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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 16, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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new hour. it's good to be with you. >> the head of the cdc calls the coronavirus pa pandemic of the unvaccinated. they're feeling the inkries of infections we're seeing in every state. more than 30 states are experiencing a surge of more than 50% or more this week as you can see by the deep red across that map. vaccinations are down to 300,000 a day. >> they have low coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk and community tsa are fully vaccinated are generally fairing well. >> the surge of new cases are offering this greater opportunity for variants to emerge. the world health organization is
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also warning of a strong likelihood of new variants which could be more dangerous and more difficult to control. we're going to go now to cnn stephanie elam in los angeles county where officials are bringing back mask man date even for those fully vaccinated. what led to this decision? >> the numbers. it's easy when you look at the data. it's really clear what is happening here. since the state reopened on june 15th, l.a. county said they have seen a 700%700% increase in num of cases coming through. june 15th it was half a percent. yesterday it was 3.7%. they are saying numbers are showing us that everything is going in the wrong direction. there's been 1,000 plus new cases every day for the last century days. that is why they are saying beginning tomorrow night, masks
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will be required indoors whether in a restaurant, if you're inside a store, go into the theater. where ever you are going, restaurants as well, it's going to be like where you sat down before, take your mask off after your order, that type of thing again. all of this because they are trying to slow down the transmission and this is for every one involved. you have a lot of people here who have gotten one shot. i think the actual number here in l.a. county for residents 16 and older is almost 70% that have gotten one shot. people need to remember they got to go back and get their second shot. getting the people to be fully vaccinated and nearly four million people in the county and that's ha they want to do. earlier this week just to let you know, the county also said every one who was hospitalized with covid was not vaccinated. >> when it's 100% of something,
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it really takes away the second g guessing of what's causing it. a significant step for the pfizer vaccine and full fda app approval. the fda just granted the company a priority review. >> a goal date has been set for six months, by january 2022. the fda could make the final call before that. a white house official believes the fda could announce the decision in a few weeks. they are on full display in two parts of the world. in the western united states there's high temperatures and drought conditions fueling these dangerous wildfires as you can see on the left side. more than 71 big wildfires burning right now. then in western europe, catastrophic flooding on the right side of your screen. this killed 125 people and more than 1,000 others ar e still
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unaccounted for. what are you seeing there? >> last time i was close to the river, we have moved slightly into town. you can see how widespread the dedestruction is. the water picked up cars and deposited them here. these are dining tables, beds. it's an incredible amount of destruction. there's still a lot of emergency crews coming through as well.
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unfortunately, like i told you before, i think that death toll is likely to rise. >> what a horrible situation there. thank you for that reporting. josh, you have to feel for these firefighters. i'm sure they are exhausted. how are they handling these at the same time? >> reporter: it truly is an all hands on deck in a moment right now. they continue to see the wildfires continue. they are seeing the large complex fires. 80% of the firefighters available are now dedicated to these incidents. it means that all federally qualified firefighters are now
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on stand by ready to assist and as we see the federal government responding, states are also helping out their neighbors who are learning this week the state of california is sending resources up to oregon to help that state battle the bootleg fire that continues to ravage so many part of oregon. just to give you a sense of where we are today versus last year, take a look at the graphic. this time last year there were nearly 40,000 acres burned here in california. today we're talking about over 140,000 acres. 100,000 more acres of blaze here in this state versus last year. it shows you just how widespread of an issue this is and as we see the compelling images, we cover so many of these fires. we also have to focus on the cause. take a look at this quote. while wildfires are a natural part of the landscape, the fire season in california and across the west is starting earlier and ending later each year.
