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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 22, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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voters, but they understand that biden, he also just enjoys being face to face with people and not just at the white house. so i think you probably will see him out more. >> he noted the bridge from cincinnati goes from mitch mcconnell to kentucky. he noted that. we'll see you here tomorrow. don't go anywhere. erica hill picks up right now. thank you for joining us today. you're in the cnn news room. president biden once again calling this the pandemic of the unvaccinated. for the millions of americans who got the shot, may not feel like it. the white house reportedly in talks with top health officials about whether to push for updated mask guidance. we're following that and also this. a cdc advisory meeting underway on the agenda, safety issues concerning the johnson & johnson vaccine and the possible need for booster shots.
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right now the daily pace of people becoming fully vaccinate second down the lowest since january. we know new cases are surging nationwide among the unvaccinated. they're surging especially in florida. we are live in miami. let's begin with cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. what can we expect out of this? >> these are vaccine advisers to the cdc. the cdc brings them in to help sort through various vaccine issues. this is what to do with millions of people compromised because of a disease or condition that they have. or maybe because of medicines they take. so right now let's take a look at what the cdc guidance is for the millions of people who are immune compromised. the cdc warns that vaccines may not be protective. studies have shown that for many of the folks just two doses of
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pfizer or moderna or one dose of johnson & johnson may not work and they can tell by testing antibodies. so the cdc has been telling people the past week or so, they've been telling immune compromised people, they should take precautions as if they were not vaccinated. meaning things like masking and social distancing. but the cdc has not gone so far as to tell immunocompromised people, hey, get a third dose. some studies have shown a third dose does work for this group. the cdc has not told them to do that. we're expecting the vaccine advisers will bring this up as a topic. should people who are immune compromised take a third dose of the vaccine? erika? >> we'll look for more on that. elizabeth, thank you. that meeting is still happening. now to miami. communities there really dealing with the surge. you've been reporting on hospitals and how they're dealing with it. what are you seeing on the ground with florida leading the nation for new cases?
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>> we visited a testing site this morning, and we can tell you there was quite a bit when we talked to the folks running the testing site and others in miami dade. they told us they saw a lull in testing. and in the last few weeks they've seen a significant increase, and they're attributing that to higher case numbers and people who are traveling. let's talk about those numbers. put this in perspective. the average cases in florida have doubled since last week. quadrupled since a month ago. we just heard from the white house and they say this is a bit of a positive trend here. they say that in terms of vaccination rates, the newly vaccinated q for those states with the highest case rates which includes florida, they are seeing a higher vaccination, newly vaccination rate in the last week compared to the national average. i talked to some of the doctors here at jackson health system, and they point out that yes, it is the unvaccinated that are the
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majority here in the icu, 95% of covid patients are unvaccinated. listen to what else this doctor told me. >> i think we jumped the gun in the united states. and i think i would have kept the mask mandate until we got the majority of the population vaccinated, because we need to admit that this honor system is not working. >> from someone who sees the impacts here in the health system firsthand. she was clear that she believes masks are still very important. not quite what we're hearing from the governor. he spoke this morning, saying that he is encouraging vaccinations. the science is there. but he still very much is speaking against masks in any sort of mandate or lockdown in the state with one of the highest rates in the country. >> the latest from miami, thank you. joining us now, the director
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of the center for vaccine development and global health at the university of maryland school of medicine. good to have you with us. i want to pick up what we were talking about with elizabeth cohen. she's talking about the cdc meet right now talking about the johnson & johnson vaccine and discussing the immune compromised and what makes sense moving forward in terms of protection even with a vaccine. one of our medical analysts yesterday on the air, she, herself, received the johnson & johnson vaccine, said if she had a patient that had johnson & johnson and was immunocompromised and was concerned about the delta variant, she would recommend that person get a shot of pfizer. would you say the same and how feasible is that? >> yeah. i think currently the government does not recommend booster doses, including for the immunocompromised. this is an active discussion
