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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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general. republican senator rob portman of ohio and democratic senator amy klobuchar. until then, follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter. our coverage continues now with one mr. wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." we'll see you next monday. happening now, new data confirms what experts have feared for weeks. covid cases are now on the rise in every single american state. and now deaths and hospitalizations are climbing as well. also, cnn has learned that new york is working to gain the cooperation of a top executive at the trump organization as they build a case against the former president's company. and the tokyo olympics set to begin one week from today under the cloud of a surging covid pandemic. tonight experts say japan is dangerously unprepared to safely
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host the summer games. we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." and our coverage continue begins with disturbing new numbers, a dramatic rise in covid cases here in the united states. it has now reached all 50 states. erica, every trend seems to be heading in the wrong direction. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right, wolf. we are seeing cases rise in all 50 states. that's something we haven't seen in months. deaths, hospitalizations also up as vaccinations continue to split. one county health official from missouri telling cnn earlier today that she actually doesn't think we have seen the worst of it. and that it is fears like that that is promising this change we're seeing in southern
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california. masks back off in los angeles county where new cases are surging. >> anything is on the table, you know, if things continue to get worse, which is why we want to take action now. >> reporter: starting sunday, faces must be covered indoors, even if you are fully vaccinated. nationwide, new infections are up 67% in the last week, rising in every state and d.c. for the first time since january. >> the danger is as more unvaccinated people get infected and delta is so contagious, it's really transmitting at a speed that i haven't seen since the very beginning -- >> reporter: deaths up 26%. hospitalizations 36% in the last 7 days. the president placing the blame on facebook and other social media platforms were not doing more to stop the spread of misinformation. >> the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and they're killing people. >> reporter: the fda confirming
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friday it's prioritizing the review of pfizer's vaccine, noting it is among the agency's highest priorities. one official telling cnn full approval could come in the next two months. >> for some people the fda approval process may make a difference. but i do think that we have a fair amount of experience right now, a tremendous amount of experience that tells us that, again, the benefits of this vaccine far out weigh any risks. >> reporter: vaccinations are down 11% in the last week. tennessee, one of the states with the lowest vaccinations in the country, saw new cases increase 84% in the last week. florida accounts for one in five new cases in the country. some states now asking for help. >> this week at the request of the nevada governor, we are deploying more than 100 people to the state to help enhance vaccine access and support vaccine outreach efforts. >> reporter: as the administration beeves up its own
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outreach. >> wear your mask and get your vaccine. >> reporter: new questions about so-called breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated americans. >> and the reality is that no vaccine is 100% effective. fortunately these break-through cases are generally asymptomatic or mild cases. the vaccines do a tremendous amount of protecting against severe infection and death. >> a message she is sharing after losing her unvaccinated mother. >> i want people to understand that covid is not gone. i'm fully vaccinated, and i still got covid. but i recovered. the vaccine is worth it. >> reporter: on the heels of that change that will go into effect again this week end in l.a. county, that new indoor mask mandate that's coming back, there have been a lot of questions about other cities. here in new york city, mayor bill de blasio saying there are
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no plans to change course in the city. the city's health commissioner saying they will be watching the data in the weeks ahead but echoing what the mayor had to say that right now in new york city no plans to bring back an indoor mask mandate. >> we'll see if that changes. thank you very much. now to some new cnn reporting on the investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. our senior washington correspondent pamela birm is joining us here in the situation room. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, we know the covid origins review is underway. we learned that several senior biden officials, including biden's national security adviser jake sullivan, believed the theory that the coronavirus accidentally escaped from a lab in wuhan is as credible as the possibility as it emerges naturally from an animal to a human. this is from sources familiar with the covid origins review. this does not mean they believe the virus was engineered in a lab or was intentionally
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released, but rather it could have been studied in a lab and then escaped accidentally. but this is a dramatic shift from a year ago when democrats publically down played the so-called lab leak theory and president trump politicizing the virus. it is important to note this is the view of some senior biden officials involved with the intelligence review. there are scientists who study coronaviruses and who have investigated the origins of the pandemic who still say the evidence strongly supports a natural origin for the virus and that it's unlikely these scientists say that it accidentally leaked out of a lab. but from both the science and from an intelligence perspective, officials say they need more information from china. that's the bottom line. china, we're told, has not been any more forthcoming during this review according to the sources we spoke with. the white house has begun making public threats as well with jake sullivan using stronger language toward china publically for more
