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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 20, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside john avlon on this new day. from amazon to earth's orbit, billionaire jeff bezos about to take the wildest ride of his life. we are live at the launch site in west texas. coronavirus cases rising quickly in tokyo three days before the olympic games. the father of one u.s. athlete who just tested positive joins us live. and covid culture class heads to the classroom with a dozen states banning masks, that's despite new guidance that all children and staff should wear them this fall. kevin mccarthy naming his five republicans to investigate the capitol insurrection. but will nancy pelosi let them
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stay. good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, july 20th. slowly but surely we are getting there through the week, right? >> yes. we're almost at hump day. >> the world's richest man is about to launch himself on a super sonic joyride to the edge of space. it's all systems go for jeff bezos and his space mates. it's three hours and counting until lift off from texas. the founder of blue origin and amazon is about to become the second billion their to ride with his brother and an 18-year-old from the netherlands and our favorite. >> wally funk. >> an 82-year-old from texas.
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the oldest and youngest humans to ever leave the planet. >> it's the culmination of five years of test flights with the entire excursion lasting just 11 minutes from takeoff to landing. they will launch from blue origin's facilities in a remote location near van horne, texas, about two hours from el paso. this maiden manned voyage will pave the way for private space tourism. today also marks 52 years to the day since apollo 11's moon landing. rachel crane is live at launch site one. rachel. >> john and brie aanna, a very exciting day. the rocket is vertical on the launch pad, and just any moment now, they should begin the fueling process. now, blue origin likes to say this rocket runs on water. that's because the propellant they use is liquid oxygen and hy
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hydrogen. we know the astronauts should be on site in about an hour. jeff bezos telling me this morning, they will go through refreshing training in the launch center before heading out to the launch center 45 minutes before scheduled 9:00 a.m. eastern takeoff. the question on everyone's mind is jeff bezos crazy. how safe is this a vehicle. a reminder that this vehicle has never flown humans before. they have had 15 successful test launches but no humans have been on board. that's the historic first here today. i had the opportunity to speak with gary leahy, a former nasa employee. they call him the architect of new shepherd, about the safety of this vehicle, and he told me he thinks it is the safest capsule and vehicle ever made for man's space flight that he would even fly his own children on board. take a listen to what he had to say. >> every system on board that is
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needed for safety has a back up. and in most cases, there is a back up to the back up, and i really mean every system, so i can give you a few examples. the biggest back up system on board is the crew escape system. if there is something that's detected that's wrong with the rocket, it will automatically ignite a solid rocking motor that will propel the sap sul from the module and land safety. we have three parachutes on board, we have never had a failure. but only one has to open to land safely, and that's just to start. every computer on board. every battery, every sensor, every wire, every mechanism that we need for safety has one or two back ups. >> brianna, just a few of the reasons why jeff bezos and the team at blue origin feel they are ready to fly humans today, including their founder jeff bezos. now, i had the opportunity to get inside of the flight
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simulators that the astronauts have been doing their training the last few days, and even just on the ground here, it was a really cool experience, and the windows on this capsule, they are the largest windows that have ever flown into space. they take up a third of the capsule. so wally funk, oliver dahmen, jeff bezos, as they get their astronaut wings. >> i'm glad you mentioned the windows. it's about the most expensive view that money can buy. >> ever. >> that's what we will be seeing. rachel, exciting morning ahead. we'll be checking in with you. how much money are these trips to the edge of space costing these space billionaires. here to break down the numbers, our own harry enten, cnn senior data reporter. bear with me here. these space flights not quite in the price range for the common man, are they? >> no, not really, mr. avalon.
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look at this. so look, the final seat on the inaugural blue origin, look at this, 28 million with an m, now you might say to yourself, okay, i'm looking for a more affordable seat. well, one of many seats in an upcoming virgin flight, the branson company, a meager 200,000 to 250,000. let me remind you that the median household income in the united states is 69,000. so this is a bit out of the price range of the common man. hopefully they might become pmoe affordable down the line. >> that's more than $200 million per minute for this flight. it turns out many people don't really actually want to go to space, do they, which kind of blows my mind? >> yeah, you know, i was a little bit surprised by this. this was a recent poll this year. do you want to go to space in your lifetime, among adults 45%
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said yes. 54% said no. if you do not in fact, want to go to space. you're watching, what the heck are they doing, you, in fact, mr. avalon are in the majority. >> i am in fact with the minority on this one, but who does want to go to space besides me? >> yeah. so there's some interesting demographics break downs on this. interestingly no partisan split. look at this, democrats, republicans, each 43%. the two groups who want to go to space are those under the age of 45. look at that, 62%. also a large gender gap. men, 61%. women just down at 30%. so there's a large age gap and a large gender gap when it comes to this. not much of a partisan gap, unlike a lot of things in our politics at this point. >> that's bizarrely heartening, and i can speak, someone at small children, that 62% is representative. has this desire to go to space changed over the last few years where we have had the space hiatus. >> interestingly no.
