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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and i remember the paramedics telling me, i can't believe you're alive. i can't believe you made it through this. you're so lucky. >> this was a pole that fell off the load of a pickup truck driving in front of the woman's suv, missing her face by inches, as you heard there. really a miracle she's alive. that's my nightmare, john berman. >> i have that phobia. >> thank you very much, everyone. cnn's coverage continues right now. good monday morning, everyone. so glad you're with us. i'm poppy harlow. jim has this morning off. as far as covid we're going in the wrong direction, those words from dr. anthony fauci, as covid-19 cases are still on the rise. highly contagious delta variant infecting large numbers of people right now. rate of infections in the past
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week jump ed by 10% compared to the previous week in all but two states. 34 of those states saw cases jump more than 50%. meantime, doctors in alabama, mississippi, florida and missouri say hospitals are filling up again. except this time the patients are younger than before. even unvaccinated patients in their 20s and 30s are now dying there from covid. some experts are warning a return to mitigation measures may be soon to come, like the ones we saw in the early days of the pandemic, like mask mandates. some cities and counties are not waiting. officials in st. louis, missouri, have gone one step beyond that, instituting an indoor mask mandate in public places, starting today. los angeles county did the same last week. so, let's begin in one state where covid cases are surging. leila santiago joins me. good morning. what is the situation on the ground? >> reporter: good morning, poppy. we are at a vaccination and
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testing site. you can see, there is a steady flow of cars lining up. i will note that those cars are mostly going into the testing tent, not so much the vaccination tent, though both are available here. florida still standing at roughly 48% when it comes to vaccination, full vaccination of its residents. and it's also one of two states in the country where every single county is listed at high transmission for covid. the mayor here in miami-dade has opened up some more sites and extended hours for vaccination, as well as testing. but i've got to tell you, as i've spoken to some mayors, there is a sense of frustration on in the state of florida. back in may, governor ron des desantis signed legislation that limit, doesn't allow local municipalities to put in place their own restrictions when it comes to masks or vaccinations.
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listen to the mayor of hialeah. >> i did not agree with some things that the governor was doing. the law was passed and we have our hands tied as local government. all we can do is inform our citizens and let them know how important it is to get vaccinated. use a mask. we have to get back to basic fundamentals. . if not it's going to get worse. >> reporter: florida continues to lead the nation when it comes to cases. johns hopkins saying florida, over the past two weeks, has tripled in the number of cases. and we're seeing that in the hospitals, poppy. i checked in this morning with jackson health system, and they have seen a steady increase over the weekend, now treating 205 patients testing positive for covid. as one epidemiologist warned last week when i spoke to him, he said if something doesn't change, this is a system that will break soon. poppy? >> wow, leyla, thank you so
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much. you can hear the desperation in those local leaders. >> let's talk about st. louis where they're reinstating our indoor mask mandate that happened this morning. this, at the same time, as the missouri attorney general says he will take legal action to stop the mandate. good morning to you. how are people on the ground reacting to the reinforcement? do they welcome this, largely? >> reporter: poppy, there are mixed feelings about this. there's a great sense of urgency on the side of health care workers as well as city officials, who are pushing this. at the same time, there's a great sense of unease here. we've spoken to restaurant owners, bartenders, people who want to go out to eat and they really describe it as something like the wild, wild west. where they were trying to get people to wear their mask, enforce this mandate here. and there's some resentment from
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those who are vaccinated. a sense of unease from those who have to enforce this inside their businesses. so there's going to be a press conference later where city officials are going to try to explain and convince folks that they must wear their masks. this is mandatory now. this has been two months where they've been able to get rid of them. that is at least the vaccinated. this is now for all indoor public spaces, including public transportation. this is for the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated. 5-year-olds all the way up. there are few exceptions for those who are eating or drinking at a bar or restaurant. that very moment, you could take off your mask. you have to put it back on. for those who have disabilities who cannot take a mask on or off. there's a strong recommendation that if you can't socially distance you have to wear a mask outdoors. this has caused fierce backlash, poppy, from politicians and some who just feel that this is a freedom issue, that this is a
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free will issue. the attorney general, eric sch schmidt, tweeting that they're free people. as their attorney general, we'll be filing suit to stop this insanity. he is running for u.s. senate for the gop nomination, hoping to get that. he is now saying that he will actually sue the mayor, calling him out, saying this is political. she tweeted saying our top priority is protecting the health, safety and well-being for the people of st. louis, city and county. nobody is surprised that the attorney general plans to file yet another frivolous lawsuit to serve his own political ambitions. poppy, take a listen to the people who were caught in the middle here. folks who will have to enforce th this. >> we had to fight a lot of people who didn't want to wear mask. we've had customers pull a gun, customers threaten to fight. and just go crazy.
