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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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trying to speak out about the conservatorship. the truth is out there and i don't think there's much that the people around her can do to bottle it up at this point. >> it is very, i think, interesting to hear what britney has to say. it's also very sad as we watch the issues of this family. it seems very heartbreaking to watch. tess barker, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. "new day" continues right now. hi there, i'm brianna keilar alongside john avlon. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> dr. sanjay gupta is joining us live from tokyo in a moment. plus the white house singling out florida as unvaccinated people drive new covid case numbers. infectious disease doctor is
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stan standing by to talk to us from florida right now. >> right-wing media keeps pushing dangerous disinformation about vaccines that could save lives. so why are they doing it? we're talking to a former fox reporter speaking out right here live. dozens of journalists and activists all over the world targeted by spyware. who are the hackers and what information could they have? a very good morning to viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, july 19th, the beginning of our week. a good week together, john avlon. >> we're going to have a big week. >> we are. breaking news from tokyo. member of the u.s. women's gymnastics team has just tested positive for covid. so this brings into question, is there going to be a cascading problem as you put it, john?
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you're going to see a lot of chaos because of the virus around the summer olympics. it is four days before the opening ceremonies are set to begin. there are at least 58 coronavirus cases that are linked to the games. three athletes who are living in the olympic village have just tested positive. two from south africa, one from the czech republic and then there's u.s. tennis star coco gauff who tested positive before heading to the olympics. she is now out. >> the pandemic is widening in japan. saturday tokyo reported 1,000 new cases for the fifth day in a row. japanese capital is currently under a covid state of emergency until august 22nd. let's go live to tokyo and bring in cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay, this development really underscores the risk to these athletes that we're seeing in the village. >> reporter: yeah. no question about it. obviously, a lot of focus on the
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games and what's going to be happening when these games start, but this is a big public health challenge as well. i'll tell you this. we talk a lot about this term breakthrough infections, people who still test positive despite having been vaccinated. you get the sense that we don't really know how common that is, but these games, because of all the testing that goes on, may give us a better sense of that. there may be a lot more people who do test positive. they may be vaccinated and still get this positive test. we talked through the whole process, trying to get an idea of how they're planning to do this and what they're doing to keep everyone safe. last year, these stadiums sat empty. as tokyo 2020 was officially postponed. many people assumed the games simply wouldn't happen. now they are happening. so i've made my way here to tokyo to try to figure out
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exactly how they're going to pull this off. >> we had no idea what was come ing to us in terms of covid. >> postponing the olympics again was no longer an option due to international sports schedules. it was up to dr. brian mccloskey, chair of an independent panel advising the olympic committee on covid-19 cou countermeasures to figure out how to hold the games in 2021. was it just going to be inevitable that the games would happen, you just have to figure out how to do it safely as possible? >> that was always part of our thinking, that we can only do this if we are satisfied that we can do it safely and securely. >> reporter: while we have seen other sports make it through seasons or tournaments safely with little interruption, the olympics bring a unique challenge. more than 11,000 athletes representing 206 different coun countries, states and
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territories will descend on an island nation that is currently fighting to keep the virus at bay. what is the risk at doing an event like this in the middle of a pandemic, to the citizens of japan? citizens that live in that area? >> first, we realize that coronavirus is going to be an issue for the games. we're trying to maximize the separation between international visitors coming am, the athletes and officials, and the local population. >> this is why all spectators, both local and from abroad, have already been banned in tokyo. and athletes' movements will mostly be confined here, to the olympic village. beyond that strategy, mccloskey says the rest comes down to the pillars of public health. >> social distancing, wearing a mask and hand hygiene. they were always at the fundament core of what we knew would reduce the risk of covid during the games. and we started a layer on top of that, testing strategy we might