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cooperation and on thursday the director general of the world health organization said it had been premature to discuss the possibility that a lab leak spawned the pandemic and urged china to provide more information. in response to this, china's spokesperson said in a statement, quote, since the beginning of the pandemic, china has taken a responsible attitude in tracing the origins of the virus. the bottom line here, wolf, there still hasn't been any smoking gun evidence to lead to a conclusion. but it is worth noting these senior officials view the accidental leak just as credible as the national origin. >> as you point out, a shift from a year ago when they were saying something very different. pamela, thank you very, very much. let's get some more analysis right now. joining us dr. wen and the dean of the brown university school of public health. doctors, thank you for joining us. doctor, i want to discuss this
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lab leak theory with you in a few moments. take a look at this map. coronavirus cases are rising right now in all 50 states, while less than 50% of americans are fully vaccinated. did we ever expect we would be looking at this alarming map once again and seeing these images so soon? >> well, it's really unfortunate that this is where we are, but i have to say that many of us predicted we would be here right now, and we predicted this when the cdc released their guidance for fully vaccinated people that then lead to widespread chaos and confusion and the precipitous and premature ending of mask mandates. unfortunately, we didn't have enough people vaccinated at that time. the honor m is was not working. the whole idea was that vaccinated people would take off their mask, but if you were unvaccinated you had to behave as before. but unvaccinated people also
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said, well, i don't have any restrictions on my activities anymore, so we are now seeing this pandemic spiral out of control again. i wish the cdc would take a much more proactive role right now and make it clear that if you are fully vaccinated you are protected if you are around fully vaccinated people. if you are around people unvaccinated, it is a risk to you. it is important for not just the individual but for others around them, too. >> yeah. let's not forget that nearly half of the population is fully vaccinated. but more than half of the population is not fully vaccinated. that's where the 160 million americans who are not vaccinated and may potentially spread this disease, they could potentially get very sick and they could potentially even die. in l.a. county right now, the mask mandate is going back into effect. how long do you think it will be before mandates like that are reinstated elsewhere around the
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country? >> yeah, wolf. i suspect, as we see cases continue to rise in community after community that you are going to have more places put indoor mask mandates back in. indoor mask mandates are important. whenever you have a population that doesn't have a high level of vaccination and infection numbers that are rising, that is l. county right now. it is certainly missouri and arkansas and other places with low vaccination rates. i suspect you will see a lot of places putting in mask mandates again in the days and weeks ahead. >> i suspect you are right. one other thing i want to make sure we get to this point. the cdc director says this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. but even though unvaccinated people are the ones getting sick and potentially spreading this disease, this will impact all of us when all is said and done, right? >> absolutely. you know, because we all live in
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one country, one community, unvaccinated people are spreading the disease, but it is spilling over into the vaccinated through break-through infections. most people who have a break-through infection will do well, will do fine. but you are still going to have a few people get sick. so the way to bring this pandemic under control is to just substantially ramp up vaccination. if we could do that, we could put this pandemic behind us. we just aren't doing that fast enough. >> yeah. 160 million americans are still not vaccinated, and there is a lot of folks out there who could be spreading this disease. we're now learning as you heard that biden administration officials are considering the theory that the coronavirus leaked from a lab. they're considering that to be as credible as the natural origins explanation, which they originally held a year or so ago. what do you make of all this? >> i think we need more data. really what's happening is that the chinese government has not been forthcoming. and as a result, everybody is
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suspicious. now, we don't know exactly what they're hiding. maybe they're hiding information about a possible lab leak. i also suspect they could be hiding information about timing. what if it turns out, for example, that they knew about the threat of covid-19 prior to what they actually disclosed. so we really need a scientific process going forward, not a political process to determine what is the cause of covid-19. >> we need a lot more cooperation from the chinese in this investigation as well. thank you, guys, very, very much. controversial marjorie taylor greene says she wants to be on the special house committee investigating the january 6th u.s. capitol siege so she can defend, she says, the former president. we'll be right back.
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controversial congresswoman marjorie taylor greene of georgia says she's seeking a seat on the democrat-led activity to investigate the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. she tweets this. take a look. she says the republicans assigned to the january 6th committee should be the toughest fighters that will stand up to pelosi's witch hunt 2.0. the people know who the fighters are. i have asked to be assigned. joining us now to discuss this and a lot more, democratic congressman adam schiff. he's a key member of the select committee, also the chairman of the house intelligence committee. congressman, thank you for joining us. let me get your quick reaction to the tweet from the congresswoman. >> well, it's not surprising. you know, that's certainly where she's coming from.