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thaed. i absolutely understand the concern from friends, family member, patients. i get these same questions all the time. but we really need to approach this booster dose question in the same way we approached other questions with a careful, rigorous assessment of the safety and the potential benefit. you know, we just heard how people are not getting vaccinated. and so trust in the process. confidence in the process is really important. so we need to maintain that rigorous review. >> in terms of that trust and that confidence, i want to bring in our medical analyst, jonathan ryaner, a professor of medicine and surgery. in terms of trust and kr confidence, we know the white house has been really talking about how much damage, misinformation has done in this push to get more people vaccinated. but there was a moment at cnn's town hall that i think gave a
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lot of people pause. take a listen. >> one last thing that's really important is we're not in a position where we think that any virus including the delta various which is much more transmisable, and more deadly in terms of nonvaccinated people, the various shots that people are getting now cover that. you're okay. you're not going to -- you're not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. >> so part of that, yes, we know that these vaccines from what we know so far from the studies and the data we have so far, they do protect you against the delta variant, but they don't, none of the vaccines, mean that you will never get the virus. how do you think -- how damaging is that statement? >> right. well, i don't think it's damaging. i think, look, the spirit of what the president said is that if you've been vaccinated, you are protected from serious illness or hospitalization. we have robust data to show
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that. a recent study, data that came out yesterday shows the pfizer vaccine is 88% effective against infection, and even more robustly effective against severe illness and death. the problem is that we don't have data for johnson & johnson. we have small in vitro study, lab studies that show one study shows that the vaccine holds up very well over time, another study shows it doesn't hold up very well over time. we need the cdc to -- until -- we need the cdc to say whether we should -- we have a data that shows the vaccine is effective enough against vaccine, and we need the cdc to tell the 13 million americans vaccinated with johnson & johnson if they need a boost from mrna.
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that's what we want to hear today. >> we'll wait for what we hear out of the meeting. as we look at the unvaccinated in the country, there's a large portion of the country that is not even eligible. kids 11 and under, president biden saying he believes kids under 12 will be able to get a covid vaccine soon. the next eligible group, most likely to be kids 5 to 11 years old. the chances of that happening before they go back to school pretty slim. so i just wonder in terms of parents who may have a child on the cusp of being eligible, let's say they're 11 1/2 or 11 three-quarters. do you think there could be some change or some wiggle room there to get those kids vaccinated? >> yeah. for the same reasons i gave before, i think there is unlikely to be that flexibility. and, again, it's that very careful rigorous assessment that's so important, and i would say it's even more important in
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an understanding of giving vaccine to children. you know, you can delete a headline or you can refute a headline, but the doubt that that headline causes is there. you know? that fear that that false headline causes is there. so, again, i believe in our rigorous processes. i believe we are following the science. and i would encourage us to continue to do that with these pediatric decisions. >> we've heard so much. there's so much positive that we can talk about when it comes to the vaccines in terms of how effective they are. i mean, i keep going back to if you look at this versus a flu shot, there's a difference in terms of efficacy. but what's happening right now as we're seeing the spike in cases, fuelled by the delta variant, largely among the -- i've had conversations with people who have done everything right for the last 18 months.
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they masked up. socially distanced, got their vaccine. they did their best to help others get their vaccines around them. and now there are potentially new mask mandates or recommendations coming at them. and they're feeling really frustrated that they did everything right and there's a smaller portion of people in the country who are fueling this surge. i'm curious, what's your advice to some of those people as they're trying the navigate this new normal and they've gone out and gotten the vaccine? >> yeah. i would say it is very frustrating. i think they have a right to be frustrated. again, this is a transmisable illness. we try to stress to people and this is true for the immune compromised as well. we're doing it for ourselves, but we're doing it for those around us. and everybody that could be in contact with anyone who is immune suppressed should be vaccinated. rather than the delta that's
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fuelling the surge, i would say the unvaccinated are fueling the surge. delta will not be the last variant. and we really need to figure out a way to get the vaccination coverage higher. >> doctors, thank you both. >> thank you. just one day after house speaker nancy pelosi rejected two republican picks for the committee investigating january 6th, she's telling us more about why. new audio of former president trump nonsensical, false claims about what happened january 6th. lies are the base for how some republicans are rewriting history. and jill biden touching down in tokyo one day ahead of the opening ceremony for an olympic games that will be like no other. subway®... has so much new it didn't fit it in their last ad. like this new and improved steak and cheese loaded with our new tender steak that's marinated and thicker sliced, on our new artisan italian bread. man, you covered up the footlong! the eat fresh refresh at subway®.
