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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 22, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone, i'm poppy harlow. jim is on assignment today. and the delta variant continues to surge sadly across the country. as this happens, season is learning that top health officials are considering revising mask recommendations for vaccinated americans. namely whether vaccinated people should be wearing masks again inside. this comes as the cdc forecast and projects covid deaths and hospitalizations will increase over the next four weeks. these discussions over mask guidance were given new urgency this week after the american association of pediatrics recommended that everyone over the age of two wear masks when they go back to school. president biden said he's following the cdc's lead.
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listen. >> the cdc is going to say that what we should do is everyone over the age -- under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. that is probably what is going to happen. secondly, those over the age of 12, who are able to get vaccinated, if you're vaccinated, you shouldn't wear a mask. if you aren't vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask. >> still the cdc tells cnn it has to intention of changing mask guidance yesterday. le le let's begin this hour with kristin holmes. where are biden officials on this later consideration. the science is key but there is the question of if they reverse course, are people going to believe it this time around. there are those considerations too? >> yeah. and all of this is weighing heavily on the biden administration officials as well as state and local officials. one person i spoke to in constant communication with the white house said that white
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house officials were hesitant to weigh in on anything involving masks because of how politicized it has been and also because they are aware this could seem like some kind of setback when the country had made so much progress. so in terms of where exactly the discussions stand, these preliminary. they are happening among administration officials across different agencies. as well as with these local and state officials. and they really resolve around two things. one, what should the messaging on masks be coming out of the white house. and two, what exactly is the guidance that the cdc should be giving? now as you said, the biden administration, the president himself, they've all said they want to follow the science and they want the cdc, they're the people making this kind of decision, but that doesn't mean that these conversations aren't happening because everyone is so acutely aware of what is going on, watching the case rise. and it shows you how seriously they are taking this delta variant, poppy. >> you have now, a change that
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more republican lawmakers are starting to embrace vaccines publicly. there have always been some but there are now some who weren't before. this morning you have elise stefanik and scalise, what are they saying. >> before we talk about why he's such a powerful voice, this is a man who is a leader in the republican party and he was hesitant and seems to have done a complete 180. he got a shot over the weekend and he sent photos out and on fox news yesterday talking about the importance of guesting the vaccine. here is what he said today. >> we've expressed confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine but again as all of these doctors have talked about, ultimately if anybody in america, i would encourage peep to get the vaccine. i have high confidence in it. i got it myself. ip sent the pictures out. if somebody has a hesitation, they ought to have the conversation with their doctor.
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>> reporter: it is not just members of the hill, not just senators who are all pushing for this. it is across the spectrum of conservatives. we've seen fox news hosts talking about this. we have talked to a number of conservatives who are pushing this in their states, governors for example. so with this mask consideration and with the conservatives pushing for the vaccine, it shows you how seriously they are taking the delta variant and the rising number of cases across the country. >> it is good. every voice behind vaccination is helpful. arlette saenz -- i'm sorry, kristin holmes, thank you. i'm joining now by dr. monica gandhi associate from the university of california san francisco. good morning, doctor to you. so where do you fall as the cdc and the biden administration together work on a big decision, which is do we reverse course to
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what we did in may and do we tell vaccinated people you should wear a mask inside? where do you fall on that? >> so, one thing i want to say is i actually think the cdc guidance in may was really sound because what they were trying to do is really stress the effectiveness of the vaccines. how they actually reduce transmission. and they were trying to motivation evacuations. now we have a lull and we have the delta variant. and those two things are very concerning. one thing the bay area did is they recommended masks for the vaccinated and unvaccinated indoors. and i think that was a prudent thing and that is where i fall. i think it is hard to go back to a mask mandate like l.a. did. it was met with resistance. what recommendations do is they allow businesses to make that decision for themselves. it allows a posting of a sign and the problem was it was really difficult for a business to tell who was vaccinated, who was unvaccinated, and this
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allows the mixed places to still have masks inside while we're deal with the delta and getting more people vaccinated. >> so it is playing out in realtime, the imfact of so many people not vaccinated. we see it in the deaths and the hospitalizations and what the delta variant is doing, but just about an hour ago the atlanta public school system said they are going to require that everyone wear a mask, vaccinated or not, in all of the schools when the school year begins august 5th. i mean, when you think of that news, is that a sign of what is to come for a lot of kids even though those who have been vaccinated and even though 12 and older. >> so, yes. what we didn't anticipate is the delta variant. it is tragic that we have any death from covid-19 because they are preventible. and so this is likely what is going to happen for the fall. people will start out in masks,