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the firefighters that are out there bravely fighting these battles of sweltering heat with dozens of pounds of gear trying to triage whose home gets saved, whose doesn't. it's truly agonizing and stunning to this this is man made. experts continue to tell us this is real. >> we are watching it. thank you both. up next, some conservatives are up in arms over a white house effort to stop covid misinformation online. we'll get into the free speech fears. >> a big concern for a lot of people on facebook is that now this is big brother watching you. >> they are more concerned about that than people dying across the country because of pandemic where misinformation is traveling on social media
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this really is pretty frustrating. the map that we're seeing, all 50 states now see a resurgence of positive covid cases. cdc officials are convinced the surge is driven by unvaccinated
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americans. the white house is asking social media companies to help them combat covid disinformationmpei. the president was asked about this leaving the white house. >> on covid misinformation, what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> it's killing people. the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. they're killing people. >> some republicans are attacking that move. kevin mccarthy tweeting big tech and big government want the same thing, to control you. >> this from senator josh hawley. now the biden administration is using facebook to impose its covid-19 speech code. social media platforms are arms of the federal government and
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the biden white house. let's talk about this now. cnn political commentator anna navarro and jeremy wright. i want to start with you. you think this effort by the white house to combat disinformation and misinformation won't work. why? >> first off people keep saying the biden administration is cracking down on big tech and facebook. what they are doing is just using facebook and big tech to crackdown on the free speech of millions of americans who have con concerns. the first thing we ask, what is leading people to flock to misinformation. i think the root is a lot of people distrust government. as a student of history, i can see where they are coming from in a lot of this. a way to combat that is us talking to peaople, reaching ou to community. i'm vavaccinated.
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when the biden administration makes it their aim to crack down on free speech and go door to door, it undermines a lot of the e efforts people are trying the make. >> there's all sort of cable hosts who are not just asking questions. maybe it's their free speech but are planting lots of misinformation and doubt about the vaccines. when you look at the map, just look at the sea of red right now that we're dealing with. in every single state, we almost had -- we had a few days where it was all green and now we're back in all red. is that freedom of speech to you? is this a victory for conservatives that we're back here? >> i think we have to ask, what will work. what will reverse the trends we're seeing. what will work to make the trend ons that map disappear. right now these kind of draconian measures is not the way to do it. the way to do it is by making end roads in local communities.
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talking to local pas ttors and community leaders. the way to be sure the vaccine rates decrease is by cracking down on free speech. we have to look at what is the remedy that will fix the issue. >> cracking down on free speech three, four times now. we know there's a line he's trying to sell. what do you believe about what we're seeing from the biden administration in. >> i think it's desperate times take desperate measures type of approach here. i think it's scary when you see the trend. i am dismayed and heartbroken do see where we are in the state of florida where the cases this last week have almost doubled from the week before. we're almost at 45,000 cases. one out of every five fnew case is coming out of florida.
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you have governor ron desantis i saw work in a cooperative manner with the biden administration and the mayor of miami dade when it comes to the surfside collapse. now he is playing to the cheap seats and those who want to turn this into an outrage and wedge issue and selling beer cozies, making money off of covid and minimizing the pain of those who have lost loved ones in florida and across the country. i think it's grotesque and irresponsible. been out there having their constituents get vaccinated and figuring out ways to make it more popular. that's what we all should be doing.
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this idea of spiting ourselves, of harming ourselves in order to own the liberals is just, frankly, stupid. people like ron desan stis, he'a magna cum laude from yale. what he is doing is irresponsible and grotesque. >> when people like tucker carlson say maybe the vaccine doesn't work and they're simply not telling you that or laura ingrham says there's nothing more undemocratic than the vaccine, is that irresponsible to you? >> i think it's fine for people to ask questions. people are asking questions and engaging on these issues, i think we'll see a lot of trends. >> the question -- hold on. let me interrupt you. the way tucker carlson phrases it is in a question.
