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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 26, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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the two republicans serving on the january 6th committee. and the top commander in afghanistan with a message to the taliban as u.s. forces head home. and a stunning defeat for the u.s. basketball team in tokyo. so who is to blame here? ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is monday, july 26th. this morning coronavirus is on the rise in 48 of 50 states. these are the worst hot spots over the past week. that is arkansas that you see there in red. and despite having one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, republican governor asa hutchinson says vaccine mandates are off the table. >> there's two mandates that are
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possible. one would be a vaccine mandate. we're not going to do that because that would even cause a greater reaction of negativity toward the government and that imposition on freedom. secondly would be a mandate for wear a mask. it is a conservative principle to allow for local control. that is a fair discussion about it. and that's something we're going to have to continue to weigh. >> now there is some hopeful news. vaccination rates ticking up slightly in the last week as the delta variant is spreading. >> the white house says three states now account for 40% of all new infections. texas, florida and missouri. starting today, st. louis will require masks in public indoor places and on public transportation. but missouri's republican attorney general says he will sue to block the mandate. suzanne malveaux in st. louis tracking the latest developments for us. good morning, suzanne. >> reporter: good morning, john. there really is a sense of
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urgency and unease among health officials and political officials as they try again to prepare those folks in st. louis to mask up. we have heard from the mayor's and the county executives they say it's an issue of public safety, of health, that this is a dire situation, but the pushback has already been fierce. you have missouri attorney general saying he is going to sue. several of the city mayors saying they will not enforce this mask mandate. they're framing this as an issue of personal responsibility and freedom. here in st. louis, masks will be required indoors and on public transportation starting today. regardless of vaccination status. local officials are also strongly encouraging wearing masks outdoors. the changes in safety guidelines come as the coronavirus surges nationwide. as the virus spreads, vaccination rates within the state of missouri are at less than 51%.
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that's one of the lowest rates in the country. >> covid is spreading very rapidly through missouri. something has to be done. either you close businesses down and certainly there's no political will to do that or you get more people vaccinated. >> reporter: new orleans is now under an indoor mask advisory put in place as louisiana experiences a large uptick in new cases and low vaccination rates. just over 36% of residents are fully vaccinated. the number of people receiving the covid-19 vaccine is also low in arkansas. the governor says he will not require masks in the state. >> i really think it's important not to have the current debate about mask wearing but to have the current emphasis on getting a vaccine. and so that's the singular focus we have, even though our guidelines continue to say if you're not vaccinated, you should wear a mask. >> reporter: less than half of the u.s. population is fully
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vaccinated, and the nation's top infectious disease doctor warns that's not nearly enough. >> particularly when you have a variant like delta, which has this extraordinary characteristic of being able to spread very efficiently and very easily from person to person. >> reporter: now with the delta variant, new coronavirus cases are on the rise, sending mostly the unvaccinated into the hospital. in california, los angeles county reported its highest number of new cases since february. and over 700 covid related hospitalizations for the first time since march. >> people who are vaccinated now seem to have high level protection, the people we're seeing, the numbers that are increasing are all among people who have not gotten the vaccine. it's young people now who are coming in very sick. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci pleading with americans to protect themselves against the disease. as hospitals become filled with
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covid-19 patients once again. >> it's really an outbreak among the unvaccinated. >> reporter: and i've spoken with many of those unvaccinated in louisiana on saturday, here in st. louis as well m different personal reasons. i met a bus driver who changed her mind, got vaccinated, wanted to protect her grandchildren and so you hear many different kinds of stories about why people are starting to change their minds about this. in the meantime, city officials later this morning will hold a press conference here to try to explain how this mask mandate is going to work. john? >> good for that bus driver. we're happy for her and her family. a wise decision. thank you for being there. suzanne malveaux. >> there has been a lot of debate around vaccines and masking with schools about to open. there's another hot topic emerging and that is covid testing. some school officials are
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debating how often to test students if at all. jacqulynn howard is joining us now. tell us about this debate. >> it's interesting, brianna. really at the core of this debate some schools say they don't have the time and the staffing to conduct routine testing. what we're seeing so far most states are taking one of three approaches to testing. there's screening programs and that's where everyone in the school is tested let's say on a weekly basis. and then there's diagnostic testing. that's to diagnose only those showing symptoms. only those showing symptoms are tested to determine whether they have covid-19 or something else like the common cold. and then there's pool testing. pool testing is everyone in the school submits a nasal swab sample or a saliva sample. those are tested in groups. one batch tests negative. no one has covid-19. in one tests positive, someone
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in the group has covid. then the samples are tested individually to find out who that person is. back in march, they contributed about $10 billion to states to implement testing in schools. now the white house says it's advocating for funding for other mitigation measures as well. here is white house press secretary jen psaki. >> from the federal government, the role we have played is by advocating for funding in the american rescue plan that can help provide funding for mitigation measures for schools so that they can invest in social distancing opportunities or repairing vents and put out public health guidance from the cdc that includes specific mitigation measures that schools can take. >> reporter: so you see, brianna, this testing debate is happening within the broader back to school conversation. >> they have to do something, right? children are unvaccinated largely for the younger ones.
