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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 22, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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♪ good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, july 22nd. and this morning, joe bidden is at a cross roads just six months into his presidency. what happens next could define the rest of his term. covid was the number one topic at last night's town hall in cincinnati. coronavirus cases up sharply in america as the delta variant and vaccine hesitancy threaten the recovery from the pandemic. cnn has learned that white house
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officials are already starting to discuss whether the federal government should dial back its guidance for vaccinated americans and say that in some situations masks need to go back on. this is not a blip on the covid line graph. the cdc projects that new covid deaths and hospitalizations will likely increase over the next four weeks. the future of the president's legislative agenda also hangs in the balance. infrastructure and budget talks are limping along in congress. and president biden has to decide whether ending or mending the filibuster is the only way forward a move that might kill off any hope of bipartisanship once and for all. let's bring in cnn white house correspondent in washington arlette saenz. >> well, really, there was no topic that was left untouched last night as president biden sat for a town hall six months into his presidency. and the president faced tough questions on everything from the economy to the future of his legislative agenda as that bipartisan infrastructure bill still hangs in the balance up on capitol hill. but it was really the pandemic
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that was front and center for president biden, who grew frustrated at times and warned that it's the unvaccinated americans who remain at risk. >> people -- >> reporter: president biden with an urgent plea at a cnn town hall, pushing all eligible americans to get the coronavirus vaccine. >> we have a pandemic for those who haven't gotten the vaccination. it's that basic. it's that simple. >> reporter: but it hasn't been that easy convincing the unvaccinated to get the shot. less than half of the population is fully vaccinated as the nation faces a spike in new cases fueled by the highly contagious delta variant. >> there's legitimate questions people can ask that they worry about getting vaccinated but the questions should be asked, answer and people should get vaccinated. >> the surge coming weeks before back to school season. biden says he expect some pandemic guidelines to stay in place as children return to the classrooms. >> the cdc is going to say that
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what we should do is everyone over the age -- under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. that's probably what's going to happen. >> reporter: the president also noting how some his biggest critics, including some conservative media personalities are changing their tune on vaccine misinformation. >> if you notice, as they say in southern part of my state, they've had an alter call, some of those guys. all of a sudden they're saying, let's get vaccinated. let's get vaccinated. the very people before this were saying, but i shouldn't make fun. that's good. it's good. it's good. we just have to keep telling the truth. >> reporter: biden's town hall just hours after a test vote on his infrastructure plan failed in the senate. the president telling the ohio audience he's still optimistic a bipartisan agreement could happen. >> here is what i think, what happens is the vote on monday is a motion to be able to proceed to this issue.
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then they're going to debate the issue of the individual elements of this plan to say, sure, we'll fix that damn bridge of yours going into kentucky. >> reporter: even with a deeply-divided congress, he said partisanship should be thrown to side on issues like investigating the january 6th insurrection on capitol hill. >> i don't care if you think i'm satan reincarnated, the fact is you can't look at that television and say nothing happened on the 6th. you can't listen to people who say this was a peaceful march. >> reporter: biden also saying he's committed to pushing forward two voting rights bills. >> here is the deal, but i also want to do, i want to make sure we bring along not just all the democrats, we bring along republicans who i know they know better, they know better than this. >>reporter: but he wants to pass
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the sweeping legislation without eliminating the filibuster. >> there's no other way to protect other than you'll throw the entire congress into chaos and nothing will get done, nothing at all will get done. >> reporter: coronavirus will be top of mind for the president again as he meets with his team of experts to talk about the pandemic and vaccinations. and this comes as top biden health officials are considering whether mask recommendations should be revised as the delta variant is taking hold in this country. the white house has insisted that any type of changes would ultimately be up to the cdc. >> yeah. this is really the news that's come out of it. it was interesting to hear what he said on bipartisanship, but thank you so much for the recap on what we saw at the town hall. bringing in john harwood into the conversation. the masks may be going back on or vaccinated people. i think this has been a question that a lot of people as they watch this delta variant, they wonder if this is going to happen. it's under discussion. >> it's the last thing the biden
