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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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statement. luke prokop wrote on his twitter feed, from a young age i dream of being an nhl player and i believe living my all-time ept ilk life will allow me to bring may whole self to the rink. he signed a three-year entry level contract with the nashville predator last year. he has been playing for a developmental league in calgary. we wish him the pest and applaud his courage. let's hand turnover to chris. >> appreciate it. i'm chris cuomo. welcome to primetime time. arnold schwarzenegger is here tonight. a republican former governor who redefined politics when he became governor in a recall election. you know, then arnold was seen as maybe not conservative enough. now he is a hold-out for the good old days of conservatism, about being something else as a republican that just trump will talk to him about the state of
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play. and on our watch we have more proof of the gop troubles, and they are troubles for all of us because they are keeping anything from getting done because opposition is enough of a position in the party right now. trump's wingman in congress, kevin mccarthy, gifted the ability to put people on the january 6th committee by the democrats and he just named his picks and, as expected, three out of the five jim jordan among those who voted to overturn the election results in arizona and pennsylvania. so the big lie once again gets a seat at the table. in fact, at least three of them. meanwhile, trump could be saving lives in maga world this very moment by stating some basic truths about the vaccination. instead, big lie, even about the vaccine, b.s. about the election, b.s. about vaccines. just to attack biden, just to
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help himself. trump says, people are refusing to take the vaccine because they don't trust his administration. they've taken the vaccine more under his administration than they did under yours mostly because of timing. trump says they don't trust the election results. i wonder why? and they certainly don't trust the fake news. there are plenty of reasons for that and you are certainly one of them. which is refusing to tell the truth. look, i can't speak for anybody else. i will never, ever allow scrutiny, criticism being given a hard time, even threats to being able to do the job, affect whether or not i get on bended knee like way too many people have in the media and in politics for trump to like them. he is lying to you about the election. they have never shown you any proof of any of these suggestions. and you need to know that. the b.s. about this country,
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about the election he lost more than eight months ago, and now to be playing with the vaccine as these people who are unstable on the right are trying to stir the stew of lies that led to a needless summer surge of covid cases, we are up 145% from two weeks ago. if you don't think part of that is because once again our deep denial made ourselves sick, this time about the vaccine, you are kidding yourself. hospitalizations, deaths are up, but so are breakthrough cases. we need to talk about what that means. there are too many people think you get the vaccine you can't get sick. that's not the truth. what is the truth? we will btalk about it. the we know the reality of variants is something we will have to deal with. you know who knows that? the stock market. worst performance of the year, off more than 700 points. why? the delta variant. it will affect travel, ability to go out. the ex-president, he doesn't
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care. he may try to gloat because it's not on his watch. but today's plunge, it's in context now. last time it was this bad, trump was this charge. in fact, the dow tanked by more than 1,000 points eight times in march. you know why? because wall street knew that he was not up to the task of the pandemic. wall street knew he was lying. and they knew the reality because they pay people to know the reality so they can place their bets. and trump knows that. but what he cares about right now is selling you the fakery that denies the bloody and deadly coup he attempted on january 6th. today the first of his minions convicted of a felony. eight months in prison because he wasn't violent. those who were better hope they can cut plea deals. trump was not worrying about that. and then in a tell-all, i alone can fix it. trump says, many, many people told me that was a loving crowd. it was too bad that they did
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that. he'll never take responsibility for anything that he doesn't think is good for him. know that. so let's bring in former governor of california arnold schwarzenegger. it's good to see you, gov. >> great to see you. thank you for having me. >> you are looking well. i am following your workouts and you on the bike and instagram. you are an inspiration to people. and now it's crossing over once again from fitness in terms of fitness to lead. what do you think as a republican seeing who mccarthy picked to be on that commission today? >> well, i didn't expect that question out of the gate to be honest with you because i say to myself, the way i know chris and the pictures that i see out there all pumped up and greased up, i say he is going to ask me how does he get a better six pack or build up his guns better. how can he compete in the arnold
