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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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know, we don't know what it's going to wrap up. >> all right. well, we hope it wraps up soon and they end this and move on with their lives. katie hobbs, appreciate it. erin burnett "outfront" starts now. have a great weekend. "outfront" next, the perfect storm as covid cases surge among the unvaccinated and vaccination rates continue to plunge as the white house tracks the troubling trend. plus, cnn just speaking to the new capitol police chief. his response to republicans that claim the january 6th rioters acted like tourists and trump using the big lie to bring in huge money. so far, that money reportedly not going where his supporters think it's going. let's go "outfront". good evening. i'm erin burnett.
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"out "outfront" tonight, tossing tens of thousands of doses of the life-saving covid vaccines. health officials in iowa say that's what they may have to do in the comieing days because people don't want to get vaccinated. there isn't enough demand. they will throw it away. nearly 40,000 vaccine dose expire next week headed for the garbage because 50% of iowa's population is fully vaccinated and vaccine rates have plunging down 90%. it a really disturbing headline and alarming trend in vaccination rates that we're seeing across the country. it is one of the reasons among host of the unvaccinated. up 65% from last week and more concerning, hospitalizations. they've been climbing for three weeks running now up 60% over the past 14 days. governors are running out of patience. here is the governor of louisiana today, a state with 36% of the population vaccinated
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and a whopping 670% increase in cases from just a month ago. >> we have the highest growth rate of new cases per capita of any state in the united states of america. this really is the perfect s storm, and the conditions are right for catastrophic outcomes for far too many individuals and families. this is a storm that we can control. we're not powerless. we can be vaccinated. >> well, that follows the republican governor of alabama, which one of the least vaccinated states in the country where hospitalizations are also up 60% in the past week. >> folks are supposed to have common sense, but it's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks, it's the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down. >> pretty blunt.mississippi,
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the republican governor said they should get vaccinated and quote make the right choice, mississippi. make the right choice. so far only 34% of people in his state are fully vaccinated and even in highly vaccinated areas like new york city, there are still pockets that are not getting vaccinated. like the nypd just as an example. only 43% of the largest police force in the country is vaccinated, slightly better than some of the worst vaccinated states and because of that the city's mayor warning there could be a crackdown on those opting not to get the shot. >> the delta variant is like a freight train coming on. we have to take it real seriously. if people want freedom, if people want jobs, if people want to live again, we have got to get more people vaccinated and obviously, time for whatever mandates we can achieve. >> more mandates. that's also what we're seeing across the country. just today, st. louis announcing the mask mandate returning for
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people indoors joining many other jurisdictions doing the same thing. jeff zeleny is live outside the white house tonight. jeff, biden administration officials are growing concerned about this troubling phase of the pandemic. you heard a governor there saying catastrophic outcomes for far too many people and families. what is the biden administration saying tonight? >> there is no questions biden and his team are on this. those calls from governors, republican governors, as well as democratic ones are music to the ears of people here at the white house because they do believe the only way to get more people to become vaccinated is not a message here from the white house. it's from local officials, from friends, from family and republican governors. there is a dramatic shift over the last several days in terms of the degree to which people are taking the delta variant very seriously but the white
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house stopping entirely short of calling for any machine dates. jen psaki said look, it's the responsibility of individual institutions and businesses to decide this for employees but there is a sense that is what it is going to take for businesses and others to start requiring this but the white house really wants to try to stay out of this to not really be politicizing this more and impose this on people. as we head into a different chapter of this pandemic fight, we heard the kcdc director calling this a pivotal period. the white house has a sense of uncertainty. the i ceconomic challenges beca of the simple unwillingness to get vaccinated but more than that is the spread of this virus. it the most infectious, the cdc director said she's ever seen in her career. the white house is hoping people heed this warning but more uncertainty about this disease now, erin, than any other point here in several weeks if not