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have. >> reporter: but that has not stopped the concern from both locals and other health experts, like epidemiologist michael olsterholm. >> one thing that's a concern, they planned this around the concept of hygiene theater. >> reporter: to him, the orgers are admission a fundamental point. >> originally the plan was set up on respiratory droplet, ie, falling within three to six feet of the individual who might be infected. as we now know the primary means of transmission is through airborne transmission, aerosols, things like cigarette smoke. >> reporter: he thinks things like plexiglass completely miss the mark but makes masks even more important. a face mask must be worn at all times except when training, competing, eating, drinking, sleeping or during interviews, but there is no specification for what type of mask should be worn. >> we already know the limited
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protection cloth masks play versus n95s. they've provided no clear direction. they should be recommending n95 respirators. >> reporter: vaccines an all-too crucial tool against covid. they are not required. why? requiring them could create an uneven playing field. >> we were fairly confident we would have vaccine by now but we also knew if we had one, it wouldn't necessarily be in good supply. >> reporter: still the ioc estimates more than 80% of residents of the olympic village will be vaccinated. but that has still not cleared the metaphorical cloud that hangs over the city to see how they will fare in the face of a pandemic. and i just want to reiterate a point you heard dr. mcclosey make as well. the postponing of the olympics was not an option again because
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of the international sports calendar and things like that. it was either they were going to do this now or it wasn't going to happen. you're starting to get a sense again of that public health sort of test that's going to be going on the next several days. >> look, what's clear is the olympic village is not the nba bubble. i think that's what we're seeing here. >> reporter: correct. >> i wonder if you expected, was this just written that this was going to happen without vaccinations required, that there would be athletes in olympic village testing positive, sanjay? >> i think so. it's a really good question. we're all sort of learning about this together. i think there's no question that people would develop breakthrough infections. we've seen that in other places even after vaccination. as you point out, they estimate about 80% of the people within the village are vaccinated. it's not required. so, i think it was no surprise we would see positive tests. i'll also tell you that dr.
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mccloskey made this point that what they're trying to avoid as much as possible are false negative tests. if you look at these tests, they're not going to be perfect. they're going to err on the side of being too sensitive. that makes it more likely you'll see more positives out there. we'll see what the next few days look like, what that means for the games overall. keep in mind, we're doing the olympics in the middle of a pandemic, in a country that has about 12% of the country vaccinated and the numbers are increasing. so, you can understand why people are pretty nervous about it. >> sanjay, before we go, if you estimate the 20% of the athletes are unvaccinated, and we know that covid is in the village, 58 cases at the olympic. given the contagiousness of the delta variant, how big do you think this can get? at what point do you think teams
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will be forced to quarantine and therefore aren't eligible for play? >> reporter: i think we're going to see that, john, i think. this is a very contagious variant. to give context on this, we talked about it before. recent literature shows the viral load that you have, if you have the delta variant as an infection is about 1,000 times higher than the original strain. even in someone who may not have symptoms, the idea that they could still be contagious, they could still transmit it to others is high. younger people, these are athletes, obviously, mostly in good health. so the idea that they would develop serious illness or require hospitalization is still very low but the idea that they could test positive, they could have mild symptoms, they would need quarantine, contract trace, bring entire teams into quarantine. that's very real. that's what they're trying to deal with here. >> i feel like this story is
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just beginning, sanjay. we'll be checking in with you in the coming days from tokyo. thank you. >> all right. president biden accusing social media platforms like facebook of, quote, killing people, because of all the misinformation about vaccines and covid. take a listen. >> they're killing people. the only pandemic we have at the moment is with the unvaccinated. and they're killing people. >> so let's bring in infectious disease professor at florida national university. this is the strongest we've heard president biden come out and directly connect misinformation with the loss of life. first of all, if is that what you're seeing in this practice, that misinformation is contributing directly to vaccine hesitancy? >> always there is a problem with misinformation, leading poom to get confused and afraid and focusing on things that are based on fear and not based on reality. and that's always a big -- a
