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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 22, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the yund a united states and around the world. i'm isa soares in london. just ahead -- >> america is back and they go are you really back? i mean, we believe you, joe. but will the country ever get it together? >> from voting rights to the january 6 insurrection, president biden discusses key issues affecting americans today. dozens of covid cases linked to the olympic games including u.s. athletes just a day before the opening ceremony. we're live for you in tokyo. and swift rejection, china declines the w.h.o. plans for a second look at the origins of covid-19.
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hello, everyone, happy thursday. now six months into his first term in office, u.s. president biden is addressing several of the key issues weighing on the minds of millions of americans. he was pressed on the economy, infrastructure and covid-19 at a town hall. with the delta variant taking hold, biden's top health officials are discussing revising mask recommendations for vaccinated americans. but the president says that it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated adding his administration is working to fight a flurry of misinformation. take a listen. >> one of those other networks is not a big fan of mine. the one you talk about a lot. but if you notice, as they say in the southern part of my state, they have had an altar call some of those guys.
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all of a sudden they are out there saying let's get vaccinated, let's get vaccinated. the very people before this were saying but that -- i shouldn't make fun. that is good. it is good. it is good. we just have to keep telling the truth. >> the economic of covid has sparked growing fears of inflation, the president trying to tamp down those concerns saying it is a temporary issue. >> the vast majority of the experts including wall street are suggesting that it is highly unlikely that it will be long term inflation that will get out of hand. there will be near term inflation because everything is now trying to be picked back up. so what is happening now is all of a sudden people are having choices. you know, i always thought the free market system was not only that there is competition among companies, but guess what,
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company shoes hies should have e for more workers. >> and kaitlan collins has more now on the issues the president addressed. >> reporter: this town hall in ohio came at a critical juncture, of course that six month mark since taking office. and he was asked a lot about what he plans to do in the next six months. and what that will look like. and of course the pandemic is top of mind for many voters, many who were in the audience at that town hall asking him what is going to happen for children under 12 who cannot yet get vaccinated. he believes that they will be vaccinated soon, though the president said he cannot speak from a scientific time line, that is up to the federal health experts who will make that decision ultimately. and he does believe take the cdc will recommend that children under 12 who cannot yet get vaccinated wear a mask when back in school. and he talked about what the pandemic will look like as we
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try to gethe unvaccinated vaccinated. and how when it comes to infrastructure, he is optimistic about what will happen on honest when lawmakers get back together on that bipartisan infrastructure plan. he is confident that it will move forward. he was talking about of course ohio's home senator rob portman talking about how they shook on the bipartisan deal that they came to in the oval office. so we'll see how that shakes out given the deal has been in limbo so far as they are trying to write the text of it. and of course while biden was here, one thing he was pressed on by don lemon is the filibuster and what is the plan is because it seems very unlikely that the voting rights legislation sitting in congress will go anywhere unless there are changes made to the filibuster. he supported his talk once again about the talking filibuster saying that is an effective tool. but when it comes to getting rid of it entirely, he believes that it would essentially throw congress into chaos if that
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happened and nothing would get done. he said that he doesn't want arguments over voting rights to get wrapped up into talks about the filibuster. so clearly making his position known there as there has been little appetite on the senate side to change that filibuster. so a big town hall for the president and of course the big question is going to be how the next few weeks shape what the next six months of his presidency will look like. kaitlan collins, cnn, traveling with the president in ohio. the congressional filibuster is a big deal. partly because republicans in 17 states have passed restrictive voting laws sense mr. biden was elected. and mr. biden blasted those laws. take a listen. >> this is jim crow on steroids. more people voted last time than anytime in american history in the middle of the worst pandemic in american history. more people did. and they showed up.
