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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  July 24, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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from the discards in a few weeks. >> i'm in trouble. i better do that this weekend. tom, thank you. our thanks to you for joining me today. cnn "newsroom" with jim acosta begins now. you are live in the cnn "newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. the big lie is about to get larger. donald trump is going to arizona. while a team of volunteers spent weeks scouring ballots for proof they were shipped in they were from overseas here's a news flash that trump did not spend a single dollar from the $75 million raised from the pac for this audit or another ballot review across the country so it
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seems the team realizes nothing is going to reverse the results 0 of this election. yet here we are 263 days after the votes were cast with very few republicans willing to publicly accept there's no hail mary in arizona. let's check in with kung law there in phoenix. >> reporter: still pretty lively right now as this place is beginning to fill up. this is an indoor theater and expected in a few hours is donald trump to headline this entire event why the atmosphere here when you go around and talk to people here to see trump is absolute refusal to accept the election results. when you talk to them and ask them what they think happened in november 2020, they don't believe what happened. instead they parrot the lie that the former president said over and over again that somehow the election was rigged.
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it was not. but what is happening here is that this so-called audit is taking place, that is the third audit despite two previous audits showing that there was no widespread election fraud. standing next to the president and clamoring for time next to him are 202 candidates for arizona governor as well as for the u.s. senate. the reason why, jim, is because this is the base and they understand, the candidates understand despite the lies of the former president that he remains a potent force with the republican base here in arizona. jim? >> kyung, did you get the sense from the people there that -- does anybody kind of privately acknowledge that this audit is a sham and a charade? or are they all invested in this? >> reporter: not the people here. if you go into republican areas and talk to a variety of
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republicans from the further hard core right to moderate republicans who are still registered republicans you get a variety of opinions about the so-called audit that's happening but in this crowd no. you are not going to hear anyone saying anything other than some of the falsehoods that have come out. there have been lies perpetuated by the contractor cyber ninjas shot down but they continue to repeat and echo the lies, jim. >> i see it's indoors and you are wearing a mask. are other folks wearing masks? are there anti-vaxxers there? >> reporter: i can tell you just by looking around i can count the number of masks i have seen on one hand. maybe three. maybe four at the most. and when we were walking around
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outside trying to get a little bit of color we heard this. >> no mask! no mask! take off your mask. >> it is open. >> showing you there jim the nexus of politics and public health. jim? >> goes in a way to explain why we are in so much trouble in this country with covid. joining me is the former arizona republican grant woods who is now a democrat and the former clinton white house adviser paul begala. thank you so much to both of you. grant, this audit has taken on a life of its own. i hate calling it an audit without calling it a sham and a charade because that is what it is but republicans have gone to arizona to show royalty to trump and now trump speaking in
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phoenix. how worried are you that this cult-like behavior will continue to get worse? >> jim, i think it probably will probably because that is what it is. i think we could keep perspective on this. in arizona, we used to most of the time we had two republican senators why now we have two democrat senators. joe biden won arizona so that's kind of where the voters are. that wasn't long ago and when you look at arizona the republicans have a problem in ads az. it's only getting worse. arizona's a state where we have about a third republicans, a third democrats and a third independents. so yeah. the ones who are left on the republican party are hard core and cultish like the people who would show up at that thing today but the independents who
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will swing the election have no interest in the audit. the polling is off the charts there. it is a losing proposition for them but they have the dilemma because that's where the candidates are. they have to win the primary to get to the general. can't win the primary unless they kiss the ring of the cult figure. ultimately it is a losing proposal in arizona and hopefully elsewhere. >> "the washington post" reports that the pac stockpiled some $75 million until first half of the year and didn't use any of that money to help fund these ballot reviews. do you think he's going to admit that to the audience today? >> i doubt it. maybe he could quote scripture. where your treasure lies your heart will be. i don't know if he realizes that it's a fruitless effort. i think grant makes a really good point about the box that he
