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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  July 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that's what we're going to be looking out for once this presidential funeral wraps up going into next weekend. >> appreciate it. thanks. the news continues. want to hand it over to chris for cuomo prime time. i am chris cuomo. welcome to prime time. deep denial. now we made ourselves sick. that is the story of america and the pandemic. and we are writing another dark chapter right now. all 50 states and washington, d.c., all of us are reporting rises in new covid cases from a week ago. that's the first time it's happened since january, all 50 of us. 38 of them are seeing at least a 58% increase. hospitalizations way up, deaths up. why? two reasons. one, the obvious. we're out, we're in contact. we knew this would happen. the second one we have to focus on, the real problem. the hope was the vaccine would even the stakes.
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but once again america's making her sick by not taking it, and too often for bad reason. proof, case rates are highest in which states? those with the lower vaccination rates. a pandemic of the unvaccinated according to the cdc. and which states are those? red ones mostly. the delta variant overall hitting red states hardest. that's where the majority of the vaccine hesitant reside. among them florida. white house says 1 in 5 cases came from florida this week, 20%. what's the governor there doing? desantis is hawking don't fauci my florida merchandise, beer cozies, t-shirts. why? covidiocy. he's banking on people going bad on being told what to do, on listening to those people, they don't like trump. desantis got vaccinated early on, so did trump and his family.
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developing the vaccine in record time was trump's signature contribution to the pandemic, the fruit of operation warp speed. so why aren't he and his followers pushing it among the faithful? take a listen. >> we are delivering millions of doses of a safe and effective vaccine that will soon end this terrible pandemic and save millions and millions of lives. it is truly a christmas miracle. >> so why isn't he getting you to buy and use and take -- it's free -- this christmas miracle? now this is his response to pushing it. >> they all want me to do a commercial because a lot of our people don't want to take vaccine. you know, i don't know what that is exactly. republican -- i don't know what it is. >> you don't know what it is? just like you didn't know who david duke was or any of the bad actors who back you?
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mr. trump has selective amnesia when it comes to knowing about what he doesn't think works for him. the question is why does trump think the vaccine is not in his interest when he created it? maybe it is because he's not getting the credit for any progress now because it's not on his watch. so there's nothing in it for him, and he is better served by division. maybe that's why he's okay with letting his people bad mouth his signature achievement with deadly disinformation. a lot of maybes. here's proof of them. >> the government was hoping that they could sort of sucker 90% of the population into getting vaccinated, and it isn't happening. right, there's a -- younger people -- >> who applauds not getting vaccinated? people who have been misled that it is good for them not to take it.
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this past weekend when a speaker noted the biden white house hasn't reached its vaccination goal yet, what do you see? what do you see? you see trump is happy about it. my team did a rough count from six of his public appearances since the election. he mentioned the election around 221 times, vaccine about 39. and not -- you know, forget about just the numbers. it's the quality. in those 39 overwhelming he just said i did it, i did it, i did it. but he didn't push taking it. now, what does that tell you? trump seems to have it both ways. takes credit for making it and takes advantage of the division that's keeping his people from taking it. more and more people are going to wrong way because they are unpro unprotected after buying into the b.s. so president biden today specifically took aim at social media companies like facebook for not doing enough to
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spread the anti-vaxxer b.s. listen. >> the trump people, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they're killing people. >> it's a hefty charge. let's take it to the better minds, smerconish and dr. lena wen, "lifelines, a doctor's journey in the fight for public health." good to have you both. smersh, help me. he creates the vaccine, look operation warp speed was great. republican, what? why? >> she's sacrificing one of the best arguments that he has. because by your own statistics and anecdotally i can bear that out because i've watched most of those appearances, he really doesn't assert himself out and take credit to the full extent. why is that the case? i think to the extent there's
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any strategy involved here and i don't know if there is, he's always been about motivation and not persuasion. he's always been about doing what it takes to motivate the hard core, to get out there and be supportive rather than to try and get people to meet him halfway and win hearts and minds. so in this case i think he believes he would appear soft in front of those fringe types that he wants to keep inside the tent. so he's willing to forego mention of operation warp speed so as to keep them happy and stay out of the fray. one other thing, chris, ask yourself this if even if he were to do the psa, even if he were to implore his followers to get vaccinated, would they necessarily follow? i have my doubts. >> he said go down to the capitol and make sure they know we're here. they sure as hell followed up on that request. so taking the vaccine is lot easier than attacking the capitol. america's confidence in u.s.
