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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 19, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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♪ hello i'm brianna keilar alongside john avlon on this "new day." >> good morning. >> happy monday. great to have you here. it's four days to go and the pandemic is already disrupting the olympics. there are more positive tests overnight. problems are mounting for
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athletes arriving in tokyo. plus, as president biden says facebook is killing people with vaccine disinformation, an e.r. doctor says he blames fox, not his unvaccinated patients. a capitol rioter learns his fate today. what could be a benchmark sentencing for insurrectionists. and the mysterious health attacks targeting american diplomats seem to be getting worse where the so-called havana syndrome has struck again. ♪ good morning to viewers here in the united states and around the world. it's monday, july 19th. opening ceremonies for the tokyo olympics begin in four days. the games are already taking a troubling turn. there are 58 coronavirus cases
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linked to the event, three athletes who are living in the olympic village just tested positive. two from south africa, one from the czech republic. and as has american tennis star coco gauff, she's out of the olympic games. >> tokyo reported over 1,000 new cases for the fifth day in a row. capital currently under a covid state of emergency until august 22nd. selena wang is live in tokyo with the latest. selena? >> reporter: well, olympic officials are saying that despite all of these concerns they can't guarantee there won't be any positive covid-19 cases but what's important is their response which they're confident in. but we're only seeing grows challenges for these athletes. we just confirmed a female gymnast on the team usa just tested positive for covid-19 at her pre-training camp. in addition to that growing number of cases inside the tokyo olympic village, a czech beach
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volleyball player, several players on the south african soccer team and also just learned that 21 close contacts of the south africa soccer team are now in isolation as well and coco gauff just adding to the growing list of high profile athletes who are pulling out or staying away from the tokyo games baecause of testing positive for covid-19 or citing concerns or the lack of spectators and not having their friends or family here to support them. it's critical these covid-19 cases do not spread in the olympic villages where thousands of olympic participants are going to be living. this is far from the usual celebration and place where festivities that you would see during normal olympics. it's very much this anti-social sanitized bubble. for these athletes, it is not just this stress of training for these games, it's also the risk of losing the chance to compete, of having to isolate. and for everybody involved, these games are incredibly
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complicated. i've been living here in japan, i'm tested regularly. i have to fill out a daily health check with the app everyday. but the public is not convinced. i'm outside of the national stadium and i've been talking to residents here. there's this mix of anxiety and some excitement to watch these on tv, although one woman told me she still hopes these games are cancelled. i've even spoken to olympic volunteers in recent days who say they are concerned about the direction that the tokyo 2020 games are going towards. >> just want to ask you about that american gymnast. what does that information mean for the rest of the team? >> reporter: we are just getting new details now, but we are learning there are also close contacts. this could mean they have to be in isolation. they're in this pre-training camp that is not here in tokyo. it's in a neighboring area so this could have ramifications
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for when they can start either training here in tokyo. it depends when they can get cleared for this. all of this has ramifications to potentially derail opportunities for competition to win these games. >> it sure does. it's a troubling trend to say the least. thank you very much. we also have british prime minister boris johnson self isolating this morning after being exposed to covid and massive protests in france over new covid restrictions. cnn has the pandemic covered from around the world. >> reporter: i'm nic robertson in london where today the british government will lift the last of the remaining covid regulations on social distancing, face masks. they will no longer be mandatory, they will be optional. the british government facing a rising spike in infection rates close to the highs of earlier this year. the prime minister himself isolating because he came in contact with his health secretary before the weekend who has covid-19. the concerns in britain at the moment so many infections, so many businesses will be
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impacted, so many people will be forced to self isolate at home. >> reporter: i'm jim bittermann in france where anti-vax nation protests were active this weekend with nearly 100,000 taking to the streets nationwide. the french parliament is to begin discussions this week to provide the legal framework around president emmanuel macron's announcement that his country men will soon have to carry health pass testing to vaccinations against covid or negative covid tests. without it the french will face increasing restrictions over the next two months including being barred from cafes, restaurants and eventually some job. despite the anti-vax outcry, opinion polling indicates that large majority of france support the government vaccination program, perhaps because the infections here are on the rise again. >> an emergency room physician says he blames fox news and
