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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 21, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. good evening we begin this hour with special eight edition of 360 the decision by top white house republican to abandon his position on the investigation on the capitol attack kevin mccarthy pulling five after pelosi vetoed two of his choices, banks and jordan, both january 6th deniers. at cnn town hall in cincinnati president biden was asked about the blowup, he didn't get into specifics but did say this -- >> i don't care if you think i'm satan reincarnated, the fact is, you can't look at that television and say nothing happened on the 6th. you can't listen to people who say this was a peaceful march.
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>> well, in a moment we're going to have exclusive new audio of the former president talking about the insurrection saying this about the people who listen to him speak then storm the capitol, quoting him now, what i wanted is what they wanted. that's coming up again. here's what congressmember mccarthy had to say. >> house democrats must answer this question, why are you allowing a lame duck speaker to destroy this institution? this is the people's house. not pelosi's. >> we should point out that congressman mccarthy drum congresswoman liz cheney out of the republican leadership because he called out the former president for his role on the attack, she said this about the speaker's decision. >> i agree with what the speaker has done. >> also, mccarthy of course wants to become speaker next year, do you think he deserves to be speaker in the aftermath
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of his actions here? >> i think any person who would be third in line to the presidency must demonstrate a commitment to the constitution and a commitment to the rule of law. and minority leader mccarthy has not done that. >> joining us now california democratic congressman and house committee chairman adam schiff he's also a member of the select committee. you said earlier you think congressman banks and jordan were selected to be disruptive. do you think what speaker pelosi did is correct? >> absolutely it's correct. look, kevin mccarthy had two choices which he understood from the beginning, he could choose an independent commission with five democrats, five republicans or a select committee he would have the right to nominate people and speaker would have the ultimate decision, he chose the latter, and now he wanted to put two deniers on the select committee and speaker wasn't
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willing to go there. absolutely the right decision. look, i think for kevin mccarthy this is all about what does donald trump want. that's the first question he asks in the morning, that's the last question he asks at the end of the day. donald trump doesn't want this to go forward. so kevin mccarthy is doing everything he can to try to stop it. to try to distract from what we will find. but it won't work. we have a bipartisan quorum to go forward and we will go forward. >> we were just having a debate with our team here about whether this plays into kevin mccarthy's hands in terms of 24 is exactly what hands in terms of this is exactly what he wanted and will use it against anything that comes out of this commission. >> if this was what mccarthy wanted, mccarthy wouldn't have put anybody forward to begin with. he doesn't want this to go forward. i think what they will find if they continue to refuse to participate is they'll regret that they did. because we will go forward. we won't have the distractions
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of, you know, jim jordan and jim banks on the select committee, we will go forward with sobriety and we will find out exactly what led to the events of the 6th, what took place on that date, why reinforcements were not called in. we will answer those questions and again, for kevin mccarthy it's all about the politics all the time. there's not a policy bone in his body, this is his political calculus, i think it's really damaging for the country. >> speaker pelosi didn't take issue to republican congressman nels who also voted to over turn the election, do you understand what criteria she's will using? >> i do, she made it clear before making the decision, whether someone voted to decertify the election wasn't going to be the sole criteria, the disqualifying fact, in that regard, it's extraordinary how much the speaker bent over backwards to try to accommodate
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republicans. when she agreed and chairman thomson agreed to independent commission without a single subpoena without the approval of at least one republicans thatting with delegating to the republicans control that part of the investigation. but they still turned it down, in terms of the select committee. no we're going to go forward. and we'll get to the truth of january 6th. we will do so now without distraction. we invite mccarthy to have a change of heart and put possible people on, if he won't, which seems he won't, that's not going to stop us from carrying out our constitutional duty. >> you don't think there will be an asterisk by the finding of the commission. >> i think regardless what republicans were placed on the select committee they would be attacking it. question is would they attack it from the outside or from the inside?