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>> so there's a sense of dread but there's also a sense that this is vitally important here in this state. it is a dire situation when it comes to the fourth surge of the covid-19 virus here. and so people want to get on top of this once again. but the question remains, too, is if it's so targeted to st. louis and st. louis county, and you don't have the enforcement or the buy-in from neighboring counties, neighboring cities or even neighboring states, how impactful will it be? that question is still unanswered, poppy. >> suzanne, thank you so much for the reporting on the ground. let's talk through all of this with professor of emergency medicine and the associate dean at public health of brown university. good morning, dr. randy. moments ago, 350 health care groups released a joint statement calling for mandatory covid vaccination for all health care workers and all long-term care workers. this includes, among those recommending this, really well-known groups like the american medical association,
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the american college of physic physicians. let me read you part of their statement. quote, this is a logical fulfillment of the ethical commitment of health care workers to put patients first and take all steps necessary to ensure their health and well-being. do you agree with them? >> i agree 100% with this statement. we, in health care, are mandated to get vaccinated against multiple things. we have to show that we're immune to measles, mumps and rubella. we have to get yearly tuberculosis tests. if they're asymptomatic and transmitted to them. this is a no brainer for health care facilities. >> we've seen some private
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busi businesses mandate vaccinations. the biden administration has not so far call ed for a mandate fo federal employees, right, or even for white house events, right? that july 4th event, they said if you're not vaccinated, you need to wear masks. i wonder if, at this point, doctor, you think it's time for the biden administration to take those steps where it does have the power to mandate vaccination. >> yeah. my sense is that the federal government, like many state governments, are waiting for full fda approval in order to mandate vaccination. each workplace should make its own decisions. my own university has mandated vaccination for not only our students but also our staff and our faculty. schools can all mandate vaccination. for the federal government i think they'll probably wait for that full approval. >> how far off is that, do you think? >> great question.
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it really shouldn't be far off. these vaks eeps, far beyond other vaccines that have been approved. it's really unclear to many of us why we are still waiting. >> we don't have any heads up, two weeks, three weeks, a month? >> somewhere between two weeks and a month, depending who you talk to. >> you're outraged, you've been very clear about that, that we are where we are, because so much of this is preventable with the vaccine. you also wrote something a few da days ago that i thought was interesting both as a physician and a parent. you talked about the importance of nuance in the conversation about our kids that can't be vaccinated below 12 years old and going back it school. can you explain that nuance? >> yeah. so, as with so much in covid, poppy, this is not a black or
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white situation. you can both think that covid is dangerous to children, which is it is. there was just reports out today about children who died in india in the last week. the reason we've seen so few deaths in the u.s. in kids is because they've been masked and largely were out of school last year. you can both think that it's dangerous for kids and think kids can safely be back in school. it's not an either/or. so many are trying to make it you're either zero for covid and don't want to do anything or release all restrictions right now. it's not that simple. can you have both. you can both put kids back in school safely and have them mask up to keep themselves and their class classmates safe. you can both say that we should be reopening and trying to get people back to workplaces and say vaccines are safe and maybe we need to mandate masks when there are acute surges in cities.
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it's about having a little bit of nuance, allowing there to be gray areas and allowing ours to meet somewhere in the middle that will get us through this pandemic. >> like so much of life, right? meet in the middle on this stuff. >> true. >> dr. randy, thank you. in a few hours, the iraqi prime minister will be at the white house as president biden shifts the mission of u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. details ahead. and a growing number of republicans are calling for retaliation against their own coll colleagues, punishment for joining the committee to investigate january 6th. and an incredible rescue of a mother and her 8-month-old baby who were hit by a drunk driver, then trapped underneath this car. they survived and the police officers who helped lift the car off of them just spoke to cnn. ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows.