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and there are a lot of americans who are unvaccinated and we're seeing this surge going into the school year. jacqulynn, thank you so much. around 98% of employees at houston methodist hospital system are fully vaccinated that's because vaccines are mandatory for workers there. that's a big help now that texas is among the states experiencing alarming rise in new cases and hospitalizations. joining us now, president and ceo of houston methodist hospital system, dr. mark boom. thank you so much for being with us. what difference has your vaccine requirement made? >> oh, i'm so pleased that we did the vaccine mandate and so thankful to all of our employees for stepping up and getting vaccinated. you know, we announced the mandate on march 31st. it went into full effect on june 7th. so we have the unique position of being really one of only a couple of hospital systems in the entire united states who has completed their vaccine mandate. we know going into a pretty significant surge we'll see far
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fewer of our employees sick and we will see our patients be much safer than they would be otherwise. so really our people are fulfilling their sacred obligation to care for our patients and to keep them safe during a pandemic. >> you say prepared for a surge. you're seeing a surge right now. tell us what's going on in your hospitals. >> yeah. unfortunately we're seeing really, really rapid rates of increase really as fast as we've seen throughout the entire pandemic. put it in perspective, two weeks ago across our system we had about 105 patients. today we have 302. so almost a tripling in just a two-week period. most of our indicators are up four to five times. so, for example, at the low point in early june, we were admitting nine patients a day to the hospital. yesterday we admitted 66. and over the last seven days it's been over 50 a day. so we're fully projecting that our numbers will continue to increase pretty quickly. right now unfortunately there's no end in sight. >> who are these people getting sick? >> by and large the
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unvaccinated. about 85 to 90% of individuals that we see have not received any vaccine whatsoever. so they are unvaccinated and at risk. unfortunately that 10 to 15% are vaccinated. the vast majority of the individuals have very significant underlying illnesses, things like cancer or other things that might have impaired their immune system. there are people who probably didn't mount an effective immune response to the vaccine. they're the very people we should all be working together to protect and unfortunately we're letting them down. i can tell you personally i still practice. i had a patient of mine. we've been protecting all along because we're worried about him who got admitted with coronavirus this weekend. made for a very bad weekend for his family obviously and upset me a great deal. that was 100% preventable. and that's the story here. the reason it's 100% preventable is that the unvaccinated are getting sick and making some of the vaccinated sick. we need to get everybody vaccinated. we need to be careful. we need to implement a lot of
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the safeguards in our society so we can bring this back down. >> i'm sorry to hear about that. well, sorry to hear about anyone getting sick but that one patient you say you were personally working very hard. the idea of the unvaccinated letting us down. talk to me more about that because that's something that we started to hear last week from political figures as well. >> you know, when i talk to our front line staff, i was talking to the head of our icus, i can't tell you how frustrated these individuals are. they've worked like crazy for 18 months. they swear to care for patients who are ill and they're there every single day including now to do that, but now they're watching this fourth surge in houston and they are caring for people by and large who are unvaccinated. and those people express tremendous regret. they're seeing stories of entire families who get infected and the young people do okay and the older people don't. and then nobody can see their loved ones again as they are critically ill and sometimes passing away.