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there's so much that changes in polling over the last few decades. over the last 40 years. 45% now. 22 years ago, we were at 41%. look back in 1981, 42%. the numbers simply put have not moved. since 1981, a majority have not want to go to space in their lifetime. the minority, very consistent, no matter how the years change, consistently only a minority of folks actually want to go to space. only a minority of folks want to jump on that rocket. i have no interest going to space. i like it right here. >> you are definitely a creature of terra firma. >> thank you very much for breaking it down. >> my pleasure, sir. blue origin space launch three hours away. we're going to have complete coverage with anderson cooper live in texas, coming up on "new day." coronavirus concerns ahead of the opening at the olympics.
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71 people have tested positive. the games of course set to begin on friday. just around the corner here. cnn selina wang live in tokyo with more. it is an olympics like no other, selina. >> reporter: exactly, brianna, and today, japan, tokyo reporting 1490 covid cases, the second highest daily tally. more anxiety than excitement. alcohol is banned from being served in restaurants, and people are concerned about the growing covid-19 cases linked to the games, and are skeptical if the prevention measures are going to hold up. three days before the opening ceremony, tokyo is trying to prevent the spread of covid-19 as cases creep up among athletes and those connected to the olympics. that includes cara acre an alternate for the u.s. gymnastics team. she will return to the u.s.
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after ten days vaccination. her unvaccinated teammate is in isolation under close contact according to her coach. the bubble of the olympic village has been punctured with several positive covid cases detected among the south africa soccer team. tokyo officials claim the village is still safe. >> the only race is a safe place to stay. >> reporter: health experts say the wider strategy of keeping foreign visitors away from locals is failing. >> it's obvious that our system is kind of broken as there seems to be some sort of interaction between guests and visitors and those local people. >> reporter: tokyo officials insist they are containing the situation with only a few dozen cases among some 22,000 foreigners who have arrived for the game so far. >> if i thought all the tests we
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did were negative, i wouldn't bother doing the tests in the first place. the numbers are extremely low. >> reporter: and the advanced testing requirement is filtering out positive cases before people fly into japan, including 17-year-old american tennis star coco gauff who tested positive in the u.s. before flying, and katie lou samuelson who tested positive despite being vaccinated. two members of the baseball team tested positive and won't travel to japan. with transmissible variants, and 11,000 athletes descending on japan from more than 200 countries, fears are growing about the risk to those visiting tokyo, and the local population. and brianna, public health expert tells me he's worried about these covid-19 cases among the olympic community spilling over into the public here. just 20% of the japanese population has been fully vaccinated. he says it's impossible to fully
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control these olympic participant's movements and vaccines are not mandatory for the participants, nor are they 100% effective. brianna, john. >> a lot of public opinion against the olympics as they're days away here. selina wang, live in tokyo. thank you so much. the summer games are set to begin in three days. for one olympic athlete, there has been an unfortunate turn of events. cara acre who was an alternate on the olympic gymnastics team t tested positive for covid-19 on sunday. she has been vaccinated and she isn't showing any symptoms. the international olympic committee's covid-19 protocols say any athlete who contracts the virus in tokyo is required to immediately isolated. they will not be allowed to continue competing. let's talk to cara's father. mark acre who's with us. we're so sorry. we know this must be an incredible disappointment for your daughter and your family m
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tell us how she's doing. is she still asymptomatic? >> good morning, brianna and john. yes, we talked with her last night, and she still feels great. no symptoms. you know, she's just isolated in her room , trying to keep hersef busy and entertained. >> this must have come as an incredible shock to you and her. >> it was disappointing for her and heartbreaking for us. but she's kind of already, you know, picked herself up off the floor and started looking forward to getting off to college. >> and yes, i know that she's heading off to college, hoping to follow in your foot steps. did she tell you anything about how she found out? was she just going through the routine checks for covid, and it just popped up positive? tell us about it? >> yeah, so she had, you know, a saliva test i think on saturday. i'm not sure exactly the times.
