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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 26, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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♪ i'm john berman with brianna keilar on this "new day." more countries requiring a vaccine pass to get into bars, restaurants, gyms as the delta variant spirals out of control. so is the u.s. next? plus, are tv viewing habits aligned with vaccination rates? we have brand new numbers. and as capitol officers who survived the insurrection get ready to testify before the new january 6th committee, speaker nancy pelosi makes a dramatic move. and after a driver hits a mother and her infant walking across the street, a dra mmatic rescue
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caught on video. >> come on. i got you. i got the baby. >> we'll be speaking live with two of the police officers who heroically lifted a car to rescue them. ♪ ♪ good morning, to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it's monday, july 26th. stark numbers this morning revealing the consequences of this optional portion of the pandemic. the one that doesn't need to be happening in the united states really at all. covid cases have quadrupled, quadrupled in the past month. hospitalizations more than doubled. and it is almost exclusively a pandemic of the unvaccinated with more than half the country lagging behind the national vaccination average.
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this is what dr. fauci has to say. >> we're going in the wrong direction. since we have 50% of the country is not fully vaccinated, that's a problem, particularly when you have a variant like delta which has this extraordinary characteristic of being able to spread very efficiently and very easily from person to person. >> in europe, a number of countries are also the middle of a surge in cases. thougss protested in paris as france is preparing to introduce covid-19 health passes for entry into bars and into restaurants. israel and italy putting together their own versions and the united kingdom could soon follow. let's go live now to london and bring in cnn sal ma abdelaziz. >> reporter: if you're looking at a carrot and a stick approach, this is definitely the stick because starting pretty
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soon your access ability to go out already severely limited if you don't have the access. the authorities said in the uk they're examining the possibility of requiring anyone to prove that they have a vaccination, to prove they have that immunization if they're going to an event of 20,000 people or more. they could start rolling this out in just a few week's time if it's approved at soccer stadiums during the english premier league events coming up quickly and a continuation of a policy we've already seen here. the uk authorities jaus few weeks ago announced you're going to need to prove that you're vaccinated to get into a nightclub starting september. why do this now? well, as you said, they're following the suit of a lot of european countries. italy, it's called a green pass but still the same concept started next month you have to have at least one dose of the vaccine just to get into a restaurant or bar. france, starting next month, you have to show a health pass to get into cinemas, bars, restaurants, any part of your social life really. we saw tens of thousands of people in france protesting
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against this, opposed to these knew moves. they're keeping the french government of infringing on their civil liberties. so a lot of concern there. but let me give you one example of how this does work. in the 18 hours after france announced these new rules in just 18 hours, 792,000 people got their shot. so that's proof for the authorities this works. this pushes people to get the jab. >> yeah, it certainly does. we'll have more on this concept because it is a big one obviously in europe. it's potentially one here in america. although there's a lot of opposition to that. we'll be talking to a doctor about that. salma, thank you. >> so that is europe. what is happening in the united states with vaccinations? joining me now, cnn senior data reporter harry enten. it's a little hard to detect here. >> yes. >> but there is some good news with the rate of vaccinations. >> it is.
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if you look very, very closely, so this is basically the new folks who are getting vaccinated which you can see there's been a slight increase here recently on the order of about 100,000 or so new people getting vaccinated, rate jump by 100,000 from last week to this week. but again, we're not anywhere near where we were at the peak, but seems as things have gotten worse with the delta variant, more people are, in fact, getting vaccinated. >> 100,000 in a week isn't insignificant. that's a big jump week to week. it needs to continue to get where we need to go. geographically speaking there's good news about where people are getting more vaccinated. >> this is really interesting. let's look at the states with the most new cases per 100,000. what we see is the places where we've been worse off, arkansas, louisiana, florida, missouri, mississippi, generally speaking have been very poor overall compared to the rest of the nation. only florida is in the top half.