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this is heart wrenching for an icu physician, for a nurse, for ores who are sworn to care for patients and they are so frustrated because they see this as completely preventable. we talk about this being a pandemic of the unvaccinated. it's also a pandemic right now of the ill-informed. there's so much misinformation that we need to combat. it's also a pandemic of the indifferent, people who just are sick of it, want to do something else and frankly the irresponsible as well at times. people who simply flaunt the rules, flaunt protections and don't want to act like we're in a pandemic. we need to go back to some of the things we know that work. >> it's the optional portion of the pandemic. right now the pandemic is happening in the way it is because of the choices people are making. final li finally, i want to go back to mandates. this is something you have done obviously because you're a medical business. how effective do you think vaccine mandates could be, i'm not talking about federal mandates or statewide mandates
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but businesses, you know, schools, mandating vaccines for people who walk through their doors. what would you say to them? >> well, hospitals are a unique business. unfortunately most hospitals took too long to do this and are not benefits from this. i'm hopeful many, many more will follow suit soon. gets more complicated you talk about other institutions. i think honestly it's the decision of an individual business based on their individual risk factors and the type of their business. i would certainly like to see certain businesses doing that to protect their clientele, to protect their business itself, to know their people will be there to care for and to carry out the work of the business. but that's a very complex issue. >> dr. marc boom, thank you for the work you're doing. we appreciate you joining us this morning. best to you and everyone who works with you. >> thank you. republican adam kinzinger named to the january 6th select committee. that is not sitting well with other members of the republican
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♪ house speaker nancy pelosi has appointed republican congressman adam kinzinger to the special committee investigating the january 6th capitol insurrection and now a growing group of gop house members want minority leader kevin mccarthy to punish kinzinger and congresswoman liz cheney for joining the panel. cnn's melanie zanona with with us now. mel what do they want? >> so, a growing number of republicans are calling for liz cheney and adam kinzinger to be kicked off their other committee assignments for agreeing to join
4:19 am
the january 6th select panel. there were murmurs over the last week. cnn's ryan nobles and i are both hearing from members and aides and sources saying this is getting to a point where we're going to potentially push leadership on this. now, kevin mccarthy and gop leaders actually don't have much of an appetite to go this route for a number of reasons. one of them being that speaker nancy pelosi could just reappoint them to those committees any way. the right flank is seen as a very important constituency for kevin mccarthy who wants to be speaker. at the end of the day he may feel he has no choice to go this route. so it's something we're keeping an eye on. the members come back today. they've been out of town. we'll keep an eye on it for sure. >> they have plum committee assignments. >> house arm services. these are big committee assignments for them. but at the end of the day, i talked to cheney and kinzinger about it. we're not worried about this
4:20 am
threat from mccarthy. they're brushing it aside. >> it's not a surprise that house speaker nancy pelosi and kevin mccarthy don't get along that well, but i know you have new reporting about their relationship or lack thereof. >> it was never great before. they didn't do a lot of communicating. mostly done on the staff level. kevin mccarthy communicates with the majority leader but their relationship is now in the down right gutter. cnn manu raju and i have reporting about a very heated phone call that took place last week when speaker pelosi informed mccarthy that she would be vetoing two committees. mccarthy said what you're doing is unprecedented. it all came amid this really whiplash week of power moves over the select committee because after mckakcarthy pulle his picks, nancy appointed a
4:21 am
republican, kinzinger. it's all just really contributing to a toxic atmosphere on capitol hill. >> toxic drama. melanie, thank you so much for the new reporting. the great divide in the republican party right now is dependent on loyalty to former president trump. adam kinzinger, who we were just talking often referred as to an anti-trump republican because of his criticism of the big lie. let's discuss this with amanda carpenter and scott jennings. amanda, you first, you don't think that's a fair label, anti-trump republican. tell us why? >> it plays into the narrative that trump likes to put out that people are somehow unfairly out to get him. both adam kinzinger and liz cheney supported donald trump twice for election. 2016 and 2020. but they, like so many other republicans on the ground through the states, were horrified about the consequences of the big lie that trump
4:22 am
started post election that culminated in the january 6th insurrection. it wasn't until that attack that they started vocally speaking out against him and saying many of the very same things that kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell were saying in the way that donald trump bore a special responsibility for that attack. most people were on the same page. liz cheney and adam kinzinger stuck to their guns on that. mcconnell and mccarthy folded. >> if you're not going to call them anti-trump, what would you call them? >> i would call them pro-democracy, anti-insurrectionists, republicans who are committed to the country and the constitution. >> scott, what do you think? >> i mean, i'm not sure kinzinger and cheney would wear that title of being anti-trump as anything other than a badge of honor. they are anti-trump. they made no bones about it. they don't think trump is good for the future of the republican party. i suspect they don't think he should be nominated again. so as a practical day to day
