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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 19, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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. it's a brand new hour. good to be with you. >> the closing bell is a little more than an hour away. we are closely watching this dow. at one point it was down more
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than 9900 points. now it's down more than 900 points again. it's been bouncing around but it's looked bad all day. the delta variant is spooking investor who threaten it could worry u.s. recovery. one calls it the most serious virus most unvaccinated people will face in their lives. right now every state in the u.s. is seeing a rise in coronavirus cases. for the first time since mid-may, the u.s. is averaging more than 30,000 cases a day. >> that's a 66% jump from last week. 145% increase from two weeks ago. hospitalizations are up 50% from two weeks ago. deaths are on the rise too. averaging about 260 per day. up 13% from last week. only 48.6% of the u.s.
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population is fully vaccinated. >> they are calling on all stientss over the age of two years old to wear masks this coming school year even if they are vaccinated. that's different than what the cdc recommends. let's turn to jason carol. explain why pediatricians are urging now that masks stay in place at school? >> i think that dr. fauci may have said it best this morning in the aap was doing this was issuing these new guidelines in terms of they just trying to be as extra safe as possible. obviously, a number of parents will be looking at these new guidelines and wondering what they should be doing. right off the top here, you've got to look at your local district, whatever they are recommending, that's what you're going to have to go with. i'll explain more about that in maine. first to the new guideline. this coming from the aap. the american academy of pediatrics saying it's necessary
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because much of the student population is not vaccinated. the reason for that is those under the age of 12 are not eligible. they said we need to prioritize getting children back into schools alongside their friends, teachers and we all play a role in making sure it happens safely. combining layers of protection that include vaccinations, masking and clean hands, hygiene will make in person learning safe and possible for every one. you need to wear mask in order to come back to school. those states include places like new york, connecticut, hawaii, virginia. it gets tricky when you consider those states that say you cannot say you need to wear a mask in order to come back to school. those states include, arizona, vermont, south carolina, texas, iowa, utah, arkansas and
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georgia. take georgia, for example. just got off the phone not too long ago with a representative from the atlanta school district. up until this point atlanta has said you need to wear a mask in order to come to school. we don't care what the governor is saying, what state is saying. we're the district here. we're saying you need to wear mask. i asked them about this new guidance. they said they will be taking that into account when they make their new guidance for the upcoming school year. classes start august 5th. that hasn't come out yet but they are about to release it. it could come as soon as this week. it's the district that's making the call here. the district is saying in the case of atlanta, we'll look at what the aap is saying. we'll look at what the cdc is saying. we're not necessarily going to pay attention to what the governor is saying. that's why i said at the top,
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you got do listen to what your local district is saying. that's where your guideline is going to come from. >> this sweeping indoor mask mandate is back in effect in los angeles county. the l.a. county sheriff says he will not enforce the mandate and he told cnn why. >> well, i have raging problem with homelessness. we're the epicenter of the entire homeless crisis. i have crimes of violence. homicide is up almost 60%. i have an out of control illegal marijuana grows in high desert and illegal dispensaries in the basin. those three things represent existentia threats. at the same time i'm being defund bid the board of super supervisors. what few things i have available will be devoted those threats.
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we have to have some common sense here. >> here to congress is congressman of california. he's a former emergency room doctor. do you support this return of the mask man date even for vaccinated people in lc.a. county. >> in l.a. county, i do think it's a responsible move because there's machine e been a lot of unvaccinated folks that vice presidents been wearing their masks and in order to make sure that they as well as vaccinated wear their mask then i do think it's important right now especially since their cases are starting to rapidly rise. >> so, if that's the rational for supporting this, then there cannot be separate guidance for the vaccinated and the
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unvaccinated on any level if we're going to use the unvaccinated as the guide for the rules that we create. is that science based? >> right now it is science based. it's in a trust, scouts honor method that we're asking individuals who are not vaccinated to wear a mask and those that are vaccinated, according to cdc do not need to wear masks. when starting to see a rapid surge or massive public health threat and you want to simplify things in other words to help individuals in stores to best protect the spread of the virus, this delta virus, then this is a appropriate approach to incrementally increase your precautions, once again. >> we're seeing on the map that
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states, every state, we're seeing an increase in cases. should there be then reconsideration of the cdc guidance for indoor masking if the honor system isn't working anywhere? >> we're starting to see rapid surge in hospitalizations and deaths due to the delta virus. i think the cdc will start to reconsider their guidelines. right now it's still in the erm stages of its rise. in california, every county, according to their data, to make their determination as to whether or not they're going to go back to indoor mask wearing or not. right now it's a little too early to make the assessment for the spire nation. i'm sure the cdc will keep a close eye. if we see the deaths and hospitalizations then i think they will reconsider. >> let's move to another topic here.