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moments ago house minority leader kevin mccarthy blasted nancy employeety for rejecting two republicans he recommended to be on the january 6th select committee. earlier employeely explained why she couldn't allow jim jordan and jim banks to participate in the investigation into the attack on the capitol. >> this is deadly serious. this is about our constitution. it's about our country. it's about assault on the capitol being misargumentized for some reason at the expense of finding the truth for the american people. the other two made statements and took actions that made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth. manu is joining us now.
10:18 am
what did mccarthy say this afternoon? >> reporter: he pushed back on what pelosi is saying and responded to questions about the potential edition of another republican being added to this committee by nancy pelosi. that being adam kinzinger. he created to create the committee. she's been outspoken in run up to january 6th. we're told that nancy pelosi is consideringed aing kensinger to this position. that's been discussed according to the chairman betty thompson. cheney has been appointed to the committee by nancy pelosi and sharply critical of mccarthy himself. i asked kevin mccarthy directly what is wrong with having republicans, members of his conference serve as part of the committee investigating what happened. he pushed back. >> in your view, what's wrong
10:19 am
with having liz cheney and potentially adam kensinger serve on the select committee and potentially they could provide a level of balance to this committee. what is wrong with having one or two members of your conference join with democrats to inve gait what happened here? >> you know it. we predicted it back at the very beginning. this is a sham committee that's politically driven by speaker pelosi. >> this has been the refrain from the republican leader since really the beginning here. the outside commission which would have had five members equally divided on both sides, five on each side being appointed. not members of congress. that outside mission bill was a posed by mccarthy. he contended it was too slanted. the republicans in the senate blocked it forcing pelosi who said there needs to be an investigation to take matters into her own hands and create a democratic led select committee. now mccarthy said he won't
10:20 am
appoint anyone after pelosi rejected two of his selections. the speaker is making it clear here that she is pushing ahead. she will still have this investigation. she says there's a bipartisan quorum with liz cheney. they're meeting to discuss the game plan for the first hearing taking place next week. capitol police officers, metro police and d.c. will testify about their experiences and map out the larger investigative strategy going forward. the question is will there be anybody else? will adam kensinger get that position? he declined to comment, but there's expectation it could be announced today or tomorrow. >> we know you'll ask the important questions even when they're not answered like today. joining us now, former virginia congresswoman. cnn learned the speaker may be considering gop adviser roles for the january 6th select
10:21 am
committee. has the speaker reached out to you? >> no. but i certainly hope somebody like denver riggleman is considered. and i certainly hope we will see adam kensinger on the committee. i think more importantly than who is on the committee is what and who is going to be subpoenaed. and we know that documents between november 3rd and january 20th at the white house have yet to be subpoenaed by anybody. by anybody on capitol hill. and there's important work to be done there, because i think what we will find out in what is already a bipartisan committee, because liz cheney is on there, we will find out that in realtime the president's lawyers, bill barr, pat sip loanny were selling him his allegations of fraud were bs in the words of attorney general bill bar, and i think we'll also find out when we subpoena, when
10:22 am
we, the congress, i refer to the congress when congress subpoenas people like mark meadows, trump junior, steven miller, ivanka, jared, people involved in the activities on january 6th and leading up to them, we'll find out a lot of activities that were going on there that we don't yet know. i think the important thing is what and who is subpoenaed, and not all the drama that we've seen on who will serve on the committee, because the facts and the records that are out there and exist no matter who subpoenas them will tell that story for history and for the importance of the american people understanding it. and so that we can know that the president is still lying to the american people, and that his own staff and his own advisers in realtime, as many of the books are now showing, told him they were lies. >> in terms of that lie, that we
10:23 am
continue to hear from the president, i just want to play some audio that was released. this was a conversation in march, but this is a former president talking about what happened january 6th. take a listen. >> there was a loving crowd, too, by the way. there was a lot of love. i've heard that from people. many people have told me, that was a loving crowd. in all fairness, the capitol police were ushering people in. the capitol police were friendly. they were hugging and kissing. you don't see that. >> you talk about the importance of the documents. right? that you would like to see subpoena leading up to january 6th. these are obviously comments in march. but really, to your point, they really fuel this lie that we've been hearing that has become now the narrative and is being used to rewrite history. >> right. and i'm so glad that the first witnesses next week before what is a bipartisan committee already will be officers harry dunne and michael fanone and