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administration wants. one of the things that came out of the town hall was a little frustration that president biden feels over hitting the limits of what reasonable, rational argument can do with respect to this pandemic. they have made a lot of progress in distributing vaccines. we've got a significant chunk of the country vaccinated. but for no particularly good reason, millions and millions of americans are not taking the step that would protect them, protect their families, protect their communities. and to the extent that they don't, and the virus returns to this variant, that threatens everything joe biden wants to do. it threatens the health of the american economy. it threatens his ability to say we've gotten on top of this pandemic and now we can help the rest of the world, which is what one of the arguments that he's been trying to make. it throws into question his
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entire agenda. he can take some heart in some of the change in tone from conservative voices in the last few days. but there's a long way to go. >> you know, he said that some republicans seem to have found religion in effect. they've gone to the alter on this question. what based on your reporting is the reasons for this shift? is this part because the biden administration has really been trying to do a full-court press because as john just said, this is really existential issue for the country and the lives and his agenda. >> what you have seen from the biden administration is a bit of an acknowledgment they can't reach all these skeptical americans. a lot of the messaging about vaccines needs to come from the doctors, pastors, people who they trust. certainly the president welcomes some of these shifts you have seen in tone from conservatives when it comes to these vaccinations. but he's also been insistent that they will continue to push back against the misinformation. and you have seen this white house over the course of the
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past week really elevate that and make that a central focus as they really understand that there are so many pockets of this country, of skeptical americans who are not necessarily going to be convinced by the white house, but they may be convinced if they have more factual information, if they're hearing that the people that they trust in their local communities are also pushing this vaccine and ultimately these conservative republicans could also help in that messaging. >> i worry these misguided beliefs about the vaccine are too entrenched. maybe it's too little too late. it's very important the republicans are starting to come around, but it's certainly a worry. >> brianna, the evidence suggests that you're right. i mean, the pace of progress on vaccinations has slowed and really hit a wall. and you know, we'll see whether -- how incrementally they can inch up to that 70% level that they wanted beyond 70% where we get herd immunity.
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but i think your assessment the evidence tells us it's right. >> what's convincing some people and we heard from some doctors isn't the doctor saying, hey, the science is okay. it's people seeing their loved ones die and thinking it couldn't happen to them. that is a lesson that no one should have to go through. it's insane. >> and yet it seems to be a lesson that people need to learn and it is horrific that it comes to that because of disinformation. john, i want to stay with you because you've been really focus on this effort to get infrastructure through on capitol hill. it failed this procedure vote. biden seemed very confident that it would go through on monday. and at times he seems like the last big believer in bipartisanship in washington. i want to play folks a sound on bipartisanship and get john's reaction. >> the well has been so poisoned over the last four years. and even now there's still this lingering effort.
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a lot of my republican friends and i'm not talking about portman, i'm not talking about your governor, a lot of my republican friends say, joe, i know you're right but if i do this i'll get primaried and i'll lose my primary. i'll be in trouble. but i think that's all beginning to move. >> do you think, john, that that's all beginning to move? >> no, it's not all beginning to move. the question is will some portion of it be beginning to move. >> yes. >> enough. >> republican friends that he talked about, a large proportion of them want his presidency to fail. and they are working to thwart everything he's doing. what he's trying to do is figure out how with a maximally popular agenda, focussing on physical infrastructure, roads, bridges, broadband, all the things that americans want in their daily lives, can he peel off ten or 11 republicans to progress a piece of it and then try to get the rest with democrats only?
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that even is a very, very tall order in this environment. now, it went down yesterday. i think the white house still believes that they will get that package and that they can walk this tight rope all the way to very large changes in the country. they get it. we're talking about huge investment in physical infrastructure. and if they get the other part of it, huge investment in human beings in terms of education, in terms of childcare, in terms of healthcare subsidies, all those things would be very big changes which would be landmark successes for the biden administration. but it depends on this first step and the first step is really, really hard. we saw that with the failed vote yesterday. president biden will try again next week. we'll see if he can do it. >> this was an interesting moment i thought on policing. and joe biden kind of trying to set the record straight. he's certainly been painted as one way by republicans and here is what he said during the town hall. >> so then how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police?