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has put his party in. you can't win the nomination without trump and a lot of places you can't win the general election with him. going to arizona today. in ohio recently. we see him in new jersey and florida. you know where you don't see him? virginia. the one swing state with a governor's election this year. joe biden came to virginia. i'm speaking to you from virginia. he campaigned with the former governor. my kids are working for him. we are all in for terry in my house but biden came and why won't trump? trump has a golf course here. they say quite beautiful. a winery here. owns land in virginia. donald, come to virginia. trump lost virginia by 9 points the last time and the problem the party is in. grant hit the nail on the head. >> grant, republicans in arizona
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and 17 other states used the election fraud conspiracy to pass laws this year that make id harder to vote according to the brennan center for justice. the voting rights bills i guess right now that are trying to reverse some of this in the senate are dead for the moment. president and others feel like they can come back from the dead. where do you think things stand right now in materials of the efforts across the country that seem to have some of their genesis in arizona? they want to be like arizona. >> right. i'm concerned about it. i really am. i'm generally not too alarmist about most of these things but i am on this one. i do believe this is a fight for our democracy. and i'm against the filibuster in general. to me it is a joke that people act like this is 20 years ago or 40 years or 50 years ago. it is not. it is 2021.
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look at the behave of the republicans in the senate. they mass together and won't work cooperatively on virtually anything so they got to rid of the filibuster, period. certainly we have to make an exception here for voting rights and craft something with senator from my state, sinema. we can't believe the behavior. with joe manchin figure it out but we have to fix this. if you can't do it to preserve democracy to make sure that we have fair elections, that people are allowed to vote and not impacting negatively on people of color and people that the republicans don't want to vote then why are you even there? why are you in the senate? i hope the president -- i'm a joe biden fan. paul knows from day one. and have been there with him from day one. i was a little concerned with his comments this week on -- at
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the cnn town hall with don lemon. i hope he realizes that this isn't like it was when he was in the senate. things have changed. this is of the utmost importance. we will have to solve this and on a federal level. that's republican plan to suppress the vote and that's only way to win short term. >> paul, what is your sense to build off what grant was talking about there? do you think that joe biden put himself in a tough position coming to the filibuster? he didn't sound receptive to the idea of changing it very much in a way to allow the voting rights bills to pass in the senate. with that filibuster in the with an i there's almost no hope for the bills. >> that's right. this is a guy in president biden who spent 36 years in the senate. he is a creature of that institution. but grant's right. it is not the same senate that joe biden walked off of in 2009.
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we have created carve-outs of the decades in the filibuster so i doesn't apply to spending bill and why you hear the reconciliation talks. doesn't apply to judges and cabinet officers and shouldn't apply to voting rights. it's just -- so foundational and spending money is that foundational. i think the president was wise to stay out of it. let the senate try to fix it themselves. i thought he did in the town hall with don lemon lean into opposing filibuster reform more than he should because this is not the case back in the day my old boss and mentor bill clinton could sit down with grant's old boss and mentor john mccain and get things done. >> two democratic presidents in a row he said this. >> right. so he's not -- this is the
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problem. the modern republican party didn't have a platform or agenda. you can cut deals with people with an agenda but only to worship donald trump there's not a lot of places that we can work with them. >> yeah. great insights. we appreciate the time. great conversation. coming up -- cnn's gary tuchman heads to the least vaccinated state in the nation. why people in alabama refuse to roll up the sleeves. spots? it's not your dishwasher's fault. simply add finish jetdry 3in1 to rinse, dry and shine your dishes. solve 3 problems at once with finish jetdry 3in1.
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malwarebytes just when we thought we turned a corner mask mandates are back on the table as the delta variant fuels a jump in coronavirus cases. in st. louis masks will be required again regardless of a person's vaccination status at public indoor places and public transportation.
