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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 16, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it. >> and i appreciate it. thank you, anna. >> be sure to tune in, the all-new cnn original series history of the sitcom, sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific only on cnn. thank you all for joining me. follow me on twitter and i'm wishing you a wonderful weekend. stay well. the news continues next. welcome to "newsroom." >> and the director of the cdc is now calling the coronavirus crisis the pandemic of the unvaccinated because the unvaccinated are fueling the increase of infections that we're seeing in every state. look at this map. mostly red. most states seeing a surge of 50% or more indicated by the sea of deep red across the country. only montana has a case increase of under 10%. and vaccinations have slowed to
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just 300,000 a day. >> there is a clear message that is coming through. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk. the good news is that if you are fully vaccinated, you are protected against severe covid hospitalization and deaths and are even protected against the known variants including the delta variant, importantly over 97% of people who are entering the hospital right now are unvaccinated. >> here is something interesting. the white house says one out of every five covid cases this week is in florida. why there? might it have something to do with the governor's pet slogan don't fauci my florida? sadly for everyone, unvaccinated people are now ruining the freedom the rest of us enjoyed this month. starting tomorrow, everyone in the country's most populous
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county los angeles county will have to wear masks indoors in public places whether they are vaccinated or not. the world health organization warns that because of the huge number of unvaccinated there is a strong likelihood of new possibly more variants emerging that could be harder to control. meanwhile tennessee has one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the country with just 38% of the residents fully vaccinated. cases there have jumped 84% in the last week. martin savidge is in nashville for us. and we're seeing this spike of cases while the state is also pa becpawing service campaign to g children immunized. why? >> doctors and medical teams here say that the controversy couldn't come at a worst time. question the numbers are spiking in the state especially chattanooga.
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not so much here in nashville. and at the same time the health department in total disarray. and then you have this political battle that has been only drawing more intense primarily between republicans and anti-vaxxers who have been saying, hey, you cannot keep pushing this vaccine on young people when actually the law in the state of tennessee says that they can. they can reach out to those 14 to 17 because those young people under tennessee law have the right to determine if they want to get the vaccine so their own. they don't need parental permission. republicans talked about trying to defund the state health department and that is how angry they are. meanwhile the medical personnel are seeing more and more young people show up in their icu and the other problem they are trying to fight against, it is misinformation. social media. take a listen. >> msz inforisinformation is a part of what we deal with and part of health care right now,
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people are sometimes more willing to listen to facebook than they are to their health care providers. so what i encourage people to do, please do ask questions. we want you to ask your questions about the vaccine, we want you to ask what is the data for the safety and efficacy. please bring us those questions. but get your information from a trusted and trained source and not from a facebook post. >> just a real quick snapshot on numbers. june 23, the number of new cases of coronavirus in the state stood at 160. as of yesterday, they reported 539 new cases. that is tripling the numbers in about a span of three weeks. doesn't mean the e.r.s and icus are overflowing, but because as you pointed out that low vaccination rate in the state about 38.1%, it means that the coronavirus has a lot of room especially the delta variant to run. so the fear is what is going to happen say come september.