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she had a saliva test, it came back positive. later that afternoon or evening, they tested her with the nose swab and the saliva test came back positive, and the nose test came back negative. they thought it was a false positive, and the next day, they did another saliva test, and it came back positive, and they did a nose swab and that came back positive. two positives and you're done, pretty much. >> it's just incredible disapd disappointing for how much time she has put into this. has she heard from her teammates? how are they doing? does she have an update from them. >> i'm sure from the news reports and everything everybody else is doing fine, and she's wishing them all well. she hopes no one else contracts the covid, and u.nyou know, we e all tested home here negative as well. it's kind of a mystery as to how
3:15 am
she wound up catching it. >> certainly it is. i wonder what when you do see her back. i know she has to go through the quarantine period, you probably want to have her home now, but she has to go through the quarantine period, and she's going to come home. what are you going to tell her when you see her in person finally. >> there's a lot of big hugs coming her way. we have had our conversations. like i said, i think she's come to terms with it already, and you know, she's got a positive attitude. she's a strong girl! yeah, and she is young. she may have another shot. we'll see if she decides to take that on with her college obligations. mark, thank you so much for being with us! thank you, brianna. >> the nation's leading pediatricians are urging universal masking in schools this fall, but what does that mean in states where namasks ar banned. and speaking of bans, why marjorie taylor greene could find herself kicked off twitter
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for good. and why israeli leaders are blasting ben & jerry's ice cream.
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3:21 am
very confused. tell us what you're seeing. >> that's right. we're seeing different policies across various states. we're seeing that there are differences between what the aap, the american academy of pediatrics recommends, and the cdc. you're right, this is confusing. what we know, most states leave it up to the local school district to decide what rules should be put in place when it comes to wearing masks in schools. however, there are some states that have enacted legislation prohibiting schools from making mask requirements. in a recent cnn analysis, we have identified at least nine states that have such policies, arkansas, arizona, georgia, iowa, oklahoma, there's south carolina, texas, utah, and vermont. now, this list is constantly updating and changing, but brianna, like you said, these policies go against what the american academy of pediatrics recommends which is that staff
3:22 am
and students who are 2 years old and older should wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. now, the cdc says that if you're vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask. there is that difference. dr. anthony fauci, he described the american academy of pediatrics recommendation as being made out of an abundance of caution. here's what he had to say. >> you can understand why the american academy of pediatrics might want to do that. they just want to be extra safe. >> so you see there, he said they're being extra safe. and brianna, with students heading back to school, most of them next month, you can imagine there are a lot of questions among parents and students about how to stay safe. brianna. >> there certainly are. i certainly can attest to that. jacqueline howard, thank you so much. there's been an outbreak of coronavirus cases at a florida senior citizens community despite the fact that nearly all the residents there are fully vaccinated.
3:23 am
the management is now trying to figure out when, where and how these infections happened. joining me now is bill picker, the coo of john knoxvilleage. it's good to see you, sir. what can you tell us about these july 4th festivities where they folks may have gotten infected? >> good morning, john. what i can share with you is there's activities constantly throughout our community, and there is no way of knowing what event caused the spread amongst our relates. -- residents. >> so were they all vaccinated? and what symptoms did they display? >> sure. the majority of the residents are vaccinated, and the symptoms ranged but predominantly they're mild systems, ache, runny nose, headache, the typical covid symptoms that we have seen throughout all of the publications throughout the pandemic. >> is there any evidence that there was perhaps somebody who was not vaccinated that might have been shedding a lot of
3:24 am
virus that infected these folks who were vaccinated or don't you know at this point? >> we don't know. we're certainly collaborating with the department of health. the reality is identifying infections amongst those that have been vaccinated, there's not a lot of history on that. so we are learning along with the department of health and collaborating with them in order to get those answers. >> well, that's exactly right. you say the vast majority of the residents there are fully vaccinated. the cdc says if you are fully v vaccinated, you can resume activities you did prior to the pandemic, and resume activities without wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart. what is the protocol, do you require proof of vaccination or is it just on the honor system? >> we do not require proof. the reality is that the majority of our campus is independent living, and so we follow the standard protocols of cdc.