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they will show up again. they will do it again. but what i want to do is i'm trying to writbring the country together and i don't want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster or exceptions to the filibuster or going back to the way the filibuster had to be used about of. >> you agree with the former president, he has called as he call him your old boss that it is a relic of jim crow. >> it is. >> and it has been used to fight against civil rights legislation historically. why protect it? >> there is no reason to protect it other than you will throw the entire congress into chaos and nothing will get done. nothing at all will get done. and there is a hot at stake. the most important is the right to vote. that is the single most important one and your vote counted and counted by someone who honestly counts it. >> joe biden is also slamming republicans for obstructing the investigation into the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol and for trying to whitewash assault
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on democracy. >> i don't care if you think i'm satan reincarnated. the fact is, you can't look at that television and say nothing happened on the 6th. you can't listen to people who say this was a peaceful march. >> a new book claims that after the u.s. presidential election last year, the top u.s. general was worried that former president trump and his supporters might try to pull off a coup. the book "i alone can fix it" adds that general mark milley and other top officials informally planned for different ways to stop mr. trump. when asked about these claims, milley did not comment on the book but said he had taken an oath to the constitution and not to any individual. authors shared a clip of part of that interview with trump. take a listen. >> what did you hope that they
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would do when he said foe up there and stop -- >> i heard people wanted to go down too. that wasn't my rally per se, there were a lot of people that spoke. they had rallies the night before. they had speakers all over the city. you had hundreds of thousands of people. i would venture to say i think it was the largest crowd i've ever spoken before. it evenwent from that point alm to the white house to beyond the washington monument. and wide. >> but if you could -- >> and it was a loving crowd too, by the way. i've heard that from everybody. many people have told me, that was a loving crowd. >> the authors also told anderson cooper that trump appeared to live in an alternate reality. >> you know, and it is not just this topic where he spewed lies to us. we talked to him for 2 1/2 hours and on almost every topic, it was this sort of alternative reality playing out in his head. he brought up the fact according
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to him that he won the state of arizona. we all know he lost the state of arizona, in part because he was attacking john mccain, a hero in that state, and he brought it up and attacked john mccain in our interview. and just again and again he would say things that weren't true as if they were true as if when you enter mar-a-lago and sit in a lobby, you are in a different universe with a different set of facts. >> every conspiracy theory that phil and i heard people whispering in his ear after the election, he was listening to sort of tangent shally, maybe maybe in the. he said to kellyanne conway, how could we have lost? how could we lose? i'm so sorry we lost. but as time has gone by, his narrative has gotten more conspiratorial, more totally lacking in basis and fact. but he is spreading the word. >> all these developments that we've laid out for you are happening as a special u.s. house panel gets ready to
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investigate the capitol riot, but there is a huge showdown over who should be part of that committee. manu raju has this report for you. >> reporter: democrats preparing to go it alone in the aftermath of the blowup between house republican leader kevin mccarthy and nancy pelosi over the january 6th select committee. the panel that would have investigated. and that still plans to investigate what happened on that day on january 6th, the attack in the capitol. this has been a squabble that has been going on for months, but now it is clear, democrats will go to alone. this in the aftermath of her rejecting two of mccarthy's picks, pelosi saying that jim jordan and jim banks, too staunch trump defender, did not deserve to sit on the panel based on past statements including banks suggesting that the investigation was an effort to advance the less authoritarian agenda, jordan saying this is an effort to go
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after donald trump. pelosi believed that they were not serious members and they should not sit on the committee. kevin mccarthy responded saying that he would pull all five of his selections out of this because of his concerns that this was a partisan investigation and pelosi should not be taking this step. he believes -- pelosi herself admitting that is this an ununprecedented move. liz cheney is a republican on the select committee appointed by pelosi. cheney came out swinging, criticizing mccarthy, agreeing with pelosi and telling me that she does not believe that mccarthy should be the speaker of the house after the 20'2021 2 midterms. >> i think anyone in that position should demonstrate a commitment to the rule of law and minority leader mccarthy has