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and like you point out, everybody currently hospitalized and in the icu has one thing in common. they didn't get vaccinated. and there is plenty of vaccine to go around. >> martin savidge, thank you very much. and joining us now, andy slavic who was senior adviser for the covid response. let's start in l.a. county where it is obvious that the honor system is not working. the cdc guidance was that people who are vaccinated no longer have to wear masks indoors. but the problem is that people who were unvaccinated, they also took the masks off. so is it the right call considering the numbers we're seeing for l.a. county to return to this man date for masks indoors for everybody? >> well, l.a. county is having specific trouble getting certain populations to take the vaccine seriously and to get vaccinated. and it is not for lack of effort. and as cases go up, they have to
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act in the best interests of everybody and i think that their judgment is that they want to do everything they can to reduce the spread so they are asking people even those that are vaccinated to wear masks probably to keep the burden away from businesses who really don't know how to police this. and again, so people who have been vaccinated are going to be wearing masks because of the fact that many people in the community have decided at least so far not to get vaccinated. >> but the spread is not unique to l.a. county. let's put up the man. we see the red across the country, the spread 69 of the da variant. should the guy answeridance froc change? >> i think that reality is that we have such a diverse country, put aside the question of what the cdc says, that when you are in places like florida or texas, they are not going to respond the same way as people have in california. and i think that we know by now
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that this is a bit of a drawing of political battleground as opposed to what is best for public health. and the cdc will follow the science and when the -- if there is enough prevalence, they will tell people that it is certainly e ed a advisable to wear a mask. i don't know if they will go as far as a mandate. but i think that parts of the country will continue to be defiant. i wouldn't expect the governor of florida for example to react unless his hospitals started filling up again. but until that time, i think that he will say it is not a problem. >> and we're seeing governors like in california who are responding and requiring the masks to come back. let's talk about the eight states that are now banning schools from requiring at least public schools from requiring vaccinations or proof to return to the classroom. arizona, arkansas and oklahoma has also banned mask mandates for these schools. so if you have class rooms where
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they are not required to get vaccinations, the ones old enough to get it, and not required to wear masks, will schools be safe come the fall? >> well, what they are doing is they are putting the burden directly on parents and executives. they are not saying you can't wear a mask, they are saying that you can't require people to wear a mask. so what it means -- and we know that courage is sometimes difficult when you are in middle school or gram mar school. so if you feel like that you have someone at home who is immune kimmunocompromised or if you have any other ken, that they will have to wear a mask on their own and i think that we'll need to ask schools, school districts, parent, everybody to be incredibly understanding and tolerant. the bullying that goes on to begin with is not a good thing. but we'll be facing situations where people will be making their own decisions, it will be a little more challenging. and i just hope that parents
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realize that they should do whatever they think is in the best interests of their kids and likewise for the kids. >> so let's talk about the best interests there. and there are a lot of people who question the safety, the efficacy of the vaccines. they think that it is in the best interests of their families to avoid them. there is a survey of those, the reasons for those who are definitely or probably won't get covid vaccinations. we see that 51% of people are concerned about possible side effects. that is the top reason. but as we hear from the administration that there is this start of this campaign to combat disinformation, more than a third of people just don't trust the government. i don't know if you ever reach those people with a government-sponsored campaign. what works here to try to get people to take this vaccine that half of the country would not take again? >> victor, most astounding piece of information that has come out, of all the people unvaccinated, two-thirds of them believe or suspect is true one of five things that are provably
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false. things like the vaccine will alter your dna or that the vaccine itself will give you covid-19. things that we know are scientifically false, two-thirds of the people who haven't been vaccinated believe that. so we have to call out the social media platforms by name, we have to call out the bad actors like tucker carlson who perpetuates these myths by name, and we do know that the good news is that there are about 10% of the public adults who haven't been vaccinated yet who are still considering it. and so some people are reachable. unfortunately, they are reachable by these lies and this misinformation as much as they are from the throughout the. truth. so we need to combat the effort to essentially lie to people to prevent them from looking after their interests. obviously the record of the vaccines from a safety standpoint is as positive as they could be. billions around the globe are vaccinated, very, very few cases of issues and incredible
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effectiveness. >> yeah, that map of the sea of red and cases rising in all 50 states shows that there is a lot of work to do. andy, thanks for being with us. and now to this, parts of western europe are seeing the worst flooding in more than a century. the death toll is at 125 people across germany, belgium and the netherlands. but massive search and rescue operations are still under way for more than 1,000 people still missing. in some areas, entire villages are flooded. here is how one survivor described the moment that the water came rushing in. >> the water had such enormous power. we were in the house and it blew the door open and i was thrown against the chimney. that is how much pressure the water had. >> the damage in that town and many others is catastrophic. atika shubert is joining us from germany. what are you seeing there?