12:19 pm
maybe the vaccines don't work. we know they work. that's not just a question. that's misinformation. we know they work. ask any emergency room doctor. 100% of their emergency rooms are unvaccinated. is that just a question to your administration is saying we'll have decrease rates of vaccinations or crack down on free speech. many of us look at this issue and say we can increase vacci vaccination rates without having to do it on the backs of american who is want to share their concerns in a public forum. i think we can do both. >> jump in. >> facebook, instagram, twitter. all of these social media platforms have policies. what i think people need to ask them to do is enforce those policies. the policies include not
12:20 pm
allowing misinformation when it comes to something as important as covid. not allowing things that put people in danger. one of the things i wish we did more of is remind every one, remind people that these vaccines were developed during the trump administration. they went through an expedited approval under the fda managed by the trump administration. ivanka trump is vaccinated. ron desantis is vaccinated. donald trump is vaccinated. melania trump is vaccinated. they are all floridans. you have my governor trying to make this into a political issue. we saw what happened at cpac where people cheered when there was the conversation about not having vaccines. let's not pretend this has not become a political wedge issue exploit ed by the right as they play to the cheap seats in order
12:21 pm
to get people out to vote based on fear and outrage. let us not pretend that's not happening. >> we put up on the screen don't fauci my florida t-shirt. how the hell will i be able to drink a beer with mask on. >> it's hard to drink with a ventilator also. >> really tough with a ventilator. >> how will you drink a beer if you're dead? i spoke as someone whose husband was hospitalized for five days and i have family and friends who lost loved ones because of covid in florida. >> i want to say i hear your pain. i think it's horrible what this disease has done to our country. i think that most importantly, most importantly, we have to look at creative solutions to address this issue. we -- >> is this a solution when the governor of florida is selling merchandise to raise funds on
12:22 pm
how the hell am i going to drink a beer if i'm wearing ing mask don't fauci my florida. is that solution based? >> he has a lot more trust with the people of florida. that's key here. >> that's also an answer not to the question. >> being able to tell people the positive reasons to get the vaccine. he's promoted. >> that's my point. he's doing this. >> we cannot completely default to whatever the biden administration cooks up. a lot of people don't trust the social media companies either to enforce their policies fairly. we seen the way they deplatform conservatives. a lot of people have a lot of questions. i think it's fair to have a real dialogue about this instead of trying to silence anybody with a
12:23 pm
different view. >> we have to wrap it there. the line from the president at the top here saying that these social media companies, he said they are killing people. the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. thank you both for being part of that conversation. >> thank you. just in to cnn, republican critics of president trump bring in an impressive fund raising haul despite their primary challengers. new details about the biden administration's ongoing review of the origins of the coronavirus. the intelligence community now is giving new credence to the lab leak theory. ng. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ subway® has so much new it didn't fit in our last ad. like the new artisan italian and hearty multigrain bread. it's the eat fresh refresh™ at subway®. it's so much new there's no time for serena!
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we're just getting some new numbers into cnn and fund raising numbers in for a host of republican congressional candidates. listen to this, it looks like the ten who voted to impeach former president trump are raking in the most donations. cnn chief congressional correspondent is on capitol hill. this is a big headline. >> reporter: yeah. it shows the enduring strength of incumbency and it's testing that against the strength of donald trump who has vowed to revenge against those ten republicans. vowing to find primary foes, endorse those primary foes, raise money for those primary
12:29 pm
foes and defeat the republicans who voted to impeach him for inciting the january 6th insur insurrection. what is important to show in the last quarter of this past year, the republicans who voted to impeach are raising more money, a significant amount, in some cases than their opponents. liz cheney announced earlier she raised $1.9 million in the last quarter. that's more than 1.6 million of her closest primary challenger. one of the most vocal opponents of the former president. announced raising $806,000. he has a campaign war rest of over $3 million. that's 20 times more his closest challenger. the last congressman, anthony gonzalez, you see there on your screen, he has raised $600,000. it's more after a narrow advantage over his poopponent. donald trump went to ohio to campaign against anthony
12:30 pm
gonzalez. i asked him about that campaign event. he said i could care less what donald trump says about me. he's not too concerned. we'll see what happens next november. >> thank you for that breaking political news. we have some more developing news. senior biden administration officials looking into the origins of the coronavirus now believe the theory that the virus escaped from lab in huwan china. meaning the lab leaked theory is as credible as the possibility that it emerged naturally from an infected animal. >> this a major shift from a year ago. let's bring in cnn white house reporter. why the shift? >> reporter: the lab leaked theory is credible. it's as kredscredible as the th
12:31 pm
it emerged in the wild. they are saying it's unclear at this point. it's really difficult to say one way or another how this virus actually originated. what we're learning now is the led of the w.h.o. said on thursday that to dismiss the lab leak theory last year as it was unsci unscientific, not enough evidence to support it was pretty premature. he's been calling on china to give access to labs and the data in order to fully explore this idea. they have toughened their tone against beijing, urging them to provide there access and warning of consequences.