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other right wing media outlets for disseptemberive propaganda negatively impacting some patient's decisions about getting the covid-19 vaccine. in an op-ed, i don't blame my patients for their refusal. i do blame fox news and the other right wing media outlets for poisoning the minds of millions of americans. we must do what science and evidence tells us work to defeat covid-19, wear a mask, get vaccinated and stop watching fox news. dr. rob davidson an e.r. doctor and the executive director of the committee to protect healthcare, a patient advocacy, it's a patient advocacy group made up of medical professionals nationwide. i don't call it fox news, i call it fox because it isn't news as we have seen here during the pandemic some of this stuff, dangerous stuff that is coming out of there. but explain to us why you said what you did. that you don't blame your patients, you blame fox. >> listen, i've seen several
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covid patients now every shift for the past week and every single one of them has been unvaccinated. when i see other patients i offer them the vaccine. i try to talk to them about the vaccine and so many of them are just shutting down the conversation. i had one patient tell me they're afraid of the ingredients in the vaccine. i asked, well, which ingredients, well, i don't know what's in it. and we're in a highly republican area, about 40% vaccination rate, 70% voted for the former president. when you see what's being put out there on the air waves, what fox and other organizations and then that is shared on facebook and it just hits that echo chamber, it's undeniable that these messages are getting through to patients and they're avoiding something that can prevent them from getting extremely sick or potentially dying. >> is there any specific misinformation that they're citing? or is it sort of vague as you just described, that you asked someone, you probed their concern and it turns out they don't actually have a concrete concern? >> it's extremely vague.
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it's just -- some people it results in them getting very angry and they just shut down the conversation. they don't want to talk ability. it's just inexplicable from a healthcare standpoint. i've been doing this for 20 years when someone comes in with a chest pain and i recommended a noigs the hospital, i don't get this kind of resistance because they're relying on my expertise, my training, my knowledge of the issues. but with this one disease we have a huge number of people getting their information in so many other places including fox and others it's just going completely against what we, as healthcare professionals, are telling them to do. >> you write, one predictor of vaccine refusal is fox news viewership. you also note they should listen to their family doctors for medical advice not sean hannity whom researchers connected to higher infection rates. that is frustrating that they're not listening to you when it comes to covid. that is the advice i think of a lot of public health officials. they say listen to the doctors. but it sounds like that's going
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unheeded. >> it is. and my wife is a family doctor. we talk about this nearly everyday after her days in the office. she spends half of her day talking about vaccines and some people get frustrated. listen, just like i recommend mammograms and other screening tests, if i didn't talk to you about this and then you catch it and get extremely sick or die, i'm going to lose sleep over it. i'm going to feel bad about it and feel like i didn't do my duty. so, you know, bless the primary care doctors who are doing this everyday with most of their time with their patients unfortunately. >> what do you think needs to be done to combat this misinformation? >> well, you know, i've said it in the piece and i believe it if people would just turn off fox, turn off other media channels, turn off facebook and just go talk to their doctors that would get us there. but short of that, it really is going to be those private personal conversations with people's family doctors -- take care of our health needs and their families. you know, it's not going to work
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in every case. but it will in some of the cases and slowly i think we'll get to a point where we get enough people vaccinated where we can see our way out of this, i hope. >> we certainly hope so. dr. davidson, we'll let you go. you have a shift to begin, so thank you for joining us from your car this morning. >> thanks, brianna. a capitol rioter today learning how long he will spend behind bars and what could be a benchmark for other cases. plus, two more texas democrats who left the state to protest a voting bill have tested positive for coronavirus. and president biden makes a make or break week for his economic agenda. we're now learning what concerns the americans most. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that!
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♪ a man from florida who stormed the capitol during the january 6th ininsurrection scheduled to be sentenced today. paul hodgekins will be sentence fard felony. cnn's whitney whield is joining us now. i know you're watching this very closely for any indications of other cases. >> this is the beginning of the end so to speak because we're now getting into the phase where people are starting to plead guilty, starting to get their sentences. 38 years old of florida pleaded guilty to one felony count. he admitted to taking selfies as we walked around the desks in the senate chamber and worn protective goggles and gloves. he originally faced five charged related to him entering the capitol and the justice department ended up dropping all of the charges against the most severe charge the obstruction charge carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. he's most likely to serve a lot less than that, though.