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missouri is one of three states with lower vaccination rates in this country. the other two being texas and florida. in fact florida alone accounts for 20% of all new cases nationally with 73,000 cases reported in the last week. with the governor and rumor 2024 candidate desantis does not put stronger protocols in place. less than 600,000 vaccine doses are administered daily down from a peak of more than 4.5 million a day in march and even though it's possible for people vaccinated to test positive for covid it is noted that virtually all hospitalizations and deaths full 97% are among unvaccinated people. still there are just some people who don't want to get the shot. >> here i am recovering getting
12:18 pm
out of here finally tomorrow. am i going to get a vaccine? no. >> why not? >> because there's too many issues with these vaccines. >> if you would have had a chance to get the vaccine and prevent this would you have taken the vaccine? >> no. >> you would have gone through this. >> yes, sir. don't shove it down my throat. >> it is extraordinary to hear that and also to hear stories of patients who in the very last unassisted breaths before being put on a ventilator begged for the vaccine. take a listen. >> people who are here who are unvaccinated really staring down death, are they asking for the vaccine or voicing regret? >> great question. every single day most -- somebody was just saying intubating a patient and said if i get the vaccine now could i not go on the ventilator? they're begging for it. when you are in icu with covid it is not the time to get
12:19 pm
vaccinated. you need to do it now before you get sick. >> with numbers like this and all of those stories president biden is imploring americans to get vaccinated appealing both from the white house and on the road. cnn white house correspondent arlette seinz joins us now. president biden as you know took note of the resistance that there's been amongst some conservatives. >> reporter: president biden acknowledged that some of the conversation around vaccines has become politicized but simply arguing that should not be the case. yesterday campaigning just across over in virginia the president talked about the shift that you have seen among some conservatives, not all, some conservatives who are now trying to push back on some of this vaccine misinformation. the president had some praise for alabama governor who recently said that it's time to blame the unvaccinated for this rise in cases.
12:20 pm
and yesterday as he campaigned in virginia the president trying to argue that this should not be politics, that the vaccines will save lives. >> you notice a lot of our very conservative friends have finally had an altar call. they have seen the lord. whether it is on fox news or whether it is the most conservative commentators or governors. virtually all the covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations are today among the unvaccinated people. and i know there's gotten politicized but i hope it's starting to change. it is not about red states or blue states or that guy hollering. it is about life and death. >> reporter: that is similar to the messaging from the white house and officials that this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. there is growing concern within this white house about those areas of the country with low
12:21 pm
vaccination rates especially as we have seen the delta variant across the country. the white house considering preparing for boosters for those vaccinated as they try to curb the spread of the virus. >> all right. arlette saenz, we appreciate that report. alabama is at the very bottom of the u.s. vaccination list. just one third of its residents are fully vaccinated. it should come as no surprise that the average new cases of covid are double a week ago and four times higher than two weeks ago. the governor says the unvaccinated are to blame for these new spikes. gary tuchman has more. >> reporter: it is 5:00 p.m. and a pop-up vaccine clinic opened up. there's a choice of all three
12:22 pm
vaccines but no takers. only the workers for the mobile county health department. but ten minutes later -- >> i got a short po boy walking in. >> reporter: the ceo leaves the food truck and is the first visitor choosing the pfizer vaccine. >> you are done. pretty easy, right? >> it was real easy. >> reporter: the county is more than 400,000 people and lowest vaccination rate in the country at 37% in a state lowest in the country at 34%. but county health department is striving for more frequent outreach to get people vaccines and that's why the employees are here. ten minutes later another woman gets a vaccine. cindy chooses moderna. you have multiple sclerosis and you have the okay from the doctor to get the vaccine. how do you feel? >> my husband is after me to do it. it needed to be done and really
12:23 pm
glad to have gotten it. glad they're here doing this today because otherwise i would be kind of dragging my feet. >> reporter: 40 minutes with no more vaccine customers. two people show up, dawn and brittany. >> the reason is because i can. >> right here. >> it is free. >> most of the family is vaccinated and they have been pub pushing me. the delta variant scares me. >> reporter: now 6:00. the curiosity level is high but the vaccinating level is not. you met four people that got the vaccine. those are the only four that came over the first hour. the health department sponsors other events at truck stops, coffee shops and car dealership just the director of disease surveillance says the department must be creative. >> since july 4th we have had an
12:24 pm
explosion of cases. a doubling or tripling of cases every seven days. it's accelerating greatest in 18 to 49 age group. >> reporter: back at the food truck festival jaclyn is 22. and says no vaccine for her. >> i just don't think i need it. >> you do know that almost everyone now dying or hospitalized is somebody who hasn't been vaccinated? the people that have been vaccinated aren't going to the hospital and not dying. does that concern you? >> i don't have any underlying health issues. i'm not concerned. >> i'll do the johnson & johnson. >> perfect. >> reporter: those that are concerned continue to the vaccination tent. jason said he wasn't going to come until this festival. how come you waited this long? >> based off stuff from the internet and people saying.