12:32 pm
>> turns out that china refuses to live up to its obligations. we'll have to consider it at this point. we'll do so in concert with our allies and partners. >> all of this is coming during a time, a moment when americans are becoming more convinced broadly that the lab leak theory is kredcredible. roughly 52% of americans believe that covid-19 leaked from a lab and up from 29% in march of 2020. public opinion is shifting here as well. republicans lead by house foreign affairs committee
12:33 pm
minority chairman have been saying this is -- there's a lot of evidence they have that's not been released publicly. representative mike mchall said he will be releasing a report on this later this month. they say they have gathered evidence about the origins of covid-19 that have not been released publicly that might give us an answer. >> okay. that will be interesting. we'll look for that. thank you very much. next, a voting rights activist arrested at protest on capitol hill is going to join us live. she just got out of a pleating with the vice president. details on their plan to protect voting rights. when it comes to 5g coverage, t-mobile is the best thing on the menu. t-mobile. america's largest, fastest, most reliable 5g network.
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♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ democrat congresswoman joyce beatty was arrested yesterday outside the u.s. capitol while protesting voting restrictions that are being passed across the country. the ohio representative released
12:38 pm
a statement saying in part, we have come too far and fought too hard to see everything systemically dismantled and restrikted by those who wish to silence us. melanie campbell was arrested along side her yesterday. thank you so much. give us the upshot of this meeting. what was promised? what's going to change? >> thank you. this is a culmination of a week of action. the black women allies voting rights week of action. we were invited to the white house to meet with vice president harris to discuss what we think are strategies to be used to help make sure that federal voting rights
12:39 pm
legislation is passed in 2021. we express our sense of urgency. it's a state of emergency and that yes, as black women, we're not doing it just for the african-american community. we are doing it for the american people and we actually were joined by more than african-americans as well. we know our democracy is really in stats of crisis right now. we urge them to use their bully pulpit but look at it as a whole of government approach. use every tool many the tool box like you did for covid. like we did for the obama care many years ago. the idea of yes, what he did in philadelphia was really elevating but also for the vice president and both of them to get on the road and utilize the whole of government.
12:40 pm
have the town hall meetings. it's vacation tune and sometimes we tune out. >> it's interesting to hear you say that because i understand that president biden swung by this meeting. did you tell him that directly? did you press him to hold more town hall meetings and do even plrn more than he did in philadelphia? >> this was a meeting with vice president harris and cedric richmond and several of the top stand. the president happened to be just the door. he came through to say thank you. thank you to black women who, we did what we had to do last year. now from a partisan perspective,
12:41 pm
because i'm not, but to make sure the african-american community, black women, young people, lgbt community, we utilize a coalition approach in the middle of a pandemic. just to have the opportunity because he had no, to my knowledge, met with with a group of plaque women on the phone and in the room representing many black organizations to just say thank you. we appreciate that. i'm sure vice president harris, she will be able to carry the message along with the staff. >> there you go. i also want to ask you about senator joe manchin. first, as you know this group of 57 texas local democrats fled their state and came to washington, d.c. this week in order to break quorum to stop a restrictive voting bill from passing in texas. one of their goals was to talk
12:42 pm
to senator joe manchin who is pivotal to all of this because some believe the filibuster would have to be over turned in order to get this done. here is what senator joe manchin said after that meeting with the texas democrats about voting rights. he said, basically, make a piece of legislation, one piece of legislation that protects the rights of voting, the procedure of voting, democracy, the guardrails on democracy. that's all. there shouldn't be a republican or democrat who should oppose it. he makes it sound easy. obviously, those texas democrats who broke quorum know it's not easy because republicans are opposing some of their efforts. what do you want to say to joe manchin? >> i think senator manchin is saying he's not going to make changes. i can't speak for him. i can't get into his mind. as a southern girl who spent a lot of my years many the south working on civil rights and
12:43 pm
voting rights, we know from history that elected officials do change their minds and it's up to the voters, we the people, to make sure we make the case to democrats and republicans. we will engage them to do their jobs. we need you to lead. we don't need you to look at process over people. >> great to talk to you. i know that you remain hopeful, and i know that is giving a lot of activists energy to continue this. thank you very much. >> can i just say this. losing is not an option. we have to have federal legislation to protect our democracy and we'll continue to stay in the streets to do that. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. still ahead, new details
12:44 pm
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3,000 years, three major faiths, one city. in order to understand the conflict in the middle east, today you have to know the complex story of jerusalem's past. >> the new cnn original series, jerusalem city of faith and fury looks at how six epic battles for jerusalem have shaped the city of god into the coveted capital it is today.