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children will start out in masks. but the important thing is that parents need an off-ramp. actually people need an off-ramp in the united states like you just said. people need a time where they know masks won't be needed. and so we have proposed sort of metrics in -- we have proposed a specific metric, less than five covid options over 100,000 people, the typical influenza hospitalization rate is 20 to 40 in a typical year. but covid is much more deadly. so we recommended less than five as an off-ramp, that is when masks could could have om for vaccinated indoors and the recommendation and also for children. because i think that will allow parents to say we'll do this for now but we'll see a place when it gets better. >> i have little kids who aren't old enough to be vaccinated but i kept thinking, oh, my gosh, i don't know -- even after they could get vaccinated, how long they'll have to wear masks. quickly before we go, doctor, the former surgeon general
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jerome adams wrote a opinion piece in "the washington post," i won't read it all but saying that the cdc was wrong to reverse mask guidance in may and they did it too quickly and they need to reverse it here. did the cdc reverse mask guidance too quickly? >> i defended it at the time. i wrote a piece in "the washington post" a few days later and defended it. i don't think they were wrong. they were trying to be optimistic. let's see each other's smiles again, like president biden said. they have a soft suppression strategy and changing with the times, changing as we update and new things happen is part of the course with covid. so i think they're trying to motivate vaccinations and then have an off-ramp later. >> and let's hope it doesn't disincentivize other people. thank you, great to have you.
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to nevada now, cases and hospitalizations of covid are surging in nevada as the number of vaccinations slow. the rise prompting the public health department to recommend a return to mask wearing. the situation is to bad that hhs secretary xavier becerra is meeting with the governor of nevada. cnn spoke to doctors working on front lines in las vegas at a local barbershop whose shop is now doubling at a vaccine clinic on the the weekends. watch this from our ed lavendera. >> reporter: the covid vaccine sparks passionate barbershop bantsor in north laugh. in the last month, owner robert taylor said three of his bashers and his business partner were infected. taylor and another barber got the virus last year. none were vaccinated.
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it was a wake-up call. so taylor decided to turn his barbershop into a vaccination site. taylor partnered with state health officials to offer vaccine shots to clients coming in for a hair cut. >> it is a place of transparency and truth and debates and brotherhood. >> reporter: taylor wins them over with trusted voices and easing their fears. >> you have people say that it is not 100%. nothing is 100%. but i will go home and put on my seat belt. >> reporter: the average number of new coronavirus cases has jumped from 132 in early june to almost 700 and the average daily number of hospitalizations has shot up from 178 in mid-june to more than 900. medical experts say this surge is driven almost entirely by unvaccinated people. >> this could have been prevented. >> reporter: dr. asad is the director of infectious diseases
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at university medical center in las vegas. only 40% of the nevada population is fully vaccinated and with that dr. asad offers a omi ominous warning. >> it is a matter of time where you are going to come across a variant where unvaccinated people pose a huge threat to the rest of us who are vaccinated because their literally a breeding ground for new variants. >> reporter: in reno where the vaccination rate is higher than the state average, the lines have dwindled. at the peak they were administering 2800 doses per day. it is under 150 now. health officials say people spreading misinformation are hampering vaccination efforts. >> our country is not united. battling covid is bat enough, but having to battle one another to try to overcome that virus, i think it is terrible. >> reporter: to motivate the unvaccinated, the state is
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holding weekly lottery drawings and paying people to get vaccinated and even though events have been interrupted by anti-vaccine efforts. >> i want you to live and be healthy. >> reporter: at the barbershop vaccine skeptics -- >> let's listen to speaker pelosi right now taking questions. >> -- and officially name joe biden president of the united states. in the time since then, six months or more since then, we tried to have a bipartisan commission. and the house we passed it, was yielded on many scores in terms of makeup, process and timing. and it was bipartisan in terms of the committee and i salute our chairman benny thompson and mr. cavco the ranking member. even though it was something that was bipartisan and yielded on many points to the
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republicans in order to achieve bipartisanship, the leadership of the republican party in the house opposed and whipped against the bipartisan commission. still in all we have the votes. 35 members of the republican side voted with us to send it to the senate. it was very hopeful that we could pass it there. we had seven republican votes. not ten. and we needed ten to get up to 60. hopefully one day that will still -- that opportunity will still present itself. but because it was not possible in this time frame, last month we passed our legislation for select committee. a select committee is bipartisan and it has a quorum and it will do the job it set out to do. and that is to investigate the causes and that of what happened