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that's just a fact of life. because after all kevin mccarthy and these other members that are in donald trump's sway they don't want the full facts to come out. they will attack it either way but if we go forward without the distractions on the select committee i think the work product will speak for itself and will ultimately be judged by how good that work product is. that's what we got to strive for. >> do you believe there's a possibility the former president would be called to appear? >> i think there's certainly that possibility. and i think our chairman benny thompson hasn't ruled it out. there's a lot we don't know about what was going on in the white house that day and in the days leading up to the rally and insurrection, were there warnings given to the president and others in the white house about the participation of these
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right-wing violent extremist groups? did they have forewarning? yes, there's a lot of uncertainties and unanswered questions. i think no one is off the table that has relevant information to share >> chairman adam schiff appreciate your time. thank you. >> coming up next, how close does the president identify with the insurrectionists, hear what he thinks in his own words for the first time, joined by pulitzer prize winning authors who got him to go on record. and why everyone is getting religion on the need to get vaccinated. we'll be right back. here we go. ♪ ♪ so i'd like to know where you got the notion ♪ ♪ to rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪
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an exclusive tonight, the most chilling question a democracy can face, what happened in such great stress when officials believe democracy is threatened. my next guest -- chairman grew concerned that the former president and supporters might try to pull off a coup and in the book they describe -- plan one by one leaving rather than carrying out the orders. milley asked if he was worried. >> thanks for the question. i know there's a lot of interest in books quoting me, i'm not going to comment on what's in
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those books. we take an oath, an oath to a document, an oath to the constitution of the united states and not one time did we violate that. the entire time from time of commissioning to today, i can say with certainty that every one of us maintained our oath of allegiance to the constitution, everything that is contained within it >> reassuring words, no denial to "washington post" authors wrote in their best seller," i alone can fix it, donald trump's catastrophic final year" it is just out, remarkable reporting, they brought clips of a conversation with the former president that you will hear for the first time tonight. not surprising he would not go into depth what's in the book. he certainly didn't deny what's in the book. >> absolutely right. knowing chairman milley's reputation if there was anything that was a problem or inaccurate
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or context to add, he would have said it. >> it is just -- i mean, it's extraordinary the details in this book. phillip, you write that milley told the ayeyaides that he saw similar moments between trump and hitler -- >> absolutely. saw parallels of adolf hitler consolidating power it was chilling saying it was like a rice tag moment and worried democracy could fall and there could be a coup. >> interesting character. we saw testimony where he was asked about critical race theory, he talked about i read mar x and all these different ideologies, these a student of history, so for him to be
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referencing those moments are extraordinary. >> the idea he was so worried about the comparison that he believed according to the reporting that phil and i did, that trump and his supporters were willing to create chaos and stoke fear to consolidate power. he was getting middle of the night calls, arnnderson, from really great people and confidants saying watch your back. the people the trump white house are installing in the defense department are going to be a problem. >> that's why they were installed to be a problem. not just milley but others came up with an idea how to at the very least slow any kind of coup down. >> you know, milley and the other joint chiefs, heads of the army, navy, air force, branches of the military had meetings after the election to discuss
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what they'd do if the president would issue an order that they considered unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, unethical, they would try to block it by resigning one by one to prevent him to execute those orders. chilling thing to think about with this being the comm commander-in-chief with nuclear code until january 20th. >> you sat with the interview, i want to play an important part when you asked about the january 6th insurrection. let's play that. >> what did you -- >> you know that wasn't my rally, there were a lot of people that spoke, they had rallies the night before, they had speakers all over the city. you had hundreds of thousands of people. i would venture to say i think it was the largest crowd i ever
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spoke before. it went from that point which was almost at the white house to beyond the washington monument. it was -- and wide. and -- >> but if you -- >> -- and it was a loving crowd too, by the way, i heard that from many, many people, that was a loving crowd. and, you know, it was too bad. it was too bad that they -- [ overlapping speakers ] -- >> but mr. president, i apo apol apologize, what we're trying to understand is, not blame. >> i understand. >> we want to understand what did you want when you said go up there? >> i would have said that you will show not to go in, although they were ushered in by the police, i mean, in all fairness, the capitol police were ushering people in. the capitol police were very friendly, hugging and ki -- you
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don't see that but there's plenty of tape on that too, the capitol police, that's the way it is. i wanted -- personally, what i wanted is what they wanted. they showed up. just to show support. because i happen to believe the election was rigged. at a level like nothing has ever been rigged before. there's tremendous proof. there's tremendous proof. statistically it wasn't even possible that he won. i mean, things such as in ohio, iowa, there's never been a loss. >> did you need better lawyers because they took it to court. >> i needed better judges. the supreme court was afraid to take it. don't forget, if you take all of the -- everything out, take all of the dead people that voted, and there were thousands of them, by the way,
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we have list of them, obi obituaries, if you take the illegal imfrants that voted -- immi immigrants, industry yanz getting paid indians getting paid to vote. many, many different things. it was very, very close. it's only in five places, if you take all of that, it's massive numbers. forget all of that. if you take all of that, just look at one thing, the legislatures of the states. did not approve all of the things that were done for those elections. and under the constitution of the united states they have to do that. and the supreme court, they didn't find fact. don't forget, they didn't say, well, we disagree. they said, we're not going to hear the case. i'm very disappointed in the supreme court. >> what do you think they were afraid of?