3:16 am
he's probably serving 15 to 21 months will be the likely sentence, although the judge, of course, has a lot of discretion here. he will likely get some leniency because he accepted responsibility for his crime. but this does mark the first felony sentencing and might serve as an indicator for how judges here in d.c. perceive the impact of these crimes. >> i wonder, we know the dodge has not been prosecuting sedition insurrection. the fact that these charges have been reduced, is that is a sign of coming attractions how many of the rioters are expected to be treated? >> i think so. when you look at the volume of these cases are very likely to look like what is the most efficient charge that has the highest impact. the reality is they don't want to clog the court system with 500 cases all going to go to trial. that would extend these court cases for months if not years. so i think what you'll very likely see is in some cases where people have really gotten the book thrown at them, looking for cooperation, not the case in this case. paul not coop right, however, he
3:17 am
has admitted to -- he admitted to some of the crimes. he's accepted responsibility for it. so in that case prosecutors are recommending between 15 and 21 months. again, i think here they're balancing what is the impact of the crime versus what is the most efficient thing, what serves the greater good in the court system here in d.c. >> stay tuned for that sentencing today. whitney, thank you so much. coming up, a critical week ahead for president biden's agenda on the next two big ticket items on his economic wish list. plus, more on our breaking news. an american gymnast has tested positive for coronavirus just four days before the olympics begin. so what does this mean for her and the rest of the team? next. ♪
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♪ later this morning, president biden will make another public appeal for a
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bipartisan infrastructure plan which faces its first votes this week. that is in addition to a $3.5 trillion budget resolution with many details there still to be worked out. joining us now are john harwood and arlette saenz on this. it's great to see you both this morning here in studio. >> welcome. >> nice set. >> where are we on these agreements? >> well, really this could be a make or break moment for the biden white house this week as so much of the president's domestic agenda hinges on these two infrastructure packages. senate majority leader chuck schumer really set these deadlines for wednesday. one to get democrats all on board with that $3.5 trillion plan, but we have already heard from some democrat who say they are just not there quite yet. senators like democrat joe manchin. one more closely watched is that bipartisan infrastructure
3:23 am
proposal. as of right now, they don't have those final details ironed out especially when it comes to how to pay for that plan. that's like a really important component of this. >> that is. >> that senator rob portman already said they have taken that one irs, tougher irs enforcement off the table relating to that plan. so there's a lot that needs to get hammered out in the next two days. portman and other republican senators saying they don't feel they should have an arbitrary deadline, but the white house has been optimistic they'll be able to get something done by that bipartisan proposal that has been on rocky footing since the beginning. so there's quite bait that needs to be ironed out. >> this is the testing time. this is the key element of biden's effort to do infrastructure. they're still whipping votes. republicans -- the fact that portman is backing off saying enforcing existing tax rules will not be part of this bill, that seems stunning to me they're still counting votes at this late date. >> what they're really trying to figure out is do the republicans have the will to see this
3:24 am
through. the people who negotiated that bipartisan deal. there's going to be heat from the right and from right wing media on whatever kind of compromise they make with democrats. are they willing to stand up to that heat? the irs enforcement, this tougher irs enforcement which was going to provide a very large chunk of revenue for this package, that was attacked from the right. irs-goon squads or whatever and the republicans backed off. is there another revenue source that they will be able to take the criticism for more? chuck schumer by setting this wednesday deadline will try to figure out how serious are they? if they're not, democrats will move with that democrats-only path. >> that is just stunning that the new standard is not just no new taxes but no enforcement of existing tax law. but they're still insisting it be paid for. that's a catch 22 any way you count. >> infrastructure, of course, is
3:25 am