4:23 am
matter, they are anti-trump. and i don't know that they would oppose that. i mean the reality is that the practical reality is that trump is the defining issue in the party right now. you are as amanda pointed out fairly defined about whether you support trump or you don't support trump. i do think, though, as we move into the future, these labels -- depending on what trump does, are going to be less important because people are going to want to define the party around, you know, can we win the white house again. who will be the nominee and so on and so forth. as we sit here today, one of the big issues i think royaling the party and melanie had some great reporting on this is are we going to play ball with pelosi on this commission and the people getting appointed and it really has, i think, more to do with pelosi being able to tell kevin mccarthy what she's going to do and republicans not wanting to give her any of that authority. so, i mean, there's a lot of issues being conflated here. but at the end of the dary, as e
4:24 am
sit here today, everything tends to be defined by trump. i'm not sure that's great for the party moving forward, but that's a practical matter. >> let's try to engage in some deconflation. i want to talk about that issue with the committees here and melanie zanona's reporting the idea that there are republicans in the conference now that want to punish liz cheney and adam kinzinger for being on that select committee, scott. do you think it's a good idea to pull other committee assignments from the likes of liz cheney and adam kinzinger? >> no. this would be a horrific idea. i cannot begin to imagine that leadership would entertain it. they may not like what's happening with the january 6th commission. they may not like the way it's played out, but at some juncture this idea that we're on a constant purge. i feel like the republican party has been on a 10, 12-year mission where people sort of get control of it and they think their only mission in politic is to purge the people they hate. first move. ted cruz tried to purge the
4:25 am
rhinos. now the trump people trying to purge the anti-trump people. we're all republicans elected by their districts. they've done a good job representing their district. they do a good job on their committees. there's no reason to punish them. this would further divide the party, further hurt the party and i think really hurt the institution of the house. please don't do that, kevin mccarthy. >> amanda, what do you think? >> well, i just -- you know, this whole idea that donald trump is going to magically go away and we can ring our hands that it shouldn't be this way, but if anybody stands up to it, they're somehow the problem. right? like -- unwavering loyalty to donald trump is absolutely becoming the litmus test for membership in the republican party and it's because of people like kevin mccarthy who run around and say, well, liz cheney and adam kinzinger, you aaccept this assignment from nancy pelosi, i don't know if i can call you republican anymore. where is mitch mcconnell?
4:26 am
he's hiding out. so unless you have people like liz cheney and adam kinzinger making the case for how this transcends politics and why this is a much bigger issue than donald trump and the republican party, we're screwed. keep crying about the future of the republican party because the road where we're going down is where you only have candidates like paul goe sar, marjorie taylor greene, herschel walker. that's what you're going to get if you don't stand up and speak out against this and support people like adam kinzinger and liz cheney. >> scott? >> well, i think as a realistic matter you're going to have a number of candidates get elected in 2022 who support trump. you're going to have a lot of people using their support of trump in their primaries. it's likely going to mean they're going to get their nominations. where the rubber really hits the road, of course, is in 2024. i think these issues may not
4:27 am
matter whether we will win the house. i think we will. but in 2024 f the republican party cannot stand up and say we're not going to nominate trump, i think trump would be most likely a loser. if we can't stand up and say we have ideas for the country that have nothing to do with relitigating 2020 and saying january 6th is a fine idea, we are probably going to lose the next election. the electoral reality is that 22 and 24 are different animals how you triangulate on these issues is different depending on which race you run in. >> it seems that some republicans don't have those options, that there's an element of performative pro-trumpism going on to that point. melanie zanona's reporting that kevin mccarthy might feel he has no choice but to move forward with taking the committee assignments of these republicans even though in the end nancy pelosi can just reinstate them right back on their committee.
4:28 am
in the end, he can't actually pu purge them from their committee assignments yet he may feel compelled to do so. >> kevin mccarthy is going to do whatever donald trump tells him to do because kevin mccarthy is not a true leader. a proxy for power for trump. that's why we keep getting back to the same problem. we can faulk about 2022 and 2024, but that's not actually what matters. what actually matters is that the u.s. capitol was attacked on january 6th by a political mob that wanted to deny a duly elected president from taking power. and still today there's a faction of people egged on by donald trump who want to delegitimize votes in swing states like arizona and pennsylvania to try to undermine the election. what we saw from november to january was a concentrated effort by kpoins, lawyers and activists to undermine, overturn and desertfy elections.