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classic bodybuilding championships in column about us, ohio, something like that. >> 50 plus category. give me a little something. >> well, you know, i don't know the really, to be honest with you, get involved in this political stuff because i'm very good in just keeping focused on the goals. and the goals are my goals, to make this a cleaner world, a safer world and to get rid of pollution. that's what i'm fighting. and right now the immediate danger is, of course, the coronavirus. you know as you said so eloquently earlier, it is on the rise and i think it is very important that we kuhn communics effectively as possible because i think that the communication is the key to all of this. if it is a coronavirus issue or the environmental issue, i think by just calling people that are not getting vaccinated idiots or losers or they are stuck in the past or not believing in the science and all this stuff, i
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don't believe in that because i think that's not the way we win them over. i think what we have to do is just figure out various different ways and maybe starting with other countries to get a higher rate of vaccinations going. and the same results with the environmental issue. they should not attack the other side. we should figure out how to communicate better to bring them in. that is the key thing here. and this goes book to my bodybuilding days. as long as we say body building, no one was interested. as soon as we talked about weight resistant training, everyone said, oh, that sounds really interesting and we started squichg the communication. and i think the same thing with all of those subjects. communication, communication, communication. >> let's talk about that. i appreciate you giving us the time. let's start with what we're getting wrong in the megsaging level when it comes to making ourselves healthier with coronavirus. i hear you about saying don't denigrate people who are worried
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about taking it. but what about the group where it's political for them where they believe they are showing strength by not taking the vaccine because the vaccine is a function of some bad political game for them? what do you say to them? >> well, chris, you know, people today make everything political. and i think that we should not play along with that. i think we should step out of that because i tell you, one time when i one time announced i am going to eat less meat because the doctor told me that it is healthier to eat more vegan type of vegetarian type of foods, they said, oh, you are becoming a girlie man now, arnold. you are becoming a democrat, a liberal, and stuff like that. i think we just have to not answer that. i think the key thing is to keep communicating the right and let the people know that vaccines is good. i think it is very good that everyone is vaccinated. i understand that you don't believe in it, but maybe there is something that we can
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convince you to believe in it. and i think it doesn't have that much to do with the fact that we are, you know, they don't believe in the science. a lot of times it has to do also with the fact that they don't believe in government. and there is a reason for that. let's be honest. government has screwed up so many things in the past that they feel like this someone of the many screw-ups. i don't trust it. so there is a distrust in government. >> what do you say people come forward and say to you, hey, what do you think about our democracy? do you think we can trust the elections any more? that has also suffered because of messaging. what to you say about this? coming from austria and your embrace of democracy and the opportunities and the ability to have free and fair elections, the ability to become part of them yourselves, we are part of your dream that make you a unique part of the american experience. now that's being questioned about whether people can trust. what do you say? >> well, i made it very clear
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since the election that i believe in the election and i believe that everyone should go out and vote. i think that it was a fair election and president biden is the president. and it's end of story. that's the way the chips fell. whatever the reasons are for that, but that's the whay the chips fell and we should now support the president 100% and do everything to make him successful because if he is successful, then the nation is successful and we can move forward. there is a lot of issues that need to be addressed right now rather than worrying about the election or any of the results and going back and going over that whole thing over and over. i think we should really look at how do we stay the number one country in the world. because i am concerned we are going to lose our competitive edge if we keep fighting, the in-fighting, blacks against whites and whites and asians and blacks against asians and hispanics against this and democrats against republicans.
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there is so much-in fighting. we should concentrate on making this a fair and great country. fair country meaning there is equality in voting, equality in opportunities so no matter what race or religion you are from you can be successful in america. i have the joy of really enjoying this great success in america because of america and i want everyone to have that same chance. >> are where do you think the country is now in terms of your experience here and seeing where we are with the level of dialogue and level of commitment to the national cause? >> i think that it is very important that we stay focused and not do this little kind of arguments and attacking each other. i think it is extremely important that we think of the big picture. i mean, there is world powers out there, china, for instance, they keep marching forward according to their 100 year plan. they don't stop.