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more than that. >> all right. thank you very much jeff zeleny. "out front "now u.s. surgeon general dr. murthy. i appreciate your time tonight. i want to put up the map that shows how much transmission exploded across the quunited states in recent weeks. so we see a few weeks ago a map that's a lot of yellow and blue, low and moderate and now all of a sudden more than a third of counties in the united states are inin red, meaning high leve of transmission. how worried are you about where the pandemic is headed now? >> erin, i'm worried where we're headed. we're seeing the delta variant spread quickly and particularly among the unvaccinated population and just remember that the vast, vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths that we're seeing right now are among unvaccinated individuals and because we have millions of people who are not vaccinated, which means they're not protected, i'm worried the variant will continue to spread. the thing that's making this
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possible is the fact that we are dealing with the most transmissible version of covid-19 that we have seen to date but the good news is the vaccine does work. it high ly effective even againt the variant but we need more people to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. >> i want to ask about the rise of the breakthrough cases. 20% of new covid cases in june were among fully vaccinated. most are mild, but not all. do you feel confident that you can tell vaccinated people not to worry if they get this virus thanks you truly know where it going as the virus infects vaccinated people and mutates and sees the vaccine? are you really confident telling someone if you are fully vaccinated, you are essentially in the clear even though these breakthrough cases obviously we're seeing more and more of them? >> yeah, well i'm glad that you asked, erin. it's really important we talk about breakthrough cases because more and more people are hearing about them.
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here is what is important. when you have a vaccine, what it does is protects you against the worst outcomes, against hospitalization and death and often prevents the majority of even mildly symptomatic cases. in the case of covid-19, we're fortunate to have highly effective vaccines which is why the vast majority of people that are hospitalized and dying from covid are unvaccinated. with that said, there is a small portion of people who are vaccinated who may have what are called breakthrough cases but they will more likely be mild or asymptomatic because we have hundreds of millions of people that have actually vaccinated right now, 162 million people fully vaccinated in our country. you're going to see breakthrough cases because again, even a small fraction of 162 million people seems like it's a lot of people. but you should feel confident if you have vaccinated, your chances of getting severe illness or dying from covid are very, very low and if you do get a breakthrough infection, which itself will be unusual, it will be more likely to be mild or
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asymp asymptomatic. >> to this point, president biden is looking at whether new mask recommendations are necessary. if you're confident fully vaccinated people aren't going to get really sick, why would you consider asking them to go back to wearing masks in any situation? >> well, erin, this is what we learned and the science tells us about masks. we know from the science if you're fully vaccinated, your chance of getting fully sick or transmitted to others is very low but we also know risk is also based on individual circumstances. so if you are living in an area where there is a lot of virus circulating, if you happen to have someone at home that sun vaccinated, like you and i do, erin, young kids, if you yourself are immune compromised, which means you may be at greater risks are all circumstances where people may make the decision to actually go the extra mile, be cautious and wear masks especially in indoor settings and part of the reason to do that, that some people may
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decide not just because they want to avoid mild or asymptomatic infections but again in the case of parents with kids at hope decide even if there is a small chance i could pass it to my kids, i want to be cautious because i'm living in an area with a lot of virus circulating. those are individual decisions people will make but one of the reasons why you see some localities and individuals choosing to continue wearing masks. >> fox news anchor sean hannity made headlines this week after urging his viewers to take the virus seriously and said he believes in the science of vaccinations. you may have seen that sound byte. he got a lot of credit for that and came and backtracked. this is what he said last night. >> i never told anyone to get a vac vaccine. i've been very clear. i am simply not qualified. i am not a medical doctor. i know nothing about your medical history. >> you know, it's almost as if