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>> they're lying. no. look, never once -- we have to change police conduct. we have to have rules where things are open. we have to have rules where you can be able to determine what the background, how many times a cop has violated the rules and be able to have access to what's going on in police departments or the justice department can get involved in whether or not they have to change their pattern and practices. i've always said that. >> what about defunding the police, though? >> no, i've never, never, never said defunding the police. look, i don't know any community, particularly the communities that are in the most need and the poorest and the most at risk, that don't want police. they want police, though, to look at them as equals. >> co-author of the '94 crime bill still having to push back on this characterization of him because some democrats have been in favor of this idea of
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defunding the police. >> yeah. this is something he had to deal with during the presidential campaign, as you heard president trump and republicans constantly trying to put these issues of crime on biden, trying to argue that he wants to defund the police. there were some democrats who did say that, but joe biden has never said that. and in fact, you know, just last week they were urging more funding for police. but this is something that the white house just continues to navigate because republicans have made it very clear that they want to make this an issue heading into those mid term elections. you've had democrats even say that the conversation about defund the police hurt people back in 2020. and so this is something that the president will continue to have to navigate. in fact, when he landed back at the white house last night, he again made some comments about how he is not for defunding the police. so, it's something that he's just going to continue -- it's not escaping him at this point even though he's been clear in where his stance is. >> he's actively encouraging
3:14 am
mayors to use money from the american rescue plan to hire more police. but this is a weapon for republicans. there are some members of his party who made it easier for republicans to use that weapon. and joe biden has to fight that. but you know, joe biden defeated people who were talking about defunding the police. and he's the president. but, you know, i talked at the beginning about the limits of reasonable, rational argument. >> yeah. >> every president bumps up against the difficulty of persuading the country of his arguments. and he's hitting that right now. >> it was a big night last night. we appreciate both of you joining us this morning to talk about it, john harwood and arlette saenz. a standoff erupts as republicans pull their picks for the january 6th committee after speaker nancy pelosi rejects two of them. plus, new cnn reporting on why many republicans are suddenly pushing the vaccine instead of dismissing it. and on the eve of the olympics, tokyo seeing the
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and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? house minority leader kevin mccarthy is pulling his five appointed gop members from the bipartisan sub committee to investigate the january 6th insurrection. after speaker pelosi vetoed congressman jim jordan and jim banks. >> egregious abuse of power. pelosi has broken this institution. it shows exactly what i warned back at the beginning of january, that pelosi would play politics with this. pelosi has created a sham process. unless speaker pelosi reverses course and seats all five republicans, we will not participate. >> joining us now for more is
3:20 am
cnn congressional correspondent lauren fox and cnn capitol hill reporter melanie zanona. listen, lauren, let's be honest, that is some crocodile tears from the podium we just heard. kevin mccarthy opposed a bipartisan commission. he's now accusing nancy pelosi of playing politics. but the real question i think is could this backfire on mccarthy or could it actually, has nancy pelosi fall into a trap set by the republicans? >> depends who you ask. republicans think this is exactly what they were hoping for because they're arguing this proves that this committee was always going to be a partisan side show and they're not serious about getting to the truth. they're only serious about maligning the former president's reputation. democrats are arguing how did you expect us to approve jim jordan and jim banks, especially after that statement that jim banks put out right after he was asked to be the top republican on the committee, basically saying this only existed to attack conservatives.