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institutions like the medical system declined. 2019, 2020, 2021, you take a look at it confidence in the medical system, you know, 36% in 2019, 51% june 2020, now coming back down again june 2021. so that's a battle within the battle, right? >> yeah, i mean we're facing misinformation and disinformation on a lot of fronts. but just to follow up on what michael was just saying, i think that he's right. i mean, president trump -- former president trump had plenty of opportunity to convince his followers earlier. and what i'm concerned about is that there is this narrative out there, the most common reason i say i hear from people about why they're not vaccinated is they think there's more to fear from the vaccine than there is from the virus, which obviously is totally backwards. i mean this is a deadly virus. the vaccine is what saves your
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life. and i would hope that the information from doctors would make a difference, politicians would make a difference. i hope so, but i actually think it's a bit too late for that. i think we need to take dramatic action in the form of ultimately vaccine mandates. >> quick question to you, dr. wen, 49% of people in a recent poll who haven't taken the vaccine say it being fda approved would help with that. i said i know but if it is approved it must have efficacy and that gives people comfort. do you agree sph. >> i do. i think the full approval would make a huge difference for two reasons. one is that there are some people whom call this vaccine experimental. obviously it's not experimental. it's been given to hundreds of millions of people. it's just fine. it should be frankly approved at
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this point. but having full approval would take that argument and that arrow out of the quiver. and the second reason there are lots of workplaces and schools that have not gone to vaccine mandates because they aren't sure they can without full approval. so that would also allow for a lot more people to be vaccinated who are on the fence right now. they don't know -- they're not really opposed to getting the vaccine but they need that extra push. and that kind of mandate and full approval would do the trick. >> looking at desantesantis dow florida, he's a smart guy. he was doing the vaccine thing early on. is there advantage in playing up this don't get vaccinated movement, don't let big brother tell you what to do, the left is sneaky, fauci looks sneaky. do you think there is advantage for that on the right? >> i do. if you're asking me i think that there is, and the data i would point to is you were talking about those areas of the country
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where vaccination lags behind the national average. you know, chris, if you did sort of an overlay of the 2020 election results and the vaccination rate you'd see a hell of a lot of similarity. so it would help, i would think, desantis to be the don't tread on me guy in primary season. whether he could sell that to su su suburbanits and win a general election that remains to be seen. >> once you get rid of the restrictions and the masks come off we see how many people get science infections and good old stomach viruses again, right? we haven't seen those for a year or so. we expected that. the hedge was the vaccine would take up the slack and help people not get sick. it's not happening. and now you're seeing the cases come up which is the concern for fall. >> well, i was hoping we could get through the summer. my prediction is that we would have a good summer and we'd see cases potentially surge again in
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the fall. it's already gotten bad and we're only in the middle of july. and i have to go back to what you and i talked about a while ago, chris, which is that the cdc really made a big mistake here. by saying that fully vaccinated people can take off their masks but not having any way to verify this and just saying we need to trust the honor system. people are not behaving honorably. the unvaccinated are basically saying well, it's open season for me, i can do whatever i want as well. and as a result we did not incentivize people to get vaccinated. it was exactly the opposite. these restrictions got removed, people are doing whatever they want to. and unfortunately, we are seeing surges as as a result. now it's going to be really hard to put the genie back in the bottle and that's what i'm afraid of. these states they need indoor mask mandates now, and that's not going to happen so we're going to get more preventable deaths. >> it's not easy to mandate something that's not fda approved. that is an issue. probably private businesses can
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do it, states could do it. i just don't think they have the leverage. what do you think happens if the cases go really high and people start suggesting at the federal level you may want to think about significant measures again, you're seeing them in california. do you think people would go for it? >> i'm a little disappointed that i walk around with my wallet possessing a vaccination card, proof of vaccination. i've never had to show it, and i'm leading a pretty active life and including, you know, flying several times in the last few weeks. like dr. wen i'm a bit disappointed. look, you know the rules at cnn. you know that coming back to work standard that's been set. i have the same thing at the law firm where i'm associated, chris. i like it. i like the fact you have employers and private industries saying, you know, without regard to a religious or medical exception, our expectation is you're going to be vaccinated. can i give you the statistic of the week?