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he -- even said this is so great, he's telling people to get vaccinated and believes in science and he wants to be like don't worry, i never told anybody to get a vaccine. i asked this in the context, doctor of a poll that finds 45% of unvaccinated adults in the u.s., nearly half say they will definitely not get the vaccine. have we reached the limit on vaccine out reach? >> well, i'm certainly not giving up on making sure that we continue to work hard to get people vaccinated and i don't think we've actually reached a limit yesterday because in every day, more than half a million people are making the active choice to get vaccinated. it's a lot of people. it's more than 3 million people every week and so we are making progress. we just want to make faster progress. >> all right. doctor, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> of course, thank you so much, erin. take care. and "outfront" next cnn speaking to the new capitol police chief tonight. he's breaking his silence and pushing back against trump who called january 6th, the love
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fest plus "the washington post" reporting trump's pact raised more than $75 million this year. incredible amount of money. if trump supporters think that money is going to fight the 2020 election, they're completely wrong. >> the ploblow to billionaires, bezos and branson made it to space but the faa doesn't want you calling them astronauts. ♪ lisa here, has had many jobs. she's worked in retail during the holidays. as a barista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪ apply today. ♪
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new tonight, the capitol hill police chief rejecting attempts by president trump and others on the right to down play the deadly insurrection. here is what he said 340e789s ag -- moments ago in an interview with josh campbell. >> i cannot waste may time how someone interprets a tape. the agency went through, i know the challenges that they faced. i also know the courage that they displayed that day. >> what's your view when people say this is tourism or a love fest? we all saw that video of your officers on the receiving end. what do you think when you hear it characterized that way? >> i don't agree with it. that's not the way i saw it. again, everyone is entitled to their opinion and frankly, as
4:17 pm
the chief of this police department now, i'm in a position to do things to ensure that that wouldn't happen again. >> josh campbell is with me now. josh, some strong words from the new capitol hill police chief in that interview with you. >> absolutely. i mean, this is a man new to the job. this is his first day as the new chief for the capitol police and i sat down with him and asked some of the questions on all of our minds and that is what is his view of the january 6th attack, how it being characterized and how his department will improve and as you heard him there, there are mischaracterizations in his words different from what he saw, people calling this, especially the congressman tourism, calling this, you know, the love fest as former president trump did and as he said, that's not what he saw and he said he didn't have enough time to look back. he's trying to focus on trying to improve this department. now, it's also worth noting, erin, he's looking to additional
4:18 pm
threats because there is a. co-- continued big lie bein spread. i asked if he's concerned about the chatter donald trump might be reinstated and whether that can lead to additional violence at the capitol. take a listen. >> does that concern you we may see a repeat of january 6th? >> i would be a fool to not be concerned about that. that obviously, the safety and security of the u.s. capitol, the congress that legislative process, those are top priorities and i'm absolutely concerned about all of those things. but i also know that even today six months after january 6th, we are better prepared today than we were six months ago. we're going to be as prepared as we possibly can be, you know, whenever we have another protest here, and look, for the, you know, for folks that, you know,
4:19 pm
never paid attention to the capitol police department before january 6th, know that we have protests here almost every day. now, some of them are big. some of them are small. but we have protests here almost every day. i got a briefing this morning about a protest that are going to occur tomorrow and so we're, you know, we've prepared for them and we're going to -- and the norm is and this is the reputation of this police department for those in law enforcement circles is the u.s. capitol police handles these things pretty good and that's why you never hear about them. everything goes the way it's supposed to go but january 6th did not but that january 6th does not define this agency. it does not define the men and women of this agency. >> so sad he has gone through this report put together, this so-called honorary report looking how his department can reform. he said he has some questions about some of the recommendations in there. he's continuing to study that.