3:21 am
and it wasn't a serious investigation. pelosi argued she had no other choice. so, that's where things stand. >> so there will be a republican on this committee. >> uh-huh. >> right, because pelosi appointed one in her eight. seven democrats and one republican. it's liz cheney. i wonder how does that serve republicans, how does that serve kevin mccarthy that now the voice of republicans on this committee is liz cheney who he ousted from leadership? >> if i was kevin mccarthy i would not sleep well that liz cheney is the republican representing the republican party up in that committee. she made clear that she is willing to burn it all down, she is going to go after president trump and where the facts lead. the thing i'm watching today, though, is whether republicans are going to make a renewed effort to punish her because i got a lot of messages yesterday after the comments she made outside the capitol supporting nancy pelosi's decision and a lot of republicans are very upset with her. they know the bipartisan credibility of the panel now solely rests with liz cheney. that's what i'll be watching
3:22 am
today. i reported yesterday that liz cheney is pushing pelosi to hire a republican adviser or staffer for this committee. i think that really shows where her head is at in terms of trying to make this as serious and sober and bipartisan as possible. >> all right. lauren, you know, mccarthy is threatening to do his own committee. we can all see what's happening here, right? muddy the waters, say two competing committees. we'll never know what actually happened. but again, do you think that mccarthy's bet that people will be confused by that will play out? or do you think that folks will recognize that, you know, with liz cheney on the democratic committee there's an attempt to get to the facts and attempt to push a particular partisan agenda. >> it depends who you're talking to, right? the republican base is not going to believe liz cheney and what she says in this bipartisan committee no matter what they uncover. >> the republican base will not believe republican liz cheney no matter what she says. >> a republican with a very conservative record, one of the most conservative records in the house of representatives on every other issue.
3:23 am
but i would argue that democrats are going to try to make this a discussion about what led up to this, what the motivations were, how did such a large group of people make it to washington, why did they feel like they were emboldened to go into the capitol, to break and enter the u.s. capitol. meanwhile, i think republicans are really looking at those security failures. that was what they were trying to talk about in the days leading up to this decision by pelosi yesterday. they were arguing that their whole strategy was going to be why wasn't the capitol secure? did the speaker have something to do with it? of course it's not the speaker's ultimate responsibility. >> important clarification do the capitol police report to nancy pelosi? >> that is not the argument that pelosi would make, right? democrats are arguing that there were so many factors and so many failed security protocols here that it was not on pelosi to secure the capitol. not even mitch mcconnell could secure the senate, right, when people are breaking and entering into the u.s. capitol.
3:24 am
that's beyond their control. >> we are seeing some agreement between republicans now and democrats on a pretty interesting topic, which is the vaccine. we're starting to see more lawmakers and we're starting to see more right wing voices of influence come out in favor of it. what's going on here? >> yeah. so our reporting shows that more and more republicans are recently trying to show that they're taking the vaccine more seriously. they're trying to push back on the anti-vax sentiment within their own party, but here is the thing. the one thing they are not confronting is still one of the biggest culprits of vaccine hesitancy which is the misinformation that's being spread by members of their own party. buddy carter, georgia republican, he's a doctor, he's been pushing people to get the vaccines and he was asked on cnn whether he would push back on marjorie taylor greene whose twitter account was recently suspended for spreading misinformation and he said, well, she has the right to her opinion even though i disagree with it. >> an opinion? >> it's not an opinion. >> she doesn't have the right to her own facts. >> exactly.
3:25 am
everyone is entitled to their own opinion, not their own facts. you think a doctor would get that. it raises the question, though, at what point if they're trying to turn around this ocean liner of disinformation, at what point will they actually start trying to punish or call out members of their caucus who are still spreading this disinfo? >> well, i think you have seen from minority leader mitch mcconnell, he was pretty fed up this week. i saw his strongest statement yet and he talks about vaccines a lot. polio survivor, this has been an issue he cares a lot about, but he basically said there's no excuse at this point for not getting a vaccine. you saw some republican lawmakers going on fox news, going on cbs this morning, talking about the importance of getting vaccines because i think they're starting to realize that there's only a few members in the senate who don't want to talk about their vaccine status, but they're realizing that this is becoming a major issue. i talked to kevin cramer, one of those republicans. he said, look, i'm not an educator. i'm a legislature. it's not my job to teach people about vaccines. look, you're in a position of power. you're in a position of power.