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federal judge in texas has decided or at least ruled that daca, defer action on childhood arrivals is unconstitutional and has blocked any new applicants and said it's unconstitutional, it's illegal because it was created by executive order and not by congress. what's this mean for those 700,000 who are here, the daca recipients as they are now in limbo again? >> those that have received daca provisions will maintain their daca protections right now. this court order was to halt any new applications from happening. however, the administration is going to challenge that decision and it will play its way up to the highest level of our nation's court system. what's important right now is we pass the dream and promise act with bipartisan push out of the
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house. really making sure they have a voice or an opportunity to vote on that bill in the senate. >> you got any confidence that it is permissible. we know reconciliation has to be germane to the budget that immigration reform belong fs in budget bill. >> we're looking at specific provisions within immigration reform that are specifically related to budget. for example, if we have a pathway to citizenship for farm workers, other essential workers, dreamers, tps holders and include as much immigration reform then we could increase the gdp by $1.4 trillion over a
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de de decade. increase new jobs by hundreds of thousands and increase american salaries. that's improving economy, increasing our revenue, decreasing families reliance on social services. i do believe we have a very strong case to show this is a budget economic provision for the betterment of all families in the u.s. and before we leave, i want to say going back to the covid-19. it's so important that the way we're going to minimize this surge or prevent another surge of this delta virus is for everybody to get vaccinated. >> all right. thanks so much. >> thank you. this just in. katy samuelsson, a member of the women's u.s. basketball team will not be able to compete in the tokyo games after testing positive for covid. she posted on instagram i'm heartbroken as i am fully vaccinated and took every
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precaution. this just the latest setback for team usa which also just announced the first covid case in tokyo. alternate u.s. gymnast kara acre has tested positive for covid. her father tells cnbc affiliate she's in isolation. a second alternate gymnast who had close contact with her is also isolating. >> we were talking with her last night. she's had multiple covid tests come back positive. she has no symptoms. she's been vaccinated. because of the test coming back positive, they went ahead and isolated her by herself in her hotel room and she's under quarantine. >> this news comes just day after tennis star cocoa gauff tested positive in the u.s. forcing her to withdraw from the games.
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renee, thank you for being here. you just said that's so sad. is all of this stuff, all the covid setbacks, is this eclipsing the achievements and excitement of the athletes in this year's games? >> well, i hope not. you get so many of these athlete, particularly the athletes that this is the biggest think in the world for them, the olympic games. i come from the tennis aspect but i know how important it is for tennis players to play in the o almost picks as well. it's terrible. it's so sad. i feel so terrible for them in general. it's a tough call. tokyo has put a lot of money into this the pst a ton of expectations for the athletes to be there but now they have taken away the fans. that will be hard for the a
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athlete a as well. >> if you were competing this year, given this set of circumstances, would you feel safe? >> i've been vaccinated and everybody i know is going in the tennis is all vaccinated. we already heard how people that are vaccinated are still getting covid. i think every one will try to mitigate all the problems they could have and in tennis world like cocoa gauff she's been in a bubble for the last five weeks. the bubble is to protect the players from covid outside of the bubble. now that she went outside of the bubble after wimbledon, he's contracted it after leaving the bubble. that's sad and she can't represent the united states. >> you call it heartbreaking. all of this time, all of the effort and then through no fault of their own, as you know, people are not always disclosing whether they were vaccinated but even those who are vaccinated are now having this experience. >> obviously, for cocoa, i believe she was not vaccinated.
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one of the reasons she was not is because she couldn't get vak si -- vak siccinated is she was traveling week to week. she couldn't get it in florida and go back to the place. it's a three week or four week depending on which vakccination you get. she expressed that in her own story how she wanted to get vaccinated but it was really difficult for her to do it. it's an ongoing issue that every athlete, every person has to be careful of and clearly for these ath athletes in the bubble in tokyo. >> what is it like? what are those isolation chairma chamber? you're in a foreign country and having to be in isolation, what does that look like for them? >> it's not fun.
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you heard the gymnast saying she was bored and want to come home. i had to do a 14-day stints in a hotel room which was already difficult enough but you're in your home state or city or country and you feel like, i'm going to get out of here and it's going be so much better for me but the fact you're in a foreign country and isolated a i way from your athletes and friends and your family, it's difficult. this is a sacrifices that these athletes are taking just to go and perform at these olympic games. that's how much it means to them. you have to think they are so used to performing in front of crowds and now they don't have crowds. they are having to still do this. they put four years into turning up and being there. i feel for them all. i hope every stays safe. >> should tokyo have gone had with the games given their vaccination rates? >> you can have an argument both ways. they put so much money into these games and to not have them now and the sponsors and clearly television rights.