4:20 pm
i also asked him about whether he supports the house leadership's push for this select committee to look into the events of january 6th. he said he supports any effort to help the department improve the processes and training to prevent another attack like this. finally, i asked him one thing we've noticed, erin. there are only a small number of capitol police officers that have been permitted to speak out since the january 6th. we've heard from very small group we'll hear from a hand full on tuesday. i asked him if he thinks his officer should be able to tell their story what they endured on that day. he told me absolutely. they should be able to tell their stories. >> all right. thank you very much. really significant in having him speak out here for the first time to josh. i want to go now to the delegate to the u.s. house of representatives for the virgin islands stacy because she was an impeachment manager at the heart of this investigation. let me just ask you to first respond to the new capitol
4:21 pm
police chief, right? he's concerned about the big lie and future violence but very interesting in the context of an investigation to what happened saying he absolutely supports all the officers having the ability to speak out when we know obviously to this point of course, very few have been able to do so. >> sure. well, we're happy to hear from the officers. we see them on a daily basis, those of us who are in the capitol and i continually give them my thanks for their heroic actions on january 6 th and their continued ability and willingness to defend not only members of congress and staff but to defend our democracy. we owe a debt of gratitude to them as well as to the metropolitan police officers and all of the officers who came to the call of duty on that day. i'm grateful that -- i'm hoping that the capitol police will have now a moral boost with this new police chief and that he
4:22 pm
will work closely with this investigation of the select committee to look at the recommendations that the committee is able to make, to bolster, to support his officers. >> so this does come, of course, four days away from the first hearing of that house select committee, right, that is investigating january 6th. speaker pelosi sent a letter to democrats saying in part i quote the letter, now our imperative must be to find the truth. we must do so in a way that retains the trust of the american people and proceedings so they will have confidence in the truth that emerges. how confident are you they will find new answers and information about what happened on january 6th? >> i'm grateful the select committee was made. as you know, we attempted to create a bipartisan independent commission. the senate republicans were unwilling to support us in that and so this select committee will have broad powers of investigation, the power to
4:23 pm
subpoena. i'm sure under the leadership of chairman benny thompson that headed up homeland security for many years, they'll be able to get to new evidence and use the subpoena powers and ability to really focus in and drill down on the truth to find out not only what happened on that day but the how and the why. >> right. >> of what is happening. i'm also really grateful the first hearing will be hearing from those police officers both capitol police and metropolitan police who defended us on that day. >> so, you know, she also said in the letter right that you have to find the truth in a way that retains the trust of the american people in the proceedings and that's really crucial and been made more challenging by mccarthy's rejection of the separate fully bipartisan committee. now, there are republicans on this committee, right, there is growing speculation that republican congressman adam kinzinger could join. we know he'd happily accept that. liz cheney is already on the
4:24 pm
committee. both cheney and kinzinger have not just been critical, though of trump for pushing the big lie and inciting the big insurrection. they have called him out for that but vow to fight him going forward. here they are. >> i don't want this party to be trump's party. >> i will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president's crusade to under mine our democracy. >> i've been a republican far longer than donald trump has and i'm not going to let him come in and hijack my party. >> i will do everything i can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the oval office. >> does that give you any concern when it comes to the rights inevitable push to say that this is just a one-sided anti trump committee? >> well, i hope not and i don't we leave that the american
4:25 pm
people will do that when they see the measured approach that this committee has taken. listen, not only has speaker pelosi put a republican among the members that she could select, although she rejected two of minority leader kevin mcelccarthy's picks, she did no reject three of them. he chose to remove those individuals from this select committee. it's our hope he will bring individuals back and move forward with the select committee and if not, listen, we cannot hold ourselves hostage to the struggles within the republican party. the american people want answers and we're doing to give them to them. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thanks. president trump's pact raising huge money because of the big lie but spending the money, what they told people they would spend it on, trump doesn't plan to put that money
4:26 pm
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tonight, former president trump 4holding a quote rally to protect our elections end quote. tomorrow in arizona's maricopa county where sham election audit made the state ground zero for trump's big lie about a stolen election. it comes as "the washington post" reports that trump's pact raised $75 million this year. and that none of that money has gone to arizona's audit or similar efforts in other states despite trump loadly seeing they are key to overturning the election and that's the point, the election he of course falsely claims was stolen from him. sun land . >> we were doing well until the rigged election came up. >> reporter: the baseless claims of election fraud pushing hard for state ballot reviews of the
4:31 pm
2020 election results. in a steady stream of public statements and k0comments, an audit of mar maricopa. >> i want to congratulate state senators of arizona and other places for their great work, that they're doing in exposing this fraud. >> reporter: privately, trump isn't putting his money where his mouth is. "the washington post" reporting that of the $75 million trump save america pact has brought in in the first half of this year, the group has not put any resources into helping finance the on going ballot reviews he's been pushing so hard for siting sources familiar with the finances. instead, according to the washington post, that money is actually paying for some of the former president's travel, legal cost and staff along with other expenses and noting the pact has held on to much of its cash. >> there are so many discrepancies, so many problems and heard from so many people
4:32 pm
about the corruption and what took place. >> reporter: there is no evidence of wide spread fraud in the 2020 election but republicans in several states are rebounding to the former president pushing for audits through other ballot reviews like the one in arizona but who is actually funding the arizona effort is in secrecy with private fundraisers having directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the audit, which is run by a little known florida based security consulting firm cyber ninjas, not previously known for election auditing a. group with ties to over stock founder patrick burn says it's raising funds to support the maricopa audit in helping with future audits. another group established by one america news personality, christina bob has also touted receiving donations for the audit. and former president trump is heading to phoenix, arizona tomorrow to talk about all of this at that so-called protect our elections rally.