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the statistic of the week is every patient hospitalized in los angeles county this week for covid, unvaccinated. or said differently, no vaccinated patient was hospitalized in all of los angeles county this week for a covid-related ailment. that's the kind of message that needs to be sent i think to the unvaccinated. you're taking a hell of a risk. >> i was talking to somebody on the radio today, and i said, you know, ask yourself how much can somebody care about you if they encourage you to not get vaccinated? just think about it. just think about what that says about that person and whether or not they care about you. michael smerconish, dr. leana wen, thank you both. have good weekends. be well. look, from the beginning i really thought, boy, was i wrong that the pandemic would be the great uniter, right? collective will out of common concern. what else was it? should it have bever been about
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red and blue, just life and death. but the vaccine political divide and just as real as the pandemic itself. i don't believe you, too good-looking. okay, let the wizard of odds show us the proof. the numbers next. i'm good-looking. it wasn't about you. ♪ ♪ ♪ easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at how do we get more people to take the vaccine? some people say stop asking them, you're making them nervous. you're feeding into their paranoia by pushing so hard. how about a pop star? how about the nation's most famous doctor? will that work? the white house is banking on it with a new psa. take a look. >> wear your mask and get your vaccines. live in concert in the first row. get your vaccines. i'm so excited to tour one of these days. >> if i tell you the greatest concert i've ever been to you're going to faint. the reason is i'm so old it goes back to the late 1950s at the
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paramount theater in new york city, which was a motown concert with the temptations, the four tops -- i'm sorry. i'm a really old guy. >> that's incredible. >> i want to get a needle. dr. fauci and olivia rodrigo, tag team, cross the generational divides. look, anything can help. but it probably is not going to be enough. this is about politics. it's about poison politics. it's about division. it's not just about ignorance. it's at a level now that even trump changing his tune might not have an impact. i personally don't believe that, but we're never going to know because it doesn't seem he has any interest in getting you to take the vaccine that he pushed originally. the wizard of odds harry henton says forget about cuomo, listen to the numbers. all right. red, blue divide, what do you
6:20 pm
see? >> here's the situation. if you look at the counties -- we always talk about the states but look at the counties that voted for biden, look at the counties that voted for trump. back in april they had equivalent vaccination rates but then in may you see a widening that biden won starting to get vaccinated at higher levels. and right now there's an over 10 point divide in blue counties versus the red counties, and it just gets larger every single day, chris. i go back and look at the numbers a week ago, two weeks ago. llt by little the blue counties move up and the red counties although they move up, it's just a tiny fraction. >> turns out this is going to be very, very local if you want to shift it. you get doctors pushing the vaccine, you're better off having rockstars. >> that's exactly right. look at who eroded republican trust. 70%. look at dr. anthony fauci, just
6:21 pm
15% of unvaccinated republicans trust him as a source for vaccine information. he is not really speaking. you know he speaks to the people who already have gotten the vaccine. what we need is to make sure this is localized, that this is in doctors offices which the biden administration is trying to do. and by putting it in the doctors offices the doctor can convince them. give them the shot the same day as soon as they talk to their doctor. it's our best chance. >> now here's harry's favorite part of the show. it's called cuomo is wrong. i believe that trump would make a difference. you say take a look at the numbers, dummy. what do they show us? >> what they show is just look at the people who are unvaccinated. if trump strongly urged you to get the vaccine, would you be more likely to get it? just 15% of the unvaccinated said, yes, they'd be more likely to get it. even among republicans it's just 20%. i think oftentimes we say the
6:22 pm
republican base will just go where trump tells them. i don't think that's necessarily the case. oftentimes it's about trump reading the base, and that i think is part of the reason why he's not come out and said, you know, you should go get vaccinated with as much vigor as-of might expect. he has said you should, but i think part of the reason is he can feel the base. part is he knows it won't work with them, and he doesn't want to be quote, unquote a loser. and these numbers tell you why. it's because most republicans they don't even want to listen to donald trump when it comes to the vaccine. >> harry henton, you've earned a good weekend. thank you very much, wizard of odds. >> thank you very much, my friend. and have a good weekend as well. there's a big investigation. it's into the product of the big lie, which is what? in this case the arizona fraudit. my next guest lives in maricopa
6:23 pm
county, a two two trump voter. he was for this cyber ninja count initially but now he's against it. i want to talk to mr. broomhead, real name, i want to talk to him about what he thinks needs to change. next. [sizzling] i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock.