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we know how much those are to pay for. there's a lot on the line. you have do think of those athletes. >> what do you think? >> i'm glad they are going ahead. as a former olympian, i feel really terrible if i put in all that work and they just pull the plug at the last minute. it would be very difficult to deal with. >> great to see you. >> great to be here. >> really appreciate your perspective. a bipartisan group of lawmakers will meet again tonight trying to finalize an sfrur deal and find consensus on how pay for it. hundreds of thousands of acres are being scorched as firefighters struggle to contain the wildfires in the western united states. we have a loive report for you. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need.
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no, i would miss them too much. whatever you business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow. it's been nearly a month since that bipartisan group of senators walked out of white house and claimed they had a deal on infrastructure at long last. where is it and what's in it? well, this wednesday, senate majority leader chuck schumer wants them to vote on it even though the outcome is uncertain. here is president biden earlier today. >> we should be united in one thing. passage of the bipartisan infrastructure frame work which
12:23 pm
we shook hands on. we shook hands on. >> yeah, they shook hands on it but they are still not reaching an agreement on how to pay for it. margaret, this deadline of wednesday when they don't know how they will pay for it. still questions about what will be in each of the bills. >> details. >> yeah, $3.5 trillion, we'll figure it out. is that realistic at all? >> they shook hands but their fingers were crossed so it didn't count. hi. what is chuck schumer doing. he is trying to force every one's hand because he's staring down a couple of deadlines. the august recess. they will still take a break to go home and do fund raising. it's a midterm year. if any infrastructure deal will get passed, it needs to start moving through the process.
12:24 pm
schumer is trying force republicans hands in that bipartisan deal and the left leg of his own party on the bigger $3.5 trillion kind of softer, broader infrastructure package that they can do without bipartisan support. nothing will happen on wednesday. what we'll see on wednesday is the contours this takes. can there be any bipartisan deal or is that a fiction and do they have to rely on jamming through partisan only bill through the budget reconciliation process. sd >> they are going through a lot of exercises in futility. tonight they are having a bipartisan zoom call. is that because chuck schumer is
12:25 pm
lighting a fire under them. are they kicking it into gear? >> there's a lot of republican who is see it in a bipartisan infrastructure deal. there's two political realities. let's set aside the fact that ultimately at some point money will have to be spent on american infrastructure. you have buildings collapsing, bridges collapsing and economic reckonings with china, et cetera. politically, infrastructure is very popular. it's popular in republican districts as well as democratic districts, in swing districts. the size matters. the definition of infrastructure matters but that core idea of what you think of when you think of roads or bridges or even internet access in rural areas as well as cities. those are popular. the other political reality is that voters are really afraid of inflation and debt. they want the spending pu they are uncomfortable about spending to get the spending.
12:26 pm
therein lies the political conundrum. >> the senate rules committee is holding the first field hearing in 20 years. the chair of that committee, senator klobuchar said this about what they are talking about there, voting rights. >> election infrastructure could be in the democratic package. that's part of the solution. what you can do with infrastructure, which is not in the bipartisan package and i'm glad they are continuing to negotiate and make progress. you can put election infrastructure in there. you could tie it to certain things as incentives for state to do same day registration, to do the mail in balloting. >> so, senator klobuchar is talking about adding voting to this $3.5 trillion bill. i just had a congressman on who talked about adding immigration reform to the bill. i mean, is any of this really going to happen and you hold onto the republican votes for the bipartisan bill.
12:27 pm
>> right. there's the traditional definition of infrastructure and soft infrastructure and there's then what they call loading it up like a christmas tree. i think that's the fault line. that's probably the danger fault line for democrats is do you just throw everything under the sun spoointo this package and m them tell you what you can't put in there on a 51-vote majority. the answer is yes. this is something that biden and chuck schumer and to some extent, bernie sanders who is the head of the budget kcommitte and in this unique position to speak to progressives, folks who want more spending but sees himself as part of leadership. dare i say part of the establishment would like to be able to protect what's now a $3.5 trillion democratic bill. these are conversations that will happen.