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a growing group of house republicans are calling on minority leader kevin mccarthy and leadership to punish congressman adam kinzinger and congresswoman liz cheney for accepting speaker pelosi's invitation to sit on the select committee to investigate january 6th. melanie zanona joins us. good morning. this is your reporting. what do they think should happen? if they were to be removed from panels or other committees, pelosi has the power to put them right back on. >> you're exactly right. my kcolleague ryan nobles and i started to hear from a growing number of republicans who specifically want kevin mccarthy
6:18 am
to kick liz cheney and adam kinzinger off their other committee assignments because they agreed to serve on the select panel on january 6th. as you point out, of course, pelosi could just reinstate them. that's one of the reasons gop leaders are very reluctant to go this route. right flank in the party is really fired up, itching for payback in some way, even if it's just to prove a point and could put pressure on leadership in the coming days to go this route. keep in mind, kevin mccarthy wants to be speak er one day. ultimately if a growing number and groundswell of republicans push him to do this, he might feel like he has no choice but to pull the trigger. >> and then just wait for them to potentially get reappointed? >> reporter: exactly. exactly. >> tomorrow is really important. we'll have special live coverage on cnn. wolf blitzer will be anchoring it. it's the first committee -- not jirs commit's the first public hearing that this select committee is getting ready to do. we'll hear from four officers on
6:19 am
that day. a and, as i understand it, we're going to -- here they are right there. we'll see new footage that people haven't seen before. >> reporter: yeah. >> from their perspective, right, their vantage point. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah. we know the select committee is planning to play body-worn camera footage from these officers. it would be a firsthand perspective of what they went through that day. a lot of these officers have been public about what they went through. they were dragged, beaten, maced, tased. one suffered a heart attack, another was crushed in a set of doorways. this is all an effort by the committee to paint a vivid, firsthand account of what happened that day, which they say is more important to establish, given the attempts in the republican party too wh whitewash or downplay what happened that day. look, the bottom line, it's going to be an incredibly emotional day tomorrow. these members were in the house on january 6th. they were part of it. these officers saved their lives, my lives, many of the
6:20 am
lives in the capitol that day. it will be pretty powerful stuff. >> right. melanie, you and so many other reporters were there, in the middle of all of this. >> reporter: yeah. >> before we go, one part of the mccarthy's statement on this yesterday that leaves something big out. he said basically the senate already did this. right? bipartisan senate committee already did this. that's not exactly right. that was limited in scope. >> reporter: yeah. >> can you explain to people why that was not correct? >> reporter: that was very limited in scope. they only looked at security failures and sort of what happened and they did not dig in to why it happened. so, yes, the select committee is going to look at the same things, security failures tomorrow, for example, setting up what happened with these officers. but they are planning to look at the root causes in the insurrection, which democrats and adam kinzinger and liz cheney, republican ons the panel, say is so important. that's how they can try to prevent this from ever happening again. >> melanie zanona, thank you for your great reporting.
6:21 am
>> reporter: thank you. >> see you soon. ahead of the select committee's first hearing tomorrow, new chief of the capitol police tom mangechlt manger spoke to cnn. listen to this. >> i would be a fool not to be concerned about that. the safety and security of the u.s. capitol, congress, that legislative process, those are top priorities. i'm absolutely concerned about all of those things. >> let me bring in former u.s. capitol police chief gainer. your voice is so important today. thank you for being here. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you have known now capitol police chief tom manger for a long time. i wonder what you make of him saying i would be a fool to not be concerned about ongoing threats to the capitol. what do you make of him in this position at this moment and that
6:22 am
statement from him? >> i think tom is in the right place at the right time. all the years he spent in fairfax county and montgomery county puts him in a good position to understand policing in the district of columbia area. it's also important because of the message he's giving to the officers, that he cares about them, trusts him. poppy, he was at the morning roll call, spent 40 minutes with the officers not in a prepared speech but answering their questions. he is a necessary person at this time to boost morale and get them heading in the right direction. >> so, let's talk about tomorrow. our melanie zanona just talked about testimony that will be given to the select committee and for the first time to the public. we heard chief manger, saying
6:23 am
how much he supports them, saying they need to be heard. what do you think it means to hear from them on this platform together in this hearing? >> i think it's an opportunity for both members of the committee and the public at large to know exactly what they experienced. not only will they see video from that, but they'll hear their -- >> looks like we lost the connection. we'll get to a quick break and see if we can get him back. thanks to terrance gainer. up next, resipolice and bys ers rescue a mother and her 8-month-old baby girl. they are okay. they are okay. futures lower this morning ahead of a busy week for earnings.