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terrible thing. and the way we know it's true is because we are seeing a huge rise in hospitalizations in the unvaccinated. we talk to these unvaccinated people and you ask them what is their source of information as to why they're unvaccinated, their sources of information for why they're unvaccinated tend to be sources that are not really reliable and are not telling the truth. >> so do you think that this really offense by the white house against disinformation on social media companies is therefore warranted, overdue? should it be accelerated? >> it's not just social media. it's any media broadcasting false information and leading people into behaviors and perspectives that increase their risk and, therefore, increase also the spread of this virus, which in turn leads to the possibility of even worse variants than the one we're
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facing now as the dominant variant, the delta variant. >> it's an important point, partisan media as well as social media. florida reported 20% of the na nation's new coronavirus cases over the last two weeks even though it makes up just 6.5% of the population, 45,000 new cases, almost double from one week ago. but we see the florida pac for governor ron desantis selling stuff like this, t-shirts that say "don't fauci my florida." what's going on in florida? what do you have to say to the governor, who is selling this kind of merchandise when cases are spiking in your state? >> all leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, any type of leader right now should be doing everything in their power to empower their population to help reduce the spread of this disease by all reasonable means. and that should be the focus of
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all leaders. and when it's not, the outcome is more cases, more deaths, more suffering for the individual, for their family, for their communities and for the economy. >> avoidable suffering. dr. aileen marty, florida international university, thank you for being with us. >> we'll talk about how right-wing media hosts are smearing the vaccine. do they even believe their own dangerous rhetoric? a former fox reporter joins us next. >> origin of the coronavirus, what they're now saying about the lab leak theory. >> more baseless claims about ballots from the sham election audit under way in arizona.
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it matters who you travel with. introducing aleve x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible. if vaccines work, why are vaccinated people still banned from living normal lives? who hasl honestly, what he the answer to that? if people who received the vaccine there's no reason for them to wear masks and avoid physical contact. maybe it doesn't work and they're simply not telling you that. >> tucker carlson is one of many in the right-wing media casting
5:19 am
doubt on life-saving covider covid vaccines even as unvaccinated americans continue to drive up covid can as. let's talk with carl cameron, now the co-founder of front page live. i wonder -- i think i know the answer but i want to know from you why are hosts like tucker carlson doing this? >> it's about ratings. >> money? >> ratings ultimately become revenue. that's the name of the game. whoever gets the most clicks on social media gets the most money, the most fame, the most attention. and that type of activity is not jour journalism. it's not news. it's gas lighting. it's propaganda. just last week, new infections went up 70%. and according to the cdc, the nih, which oversees the cdc, it is absolutely 99.5% of those infections are people who haven't gotten vaccinated. i mean, come on. anybody who disputes that sort of stuff is putting people's
5:20 am
lives at risk and potentially killing them. >> no question about it. we see this red state, blue state divide in vaccinations. isn't killing your own supporters a bad business model? >> absolutely. it makes no sense whatsoever. this is literally the metaphor of the lemmings running to their own slaughter. people listening to that instead of the science, which goes way, way, back, we would not be the world we are today if it were not for pen sillin. these things are real. to suggest they're not, particularly if you have no education in science, it's lying to the american people and putting them at the risk of death. we saw sanjay over there in japan, an american athlete at the olympics is out and god knows how sick he could get. this is wrong for journalists to be doing this or people who call them that, whether it's fox, or one american at work, news max.
5:21 am
these are all capable channels perpetuating lies. i've been working hard. we have a coalition going on called perfect situation u.s. with a number of organizations, institutions, activists across the country. it's an incredibly diverse group. for republicans of goodwill who understand that what's happening to the republican party and the country as a consequence of what trump and the far right did is really, really dangerous. and it's time for the left, democrats need to start fighting the way republicans do. there's no such thing as a one-year presidential race. it's all four years. it's 24/7 on the republican side, raising money, making up stories, trying to denegrade half of the country on the left-hand side of it. that includes those people of color in many cases and it has to stop. there are organizations all over the country who are trying to fight this disinformation disease and we're joining that fight and we need a lot of help.