4:29 am
i mean, this is bigger than the republican party. and i wish people would really get their heads screw on straight. because if we don't have elections, we don't have parties. we don't have democracy. i don't care about 22 and 2024. i care about 2020 because that sets the stage for everything to come. >> listen, i want to change subjects slightly here. i'm a big soccer fan. i know this sounds like i'm really changing subjects but not quite. big soccer fan. one of my favorite team is the u.s. women's national team and they had a tough start at the olympics. they lost their first game against sweden. they did win their second here. but after the loss, the former president that we've been speaking of seemed to try to, you know, get people at one of his rallies to boo them. listen. >> wokism makes you lose. ruins your mind. and ruins you as a person. you become warped.
4:30 am
you become demented. the u.s. women's soccer team is a very good example of what's going on. earlier this week they unexpectedly lost to sweden, 3-0. >> good politics, scott? i know the former president was upset that the women's national team didn't go to the white house after they won the world cup, but rooting against america at the olympics? >> yeah. this is a famous donald trump grudge holding. he's been mad at them for quite some time. when they lost, i'm not surprised he took this chance to get back at them. it's one of the most unfortunate traits that he has. and i think we should cheer for all the american teams. i hope they keep winning. i mean, also i would just say, he -- i think he thinks one of the greatest achievements of his presidency was being on top of the nfl kneeling controversy. i think he's always constantly looking into sports for stories
4:31 am
like this. this one obviously there's great parallels. so i think when he sees them, he can't resist. even when it means rooting against his own country which probably in the long run isn't great politics. >> what's your reaction to that am amanda? >> you know, i don't think these athletes appreciate being used as political pawns. and for evidence of that, i look to tom brady visiting joe biden at the white house. and after he declined to visit trump. so see how that's working out for you. >> i was off for a week and had a radio contact. when i got back in -- literally i couldn't get emails or texts or anything. the most frequently or emailed texted to me story over the last week was tom brady going to the white house with joe biden and how many people -- you know, my sports world were like oh my god. >> that one -- you know that one cut -- you know that one cut deep. that was a deeper cut for him than any political barb, you know it. >> certainly. trump loved tom brady.
4:32 am
just look at his tweets about him you would see speaking so glowingly of him. ouch as we would say last week. thank you so much amanda and scott. really great to see you this morning. up next, there's turmoil in tunisia. there are allegations of a coup there. is another democracy in danger of crumbling? and the u.s. general speaking out on air strikes against the taliban. is the u.s. war in afghanistan really over?
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♪ a potential blow against democracy this morning. the north african nation of tunisia has been considered of a relative success story in recent years in terms of liberalization, but now what some are calling a coup. the prime minister fired after protests.
4:37 am
cnn's ben wedeman joins us now with the very latest. and thoughts here, ben, seems to be covid measures. what's going on? >> reporter: it's a bit complicated. what you have -- this is tu nisa in tweechb was the first arab country to overthrow its dictator. that was the beginning of the arab spring. but what has happened since then is that the economy has stagnated and on top of that, really the final blow was the covid pandemic, which per capita in tunisia is the worst as far as africa goes. people were increasingly angry with the inability of the government to deal with the pandemic, to, yes, they had democracy but the economy was falling apart. last year it declined by somewhere between 7 and 9%. youth unemployment is running at 36%. so, the president, who under the
4:38 am
rather complicated arrangement in the 2014 constitution, shares executive powers with parliament and the prime minister. he's only responsible for foreign policy and defense, but he basically took it upon himself. he fired the prime minister. he has suspended parliament for 30 days. lifted immunity on members of parliament. and certainly if you look at everything he's done so far, which is just since yesterday, it would indicate that he isn't calling it a coup but his opponents definitely are and there's reason to believe this could be the beginning of a coup, the last arab spring country to fall, john. >> yeah. that really would be an historic moment. at this moment it really does have all the hallmarks of something of a seizure of power. ben wedeman for us, you're
4:39 am
watching this very closely. thank you very much. the u.s. is stepping up air strikes against the taliban in southern afghanistan and a top u.s. general is vowing to continue support for the afghan military even after all u.s.-led forces are gone. barbara starr is live for us from the pentagon. barbara, tell us, is this a short-term or a long-term approach for how the u.s. is going to oppose the taliban despite withdrawing troops? >> well, it looks to be getting a longer-term strategy every single day, brianna. and why is that? well let's take a look at the map. the taliban by all accounts are stronger than ever and they are seizing control in an increasing number of places as the map will show us. they now control maybe half or more of the district centers in afghanistan. and this is forcing afghan forces to fall back and try and rearrangement themselves to defend major population centers, the major cities, the capitol of