3:25 am
i will share with you that currently and for the immediate time forward, we are requiring our staff to wear masks, and we've strongly encouraged residents, visitors, and vendors to wear masks while on campus during this current period. >> understandably given these current events. bill pickard, thank you very much for joining us on "new day." twitter temporarily suspended marjorie taylor greene's account after she shared misinformation about covid vaccines. the social media platform labeled greene's two tweets as misleading, and she's shut out of the platform for 12 hours. this isn't the first time that greene's account has been temporarily booted. she received the same suspension for sharing false claims of election fraud, coming as the white house urged platforms to do more to combat the spread of vaccine misinformation. five house republicans just named to the january 6th select committee, so why is one
3:26 am
prominent democrat calling the decision an insult to the country. and the first felony sentence handed down for one of the capitol rioters. only a few months in prison, though, so what does this mean for the hundreds of other cases still in the works?
3:27 am
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my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. developing this morning, house minority leader kevin mccarthy announcing that five republicans are the folks that he is naming to the january 6th select committee. last night, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez reacting to mccarthy's decision, including three picks who voted to overturn the 2020 election results in arizona and pennsylvania. >> kevin mccarthy has decided that his role as a minority
3:31 am
leader in the house of representatives is to be chauffeur of the clown car, and he believe that is his job is to champion some of the most ludicrous, irresponsible and dangerous members of his party instead of centering, you know, some of the more even keeled and responsible members of his party. >> joining us now, cnn congressional correspondent lauren fox on this story. he picked a number of proponents of the big lie, lauren. >> that's exactly right. look, five members he selected for this committee, three of them voted not to certify the election in those two states, arizona and pennsylvania. those members, of course, jim jordan who has been a bomb t thrower in past impeachment hearings, and jim banks, the top republican, who controls the republican study committee which is the largest subgroup in the republican party. it's an important caucus, and it's part of this discussion really about where the future of the republican party should go. so he's a key pick. you also have troy nells who is
3:32 am
a republican from the state of texas, who mccarthy told us last night he picked because of his role on january 6th in trying to talk down some of the mob that was coming into the capitol. here's what jim jordan said about his role. >> mr. jordan, what do you hope to accomplish on the republican side of the investigation? >> we know what this is about. this is about going after president trump. you know, i mean, the democrats, they don't want to talk about anything else. >> we also got to get to the other two members who mccarthy picked because these are two people who voted to certify the election. you have rodney davis, the top republican on the house administration committee. he also is a republican who voted for creation of that commission. i mean, that's a significant vote because many of the republicans voted against the creation of the commission. there's also kelly armstrong who's a republican from the state of north dakota who voted to certify the election. we should also note that pelosi
3:33 am
can reject any of these picks from mccarthy, and you've heard last night from benny thompson who's the top democrat on the committee. he said these are picks that ultimately pelosi will get to decide on. here's what he said about their behavior in the hearings. >> you know, i've been here 28 years. my committee is one of the more bipartisan committees here in washington. i anticipate the select committee in the same posture, and i respect and want to be respected by the other members of the committee. but you know, we do have a set of rules, and people who determine not to follow the rules will deal with them. but my expectation is that we have a set of rules to follow, and as chair, i expect those rules to be followed. >> and now the house speaker, of course, all eyes are going to be on her.