very popular, but there is this concern and very much shared on the left you infuse the economy with trillions of dollars and perhaps you're going to see inflation. there's a poll that talks about this for npr and pbs news hour that came out last month and inflation is the number one concern for americans when it comes to how they are worried about the economy. >> one of the things that the fed and white house economists and outside economists say over and over is we've never before shut down an entire economy and reopened it back up. when that happens, it's going to be bumpy. places that don't open up as fast and supply doesn't mean in demand. we're seeing inflation like we haven't seen in some years, more than a decade. we saw that in the month of june. and the question is, is this something that's going to last for a short period of time? are we in for a long-term inflation cycle of the kind that many economists got used to and
3:26 am
saw as a huge plague on the economy and say the 1970s and beginning part of the 1980s. the white house doesn't think so. but, when you see gas going up, when you see housing going up, when you see costs of automobiles going up, that's something that people feel and the biden team is going to -- they're doing whatever they can to try to smooth out the bumps. they had a meeting on friday with representatives of the housing industry and labor unions to try to say how can we ease bottleneck so you can build houses faster, cheaper. they're trying to move things in and out of ports more quickly. so it's a challenge and they're going to try to plow through it. we do have big growth and unemployment is down so most of the economic news is good. >> warning signs on the horizon for sure. i have to ask you about lindsay graham throwing out this threat really that he might flee washington in order to deny democrats a quorum on this reconciliation bill. is this just a troll reflecting
3:27 am
on the texas democrats? or is this something even remotely credible. >> yeah. i think this is lindsey graham, one man, saying that this is something he could do. we have not heard that republicans are planning to band together to try to leave and flee washington the way the texas democrats do. it's not surprising from senator lindsey graham to throw something up like this that we're not seeing any other republicans join in. >> do you think this is actually going to happen? what do you think? >> lindsey graham might leave town, but we haven't heard that any other senate republicans. >> there's no broad support. what do you think? >> members of senate like to leave town. they leave town as soon as possible. are they going to try to unplug the senate in that fashion? i don't think so. >> john harwood, arlette saenz, thank you so much. still ahead -- >> so texas democrats trying to fight back against voting restrictions now finding themselves battling covid. >> quite a few of them.
3:28 am
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♪ all right. republican senator bill cassidy of louisiana is blaming the low vaccination rates in his state on the biden administration and democrats. take a listen. >> people are surprised when citizens don't trust government, when you have partisan comments coming out of the white house regarding next jim crow laws or people like senator schumer and the white house not cooperating on a bipartisan bill, oh, here we're going to be partisan but over here you better trust us. that just doesn't work. >> there's a lot of dots to be connected there.
3:33 am
joining us now to connect is capitol hill reporter melanie zanona. >> cassidy is a responsible guy, provaccine, a doctor, voted to condemn the insurrection and connecting all the dots and saying biden administration and democrats are to blame low vaccination rates? >> he represents a state with really low vaccination rates. this is a new talking point on the right is to blame biden. donald trump issued a statement over the weekend saying something similar and even among cassidy, is a doctor who has been preaching about the safety of these vaccines there's so much politics. yet republicans are refusing to look at their gop colleagues spreading dangerous information about the vaccine, refusing to call them out. part of the reason is because they do not feel comfortable with the idea of censorship on tech platforms. that's a rallying cry in the gop. so what we're really seeing is
3:34 am
politics seeping in in every corner of this debate. >> i want to ask you about some cancellations that we saw in orange county, california, matt gaetz and marjorie taylor greene have been having these american first rallies and they scheduled them but then they were cancelled by the, i guess, places that were supposed to host them. what do we know about that? >> yeah. these are very far from their districts, right? matt gaetz represents florida. marjorie taylor greene is in georgia. look, i think these speaking tours and rallies, trying to get attention. marjorie taylor greene doesn't have committee assignments back in congress, gaetz is under federal prosecution. so they're doing rallies. i can just see them fundraising off of this. i think for them this is just going to feed into their narrative that the left is canceling them.