10:24 am
other officers who were on the front line and can very easily disprove those lies from the president, and we've seen that video. but a lot of american people still haven't seen all that violent video. and, again, that's why all of these subpoenas need to go out. and i would make a point, because before i was in congress, i was a chief council on an investigative committee in congress, and we personally subpoenaed people like the white house chief of staff and advisers who were involved in activities. and by personally subpoenaing those people out there, as well as going through the official rounds, you can get information faster. but i think it's going to be wonderful for the american people, and i would encourage all of your listeners, but even more, you know, just be out there to listen to these officers. on some of whom are -- have stated they are republicans. you know, brian sicknick who die affidavit the insurrection.
10:25 am
he and his girlfriend voted for donald trump who never called them. never called or reached out or gave any sympathy to the families. adam kensinger and liz cheney have. i think they carry the weight of making sure the officers who serve every day and protect those very members who also are lying about what happened. so those officers have needed to be heard from for months. i am thrilled they will be front and center next week. when i asked if you were contacted by the speaker, you talked about denver riggleman. would you consider if you were contacted joining? >> well, i'm already talking to people and helping. obviously just in what i'm advising here. so i will wait for others to make those decisions, but i think this is an important work that a lot of people on a bipartisan basis are going to be
10:26 am
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as vaccination rates stall nationwide new cases are spiking in nevada. health and human services secretary is in the state today meeting with health officials amid efforts to boost lagging vaccination. sara is live for us. the state has reached out for help her. >> that's right. the governor looked a the numbers here and the vaccination rates here which are about in this county alone in dark county about 19% of people fully vaccinated. that's lower than the national average and decided he would reach out to the offer of federal help for the biden administration. we've seen health and human services secretary who came
10:32 am
here, met with the governor, had a handshake and with fema and is being debriefed by local, county, state authorities on the situation here. what they are really here for is they have deployed in a major way the covid-19 surge response teams. this is the first time that they have deployed the teams since the delta variant is sweeping the nation. and why here? one, because the governor said yes, we will take that help in the form of grants, in the form of boots on the ground to try and bring up the numbers of vaccinations and bring down the numbers of hospitalizations from people who are getting this very contagious delta variant. but also it is because the federal government has these resources. there is one thing that's controversial. that is they are going to as a part of this send out people to knock on doors. they said look, it won't be fema or the cdc or federal government knocking on your door in neighborhoods. it will be local community
10:33 am
groups. religious-based as well as the aher corp. and peace corps to try to convince people to get vaccinated. >> sara sidner, thank you. first lady jill biden is now in japan. she'll attend tomorrow's opening ceremony. the city of tokyo reporting nearly 2000 new cases since yesterday. and the number of covid infections linked to the games specifically climbing to 91. the word from organizers tomorrow's opening ceremony will proceed as planned. salena wang reports from tokyo. >> the first lady starts her first sewly trip overseas. jill biden arriving in tokyo in support of japan. a country in a day by day fight to keep the olympics going, even before the games have officially started. as biden travels in, more olympic hopefuls are set to travel out after testing positive for covid-19. five athletes from team usa
10:34 am
alone have been cut from the games due to coronavirus. kevin durant says he feels well looked after. >> usa basketball has made this experience easy for all of us, especially throughout the circumstances of covid and in japan where cases have risen. i think usa basketball is keeping us safe. nothing is safe when it comes to covid. around 100 people have come down with the virus as tokyo is reporting more than 10 times that number of cases each day. and if the pandemic wasn't enough to worry about, organizers are getting hit with another controversy, the director of friday's opening ceremony dumped from past remarks making light of the holocaust. i'd like to extend my sincere apology, she says. not what they needed after the opening ceremony. one person there is the person who lid the host to -- that didn't spare her con desengs
10:35 am
from ioc vice president late wednesday. >> the other thing is i was writing -- you're going to the opening ceremony. >> as the covid controversy continues to stir sports stars in action, including soccer teams who took the chance to take the knee in protest of racial inequality. salena wang, cnn, tokyo. >> well, he didn't sugar coat it. president biden says some businesses will in a, quote, bind for a while when it comes to labor shortages. that's next. a here. everybody's a skeptic. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here! it's not crazy. it's a scramble. just crack an egg.