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>> reporter: we're seeing an incredible amount of desfrtructn destruction. this behind me is a very large tree that the waters ripped up by its roots and deposited here on top of this bridge. you can still see some of the water rushing through at a pretty steady clip even though it hasn't been any rain today, rivers are still swelling over. so what we've seen is people just trying to pick up from their lives trying to recover what they can. the water swept through so quickly here that they barely had time to escape many of them were stranded on top of their rooftops. i'll show you a little more of this river. we saw a chunk of a tree just bobbing along like it was a piece of styrofoam. and that area there that is all clear, that used to be a bridge. there was a bridge there but the waters just broke it down.
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and the we'reater swept through. cars pushed to the side, garden sheds tipped over. and what we've seen is that people have been bringing all of their stuff outside just trying to recover and pick up the pieces. and they are just splattered in mud. but there is a kind of resilience here, people saying, well, this is terrible, but we'll try to clean up and move on from this. unfortunately, we've also seen emergency crews here with sniffer dogs looking for bodies. i think that it is very likely that that death toll that we've been seeing will rise. >> really dramatic pictures. thank you so much. and new reports detail the concerns of top military and state department officials that
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a new report details the breadth of conflicts that former president trump had with his top military brass in the final days in office. >> reporter susan glasser in the "new yorker" writes that after the 2020 election president trump repeatedly brought up the subject of iran with chair match the joint chiefs general mark milley. milley had to argue against
11:19 am
president trump taking military action to strike iran. >> here is some of the glasser report. milley was worried that trump might set in motion a full scale conflict that was not justified. trump had a circle of iran hawks around him and was close with benjamin netanyahu who was also urging the administration to act against iran after it was clear that trump had lost the election. quote, if you do this, you'll have an fing war, milley would say. >> you think that is compelling? listen to our next guest. he has a revealing and gripping new book on president trump called frankly we did win this election. the inside story of how trump lost. michael bender is also a white house reporter for the "wall street journal." great to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> your book is fascinating. all of the details that you have in there, all of the people that you spoke to around the president, particularly as the wheels were coming off the bus at different times, but let's just start with the title.
11:20 am
"frankly we did win this ele election." what is that his bad on? >> i think of it as one big title, the inside story of how trump lost is as they did a whole bit of to sort of get the joke there that -- first part is a direct quote from donald trump election night after 2:00 in the morning, and this scene is in the book, his advisers force him down into the east room in order to address the nation on election results that are still undecided. it is not clear if biden or trump has won. and trump, you know, in the moment knowing -- was really quite surprised but shocked everybody, went off script and declared victory without really a single shred of evidence. >> and he was hinting even above before the location that even if he lost, he would say that he won. and so i want to start here with
11:21 am
former secretary of state mike pompeo in which he said that the crazies have taken over, secretary of state pompeo said that mr. trump might be more willing to engage in an international conflict to strength ten political argument for remaining in office. any indication of how close the country was to getting into some military conflict? >> i think that the krn frconce from the top diplomat is embem m emblem natick that i was getting fairly close there. plenty of trump books for decades. but what this one does that no one else has is look at trumpism in three ways. you go behind the scenes in the oval office, behind the curtains at the campaign and embedded with trump supporters for two years on the road. and one of the takeaways, mike pompeo for example being a good
11:22 am
one here, is this is not a book about the trump chaos. we know the story of trump chaos. this shows how dangerous and reckless that some of the people closest to trump thought he was for the country and how close to the brink we really did come. a very dangerous situation. this one, there is another situation in there are trump tells mark milley oigand others mark evsper, that he wants to shoot americans, peace fall protestors protesting civil rights abuses he wants shot in the leg, shot in the foot. there are skulls to be cracked. the president of the united states makes these orders. >> and he also wants someone around him to be executed when it is revealed that during some of the protests outside of the white house president trump and the first family were ferreted into a bunker for their safety. he did not want anybody to know that he had to take cover in the bunker.