3:35 am
unfortunately as we have seen with the fundraising reports, being extreme and being outrageous san effective fundraising tool. >> to be sure. we saw their supporters take to the streets after the cancel cancellations. is that why these cancellations are a political benefit to them, not just the fundraising numbers but raises their notoriety? >> in some ways makes them martyrers. you saw their supporters rallying in the streets. they have been on twitter talking about this. for them, it's no skin off their backs. >> liberals say orange county kind of pretty purple, historically conservative, and they cancelled on them, but maybe they want to watch what they're saying. may not be all bad news for gaetz and marjorie taylor greene. i want to ask you about something that we saw jim clyburn say. this has to do with voter id laws which have been a major sticking point when it comes to bipartisan agreement. look, there is some dispute over exactly what makes voter id or what makes it the -- democrats
3:36 am
and republicans don't see eye to eye on the details here. let's listen to something clyburn said a claim he made about where democrats have been on the issue. >> what i spoke about was allowing an id, a picture id of a driver's license to be good but an activity card to be no good. that's the kind of voter id law i'm talking about that's unfair. i said that all of my life. i don't know why you disrupting what i said. i have never said you should not have voter id. no democrat has ever been against voter id. >> what do you think about what he said? >> well, that's just not true. democrats, clyburn included, compared voting ids to voter suppression in the past. but he's talking about the nitty-gritty here and what he is doing is opening the door to a smaller scale voting rights package. that's because it is clear that democrats are not going to be able to challenge -- it's going to be very difficult to challenge these state laws in
3:37 am
the courts and also clear that blowing up the filibuster in the senate is not an option. if they want to pass some form of voting rights, smaller scale, something more narrow. they have to find compromise with republicans. >> is there any sign, it's a significant concession, part of the manchin proposal to try to scale down voting rights, that this concession to republicans on voter id, is being accepted or welcomed by republicans? any sign of hope that that might -- >> as of right now, the dynamics have not changed on capitol hill. they're trying to pass the john lewis voting rights act, actually, in the house, which is again a very small scale, sure up a key provision of the voting rights act that had been gutted and even that has one republican co-sponsor in the senate and they need ten. they're a long ways away. >> happy monday. thank you for joining us. we have two more texas state house democrats traveling to washington, d.c. last week and they have tested positive for bringing covid.
3:38 am
bringing the total number of infected lawmakers to five. democrats are part of delegation who fled to texas to prevent the state's gop-led house from passing a restrictive new voting law. they're in d.c. to urge senators to pass a federal voting rights bill that would undue those state restrictions. ben gallagher joins us now. >> reporter: at this point, this is simply going to move a lot of their plans virtual. but in speaking to some of the members and speaking to the organizers, right now the plan is to still keep this quorum breakup by staying out of the state of house. the house authorized arrest warrants to compel them to come back to the house and finish state business. it's not really something that can be enforced outside of the state of texas. the goal remains to stay out of the lone star state until this special session ends. but these covid cases are complicating things,
3:39 am
specifically their ability to try to do this sort of influence campaign on capitol hill. now, those five members who have tested positive, i'm told that all of them were vaccinated. according to the house democratic caucus, they said all of the hdc members who tested positive are feeling good with no imp toms or only mild symptoms. now one of those members, san antonio representative tray martina fishers, one of the organizers of this trip, he confirmed on sunday that he was one of the five who tested pos fift postive for covid-19. he only has mild symptoms, fully vaccinated, of course, and tested negative on friday and saturday. now, he said he's going to quarantine until he receives a negative test. they have a whole slate of things that they were expected to do this week, including speaking with civil and voting rights advocates this week and that's being moved virtual. as far as the rest of their stay potentially in washington, d.c.,
3:40 am
they have raised quite a bit of money to put themselves up for the duration of this, but whether or not they're going to be able to continue this campaign, of course, is still in question now due to covid-19. >> diane, thank you so much for that. really appreciate it. several u.s. officials in vienna reported having mysterious symptoms, similar to havana syndrome. new cnn reporting next. plus, jeff bezos will attempt to fly into space tomorrow. and cnn talks with him just ahead of his trip. among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. ♪ pakistan is denying accusations that the daughter of the afghan ambassador was kidnapped, calling it an international conspiracy. now, afghanistan is withdrawing
3:45 am
its diplomats from pakistan over this incident. cnn's anna coren live in hong kong with more. anna? >> reporter: yeah, john. there are so many questions that remain unanswered in relation to this case. what we know is that on saturday the ambassador, his daughter cecelia, was abducted while in a taxi. she was taken to an area. she was beaten. and then she was released several hours later. as a result, the afghan government, as you say, has recalled all diplomatic staff back to kabul. they're due to land in the next few hours. pakistan has described this as unfortunate and regrettable, but the interior minister of pakistan has said that this is an international conspiracy, that india is behind this. we know that there is no love loss between india and pakistan and you have afghanistan spak