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the rest of them, look at this, 37 for missouri. 50th mississippi. but look at the last week because what we see here is something very interesting. look at this. they're all in the top ten in terms of vaccinations in the last week. so, what it seems to be happening is as things have gotten worse in these places, these states have jumped ahead of the national average and more people are getting vaccinated. it does seem the places that were lagging as they have seen delta and seen how things have gotten worse in their own backyard they jumped ahead of the line and more folks are getting vaccinated. >> these are stark. arkansas go from 42nd to 2nd overall. it's a huge disparity there. fox news. >> yes. >> which you don't have to work hard there to find people dising on vaccines until recently. some of their, you know -- some of their people -- >> some of them. some of them. >> started suggesting, hey, science works, vaccines work. >> here is the reason why. age 18, adults with at least one covid vaccine dose by their main
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source of news. fox news just 62% of people who use fox news as their main news source have at least one dose. compare that to abc news, abc, cbs, nbc, 79%. this network and msnbc 83%. what we see is about 20 points less of the fox news audience has been vaccinated compared to the people who get their news from say some other television outlet. >> the trend line is very revealing. >> very revealing. this gets at something so interesting to me is if you look back to say mid april to mid june, look here. cnn, msnbc, 74% of the audience vaccinated. look at this, fox news went from 61 to 62. barely a move at all over the last month and a half. compared to say the abc, cbs, nbc crowd a four-point jump from 75 to 79. a jump from 74% to 83%. so what we're seeing is it's not
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only that fox news is lagging, but it's also that the trend line is in a poor direction. the audience that was vaccinated continues to be vaccinated obviously but not a lot of new people getting vaccinated even though we're seeing that from people who get their news from another network. >> this matters a lot when you're talking about fox viewers. why? >> here is why it matters. why is it so important for the fox news audience to get vaccinated. look at the average age of the fox news audience. it's 55, well above all adults just at 48. and we know that although younger people now are making up a larger share of the deaths, it's still overwhelmingly old folks. proportion of june covid deaths. age 50 to 64, 26%. age 65 plus 54%. just 10% under the age of 50. when you have an older audience, it's so important they get vaccinated because they're the ones who have the most danger unfortunately from covid. >> yeah. these are the people who need to be vaccinated most.
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and there are a lot of them watching on the network there. good some may be getting a good message. >> i hope so. look, this should be a nonpartisan issue. folks should get vaccinated. if you're not vaccinated in our audience, go out, the vaccines are safe and you should get vaccinated because it could save your life. >> such important numbers. thank you, harry. the white house says the states with the lowest vaccination rates are driving this recent case surge. 40% of the country's new infections last week were in just three states, missouri, texas and florida. and joining us now is dr. david delacerta. doctor, thank you for being with us this morning. can you tell us what you're seeing there in florida as cases are spiking? >> hi, good morning. so, we have an increase in the number of icu beds that we're using for covid. as you point out, most of our patients are unvaccinated. we only have about 2% of
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patients in the icu that are vaccinated. so, it's really an issue with patients that are not vaccinated here in miami. >> okay. so it's the unvaccinated patients accounting for 98% of the icu beds. that 2% of vaccinated patients, they are the breakthrough infections. you know, tell us who they are. are these people who are in good health? or are these folks who are immuno compromised? >> so there are many immuno compromised. so most of these patients are transplant, kidney transplant, lung transplants and also some patients with obesity and hypertension. that's the ones we see with covid vaccines. >> do you consider florida right now to be the new epicenter of the unvaccinated pandemic. >> oh, for sure. i think that's our major issue here in florida. >> so right now vaccine mandates
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by the government appear unlikely, even though if they should be necessary. should there be a vaccine pass system like we're seeing implemented and considered in europe? >> yes. i think so. i think unvaccinated people don't understand it's not only about them, it's about all of us. so that's why a green pass should be implemented. >> obviously there's going to be opposition to that. you heard opposition of this idea of a vaccine passport, but looking at france, where you will need to have a pass in order to get into a bar or a restaurant, what do you say to people who are resistant to that? >> i think it's the only way we can protect us as a society. when israel had that green passport, that works much better. infections were lower. since they opened up, you can see what's happening. increase in infection, this delta variant. this is the solution f you don't want to get vaccinated, stay
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home but don't go out and affect somebody else. >> you're telling people to stay home if they're unvaccinated. we had another doctor on cnn who said if you're unvaccinated you should stay away from indoor venues like bars and restaurants. so it sounds like you agree with that. >> 100%. if you choose not to get vaccinated, it's up to you. but the rest of the society should not be affected by your decision. >> right now when you look at florida, the vaccination rate there is at about 48.5%. that's less than a percentage point behind the national average. what does that tell you about the vulnerability of the nation at large and of other states as well? >> no. it's very concerning. also you point out here in florida we have a lot of people who come and retire here in florida, these are very vulnerable patients. so for me it's really concerning. and the amount of icu cases we have seen in the last week or so is concerning. so, people should go out and get
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vaccinated. >> good point. more vulnerable population, more vaccinations needed. dr. david delaserta, thank you for joining us from miami. >> thank you verying if me. thank you. still to come the first hearing of the select committee into the capitol riot. it's now just a day away and we have a preview of the testimony and also the evidence, some of it is new, that we can expect. a driver slams into a mother holding her baby daughter. they both survive thanks to some quick-thinking officers. we'll show you dramatic rescue caught on camera. and the u.s. women's gymnastics team stumbling in the opening days of the olympics. what simone biles is saying in a live report from tokyo.