4:33 pm
a rally, erin, that is funded by a conservative activist. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in krista rose, republican election lawyer and the former clerk of maricopa county superior court and abby phi phillip. abby, given how much energy and attention trump gave on pushing the big lie and audits, sp specifically mentioning arizona and specific audits and how they should happen and this is the key to everything, he still doesn't put his own money into the effort to prove wide spread voter election fraud? amazing. >> yeah, i mean, it's a fundraising toll. there is nothing right now that is more motivating to republican voters than this idea of the big lie and trump has been intergral in using it. at the end of day this war chest he's built up is keeping up the
4:34 pm
prospect of running in 2024 and "the washington post" reporting, funding his lifestyle currently, his staff, you know, his expenses, his ability to travel around the country. it's no surprise the candidate that claimed he would self-fund the campaign so he wouldn't be holding to special interest and turn around and took money from special interest would then do something like this. it's pretty, i think, par for the course for trump. >> amazing as you lay it out. chris, you were on early opponent, excuse me, of this sham audit but obviously, this audit is certainly going to be front and center at trump's rally in phoenix tomorrow. it's in maricopa county. the audit took on a life of its own. some republicans toted it as a way to prove loyalty to trump and came around the country to visit the location of the audit. how do you deal with this, chris? >> yeah, well, here is the problem and i would advice any
4:35 pm
elected official throughout the country who is thinking about replicating our audit in their county, their state run, don't walk in the other direction because what has happened here in arizona is that this train has left the station and now, the people aboard have the choice of waiting for it to go over the clip or to jump off at 200 miles an hour. now there are no good options for this audit here in arizona. it was -- first of all, it was unnecessary. our republican county board of supervisors, which is 4-1 republican conducted two audits using election assistance commission approved companies, bipartisan commission, non-partisan professional companies two audits confirmed we had a fair election here in maricopa county. it was no purpose to begin with but since it's been a conclusion in search of evidence and now that no evidence of fraud or error has been detected, they've taken to inventing statistics and facts made up out of thin air about more ballots received
4:36 pm
than requested, which of course is thoroughly debunked. there is no good resolution for this. when i started, there is no good that can come out of this. >> here is the thing, when this audit and, you know, i put the quotes around it, when this is done, whatever it's done, it been going on and on and still goes on and on and there is an outcome and what chris said is powerful. you can go off the cliff or jump off the train going 200 miles an hour. when this is done, whatever that means, it could be a major flash point. what is at risk here, abby? >> well, considering that there is already a conspiracy theory that trump was going to be reinstated in august, it's all part of the atmosphere around the way in which these types of audits and the kind of false hope that it gives trump supporters are creating a frankly a dangerous environment and which people, you know, rank and file republicans believe this stuff, believe they're
4:37 pm
going to find something where do there is nothing and when it doesn't happen, they are angry. they are disillusioned. that's the part of this that i think leaves people waking up at night and, you know, to use his a -- chris' analogy whether they will go off the cliff or jump off the train at 200 miles an hour, republicans are going off the cliff. they've decided they are not getting off the train, they're going with it until the very end. >> chris, you've lead and worked on election integrity efforts for republican governors and members of congress and i know you'll continue to support efforts to increase election fairness. what is your message to the republicans out there now, many of whom are elected pushing the big lie still to try to run audits in their own states now? >> yeah, i can tell you as a republican attorney who has worked on election integrity matters for over a decade in five different states that our
4:38 pm
nominee lost the 2020 election and every minute we spend trying to relitigate that election, number one, it undermines confidence in our democracy and representative government but two, it's a minute that we don't spend talking about the issues that are going to motivate voters in the 2022 election. so the more we talk about this, you know, our audit here in arizona may many popular within the republican party but multiple polls have shown that it's againgeneral election vote. every minute we waste is a minute we don't spend for voters up for grabs in the midterm elections. >> appreciate both of you very much. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> two democrats demanding answers after cnn learned prosecutors have enough evidence to charge trump's long-time ally tom barrack last year, this has barrack posts a mass sive bail.
