lobbying for a foreign
4:35 pm
government. i speoke to john bolton the nigt barrack was indicted despite being trump's former national security advisor, bolton critical of trump. here is part of what he told me that night. >> i will say just as a lawyer myself, i think the foreign agents registration act is a poorly worded statute. >> yeah. >> and people should know it was written in the late 1930s. so it's been changed since then but written in the late 1930s to deal with not z nagents in the states. >> it is enforcement provisions for a long time we haven't had many cases. big enforcement wing about this converts into almost an honor system without penalties however it's still on the books and that argument about bolton might help in a congressional way but not a
4:36 pm
court of law where the law is on the books and quite clear. they found in the indictment so far the allegations for intentional obstruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, excuse me, lying to the fbi. those two ladder claims that are alleged don't have a lot of updating to do. either you did it or did not. >> all right. laura, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thanks. next, michael flynn talks about trying out his new semiautomatic rifle maybe on quote somebody in d.c. washington d.c. to be clear. plus, trump goes on a rant about routers in arizona. >> network routers, we want the routers, we got to get the routers. the routers. >> what is he even talking about?
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ki killed. that's congressman swalwell talking about using a semiautomatic weapon in d.c. the comments have been viewed over a million times. not the first time the security advisor made inflammatory remarks. r remember the coup? alex marquette is "outfront". >> reporter: it was in a church the disturbing turn of the michael flynn story came. >> we tried to find something appropriate for a general so we went for old school camouflage. >> reporter: in california after flynn was gifted a semiautomatic rifle, he said this. >> maybe i'll find somebody in washington d.c. [ lau [ laughter ] >> reporter: results on stage and in the crowd about general jokes about using the gun against someone in the nation's capitol, the same capitol that earlier this year saw the violent insurrection by
4:42 pm
supporters of donald trump and flynn spoke to the night before the riots spouting lies about a stolen election. >> the entire world knows, everybody in this country knows who won the election on the 3rd. who won the election on the 3rd? donald trump. >> reporter: flynn riling up the crowd less than 24 hours before the historic assault on the capitol building. >> tomorrow we the people are going to be here and we want you to know that we will not stand for a lie. >> reporter: flynn was trump's first national security advisor and was charged with lying at the fbi after being biing pardo trump. he called for martial law. >> he could order the swing states if he wanted to, he could take military capabilities and place them in those states and basically rerun an election in each state.
4:43 pm
>> reporter: he i'm embraced th farthest fringe of the maga movement appearing on qanon podcast and selling qanon merchandise and reciting the movement's catch phrase. >> where we go one, we go all. >> reporter: a few months ago, he attended a qanon conference and said there was no reason a military coup couldn't happen in the u.s. like the violent and deadly one unfolding in minute ma -- myanmar. >> i want to know what happened in myanmar can't happen here. >> no reason. >> reporter: a furious backlash happened. it was clear he believed the big lie. >> trump won. he won. >> reporter: we tried to reach michael flynn today about the troubling comments but unable to after what he said there about the myanmar style coup happening
4:44 pm
in the united states, the pentagon said he would not be investigating him but reviewing whether he had approval for money he has received after retiring from turkish and russian entities with ties to those governments. if not, financial penalties could be imposed. a three-star retired again real is still getting benefits? thank you very much, alex. next, trump tonight clinging to a wild conspiracy theory about routers. >> they don't want to give up the routers. they don't want to give them. >> i'll talk to a top republican trump was just saying they, they don't want to give it up, one of these republicans to respond and explain. >> two police officers telling their story tonight after they lifted a car off a baby.