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not done that. >> reporter: the first hearing still slated to take place next week, they will hear testimony from capitol police officers and as well as d.c. metro police about their experiences that day. and then democrats with liz cheney plan to press ahead potentially calling in witnesses who interacted with donald trump like republican members of congress, potentially even jim jordan, jordan told me earlier he is willing to testify about his conversations with trump and mccarthy too has said to me earlier he'd be willing to talk to anybody including the select committee potentially that could come to a head in the months ahead. manu raju, cnn, capitol hill. and republicans jump all over nancy pelosi for kicking those two republicans off the committee calling her authoritarian who abused her power. >> it was absolutely the right decision and look, i think for
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kevin mccarthy, this is all about what does donald trump want. that is the first question he asks in the morning and the last question he asks at the end of the day. and donald trump doesn't want this to go forward. so kevin manage car any is doing everything he can to try to distract from what we'll find. but it won't any is do everything he can to try to distract from what we'll find. but it won't work. senate republicans blocked a vote to begin debate on the unfinished $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. lawmakers hope to have the details of the bill completed this week, allowing for a new vote early next week. miami-dade county officials say 97 victims of the surfside condo collapse have been identified. officials say they believe there is still one victim of the june 24th tragedy who was not identified. once the recovery effort ends, the investigation into the
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collapse will intensify. with the opening ceremony for the summer olympics just one day away, nerves are being rattled by a rise in covid-19 connected to the games. organizers say at least 91 new cases are linked to the olympics including four more testing positive inside the olympic village. more than a dozen athletes have tested positive and dropped out of the competition even as jet fighters as you see there for friday's opening ceremony controversy is tar distinguishing the event, its director has suddenly been fired. m blake essig is joining us. they fire the man who put it all together. what is behind the dismissal? >> reporter: yeah, look, just the latest scandal to impact these games, the ceremony's
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director has been it is missed for mocking the holocaust and making anti-semitic jokes during a comiedy routine back in the '90s. he said as it was pointed out, there were inappropriate expressions in the scripts from my past skit. i understand that my foolish choice of words at the time was a mistake. and i regret it. the director's dismissal takes place just a few days after the man in charge of composing music for the opening and closing ceremony stepped down after admitting to bullying children with disabilities years ago. though olympic organizers said that they wouldn't use the composer's music, they have not said how the director's removal would impact tomorrow neaight's event. and while controversy droe, so grows, so do the number of positive cases of covid-19. that number stands at 91, 8
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inside the olympic village. it is a clear sign that the village bubble has been punctured. athletes are worried about catching covid-19 or in close contact essentially ending their olympic dream before it has a chance to start. it has already played out for five members of team usa and 13 around the rest of the world. sadly no question that the story will continue to repeat itself in the days and weeks to come. and while covid-19 remains a concern, olympic competition is already under way and five women's football teams took a knee to stand up against racism and for human rights. in april the ioc upheld their ban preventing athletes from demonstrating at the games. when asked about the demonstrations yesterday, ioc president said kneeling ahead of the matches is allowed and didn't violate the rules against protesting, that being said, olympic social media pages haven't posted any images showing these demonstrations.
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>> very interesting indeed. blake essig, thank you very much. now the w.h.o. warns the global covid case total could exceed 200 million by the time the tokyo games are over if the current trends kincontinue. meanwhile in the u.s., the cdc is projecting increase in covid deaths and hospitalization over the next month as you can see there. the latestdicts as many as 14,000 new hospitalizations by mid august. in california los angeles county reporting more than 2500 cases on wednesday, that is 20 times the amount of infections reported just a month ago. the mayor of new orleans announced an indoor mask advisory due to a dramatic spike in cases there. although masks are not mandatory, it is recommended that even vaccinated residents wear one while inside. and for those across the country who are unvaccinated, the director of the national
1:18 am
institutes of health has this warning. take a listen. >> for those who are not vaccinated, this is becoming a pandemic that has you in its sights. hospitalizations going up as much as two-fold in just the last two weeks. and cases which for a while were looking like they were headed down in a lovely trajectory. two now going back up again an the delta variant is contributing a lot to this. so we're in for trouble. still ahead, why china claims it is impossible to accept the w.h.o.'s plans for further study into the origins of the coronavirus. plus, firefighters in the u.s. make progress, what is helping they will a handle on the biggest blazes burning out west.