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>> i guess they thought that it would be violent, maybe. and it was violent the other way perhaps, i don't know. i guess they thought it would be violent. but the supreme court of the united states in the constitution, it says you can't have local politicians setting the rules. and they set the rules. early voting. this voting. ballots. many, many different things. and these were democrats going to republican -- with the exception of nevada which was a democrat-legislature, by the way, they didn't even -- they did for the most part proof -- but they had things they didn't approve, but the other ones had very little, don, almost nothing. so they were setting illegally all of these rules, regulations, everything. poll-watchers who were absolutely brutalized and thrown out. we had no poll watchers allowed in buildings for days. okay. it was an illegal corrupt
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election as bad as a third-world country. okay. so with that, the judges just would not -- they would not -- >> one more beat on that. if you had bad judges that's like 86 bad judges, some of them were people you appointed. >> that's true. i'm not saying -- i appointed them and i was very disappointed in them. >> i mean. there's so many -- it's fascinating that -- i said this is like listening to nixon drunk rambling, except he's not drunk, he's just rambling and is still holding on to all these lies. the eyes that poll-watchers were brutalized but there was nothing but love and the police just urbashered in these loving peop into the capitol on the day of the attack is sickening,
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stunning, this is the former president of the united states. i mean, i don't even know what to really ask about it. but what was he doing during the attack? i mean, you have reporting in this book about he was unreachable. >> anderson, our reporting show the president during the attack was sitting in front of the television watching it unfold. at first he was happy. he liked to see hundreds and thousands of maga supporters with maga flags storming the capitol. he enjoyed that. he thought he was proud of it. when shots were fired and it became deadly and violent he became more concerned according to people around him yet didn't act to do anything, he was awol as commander in chief. it took mike pence who's life was under threat, in the basement of the capitol to call the pentagon to organize
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military. >> you also heard that president biden was in the dining room watching television. >> that's right. >> and he didn't take calls from people. ivanka trump would repeatedly try to get him to do something. >> it was a really awkward time because you might remember as protesters literally broke into the landing near the senate and lawmakers were scrambling for their lives along with their staff who were barricading away from people chanting for their heads, during that time the president tweeted something criticizing mike pence. eventually that came down. ivanka was asked by chief of staff mark meadows to please, come down here, let's get your dad to say something. to call off the dogs, essentially. ivanka went back and forth between her second-floor office, back and forth multiple times at meadows request, trying to get it right essentially with the president, with her father.
7:23 pm
many people told us different ways that she was described that day, and not extremely forceful at first but she was also compared to the stable pony, to come in and calm the race horse. she was her father's stable pony. >> again, you know, we've seen -- we showed the video of the peace-loving folks full of love being ushered into the capitol. >> hugging and kissing. >> right, we have the video of course and we've all seen what the reality was. i mean, this is what they were facing. this is not capitol police officers ushering them in. in videos we seen it was hold back the line by falling back. they were outgunned, outmanned. >> absolutely. >> the -- were you surprised he's still sticking to this? clearly this is a conversation he has around dinner tables, on the golf course, this is what he
7:24 pm
talks about nonstop >> you know, it's not just this topic where he spewed lies to us in our interview, we talked to him two and half hours and almost every topic it's an alternative reality playing in his head. he brought up the fact according to him he won the state of arizona, we know he lost the state of arizona because he was attacking john mccain, i a hero in that state, and he brought that up and attacked john mccain again in our interview. it's just again and again he would say things that weren't true saying they were true, like a different set of facts. >> we're going to take a break and come back with more clips of the interview with the president including when asked about the vice president's refusal to over turn the election. and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. overturn the election. philadelphia. schmear perfection.