3:18 pm
qanon conspiracy theory and an ardent trump defender. we hope that mccarthy will appoint people who are serious and interested in getting to the bottom of what happened on jan 6th, all the preparation for that tragic day, what happened on the 6th itself. but i fully expect that kevin mccarthy will do whatever trump wants him to do. i hope that's not putting on people who are fundamentally unserious and conspiracy theories. >> what do you make of mccarthy making the pilgrimage to visit trump yesterday as he's poised to make the selection for the january 6th committee. >> it is reminiscent of the pilgrimage he made to mar-a-lago before the election. he recognized the president's role in inciting the insurrection, but that gave way to personal ambition. he felt the party's future was with donald trump. that's where he wanted to make his future. so it is not surprising he would make his way to kiss the ring
3:19 pm
and show his feelty to donald trump. >> do you expect they will represent green or gates since speaker pelosi has the power to veto his picks, right? >> she does. essentially she has the power to advise as to what members he would like to see. but ultimately it will be the speaker's decision. i don't think it will be as obvious as that. i think he will put on staunch defenders of the president but not as obvious and subject to criticism for putting people on like marjorie taylor greene. >> in a series of new books, we're seeing a truly damning por trit of trump. wouldn't you like to see millie called to testify before the january 6th select committee? >> that's a decision we will make when we're fully comprised of members and have a chance to
3:20 pm
organize and scope out the investigation. but if we want to look into everything that went into that day, the efforts to overturn the election, the efforts to per pet chew wait the president's -- the former president's position in office if that contributed as we know it certainly did in part to january 6th. so we want to get the full facts. our goal is to produce a report like the 9/11 commission report that is objective and thorough. so we will follow the evidence wherever it leads us. >> let's get to the very disturbing coronavirus pandemic. very disturbing news, including coming out from l.a. county where the mask mandate is going back into effect in your county out there. listen to what the president said when asked about coronavirus misinformation. listen to what he said today. >> what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> they're killing people. i mean, it really -- look, the
3:21 pm
only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they're killing people. >> do you agree with the president? >> well, i agree that the platforms are going to have to do a much better job pushing out information and making sure they're not pushing misinformation that gets people killed. you know, i raised this issue with facebook and other social media companies years ago with respect to flu vaccines, and they did take action and they're going to need to take stronger action here. this pandemic is killing people. it doesn't have to be killing people. we could turn the corner on this if people would just get vaccinated. and to those that are watching, anyone who is watching who is still not vaccinated, please get vaccinated. do it for yourself, your family. don't be that guy that ends up dying because they wouldn't get vaccinated. so ask your doctor if you have any concerns. but, yes, the social media companies, all of us will have to do a far better job pushing
3:22 pm
information if we want to finally turn the corner on this awful virus. >> congressman adam schiff of california, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. coming up, there is new cnn reporting right now on discussions between new york prosecutors and a top executive at the trump organization. will that executive turn on the former president? you need only the freshest milk and cream. that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. not all 5g networks are created equal. it's clear to see. t-mobile is the leader in 5g. t-mobile. america's largest, fastest, most reliable 5g network. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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an important development coming in to the situation room right now. a federal judge in texas has just ruled that the obama era program known as daca is illegal and has blocked new applications
3:27 pm
that defer action for childhood arrivals program daca. shields certain undocumented immigrants who arrived in the united states as children from deportation. our justice correspondent is working the story for us. tell us what we're learning. >> reporter: this ruling came in minutes ago. a federal judge in texas ruling all new applicants to daca will be blocked. this is significant because it grants work permits and also protects people from deportation who were brought here as children. this is judge andrew hanan out of texas. he was nominated by president george w. bush. he has sided that texas that president obama back in 2012 overstepped his authority when he created the program, but this judge really short-circuited this program at this point that places 700,000 so-called dreamers. the judge here saying that would
3:28 pm
be unfair to all of those that have come to rely on it. the judge saying the program will continue for those whose applications have already been granted. of course, this is a major key for immigration and in particular for a biden administration. they have pledged to fortify the program. and, wolf, this will throw urgency to democrats in congress to legislate when it comes to daca and make sure this program doesn't go away because eventually those that are already protected under daca, they will have to renew under the program. if it is not in existence as this ruling says, it can be big problems for 700,000 plus. >> yes. the kids that were brought here, children, have only known the united states, have grown up in the united states and at issue what's going to happen with these people. thanks very much. let's get some analysis from jeffrey toobin joining us on the phone right now. jeffrey, what does this ruling