5:22 am
it's going to take money, time and we need to start doing it now because the republicans have been doing it all the way since the beginning of the year for the upcoming accongress, congressional races, and the white house three years from now. >> i know that's part of a letter that you and others wrote to the dnc and funders. i always wonder as i'm watching these insane claims -- they seem so nuts, yet you know millions of people are watching them and believing them. i always wonder, you know, is that guy vaccinated? maybe. very probably. and i would like to know. i would like to know when it comes to the kind of drivel that is coming out. do you think hosts like laura ingraham, tucker carlson they themselves chose to take the vaccine? >> absolutely. as a journalist i got a moderna shot in march. anyone who comes on television
5:23 am
to talk about coronavirus with authority has to explain where they stand. it is inconceivable to me that people who won't explain what they're doing for their own health when they're trying to inform the united states of america. the hypocrisy of it and the danger of that falsehood saying yeah, i've got one and not having one is exactly the kind of deceit that trump started even before he was elected. >> and to that point explicitly, donald trump denied the fact that he got vaccinated in january. why would he not take credit for that operation warp speed. when you talk to your former colleagues at fox -- you were there for years -- what do you say to them about this danger of becoming complicit in a misinformation effort that's killing people? >> there are fair-minded journalists still at fox and i never want to malign them.
5:24 am
it is the opinion hosts who aren't journalists per se. they are talking heads, and their job, their reward is bringing eyeballs on television. and all they really got to do is keep people watching until it's commercial time and then it's ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching for the network. it's not news. people in the organization have been let go. there are people who have departed and some of them are good journalists who have already landed elsewhere, which says something, that there is a bit of -- i wouldn't say it's aan employee problem for the company yet, but a lot of talented people have decided to go elsewhere. >> it is a sad situation, i think, when we watch some of what's happening with what some of these hosts are saying. it's gross, quite frankly. >> the bottom line is that this country needs to begin to have a
5:25 am
conversation again. even families who have stopped talking to one another, it's time to have a conversation with your loved ones, even if you disagree with them. make sure they understand you're worried about their health. try to be empathetic. don't yell at them and be nasty. people have been disillusioned and gas lit and don'tnd it. it's not their fault they listened to their president. for the last 250 years, our leadership has been fairly reliable. it was not so in the last four. >> such an important point reaching out to bridge those divides from a position of empathy, not judgment. that might help turn this tide. carl cameron, appreciate it. >> thank you. arizona's 2020 election results, casting doubt. fact check next. where did the coronavirus come from? the biden administration changing its tune. ♪
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continues to move along, despite having found no proof of voter fraud. the man heading up the audit is now claiming more than 70,000 mail-in ballots were cast with no record of them being sent. >> i hi highly recommend because it's one way to know for sure whether some of the data we're seeing, if it's real problems or whether it's clerical errors. for example, we have 74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no clear record of them being sent. >> let's talk now with daniel dale, our fact checker. first off, anything that that guy says i treat with a lot of skepticism, the cyber ninjas guy. fact check this for us. >> even if you're not an election conspiracy theorists, you may hear this and think that is weird. how did they end up with 74,000 mail-in ballots they don't have a rrd of being sent out. the fact is that that didn't
5:31 am
happen. these are in-person early votes. let me break it this down as clear lace possible. one of them are ballots requested by voters, one is ballots submitted by voters. ballots requested stops getting updated october 23rd of this year but ballots submitted file keeps getting updated with in-person votes until ten days later. you have thousands and thousands of in-person votes between october 24th and the day before the election where there won't be a correspondent corresponding entry on ballots requested. mr. logan made it sound intentionally or just because he didn't understand, this is a great tens of thousands ballots and president trump seed on this to make is sound like there were 74,000 magically appearing b ballots. these are in-person votes and there's no mystery.