4:39 pm
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new tonight, tom barrack, the long-time ally of donald trump and chair of his inaugural committee free on bail. that agreement including a quarter billion bond, $250 million secured by $5 million in cash. prosecutors basing that on an estimate barrack is worth about a billion dollars which means they have a claim to a quarter of his entire net worth if he flees. barrack must wear a gps monitoring bracelet. the spokesperson for barrack told cnn quote mr. barrack made himself available from the onset and he's not guilty and will be pleading not guilty. >> u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york and the author of the book "hatchet man, how bill barr broke the prosecutor's code and corrupted the justice department
4:44 pm
". let me ask you. there is a lot of questions here about this. days ago, prosecutors said tom barrack was a flight risk. they did agree to release him on bail but the security here is stunningly high, right, a quarter of his estimate the net worth, a quarter of a billion dollars an incredible amount of money. from your experience when you look at that and how this is going, does this mean prosecutors think barrack may cooperate? >> so, erin, this could be win or b -- one or both of two things. they could be satisfied he opened up enough cash and sureties and the gps monitor he has to wear. the prosecutors were first against that and said he's an enormous flight risk with too much money and connections around the world. it could be that changed. the other possibility is it could be they've agreed to let him out as part of some agreement that he will come in
4:45 pm
and try to cooperate. that is rare but i can tell you firsthand, i have done that as a prosecutor. not often but rarely. if you think it will help the potential cooperation process along to let someone out on bail, i've done that. it's possible. we don't know we have to wait and see but it's in play here. >> we reported this week the prosecutors in the eastern district of new york believe they had enough evidence last year to indict barrack during the trump administration and that didn't happen and there had been discussions maybe this was too close to the election, you're not supposed to bring cases like this. it is among ted lieu and kathleen rice. do you see any evidence of that? >> there are questions that need to be answered here, erin. first of all, it simis impossib
4:46 pm
for me to say any prosecutor looked at this evidence and said it's not enough. the indictment is 46 pages ex extraordinary detailed and strong proof. this is not built on the back of a cooperating witness that can be cross-examined. this is built on barrack's own words and emails and things he typed. i have real questions how any prosecutor who wasn't in the bag could look at this and say hold up, we're not sure. >> so i will just say and some would say this is what barrack did is sort of business as use w -- usual in washington. john bolton the other day told me the former u.n. ambassador, the registration act is poorly worded and confusing and that's part of the problem, that it could stand updating to say the least. does he have a point? is that part of the problem, the law itself? >> i think any law can be clarified and this law could stand clarification. i agree with that but the notion
4:47 pm
this is a silly paperwork crime. this is intended to protect our national security against people lobbying for foreign governments we don't know are working for foreign governments. imagine if we didn't have this kind of law. you could have people with all sorts of access up to and including the president, lobbying the president and influencing our policy secretly working for foreign countries. that could be extraordinary dangerous. this is an important law. >> appreciate your time, thank you. >> thanks, erin. >> next, more and more hospitals are telling employees to get vaccinated or lose their job. tonight, some health care workers are pushing back. why? the faa bringing jeff bezos back to earth. why the billionaire could be denied astronaut wings. ♪ bor♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough!