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on january 6th, to find out how it was organized, who paid for it, who messaged to get those people here for the assault on the capitol. as you know, well over 100 people were injured, some died. it was a horrible, horrible thing. i've never forget the trauma is causes not only for our members but for our staff and for the people who work in the capitol to make our work here possible. some of you were here that day as well. so you could attest to the fact that it was not all love, hugs and kisses. as it has been characterized in -- mischaracterized shall we say. so, as you know, we named our commission and it was committee and it is bipartisan and we have a quorum. staff is being hired to do the job. we're there to seek the truth. we're not there to get -- to get
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the truth. not to get trump. tru, truth, trump, that seems what the other side is obsessed with. so as the legislation allows, i did not accept two of the five people who were appointed. as they have made statements and taken actions that i think would impact the integrity of the commission, of the committee, the work of the committee. this is deadly serious. this is about our constitution. it is about our country. it is about an assault on the capitol. that is being mischaracterized for some reason at the expense, at the expense of finding the truth for the american people. i'm very pleased, the response that we have received across the country and from my caucus on this subject and we will i'm very pleased with the leadership
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of benny thompson, our chairman, the bipartisan nature of our committee with liz cheney, the other members who are on the committee who have experience and patriotism as their calling cards. so we will proceed in this. as i said, they're in the process -- the committee is in the process of hiring staff to that end. it is my responsibility as speaker of the house to make sure we get to the truth on this and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that. another subject, again, we are working very hard to get the job done for the american people. to lower health care costs, lower pollution, raise -- as i said when we ran, we said lower health care costs, bigger paychecks, cleaner government and that is what we're about.
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the cleaner government comes with the hr-1 -- hr 1-s1, the house resolution to get this done. so in any event, as i mentioned, we are here to get the job done. we cannot respond to some of the legislation physical the senate acts, as i said. we will not take up infrastructure bill until the senate passes the reconciliation bill. with that i'm pleased to take any questions. yes, ma'am. >> would you need additional republican members to serve on this select committee given the fact that the resolution said you have the power to appoint members? >> yes. i did suggest to the leader that the three, make sure you understand this, i hear the president saying well they didn't vote to accept -- that had nothing to do with it. right from the start, when the members acted in that way, and
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said they were not going to vote for the certification that joe biden was president, i said to the members, do not let that stand in the way of finding bipartisan agreement on legislation here. i'm not encouraging that at all. you find your common ground. we strive for bipartisanship. so how they voted on that bill is not relevant to how we are legislating. on the other hand, the two people that are excluded, of the three that i pointed, one of them voted against the ratification and the other two voted for it. having said that, though, the other two made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth. at the same time, we have a committee, a committee to address economic disparities in
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our country. and the leader gave me six names for that committee. five of them voted against making the election of joe biden official. but i approved all six of them. even though only one of them voted in that regard. so it has not been a factor. even though the press somehow or other you think that it might be. it has not been a factor. the chairman of that committee jim himes is already staffed up and ready for a hearing next week as is mr. thompson for a hearing next week. but the leader may want to rescind those names. i'm ready to have them be accepted on the floor of the house. so, we'll see. we'll see. i mean, there are some members who would like to be on it. but we'll see. >> would you appoint adam kinzinger. >> you could elaborate what statements and what actions caused you to --
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>> i'll just give you their statements. i think one of them was sort of the -- of mr. banks was that the biden administration was responsible for january 6th. there was no biden administration on january 6th. let's not go into that. have you, are you up to date on their statements? i'd like you to see them. because they completely just make it impossible for them to exercise judgment. again, this is about seeking the truth. and it is about not -- as i said in my comments, with respect tor the integrity of the investigation, with concern that the american people want to know the truth, and in light of statements and actions taken by them, i could not appoint them. i said that while this may be unprecedented, so was an attack
7:21 am
on the capitol. i'm not going to spend any more time talking about them. yes. >> so on the bipartisan question of this committee and liz cheney, you said this is bipartisan, when you talk and told the republicans, many of them believe that election was stolen from him and so on. how do you convince people on the other side of the aisle that what is going to go on in this committee is going to be bipartisan and get to the truth -- >> it is not even -- it is not even bipartisan. it is nonpartisan. it is about seeking the truth. and that is what we owe the american people. and probably the biggest incentive for that, the less partisan it is, the more it will be accepted by the american people. >> kevin mccarthy is promising to have his own probe -- >> i'm not talking about him. okay. what else -- i'm not.