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they march. they are online. they have been successful so far because of that. and i think we have to do the same thing. we have to create a vision together, democrats and republicans. >> and say this is where we want to be with energy, this is where we want to be with immigration, this is where we want to be with getting rid of the debt, the national debt, this is where we want to be with growth of the economy and within the environment and all those kinds of issues. we have got to come together and fight those battles together because that's when we are the most successful. >> let's take a break. when we come back let's talk about how you get people on the page of wanting to listen to anything about the environment and then what is the messaging that former governor schwarzenegger believes would improve on the current state of play. he has ideas. he gave a big speech on the international stage recently about it. it was very well received about his ideas about messaging. message matters. the governor will be with us right after this. and i am going to get some tips. it's time to step up my game, next.
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with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. if pollution created by humans, then we can solve it. humans can solve it. we can kill it. we can terminate it. the core is collapsing as we speak. 12 years ago 45% of u.s. electricity was generated by burning coal. now it is below 24% and falling fast. the only one that try to bring coal back was donald trump. but he is also falling fast. >> i don't know about the last part, but i tell you what. schwarzenegger's speech is worth listening to. it's online. it was very interesting that he didn't change the issues. he changed the message and the
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former governor, arnold schwarzenegger, is back with us now. just to correct the record, i am never agreesed up. you will see sweat, but i am never wearing any kind of oil or anything like that when i work out. yofr suggested otherwise. nothing but respect. not true. >> it's okay. you can deny it. it's fine. later on we can talk about it privately about what kind of oil you use. it was coconut oil i was told. let's forget about it. >> i only fry with coconut oil. when we look at the current challenge we have, covid was just about taking a vaccine. just putting on a mask and earp easily distracted from it. easily dissuaded this is about science and made ourselves sick. if we couldn't do that, how do we take on the more subtle and demanding challenges of climate change? >> well, i think that, first of all, as a whole, i think that the community did really a great
6:19 pm
job with, you know, communicating because unlike with the environmentalists, which is they present so many problems, the fish dying and about the sea level rising and the polar bear is dying and the icebergs are melting. people don't know, wait a minute, so many problems. is this one problem? how do we address it and all that stuff u stuff. and i think with the vaccine, i should say with the coronavirus, it's very simply wash your hands, wear a mask, and do social distancing and then get the vaccine when it comes, becomes available. it was a simple message. if they will do that in the environmental movement, we will be much further along. the reason i'm saying this is because people are confused. they don't know what the hell they are talking about, they say climate change, they don't know what they mean, carbon-neutral, it's the environmentalists talking to environmentalists. we schacommunicate differently. they have tried this so long
6:20 pm
this message of alarm and the world is going to come to an end, existential threat, we heard all that. we have to have solutions rather than just threats and scaring people. this is exactly what we did in california. in california we saw the environmental issues, we communicated different. we didn't talk about climate change. we talked about pollution. we made it simple. pollution kills people. pollution will create health care problems, it will create asthma amongst the children and stuff like this. that scared people and that tilted everything and even when the oil and coal companies tried to derail us, we were successful because we communicated the right way. we didn't use the polar bears. we didn't use the rising sea levels. any of this. we talked about pollution. this is what i'm trying to convince the environmentalists, the environmentalists in the community that they should, after 40 years of miscommunicating, communicate the right way.