5:32 am
>> you have the ex-president amplifying it with these highly specific statistics that are almost surgically designed to create doubt. how dangerous is that, the am ly a amplification. >> we saw the january 6th insurrection at the capitol and it's dangerous to democracy, this ongoing effort to not believe this country runs elections fairly when, in fact, it does. former president trump is lying much more about the 2020 election than any other single subject. >> than any other single subject. daniel dale, thank you for beingy bringing that to us. is coronavirus natural or is it man-made? what the biden administration is now saying next. and who is targeting dozens of journalists and activists all over the globe with spyware? we'll tell you next. [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit the biden administration says it now finds the theory
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that coronavirus left a wuhan lab to be just as credible as that it developed naturally. this is an inkrecredible shift m the white house. josh rogan, author of "chaos under heaven" has been extensively covering the investigations into the origins of the coronavirus and steven goldstein, virologist at the university of utah, push ing bak hard against the lab leak theory. mr. goldstein, let me start with you here. this weekend the nation's top doctor, anthony fauci, on cnn, here is what he said. take a listen. >> i, together with many highly qualified vaccinologists and virologists, i mean, including a recent paper by 21
5:38 am
internationally renowned virologists and evolutionary biologists from all over the world indicate that although we keep an open mind, that it is possible that it could be, as they say, a lab leak, that the most likely explanation is a natural evolution from an animal reservoir to a human. >> so, steven, you're one of the virologists contending there is more evidence to suggest natural spillover from animals to human than a lab leak but the biden administration really changing the equation of likelihood. what do you make of fauci's comments and the biden administration's new positioning? >> i agree with dr. fauci's comments, of course, particularly since he cited our paper as one of his lines of evidence. with respect to the biden administration, what i've seen on that front was there wasn't any new significant evidence but that opinions were shift ing sh. i'm not exactly sure why.
5:39 am
but i hope people will take a look at the science available and look at the open source data in front of us and our belief is that it's much more likely this came from an animal. >> all right. josh, counterpoint, the biden administration making this admission halfway through this 90-day intelligence review. what does that tell you? what are your sources telling you about this incredible statements that tha really does shift the equation? >> right. anthony fauci and dr. goldstein are entitled to their opinion. there are plenty of scientists who agree with them and plenty of scientists who disagree with them, including robert redfield, former head of the cdc and david baltimore, former president of caltech who take a look at this virus and say there's plenty of indication it might have been linked to the lab in some way and we need to check out the lab. a lot of people say okay, the scientists all disagree, there's no scientific con sense, let's check out both theories and see where it leads. and then, you know, as for the
5:40 am
biden administration, what cnn reported was not had an they changed their opinion based on no evidence because we don't know that. we know they're engaged in a review of the tinlgs, both the open source and nonopen source. they have access to a lot more information than me, than you, more information than steven goldstein. we don't know that there's no new evidence. that's not correct. we don't know what they're finding. they've got a lot of resources. it's not just about the science either, right? they have intercepts, intelligence, and human sources. what we know from what the biden administration released is that they confirmed that the trump administration is reporting that there were researchers hospitalized with covid-like symptoms and another side of the lab that they were doing research with the chinese military. there's a lot of stuff we don't know. i think we should not jump to any conclusions and say either side is more likely and say honestly we don't know and have to check out both theories. both are plausible.