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four bucks? that's tough to beat. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. okay, that's because you all have xfinity mobile. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. mother and her infant child
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are in intensive care in y yonkers, new york, after an alleged intoxicated driver hit them as they were crossing the street. this harrowing moment was caught on surveillance camera. this is very hard to watch. i want to warn you. the mother can be seen walking with her 8-month-old baby when a vehicle turns the corner and slams into them. the car pushes the mother and her child into a neighboring barber shop, smashing through the glass, and pinning them. several bystanders and police officer s who were there rushed over to help. watch. >> we've got a baby under the vehicle. >> lift it up. lift it up. >> look out. look out. look out. >> we got it. >> somebody has to pull the baby. >> pull him out.
6:30 am
>> grab the baby. >> connell. >> i got it. i got it. i got the baby. i got the baby. >> hold up. hold up. okay. we got it. we got it. >> oh, our brynn engine grass is covering the story. are mother and baby okay this morning? >> yeah, they are doing okay. they are still in the hospital, poppy. as a mother and like myself, that video makes your heart sink. yes, they are doing okay. let me back up a little bit and explain what happened here. what we've learned from the yonkers police department, as those two officers were grabbing breakfast nearby in a building, they actually felt the impact of that crash, when that car went into the barbershop. they ran out of where they were and into the barbershop and they were told, there's a baby, there's a baby. they couldn't hear a baby. they couldn't see a baby. they even asked the mother, is she pregnant? they couldn't quite understand what was going on in that moment. they said the mother was actually in shock and she
6:31 am
finally came to and explained that her baby was underneath the car. and they just react ed so quicky with the help of bystanders, lifting the car because they couldn't get underneath. i want you to hear from the officers themselves, who were on "new day" this morning. >> i was just glad we were able to react. as a father of four kids, it was really -- intensified the situation for me when i saw the baby under there and the arms moving and not able to move any other direction away from the car. >> i think the both of us, in our careers, have experienced some horrific scenes. i'm sure most of the bystanders and people in the community haven't. but there was absolutely no hesitation. everybody there did something to help. it was unbelievable. the credit really goes to them, and the mom for holding on to that baby for dear life. >> heroes even as they give
6:32 am
credit to others. the man on the right has been with the department for 15 years and officer on the left, officer f fusco, has been with the department 18 years. that mother, she is -- had a femur fracture. the baby, 8 months old in the hospital with skull fracture and burns to the back and the foot. they are expected to be okay. and the officers actually say they might be released from the hospital later this week. now, as for the driver of the car, officers believe he was intoxicated. he was arrested on that as well as driving with a suspended license and vehicular assault. we expect him to be in court soon. so we'll keep an eye on what happens with this case. incredible video and so glad to hear they're doing okay. >> so glad to hear. and what amazing bystanders also. >> yeah. >> coming together. you hear it when you watch the raw video together on that car with the officers and lift it up to get the baby out. do we know anything about those
6:33 am
bystanders? >> we don't. we're still looking to talk to anybody who is involved in this because it's such a heroic story. we don't even know the names of the mother and the child. but again we'll stay on top of this. yeah, just incredible that they actually had to lift the car. couldn't even just get under to help out a little 8-month-old. so happy to hear everyone is all right. >> thank you for the reporting, brynn. happening now, 86 large wildfires are burning across the country. they have charred nearly 1.5 million acres, seven times the size of new york city. the so-called dixie fire has torched nearly 200,000 acres, threatening 10,000 buildings there. dozens have already been destroyed. camila bernal is there near the fire. good morning to you. what kind of progress are firefighters making there? >> reporter: hey, poppy, good morning. many of them leaving for the day here. as you can see behind me, this
6:34 am
is the incident command center. already they are telling us they are working these 24-hour shifts to do anything they can to make progress. as you mentioned, 21% containment. already about 200,000 acres burnt. and the problem for today is that there are going to be challenging conditions. we're told that these pyrocumulus clouds will likely be over the fires. these are these gigantic clouds we've been seeing. that means there's a higher potential for spot fires and higher potential for rapid growth in these fires. so, there is some concern of this fire continuing to expand. we are being told that they're doing anything they can to save homes and property but already about 16 structures have been destroyed. about 10,000 more are at risk. so, really, we're going to continue to see these firefighters working 24/7 to do -- to try to do anything they can to save as many people and as many homes as possible.