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we're about to learn a whole lot more about what the cyber ninjas are up to with that so-called audit in arizona. the house oversight committee is now investigating. and an arizona judge just said documents including who's paying for this thing are public record. all this after doug logan, head of cyber ninja and conspiracy theorists after almost three months of infrared light and hunts for bamboo fibers, they're still not done. you really have to wonder what
6:28 pm
arizona republicans who thought this was a good idea when it started, what do they think now? let's ask one. mike broomhead, host of the mike br broomhead show on ktr radio. it's good to have you, brother. welcome to primetime. >> thanks for having me. >> just quickly take us through why you liked it and why you don't like it now? >> the democrats thought something that happened and the election was stolen, so both sides of the aisle had at one time or the other not had faith in the election system. state of arizona said we're going to do an audit of our elections here. i thought if we could put a state stamp of approval on it one or the other let's get answers. so i didn't have an issue to begin with. but it was everything that happened after that started to get me to not like how it ended up. >> and where do you think it is now? >> i think it's too one-sided. you know, the example i used earlier today was from a
6:29 pm
republican point of view i thought it was one-sided what adam schiff and jerry nadler were doing with the investigations. i thought it was a partisan investigation. when you hire a company who said before the audit they believed the election was stolen, when the head of the cyber ninjas is going on a documentary that's saying the election was stolen in the middle of an audit and you're only allowing a network that is a right leaning network to have a pool feed for all of this, you're only speaking to one crowd. and i thought that was the wrong thing to do. >> what have you learned about how people have gone bad on you by just speaking the truth about this? what does it tell you what used to be that side of the ball? >> i think it happens on both sides. when you get into twitter and when you get into social media, there have been a lot of people that have been angry about it. i understand the passion, i really do. if you align with someone most of the time and all of a sudden they're a loud voice against something you really believe in. so i don't take it too
6:30 pm
personally because most of those people don't know me anyway. and the people who do know me, they call me and ask me. and those are the people i care more about what they think than the ones who don't know me. >> let's talk about where we are. were you surprised when you found out i wanted you on my show? >> i was pleasantly surprised. i try to bring on as many voices that disagree with me because i think it's a good conversation. so yes i'm surprised and pleasantly surprised. >> i get my butt whooped for having on people from the right on a regular basis. the audience's response is generally to the fringe that you speak about, why do you give these people a chance to lie? and i say not everything you disagree with is a lie, by the way. you can disagree with somebody and the their position, doesn't mean they're lying. how do we get out of this mess, brother? how do we get out of this? >> i think the best way out would have been to come out with a report that said here are some
6:31 pm
things we found that could be done better. i think that would be the only way out. but what they're saying now is more innuendo. and that was my biggest fear that even at the end of this we're no better off than we were in the beginning. in arizona we have six huge statewide races coming up in 2022 including the governor, attorney general and senate seat. so there are big races we should be focused on, and we're going to be going into 2022 the way this looks with the big audit. >> what do you think about the bigger battle? we have people not getting vaccinated and too many of them are not getting vaccinated because of some political position. >> well you know what's interesting is the numbers i've looked at it's a little different than politics. i was fully vaccinated my very first opportunity. i went out to our cardinal stadium, state farm stadium and was there at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning on my two visits to get it done. but i don't ever push people to
6:32 pm