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it may be hard to see, but you are looking at two wa waterfalls that are not usually there, but days of flash
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flooding loosened the famous red rock. and more than 20,000 firefighters are battling wildfires across 13 u.s. states. the bootleg fire in southern oregon is the biggest, and it is only about 38% contained. california's biggest blaze the beckwourth complex fire is now 96% contained. but the tamarack fire is proving to be a lot more challenging. it is 0% contained. a ranger and -- a rancher and his wife recorded this video as they went to check on their neighbor's kous, they said it sounded like niagara falls as the fire came up the hill. those images very realarming. derek, it is staggering when you see these images. and the ferocity too.
1:24 am
give me a sense of whether there will be any respite for these communities and these firefighters. >> it really is astounding. and as a meteorologist, how several wildfires 1500 miles away from the east coast can impact people's quality of their health over the eastern sea board. this is new york city on tuesday. this is smoke and haze from wildfires that are well away from this area. we're talking about the worst quality of air in 15 years. you'll see just how smoggy it really was this week. fortunately that has started to clear, but there is more bad quality of air in the forecast as the wildfires over the western parts of the u.s. and southern canada continue to bill low into the upper levels of the atmosphere creating this smoke, it gets caught in the jet stream and lofts itself eastward.
1:25 am
78 wildfires over 13 states. and when we talk specifically about the bootleg fire, this is new information overnight, now the third largest wildfire in recorded history for the state of oregon. so that is incredible. there has been some positive news there though, they have had improvements in the weather conditions, temperatures have cooled, winds have relaxed. but at the height of the fire earlier this week, they were really starting to see that smoke go into the upper levels of the atmosphere, over 0,000 feet into the air. and that gets lofted and caught up in the jet stream as i mentioned and races across the country. now, it is incredible to think whatspiratory problems. i'm an asthmatic. incredible stuff. combustion particles, pollutants, less than 2.5 microns. so that can be lodged team within your lungs and that can create obviously problems for
1:26 am
asthmatic and people with medical conditions. you can see air quality index a problem from minneapolis to indianapolis for the day today. >> thanks very much, derek van dam. wildfires are wreaking havoc in what is normallien woyiy one coldest places on earth, northeastern siberia. russia military is helping to fight the fires. it is creating thick toxic smoke. the death toll has jumped to at least 33 with eight people missing from severe flooding in central china. heavy rain pushed the yellow river over its banks in henan province where more than 120,000 people have fled their homes. a dozen people were killed when floodwaters rushed into subway cars in the capital.
1:27 am
the train was stopped between two stations and some passengers waited more than three hours to be rescued. the u.s. state nevada becomes a covid hot spot as vaccination pace plummets, but some vaccine skeptics are changing their minds after a personal brush with covid. that story ahead. and this -- this is simple basic proposition. if you are vaccinated, you are not going to be hospitalized, you ntd would be in the i krucu unit and you're not going to die. neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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. it is real simple. we have a pandemic for those who
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haven't gotten vaccinated. if you are vaccinated, you won't be hospitalized, you won't be in the icu unit and you're not going to die. so gigantically important that we all act like americans or care about our fellow americans. >> six months into his term in office, u.s. president biden is doubling down on his plea for americans to get vaccinated as you heard there. he also said the federal government may approve vaccines for children under the age of 12 in the coming months and his administration is working to tackle misinformation as cases are rising largely due to the more transmissible delta variant. the real world consequences of not getting a vaccine are really evident in the state nevada. a number of new cases is skyrocketing in its largest county which includes las vegas. at the same time vaccinations lag far behind the united states average. as ed lavendera reports, that
1:32 am
grim picture is turning some vaccine skeptics into believers. >> reporter: the covid-19 vaccine sparks passionate barber shop banter in north las vegas. in the last month, the owner of this barber shop says three of his barbers and his business partner were eneinfected with covid-19. taylor and another barber got the virus last year. none were vaccinated. it was a wake-up call. so dayler decided to continue his barber shot into a vaccination site. taylor partnered with state health officials to offer vaccine shots to clients coming in for a haircut. >> barber shop is a place of transparency, truth, debates and brotherhood. >> reporter: taylor says he wins them over with trusted voices and easing their fears. >> like you have people who will say, well, it is not 100%. nothing is 100%. it is not 100% that i'll make it