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wire, he is in tokyo with this morning's bleacher report. coy? >> hi, good morning from japan. brianna, domination continuing for the u.s. being the fastest men in the pool on the planet. they swam the third fastest men's 4 x 100 meter relay ever. caleb dressle out of the gate first and fast. sheer power, putting to use all those exercises he did in the garage during the pandemic. leaping out to a huge leap. blake, beau toed the line the middle and then zach apple brought it home strong. the u.s. men have won this event 10 of the 13 times it's ever been raced. swimming sensation katie ledecky stunned, settling for silver in the 400 meter freestyle. the significance was summed up, brianna, in the reaction of the australian coach. it was the second fastest time ever behind ledecky's world record.
3:18 am
katie told me afterwards, i'm on to the next race. you can sense this loss lit a bigger fire under her with her best events yet to come, the 800 meter and 1500 meter freestyles. look at the medal count, china leading the way with 15 total. team usa coming up big following close behind with 14. half of those are gold. host nation japan inspiring with 10 total medals. team usa gymnastics the goat simone biles showing that maybe they're human after all. biles reacted to her performance on instagram posting in part, wasn't an easy day. i truly do feel i have the weight of the world on my shoulders at times. i know. brush it off and make it seem like pressure doesn't affect me but damn sometimes it's hard, she wrote with a laugh. 24-year-old didn't seem to be on her a-game during qualifications. but advanced to the all-around final and clean sweep of the individual events. biles is trying to become the first woman to repeat as the all-around olympic gymnastics
3:19 am
champ in 53 years. u.s. men's basketball making the wrong kind of history. upset by france in the opening game of group play. the 83-76 loss snapping a 25-game win streak dating back to 2004, brianna. covid issues, players arriving late, all hurting the chemistry of the team so far and it showed. next up for the americans is iran on wednesday. they're taking a beating on social media. we'll see if team usa can get things back around. >> what a bummer for team usa basketball. these are the highs and lows of the olympics. i just love that australian coach's reaction. that was hilarious. >> you could make that -- play that on repeat all morning to get you pumped up. >> as someone of australian heritage, brianna keilar, is that a natural way to react to good news? i haven't seen it here yet. is that something i can expect over the next several mornings? >> yes, yes. i'll bring it off camera.