3:26 am
>> oh, i can't even. give me a break. >> but it rhymes. >> this is -- that's right. it rhymes. that's all the credit he gets for that. because he has a platform. that's part of the job is to inform people, educate people, even if you are a lawmaker. and i do think, you know, i think it's good that they're starting to come around, but this is kind of a low bar that they're clearing. >> is it too little, too late? something else democrats are saying. great, they're on this train now but where were they a few months ago when it really could have made a difference. >> are they pulling along some moderate republicans, what's the problem talking about vaccines and maybe not turning off some more republicans more to the right? i don't know, what do you think? >> i think that's the issue that a lot of republicans are wrestling with right now. they don't want to poke their own base. they're trying to have it both ways. they don't want to call out big tech and censorship on social media platforms. it's a very difficult line they're trying to walk and, you know, it's going to make it very difficult to actually convince
3:27 am
skeptical americans to get the vaccine. >> not a difficult line. tell the truth. it's called leadership. melanie and lauren, thank you very much, guys. coming up, critically ill coronavirus patients are pleading with their doctor for a vaccine. here this emotional response. cnn's personal story of tragedy, highlighting the challenge of unequal access to vaccines around the world. ♪
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my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. ♪ this morning, we want to bring you one cnn reporter's personal story of tragedy from the coronavirus. revealing a global inequality when it comes to vaccine availability and also acc acceptance. larry's family in kenya is one of many who had to bury loved ones because of covid. just 1.1% of kenyans are vaccinated. and as a continent, africa has
3:32 am
received the fewest vaccines in the world so far, while millions of americans resist readily available inoculation. in a new piece on cnn, larry writes this, he says some americans are even getting bribed with beer, donuts or cash to get covid-19 shots when many africans would happily take them for free with they were available. the world's wealthiest enter a post-pandemic life, the rest of us in the global south are still in the throes of a devastating crisis with no way out for the foreseeable future. and larry is with us now. larry, thank you so much for sharing your personal story and really putting a face, the face of your family on this disparity in vaccines. it is, you know -- it's unacceptable quite frankly. >> it is because i've kind of had this roller coaster of emotions, brianna, between obviously heart break for losing family members but also just
3:33 am
anger, outrage because it was preventable. my uncle got covid just last month and died within a few days. he didn't get vaccinated. so, we can't help wondering if he did get a vaccine, maybe he would still be here. he was only in his 60s. he still had a whole life ahead of him. and the most heart breaking part for me is my grandmother who is 96 and also did not get a vaccine on time and has now been on a ventilator for five weeks struggling to breathe, battling for her life and she's a brave, brilliant woman who outlived her husband by 25 years. she has great sense of humor. and she's in this position where i'm constantly -- i'm just dreading when ever i see a call from home, brianna because it might be somebody calling to say she's gone and maybe again she should not be in this position to start with, if we had more vaccines available here. >> what has to happen, larry, to turn this around, to close this gap? >> so, the big picture here is that wealthy nations like the u.s. have more vaccines than
3:34 am
they need. you have more vaccines you could vaccinate everybody several times over. uk eight vaccines per person. the eu, 6.6 per person, u.s. 5 per person canada higher and african countries are scrambling to get vaccines for frontline workers, elderly and it's not available. only 1.5% of people are vaccinated on the entire continent. that's not just a story i'm covering. i have seen what covid did to people. i was living in new york at the beginning of the pandemic, the epicenter. now for me it's a personal tragedy because i see how much pain it's brought us. the world's youngest nation has shut down its program because they don't know when they're getting more. if rich countries give more of the vaccines they have, they don't need, people here can get protected. but here is the bigger danger, we're not safe -- you're not safe in the u.s. the rest of the world until we're safe. there already new variants that
3:35 am
attack. the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike. >> that's a very good point. even appealing to americans or other developed nations that this is a global issue. this doesn't end at borders. larry, thank you so much. we're so sorry about your uncle and we certainly hope that your grandmother pulls through. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. dreams are being dashed as more athletes are forced out of the olympics for testing positive. we'll take you live to the games. plus, is the andrew cuomo administration tampering with witnesses in the investigation of the governor? a new warning after an aide's tweet. of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before.
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first lady jill biden arriving in japan this morning where she is leading the u.s. delegation to the tokyo 2020 olympics.