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blunt talk at a cnn presidential town hall. joe biden conceding inflation at a 13-year high is a concern in the near-term. he didn't sugar coat his answer to a restaurant owner struggling to find enough workers. >> how do you and the biden administration plan to incentivize those that haven't returned to work yet? hiring is our top priority right now. >> two things. one, if you notice, we kept you open. we spent billions of dollars to make sure restaurants could stay open. and a lot of people who now, who
10:41 am
worked as waiters and waitresses decided they don't want to do that anymore because there's other opportunities at higher wages because there's a lot of openings now in jobs. and people are beginning to move. people are looking to make more money and to bargain. and so i think your business and the tourist business is really going to be in a bind for a little while. >> joining me now, maeve reston and david gergen. good to see both of you. david, this may not have been the answer the restaurant owner wanted. you want to maybe pay your people more, he said. how do you think president biden handled that moment? >> well, i thought overall for the evening, he had a very good town hall. he has an empathy about him, a warmth and decency that athink appeals to a great number of people, and going into ohio and
10:42 am
a big crowd, cheering him on, i think it was a good night. on this particular question, he doesn't have much of an answer, unfortunately. he's waiting for the economy to catch hold. people start coming back and working again in restaurants and elsewhere. but he doesn't have an answer. i think he's defensive on that question. so much now depends on next week and what happens with it, the infrastructure bill. the likelihood this battle is likely come to a head, perhaps later. if he can get that infrastructure bill through, that would help with the restaurant and a lot of other people. if he fails, he's in a tougher situation. he's got to not only the jobs but the spike and as you've been talking about on the show, this spike and the variants. it's very, very dangerous, and americans are exhausted from the last year and a half already. >> and to those points, both in what -- just how much is riding on infrastructure as we know for
10:43 am
this president, but also, maeve, when it comes to empathy, that has served joe biden well for decades. but it doesn't boost the income for workers. it doesn't boost the ability for businesses to increase wages. and it's really about how this is playing out for individual americans. does the white house need to perhaps work on more of an answer, or more of a suggestion, a connection in that way? >> i think absolutely. and that was one of the failures that the white house has had recently. being back out on the campaign trail in iowa and texas, even in california where there's a recall, the issue that people bring up the most is how inflation is hitting their pocketbooks, talking about the sticker shock they're feeling every time they go to the grocery store. and also talking about the labor shortage. i talked to a welder a couple weeks ago who said i'm exhausted.