3:20 am
>> he looked like he was going to pull a muscle. i was concerned for his well being he was so excited. >> i love it. >> coy, thank you very much. so as the olympics are under way in tokyo, china is looking to outshine japan at next year's winter games. the winter ones. cnn selena wang live in tokyo with more. >>reporter: well, john, these are not the olympics of japan's dreams. i've been to few of the events it's surreal to see athletes like naomi osaka competing in nearly empty staid yups. now with more than 115 covid cases in japan linked to the olympics, and beijing hosting, the stakes for japan are immense. ♪ >> reporter: a year and a half into the pandemic, it's clear these ranaren't the olympics ja was hoping for. the games were supposed to be the nation's comeback, after
3:21 am
decades of economic stagnation. and devastation from the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster, but covid-19 derailed those dreams. after spending more than $15 billion for these summer games, japan is projected to lose billions with no economic boost from foreign tourists, fans banned from almost every olympic venue and subdued opening ceremonies. and now the country along with the ioc plow ahead, ignoring cancellation calls from doctors, sponsors and business leaders. >> i call this is a suicide mission. to be honest. >> reporter: with just barely over 20% of japan's population fully vaccinated, the games have also highlighted japan's current place in the pandemic, a slow start to its vaccine rollout paired with surging cases in tokyo, the host city remain under a state of emergency during the entirety of the olympics. it's the exact scenario japan wanted to avoid, losing center stage to geopolitical rival
3:22 am
china, host of the winter olympics just six months after. >> i absolutely think the tokyo olympics could be a boon for china, especially if they get to contrast a winter olympics in which you have a large number of spectators in the stands with a much more quiet japanese olympics which there's no one in the stands. >> how much of a role does fear of losing face to china getting up stage to china factor into these games going asned. >> if the next olympics were to be hosted a country japan had a friendlier relationship, then perhaps japan canceling the olympics wouldn't be considered quite as catastrophic. >> beijing could bring an entirely different experience, stands full of spectators without covid-19 taking center stage. china has claimed its draconian measures helped beat covid-19 and has administered enough doses to fully vaccinate more than 40% of its population of
3:23 am
$1.3 billion people. the stakes are equally high for beijing. in a boost to japan, some global leaders including u.s. first lady jill biden have attended the tokyo games. but things might be a bit different in a few months with calls to boycott the beijing olympics and criticism of its authoritarian system only likely to grow. john, beijing's detention of uighurs will cast a shadow over the winter games, but we're starting to see a mood shift in japan as more inspiring stories of the athletes stoort come out but it's unclear. japan will be remembered for bringing the world together during the pandemic or for putting people's lives at risk. john? >> yeah. look, you have to feel for the athletes right now. you want their performance in this moment for them really to dominate the headlines and shine through, but it's hard with so much else going on. really interesting perspective. thank you very much. house speaker nancy pelosi choosing a second republican for the select committee into the capitol attack.
3:24 am
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♪ the house select committee to investigate the january 6th attack on the capitol is getting a second republican, congressman adam kinzinger is joining liz cheney and several democrats on this committee. house speaker nancy pelosi announcing kinzinger's appointment yesterday just days after she rejected two of house republican leader kevin mccarthy's five picks and mccarthy responded by pulling all five of his picks. lauren fox here now with the latest. and they're actually meeting today, lauren, before this first hearing tomorrow. what are we expecting? >> well, look, brianna.
3:29 am
they're trying to prep ahead of this hearing with the newest member of this committee, republican adam kinzinger asked to join the select committee officially yesterday by house speaker nancy pelosi. obviously he's an important edition because she joins liz cheney, another republican on this committee. and this is all anticipated to try to bolster that bipartisanship on this committee because the concern for a while especially last week after nancy pelosi and kevin mccarthy were going back and forth about the membership here was was this going to be truly bipartisan. the effort here obviously with these two members is to make it more bipartisan. now, we also expect testimony tomorrow to be heard from those four officers who were present at the capitol insurrection and their stories have been public before, but they're also very important. you have people like fanone we expect are going to be talking about being tased multiple times by this crowd and experiencing a traumatic brain injury. we also expect we're going to be
3:30 am
hearing from people like harry dunn, a capitol police officer, someone who says he had racial slurs hurled at him repeatedly throughout january 6th. these are going to be emotional accounts. the anticipation here is that these folks are going to be able to really lay out to people the american public what happened on the ground inside the u.s. capitol on january 6th. now, we're also getting some new reporting on what the objective is going to be tomorrow. i learned last night that we expect there's going to be new video footage never before seen that's going to be unleashed as part of this hearing tomorrow. and the reason for that is they want to give people a new perspective. remember a lot of this has been discussed on capitol hill before. but it's important that this new video footage is going to create sort of some new elements of this investigation. we also are going to be seeing after this first hearing there's no specific timeline on what comes next natch in part is because this hearing and the
3:31 am
select committee is really just getting off the ground. we expect in august this investigation will dig in in earnest. that's what we expect to see over the next 24 hours. bri brianna? >> you also have news about the infrastructure talks. we have another deadline day about to pass. >> we just got new reporting from senior democratic aide laying out that democrats sent a universal offer to republicans in that bipartisan group yesterday because they're trying to resolve some outstanding sticking points on transportation, on water, on broadband funding. if that sounds like a lot it's because it is, brianna. at this point there was supposed to be a deal after this weekend. and we just don't have one at this point. now, lawmakers are coming back to washington this evening. we'll see if after a meeting they might be able to come to some kind of consensus, but the fact that we have so many outstanding issues and it is monday morning after a weekend of negotiating, it's not necessarily a great sign for the future of that bipartisan deal.