don't do what they think is right for them. i think they're not worried about getting the virus. the new information i think about this variant and how contagious it is, i think it may motivate people especially if they've got kids to get vaccinated. >> if that's all it is, if it's circumstanc circumstantial, why do you think there's a growing gap in the counties that biden won versus trump? >> i can't answer that. i can only look here in arizona with the department of health services and it's still that 24 to 44-year-old age group getting it and spreading it in the largest numbers, but it's also the group that's got the lowest number of vaccinations. i focus on that in talking to those people without being condemning if they don't do it, and trying to convince them they've got to do what's right for them but take a look at the numbers. >> what's your sense what happens to your party going into the mid-terms and what the campaign is about? >> unless somebody can come in just specifically in arizona,
6:33 pm
unless there are people that can bridge this gap of people like myself who were detractors but would agree with them on 90% of the issues. which is interesting. if you and i talked issues over a beer we'd find a lot of things we disagreed on but a few things we'd agree on. >> broomhead, is that your real name, by the way? >> yeah, that's my real name. i'm glad you clarified that you weren't making fun of me when you introduced me. >> listen, i didn't want to start off in a deficit. i hear this a lot. what positions -- i'll be honest with you. i do not have the intellectual curiosity to often form positions. to me i test them, and smof the things i do think more deeply about usually have more consequences. but for me it's just testing whatever is in front of me. but what is your sense about where we would not agree? >> probably maybe second amendment issues. arizona is a very, very lenient state on firearms. i've been a firearms owner my entire life, and i like the laws in arizona. i think we have a very safe city
6:34 pm
here in phoenix, and i think we've proven just because you have lenient laws for law-abiding gun owners that it doesn't make your place more dangerous to live. maybe that one. >> hold on, let's go one at a time. i am a gun owner, by the way. you probably didn't know that. most of you guys don't. but do you believe that all sales should be checked to make sure that people who are getting them should get them? >> i think most of the sales already are, but, yeah i don't have an issue with checking to make sure people are legal gun owners. i think a better way to solve the problem is theid databases that are used when they do the background checks should be updated. >> i agree. do you think people who don't -- first of all, you've got to do better with the paperwork like you just said. do you think people that don't get secure their firearms and they get used in a crime should be charged as well? >> it depends. now that's circumstantial. i don't know of all the circumstances. i live by myself but i have five grandchildren.
6:35 pm
i have guns in my home accessible to me just in case. i'm not paranoid. but when my grandkids come over everything gets put away and make sure it's safe for my grandkids. so i understand the need for safely keeping guns, but are you talking about guns that are stolen or -- >> if they're stolen it's irrelevant. i'm saying if they're not properly secured and somebody gets them which happens in a lot of shootings involving minors, often with parents you don't see that. they don't usually prosecute them because the people have usually suffered enough. on one other bucket, do you believe there should be limitations on the types of firearms people should get? so if you can get something what they call a big magazine, what they call assault rifles? >> i have no problem with people getting those. so you can buy a corvette, you can buy a maserati, you can buy a car and then when somebody does something horrible at a high-speed and kills people we
6:36 pm
don't blame the car. we blame the person on the gas pedal. so i don't i a problem with that. i would say to you my definition would be this. if local law enforcement has a need for a weapon in order to fight crime i might face that same criminal and i should have access. the ar-15 to me is no different than any other platform of rifle. it's the person holding it. >> there's one problem with the metaphor. a car is designed to do many things. a weapon is designed to do one. >> right, it is. >> and that becomes the issue. do you need that kind of weapon to keep yourself safe when it puts people at such an advantage over police. it puts innocent people at such a disadvantage, creates such a killing circle and so much ability to kill. >> so let me offset that with you remember the case in texas a few years ago where a man with an ar-15 went into a church and murdered people? he was hit by a person with the exact same rifle that was a good
6:37 pm