3:40 am
the number of coronavirus cases linked to the games now stands at 91 and cnn's selina wang is live in tokyo with more. selena? >> reporter: brianna, it's going to be surreal tomorrow at the olympic opening ceremony to see that nearly 68,000 seat capacity national stadium largely empty, just 950 vip guests will be allowed. this as tokyo reports nearly 2,000 new covid-19 cases the highest in six months and behind me there's a growing line of people waiting to take a photo in front of five rings but the broader public here banned from the event, brianna. the first lady starts her first solo trip overseas, jill biden arriving in tokyo in support of close u.s. ally japan, a country in a day by day fight to keep the olympics going, even before the games have officially started. as biden travels in more olympic hopefuls are set to travel out after testing positive for covid-19. five athletes from team usa alone have been cut from the games due to coronavirus.
3:41 am
but nba star kevin durant says he feels well looked after. >> usa basketball has made this experience so easy for all of us. specially throughout the circumstances of covid, especially here in japan where cases have risen. usa basketball is keeping us as safe as they could. >> reporter: yet nothing is certain when it comes to covid. around 100 people connected to the games have now come down with the virus tokyo is recording more than ten times that number each day. olympic organizers are hit with another controversy. director of friday's opening ceremony dumped from his past remarks of the holocaust. i would like to extend my sincere apology. the press hobbles toward an opening ceremony sure to be su subdued. brisbane successful bid to host the 2032 event, but that didn't
3:42 am
spare her con deception from john coates late wednesday. >> the other thing is i was reading some questions about you going to the opening ceremony. >> reporter: the covid controversy continues to spur sports stars in action, including soccer teams who took the chance to take the knee in protest of racial inequality. brianna, just one scandal after another for that opening ceremony. the director out just days after the music composer resigned after prooefrs interviews surfaced of him describing abuse and torture of his former classmate and the creative direct eresigned. not a promising start for a ceremony about hope and unity. >> indeed not. thank you so much for that report live for us from tokyo. new york governor andrew cuomo is facing severe repercussions over a tweet posted by a spokesman earlier this months. that warning comes from the top
3:43 am
investigator. brynn gingras is here with all the details. >> john, it was just last week when we were talking about the governor getting ready to sit down with investigators in the a.g.'s office while after that story broke, cuomo aide made a statement on twitter in regards to news circulating about that upcoming deposition, insinuating the news leaked from the attorney general's office and he accused it was politically motivated but didn't provide any proof that tweet has since been deleted. so really that's what this is all about. charles levine, who is leading a separate investigation as you said, john, into a number of controversies surrounding the governor, wrote a letter to cuomo last night reminding him that in mid march he warned the governor and anyone associated with him, to not intimidate or retaliate against any potential witnesses or complaints in the probe. well, levine went on to say that he can't understand then why cuomo's senior aide is making remarks like the one he did, writing, quote, it is obvious that attempts to demean the attorney general serve as well
3:44 am
to undernine investigation and send profoundly negative signals to witnesses. he also warned the governor that the comments could, quote, merit severe repercussions. there was a clear difference between reactional retaliation and it's clear the chairman doesn't understand the difference. we're waiting for the attorney general looking into allegations lodged against the governor. cuomo apologized to those who may have misinterpreted his comments. john? >> okay. thank you very much. just into cnn, the biden administration's new plan to combat a rise in gun violence in big cities. and a new book explores the jeffrey epstein case and the lingering questions about his death in prison. among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum
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♪ we're keeping our eyes on the west this morning where extreme heat is fueling raging wild fires. there are millions of acres that have burned so far. sent smoke clear across the u.s., all the way to the east coast. poor air quality and harmful health effects on thousands of people, thousands of miles away from the flames. so let's get now to cnn meteorologist chad myers. chad, this is huge. just look at what we're seeing on your map. it's nuts. >> it is. 2 million acres now and more in the u.s., 3 million acres and more in canada have already burned and this is the beginning of what we consider wild fire season. it goes all the way through
3:50 am
summer. 78 big fires right now. your air quality not good in many cities across the country. the weather service in chicago couple days ago said we didn't even get a sunrise. we never saw the sun come up because the smoke was so thick. worst quality in u.s. in 15 years in new york city yesterday. and now that's going to get a little farther to the south pushed into nashville and atlanta for the next couple of days. the new york city area, boston, d.c., you get better because of that north wind. it's going to be a hazy couple days across the east coast and really all of our thoughts and prayers to those firefighters trying to battle these completely out of control wild fires in the west. brianna? >> they have a huge season ahead of them, as you said. it is just the beginning, chad. thanks for that. >> you're welcome. in 2006, wealthy financeer jeffrey epstein was arrested. a plea bargain serving 13 months in a county jail.