3:32 am
>> all right. we will keep watching that. we know you will, lauren fox, thank you so much. a long-time ally of president trump is facing a judge in new york today after shelling out millions just to bail out. and two officers who helped pull a car off a baby girl, literally helped pull a car off of her, they join us live to talk about the heroic rescue. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars.
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an incredible rescue caught on tape. police saving a baby pinned under a car. we do want to warn you, the video that we're about to show you may be disturbing but baby and mom are okay at this point. the video shows a mom crossing the street and she was just walking across the street with her 8 month old on friday in
3:37 am
onkerrs when a car sped around the corner, lost control there, slammed into them and barrelled into that barbershop that you just saw and that car dragged the mother and the baby, but witnesses sprung into action. >> we have a baby under the vehicle. >> let's lift it up. let's lift it up. >> look out. look out. look out. >> somebody has to pull the baby. >> pull them out! >> grab the baby. grab the baby. come on. come on. >> i got it. i got the baby. i got the baby. hold up. hold up. okay. we got you. we got you. >> unbelievable. another angle of the body camera footage showing officers and bystanders there lifting the car off the baby.
3:38 am
and this was all thanks to quick-thinking and heroic actions taken by officers and those bystanders there. again, mother and baby are doing okay at this point. let's talk with the two police officers who are in the video of the yonkers police department. it's wonderful to see both of you and wonderful to hear that mom and baby are doing okay but it's not without some serious injuries they suffered. have you been able to talk to mom? >> we haven't as of yet. both mom and little girl are still in the hospital, so it's more important that they take care of their injuries than anything else right now. >> but you understand that they're doing okay, is that what you know? >> yeah. from what we know they're doing okay and hopefully be discharged by the end of the week. >> that is incredible news. officer, can you just tell us a little bit about what was happening? i know that you both were having
3:39 am
breakfast when you heard about what had happened and you raced to the scene. tell us what you found. >> we almost felt the building vibrate a little bit, and then when we went in, we saw the car through the store front and then we were being advised that there was a woman in front of the car and then later on somebody was saying that there was a baby with her and they didn't know where the baby was. going back when we heard our body cam, we heard the baby scream on the body cam, but in the incident neither of us heard the baby screaming when we were inside the store as we were assessing the situation. >> and officer fusco, you're in there assessing the situation, then what happens? >> originally when we went in, when they told us that mom had a baby, originally i thought she was pregnant. i asked if she was pregnant. mom was in a little bit of a state of shock, understandably. and she came to right away and told me -- she pointed under the car that the baby was underneath the car. >> and you didn't -- so you
3:40 am
didn't see the baby at first. at what point did you look under and see the baby and determine how you were going to have to proceed here, that actually this is a baby stuck under a car? >> yeah. it's just one of those things. you really don't think about it. you just kind of got to have to do something. we weren't going to be able to move the car off of the baby. so, the only way to get her out was to try to lift it up. >> that is unbelievable, officer. what are you thinking about as you have seen this videos and you see what is something i think most people couldn't do but you both with bystanders were able to do in this moment? >> i was just glad we were able to react. as a father of four kids, it was really intensified the situation for me when i saw the baby under there and the arms moving and not able to move any other direction away from the car.