guy with an ar-15. so how do uknow when you're going to need that rifle? and it's only dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. it's not dangerous in the hands -- like you said you're a gun owner and i am as well. we are no more dangerous when we're armed than anybody else. it's the dangerous people we should focus on getting the weapons out of their hands, all weapon. not just ar-15s but any weapon, any rifle, any gun. >> you know what the difference is? if we saw politicians having the discussion this way imagine how different the country would feel right now? not a single insult, not a weird face, not this broomhead is an empty head, this cuomo is this and that and they add homnms that's the problem. let's have a rolling conversation going forward as we get into the issues becoming relevant and the takes as we go forward. i want to pause and see if i'm
6:38 pm
right about what your party nationally is going to do. they pushed the big lie nationally. if they push the vaccine and you don't need to take it, if they play those games nationally i think we're going to have a problem. but i'm going to wait and give them a chance to prove me wrong. and when we start seeing what the battle lines are, i'd love to have you onto talk about what the reasonable lines should be. >> all right, and i would love to have you on my show. >> done. i hope you have a good weekend. is that you in the picture behind your own shoulder. >> no, my middle brother tom was killed back in iraq, that's a memorial portrait of my brother. >> i respect your family for the service. the entire family serves, the entire family grieves the loss. i'm sorry for the loss of your brother. i respect his service and appreciate the service of the entire family. be well, be blessed and have a good weekend. >> you, too. listen, i believe in that conversation. i know a lot of you saying right now oh, please you don't need
6:39 pm
one of -- he's not crazy, though, is he? it's not like he's got tobacco dripping out of his face and all these other stereo. types, right? you don't look at me and think gun owner, maybe you do. the point is if you do it with decency you don't wind up as messed up as we are right now. now, proof of performance. this immigration ruling today. dreamers are in trouble. a federal judge says the daca program that protects dreamers is illegal. and by the way, reading the decision this is a lousy legal basis that obama created out of what he felt was necessity. congress needed it to do it right. they never have. hundreds of thousands of undocumented young adults who are busting their ass to make it in this country and doing everything the right way, they're just like your kids and mine. and they are now in a bad place. will congress take action? i say, nope. let's discuss next.
6:40 pm
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bolo, be on the look out. the fate of hundreds of thousands of undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers once again in limbo tonight after a federal judge ruled in texas that the daca program that shields them is unlawful. the ruling was a response to a lawsuit brought by nine republican-led states including texas that argued daca placed an undue burden on their states. in his opinion drug andrew hannen, a george w. bush appointee, ruled that president obama exceeded his authority when he created the program by executive order in 2012. that is not a novel legal theory, by the way. the ruling does not immediately cancel current permits, but it bars future applications, and it puts those on the brink of renewal on shaky ground. right now 650,000 dreamers,
6:45 pm
people who were brought to the u.s. illegally as children do not fault them. you are wrong to do that. do you understand? do your kids make those kind of choices about where you go? it's about what they did once they got here, okay? some of them, some 200,000 of them are front line workers who helped us get through the pandemic. they're not drug dealers and bad hombres. they're people busting their butts to make it in this country. the criticisms on the left have been swift and there are promises of appeal. in the meantime texas democratic congressman joaquin castro and his brother are calling on congress to act. will they? i say nope. congress is the only body that can come up with a permanent solution for daca recipients through legislation. everyone said they love the dreamers, even trump said.
6:46 pm
of course we're going to take care of the dreamers. nobody does. so will the democrats find a way? if they don't, these rulings they're going to keep coming. and these people are going to be in bad shape. and it's wrong and we all know it. now, let's talk about wrong situations and how to make them right. president biden wants to help people from cuba, he says. the pressure on him to do that. what's taking so long? let's talk to a congressman in his party calling him to act now. why and how next.