4:40 am
kabul because they can't be out there in all these rural areas where the taliban are. and that, that move by the taliban to exert all of this control, which they are by all accounts successfully doing, is leading the u.s. to be back into it with air strikes against the taliban. the top general explains why they are there. >> so we will continue to support the afghan forces, even after that 31 august date. it will generally be from over the horizon. that will be a significant change. then it will be time for afghan forces to fight and carry on the battle themselves. we spend a lot of time training them. now is their moment. now is the time for that very stern test i noted earlier they're going to face. i think they have the resources and the capability to actually conduct that fight and win it. >> the capability, the capacity to do it. that's what we keep hearing about the afghan forces. but whether they can be successful against the taliban really quite a different
4:41 am
question and whether this u.s. effort after the august 31st withdrawal date of u.s. forces is actually sustainable, quite a different question. the bottom line for the u.s. right now, for the biden administration, is they have to keep kabul airport open. the country's major international airport. they are working this week to get afghans who want visas out of there. they have to keep the airport open. so the embassy can stay open in case they have to close and they need to leave they need that airport. >> they do. barbara starr, thank you. just ahead, another trump ally about to be charged in court. what will he say before a judge today? plus a woman loses her son to covid after he refused to be vaccinated. hear what she did at his memorial service when she joins us live.
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♪ today billionaire and long-time ally of donald trump, tom barrack will be arraigned in new york on the charge of acting as unregistered foreign agent. barrack was released from custody in california on friday on a $250 million bond with a $5 million cash security. cnn's paula reed is live for us outside the court in brooklyn with more. paula? >> reporter: good morning. well, barrack is expected to attend today's arraignment in person here at federal court in brooklyn. now, he is accused of illegal foreign lobbying. prosecutors allege that he used his connections to the trump campaign and then the trump administration to lobby former president trump on behalf of the uae. now he is also accused of lying to investigators and trying to obstruct this investigation. but during today's arraignment i'm told he is expected to plead not guilty and he is expected to
4:47 am
remain free on bond ahead of an expected trial. now, prosecutors had alleged that mr. barrack posed significant flight risk, international network, vast wealth and the fact that one of his co-defendants in this case fled the country a few years ago shortly after being interviewed by the fbi. but in a surprise move on friday, barrack and his lawyers they struck a quarter billion dollar deal with the justice department to free him ahead of his trial. now as part of his release he has to wear a gps monitor. he had to secure with $5 million cash. but one place is he is allowed to travel is here to brooklyn. we expect to see him around noon today. brianna? >> paula, we'll be watching. thank you so much. sean penn refuses to return to set until everyone on set is vaccinated. well, eric clapton is refusing to play at arenas if they're mandating vaccines.
4:48 am
we'll show you the celebrity spectrum as events return. the u.s. men's basketball team making the wrong kind of history at the olympics. so what can they do to turn it around? it's dry. there's no dry time. makes us wonder why we booked fifteen second ad slots. welcome back to milkshake mustaches, high fives and high dives. to 3-on 3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s. at aspen dental, we see all the moments that make us smile so we make it easy to share your smile with convenient, total care - all in one place. and flexible hours that work with your life. right now, new patients get a complete exam and x-rays — free without insurance,
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operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal. united states men's basketball team lost since 2004, they've now lost three of their last four games, including exhibition games. this is pretty much unprecedented in a sport the u.s. has dominated in forever. columnist with usa today sports, dan, i want to put it up on the screen so people can see what is happening here. we lost to nigeria, then australia. we managed to somehow squeak out a win against argentina and then
4:53 am
lost to france in the olympic opener. some people say other countries are getting better. international basketball is getting better. you don't think that cuts it as an explanation. why? >> because if you took any of the other teams here at the olympics and said would you trade rosters with the united states, just based on a toll enter standpoint, they would all say yes. this is a team that's still deep with all-star players top to bottom. but it's a poorly constructed roster. that's the problem here. and, yeah, you don't have lebron james. you don't have steph curry. you don't have james harden. there are key guys who are not here. the united states still has more than enough talent to win a gold medal. i just don't think they've done a very good job. gregg popovich, jerry colangelo, i don't think they brought the right mix of guys, too many overlapping skill sets with players on the wing, they don't have a true point guard who can get easy shots. there's a big enough sample size