3:29 pm
mean from your perspective for the undocumented immigrants who are currently in the u.s. and protected from deportation under this daca program? >> well, for the time being, they are safe. but unfortunately for them, it's only for the time being because this judge who has repeatedly ruled against the obama administration, whether it's on the obama care law or here now with daca, he has been a favorite of conservatives to try to get democratic programs overturned. the issue now is what happens to this ruling as it begins to move through the legal system? because even though he said these 700,000 plus dreamers are safe for now, he has said the program is illegal. so as this moves through the court system, their status is more in jeopardy than it was before. >> will this make it more difficult, jeffrey, for the
3:30 pm
biden administration to actually strengthen this program through new legislation, for example, as the biden administration has promised? >> well, it does not limit the biden administration from passing legislation. the problem is they haven't been able to pass legislation. president obama tried to do it. president trump tried to do away with the program altogether. there is no doubt and the judge's ruling does not affect the ability of congress to pass a law to protect the dreamers. the issue in this case is whether a president, whether president obama or president biden, has the authority to do it on his own. that's what the president -- that's what this court ruling says the president can't do. the issue is can congress address this issue? they have failed repeatedly since almost doing it in 2013. but this ruling will increase the pressure for congress to do something about it. we'll see, of course, whether they actually do.
3:31 pm
>> we certainly will. all right. lots at stake. jeffrey, thank you very, very much. jeffrey toobin. also just coming in to "the situation room" right now, prosecutors on the trump organization tax fraud case, they are now trying to gain cooperation from a top company executive, chief operating officer matthew calamari. our senior legal affairs correspondent paula reed is joining us right now. tell us about the possibility that calamari can be flipped. >> that's what they're trying to do. the big problem is they don't have any cooperating witness from inside the trump organization. the controller testified before the grand jury, but this new reporting indicates this investigation is active, ongoing, and they are really focussed on trying to secure one of these top executives. now, calamari is one of a few folks at the top of this
3:32 pm
corporation. this is a guy who went from working security all the way up to coo. he has no incentive to actually cooperate, especially if he's not going to be charged. so could he be charged? both he and his son, who also worked for the trump organization, they are under scrutiny for possibly not disclosing some of the perks or benefits they got in addition to their compensation, subsidized rent and cars. we know that is similar to the charges filed against the chief financial officer and the trump organization itself. but when i asked his lawyer, his response is cooperate about what? they insist, their defense is he has nothing to cooperate about. this is a guy who is focussed on security. they argue he's not involved in financial matters. so at this point, it is not clear that prosecutors will actually charge him. if he's not charged, why would
3:33 pm
he cooperate? it is a big problem for prosecutors. >> that's a major job at the trump organization, clearly. >> absolutely. >> let's get some analysis from the state attorney for palm beach county, georgia. so what does it tell you, dave, that prosecutors are now trying to get matthew calamari, the chief operating officer of the trump organization, to cooperate? >> good evening, wolf. it definitely turns up the heat on allen weisselberg who is out there on an island by himself. the indictment of weisselberg and the trump organization, wolf, said there were two other employees who received substantial amounts of compensation in the form of lodging in new york city and car leases. that means those who unnamed employees would be subject to the same legal liability as allen weisselberg. and that calamari, according to reports, both live in trump apartment buildings. so it is no surprise that they
3:34 pm
would be grilled by manhattan prosecutors. i'm sorry. i had to use that pun. i guess it's better than being fried by prosecutors. >> i know you like doing that. dave, two years into this investigation, it still doesn't look, and you heard paula reed report this, it still doesn't look like anyone at the trump organization has actually flipped and decided to cooperate with the prosecutors. what else could prosecutors do in their search for this kind of cooperation? >> well, wolf, i think you have seen someone flip, jeff mcconnie, the comptroller. he testified before the grand jury and received immunity as a result. in the indictment, you had things that only an insider would have known, like the keeping of two separate sets of books. one for the irs and one certainly. i think you have seen someone flip. he just is not going to be facing any prison time. and it has been made public. if it is true, he was referred to in the indictment as unindicted coconspirator number
3:35 pm
one. there is more aside from that that prosecutors could do. they could indict the calamaris. they could get them to flip or go after the son barry who according to reports as the same legal lablt as the calamaris. i think there will be people who will flip and the heat will turn up on allen weisselberg. >> dave, we always appreciate your expertise. thank you very, very much. just ahead, we're getting new details coming in to the situation room involving the joint chiefs chairman blunt warning to former president trump against missile strikes on iran during trump's final days in office. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast.