7:22 am
i'm not concerned and i'm -- let's not waste each other's time, okay. >> there is a bill before the house that would prohibit taxpayer funded abortion brought by republicans 37 times for a vote on the house floor. but has been blocked by democrats. can you explain why? >> it has been blocked by democrats? >> it has been blocked for a vote to allow a vote on the house floor. the bill -- >> it hasn't been brought by democrats. >> well it has -- it hasn't been accepted, i should say. >> well we'll be voting on it. it passed in committee. we think it is the right thing to do. it is something that many of us have been concerned about for a long time as an issue of health, as an issue of fairness, and we will send the bills over to the senate, we'll see it may be -- >> no, i'm sorry, i think you -- it is a bill to prohibit taxpayer funded abortions.
7:23 am
to have money to go to taxpayer funded abortions. >> well that is in the law. for medicaid. we're talking about medicaid. that is in the law. what we have in our bill is to overturn that. there is no need to have that -- that is the law now. >> and the reasons why to have it over turned? >> because it is an issue of health. of many women in america. so especially those in lower income situations and in different states and it is something that has been a priority for many of us a long time. as a devout catholic and mother of five in six years, i feel that god blessed my husband and me with our beautiful family, five children and six years almost to the day. but that may not be what we -- it is not up to me to dictate that that is what other people should do. and it is an issue of fairness, and justice for poor women in
7:24 am
our country. >> given how divided the country is at this point, do you risk the american public not voting what the committee finds with your finding in this -- and also could you talk about liz cheney's role now after leader mccarthy's move of withdrawing his members? >> well, no, in fact, i don't accept your stipulation that half of the country -- there is a percentage of the country who is in denial about covid and getting vaccinated. it is sort of the same crowd that -- but overwhelmingly, if you look at the polls, and if that is what you're measure is, they want to know the truth. as like in the '70s that people wanted to know more about what happened on january 6th and 59% of republicans, according to the polling that came out this morning, think we need to know more about what happened on
7:25 am
january 6th. i think that justice to take this to an end, we -- these people are going to act up, cause a problem and people said to me, put them on and then when they act up you could pick them off. i said, why should we waste time as something as predictable. the republicans that they put on will have their own point of view. nobody is saying that it should all be one point of view on the committee, but it is -- when statements are ridiculous and fall into the realm of you must be kidding, there is no way that they're going to be on the committee. okay, i have to go. >> -- latino voters in the 2020 election and should the democratic party be prepare to appeal to the democrat differently? >> well, you want to talk politics. obviously the latino community is the future of america.
7:26 am
if you actually study the numbers, there was a very strong vote for joe biden in that. the message -- part of our issue in the last election was that we could not go door-to-door. we could not go door-to-door to get out of the vote. we will be able to go out to door-to-door next. but regardless of that we should be paying a great deal after tension and i'm so proud of our congressional hispanic caucus for the work that they do in the congress to bring the concerns of the community into a priority place in our debate and in our discussion and that their communication is helpful to us to understand more fully what some of the issues are. some of the issues you are -- are newer issues to the
7:27 am
discussion. the latino community is a young population. it is a young population. and we really have to reach out better to young people as well as the latino community. but i have to go to the floor because i have the king of jordan coming by now. >> should dr. king's i have a dream speech be required to be taught in public schools across the country? there is an effort in texas to strip that from the -- and should it be required. >> what was taught in the curriculum in schools is a local decision. that is just the way it has been. i think it is a sad ness for th children if they are not able to hear or learn about that speech because it is to inspirational about our country. it is not partisan. it is patriotic. it is fair. you remind me that -- >> so significant headlines from house speaker nancy pelosi there. let's talk about them with
7:28 am