12:49 pm
>> temple mound is the place where the first temple stood. almost certainly, on top of the rock that today is the foundation stone of the dome of the rock, the gorgeous islamic et fis that stands there today probably is the most holy place in western and middle eastern civilization. >> of the time the temple is done, it represents israel moving into this place as a prosperous settled nation with a king whose power is acknowledged by all but it also is a falling away from the original idea that god was going to dwell with his people and you didn't have to have a physical place for him to be. >> joining us now is cnn global affairs analyst, aaron david
12:50 pm
miller. he's a negotiator for the state department. it's great to see you as always. you have said, you say in the series that the past is never dead. if there's a city in the world where that applies, it's jerusalem. what does that mean? >> the past is never dead, it's not even past. there's a city so imbued with history imagined and real, it on any level, the home of the three monolistic religions. the relationships between clashing civilizations and empires over the course of two millennium. and the modern incarnation of the still intractable israeli/palestinian conflict in which jerusalem figures
12:51 pm
incredibly centrally. >> and jerusalem's so important to the world's three most prominent religions. you've been involved in decades of negotiations. how do you sort out all the competing interests? it is the question that we could go through the next six hours of this network trying to answer. but do you get close to an answer? >> you know, the story leads off, the cnn story is great. it's very economical, and it does a phenomenal job i think encapsulating the breadth of it. but it concludes in 1967 where if in fact there is any hope for some sort of solution to jerusalem, the next 30 or 40 years has been tested against negotiations, and still none has been found. i think, in large part, alisyn and victor, it's because religion has served much more as a wall than a bridge. if the abrahamic faiths and
12:52 pm
islam have anything in common, in jerusalem, that's not what they're revealing and showing. and if history teaches us anything, cruelly and sadly, it's that this history, if history would speak to us, is a city not to be shared, it's a city to be dominated in the name of one's god, one's tribe, one's nation, and in the name of one's national identity. so, no solution to this problem. and it really would require leaders as well as a fundamental recognition particularly by jews and muslims that they acknowledge the reality and sanctity of one another's holy places. >> aaron david miller, we always appreciate talking to you. thank you so much for all of the expertise. and, again, don't miss "jerusalem: city of faith and fury." it premieres sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific only on cnn. still ahead on cnn, u.s. intelligence warning the taliban
12:53 pm
are advancing and increasing their grip across afghanistan at an accelerating pace. what that means for women and children as the u.s. withdrawal is nearly complete.
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(vo) the subaru crosstrek. dog tested. dog approved. there are new details on the assassination of haiti's president. sources tell cnn the haitian-american doctor arrested and accused of coordinating the plot spent months holding zoom meetings and was planning a foray into national politics in haiti. but the people involved in those meetings say christian sanone never planned a violent
12:58 pm
overthrow. >> many people are worried about what comes next. we caught up with two cnn heroes who run nonprofits in haiti to get their view of this violent turn of events. >> people are in a state of shock, and particularly a very much shock. no matter how much you can criticize the former president, there is nothing that requires such barbaric action of violently taking his life. [ speaking foreign language ]
12:59 pm
>> i would love to think that it could be a turning point when people -- about how the system works and the reason behind such a horrible act . >> this kind of behavior is not enough to change my vision to contribute to a positive development of this nation. it reinforces the reasons of what i'm doing to do everything i can to have the most impact towards the people who need it most. >> to learn more about how they're helping the haitian people, go to and while you're there, you can
1:00 pm
nominate someone you know who should be a cnn hero. >> it is such a mysterious story still what happened in the assassination there in haiti. >> matt rivers there is doing some fantastic reporting. still a lot of questions that we're trying to get answers to. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. there is no state in the united states where you can hide. "the lead" starts right now. every single state in the nation seeing a rise in covid cases as the united states hits a fourth wave largely because of the tens of millions of americans who refuse to get vaccinated. and one of the biggest cities in the united states is now bringing back masks. women and girls living in fear of a return to the dark oppressive rule of the taliban as the u.s. leaves afghanistan. will they lose their freedom, their chance at an education, even their lives? plus, rivers exploding their banks. hundreds missing, dozens dead after th


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