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we got really fascinating exclusive clips of the interview with the foorm former president by our two guests who will be back in a moment. first what the former president told them about vice president's refusal to overturn the election. >> if mike pence had the courage to send it back to legislature you would have a different outcome in my opinion. >> is that what you told him to do? >> i didn't tell him to do anything. >> what did you want him to do? >> i thought that the election was rigged. i think that when you have more votes than you have voters, i think that -- the vice president of the united states must protect the constitution of
7:29 pm
the united states, right? and it says very, very clearly protect the constitution of the united states. i don't believe he's just supposed to be a statue who gets these votes from the states and immediately hands them over. >> now, with carol and phillip, authors of the new book "i alone can fix it, donald trump's catastrophic final year" fascinating read. he dauked about mike pence he talked about mike pence. you asked what did he want the people who he told to go to the capitol what he wanted them to do when they get there, he stumbled around it and said i wanted what they wanted. well a lot of them wanted to hang mike pence. >> an what did donald trump want ed for vice president mike pence to overturn the results, not
7:30 pm
constitutional but in trump's mind is what he thought his loyal vice president should have done. ironic trump said pence should have been a statue just following rules, for four years pence was a statue, just standing by trump's side nodding his head and not causing trouble for trump. >> i find it hard to imagine the former president restrained himself and never said to his vice president what he wanted him to do. he was saying, no, didn't tell him to do anything, kind of. >> he absolutely asked him. >> yeah. >> he absolutely asked him, multiple times. >> i want to play another clip from your interview with the former president when he talks about pence. let's watch. >> who will your vice president be if you run again? >> listen to him. >> good question. >> well, i was disappointed in mike. but i will be making a decision at some point. i will say this, based on the polls, those polls are great. the republican party loves
7:31 pm
trump. you saw that, 97%. >> you're not locked in you would run with pence again? >> i am not locked into anything. >> he could run against you in a primary. he wants to run for president too. >> everybody -- it's a free country, right. ? it's a free country. i always liked mike. i was very disappointed. so were a lot of republicans, very disappointed, because had he sent them back, had he been thomson jefferson, had he sent them back which took courage but not a lot of courage, what courage would have been to do is what thomas jefferson did, we're taking the votes he could have done that too but would have been politically unacceptable but sending it back to the legislature who now know that bad things i could show you letters from the different states we're talking about.
7:32 pm
had he done that i think it would have been a great thing for our country. i think it would have been a great thing for our current. -- country. >> i'm not sure what big-scale letters are. but the idea he's still spreading these lies and believing these lies and prop gating these lies is, i mean, it's extraordinary, and really kind ofpropogating these lies i mean, it's extraordinary, and really kind of given this was a remarkable election, and americans should be praised in the midst of a deadly pandemic coming out in overwhelming numbers at risk to themselves and by a bunch of different ways to make it easier for them to vote which is something republicans are concerned about now. this was actually a victorious election for republicans and for america. because -- because americans turned out in a pandemic and by the way, republicans did great, all across the country, except
7:33 pm
for donald trump. >> you know, some of the president's advisors tried to tell trump that, including bill barr his attorney general, after the election he said, mr. president, these allegations you're making about a rigged election or fraudulent votes we've looked into them, they're bs, they're nonsense. he actually said to him, how do you think you lost in this state but the entire republican ticket did great. how can that be? you know, of i'm really amazed too about how much donald trump's inner narrative has hardened since the election. every conspiracy theory phil and i heard people whispering in his ear of the election he was listening to, maybe, maybe not. immediately after the election he said to kellyanne conway how could we have lost, how could we lose, i'm so sorry we lost. but as time has gone by his
7:34 pm
narrative is more totally lacking in basis and fact but he's spreading the word >> and also, who is going to contradict him at mar-a-lago? the beautician in the spa? there's not a lot of people around there of weight who are going to stand up and say mr. , president, that's not, you know, that's not reality. >> that's right. in fact, during our interview with president trump laura abraham came by and interrupted, she's a guest of mar-a-lago those are the kind of things hanging around the president to put things in his ear. >> he said something when you left. >> it was one of my favorite moments of the interview, as i said, he was quite a gracious host, quite charming, and he came to check on us where we were seated for dinner on the patio and we mentioned we might have follow-up questions, he said, absolutely, please come back, i would love it, it was an honor to do this.