10:44 am
i'm working seven days a week because we can't get people to come in and fill the jobs to work with us. and it is taking a big toll on americans and their families. both of the issues. and it took a while for republicans to get their talking points down on this, but you are really hearing that now. we heard from jim jordan this week, from joni ernst talking about the price of milk and eggs. talking about biden economics. and really trying to blame president biden for that. and so i do think this is an area where democrats really do have to figure out how to connect better with what americans are feeling right now in terms of the pocketbook issues and not just say well, we put all this money out there in covid relief, because people are seeing the tail end and feeling the rising costs. >> when we look at what is -- what the white house is waiting on, which as you rightly point out is infrastructure, president biden came into that town hall as a test vote failed on
10:45 am
infrastructure. he's still clinging to the hope of bipartisanship. even as the initiative is hanging by a thread, we know washington in 2021 is not the same senate in a biden served in for decades. does he need a reality check in this respect in terms of that bipartisanship, he's holding out hope. but it's rough. >> well, you know, i think different folks with different business. on one hand there's a few they took a big gamble on bipartisanship, and he may actually succeed. there a story in politico saying why he might succeed in the infrastructure bill. but he is a gamble. if it goes down, then he's paying a price for his dwamable. similarly, he took a gamble -- he has a theory of the economy that if you pumped money in early, it would not overheat the economy. and then we had larry summers, the democratic former treasury
10:46 am
secretary in regard to the bright guy who has been leading the charge saying no, you're in danger of overheating the economy and the fed is going to raise interest rates and then you're going to really have a slowdown. he's in a tenuous situation right now. we don't know what way things are going to go, but six months into his presidency, he faces a hard climb. >> there's been talk about the filibuster since joe biden took office. he said he doesn't want to get rid of it. it will throw washington into chaos. it raises the question, there's not a lot getting done with the filibuster. what would choiange? is he right? >> i think he was frank in the moment, just in explaining sort of what his theory of the case is. because there are -- as you point out, there are so many people on the left, so many progressives that want him to get rid of the filibuster. he believes as a senate institutionalist that getting rid of that check on -- that
10:47 am
keeps people in line in the senate, that that would throw things into chaos. i think on both that point and the infrastructure bill, it's hard to see what beyond infrastructure president biden is going to be able to get through. and so i think that issue will just continue to heat up as the progressive left is looking at issues like voting rights and police reform and all of these other bills that potentially are not going to go anywhere unless there are some changes to the filibuster. i think a lot of progressive were not happy with the answer where he talked at just going back to a talking filibuster and that being an intermediary step he was willing to take. >> if i may say so, i think this is another area where biden gambled. don lemon said mr. president, you can get a filibuster or voting rights, but you can't have both. biden said i think i can get
10:48 am
both. who is right? we don't know. it's why this is a drama. >> it is. david, maeve, thank you both. >> thank you. so where do infrastructure negotiations stand? we'll head to the hill next. ay. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. keeping your oyster business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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m today president biden will host business and labor leaders at the white house as his infrastructure bill hits a major logjam with republicans on the hill. gop lawmakers blocking the bill yesterday in its first congressional vote, and now pushing for a little more time to write the legislation and debate it. cnn's ryan nobles is on capitol hill. what is the latest on these talks today? >> reporter: they're still talking, and i think it is the most important part of the negotiations. we knew from the very beginning this was going to be a very complicated and difficult process, and what you saw the senate majority leader, chuck schumer, do yesterday was try to push the process along, saying we need to start coming to some sort of agreement on some of the big numbers and these big issues that are holding up the process. republicans did seem to get the message. republican and democratic
10:54 am
lawmakers have been behind closed doors, hashing out the finer points of the deal. there does seem to be breakthroughs, but they have a lot of work to do. they're hopeful as soon as monday they will be able to come up with some sort of agreement that then can begin the process of voting on this. you know, erica, it is only part of the process here. this bipartisan agreement about a $1 trillion deal that republicans and democrats are negotiating is separate from that $3.5 trillion budget bill, the so-called human infrastructure or jobs bill, and the two are intertwined because many democrats, especially in the house, say they're not going to vote for one without the other. the problem is while that can be passed with only democratic votes, not all democrats are on board with spending that much money, including, of course, west virginia senator joe manchin, who told us today he has yet to agree to that big $3.5 trillion plan. so this is a fraught process. every day it is going to seem like it is going to collapse. the will so far though is to get it done and lawmakers remain hopeful. >> they are going to keep you very busy for the next several days, my friend, ryan.
10:55 am
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♪ ♪ hello, everyone. welcome to "newsroom." i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. the pandemic of the unvaccinated is prompting the white house to rethink its strategy on masks. the united states continues to see an increase in cases driven by the delta variant's unprecedented ability to spread. listen here to what the cdc director said about that. >> the delta variant is more aggressive and much more transmissible than previously circulating strains. it is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of and that i have seen in my


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