1:33 am
home when i leave this barber shop, but i will put on my seat belt. >> reporter: the average number of new cases has jumped from 1 # 2 in early june to almost 700 and the average daily number of hospitalizations has shot up from 178 in mid june to more than 900. medical experts say this surge is driven almost entirely by unvaccinated people. >> this could have been prevented. >> reporter: and this doctor is director of infectious diseases at university medical center this las vegas. only 40% of the nevada population is fully vaccinated and with that, she offers an ominous warning. >> its just a matter of time before you will come across a variant where your vaccines do not provide that degree of protection. so unvaccinated people pose a huge threat to the rest of us who are vaccinated because they are literally a breeding ground for new variants. >> reporter: in reno where the
1:34 am
vaccination rate is higher than the state average, the lines at the main vaccine site have dwindled. at the peak they were administering 2800 doses a day. it is under 150 now. health officials say people spreading misinformation are hampering vaccination efforts. >> our country is not united. battling covid-19 is pad enough, but having to battle one another to try on overcome that virus i think is terrible. >> reporter: to motivate the unvaccinated, the state is holding weekly lottery drawings, literally paying people to get vaccinated and even those events have been interrupted by anti-vaccine hecklers. >> i'm not trying to sell you anything. i just want you to live and be healthy. >> reporter: at the barber shop, vaccine skeptics like teadariuso just recovered from covid are quickly becoming vaccine believers. >> that was some tough days. >> reporter: he said he already received his first shot and
1:35 am
dillard scott says sitting in robert taylor's barber chair after the coronavirus killed two of his cousins was the turning point for him to get vaccinated. >> i really struggled on whether or not i would vaccinate. so when you have two people in your family that it takes out like that, you are forced to look at the options that you have both as a family and also as individuals to not only protect yourself but protect others. >> reporter: last year taylor says the pandemic forced him to close his barber shop for almost four months. now he worries about what might happen as the resurgence of the coronavirus spreads across the unvaccinated in nevada. to get the virus under control, officials in clark county where las vegas is requiring government agencies and business owners to require employees working in public spaces, whether they are vaccinated or not, to once again begin wearing masks and fema is sending dozens of its people to work in surge teams to increase the vaccination rates here in this
1:36 am
state. ed lavendera, cnn, reno, nevada. despite surging covid-19 cases around the united states, texas governor greg an pot says he will not impose another mask mandate in his state. listen. >> there will be no mask mandat he will not impose another mask mandate in his state. listen. >> there will be no mask mandate imposed. the reasons are clear. there are so many people who have immunities to covid whether through the vaccination, whether through their own exposure and recovery from it, which would be acquired immunity. and then it would be inappropriate to require people who already have immunity to wear a mask. everyone in the united states as well as texas know what the standards are, what practices they want to adopt to help protect themselves. so there is no more time for government mandates. this is time for individual responsibility, period. >> texas has the second highest number of cases and deaths among u.s. states and in many other
1:37 am
parts of the country the number of new covid-19 cases in texas is again on the rise as you can see there. alabama doctor is pleading for her patients and anyone holding out to vget vaccinated before it is too late. she posted one of the last things they do before they are intubated is beg me for their vaccine. i hold their hand and tell them i'm sorry, but it is too late. a few days later when he call time of death, i hug family members and i say the best way to honor their loved one is to get vaccinateded and encourage everyone do the same. they cry and tell me they thought it was a hoax, because they had a certain blood type or certain skin whocolor they woult get sick. they thought it was just the fl flu. but they were wrong. still to come, britain opposition leaders calling the prime minister a superspreader
1:38 am
of sorts. and covid cases of course sky rocket in the uk, that story coming up next.
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delta variant is also surging a fuel in european cases. lots of countries in orange and dark red. some are going ahead still though unloosening covid measures and other hot spots such as italy are tightening them. the italian government is expected to announce a health pass similar to the one in france. meantime england lifted most of its covid measures earlier this week despite soaring infections and a spike in hospitalizations. the opposition led the party leaders calling it a summer of chaos.