3:34 am
she's going to have to decide, are these picks acceptable. >> are you surprised he picked only white men for his picks? >> i think it's important to remember here that on the one hand, yes, i'm surprised but on the other hand, mccarthy was spending his recess trying to reach out to members, trying to get people to serve on this committee. i would be interested to know who did the reach out to that wanted to be a part of the committee, who did he reach out to anyone who said no thanks. >> lauren, thank you so much for that reporting. a federal judge has handed down the first sentencing of a u.s. capitol rioter charged with a felony. paul hodgkin's of florida received an eight month sentence for his role in the january 6th attack on the capitol, despite prosecutors requesting he be sentenced to more than twice that time. joining us now to discuss, joseph d. mcbride, attorney for richard barnett, seen here in a widely circulated image, sitting in a chair in house speaker
3:35 am
nancy pelosi's office. mr. mcbride, what's your reaction to yesterday's eight month sentence, did that seem fair to you. >> i'm not going to get into whether or not it seems fair. good morning, by the way, what i can say is there appears to be three categories of defendants who will be sentenced at this point, you have the misdemeanor trespassers or illegal protester, an individual like many hodgkin's who made it into the senate chamber, during that sacred event and people that con speare -- conspired to be violent. when you look at the sentencing that happened yesterday, in light of richard barnett, it's not too far of a jump to see that richard did not make it into the senate chamber. he was not violent that day, so in terms of analyzing it where he might come out on this, if an
3:36 am
appropriate offer were to be made it would have to be something in the realm of misdemeanor protest, trespassing with probation. like ms. morgan lloyd was sentenced to, unlike mr. hogkins. >> your client made it into the speaker's office. >> yeah, i acknowledge that. >> let's talk about the judge's rationale, she cited specifically the fact that he pled guilty early. he showed sincere remorse, and recognized that joe biden is the legitimate president of the united states. has your client expressed remorse or recognize that joe biden is the legitimate president of the united states? >> sure. obviously this is an ongoing criminal case, an active criminal case, so i can't get into his state of mind, prior state of mind or current state of mind. what i can say about the situation is that my client believes that his actions were protected by the first amendment of the united states, that he
3:37 am
showed up to peacefully protest, to petition this government for a redress along with the wrongs of other citizens. we know what happened that day. >> just so i'm clear, are you saying that attacking the capitol is, according to yourself and your client, an extension of first amendment rights? >> no, i am saying that there are people who showed up to attack the capitol. there are people who showed up to protest, and there are people who showed up to protest that got involved with the greater events of that day, and it is very important not to lump everybody in, not to define every protester that showed up that day as an insurrectionist, which, by the way, no one has been charged with. jeffrey toobin, one of your own legal analysts said insurrection should not be used in this case. it is not appropriate. my client has not been charged with insurrection. my client was not violent that day. my client showed up to protest. mr. barnett has no criminal record, showed up to protest peacefully. ended up in the office that day, that does not equivocate to an
3:38 am
attack on democracy. >> showing up to protest and winding up in the speaker's office seems to be a different standard. you don't enter the speaker's office as a violent mob, and end up there willy nilly, i think there's a clear difference on that point. i want to press something on you said, you wrote an essay for linked in, like the gestapo did, the federal government is targeting anyone who criticizes the decision making process, questions its motives or challenges its legitimacy. look, nazi comparisons are usually a sign you have lost the argument, but do you believe the federal government is acting like nazi germany in the prosecution of the capitol attackers? >> look, let's leave gnazis out of this conversation. >> you brought them into it. >> fair enough. like the nazis, and the soviets, innocent men and women are being
3:39 am
held in d.c. guantanamo bay, pretrial, absent any finding of fact. they're being held for hundreds of days in solitary confinement, they're being beaten, starved, denied medical care, denied the right to worship, they're being cut off from their attorneys. >> has he been denied the right to communicate with you? >> my client is out. i got mr. barnett out. >> right. >> so, you know, i want to be clear about that because you're making extraordinary things. the sentences and the decision of the bide would indicate this is nothing resembling anything involving soviet russia or nazi germany, obviously, but to belabor that point, you went on a russian television station to plead this case and make this point. do you think if an attacker broke into the kremlin and sat at vladimir putin's desk he would be treated better or worse after your client has been treated affidavit attacking the speaker of the house's office.
3:40 am
>> if the media and united states government does not want to hold self-accountable for the human rights violations that are taking place at d.c. guantanamo bay, who better to hold us accountable than the inventors of the gulasg themselves. >> that makes no sense, sir. >> people are being tortured. >> what's the example you have? would you like to cite that? >> pardon me, you're saying people are being tortured by the white house. i want to be clear because that's an extraordinary statement utterly unbased in fact. >> they are based in fact, and k when the truth about the circumstances of confinement come out, you should hold yourself accountable for what you're saying right now because i can tell you what -- >> do you think people should be held accountable for attacking the capitol, and trying to overturn the elections. >> are you okay with torture, are you okay with what the aclu
3:41 am
has called out solitary confinement. solitary confinement is torture. answer that question for me, good sir. are you okay with pretrial detainees being tortured. >> mr. mcbride, you seem unconcerned with the violence done to the capitol hill police, with the violence to the capitol, the attempt to overturn an election by an insurrectionist mob. should there be accountability for that? >> no one has been charged with insurrection. >> were they trying to overturn the certification of the election, mr. mcbride? >> absolutely not. without any shadow of a doubt, my client showed up to protest what he believed at the time to be incorrect election results. >> does he still believe that? do you believe that? >> he is well within his rights. >> look, i am -- my belief is not at issue here. the good sir from georgia, mr. vernon jones who is running for
3:42 am
governor in georgia at this moment, why don't you go talk to them and others like him. >> i'm talking to you. you know what it sound like, it sounds like you and your client still believe the big lie. >> the big lie, what does that mean? 75 million people believe the big lie. >> mr. mcbride, i want to thank you for coming on new day. i hoped you would have a fact based conversation about an attack on our capitol. joseph mcbride. >> torture is not okay. >> keep yelling torture, we'll stick with the facts. still to come, football hall of famer, michael irvin criticizing his former team when it comes to coronavirus. >> and the move by ben & jerry's outraging some leaders in israel. and the u.s. men's basketball team arriving in tokyo but without another one of its key players. andy scholes has this morning's bleacher report.