7:35 pm
we both remarked, you spent a lot of time with us mr. trump, we promise not to use that time if we come back again. he ed, you know, it's -- he said, you know, it's a sickness but i really enjoyed it. >> it's a sickness but i really enjoyed it. i find that fascinating. it shows almost like there's been introspection, but maybe i'm reading too much into it. it's a sickness but i really enjoyed it. thank you both, the book is fascinating. is"i alone can fix it, donald trump's catastrophic final y year". >> thank you. >> -- joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability
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in tonight's town hall as
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reported earlier president biden took shift in tone among republican politicians and television hosts about the benefits of covid vaccinations. >> one of the other networks not a big fan of mine. the one you talk about a lot. but if you notice, as they say in the southern part of my state, they've had an alter call some of those guys. all of a sudden out there saying, let's get vaccinated. let's get vaccinated. the very people before this were saying -- but i shouldn't make fun, that's good. it's good. it's good. we just have to keep telling the truth. >> florida governor ron desantis became the first to advocate for the vaccine saying they're saving lives. >> if you are vaccinated -- fully vaccinated the chance of you getting seriously ill or dieing from covid is effectively zero. if you look at the people that are being admitted to hospitals
7:41 pm
over 95% of them are either not fully vaccinated or not vangd at vaccinated at all. >> it's a change for some. there is something brewing there. more from cnn's jessica dean. >> if you have the chance get the shot it can save your life. >> reporter: a shift in tone in the right-wing media when it comes to the covid-19 vaccine, talking to viewers to get vaccinated. he's been advocating the benefits of the vaccine since the winter but now other fox news hosts are following suit. >> i believe in science. >> shawn hannity who in january said he was beginning to have doubts about getting the shot made this plea to viewers this week. >> just like we've been say, please take covid seriously. i can't say it enough. enough people have died. >> the ceo of news max published an op ed saying he's been
7:42 pm
vaccinated and writing president biden should be quote, applauded for the administration's vaccine efforts. that shift coincides with the delta variant tearing across the u.s. hitting conservative states hard where vaccination rates are some of the lowest in the country. >> it's safe and effective. i want to just encourage people. >> now republican lawmakers are being more outspoken in efforts to encourage people to get the shots. steve scalise announced he got the first dose of the vaccine on sunday after seeing the covid cases rise due to the delta variant. >> i was ready to get the vaccine, i always felt it was safe and effective. >> in his state of louisiana only 36 berrios only 36% of people are fully vaccinated and daily case rate is three times the national average. and senate minority leader
7:43 pm
did not mince words this week -- >> this is not complicated. 97% of the people who are in the hospital now for covid are unvangd. unvaccinated. so if there's anybody out there willing to listen, get vaccinated. >> but there are still a number of republican lawmakers who do not face any public rebuke from their peers for pushing vaccine lies. >> talk about going door to door to take vaccines to the people. they can then go door to door to take your guns or bibles. >> this is not true. but that was not enough reason for the north carolina congressman to correct his statement. jessica dean, cnn, washington. >> well, the statements encouraging vaccination by prominent republican politicians are clearly a start in the long run, can they have an impact? joining me now the co-director of vaccine development at texas children hospital and dean at
7:44 pm
college of medicine and author of preventing the next pandemic in time of anti-science. doctor, it is certainly easy to kind of easy to point out that this is a c change in tone and criticize them for not doing it sooner but i think that's a mistake. i think this is a good thing. it is good to have as many people as possible on all sides of, you know, not that this should be political, but of the political spectrum telling the truth, which is, vaccines can save your life and it is the only tool you have against the delta variant. >> well, that's certainly true anderson, the question is whether all of these statements in the last couple days will continue into next week. >> yeah. >> we have to remember that since the beginning of the year the far right element of the republican party has launched a war of aggression against vaccines, vaccine scientists and other scientists, all right. and this is not an isolated thing.
7:45 pm
i mean, these anti-vaccine rants were nightly events on conservative news outlets including fox news, not just one anchor, this was clearly at the direction of the leadership of fox news. this continued. you saw what happened at at cpac conference there was a whole contingent of the america first republican congressmen who held town halls that emphasized adverse events about vaccines saying vaccines were being used as a political weapon for control. this came out, the red-state governors, you know, the governor of florida, laura ingram on fox news couple weeks ago went after me and mocked me in public saying i'm predicting that florida's going to get hit hard with covid and now florida is the third most infected state with covid. so this was a systematic effort to delegitimize science and
7:46 pm
scientists. so it's great hearing these statements. are they nothing more than sound bytes for the mid-term elections? will we continue to hear this? i don't know, but the truth is, what they engendered is devastating. they brought back covid-19 to the southern u.s.. that's why it began in southern missouri, extended into arkansas and louisiana where representative steve scalise is, this is not an accident, this was deliberately-engineered, sorry to say >> surely a lot of commentaries will have blood on their hands for not being factual about the science, and certainly let's hope for the shawn hannity's of the world that this is not a one-off statement. we'll see what happens. clearly on the other network while biden was saying this about the alter call they were also still pedaling conspiracies out there.