6:21 pm
not to scare the other side but to bring them in with good communication and good dialogue. >> so if we look at the numbers, we have seen that something has changed recently. if you put up the gallup poll, so you see that since the '90s the democrats have been getting more concerned that global warming will pose a serious threat and the most common thing in the media is it's a current problem. you saw republicans moving that way with a gap. since between 2008 and now, they have gone in the opposite direction. why do you think that is? >> well, i think the key thing is that we have to communicate in the best way and to show people that you can predict the environment and the economy at the same time. there is no place there is a more perfect example of that than california. think about it in california. we have passed the strictest environmental laws in the nation. this was in 2006, ab 32 and the
6:22 pm
renewable standard and those things. everyone said we are going to kill jobs and the economy is going to go down, the businesses are going to move out of the state and all that stuff. now move forward to now. now we have the fastest growing economy. we are number one in the nation. not only number one in the nation, with a $3.1 trillion gdp, but we are the fifth largest economy in the world. in the world. only china, japan, the united states and germany is bigger than california. and this is with the strictest environmental laws. so this is what people should look at. this is what the federal government should look at. and forget about the green new deal and all these things. study california. we are the perfect example. think about it that we had just since last year to this year, we had the growth rate in the green energy sector by 35%. this is the highest growth rate of jobs anywhere in the world. so this is record-breaking things and we are number one in the economy, number one with our
6:23 pm
gdp, we are number one with our employment, with manufacturing, jobs, tourism, agriculture, all these things we are number one with the strictest environmental laws. so we are the perfect example that you can protect and bring together the two e's, environment and the economy. protect both at the same time. >> but people will look -- it's not a but. people look at the united states right now and they see 80 large wildfires ain 13 states, larges in oregon, and california, you have had worse and worse fires it seems each year. right now you have up around lake tahoe, they had to evacuate. and they believe that the wildfires are being fueled in a way we haven't seen before, they are larger and spreading faster. so isn't california, while you are finding solutions, isn't it also proof of the problem? >> well, there is 13 states that have wildfires right now all over, and more than 1 million acres have burned. you are absolutely correct. it is because of climate change.
6:24 pm
because our temperatures are rising and all this kind of stuff, but you can overwhelm people with this information. talk about climate change, get down again to the reality and this is what creates that. it's pollution. so let's go and try to kill pollution. that is the key thing and that's what gives needs to be communicate today the people and suggest to the people how they can become a part of the movement. remember, government is not going to solve this problem alone. government has never solved any of those big problems alone. if you think about the civil rights movement, think about the independence movement, the suffrage movement and the apar apartheid movement, all those are done by people. people power. all those conferences and they think that government is going to solve this problem. they can't solve it alone. for 40 years you have been doing this. let's try something different,
6:25 pm
please. try something different. we have done in california, communicate better and get everyone involved in this movement and tell people what they need to do, that they have to have a smart meter, get a card, electric car, hybrid car, something like that, or not to buy foreign goods. every time we buy a foreign good you put it on a ship and you have to ship it. the 15 largest containers ships in the world pollute more than all the cars this the world. if they want to be a part of the solution, stop all of this stuff. do the right thing. everyone can participate and everyone can be a part of this movement and this is what i'm trying to tell people. make the people become part of the movement and not rely totally on the governmental. >> i am not going to waste my opportunity having with you me. it's tough to get you on the show. we got to talk about fitness. 350 plus fitness. my new thing is i do full body all the time now. what do you think of the idea of instead of splitting up the
6:26 pm
workouts, doing full body now? i do legs pretty much every time. big on the legs. >> well, i think that's a fantastic idea to do the whole body. i think that whenever you do, you are doing right. you look fantastic. i have to tell you. i saw some pictures of you this last year. you are doing great work. i just want to add something which is very important. you talk about fitness, when i was the chairman of the president's council on physical fitness and sports, you know who was one of the first governors that invited me was your fire. he didn't care that i was a republican. he didn't care that i was campaigning. he didn't care. he invited me to come up and meet with his health care experts and meet his education experts and we had a wonderful press conference after that and promoted health and fitness for youngsters in new york cstate ad all over the country. that's the kind of a dad your dad was and i will always appreciate that because then other democratic governors
6:27 pm
invited me after this. that is how i was able to cover all 50 states in promoting health and fitness. i want you to know that he was a wonderful man and i really appreciated his great work. >> he had tons of respect for your story, governor, about where you came from and what drove you and how you used your opportunity here. big fan. and much later in life he got into weightlifting. he made fun of me, you know, for so many years about it. but i respect you and i appreciate you. no grease. wasn't coconut oil. if i'm using coconut oil it's in my coffee or the pan. i am going to hear about it. >> i like those posing trurngs that you wear sometimes. >> i do like a tight-fitting garment. i think it ac centuates the gauds. to me, look, as a fitness person, i love your example and