12:25 pm
>> reporter: rumors? >> rumors. >> reporter: it is 8:00. the vaccinations are over. the final number of people who got vaccinations, 1. that's an average of 4 an hour. it is not a big number but the health department workers will tell you that the numbers are getting higher in the last week. good news amid the delta variant bad news. coming up, a pandemic penalty. the nfl sends a strict message to teams with unvaccinated players. plus the coach out of a job because he wouldn't get a shot. i can tell that they used your milk, matilda. great job! moo you're welcome. breyers natural vanilla is made with 100% grade a milk and cream and only sustainably farmed vanilla. better starts with breyers. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth.
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just a few weeks until the start of the nfl season. one star player said the vaccination status isn't necessarily important. dallas cowboys quarterback prescott not selling reporters if he got a shot. the refusal comes as the nfl announces new covid penalties for teams that experience outbreaks of unvaccinated players. koi wire reports. >> reporter: this could be a sticking point for teammates. some see it as a mandate. others are uncomfortable with the idea that their teammate might cost them the health or the paycheck but it's a sticking coach for the minnesota vikings holding talks and saying that dennyson is seeking an exemption to the league mandate.
12:31 pm
the statement said at this time the coach doesn't have an exemption. all staff with direct contact with players must be vaccinated but earlier this year the league and union agreed players would not be required. some players say the new announcement p announcement paints them into a corner. a team canceled or postponed will be considered a forfeit and count as a loss in the standings for the team. players on both teams will not get the paycheck for that game. hopkins wrote in a now deleted tweet never thought i would say this but being in a position to hurt my team because i don't want to partake in the vaccine is making he question the future in the nfl. cole beasley is perhaps the most outspoken player.
12:32 pm
he reaffirmed the stance saying i'm still living freely. they could make for an uncomfortable room. accountable availability. pro bowl running back ezekiel elliott got the vaccine last summer and said after the announcement he wanted to be out there for the team but can't force someone to do someone they don't want to do with their body. with training camps under way or starting the nfl said 78% of players have received at least one shot and 14 of the 32 teams have hit an 85% vaccination rate. not much time for unvaccinated nfl players to decide whether they'll get the vaccine. season opener is about six weeks away. >> thank you. donald trump brags about the pre-pandemic presidency saying not one of the founding fathers
12:33 pm
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12:38 pm
attack. >> what did you hope they would do? >> i heard that people wanted to go down to -- that wasn't my rally. there were a lot of people that spoke. rallies the night before. cities all over the city. you had hundreds of thousands of people. i would venture to say, i think it was the largest crowd i have ever spoken from. from that point almost at the white house to beyond the washington monument. it was a -- and wide. and -- >> but if you could have -- >> a loving crowd, too. i heard that from everybody. many, many people told me. a loving crowd. you know? it was too bad. it was too bad that got -- that they did -- from my statement, from my statement -- >> mr. president, i apologize. what we are trying to understand. not blame.