6:35 am
poppy? >> camila, the bootleg fire, which we were talking a lot about last week in oregon, is the country's largest burning wildfire. i think it's now 400,000 acres burned. when we spoke to one of the experts on the ground there last week, they said they were turning the corner, making some progress. has that continued or gotten worse? >> reporter: it has continued. it's now at around 46% containment. but the worry there is also the rapid expansion of this fire. i just spoke to a firefighter here who told me he spent seven days in southern oregon at the bootleg fire and was doing these 24-hour shifts. he is now at this fire. overall, we're seeing about 400,000 acres burned in oregon. the concern there is that it could continue to grow, even though there is some progress on containment. governor kay brown telling cnn that the focus there should be on prevention.
6:36 am
she says that the biden administration has been helping with these fires, but that the focus, what they want to do is work on getting these fires prevented before they even start. and when you're talking about the entire country, it's about 86 large wildfires, about 1.5 million acres. 22,000 brave men and women are fighting these fires, and the work is just not done. poppy? >> camila, thank you to you and your team reporting on the ground. thank you very much. several are dead and others critically injured in utah. this pile-up happened southwest of utah stichlt a strong thunderstorm was a catalyst for what became a sand storm, causing winds of over 50 miles an hour. officials did not specify how many people were injured but noted there could be more
6:37 am
fata fatalities, sadly. a key meeting is set to take place today between president biden and iraq's prime minister. the center of these talks, the role of the u.s. military in iraq. it is changing. we'll tell you how, and the significance, ahead. some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®.
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before they even start for 10 years. so, ask your doctor about botox® today. ♪ listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ significant meeting ahead at the white house. president biden will meet with iraq's prime minister this afternoon to map out the future of u.s. forces in iraq. the two leaders are expected to announce an agreement formally ending the combat mission in
6:42 am
iraq by the end of the year. let's talk about what this actually means on the ground. senior international correspondent arwa damon joins us and jeremy diamond. jeremy, let's begin with you and what will happen in a matter of hours. this was 18 years after u.s. troops were sent into iraq. the role changes pore those 2200 troops or so but does not mean they're leaving. is that right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. what we're expecting today as president biden meets in the oval office with the iraqi prm is for the two leaders to make an agreement and sign a joint communique, laying out that those 2500 u.s. troops in iraq currently will shift to a strictly training and advisory role by the end of the year. this will be, of course, a significant formal shift in the role of those u.s. troops. for years now, they have not been involved in offensive combat operations, say for some special operations missions, which generally are not publicized. but this is, of course, a
6:43 am
significant shift for the u.s.'s role in the region. it comes as the u.s. is in its final stages of ending its combat operations in afghanistan as well. this will be a political boone to the iraqi prime minister, who has been under public priessure to end the u.s. combat mission in his country as well. so, this also follows a series of meetings. last week, senior iraqi commanders were at the pentagon, mapping out exactly how this will happen. you will see more cabinet-level meetings this week between u.s. and iraqi officials as well. this meeting between the president and iraqi prime minister is not only thing here. also notable, other discussions about other issues, including the coronavirus pandemic. u.s. set to deliver half a million doses of the pfizer vaccine to iraq. >> arwa, to you. of course, this all follows the iraqi parliament last year, demanding u.s. troops leave after that u.s. air strike that took out iranian general s
6:44 am
soleimani. what does the iraq prime minister want in terms of the u.s. presence there? >> reporter: look, poppy, iraq has always been in this extraordinarily difficult position, stuck between the u.s. on the one hand and iran on the other. and following the killing of general soleimani, you had the most powerful backed militias in iraq demanding an exit of all u.s. forces. however, one only needs to look at iraq's history to perhaps gain a bit of an understanding as to why a u.s. presence, no matter what you're going to call it, is potentially quite crucial to the country moving forward. we all remember the end of 2011 when the then obama administration ended up withdraw ing all u.s. forces from iraq. and that ended up effectively helping lay out the groundwork for the re-emerge ence of what s
6:45 am
then the islamic state of iraq, which then grew and moved into isis, the islamic state of iraq and syria. additionally the u.s. presence, again no matter what form it's in, does act, to a certain degree, as a counterweight to iran's influence. what the iraqi government has been try ing to do for years, ad many would argue unsuccess full, is try to balance these two foes. because it needs the u.s. it needs the training mission. it needs the assets that an american presence on the ground in iraq is going to bring, whether it's intelligence assets or other assets. and at the same time, it needs to sort of try to move towards having a more healthy and productive relationship with iran, one that is much more focused on economics and, you know, joint interests as opposed to iran trying to continue to entrench its tentacles within iraqi politics and within the
6:46 am
iraqi security. iranian backed iraqi shia militias are extraordinarily powerful, some would argue even more powerful than u.s.-trained iraqi security force at this stage. their status continues to be very tenuous. yes, they have been wrapped into os ostensibly there have been ongoing attacks in u.s. interests in iraq. again, the prime minister right now is trying to walk this delicate tightrope as to how iran and iranian-backed militias are going to react to this shift in, you know, u.s. military operation, whether they'll buy the fact that, you know, it's advise and assist. these aren't combat troops. >> right. >> that, we're going to have to wait and see. >> absolutely. it points to the significance of what's about to happen at the white house today.