1:42 am
nina dos santos is tracking this for us. the government's handling of this is under scrutiny, the prime minister accused of being a superspreader of confusion. tell us what is at the heart of this. >> reporter: well, at the heart of this is this sort of bifurcation in policy if you like. on the one hand, we have the government plowing ahead with the reopening of the economy as it did on monday despite the fact that the night before, the prime minister and the chancellor had to isolate because they had been in contact with the health secretary who then came down with covid himself which obviously is not a good look. and now we also had yesterday the last opportunity for opposition members of parliament and boris johnson's own government and party to question help before the summer recess. he couldn't even be there in person because he is isolating. and this is how the leader of the opposition put that comment to him as you said saying he is a superspreader of confusion,
1:43 am
has been flip-flopping on policies. remember the uk is also debating the same sort of vaccine passport you are talking about before for the over 18 who might want to go to night clubs but haven't been fully vaccinated in the autumn. that listen. >> i have to say, every even af months, i can't believe that the prime minister didn't see the or begin of him spending freedom day locked in isolation and announcing plans for a vaccine i.d. card. i remember when he used to say he'd eat an i.d. card if he ever had to produce one, but now he is introducing them. so mr. speaker, when it comes to creating confusion, the prime minister is a superspreader. >> reporter: speaking of confusion, just a few moments after making that speech in the house of commons when that session finished, leader of the opposition poshimself had to go
1:44 am
into isolation because one of his children contracted covid. the big debate here in the uk is this subject of people having to isolate at the moment because somebody that they have been in contact with like the prime minister, like the leader of the opposition has tested positive for covid. and that is going to be the next political hot potato to deal with. already today we're seeing people like british retail consortium saying we can't stock the shelves, fuel suppliers saying that they can't get the manual labor to get essential goods from a to b, even labor shortages in the police force, all of this because about half a million people are having to isolate because they have been in contact with somebody with covid. >> nina, thanks very much. china is rejecting the cho plan for a second phase of the study into the origins of the coronavirus. the plan includes the theory that the virus could have escaped from a chinese laboratory but the official said
1:45 am
that the investigation was compromised with it is respect for facts. it is not entirely surprising that they have come to this decision, but give me more in terms of what is the reasoning behind it, why are they rejecting the plan for a second phase of the investigation? >> reporter: essentially the importance behind this, that we are looking at an end it seems to sicientific investigation ino the lab where it most likely originated. the reason why is the continued focus on the possibility that this virus emerged from a laboratory leak. now, that is not proven. there is at this point frankly scant evidence to support it, but it has not been ruled out and it does appear to be part of the biden administration's three month review which looks set to give us its results in mid august. why is china making these statements? the deputy head of national
1:46 am
health commission, senior figures in the laboratory system in wuhan are the virus originated most likely gave this press conference in which it would be impossible to accept the plan of the w.h.o. investigation committee to have a second phase of studies inside of china. now remember that the first phase, that was delayed months, it was held under very strict chinese conditions and supplied only data which had been analyzed and processed by chinese scientists first. what essentially w.h.o. were wanting, access to raw data and of course he persistently reminded people of the possibility that the lab leak needed greater exploration. that of course deeply winds up the chinese, they are significantly offended by it, and you said it yourself that the next phase of investigation if it included this probe into the lab leak would to the chinese not respect common sense
1:47 am
and be against science. so not expected, they totally deny the idea of a laboratory leak. as i say, there isn't conclusive evidence of that by far at this stage, but short of some extraordinary compromise, whether the position of w.h.o. wanting to see a probe into the lab leak, and more importantly an examination of the raw data inside china for those early months in which the virus spread, short of some extraordinary compromise between that and the chinese position, it is now highly unlikely that we'll see another foray by w.h.o. experts into china. that would spell an end to the world knowing exactly how this pandemic began. a vital question because that is how we stop it from happening again, because one sadly that seems lost in the geopolitical fog here. china saying that it was not a lab leak. not being at all transparent frankly in the data they presented and the access they have given to this w.h.o. panel
1:48 am
and the w.h.o. under pressure too to give greater voice to the possibility of a lab leak and therefore it seems spelling an end to future investigations. a real mess here and one with enormous consequences for us as a species. >> nick paton walsh, thanks very much. back after this. xtracredit, butt this a little much? too much? is building my credit by reporting g my bills 'too much' no. . it's just 100 degrees out here. i i mean, aren't you hot? getting tradelines on my credit by reporting b bills i'm already paying does s make me feel warm inside. what? -i know right? where has extracredit been all my life? when it comes to your credit, more is better. so get more with extracredit, including rent and utility reporting, credit building offers and more. need long-lasting freshness? try new febreze unstopables touch fabric spray. it doesn't just eliminate odors... simply shake and spray to unlock the breakthrough power of touch-activated scent technology.