6:28 pm
i appreciate you keeping us in the game and you are right about messaging and the proof is we haven't gotten anywhere near where we need to be as a people. the messaging is, obviously, not getting it done. governor schwarzenegger, people can go to the schwarzenegger climate initiative, watch the speech you gave about this. you will be talking about it a lot and you are always welcome here. be well. >> thank you, chris. bye-bye. >> all right. so good to have him. obviously, rare opportunity. stuff about the oils is not true. just telling you right now. i may look like i have it on. it's just sweat. put that to the side. republicans like governor schwarzenegger they are speaking up but it's hard because misinformation is winning and not just when it comes to the environment, but on the front lines of nuttiness. right now that cuts straight through arizona. trump is now demanding web routers to be handed over. he doesn't know what he is talking about, but i'm telling you it's going to resonate. let's bring in someone who talks
6:29 pm
to trump voters every day. i guarantee you he will start hearing about routers. now, what do we see about this and how right and left get to a place of being reasonable? broom head next. ♪ ♪ oh, son of a poppyseed! ah, there's no place like panera. enjoy the cool, refreshing strawberry poppyseed salad. panera. order on the app today. ♪ ♪ ♪
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problem is we have become addicted to information that makes us worse. think about it. think about the fraudit in arizona, okay? the cyber ninja who has this outfit has no business doing anything like this. they never have before and the guy at the head of it is a known mall factor when it comes to conspiracies. they throw out a number. 74,000 questionable mail-in ballots. out no the ether. what about that number? it's garbage. the number alone though is enough to get trumpers riled up. so weighs the truth? where does 74,000 come from? it comes from comparing two lists. one for ballots requested and one for ballots submitted. so what's the discrepancy? where is the 74,000? 74,000 people voted early over a weekend, but their ballot
6:34 pm
submissions were not updated in the count until monday when the clerks returned to work. is that really it? yes. who says so. the republicans in arizona say so. you know, your people, if you're in that party. so that's the truth. but it doesn't matter. why? because the misinformation is in intoxicating because it fuels what people want to be true. there is a problem. and that's why they need these people to fix it. that's just not reasonable. mike broomhead is a conservative and the host of the mike broomhead show on ktar radio, big in arizona. he wanted to see a count because he thought the count would fix it. it made it worse. he is getting his ass kicked by his own people. over his shoulder is his brother who died serving our country in iraq. that's why the picture is there. mike, once again, thank you for
6:35 pm
being with us. 74,000, brother. the they are filling up your airwaves. 74,000. explain that, broomhead. stop giving these lefties currency. own the truth, brother. >> yeah, you hit the nail on the head. the count was about people that voted early. that's where that discrepancy came in. there are a lot of things that have been fairly easily explained and people are not listening to the explanation. that has been the problem. when you throw out people and people give you a reasonable explanation, you have to take the explanation. if you don't, then i think you are part of the problem. >> i don't trust you, boom, because you have been bought off. somebody will give me some notion about it. you changed. it the cyber ninja, he is a good american and he was concerned about this and 74,000, it's a huge number and that's not all it was. i heard that's not all it is. what do you do with that? >> well, again, you must be reading my twitter account. what you have to do is consider
6:36 pm
this as i understand the passion and i don't want to buy into the fight. instead of arguing with people and fighting i try to be reasonable and tell them here's where the numbers came from. if there were things down wrong i will say it. we haven't seen a report. we haven't seen any of that. i talked to people at the county and when they talk about the numbers that have been given they have an explanation. you have to take the explanation or you are part of wanting to scream and yell and you are not a part of the solution. >> trump says why won't the rhino maricopa county board of supervisors give us the routers. the routers, just like we needed the piece of equipment for hillary clinton. if we could have just gotten the server. now we need the router. just like biden's laptop. it's another piece of equipment that holds all the secrets, broomhead. >> let me go a little bit republican on you with that
6:37 pm
analogy. first of all, nobody in maricopa county has destroyed the routers. they still exist. i will agree with you on this. here is the router conversation. the routers were a part of the state senate, what they wanted. our sheriff, who is a democrat, and county attorney, who is a republican, both of their offices i.t. people have if the routers are given over to people they could subject the county and all of the county's business, could be subjected to hackers. so what the county did was they sent the routers out to verify they were never connected to the machines. the servers for the voting machines were never connected to the internet. they have verified that for the people at the audit but they are still screaming about the seveners. it's about internet safety coming from the republican and a democrat. again when you hear the explanation, it's reasonable, but you have to be willing to listen to the explanation. >> left and right has to become reasonable. broo mike broomhead, you are always welcome on the show.