margaret hoover, host of firing line and our analyst john avalon. so night to have you both on. margaret, let me start with you. so interesting, lauren fox asks her a great question. so mccarthy is pulling his five and you have 13 spots are you going to fill some of them and she said we'll see. maybe. and our reporting from melanie zanona is she's asking adam kinzinger to sit on the committee? what do you think about it. >> i think that is great. it is a continued charade yesterday. the argument is if you're not a maga hat wearing insurrectionist denier, this isn't bipartisan. right. which is absurd on its face. and all they did was just demonstrate that they can't be trusted to act in good faith on behalf of their constituents and the country. they are only advancing their
7:29 am
own political powir and their own interests which will always defer to the interest of donald trump. pelosi should appoint more republicans. this should be a bipartisan effort. she should look at john katko and any other. 35 republicans who voted for the commission. i mean, there are plenty of republicans to choose from. she could get a bipartisan commission moving forward regardless of kevin mccarthy -- >> one of -- one of mccarthy's pick's rodney davis did vote for the commission. >> but only one. one of the five. >> no, i hear you. >> and john, i think margaret has a point here, which is if you want this to be believed by more americans, why wouldn't you want to -- she has the power and as it was written to appoint more members. should she put five on? i don't know if five would be
7:30 am
willing to do it. >> she has 35 to pick from. there was a question as to whet whether it was written whether she could fulfill mccarthy seats. but adam kinzinger, he has expressed interest in and i think that is a great move. and to margaret's point, my brilliant republican bride, she should reach out to catco as well and committed to the truth and democracy as humanly possible. >> i think she does have that power, lauren fox just went back and looked at language and sent it over to me so it looks like she may have that power. john, that significance in your mind of having, if he accepts it, if kinzinger accepts this offer of having kinzinger there, what are your thoughts? >> bring it on. he should do it. they should full all five slots with patriotic republicans who recognize the reality and truth and want to become democracy.
7:31 am
our politics are not as divided as people may have perceive. we have a third of the country believing the big lie and anti-vaxxer. may not be a precise over lay but we need to realize there is a single litmus test when it comes to patriotism. that is believing in and supporting democracy. not as many as i would like to see, but any of the 35 people that didn't vote to overturn the election, they should be asked to join and fill those five slots that mccarthy has abandoned in an attempt to distract from the fact that he opposed and killed a bipartisan commission from the beginning. >> margaret, if we could switch gears here. ifn a sense it is related because it has to do with working together, the concept that the senate was formed around and the comments last night from president biden on the voting rights and don said, paraphrasing, as a black man in america i watch my grandmother who didn't know how to read and talked about counting jellybeans
7:32 am
to be able to vote for example, he asked is the filibuster more important to you than getting movement on federal protections for voting rights? what did you make of biden's response? >> well, what -- a couple of things. i would like to say two things about that. first, with respect to biden's response, what we see again and again and again is joe biden, a democrat, is an institutionalist and there is a narrative on the right, i've talked to a lot of republican members of congress lately, especially on the far right, and they are trying very hard to paint joe biden as overtaken by the progressive left of his party and he just showed us once again that he is not going to be overrun. he is an institutionalist. he wants the senate to work. he wants to reform the filibuster but not destroy it. so every time he answers like that, it does blunt the criticism from the far right.
7:33 am
it makes it fall on deafs an the second thing and i'll go real quick is the -- there is a bit of a false choice between voting rights and protecting african-american and black americans right to vote and the filibuster. and i think setting that up as either/or undermines the decision, it undermines progress. you could support hr-4 without supporting hr-1. there are a lot of ways to expand voting in this country besides destroying the filibuster. >> and there is the manchin compromise that was only a month ago that he put it out there. what do you think on this one. >> i'm going to disagree with margaret on this one. >> oh, no. >> you would be shocked at what happens across the dinner table. here is a deal. it is a false choice that it is nuke the filibuster or keep the current status quo in place. you could mend it, not end it. a talking filibuster would be a step in the right direction. when they got rid of that, things went off the rails.