12:39 pm
i understand that. >> what did you want when you said go up there? what would you have dreamed -- >> i would have said that you will show -- not to go in. although they were ushered in by the police. in all fairness the capitol police were ushering people in. they were very friendly. they were hugging and kissing. you don't see that. there's plenty of tape on that, too. the capitol police were -- that's the way it was. but i wanted -- personally what i wanted is what they wanted. they showed up just to show support because i happen to believe the election was rigged. at a level like nothing has ever been rigged before. >> very disturbing. that interview for the explosive new book "i alone can fix it." phil rucker and "the washington post" wonderful carol leonnig
12:40 pm
joining us now. what was it like to hear him push the lies? it was not a loving crowd. i feel like i have flash backs because it does it with a straight face. >> the inner narrative hardened so much. sitting him with the lobby. the president watching the fans trapse toward the didn'ter on the patio at mar-a-lago, our jaws were hitting the table. we were putting them on our faces but the idea of hugging and kissing and that the capitol police officers were ushering happily warmly welcoming the people in. we know from your station and many others people were getting bike racks thrown at the faces.
12:41 pm
police officers begging for their lives and having heart attacks. one saying please don't take my gun and shoot me. i have children. this was not what happened. it is the preferred version of reality of donald trump. >> i want to highlight a passage up on screen. he said or you say in the book in a certain -- trump said to you in the book. i had two presidencies trump said. in the first trump argued that he had been unbeatable. i think it would be hard if george washington came back from the dead and chose lincoln as a vice president would have been hard for them to beat me, trump said. i almost feel like i'm reading fiction here. and then the second presidency, the pandemic killed his chances. this is somebody not in the same world you and i are in and makes me wonder if he thinks heblgd run again in 2024.
12:42 pm
what was your take away from this experience writing this book? >> sitting down with him he sounds like a guy running. talking about how he can't commit to vice president pence as the next vice president. talking about himself in the third person. you know, all the republicans love me. 90% love trump. another thing that's interesting about the passage you just read which i happen to really think is the heart of the story, he views himself as a victim of covid. the covid came along and it was too bad for his presidency. right? he could beat washington and lincoln. most american historians and objective pundits rank president trump's presidency at the bottom percentile. he sees himself as a victim and who soldiered on so valiantly. whereas his -- you know, his closest advisers supported the steps were in near panic mode
12:43 pm
about the degree to which he was willing to putt american lives in peril to get re-elected. >> i talked to advisers who said the handling of covid that torpedoed the presidency. he shattered the credibility. one point your co-author brought up mike pence. >> who will your vice president be if you run again? >> listen to him. >> good question. >> i was disappointed in mike but i'll be making a decision. >> not guarantee -- >> based on the polls, the republican party loves trump. 97%. >> you are not locked in that you would run with pence again? >> not locked in to anything. >> he could run against you in a primary. he wants to run for president, too. >> everybody -- it is a free country. right? free country. i always liked mike.
12:44 pm
i was very disappointed. >> very disappointed in mike pence. doesn't sound like he'll be on the ticket. he does sound like somebody thinking about this very seriously. he might do this. >> we all know from watching him he is the standardbarer of the republican party today and he would be the nominee today. he's a genius, a master of the mega phone. he found a large segment of americans frightened or angry and stoked the fear and anger and doing it now from his castle at palm beach and continuing to do it today traveling to remind people who love him that he should be their president now. >> i remember in 2016 there was this splintered field and he was able to beat that field because it was so split between all the var various candidates. 16 candidates.