3:41 am
>> i wonder, officer fusco, both of you are experienced veterans, you've been on the force for years, you've been on the force for 18 years, your partner there 15, have you ever experienced anything like this? >> no. i think the both of us in our careers have experienced some horrific scenes. i'm sure most of the bystanders and the people in the community haven't. but, they -- it was absolutely no hesitation. everybody there did something to help. it was unbelievable. the credit really goes to them, and the mom, for holding on to that baby for dear life. >> definitely. and look, we saw how they helped you and we saw how you spearheaded the rescue there. i wonder, officer, as you are reflecting on this, i'm sure it's been a bit of a whirlwind here over the last couple days. >> yeah. haven't really had a moment to wrap my head around it.
3:42 am
you know, people calling you and texting you make sure everything is okay and then people just letting you know the different places they've seen the story. i'm just glad mom and baby are okay. >> yes. we're certainly very glad of that and we're very happy to have both of you on. we really appreciate it. we hope you get a little down time to kind of absorb what has happened here. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you for having us. coming up, there is some more extreme weather in the west leading to a blinding and deadly dust storm. unique perspective from joe biden's former democratic rivals. the ones from more than 30 years ago. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding, energy-building, dually-adjustable, dad-powering, wellness-boosting, foot-warming,
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discontent other the failure of our political system is ram nant our citizenry and bluntly, it's in this gathering of discontent that my candidacy intends to find its voice. and i fervently believe our people are ready and anxious and will rise to the challenge and opportunity like a mighty river surging through the public life of america. >> so that was then senator joe biden announcing his bid for president, the first one, in 1987. now, that campaign was derailed a few months later after a plagiarism scandal, but it was a formative experience for him. one question that's interesting to think about, what do his rivals for the white house that year think of biden now? new york magazine recently checked in on three of them, gary hart and michael lieu caucus talked about what they think has changed and joining me now is national correspondent for new york magazine gabriel. first of all, thank you for
3:48 am
writing this. what it takes junky, the best campaign book ever written, this is the sequel we all need. and i just want to read a quote from gary hart, which i think sums up what might be the most interesting take away from this. gary hart says it seems to me that president biden is less inclined in his recent years to be quick on the trigger rhetorically and argue mentively. in the early days he was known as a talker. he had an opinion on a whole variety of things. basically what gary hart was saying, look, back in 1987, the dude didn't shut up. he went on and on and on forever. that's a big change. >> yeah, absolutely. but i think to most students of joe biden and certainly people who have known him for a long time, it wasn't just 1987. as hart said in 2008 when barack obama chose biden to be his vice president hart said, oh, boy, this guy is going to talk a lot
3:49 am
in cabinet meetings. they all told me he has mellowed with age but that's another way of saying he talks a little less. obviously in 1987 it was his talking that got him into trouble in the first place. >> his positions where he is politically probably hasn't changed so much, but his perspective on life maybe has a little bit. he just seems a little bit different. >> yeah. he's a little bit older, little more mature, but you're right. politically speaking he's always been very careful about being right in the center of the democratic party even when he doesn't put it that way. but hart was really interesting in particular about this. i asked him about that question of where he -- how he positioned himself, how he's changed politically and hart went through this whole process of explaining how he was a young new generation candidate but biden was more of a transitional candidate in 1987. obviously a lot has changed between the older generation of democratic politicians and this younger new one. biden was quite young at the time. baa lot of people including joe
3:50 am
biden himself like to think of him now as this transitional figure in democratic politics. it's completely different generations he's transitioning from, 35 years on, but he clearly relishing this position of straddling these different parts of the party. >> i thought that was interesting also the idea that gary hart said that biden was a transitional candidate in 1987 and joe biden ran on being a bridge to the future of the democratic party in 2020. i mean, that's really interesting that 30 plus years later he could still be a transitional figure like that. talk to me about the role that the '88 campaign plays for joe biden himself? >> yeah. absolutely. he really doesn't talk about it a lot in public. partially because of how it ended. he was pretty furious when it ended. he didn't think the plagiarism scandal was fully his fault. he thought the media was being unfair and first real exposure to the national political spotlight in this particular way, in this harsh way. he thought basically the media was being unfair, his rivals were being unfair and the whole