6:38 pm
there will be places you have problems with things. i welcome that. you're right. hillary clinton people destroying those things that was a problem that never went away because it substantiated the concern. now here we are. once again it's being used to make people angry. you are here to have the conversation and you are welcome. be well, my brother. >> thank you, man. thanks for having me. all right. hear me on this. nearly all of the problems that we are having now with covid, and yes, yes, i'm spooked, okay? i know. i was good. let's get back to life, i want today be back to life. i did not anticipate us getting to a herd immunity with the vaccine. i didn't. i didn't think it was going to happen. i didn't think though the variant would be picking up the way it is this fast during the summer. i expected this in the fall. why? that's what i was told by the big brains, okay? now the unvaccinated are making themselves sick and they are making other people sick. the breakthrough cases?
6:39 pm
what? how can people get sick when they get the vaccine? how are olympians getting it? how are all these democrats from texas getting it? we are being hit over the head right now by not understanding what it means to get vaccinated. let's take a breath, bring in someone who knows, who is at a major university in tennessee where they are getting crushed on the vaccine and let's talk about what the vaccine means and doesn't and where we're headed next. we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection.
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we have news on our watch we have to deal with this. let's bring in dr. william shaffner, professor of the division of the infectious diseases at vanderbilt in tennessee which is having a problem of getting people vaccinated now. we just got a piece of information that congress member marjorie taylor greene, whom i refer to on this show as the kwan kook, she was just suspended from twitter for 12
6:44 pm
hours for saying vaughn, my senior producers, what did she say? for saying the virus is non-dangerous for non-obese people and people under 65. and called it human experimentation to use the vaccine on anybody else. twitter suspended her for 12 hours. judge the information she put out. >> well, chris, it's awful information. i'd like to bring her to our intensive care unit and show you plenty of people who are younger than age 65 and unvaccinated. those are the people who are being admitted today. it's rare, very rare to have a vaccinated person require admission to the hospital today for a covid-related illness. it's all unvaccinated people. and the vaccine works and it's safe.
6:45 pm
and it's just a matter of time before the fda gives it its full approval and we can take that issue off the table. it's not experimental. we have given it to 186 million people in the united states. >> well, part of that is it hasn't gotten fda approval. that's semantics, but it matters, and i don't know why the biden administration isn't push pushing faster. you're losing, you are losing its messaging battle. here's why. you have the mcconnells, mcconnell says, hey, i'm pro-vaccine, but he is quiet about people like marjorie taylor greene and the senators on her side like cruz and paul. marco rubio, he got the vaccine. he is pro vaccine, but he is quiet. i was actually wrong the other night. i threw him in the group of paul and cruz who are trying to make some hay over beating the vaccine. he doesn't do that. that was unfair. but he doesn't say anything out about it either, which is a part
6:46 pm
of the problem because you are losing, because they say look at the breakthrough cases. i thought the vaccine worked. look at the breakthrough cases. look at the olympians. look at the democrats from texas, they are getting sick. this vaccine doesn't work. what do you say? >> well, i say, first of all, these people are not getting sick. they are having infections for sure. the vaccine is keeping people out of the hospital. that's what it was designed to do. it's also reducing the risk, reducing the risk of being infected and we're finding some people who, yes, even after they have been vaccinated can still get an infection, but that's not getting sick. the vaccines were designed to keep us out of the hospital. the vaccines aren't perfect, but we got a bonus that they are driving down infection rates also. but they're not perfect and we are going to find some people, although they are vaccinated, still acquire the virus, but
6:47 pm
they don't get symptoms. now, that's still a success in my book if you don't get into the hospital and have to be admitted to the intensive care unit. >> the one thing that i know we will agree on, the cdc needs to start tracking the breakthrough infections even if they don't lead to hospitalizations. you will see apples to apples, people who are vaccinated and how they deal with the variant and people who are unvaccinated and how they deal with the variant. doctor, thank you for setting us straight. appreciate you. stay well. >> sure, you, too. >> all right. he conquered cyberspace, jeff bezos did. now he is trying to reach the outer limits of space itself. is he? i don't buy it. i don't get all the fanfare. i had to find somebody to join the hay parade with me. neil degrasse tyson. the guy is all about space. let's talk about, you know, what the hype is and what the use of what we are seeing happen with this kind of pay-for-play in space next.