7:34 am
the problem is of course that support for -- the difference between hr 1 and the john lewis voting rights act is republicans have committed to filibustering all of them at the same time they're trying to undercut voting in the south to stack the deck. whether it is voter suppression or voter sub version which is dangerous in the time we're in. so i think this is a real testing time for our democracy. there needs to be some form of election reform and voting rights reform and i don't see how it passes without at least some amendment to the filibuster process and unless republicans are going to find religion on the subject and i don't see that. >> also back to the commission and where this goes. it is notable, margaret, how different the current president and former president once again sound on this. so i want to play some sound from the town hall last night. thps biden talking about what happened on 6th of january at
7:35 am
the capitol and then you'll have a report from trump and from carol lenig and philip rucker about what he thinks of that day. here they are. >> i don't care if you think i'm satan reincarnated. the fact is, you can't look at that television and say nothing happened on the 6th. you can't listen to people who say this was a peaceful march. >> there was a loving crowd, too, by the way. there was a lot of love. i've heard that from a lot of people. many, many people have told me. that was a loving crowd. in all fairness, the capitol police were very friendly. they were hugging and kissing. you don't see that. >> margaret, i mean, this is emblematic of half and half of the country. >> well, about a third of the country, maybe more than half of the republican party. but, look, this is why you need
7:36 am
an official report. that is bipartisan. that actually frankly gets kevin mccarthy and jim jordan and many of the people subpoenaed and under oath about what happened that day. even the president -- the former president of the united states, we need a full judicious and full accounting that is bipartisan of what happened that day. that is why we need this. but we have a larger problem, poppy, too. which is that even with that report, even if we have a totally bulletproof solid report, there are going to be a fraction of percentage of the country that, the same fraction that don't believe the vaccines work, that don't believe the -- believe in space lasers that aren't going to believe that report and so we have larger myths truths and misinformation that we need to get to the bottom of as well. >> for sure. for sure. >> just because it is being amplified by the ex president doesn't mean it true or emblematic of anything representing a majority or a
7:37 am
plurality of americans. these are not equivalent positions. we need subpoena power to get to the bottom of that. people don't want that to happen because their afraid of the truth. they should be. >> we'll see you on firing line and new day tomorrow. we'll be right back. ich, delicious ice cream. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream you love that will never mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. he needed his inrance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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welcome back. take a look at this. first lady jill biden arriving in japan this morning where she will lead the u.s. delegation to the olympics opening ceremonies.
7:42 am
the games kick off tomorrow amid growing covid concerns. number of cases linked to the games is now 91 n. tokyo now reports there are 2,000 new covid cases one day out from the games. salina wang reporting on a olympics mired in controversy. >> the first lady starting her first trip overseas, in a country day by day fright to keep the olympics going. even before the games have officially started. as biden travels in more olympic hopefuls are set to travel out after testing positive for covid-19. five athletes from team usa alone have been cut from the games due to coronavirus. the nba star kevin durant said he feels well looked after. >> usa basketball has made this experience easy through us, especially through the circumstances in covid and in japan where cases have risen. so i think usa basketball is keeping us as safe as they
7:43 am
could. >> reporter: yet nothing is concern when it comes to covid. 100 people have now come down with the virus as tokyo is reporting more than ten times that number of cases each day. and if the pandemic wasn't enough to worry about, olympic organizers are getting hit with another controversy. the director of friday's opening ceremony dumping from his role of the past remarks making reference to the holocaust. i would like to make my sincere apologies as they hobble to an opening ceremonies sure to be subdued. anna staira balla bay will be there but that doesn't spare her con desense shun from john coats wednesday. >> the other thing is i was reading some questions about you, and you are going to the opening ceremony. >> reporter: as the covid controversy continues to stir, soccer teams who took the chance to take the knee in protest of racial inequality.