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4:52 pm
miguel marquez is out front. >> when they say mandate we say educate! >> reporter: health care workers taking to streets. across the country, their aim stopping mandatory vaccinations. >> if we don't stop this now and do some kind of change everybody across the nation is going to be forced to get things into their body that they don't want, and that's not right. >> reporter: the protests trying to reverse or stop hospitals, businesses or cities from requiring vaccinations for covid-19. >> i believe that it was not as bad. i believed that it was just like the flu. >> reporter: carrie breyer didn't get vaccinated then she and her husband got sick. they believe they picked it up from someone who had minor symptoms. it put breyer and her husband in the hospital for weeks. >> i want people to understand the after recovery.
4:53 pm
there is recovering. there's -- you know, you could be on oxygen for two to three months. i will be going on two months with oxygen. >> reporter: breyer who's now all for vaccination says her information came from friends, family and news sources telling her coronavirus wasn't serious and the vaccine came with risks. >> i'm not trying to scare people. i'm just trying to tell people educate yourself. don't assume that everybody's out to get you. don't assume that it's all political. >> 99% of the people who are dying from covid are unvaccinated. >> that's their choice. >> they don't want to die. >> reporter: fox news and many in the republican party continue to send mixed messages on the virus and the vaccine. >> if i'm elected governor here in arkansas we will not have mask mandates. we will not have mandates on the vaccine. >> the vaccine is the greatest weapon we have to fight covid. there's no question about that.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: breyer says doctors confirmed she and her husband who's still recovering, both have the delta variant now accounting for more than 80% of cases in the u.s. it is much more contagious, and here in springfield one doctor says it appears to be making younger people sicker. >> i've talked to, you know, our lung specialist who tell me what they're seeing is different and more severe than what they were seeing, you know, back in december, for example. >> reporter: for springfield's mercy hospital, which will require vaccinations for all employees, the public health implications far outweigh any concerns about the vaccine. >> it's extremely taxing. and when you start looking at resources that are tied up in treating covid and, you know, the demand that that's pulling, and it pulls away from all the other health care needs that are in the community. >> reporter: now, mrs. breyer
4:55 pm
says she will get vaccinated as soon as possible. health experts say that's about 90 days after recovering from covid-19. they also say that the problem remains the same. with this delta variant everywhere now individuals can get it, they can be issymptomatic or little symptoms at all and they can pass it on like the breyers or kill them. and next bezos and branson, they made history by making it to space, but don't call them astronauts. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:59 pm
jeff bezos may have gone to space, but that doesn't make him an astronaut in the eyes oof the faa. on the very day bezos and three others were launched into the stratosphere in a private venture the faa issued what it takes to earn the formal wings. they must launch activities during flight that are essential to public safety or contributed to human-spaceflight safety, a new directive right before bezos goes. 16 words to prevent bezos and crew from possibly getting astronaut wings. but mike massamino who is an astronaut begs to differ. >> these people go up there for a few minutes and call themselves quote-unquote astronaut. is there a part that's like, seriously, man? >> if you get yourself into space no matter how you do it,
5:00 pm
you certainly deserve astronaut wings. >> in fact he told me bezos trip made a big step. let's see how this plays out. the faa order says an honorary award can be considered for those who contribute to commercial human spaceflight. we'll see if he gets the last word. stay tuned. and thanks for joining us. ac 360 starts now. good evening. we begin this friday night with the weight of a weeks worth of evidence that our struggle with covid will not be over anytime soon, unless of course a lot more people get vaccinated. without that even though this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, it's going to continue to limit what the vaccinated can do as well. that's where we are tonight. the country is now averaging close to 45,000 new cases a day, about four times more than a month ago. at the same time only about 600,000 vaccine doses are being administered daily now. that's down from a peak of more than