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five of 42 olympic venues will allow spectators but only at 50% capacity. the japanese government is telling people to stay home and watch on television. and that means corporations that paid huge sums to see promotions won't get the return for their money. >> reporter: the olympics normally a golden opportunity to boost docorporate image. but this year the fear is brand damage because of intense opposition to the games in japan. after after japanese sponsors intend a record of more than $3 billion to be a sponsor, covid-19 cases are surging, spectators largely banned, while the japanese
1:53 am
public just 20% of them fully vaccinated are urged to stay at home during the games. sponsor plans are falling flat. i'm at the top of the tallest broadcasting tower, one of many japanese olympic sponsors that have had to cancel or scale back promotional events tied to the games. >> reporter: we were planning to hold events to boost the mood, but because of covid, it is not the right time to hold a festival, he tells me. we've canceled events, viewing site and torch relay through our viewing spot. toyota, a top olympic sponsor, is not airing olympic related tv commercials. the editorial board of another sponsor called for cancellation in may. there is little olympic spirit in the host city. tokyo is in a state of emergency and alcohol is banned from v restaurants. xi of ceo of a beverage maker says the economic loss will be enormous.
1:54 am
>> i expect that lot of spectators from abroad to visit restaurants and bars where they sell our products. we had a plan to open more than a couple of bars and restaurants only for our products. but we canceled that. >> do you think that these games could still boost international businesses for japanese companies? >> more and more i don't think so. i think olympics have been losing its value. >> t >> do you think the games should have been postponed? >> considering kushtcurrent rol of vaccines in this country, two mobltss from now should be the ideal timing. >> reporter: and a sports marketing executive in japan says several local sponsors were pushing for the olympics to be delayed. >> they paid a lot of money but the return is extremely limited. you have the five rings, and
1:55 am
then you have what used to be attached to the olympics which is the spirit of sport, the pleasure, the youth, the sparkling ideals of sport. but that is all gone. >> reporter: but one sponsor is staying optimistic, they are the official outfitter for the japanese team and volunteers, showing its designs back to the 1964 games. although there will be no spectators in the games, we are sure that many people will experience the atmosphere of the olympics through media like tv he says. some experts say it is too early to say how brands will be impacted. >> no point in sugarcoating, this is not an ideal situation. will they be able to get a long term marketing gain? still possible. >> reporter: and all that depends on whether the games are held safely without turning into a superspreader event.
1:56 am
selina wang, cnn, tokyo. the u.s. space agency nasa is heralded a new era of planetary science and discovery as its rover is set to start collecting rock samples on mars within two weeks. it has been on the red planet since february searching for signs of ancient microbes. nasa compares all this collecting the first moon rock something that will rewrite of course what we know about our solar system. thank you very much for joining us. "early start" is next. it's a simple fact: nothing kills more germs on more surfaces
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or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm julia chatterley. it is thursday, july 22, and it is 5:00 a.m. in new york. for the first time in his presidency, joe biden faces a pandemic that is headed in the wrong direction. the delta variant now the dominant strain in the united states and sources tell cnn top white house and federal health officials are now holding preliminary talks about possibly urging vaccinated americans to go back to wearing masks. covid was a major topic at cnn's


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