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3:40 pm
despite his election loss. let's discuss with the former national security adviser to then president trump, john bolton. he's the author of the book "the room where it happened: a white house memoir." the new yorker mack zone is reporting that general millie worried that the outgoing president, the outgoing president trump would launch air strikes in iran to start a crisis that could keep him in office. he said, i'm quoting now from the article, if you do this, you're going to have an f'ing war. for the top general to be that concerned about the commander in chief, how astounding is this? >> well, unfortunately, it is not astounding. i was a strong supporter of mark millie becoming the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff because i knew we were in dangerous territory, and i thought he would be the kind of rock he has proven to be. he was very worried both about this wag the dog scenario from
3:41 pm
donald trump but also generally the misuse of the military getting involved in american politics, something our officers are trained not to accept. and having had the experience of the famous march across lafayette square in the summer of 2020, millie was acutely aware of the dangers, and i think he behaved in a proper and commendable way. >> when you became president trump's national security adviser, were you already concerned that the president -- the then president was unstable? >> well, i didn't think he was fit to be president. unfortunately, that became clear very early. and it became clear as well as i tried to explain in the book that what dominated his thinking was his own political wel well-being. so i was long gone from the white house by the time these events right after the election occurred.
3:42 pm
sadly, i think it's well established by that point. pushing back on some of general millie's claiming saying, and i'm quoting now, number one i have a discussion about bringing in the military or a coup, which makes sense, because i lost total confidence in him and the way he handled himself on our little walk to the church. i want to take a look back at what happened during that walk and what happened before that little walk to the church as peaceful protesters were forcibly removed. watch this. you could see them being forcibly removed. they were peaceful at the time. what did you think? >> well, you know, there is controversy about that. there is an inspector general report from i think the homeland security department that said that they were removed properly, unrelated to the walk across
3:43 pm
lafayette park. but i think what trump did in that walk was use senior advisers, including milley and mark elsesper who was then secretary of defense for his own political purposes. i know they felt uncomfortable. both later they apologized. they were in a very difficult position. but this was typical of trump who didn't know boundaries or proprieties if it got in the way of something he thought was for his political interest. >> we're now learning based on our reporting here at cnn, ambassador, that u.s. intelligence is warning that the taliban could soon have a strangle hold on much of afghanistan, maybe even kabal as u.s. troops are being withdrawn. do you share those concerns? what are the potential implications by this complete u.s. military withdrawal and nato withdrawal from afghanistan by the end of august? >> well, i think it is a potential strategic disaster. i think the risk for the
3:44 pm
situation in afghanistan right now is not that there is going to be a civil war between taliban and the current afghan government. s is that the afghan national army will just collapse. that moral is so bad as the u.s. and nato have gone as you say as we pull our interpreters and others that worked with us, people will will conclude we will not help them and they will be at the mercy of the taliban. what's bad for the united states is what comes after that. if taliban return to power, allow isis and al-qaeda to use their territory as a sanctuary, we could be vulnerable to another 9/11 attack. >> that's all very, very worrisome. ambassador bolton, thanks very much for joining us. coming up, experts say japan is dangerously unprepared for the summer olympics set to begin one week from today. stay with us. you are in "the situation room."
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making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. the olympic opening ceremonies are just one week away, but the surging covid pandemic in japan is raising
3:48 pm
serious questions about tokyo's ability to safely host the games. cnn's brian todd is on the story. >> reporter: the olympic games will not spread covid infections, at least according to thomas batch, president of the international olympic committee. he voices the utmost confidence that the summer olympics in tokyo will be safe, insisting -- >> the residents of the olympic village will be vaccinated and there is almost 100% of all of the ioc members and staff will arrive vaccinated here in japan. >> reporter: a doctor who advised the ioc on safety protocols does not share bach's confidence. >> it is like the ioc is the drunk guy in the bar determined to get behind the wheel of his car. he's always behind the wheel of his car. all we have been trying to do is to get him home without killing anybody on the way. >> reporter: this doctor says she and other medical experts
3:49 pm
gave the ioc safety recommendations in recent weeks that she says the ioc didn't take like installing extra strength hepa filters at its venues. >> the ioc's plan to open a window for a few minutes every half hour is just laughable. >> reporter: tonight so many trends in japan are going in the wrong direction. tokyo has just reached a six-month high for new daily covid cases, more than a thousand new cases per day for several days running. the city is on its fourth covid-19 state of emergency. only around 20% of the country's population is fully vaccinated. anti-olympic protests have been staged in major japanese cities. a recent poll showed nearly 80% of people in japan say the games should not go ahead as scheduled. >> i think they should cancel them. i think the olympics could become a coronavirus spreader event. >> reporter: that's exactly what dr. spar row is warning tonight.