3:43 am
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3:48 am
the team says the move was made out of an abundance of caution adding that they home levine is going to be able to join the team in tokyo later this week. only eight players were on the plane to tokyo yesterday. the open u.s. opens olympic group play on sunday against france. hoping denver booker, and bucks players drew holiday will be able to join the team after the nba finals. game six is tonight. bucks can win their first title since 1971. the dallas cowboys open training camp tomorrow in california. pro football hall of famer michael irvin says he's disappointed the cowboys have yet to reach the 85% covid vaccination rate ahead of camp, telling todd archer is nothing else is more important, and not being one of the team, there's other things to a great number of people on this team that are more important than winning championships, and that makes me worry. the nfl tells cnn that 13 of the 32 teams have at least 85% of the players vaccinated and two
3:49 am
teams have less than half of their players vaccinated. we hope that number goes up as teams start to open training camp this week, and i tell you what, there is a big difference between protocols players have to follow that are vaccinated compared to the ones that are unvaccinated. so we'll see if that maybe is an incentive for unvaccinated players to get the vaccine. >> whatever you got to do. we got to get the numbers up. big week, olympics, game six tonight, andy, thanks for enlightening us as always. the delta variant is wreaking havoc on the stock market. why rising coronavirus cases have investors spooked. plus, fully vaccinated athletes testing positive in to tokyo just three days before the start of the olympics. s sanjay gupta joins us live from tokyo moments from now. among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect
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3:54 am
variant is pushing the country in the wrong direction. this is the worst day for the dow since october, and the biggest decline this year. joining us now is cnn business anchor, julia chatterley, tell us, julia, what caused this fear. what are the concerns of wall street when it comes to the delta variant? >> good morning, brianna, there's a couple of things here, to your point exactly, i think wall street came back from the weekend and looked at the situation and said, does delta destabilize the recovery and slow our return to normal life, and it's not just about the united states, it's also going on in asia, europe, the u.k. reopening too. it was the whole world sort of shuttering in one particular day, and we could probably cope with what we're seeing if it weren't for rising prices that we talk about on a daily basis. there's fears out there, at some point, the central bank is going to have to step in to tame those prices, and then you've got the perfect storm. you've got slowing growth, a central bank stepping in to calm prices and a lot of people were thinking, should we be at record
3:55 am
highs in the stock markets if these are the kinds of conditions we're looking ahead towards. >> and tell us which sectors, you know, were spooked the most here, who had the greatest losses? >> absolutely tied to the outlook for growth, for the return to normality. cruise lines, for example, anything related to travel, the airline stocks got hit as well, energy perhaps will be traveling less, less gas demand, so everything leveraged to growth fell yesterday, and we saw a sort of flood into safety things, like bonds and gold, for example, though i have to say, futures a little bit higher this morning, so it may have been a temporary blip. we have to see. >> that may be some good news that it's perhaps a temporary blip. julia great to see you this morning. thank you. and a reminder that president joe biden is going to join don lemon for an exclusive cnn town hall, live tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern. and we are counting down to this morning's launch of jeff bezos's rocket. is the weather going to cooperate? that's the key to all of this.
3:56 am
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so here's the key question, what are the weather conditions for the morning's blue origin space launch. to answer that, our own meteorologist chad myers, what's it look like, chad? >> when you put it far enough away from the weather, van horne, texas, dry this morning, good visibility, 10 miles at this point. temperature 72. we don't have to worry about other sites for landing sites in an emergency, this just really has to be right here in west texas. this weather is brought to you by servpro, helping to make water damage like it never happened. the


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