3:46 am
smack bang the middle. it's one of the situations that just goes to the show that the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan is not just going to destabilize afghanistan, it is going to potentially destabilize the region. obviously china is concerned about what is taking place in afghanistan. pakistan, itself, is concerned about what this could mean as far as the pakistani taliban is concerned. we know that the afghan president has accused pakistan of harboring, providing a safe haven for afghan taliban, but then there's all the other terrorist groups that could potentially gravitate to this part of the world if they're not there already. the kidnapping, the assault of the ambassador's daughter, we don't know who was behind it. we don't know what the message was, what the warning was, but all we know, john, is that the afghan government reacted very
3:47 am
quickly and that they said that diplomatic staff will not be returning to islamabad until the security threat is addressed, john. >> horrific story with implications for the entire region. anna coren, thank you very much. ♪ we have breaking news, a u.s. olympic gymnast testing positive for coronavirus in tokyo as organizers struggle to contain the virus while the world's biggest sports event plays out. hundreds of people in western europe have lost their lives in devastating floods following days of historic rain fall. cnn is live in one of the worst ravaged towns. ♪ sometimes you gotta refresh be fresh. welcome to the eat fresh refresh. refresh where there is so much new, some say that it can't fit in one ad. i say... ...we're talking a new all-american club, deli-style oven-roasted turkey and... oh, that's the new steak & cheese. oh yeah, i knew that. that's the one with the new... ...seasoning.
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3:52 am
havana syndrome. kylie atwood is here in washington with the latest developments. tell us what you've learned about this. >> well, this is pretty stunning news because what it demonstrates that these mysterious attacks we have heard about that started initially in 2016 on u.s. diplomats who were living in cuba are actually continuing and not only just continuing around the world but there's this new cluster of cases we're learning about. as you said, about two dozen u.s. diplomats, u.s. intelligence officials and other government officials in vienna reported they are experiencing symptoms similar to this havana incident. what those symptoms are disneyness, nausea, sudden vertigo and sometimes this piercing noise they're hearing in their ears. and so, the state department says that they are looking into this. i want to read you what they actually said to us about this incident, saying, quote, in coordination with our partners across the u.s. government, we're vigorously investigating
3:53 am
reports of possible unexplained health incidents among u.s. embassy vienna community or wherever they are reported. now, there's still questions, though, right? the state department says they're looking into this. they know the cia has a task force also looking into this, but what i'm curious -- so that's one thing i'm trying to learn a little more about. and the problem is, what more can they really do to defend against something because we don't know what is causing these incidents and don't know who is the perpetrator. a lot of current and former officials who say russia is behind this. that is not something the u.s. government has definitivety said yet. >> one of the things that is just remarkable about this story is that there is so little that is known about where this is coming from. where do you go from there? how do you stop it with that? >> it's an unseen attack, right? it's not something you can see with your eyes which makes it scarier. >> thank you for that, kylie. the death toll in western
3:54 am
europe from severe flooding has risen to 200. at least 163 people died in germany following torrential rain fall that swept through the country and authorities say hundreds are still missing. in the southern netherlands, thousands of people remain evacuated after a river rose to levels not seen in over a century. sam kylie is live in germany. sam, what are these recovery efforts look like amid this unbelievable devastation? >> reporter: well, as you say, the devastation is quite hard to take in. if you get a small sense, this is the river. you can see it's low now, fairly low numbers for summer. look at the river when it was draining away, flash flood snapping over these older trees as if they were sticks of broccoli. it was at least twice the height above me, maybe three or four times. and that was water that was drained into the river basin from much further up river and
3:55 am
much further into the country side. this was the result of 6 inches of rain in the space of 24 hours. flash floods. this is the key part here that the european flood warning system knew these floods were coming. they did warn the governments of belgium, of germany. there's now a great deal of controversy, particularly here in germany, over why more wasn't done to get these early warning systems translated from a government level down to street level, at least in some of the views professor hanna cloak of redding university, part of that system who helped set it up, it's simply unforgivable. the other aspect which is clear to these side of specialists is that what other people may say, this is a consequence of climate change. the issue is how do you cope of future floods of this nature rather than the aftermath of them. >> more damage related possibly to climate change. sam kylie, thank you very much for joining us from germany.