4:54 am
to see it's going to be hard for them to win a gold medal here. >> you're being delicate compare ed to what you wrote in your column. in your column you wrote gregg popovich, he stinks at olympic basketball. why? >> it's been an absolute disaster. you look at what mike shes hechlt fsky did for three different cycles. they dominated everybody, went to world championships, went to all these international events. yeah, sometimes they had competitive games but they were never really in danger of losing. and since gregg popovich took the helm of this program in 2019, sent a team over to china for the fema world cup basketball. they came in seventh. they've lost these exhibition games. they lose to france last night. look, maybe they'll salvage all of this with a gold medal. they can still do it. they still have opportunities
4:55 am
but no one is going to look back on this era of the gregg popovich-led u.s. team very fondly. you just don't lose this many times when you have all this talent in your disposal. he has done a poor job putting the team together. he has done a poor job coaching them and they're losing games they shouldn't lose. >> the olympic game is different. it really just is. international basketball is different. what changes could he make? he can't change the roster at this point. >> no. >> he has the guys he's got. what can he do to try to pull this out? >> certainly some of it is guys are going to have to play better. kevin durant is the most talented player at these lolympc games. he and luca doncic who had a good game for sloveniaf the united states runs into him, that could be a big, big problem. i think they'll have to be more create nif how they get guys in the half court shot. they had breakdowns against
4:56 am
france. late in the game offensively, it's a lot of your turn, my turn. that can happen sometimes when you have really talented all-star players who are good at scoring one on one. what you don't have here is a true distributor who can go get guys easy shots. i don't know if they'll have to rely more on drew holiday who is going back with the milwaukee bucks. certainly has a good game last night. maybe that's the answer, run things through him, play damien lillard off the ball. maybe that solves some of it. they'll have problem closing games gaus baus they're not used to being play makers and at the international level that's something you really have to have because these games tend to slow down in the half court. >> i appreciate you being with us. thank you so much. we'll check in with you again. hopefully maybe, fingers crossed, they can turn it around.
4:57 am
m man, they don't look good. they just don't look good, like they know what they're doing right now. thank you very much. >> in the meantime an incredible rescue caught on tape. police saving a baby pinned under a car. we do want to warn you that the video we're about to show you is disturbing. know that mom and baby are do ing okay at the time. the video shows a mom crossing the street with her 8-month-old. in new york, a car sped around the corner, barrels into them and into the barber shop there. it drug the mother and the baby. but witnesses sprung into act action. >> wee got a baby under the veh vehicle. >> look out. look out. look out. look out. >> pull him out. >> grab the baby.
4:58 am
>> grab the baby. >> i got him. i got the baby i got the baby. hold up. hold up. ok okay. >> there's another angle of this body camera footage that shows officers and also bystanders lifting this car off of this 8-month-old girl and, of course, it was all thanks to the quick thinking of these heroic actions that mother and baby are doing okay. and, you know, berman, it's not like everything is perfect here, a skull fracture for the baby and major femur break for moom. the point is, they're alive. and they're heroes. >> they had to act so fast. they jumped right in and did what had to be done. hats off to them. >> definitely. "new day" continues right now.
4:59 am
i'm john berman with brianna keilar on this "new day." her son refused to get the shot. she ended up holding a vaccine drive in his memory at his funeral. the mother will talk to us live in a moment. nancy pelosi makes a dramatic move at the january 6th committee gets to work. we'll be talking to a member of the panel about what that could mean for the investigation. explosive wildfires in the u.s. destroying homes, forcing residents to run for their lives. we're on the ground at one of the biggest fires that is burning right now. good morning to our viewers
5:00 am
here in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, july 26th. coronavirus infections spiking in 48 states. it really doesn't have to be happening. this is the optional portion of the pandemic. the number of cases has quadrupled in the past month. hospitalizations more than double. now there is some hopeful news. vaccination rates have ticked up slightly in the last week. you can see it right there at the end of that graph. starting to go up a little bit. maybe the fears are getting people to get the vaccine after the spread of this delta variant. >> yeah. that slight uptick is so important because this is almost exclu exclusively a pandemic of the unvaccinated with more than half of the country right now lagging behind the national vaccination average. people who go unvaccinated aren't just putting themselves at risk. that is clear. there is a just-released study that finds that vaccinated people who are immuno compromised are much more likely to


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