11:23 am
you write, trump's top military law enforcement and west wing advisers knew he must be upset when he summoned them to the owe v oval office before he usually emerged from the residence. and trump boiled over about the bunker story as soon as they arrived and shouted at them to smoke out whoever had leaked it. it was the most upset some aides had ever seen him. whoever did that, they should be charged with treason, trump yelled, they should be executed. why was he on xexorcised about being kept safe in the white house? >> this is a key moment in the race, in the year and revealing of where trump's mind was. it is in the middle of the summer, early in the summer in the middle of the year in june, june 1, where he is -- he wants to use the insurrection act to bring military troops in to major american cities to put down protests. he ends up bringing his top
11:24 am
advisers and one of the most controversial political moments, photo-opes that we'll ever seen in front of st. john's waving the bible, and, you know, and what is underscoring all of this is that he is furious that news has leaked out by the "new york times" that he had been taken into a bunker for a night when the protests got too close to the white house. safety measure that security -- that secret service would do for any president, but he saw it as a sign of weakness on his part. he took -- this is where he started to take it personally and he is lashing out at people who could have put dangerous situation this place for the country. >> and these protests of course started after the videos released of the murder of george floyd and this element i find interesting what the president thought versus what he said about law enforcement. you write that he said, quote, i
11:25 am
know these fing cops trump said and recalled stories he heard growing up in queens about savage police tactic, they can get out of control, they can be rough. it struck some in the room as surprisingly critical of police and he showed an empathy for floyd behind closed doors that he would never fully revealed in public. had he tried, it might have helped dial down the tension. of course we never heard that from the president. and it likely would not have resonated with all those people showing up at his rallies of course. >> right. and i think that that is definitely part of it, but he is a very official learner, right? he reacts more to video and what he sees on screens than printed word or in books. but they show him the video and i also point out here in the book that it does take him a day or two to watch the video which is obviously a lot longer than most americans, you know, watched this. and it is a gruesome disturbing
11:26 am
video. and he was affected by it. and he was affected in the moment by it. but what happens is that he sees -- he looks up and sees all of the protests. and he sees protests coming from the black community. which obviously is, you know, an indication of decades and centuries of shouldering racism in large and small ways on a daily basis. nothing to do with donald trump. but he sees that as -- takes it again in very personal terms. he had shepherded some criminal justice reform laws. he secured some money for hbcus. and in his mind, he wants to -- he assumes that that means that the black community will automatically support him and views those protests as a sign that none of that did any good and really the reality is that one has nothing to do with the other. >> so in our final seconds here with you, because you embedded with the trump supporters for so
11:27 am
long and really, you know, got a handle on their thinking, why do they support and elevate and revere someone who is such a sore loser and has such a track record of making things up and his lies documented? >> yeah, i embedded with some people a group called the front row joes. they retirees or a little older. i'm not talking about the proud boys and oathkeepers or anything. people who are involved in politics for the first time, you know, maybe didn't have kids or estranged from their families. and what they found at the trump rallies are people who also liked going to the rallies and it gave them a sense of community and made their lives fuller and richer and they started standing up for themselves at work and walmart and the patio and garden department telling the boss like when they did want to take days
11:28 am
off and emboldened them in their own relationships and a lot of positive ways in their lives. but what i document through the book is just how they are misled on covid first and foremost and then finally in the end on the big lie and told that they had been told so often that trump can't lose unless there is fraud, that we entsd up with january 6. and it is still important, it is still a relevant question right now about what brings people out because he is drawing thousands to ohio last month, this month to florida, and, you know, he will be obviously a very important political figure the next couple years at least. >> i think you have hit the nail on the head. our tribal nature is really strong. we do like finding community. and the book is "frankly we did win the election, inside story of how trump lost." thanks so much for gives us insight into the pages. >> thank you. the faa is ordering
11:29 am
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now, that's making a difference. there are stunning new details coming out about an alleged plot to blow up the democratic party headquarters in sacramento. >> two men are facing federal charges. one had amassed a huge cache of
11:34 am
weapons including firearms, ammunition and pipe bombs. according to the indictment, that suspect wrote, quote, after the 20th, we go to war. president biden's inauguration was january 20th. so let's get more from whitney wild. do we know what they were planning? >> we do. they were planning to bomb the democratic headquarters in sacramento, just the kind of case federal officials have been warning about for months, extremists looking for opportunities. here the plot was stopped before anybody could be hurt. authorities say two men planned to attack that democratic headquarters in sacramento. the deescheme was that they wan to start a movement to overthrow the government. they knew that they would be domest domest dom domestic tear wrists and they believed had trump truly won the
11:35 am
election buying into the big lie.wrists and they believed had trump truly won the election buying into the big lie. and we are learning that the threats did not end on january 6. and this threat was real. one man arrested in january, he had 49 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, five pipe bombs. and here is the scariest part. prosecutors say all of the political and social conditions that motivated them to plan what they themselves described as a terrorist attack remain. both men are charged with conspiracy to destroy by fire or explosive a building used or affecting interstate commerce, they are due in court in coming weeks. back to you. >> whitney wild, thank you for the reporting. and the faa is ordering airlines to perform inspections that could mean the difference between a safe flight and potential catastrophe. >> they say that airlines should immediately inspect switches that control cabin pressure.