6:47 pm
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or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. the people of cuba are taking to the streets demanding freedom, of course that's what they want the most. they are in a regime that's held them down for generations. what they need that can be delivered right now by the united states is food, covid vaccines, internet. the communist regime responding
6:51 pm
with aggression of course so do we go in with the military? do we take them out now? president biden says this is about the island nation that is less than 100 miles from our shores and this is what he says about it. >> cuba is a unfortunately a failed state in repressing their citizens. there are a number of things that we would consider doing to help the people of cuba but that would require a different circumstance or a guarantee that they would not be taken advantage of by the government. >> does that work for you? one of those who want more action in his own party, democratic representative from massachusetts, congressman jim mcgo
6:52 pm
mcgovern. >> good to be with you. >> why isn't biding pushing more and giving them medicine? how do they exploit medicine? >> i love joe biden. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't thank god he's the president and not the other guy. i'm disappointed by his response. two things need to happen. the cuban government needs to cut it out and respect the right of their people to engage in legitimate protests. i mean, the cubans as you pointed out are suffering. the people are hungry, there are medical shortages, the covid crisis is spiking. an uncertain future. the cuban government released those they arrest and turned the internet back on. the biden administration ought to do what the biden administration did and that is recognize our policy towards kau b -- kaucuba last many decades, sanctions have hurt average cubans. they haven't hurt the hard liners and cuban government,
6:53 pm
they have hurt -- >> you know what the push back is, remove the embargo, you reward the people control in the communist state. >> well, when we began to ease things under the obama administration, we saw a different thing happen. one is people were, you know, people were saying more remittances to their families. you saw people supporting small businesses that were growing in cuba. you saw more political space strengthening of civil society. all those things are good. all those things help pave the way for a better future for the cuban people. trump, i mean, biden at a minimum ought to reverse trump's additional sanctions, one of which makes it difficult for a cuban american son or daughter living in the united states to send remittances to their mother to help them get through the difficult times, that's a rotten cruel thing trump did. we have to be able to reverse it right away. the cuban government will take
6:54 pm
advantage of that, certainly we can figure out a delivery system to get it to the people who need it. but if we want to help the cuban people, enough of the cold war rhetoric. let get down to the business of formulating a new more constructive policy, one that actually helps the cuban people. >> why don't you just get them the medicine and food? you have 30 million astrazeneca shots sitting around. it's 90 miles off the shore. >> from a humanitarian point of view, we have to figure out a way to get them additional medical supplies. >> why hasn't it happened? we do it all the time. >> there is a shortage of syringes in cuba. >> we have them. >> yeah, well, you know what? we ought to do it. i called on the biden administration to respond in a very different way than some of my colleagues are talking about in the congress. but we need a dramatically different approach and again, the obama biden administration
6:55 pm
was on the right track which trump became president, he turned everything back and as a result, we see increased suffering on the island. >> difficult balance because when you show leniency, item bol boldens the government. jen pskai calling them socialist. just get them the medicine. let me ask you something else. d daca, what's the chance congress does anything? is there a chance? >> i hope there is chance. the house actually passed a bill twice to help provide a pathway to regularize the status of data recipients and tps holders and essential workers. we have a challenge in the senate but this is yet another reason why we ought to get rid of the filibuster. the votes are there. the number of democrats and even republicans would vote for this but we have this thing called a filibuster so it's another
6:56 pm
reason to get rid of it. >> all right. congressman, appreciate the straight talk. have a great weekend. >> you, too. all the best. >> we'll be right back. i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win. at carvana, we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms, with care and respect.
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i wish you every blessing and good health and have a good weekend. before you do, you got to get your brain food. laura coats now. >> i'll market that. brain food. have a good weekend. >> you, too, my friend. this is "don lemon tonight." the saturday truth this is america's gains against covid are quickly unraveling because now for the first time since january, covid cases are rising in all 50 states. and president joe biden is pointing the finger right at social media bluntly accusing the platforms of killing people


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