6:47 am
arwa damon reporting on the ground in istanbul. jamie dimon at the white house, thank you. appreciate it. top general says the u.s. will continue air strikes in support of afghan forces even after troops on the ground. final withdrawal, civilian casualties reached record numbers in may and june, more than 2,400 afghans killed or injured in those months. u.s. central command says the troop withdrawal is more than 95% complete, but there were still two air strikes last week. >> so we will continue to support the afghan forces, even after that 31 august date. it will generally be from over the horizon. and that will be a significant change. and then it will be time for afghan forces to fight and carry on the battle themselves. we spend a lot of time training them. now is their moment. now is the time for that very stern test i noted earlier that they're going to face. >> take a look at this. because what this shows you is
6:48 am
the spread of taliban-controlled areas in afghanistan. they are in red. the military says the taliban has failed to capture any of the 34 provincial capitals yet but has surrounded half of them in an attempt to isolate key cities. again this is a progression of taliban control in afghanistan, getting redder and redder since just a few months ago. meantime team usa swimming off to a record start, as the gymnastics and basketball teams come out of the gates stumbling. we're live in tokyo, next. truthfully, it's frustrating to see how fast dust reappears. but dusting with a cloth is a pain. and dealing with a bulky vacuum.. . is such a hassle. uchhh!!! so now we use our swiffer sweeper and dusters. the fluffy fibers? they pick up dust easily.
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splash, pun very intended in tokyo. off to a great start at the olympics so far. but not as good as it could have been. coy wire in tokyo with this morning's bleacher report. good morning. >> hey, poppy, good morning. katie ledecky is the most dominant female swimmer of all time already potentially winning five golds at the games but she was stunned by tit mus. summed up by this reaction. australia coach looking like he won the gold medal. she ran the second fast em time behind own ledecky's world record. ledecky told me afterwards, i'm already moving on to the next race. and said that this loss lit a fire under her. her best events, the 8,001,500 meter freestyles are yet to come. now imagine you've been dreaming, training sacrificing to make it to the olympics.
6:54 am
you are at the start and a media boat blocked half of the field and some had to be picked up by jet skis bringing athletes back to the dock to start over. fortunately no one was hurt. it is the first false start in olympic triathlon history. but a boat couldn't hold down kevin mcdowell after all he's been there. the illinois native got cancer ten years ago and now could you believe that he just pulled off the best american triathlon finish ever. sixth place with a time of just over an hour and 45 minutes. i interviewed kevin this morning and said there were times when he thought he would give up on his dreams. listen. >> during the battle of cancer, it almost, that was almost the easy part for me. it was the return after because i came back and said i'm going to get back right away to sport and be fine. i beat cancer, coy take about anything. i about walked to the sport but people said hold on one more time and so it was extra special
6:55 am
to make it here and to have a performance like today. >> finally, is this a olympic ceremony or a class photo. the 13-year-old winning historic gold in the first ever women's skateboarding competition. another 13-year-old and a 16-year-old joined her on the podium, poppy. got to be the youngest total age of any olympic podium. the olympic committee wanted to bring new sports to bring youthful audience and bringing youthful competitors as well. >> and i have a 3-year-old who wants to skateboard and he's not very good at it, as you could imagine. so i'll have to rewatch the highlights with him. >> ten years of being a olympian. >> that would be great. thank you. several states are reporting high transmission rates for covid-19 and nearly in every county and among them is the state of louisiana. one of the top health officials from the state will join us straight ahead.
6:56 am
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top of the hour, good morning, everyone. so glad you're with us this mond. i'm poppy harlow. jim is off this week. it is a place many believe, believed we would be able to avoid. yet here we are more than 7 months after the first vaccine received emergency approval, we're facing many of the same problems as the beginning of this pandemic. listen to this from dr. fauci. >> we're going in the wrong direction. we have the tools to do this. this is an unnecessary predicament we'r


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