7:44 am
and poppy as covid cases are surging here in tokyo, that opening ceremony just getting hit by one scandal after another. the director now out just days after the music composer resigned after a former previous interview from the 1990s surfaces when he was describing severe abuse of former classmates and this comes months after the former creative director resigned for making offensive comments about a female japanese celebrity. so poppy, not a promising start for an opening ceremony that is supposed to be a much-needed symbol of unity and hope. >> and let's hope the covid situation does not get worse there. thank you for reporting on the ground in tokyo. this morning we want to bring you a personal story of tragedy in this pandemic that sheds light on the importance of vaccine inequality. larry meadow's family in kenya have had to bury loved ones of because covid. he's lost three relatives to the
7:45 am
virus including his uncle, who you see there, his grandmother is currently hospitalized on a ventilator. about half of americans are fully vaccinated compared to just over 1% of kenyans and the continent of africa has received the fewest doses of vaccine so far in the world. larry writes in his beautiful and haunting piece, quote, all i needed to get protection was to walk to a nearby drug store in washington, d.c. but many people like my grandmother have died or will die because of the accident of where they live. her heart is now failing and mine is breaking. larry joins us now. larry, thank you for being here. but thank you for writing this. it just broke my heart and i know it has affected so many people who read it. tell me why you wrote it. >> i hope that people would put a face to the tragedy. because you probably don't know somebody that in this part of the world who is effected by this. but people should not take for
7:46 am
granted that you could walk into cvs or walgreens and get a vaccine. people are being bribed with beer and donuts but there are people guying for it literally and we when we see the resistance to vaccines in the u.s. and africas are like they give us the vaccines that they don't want. my uncle died in his 60s. he a whole life ahead of him. hi grandmother is a brilliant brave woman fighting for her life. if she had a vaccine, maybe we wouldn't be talking about this. >> how is she doing this morning, larry? your grandmother. >> she's doing slightly better. these at higher saturate levels. this is such a roller coaster because you never know what she's going to say. >> i know in the last few weeks you've spent time reporting in five african countries and so
7:47 am
many people you talk to are baffled at the skepticism among so many americans when they have too many vaccines here to vaccinate the whole population time and time again. >> not only are africans baffled, a lot of people are insulted that they have more vaccines and they don't want it for his esitancy or anybody ove the age of 1 in the u.s. could get vaccinated. people in the 80s and 90s still don't have access to vaccines here. and this is not the pandemic of the unvaccinated. only 5% of kenyans are vaccinated. >> i wonder if you have a message for the biden administration. what they could do additionally right now? obviously they join covax, which is an important entity to distribute vaccines in an affordable way around the world, that the trump administration had decided not to join.
7:48 am
can they do anything else? >> yes, they can. the biden administration has been great in terms of committing vaccines toco vax to low and middle income countries. donating a lot of astrazeneca and johnson & johnson and pfizer and they are still a drop in the ocean. the need is still so much greater. and the u.s. and a lot of the other western nations stockpiled and hoarded vaccines. they have more vaccine than they need and people here are dying. it is being called vaccine apartheid. and one doctor told me that a vaccine delayed is a vaccine denied. >> it is true. a moral failure. larry, thank you for bringing it rightly to everyone's attention. and we are all rooting for your grandmother. keep us posted on her. >> thank you. thank you, larry. we'll be right back. e pants, do. no, these are pants, dog. no way. my pants are pants, dog. pizza on a bagel—we can all l agree with that.
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senate republicans have blocked a vote to begin debate on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. or they're working on the final text of it. they have successfully pushed for more time to finalize the agreement with democrats on this $1.2 trillion piece of legislation. manu raju joins us now from capitol hill. manu, biden was pretty optimistic in the cnn town hall
7:53 am
saying monday. monday. what are we looking at here? >> reporter: monday it seems like a very good possible that they could at least open debate in the senate on this bipartisan infrastructure bill. $1.2 trillion. the negotiation is making progress and they do expect a deal to move forward. now could they get off the bill and get 60 votes to amove ahead and then actually pass it. those are still separate questions we don't know the answer to yet. on a separate track, democrats are looking at moving a $3.5 trillion package and they asked for all 50 democrats to be on board by yesterday behind the idea of moving ahead with a budget resolution but joe manchin said this morning he's still not yet on board. >> we're not there yet. on $3 trillion. >> how concerned are your body is talking about climate change and who that means for your district? >> you heard me talk on that.
7:54 am
i'm in an all in policy. we have to have everything. we have to be energy independent. >> and is that going to decimate your industry? >> what they're proposing, the timing of what they're proposing would make it almost impossible to achieve that. >> reporter: so very significant comments that he's making there. just essentially telling his party they have to change how climate change is dealt with in the larger $3.5 trillion bill to get his support. but a lot of liberals want what is it detailed and so a lot of questions on whether it could pass and the narrow infrastructure bill or the larger party line approach. questions an negotiations to be had. but biden is optimistic. we'll see if he's able to achieve his results? >> mond we'll watch. thank you very much. and cnn first hit the air 41 years ago and today something cool is happening. we're opening up for our video
7:55 am
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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. here is what we're watching at this hour. mask or no mask. debates to change recommends on masks as the pandemic of the unvaccinated worsens. making the case. president biden urging americans to get vaccinated and defending the filibuster. we have all of the highlights from cnn's town hall. and detached from reality. new audio tapes capture donald trump still at it after being voted out of office. we're going to play for you what he said about his vp ahead. thanks for being here. we begin this hour with new developments on the pandemic. sources tell cnn that the nation's top health and white house officials are now discussing revising mask recommendations for vaccinated


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