3:56 am
"new day" continues right now. ♪ hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside john avlon on this new day. breaking news, american athlete testing positive for coronavirus in japan, just days before the start of the olympic games. and facebook hits back hard after joe biden accuses social media companies of spreading deadly disinformation. and breaking now the biden administration pointing the finger at china for a massive ransomware attack. and get ready to blast off. what amazon founder jeff bezos is saying this morning to cnn ahead of his trip into space. ♪ welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is monday, july 19th. wonder to be with you, john
3:57 am
avlon. a member of the u.s. women's gymnastics team has just tested positive for coronavirus and reminder here that opening ceremonies are still four days away. that is not very far off. >> this is a cascading problem. this is something to watch. >> i think we're waiting to see where this goes because already there's at least 58 coronavirus cases linked to the event. three athletes who were living in the olympic village, of course, where all the athletes are, have also tested positive. two from south africa, one from the czech republic and u.s. tennis star coco gauff out of the olympic games. >> cases are spiking across japan. tokyo reported more than 1,000 new cases for the fifth day in a row on sunday. cities currently under coronavirus state of emergency for the next month as it prepares to move forward with the olympic games. but joining us now from tokyo, christine brennan. christine, it's good to see you. what more do we know about the
3:58 am
u.s. gymnast who tested positive? and what implications does this have for the entire team? >> reporter: john and brianna, this is a bomb shell. this is huge news and it's coming as you mentioned the week of the opening ceremony. it's kind of what everyone feared. and here it has happened. as the prefecture reported, a u.s. gymnast teenager has tested positive. for covid. now, we do not know the name, but we no this, my colleagues of usa today are busy reporting this, as am i, and we know that all six of the regular members of the usa gymnastics team including simone biles have been on their social media showing themselves in the olympic village. this is after the news of the positive test. so, we don't know it for sure, john, but we do believe that that would at least indicate that they're still all in the village and that if one of them had tested positive the thought would be that they would no
3:59 am
longer be in the village. again, we do not know who it s but that's what our reporting is with usa today and obviously we're on top of this story here in tokyo. >> of course, you are. as we're looking at this develop, christine, you know how closely when it comes to training, when it comes to living that these athletes would be. so, as john called it a cascading problem, if one of these gymnasts has coronavirus, what will the protocol be for the teammates presumably all of them or at least some of them who have been in contact with this gymnast? >> reporter: if it's an alternate, that alternate has not been with the regular members of the team, brianna, the way those teammates have been together. and we don't know that yet. but again, because all the others have shown themselves in the village today, we wonder then could it be one of the alternates. but immediately they are isolated. they are quarantined. we talked with the -- one of the head experts, health experts,
4:00 am
with the international olympic committee on covid. he was talking about getting them out as quickly as possible, getting them away, continued testing and obviously there's contact tracing. and for me, this has been the story of these olympics over the last three or four months. contact tracing. the idea of who has been close to these athletes, as you just mentioned. who has been near this person. can they be contact traced? and horrible horrors in the terms of sports, brianna, can they be contact traced right out of their event? now, we are far ahead in this conversation of where this news story is right now. but that's where this is going to go over the next few days. and obviously it's something that these are the stories that we expected. and now unfortunately they're happening. >> and the u.s. gymnastics team so iconic in many ways really the symbol of the u.s.'s participation in these olympics. that kind of a contact tracing regime could be devastating to the events and the athletes


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