3:50 pm
>> all the risk is there. if they don't do these things, we can predict what's going to happen. we will see more cases in tokyo and we feel that athletes can also take the experience back with them to unprotected and unvaccinated populations. >> reporter: but the organizers believe their medals will be placed on treys to be picked up rather than hung around their necks. the stakes are enormous if the covid surge gets worse because of the olympics. >> there is a strong possibility these olympics will do permanent harm to what is seen as the olympic movement, the idea the olympics are an event to unite people and bring people together. already these olympics have torn japan under. >> reporter: two prominent american athletes have been affected by covid. bradley beal and jerami grant have been placed in covid safety
3:51 pm
protocols. beal is out. six players on the yankees tested positive. three of them breakthrough cases, players who were vaccinated. wolf? >> brian, thank you very, very much. we'll have more news in just a moment.
3:52 pm
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if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. 3,000 years, three major faiths, one city. to understand the conflict in the middle east today, you have to know the complex story of jerusalem's past. as we prepare to debut the new original series, "j"jerusalem,
3:56 pm
city of faith and furry" i'm taking you to one of the most coveted cities in the world. jerusalem hosts some of the most holy sites in the world venerated by three major religious faiths, just yes m, christiane to and islam as well as the seat of the israeli government. >> beside the religious significance, it's the center of national explanation of two communities and palestinian community. >> this center of power and prestige in the volatile middle east is home to a diverse and resilient population as i've seen over my many visits to jerusalem over the years including after terrorist attacks such as the bombing of c the cafe in 2002. the people that live here refuse to let the terrorists win. the hallow ground is the back drop for violence and conflict to the region and the tensions between israelis and
3:57 pm
palestinians sadly show little signs of evadievading. these stories and so many others brought me to jerusalem as a cnn reporter. i've have been coming to this weeken for many years. i've learned so much about the people that live there and made deeply personal discoveries. it's part of my effort to find out more about my own personal roots. jerusalem today stands far beyond the original boundaries. walls built in the 16th century form the old city a u.n. designated world heritage site. the old city is divided into four quarters, muslim, christian, jewish and armenian. the temple is where the bible says king solomon built the first temple around 1,000 b.c. it was subsequently destroyed 400 years later by invaders. also located on the temple mount, the musk and the dome of the rock. nearby at the western lull where
3:58 pm
jews pray and commonly visitede tarries. it holds the site where christians believe jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. the armenian quarter is one of the quarters thousands armenians from modern day turkey fled to escape when president biden this year recognized as a genocide. beyond the ancient walls is a city divided by between east and west. east ja rus -- jerusalem came under control and palestinians make up a majority of the east jerusalem residence. the palestinian authority would like it to be the capital in a future state. west jerusalem is under israeli control since israel gained its independence in 1948. it hosts the israeli parliament
3:59 pm
and where president trump moved the u.s. embassy from tel aviv in 2018 officially recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel amid sharp palestinian protest. president biden kept the u.s. embassy there. west jerusalem is the location of the world renowned holocaust memorial museum. >> this is a place where we are trying to give back the victims their names instead of numbers. >> i always knew my grandparents were killed during the holocaust but it was in 2014 where i learned that my paternal grand parents died at auschwitz. >> it's important the names are registered here for generations to come. >> museum of remembrance and a lasting memorial in a city that witnessed thousands of years of history. join cnn this sunday night for the premiere of the new original
4:00 pm
series "jerusalem, city of faith and furry" at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific only here on cnn. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer "the situation room." follow me on twitter and instagram @wolfblitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next a prominent doctors warning to all dire americans, the delta variant is coming for us and our kids. more counties tonight bringing back masks for the vaccinated as well. former vice president mike pence acknowledging something tonight his former boss refuses to admit, and breaking news, a federal judge delivering a devastating blow to daca tonight saying the entire program is illegal. what does this mean for dreamers? let's go "outfront". good evening, i'm erin


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