12:28 pm
the voting rights thing is real. it's real burning desire by democrats. if they can't end the filibuster which they don't have the votes to end right now, they are trying to figure out if they can use their bare majority power to tuck it in through some sort of a 51-vote vehicle but can that vehicle be infrastructure? someone will have to decide. >> he's not willing to reform the filibuster to vote for voting rights. is he willing to vote with the reconciliation bill to do it? we'll find out. thanks so much. be sure to watch add president joe biden joins don lemon for a town hall live wednesday night at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. extreme climate conditions across the globe. a california wildfire is burning tens of thousands of acres. so far it is zero percent contained. in western europe, receding waters are vealing the
12:29 pm
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right now both the u.s. and europe are dealing with devastation triggered by extreme weather. in the u.s. oregon officials are
12:34 pm
telling more families to dpets ready to evacuate. the bootleg fire has went to 300,000 acres. severe heat, dry conditions are fueling 80 large wildfires across 13 states. cnn dan simon joins us from south of lake tahoe in california near the tamarac fire. what do we know about the containment there, if any, dan? >> reporter: this fire south of lake tahoe is zero percent contained. it's indicative of fires you're seeing all throughout the west. it's being driven by fuel and oppressive heat. this fire broke out on fourth of july. it went from 500 acres to 25,000
12:35 pm
acres. not too many homes have been destroyed. you have a half dozen communities that did have to evacuate. >> every year seems like we're going through this. >> it's coming around. it's going to get you. it's where you live so you have to accept it. if you don't, what are you going to do? >> did you have any time to grab some belongings? >> i was told don't worry about it. everything will be okay. that evening it was like you have ten minutes to get the heck out of here. >> reporter: as this fire continues to burn, california has its first megafire of the season. now more than 100,000 acres. you have the fire up in oregon. the bootleg fire at more than 300,000 acres.
12:36 pm
clie mate experts say the megafires are here to stay. >> it looks apocolyptic there. now to western europe where questions are being asked about why an alert system failed to warn residents before flash flooding ripped through their towns washing away communities and killing nearly 200 people. cnn is in one of germany's most devastated areas. fred, what do we know about what happened? >> reporter: that is one of the big questions that's being asked is why this alert system didn't save more lives than it did. the place where i'm standing now, where all the infrastructure was damaged, more than 100 people have been confirmed dead in this little town alone. the real tragic thing for the germans about this is that the warnings were there. the german weather service did warn of severe weather. warned of torrential rain. that didn't reach the people who were here on the ground.
12:37 pm
what people are telling us is they were expecting a lot of rain to come down but they weren't expecting the kind of damage that you see right behind me right here, right now. there was no evacuation order or people to go on the second story of their buildings to bring themselves to safety. i was speaking to some residents today and they said in span of about 15 minute, this little river that you see behind me which is a calm river rose to above the first floor of the buildings around here. obviously, destroying everything in its path and also killing scores of people. there was one person who told me that he saw one of his neighbors who was trying to clutch onto something and then had to let go and her body was later recovered. the early warning system something the germans are saying with the climate emergency the way it is now, these weather warnings need to be taken more seriously. people need to be evacuated earlier and finally, one of the other things the germans are saying right now is they will
12:38 pm
have to rebuild all this. they need to rebuild the infrastructure in the way that it will not be damaged the way it was by the climate emergency. they believe that freak weather incidents like the ones we saw here that caused the flooding, they plbelieve those will becom more frequent in future. >> just horrible, horrible reality that people there are facing and everywhere. >> fred, thanks so much. okay, hypocrisy alert. while fox prime time hosts sow doubt about the vaccines, wait until you hear what the fox vaccination policy is for employees who return to the office. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual!
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this just in to cnn. fox's primetime host have been pedaling anti-vaccine rhetoric for months. they have railed against vaccine passports or even asking if someone has been vaccinated but the fox corporation, which is the mother of the fox news channel is now quietly using its on version of a vaccine passport. >> cnn nrknn obtain an e-mail iy june that said fox developed a severe, voluntary way for employees to self-attest their vaccination status. oliver darcy is breaking this story. vaccine passport or nah? >> this is more blatant hypocrisy at fox news. he compared the idea to jim ycrw laws and other hosts have railed
12:44 pm
against the idea showing that you have received the vaccine and the employer being able to verify that. fox back in june rolled out a system where employees can input that they have received a vaccine, which dose of the vaccine, when they received it and they get special privileges. they don't have to do the normal health screening when they walk into the office. this is must o just more brazen hyprocrisy from fox. >> some of the fox host are not crazy.vaccinated. they don't want to tell their views so they have to rail against any sort of having to disclose or even asked. tucker has gone so far as to say it's vulgar to ask someone if they have been vakccinated wher the answer helps people around you feel better, more confident being around you if they know
12:45 pm
you have been vaccinated. has he -- will he ever disclose on the air if he's been vaccinated? >> i highly doubt that. he's been asked whether he has been vaccinated by reporters and in both instances, they reported he's compared asking about vak vaccination status asking about one's favorite sex position and how often they engaged in that. he's called it vulgar and said it's deeply personal. there's no real chance we'll hear about his vaccination status despite him going on his program night after night and trafficking anti-vaccine rhetoric. >> hypocrisy alert. >> they're company is doing something they are railing against but they're not talking about it. >> a lot of other businesses would love to be able to verify vaccine status so when patrons come into a restaurant, they can see they have vaccinate and fox
12:46 pm
have prevented that and they're doing it themselves. police in arizona say a man set a house on fire and then went on a shooting rampage firing on ambulance workers responding to fire he set. we have details ahead. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group. backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it.