3:51 am
more than a decade later, miami harold reporter decided to revisit the case, which she calls a horrendous miscarriage of justice. her work led to the resignation of a sitting labor secretary. jey julie k brown joins me now, her new book perversion of justice the jeffrey epstein story. i admired your reporting for years. it's a pleasure to talk with you. you've been investigating epstein and those associated with him for more than a decade. building on your initial reporting, what more did you learn especially around this strangely light plea deal he got in the initial investigation. >> good morning. well, you know, the original series that i did in 2008 only scratched the surface of this story. epstein had -- we now know he had a far reaching web of people that were helping him with his sex trafficking operation.
3:52 am
you know, to some degree, i mean, the circle around him, the people who enabled him started from the butler who answered the door to the schedulers that were arranging his visits with all these underage girls. the pilots that were transporting these women as well as the people that he socialized with, the powerful people. so this book connects the dots in a way i was unable to do with a short series they did in 2018. >> sure. you don't have the same constraints. you write specifically about the immunity deal and how it covered any potential accomplices of jeffrey epstein. this is what you write. successful getting prosecutors to insert a notice provision in the deal giving him immunity to accomplices. the agreements vague wording leave the door open for others to be covered by global
3:53 am
agreement. why do you think maxwell was not included in that? >> well, police didn't have at the time -- back in 2007/8 when this case and even when the fbi was investigated, maxwell's name came up frequently but she had sort of moved on and was not as much involved in his life. she was still friends with him. we don't really know how much she was still working for him. but the evidence back then really centered on the people that were around him in palm beach. and to some degree that was one of the failures of this investigation. it should have gone beyond the borders of florida. it should have looked at every other place that epstein was. and i think because gislains didn't come up much they thought inserting it would implicate her at the time. >> uh-huh. now, you also deal with the suspicious events surrounding
3:54 am
epstein's death. i want to say there are a lot of conspiracy theories and my experience governments usually not organized enough to pull off conspiracy theories. but depending on what account you read, his cell mate either tried to kill epstein or prevented epstein from hanging himself. this is a quote from your book for reasons remain unexplained to this day. metropolitan correctional center in new york had a quadruple murder with a 66-year-old nerd who happened to be the nation's most famous child abuser. what else did you learn about your investigation and what surprised you the most? >> well, that incident was tar tag lee yoen was prior to his death. it was an incident that happened weeks before where they found him in a cell. and they never really explained what happened in that particular case. so, you know, epstein is on suicide watch. they somehow decide he convinces
3:55 am
the doctor that he's fine. they put him in another cell where he's supposed to be monitored quite closely. and then they inexplicably again have him in there with his cell mate. they pull his cell mate out again for reasons we don't know and leave him alone. his cell mate is taken to another prison that is generally used for people who are like cooperating witnesses. and you know, then there's just so many other unanswered questions. we not only have one guard asleep at the wheel so to speak, we have two corrections officers asleep at the wheel. we have cameras that don't work. there's tons of things in his cell, things that you would not leave in a cell from a person who had tried -- who had been on suicide watch. there were wires. there was a sleep apnea machine. >> very quickly, based on all that, do you think the biden administration should do an additional investigation into
3:56 am
this? >> well, the justice department still has an open investigation that we're waiting to hear the results of. it's curious that it's been taking this long. >> julie brown, thank you very much. >> thank you. new this morning, the biden administration and cdc now considering revising mask guidance for the vaccinated as the delta variant spreads. ♪ ♪ with cutting-edge tech, world-class interiors, and peerless design... their only competition is each other. the incomparable mercedes-benz suvs. extraordinary runs in the family. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. ♪
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