11:36 am
let's find more from pete muntean. so pete, why is the faa ordering this now? >> reporter: this is what is caused a latent failure meaning that it is not immediately obvious to a flight crew. the switches control cabin altitude pressure warning system, in essence you need that to breathe. the f.aa says failure of these switches could result in the warning not activating if the cabin altitude exceeding 10,000 feel at which point oxygen levels could become dangerously low. the faa found three problems back in september of 2020 and the rate increased at last check in may. so that is why disordering inspections on 2500 f737s in th united states within the next 2,000 flight hours. or within the next 90 days. >> let's move on to the faa
11:37 am
droundi grounding car go airlines after one of its airplanes went into the water off hawaii. >> are a what is really interesting here, we're learning that the faa was already investigating this company called rhodes aviation for months. it is the company that operated trans air flight 810 that went down off the coast of hawaii back on july 2. what is so interesting here, the faa yanked the company's ability to fly after it said that it found maintenance discrepancies. and also the pilots of that trans air flight, important to note, did report mechanical problems before going down. they said that they were having problems with both of the 737 200s engines. >> pete muntean, thank you so much. positive covid cases related to the olympic games as some athlete completes drop out over concerns of getting sick. we'll have the latest live from tokyo next.
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we're a week out from the start of the olympic games in japan and there is a dramatic rise in new covid cases in tokyo. it is raising serious concerns about the threat the delta variant poses to the games, athletes, journalists, everyone there. >> and one of the top players for the u.s. men's basketball team has been ruled out after entering covid safety protocols.
11:43 am
tokyo just reached a six month high for covid cases and recorded three state days with more than 1,000 new cases. will ripley is joining us from tokyo. this is not going in the right direction. >> reporter: it certainly isn't. the last month or so, the numbers have been trending up and now they are seeing their highly daily cases since january. this is one week out from the opening ceremonies and tokyo is in its fourth covid-19 state of emergency. restaurants are banned from serving alcohol, there is already that spectator ban, first in olympic history. so the venues and taxpayer spent billions to put up will be sitting largely empty. and now word that there will be drastic changes to even the ceremony of athletes receiving their medals. they won't have the medals put on them, somebody will walk up with a tray and then they take the medal off the tray and put it around their own neck. they have to live in an athletes village where they cannot high
11:44 am
five each other, diskucouraged from any sort of interaction. how do you stop these in many cases kids from socializing? they have to wear masks at all times. and the concern is that with this outbreak in japan, if they c do break this bubble, that is i i inconsistently enforced because yes, we're in a bubble right now, but we interact with everybody at breakfast every day. but here at japan, there were two protests just today, one this tokyo, the other in hiroshima. and when the ioc president went to hiroshima, survivors of the atomic bomber said that he was insulting them with his presence. so that is how japan is feeling about the olympics. but jill biden will be coming here along with other foreign dignitaries to cheer on team
11:45 am
usa. and you have so far according to reuters seven teams hit in some way by covid. you mentioned bradley beal who is out because of safety protocols. we have counted so far around maybe 30 olympics-related covid positive test results and that is a small number considering that there are thousands of athletes and other people connected to the olympics that are coming into tokyo. we've taken seven or eight covid tests ourselves since we arrived. so really the bigger problem for japan are january need citizens who japanese citizens who are largely unvaccinated, their rates still less than 20%. >> and this is not the upbeat fanfare that usually precedes the olympics. >> no. >> wow, will, thank you very much for all of that. stay safe. now to this, governor andrew cuomo is scheduled to meet with investigators tomorrow, they are looking into sexual assault allegations against him. we'll talk about the questions that he could face. and promising note about the