5:41 am
that's what the biden administration is trying to do. as they're doing it, if they find that the lab leak theory is c coming out at least as likely as the natural origin theory we should look at that seriously because it's not just about the wonderful science dr. goldstein and his colleagues are put ting out but all the other things that go into the forensic investigation of how we got into this mess and the actual science is one small part of it. >> steven, to that point, you say it's vastly more likely that it begins from nature rather than a lab. but you also cite, based on open source information, the data we have to date, given that you're fairly certain that's the case, why do you think that china refuses to share information critical data and information that could help us come to a conclusion? if they weren't covering up something, why are they hiding it? >> the chinese probably are hiding things. the argument that they're hiding things with respect to the lab is one side of this. the best evidence we have of
5:42 am
them hiding things relates to wildlife markets. w.h.o. investigation reported they were told by chinese officials there were no live mammals sold at the market in wuhan and particularly other markets. in fact, we know that was false, categorically. a paper was recently published by chinese wildlife researchers who found at four markets in wuhan tens of thousands of animals were sold up to november 2019, including animals we know were susceptible to sars-cov-2. the things they're hiding doesn't relate specifically to the lab. it's across the board and trying to skew a link between this virus and wildlife markets perhaps. >> josh, you know -- >> i would like to say -- >> please. >> the w.h.o. investigation that already took place extensively investigated the wildlife market theory. tens of thousands of animals
5:43 am
were tested. zero were limpinged to the coronavirus outbreak were found and the investigation, which was done jointly with the chinese government was not allowed to investigate the lab in any serious way. they took down the database in december 2019. they've not allowed even the w.h.o. investigators to look at the data. i don't know what the preponderance of the evidence is, but there's a lot of covering up going on in the lab. i think everyone can agree. and the head of the w.h.o. is the one who said it most clearly, premature push to dismiss the lab link there. that's what he said. taking issue with his own w.h.o. study team. we have to remember that the chinese government disavowed the wuhan market theory. cdc said the market was not the origin event but amplifying event. we need to look closely at what the chinese government puts out because they shut down the science and little science they
5:44 am
do put out has to be viewed with a skeptical eye because of the system they have there. it doesn't really matter which one you like. it doesn't matter which one you think in your heart of hearts is true. we have to investigate both of them. we haven't investigated the lab and i think the biden administration is trying to do the that the best they can. the sign actives are like, don't look at the lab. don't look at the lab. we have to look at the natural origin theory and the lab leak theory without any biases whatsoever. >> stephen, to be clear, if i may, you've got the chinese cdc saying it wasn't in the wet market. to your larger point, they have been been exactly reliable narraters. given the history of lab leaks we've seen in epidemiology, why do you think that's a door that should be largely closed? >> i think in our paper we said it can't be entirely dismissed and we certainly welcome the biden administration's review. the question is, where are we going to focus our efforts? the truth is that this event
5:45 am
looks a lot like sars coronavirus 1 in 2002 which wasn't linked to animals until 2003 and the markets weren't closed. that's why that work. josh, unfortunately, is misinformed on a few points. there was animal testing done. no indication that any animals were tested that were in wuhan markets in fall and early winter 2019, because the chinese government claimed that those animals didn't exist. it turns out they did. cover-up of this virus database that was deleted in december 2019 was, in fact, deleted in september 2019, which means if you think that's related to the pandemic, it would have to be some sort of preemptive cover-up since the virus likely didn't emerge until november. it doesn't really make a lot of sense. >> i want to give josh a chance to respond. >> robert redfield said on cnn he believes the first cases date back to the fall, september, october. well-meaning scientists like
5:46 am
stephen goldstein and robert redfield disagree, i'm happy to hear that stephen goldstein said don't close off either investigation. so i would like to thank stephen goldstein permission to look into the lab leak theory and then figure it out. we can talk again once we've actually done that. i appreciate stephen goldstein's endorsement of that. >> if we can get to chon ground that's great. i want to make sure you consider that a mildly fair characterization of your position. if you haven't closed the door entirely, do you think there should be more investigation to determine the true origin, is that correct? >> we certainly think tlrkd be more investigation to determine the true origin and we think those should focus on animal sourcing because to not do that or focus on that would cost us the opportunity to find out r it very likely started. dr. redfield's comments, josh's claim it started in september
5:47 am