12:45 pm
if it's the same kind of field again in 2024 why not? let's shift back to covid. you reported 0 ena telling exchange between trump and alex azar about masks. i can't hear you when you talk through those things trump said. i hate those things. mr. president, they work, azar said. the evidence is conclusive that they work. trump asks, really? i czar said. trump said be sure to take it off going to the microphone. it looks silly. i shouldn't chuckle reading the quotes but i feel like i'm in the room with him because i've heard him saying the things and i remember being at the white house and how they didn't take the masks seriously and it was because of him. >> totally was because of him. secret service agents didn't wear them because they wept on trips and protecting him and thrown boo the public. part of the job and didn't wear masks because the detail leader said the president doesn't like
12:46 pm
it. what's amazing is certain facts could not penetrate if he didn't want them and like them and masks he said over and over again to people made him look weak. i think the many people was him telling himself. >> always that. >> and another thing that's sort of chilling about this that's in the book is cdc director redfield, he knew that the president wearing the president was not just important for the president's safety but the role model for the country. a biggest disappointment in his career which is pretty lengthy is that he could not convince donald trump to wear a mask. and it's not because he got covid but because redfield concluded and privately concluded to aides that it ended up killing thousands of people for the president not to take that step. >> i really feel that if he had handled it a little better, wore a mask, encouraged people to
12:47 pm
socially distance he might have won re-election. just a remarkable book. just in case you haven't seen it 100 times. carol who also wrote a great book on the secret service. also quote a great book on donald trump and this is "i alone can fix it." thank you so much. hats off to you and phil. >> it was fun to talk about it with somebody that knows it really well. >> i know it too well. great seeing you. back in the day theme songs separated the great shows from the good shows. where have all the theme songs gone? we'll ask don lemon next. it's a simple fact: it even kills the covid-19 virus. science supports these simple facts. there's only one true lysol. lysol. what it takes to protect. not all 5g networks are created equal.
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you know the songs, i'll we there for you, moving on up, come on and get happy. they were the songs to classic shows we love. that begs the question, where have all the theme songs gone? we sent don lemon to find out. one thing he found out is writing songs is hard but writing tv theme songs is even harder. take a look. >> hello, everyone. i spoke to tv theme song composers and legendary actors to try to get to the bottom of this question. what happened to tv theme songs? what happened? we all used to sing them. but first i had to ask them what was their favorite tv theme song of all time. mine is "movin on up," the jeffersons from the '70s. listen to theirs. >> outside of your own amazing show, which i love, i have to say that, what is your favorite tv theme song?
12:53 pm
>> "the brady bunch." ♪ here's a story of a lovely lady ♪ ♪ who was bringing up three very lovely girls ♪ >> because i like when the song tells the story of the series. and i was very influenced with that growing up. ♪ it's the story of a man named brady ♪ ♪ who was busy with three boys of his own ♪ >> "adams family." ♪ >> they're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. >> and ooky. >> and all together ooky. >> how do you spell ooky? ♪ the adams family." here's the biggest question. what ever happened to the theme song? >> you know, that's a good question. >> thank you all. and i hope you'll be watching jim and singing, okay? >> i'll be singing along, don,
12:54 pm
don't worry. join don lemon for a fun-filled hour to answer the question where have all the theme songs gone. the cnn special begins tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific right here on cnn. it may seems like cutting grass is a chore, but one man has convinced hundreds of young people to volunteer to mow lawns for people who could use the help. cnn heros salutes rodney smith jr. who created the 50-yard challenge. >> my 50-yard challenge is a challenge we have issued to kids nationwide and worldwide to mow 50 free yards in their community. in returning we will send them a t-shirt along with safety glasses and ear protection. once they move 50 lawns, i drive wherever they are, present them a brand new mower, weed eater. kids are responsible for finding their own lawns. that's a way they can go out in
12:55 pm
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you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm jim acosta in washington. a sudden about-face as the highly contagious delta variant fuels a rise in hospitalizations and a 65% jump in new coronavirus cases. it was enough to cause many gop leaders to stop coddling the unvaccinated. the republican governors of alabama, missouri, west virginia and florida this week all stressing the need for more vaccinations. but stopping short of stricter covid protocols. congrats to any republican who finally decided it was in vogue to be a cheerleader for the vaccine but where was that team spirit months


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