7:47 pm
dr. peter hotez appreciate you being on coming up f take you to nevada covid cases are surging where barber shop owner turn ud his business into unvaccinated site.
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like we would treat our own moms, with care and respect. to us, the little things are the big things. which is why we do everything in our power to make buying a car an unforgettable experience. happy birthday. thank you. we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms. because that's what they deserve. covid cases are on the rise in nevada, where 40% have been vaccinated. ed lavandera found a local barbershop, where the talk is about the pandemic and people had to step up and get vaccinated. >> reporter: the covid-19 vaccine sparks passionate banter
7:52 pm
in las vegas. in the last month, owner robert taylor says three of his barbers and his business partner were infected with covid-19. taylor and another barber got the virus last year. none were vaccinated. it was a wake-up call. so, taylor turned his barbershop into a vaccination site. he partnered to offer vaccine shots for clients coming in for a haircut. >> the barbershop is a place with truth, and brotherhood. >> reporter: he wins them over with trusted voices. >> you have people, it's not 100%. it's not 100% that i will make it home when i get out of this barbershop. >> reporter: the cases have jump from 132 to almost 700. and the average daily number of hospitalizations has shot up from 178 in mid-june to more
7:53 pm
than 900. medical experts say this surge is driven almost entirely by unvaccinated people. >> this could have been prevented. >> reporter: she is the director of infectious diseases at university medical center in las vegas. only 40% of the nevada population is fully vaccinated. and with that, dr. assad offers an ominous warning. >> it's just a matter of time before you come across a variant where your vaccines do not provide that degree of protection. so, unvaccinated people pose a huge threat to the rest of us who are vaccinated because they're literally a breeding grouped for new variants. >> reporter: in reno, where the vaccination rite iate is higher the state average, the lines have dwindled. at the peak, they were administering 2,800 doses per day. it's under 150 now.
7:54 pm
health officials say people spreading misinformation is hampering our efforts. >> our country is not united. battling covid-19 is bad enough. but to battle one another to overcome the virus is terrible. >> reporter: to motivate the unvaccinated, the state is holding weekly lottery drawings. they are paying people to get vaccinated. and those events have been interrupted by anti-vaccine hecklers. >> i'm not here to sell you anything. i want you to live and be healthy. >> reporter: at the barbershop, skeptics like derek, who just recovered from covid, are quickly becoming vaccine believers. >> that was some tough days. >> reporter: he said he has received his first shot. and dillard scott says sitting in robert taylor's barber chair after the coronavirus killed two of his cousins, was the turning point for him to get vaccinated. >> i really struggled on whether or not i would vaccinate. you have, you know, two people in your family, that it takes
7:55 pm
out like that, you're forced to look at the options that you have, both as a family and also as individuals, to not only protect yourself but to protect ot others. >> last year, taylor said the pandemic forced him to close his barbershop for almost four months. now, he worries about what might happen as the resurgence of the coronavirus spreads across the unvaccinated in nevada. >> ed lavandera joins us from reno. what are the mitigation factors to get covid infections under control? >> well, in clark county, which is home to las vegas, county officials there are requiring that business owners and government officials are requiring that all employees in public spaces, if they're vaccinated or not, begin wearing masks once again. fema is sending in dozens of workers to work in surge teams to increase the vaccinate efforts. and robert taylor in that
7:56 pm
barbershop in north las vegas, teaming up and partnering with health officials to create vaccinate sites. they vaccinated 18 people. it might not sound like a lot but it's better than nothing. >> it's awesome he is doing it. up next, an encore of the cnn town hall with president biden, moderated by don lemon. mm (clap) yum yum ♪ oh no... i thought i just ordered tacos. nope!... ramen... burgers... milk from the store, and... ...cookies? wha, me hungry! here, i'll call some friends to help us eat. yeah, that good idea. get more from your neighborhood. hey yo, grover! doordash.
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good evening, everyone. we are live in cincinnati, ohio, on the campus of mount st. joseph university overlooking the ohio river. this is a cnn town hall with the president of the united states, joe biden. i'm don lemon.


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