2019. >> not my claim. >> colleagues of mine have studied this closely and determined it most likely emerged in november 2019 based on scientific analysis that josh hasn't done. and i don't think dr. redfield, frankly, has done himself either. and i just take issue with josh repeatedly referring to this as an opinion. the paper we put out is a scientific analysis. people are certainly entitled to disagree with it for both scientific or other reasons but it's not just our opinion. this is decades, hundreds of years of collective experience we brought to bear on this, examining both arguments for how this may have eemergencied and finding pretty convincingly that it most likely emerged via animal source. doesn't mean we can't take a look at the lab as suggested. to weight that as heavily as an animal origin, we're going to miss finding out the truth if we do that. >> we've got to move on. we'll continue this conv
5:48 am
conversation. we need all the information to come out and to view it without fear or favor. josh rogin, stephen goldstein, light and heat from you both this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you, john. also new pressure on the supreme court's senior liberal to retire. fascinating conversation and insights coming up next. [♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. introducing aleve x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at pressure is mounting on justice stephen breyer to retire while joe biden can appoint a justice to take his seat. let's listen to amy klobuchar. >> it was very clear he had two reasons, one was his health and two the court. you have to be concerned about the makeup and how you get a
5:53 am
justice on the court with all of the manipulation that mitch mcconnell has engage in. so that would lead me to say sooner rather than later. he makes his own decision if he's going to retire, but if he's going to retire, it should be sooner rather than later if you are concerned about the court. >> cnn's joan biskupic is with us now. this is kind of a change, is it? what do you think? >> senators have been going back, especially members of the senate judiciary committee that senator klobuchar is on, because law professors, liberal advocates have been writing col columns, taking out ads saying would you please retire, please? and so members of the senate and congress have held back a little bit, most of them certainly. but what she did was took these comments that justice breyer had said about what factors he was weighing. he told me he was weighing his health and the court. and, you know, when justices refer to the court they think of the institutional integrity, its
5:54 am
image in the public eye. she turned the lens of it to mitch mcconnell and saying look what mitch mcconnell has done to the court. she didn't say it, but she's referencing, of course, 2016, when they majority leader mitch mcconnell blocked merrick garland as president obama's appointee to succeed the late justice antonin scalia and then 2020 with only a few weeks to the election that donald trump lost, he sped through the appointment of amy coney barrett. she used the word manipulation. that's a word that plenty of democratic senators would use. what they fear is that if justice breyer waits too long, the senate could flip and have a republican majority and, once again, we would have these maneuverings. justice breyer has heard this. and he has heard it before. and right now his head is in a different space. he is the senior liberal on the left now because of the death of
5:55 am
ruth bader ginsburg and has more of a chance to influence the internal debate and i think he's feeling pretty good about where he's at. >> your interview was fascinating about is driving the conversation. but people are people. he's looking at this through a personal lens to some extent. how is that in and out outweighed in even his mind with the responsibilities to the court and balance given the recent reversals and situational ethics we've seen? how is the personal consideration not look small compared to the institution? >> theoretically, the senate should stay in democratic hands through next year, next spring, june and july, a year from now, which would make that a better window for him perhaps, because he would get another year as the senior justice on the left. and it would still be several months before the midterm elections when the senate could potentially flip to the republicans. i think that's part of his calculation. although, i don't know.
5:56 am
>> he likes his job, avlon. >> he does. >> why not? thank you so much, joan. great to see you. >> thanks. we've got growing covid conc concerns at the tokyo olympics. an american gymnast testing positive days before the games. among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. (brad) apartments-dot-com ha scoured the earth to find the most listings. and that means the most pet-friendly listings for pet loving renters. so you might say that we've brought more joy to more sweet, innocent and adorable little creatures than any other site. (employee) ow, stop it. (brad) with the most listings, you'll most definitely find the most-right place on apartments-dot-com. (brad vo) watch out, juice box. (brad) apartments-dot-com. the most popular place to find a place.
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very good monday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. poppy has this morning off. we begin with a degree of threat to the u.s. and countries around the world as we see a new uptick of covid-19 infections. days before the start of the tokyo games and coronavirus now inside the olympic village, a limited number. four athletes have tested positive. this, among the


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