11:46 am
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remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. governor andrew cuomo will face questions from the new york attorney general related to sexual harassment allegations. he's accused of kissing an aide on the lips after a one-on-one meeting and asking another aide inappropriate questions about
11:51 am
her sex life. he denies touching anyone inappropriately. >> what does this tell us about how far along they are into this investigation? >> victor, it tells us they are at the very end. when doing an investigation, typically the last or nearly last thing you'll do is sit down and question the subject. in this case, governor cuomo. you want to know the full extent of the allegations and if necessary, you want to have the other proof in hand that you need to challenge or question that person if they deny it. it tells me we're really close to the end here. >> what are they going to ask him tomorrow and won't he say what he has been saying. i didn't mean any of that. i was just asking questions. >> investigators will go through the questions and ask him do you admit this will happen. some of the conduct he had admitted. 're pieces he's denied and if
11:52 am
you get into disputed areas and that's where the other evidence will come into play. that kind of evidence should really tip the balance one way or another for the investigators. >> let me get your take on a statement from the senior adviser calling this political. we have said that the governor doesn't want to comment on this review until he has cooperated but the continued leaks are more evidence of the transparent political motivation of the attorney general's review. you think that's a valid complaint? >> no. i'm not seeing the political angle here at all. the attorney general is a democrat like andrew cuomo. the word is she would like to become governor some day. she didn't come forward with the allegations. we have individuals. the attorney general has appointed outside lawyers to conduct this investigation and it's worth noting most of the
11:53 am
leading democrats in new york state have called for andrew cuomo to resign. it's hard to see there being a political angle behind this. there's a troubling new warning from the cdc director. she stheays this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. los angeles county is reinstatsing the mask mandate to protect people there. should more american cities do that? [tv announcer] come on down to our appliance superstore where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for...
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we want to show that emotional reunion for one of the survivors of the surfside condo collapse. he was pulled from the towers rubble soon after the building crumbled to ground. >> now, we're seeing the first pictures of that teenager as he reunited with h first responders who helped rescue him. his father posting these photos on a gofund me page as way to
11:59 am
thank the first responders and to help pay for his physical and emotional recovery. meanwhile, the grueling search for victims buried in the debris continues. so far 97 victim vs been found in the wreckage. among them, his mother. that's heartbreaking outcome. he have a long road emotion mally. i think about these victims because in one moment they were asleep in their beds and in the next their lives were over or in a hubble of rubble. how do you recover from that kind of shock from your system? >> there are entire families that are gone. it's not just limited to the u.s. this part of south florida has connections to the caribbean, south america. there's a lot of families hurting. god bless the people there doing this recovery work now. it's not easy for them either. >> absolutely. that is such a good reminder.
12:00 pm
new hour. it's good to be with you. >> the head of the cdc calls the coronavirus pa pandemic of the unvaccinated. they're feeling the inkries of infections we're seeing in every state. more than 30 states are experiencing a surge of more than 50% or more this week as you can see by the deep red across that map. vaccinations are down to 300,000 a day. >> they have low coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk and community tsa are fully vaccinated are generally fairing well. >> the surge of new cases are offering this greater opportunity for variants to emerge. the world health organization is


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