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we are coming out of another deadly weekend in america. according to the gun violence archive, at least 150 people were killed, and over 380 injured in shootings across the country. >> so in tucson this one shooting rampage took place at three different crime scenes, left two people dead, an emt in critical condition. cnn security correspond josh campbell is following that story for us. what happened, josh? >> reporter: a truly brazen and deadly act of violence jechl in tucson, arizona. a 35-year-old murder suspect is in custody and in critical condition after a shootout with police. authorities believe the suspect set a fire at a residence and then went to a nearby park where he flagged down two emts, he began pointing in the direction of the fire, and without warning, brandished a firearm and shot at the medics, hitting one of them in the head, shooting another in the arm and the chest.
12:52 pm
police say as that shooting was taking place at the nearby park, fire personnel were already responding to the fire at the residence. the suspect then went there and started shooting at firefighters. one neighbor was struck and killed. a firefighter and another bystander were shot and sustained nine life-threatening injuries. as this was going down, firefighters radioed to the police that they were receiving gunfire. the suspect fled. this is how that ended according to the police chief, that encounter. take a listen. >> he rams the vehicle, disabling the police car. the officer starts to get out, the suspect opens fire on the officer. the officer returns fire, striking the suspect. >> authorities are now working three crime scenes. there's the shootout with the police the chief just mentioned, the park where the emts were struck and the resident itself. authorities say a badly burned
12:53 pm
body was found inside that house. no authorities, no update from authorities on the identity of the shooter, nor the motive. he remains in critical condition at the hospital as authorities try to work to investigate the series of heinous acts in arizona this weekend. >> just horrible. josh campbell, thank you. we're down to the last minutes of trading on wall street. it has been a dramatic day down 800 points at the moment. so we'll explain what's happening, next. — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this past year has felt like
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well, the dow is on track to see its worst day since the start of the biden administration. >> it's down more than 700 points. it had been down more than 900 at one point in the day. this is a result of investors concerned about the impact of rising covid cases, the delta variant. cnn's matt egan is tracking the development. so what's happening here? >> this has been a brutal day for the stock market. these rising infection numbers are reminding investors and really all of us that this pandemic is not over. the big fear on wall street is that the delta variant could slow this economic recovery. and so that's why investors had been retreating from covid-sensitive sectors in the stock market. we've seen airline stocks drop about 5%, cruise operators like carnival, royal caribbean down about 5% or more. energy stocks are down as oil
12:59 pm
prices plunge. everywhere you look, there are yellow lights flashing in the stock market. the vix volatility index is a sign of nervousness. we do have to put all this into context. just a week ago the s&p 500 and the dow were at record highs. the s&p is still up 13% on the year. the market cannot go straight up forever, and we're seeing that today. >> yeah, just another reason for people to get vaccinated. matt, thank you. all right, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. instead of a medal count we're already tracking the covid count at the tokyo olympics. "the lead" starts right now. new concerns for kids still fully exposed and not yet allowed to get vaccinated as back-to-school day approaches, the new guidance parents need to f
1:00 pm
hear as fears about the delta variant and vaccination rates infect wall street and the dow. before the torch is lit a u.s. women's gymnast tests positive for covid with dozens of cases already linked to the games, and athletes from 200 countries still on their way. and another weekend of carnage in the u.s. 400 shootings, eight children wounded in just one city, and a scary scene at a major league ball game that sent fans diving under their seats. ♪ welcome to l it. i'm jake tapper. and we begin with breaking news that impacts your money, perhaps your retirement. the dow dropping today closing down around 725 points. it started slipping at the opening bell and never looked back, at one point hovering around 1,000 points in the red. today marks the biggest drop so far this year. the sell-off fueled by growing fear of the covid-19 delta variant, and the alarming rise in


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