4:45 pm
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to search for it. tonight, former president trump keeping praise on the republicans behind the sham audit in arizona's most populace
4:49 pm
county that state yoturned the ground zero speaking at what was actually called a rally to protect our elections. >> we're gathered here in phoenix to show support for election integrity and for the brave and unyielding conservative warriors in the arizona state senate. created a movement all over the cou country. as everyone here fully understands the 2020 election was a total disgrace. when they steal it from you and rig it, that's not easy and we have to fight. there is no way they win elections without >> no way they win elections without cheating. out front now, bill gates, the republican vice chairman of maricopa county's board of supervisors. i know it's hard to hear these
4:50 pm
sorts of things put out there and fed to audiences who believe it. the speech lasted nearly two hours, down in maricopa county, where of course, the lie about the election is playing out in this months-long sham audit. what did you think when you heard that speech? >> well, erin, thanks for having me on the show. very dispiriting, but frankly, not surprising. we know that the president, the former president, and those around him have continued to push this lie, this claim that the election was stolen from him. and yet, time and time again, it's been confirmed that that didn't take place. but he's not letting the facts get in the way. >> so one point in the speech, and i played a moenment ago thi talk about a router. he went on a rant about subpoenaing the network routers that were used by maricopa county's election division to verify county election machines were not connected to the
4:51 pm
internet on election day. here's parts of what high said. >> the county has for whatever reason also refused to produce the network routers. we want the routers, sonny. when do we get those routers, please? the routers, come on, kelly, we can get those routers. those routers, you know what, we're so beyond the routers, there's so many fraudulent votes without, but if you got those routers. what that will show, and they don't want to give up the routers. they don't want to give them. they are fighting like hell. why are these commissioners fighting not to give the routers? >> so your board has said the machines were not connected to had internet. yet, trump's ranlt is feeding a wild and broader conspiracy theory that italian satellites from italy were used to change votes from trump to biden, i guess using these routers. he's specifically calling out you and your colleagues. you're not handing them over. what do you say to the former president?
4:52 pm
>> well, first of all, we have had two independent audits here at maricopa county from election experts that have confirmed that our machines were never connected to the internet. but he continues and the folks out in the state senate continue to demand these routers. the reason that they have not been turned over is because these routers essentially provide a blueprint for someone who gets them for sensitive information at maricopa county, so that includes law enforcement information and our sheriff has spoken out very strongly and said that if these routers are turned over, it's going to put sensitive law enforcement activities in question and at risk, in addition, there is other personal information on there. i can tell you the former president and the state senate is not giving up. right before i came on here, the board of supervisors received another subpoena from the state
4:53 pm
senate ordering us to turn over the routers in addition to some other information. and they threaten us in these papers that if we do not turn those over, by august 2nd, so that's next monday, then we could be held in contempt. the problem with that is the last time they tried to hold the board of supervisors in contempt, they couldn't get a majority vote out of the state senate. now, just over the weekend, another state senator, republican state senator, has spoken out against the audit for the first time. saying that it's a farce. so they're getting backed into a corner and they're getting desperate, but the reality is the good people of arizona know that this audit is a sham audit, and that it's time to move on. >> supervisor, thank you very much for explaining all this, i know it's got to be painful to say it again and again, but it's important to do so. and i appreciate your doing so. thank you. >> thank you. next, a mother and baby get hit by a car. and then the baby pinned
4:54 pm
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two police officers speaking out after rescuing a mother and her baby, run down by a car that crashed into a store front. it's an incredible story. here's brynn gingras on the heroic rescue. some of the video is graphic. >> zee a baby under the vehicle. >> quick thinking and a heroic rescue unfolding in a barber shop. an 8-month-old baby trapped under a car which seconds before slammed through the storefront. >> mom was in a state of shock, understandably, and she came to right away and told me, she pointed under the car that the baby was underneath the car. >> yonkers police officers rocco and paul were eating nearby when this surveillance video released by authorities shows a car make a sharp turn, hitting parked cars and then barrel toward the mother holding her daughter in the street. inside the shop, you can hear as the officers and others use their strength to free the
4:59 pm
mother and the little girl. >> we weren't going to be able to move the car off of the baby, so the only way to get her out was to try to lift it up. >> got the baby. >> i was just glad we were able to react. as a father of four kids, it was really intensified the situation for me when i saw the baby under there and the arms moving, and not able to move any other direction away from the car. >> the baby covered in motor oil, finally freed. she is suffering from a skull fracture and burns. she and mother are still in the hospital, but expected to be okay. and possibly even released later this week. behind bars right now, the driver of the car, 43-year-old david ponserak, arrested for driving while intoxicated and vehicular assault. his attorney did not respond to cnn's request for comment. the dramatic video proving these two veteran officers, each with more than a decade on the force, are heroes. >> i think the both of us in our
5:00 pm
careers have experienced some horrific scenes. i'm sure most of the bystanders and the people in the community haven't. but there was absolutely no hesitation. everybody there did something to help. >> brynn gingras, cnn, new york. >> and thanks so much for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. >> good evening. tomorrow, house select committee begins investigating the worst attack on american democracy by americans since the civil war. and this is not just a look back to the 6th of january, experts on how democracies die have told us on this program they consider what we saw that day merely one manifestation of an ongoing threat which only amplifies the need to root out the facts of what actually happened on january 6th and why to identify who was responsible, what led up to it, and what the implications might be for the future of a democracy that is still under considerable strain. congressman adam schiff who serves o