3:51 am
process was a sham. so he doesn't talk about it a lot. but what he does is think about it a lot according to his friends and people who have known him for a very long time. he had already thought about running r twice before that. so it sort of still serves to this day as his first entry into the national political spotlight, like i said. and as a result of that it's never far from his mind because, of course, a few months after he dropped out he then had two brain aneurysms. had this very big health scare and it was a really large moment for him in reassessing his position in national politics but also what he wanted to do with his career. >> i had a chance to talk to mike dukakis and gary hart. it comes through in your article as well. it's not that these guys aren't doing interesting things and evolved in policy issues but they're so far removed from the power center at this point. yet, generationally speaking they're sort of right there with joe biden. joe biden is i guess a smidge
3:52 am
younger than they are right now, but just striking to me to see how far removed they are, yet he's at the pinnacle right now. >> yeah, absolutely. to be fair, gephart is still in washington. he said the same thing as the others did, which is from a distance, because neither of them have -- none of them have talked to biden recently, it's very clear to them why he's doing what he's doing. they're all focussed on covid relief still and every single one of them brought up the infrastructure package, but it's interesting. gary hart kept saying, listen, i'm retired in deep colorado. i don't know the day to day. and dukakis said to me, he retired as well when we spoke. listen, i'm focussed on infrastructure. i understand what's happening with mitch mcconnell. i'm not doing the day to day of this right now. joe biden was in his third term in the senate when he ran for president in 1987 and again that was 34 years ago. so, he's been deep in this for a very long time and it's easy to forget that sometimes. >> i also love to an extent they
3:53 am
gave your their perspective. i thought this was wonderful. thank you for writing it. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you. coronavirus cases spreading so quickly in missouri, st. louis ordering now an indoor mask mandate. but missouri's attorney general says he will sue to block it. plus, a growing group of republicans want adam kinzinger and liz cheney punished for joining the january 6th committee. and just in, civilian casualties in afghanistan hitting new records as the u.s. vows to continue air strikes against the taliban.
3:54 am
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3:58 am
that impaired visibility on the roads leading to the crashes. multiple tractor trailers were involved. officials have not specified how many people were hurt but did note there could be more fatalities. there are now 86 large fires burning in the western united states that have consumed nearly 1.5 million acres. oregon the bootleg fire, which is now the largest in the country, is resisting. 's efforts to control it. dry conditions after months of intense drought forcing firefighters to now rework their strategy. cnn's chad myers joins us now. any relief in sight from the dry conditions out there? >> a little bit. yep. and we had some over the weekend, too. it does rain in southern california every once in a while. it is raining right now. there are some lightning strikes on the map. we don't like to see that. but we'll take the rain fall when we can get it. look what happened in arizona over the weekend. 4 to 6 inches of rainfall in phoenix and tucson and flash flooding. now, this isn't really the area that we need the rain.
3:59 am
that's up here. and they didn't see a drop. but that may change over to this week and into the coming next week. some rainfall this week, this is the entire week's worth of rain fall that the computer thinks. then next week we have a green circle over the west and above normal chance of precip especially in the areas where the fires are. so, some good news there. temperatures are still hot. not going to give firefighters any relief there. temperatures 100 to 105 right over these fires. but then the cool air does work its way into the inner mountain west helping things especially with that rain fall, cooler air, not as much wind. we will absolutely take it over the next couple of weeks. the firefighters can use a little bit of help. the next hour of "new day" starts right now. ♪ hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman on this "new day." mask mandates back on the table in some u.s. cities as coronavirus cases spike and vaccinations stall. calls growing louder within
4:00 am
the republican party to punish the two republicans serving on the january 6th committee. and the top commander in afghanistan with a message to the taliban as u.s. forces head home. and a stunning defeat for the u.s. basketball team in tokyo. so who is to blame here? ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is monday, july 26th. this morning coronavirus is on the rise in 48 of 50 states. these are the worst hot spots over the past week. that is arkansas that you see there in red. and despite having one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, republican governor asa hutchinson says vaccine mandates are off the table. >> there's two


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