6:48 pm
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jeff bezos is going to ride a rocket for 11 minutes. more than 2,000 miles an hour. almost getting to space. and i know we keep saying space. he's not really going to space. doesn't that matter? not really. you're going to space in that rocket. he's scheduled to take off tomorrow morning on a rocket designed by the company he founded in 2000 blue origin. the trip comes nine days after branson's flight that wasn't really -- it's cool but is this space travel? we've got one of the biggest brains to help us on this. neal tyson. first of all, his newest book is "cosmic kqueries." you look like you're circling the cosmos. what's your take on this? >> so, a couple things.
6:53 pm
as an astro facei sort of have different take. i don't want to that celebrate it. the billionaires on the block, they're trying to open up a new marketplace, space tourism. nobody was doing that before. so yeah, this claims of going into space and there are rules. there are elevation rules about that that bezos is satisfying. it's the 62 mile limit. 100 kilometers and that's the height above which not enough atmosphere between you and the stars for it to glow in daylight. >> but he's not going -- >> in a blue sky, and then the blue sky disappears and you see stars. >> but he's not going in orbit.
6:54 pm
>> but he's not going into orbit. >> correct. we have an operational definition of space and the climb is if you get that high up, you get your wings, your astronaut woings, not that wing work in the vacuum of space, we'll let that go. the next level is going into orbit. when you're in orbit you're in continuous free fall into space so everyone is weightless whereas on these subor ibtal flights, they fall for the atmosphere to start slowing them down and begin to feel g forces of that and it's only a couple minutes. these are levels of space travel, yes. and a point i made on twitter in the last couple of days is if you take a school room globe of the earth and ask where is mars?
6:55 pm
it's a mile away. where is the moon? 30 feet away. where is the international space station? it's orbiting .38 above the surface. where is bezos and branson? they are just less than .8 above the surface of that globe. so what matters here is no one is doing what they're doing, so i don't have a problem with it. provided, the future of that exercise is that space tourism gets democktized, gets cheap enough to save up a few vacation dollars and then go up yourself. then there would be a whole new marketplace. >> i think you're right. i think it's about where it leads us and have money and b pioneers do. you're pretty spooky coming through with this background tonight because parts you kept disappearing and just your hands and head but i'll take any part of you i can get.
6:56 pm
thank you for being what you always are. you're so smart and you make it relatable and help us understand what actually matters in this situation. be well, brother. see you soon, i hope. >> good to see you again. thanks, chris. >> neal tyson, he's smart. all right. we'll be right back with the handoff. we strip in the community garden. i've been stripping here for years. i strip before take-off. breathe right strips open your nose for relief you can feel right away, helping you take in air more easily, wherever you are.
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appreciate you giving us the opportunity tonight. i'll be off the rest of the week. right now, i give it to "don lemon tonight". >> i know. i just saw you. you said i won't see you this week, i'll be off and i walk into the office and scared me -- the wits out of me. i thought i was seeing a ghost. >> first of all, i can't scare out of you what you don't have and duty calls when the botss says would you? >> are you saying i'm whitless? >> yes, that's what i was