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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 15, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan and here is what we're watching at this hour. threat to democracy. how the top military generals feared donald trump would attempt a coup after losing the election. and despite that, a new sign that donald trump remains the head of the republican party. game-changer, millions of american families getting direct deposits today as the white house targets childhood poverty. president biden will speak this hour. and a botched investigation. a new report laying out in brutal detail the fbi's failure
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to investigate a man many called a monster. thanks for being here. we begin this hour with an incredible series of accounts from america's top military leader. detailing how unhinged the final weeks of the trump pressy were and how close to the brink democracy came. cnn has obtained excerpts of an upcoming book "i alone could fix" from "the washington post." in it, general mark milley is quoted as saying that he feared donald trump and his allies might attempt a coup after trump's election defeat. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff still in his position as the president's top military adviser saying according to the book that he warned other top generals to be on guard. here is one part. quote, they may try, but they're not going to f'ing succeed. he told them. you can't do this without the military. you can't do this without the cia and the fbi. we are the guys with the guns.
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the book details how general milley and other top military leaders even discussed a plan to resign one by one rather than carry out any eventual orders from trump that they considered illegal violating the constitution or dangerous. the book authors write that milley even likened the trump's rhetoric to hitler's during the rise of nazi germany. this is a reich stag moment, the gospel of the fuhrer. they have yet to comment on the extraordinary reporting but president biden will be speaking in a few minutes and he'll bring that to you live when it happens. and developing at this hour, a reminder this isn't a report about history. this is currently quite relevant because cnn has learned that republican house leader kevin mccarthy is going to meet with donald trump this afternoon. further evidence that donald trump is still the leader of the republican party even as these revelations come to light.
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let's begin our coverage with cnn's manu raju. he's on capitol hill for us this hour. manu, what are you learning about this meeting? >> well, according to a source familiar with the meeting that this is supposed to be a discussion about the 2022 midterms, about the republican fundraising efforts and other issues that will undoubtedly come up. one of the issues that could come up is about the select committee to investigate what happened on january 6. at this moment kevin mccarthy has not made a decision on which five republican members le select to be part of this investigation about what happened on january 6 including an investigation that could look into donald trump's role in promoting the rally and as well as could look into kevin mccarthy's interactions on that day of january 6. will they discuss that, will they discuss who mccarthy should pick? that still remains to be seen. we'll get a sense after the republican leader after they do
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meet. he has not decided if he will select members to this committee. there is an expectation that he will be but there could be people that defended donald trump, voted to overturn the election and questioning the legitimacy of the election or folks could be people who voted to establish an outside commission to investigate what happened on that day on january 6th. of course, mccarthy opposing creating that outside commission so there is pressure on him what to do and a question so to see what donald trump said to mccarthy about that going forward. and it is notable that mccarthy has made it clear for months that he's in line with donald trump going forward. he wants to focus on abiden agenda, not focus on the controversials and what happened on january 6, that is much different than the republican senate strategy which is to ignore donald trump. mitch mcconnell wants to make this a discussion about the biden agenda, not about the past. but what mccarthy is doing going back up to new jersey here,
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kate, is very clear indication where he sees the republican future, which is in line with trump will they believe will help them take back the majority next year. >> thank you so much for that reporting. joining me now is jamie gangle who broke this story detailing excerpts in the book about general milley. so jamie, first of all, as manu is laying out there, it is worth reminding folks as we dig into these excerpts that mark milley is still the chairman of the joints chiefs and kevin mccarthy is going to meet with donald trump today. this is not a report about history and looking back. this is about the potential future. what do you think of this. >> right. you're seeing in realtime the stark contrast between general milley who is, as you say, still the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, who knows that he is speaking out, he is quoted extensively in the book and he
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is speaking out saying donald trump was a clear and present danger, that the top officials were shaken, that they were afraid he would attempt a coup, try to hold on to power. what we call a self coup or auto coup. and then you have kevin mccarthy, who, as we remember, first said called out trump after january 6th in the protest and now is going running back to donald trump again because that's where he thinks his chance of becoming speaker of the house is. i will tell you one thing that i think is important context with kevin mccarthy. kevin mccarthy has been a
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moderate republican in the past. this is about winning. he thinks this is the way for republicans to take back the house, hold on to donald trump. >> and one thing that i'm sure folks are left with in reading your reporting about these excerpts from this book, is kind of wondering of any sense of how real general milley believed the threat was that donald trump was potentially presenting and there is new reporting from our colleague barbara starr on that and she's now reporting that the chiefs of staff of the joint chiefs, they met both on january 8th and january 7th, the two days following the capitol insurrection to talk about what happened there but to play out what-if scenarios and her reporting is that here is a quote. what they were doing is what happens, quote, what happens if the crazies take over. what do we do?
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>> right. it is very clear both i think barbara starr's reporting is extraordinary because general milley is not denying what he said in the book. or what he was concerned about. this would be the moment in time. and it is also quite clear, when you read the book, this is in great detail. there are extensive quotes. general milley cooperated with this book. and to the point of barbara's reporting about this meeting, in the book rutger and lennock write that general milley got a call from an old friend. >> that person is anonymous in the book, but it's clearly someone very important who calls him right after the election and says, he's going to try to overturn the government to keep
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power. and in the book they detail how there were meetings that milley had, not just with the chiefs of the army, navy, air force, and marines, but also with white house chief of staff, mark meadows, then white house chief of staff and then secretary of state mike pompeo. >> and that gets to another aspect of your reporting which i think is fascinating and important, is that general milley eventually got to a place of doing daily conference calls with the chief of staff, with the secretary of state. >> right. >> about president trump. what was that about? >> so, it is interesting because they're having regular daily check-ins. milley, meadows, pompeo in the book. and it is very interesting that milley sees these conversations as also a way to keep tabs on trump.
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to see what is going on. to hear from meadows what is happening at the white house. there is also a scene described in the book between general milley and then secretary of state mike pompeo. both men lived on fort myers and they are houses were very close and they would get together at each other's house and one day they get together and have what is described as a heart to heart conversation at the kitchen table and then secretary of state mike pompeo is quoted as saying that the crazies are taking over. now we should say that in the book, someone close to pompeo denies that he ever said that and says it doesn't reflect his feelings. but it is clear there were two people in that conversation and one of them was general milley. so that was, i would guess, his take of the conversation. >> it is a great reporting as
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always. thank you, so much, jamie, really appreciate it. joining me now for more perspective on this is retired general james spider marks, a cnn military analyst. spider, what is your reaction to this. how extraordinary it is as we're learning from the excerpts? >> it is quite extraordinary. a couple of things, kate. and thanks for having me on your show. this is about moral courage, right. if, as reported, if that reporting and if the books attributions are accurate, this is all about moral courage and all senior leaders, all level of leadership, break down that senior barrier, all levels of leaders must be prepared to resign and walk at a moment if there is a moral or ethical or legal challenge. and so what we see general mark milley doing is being confronted with the possibility as described of a coup that the president of the united states might not depart after the fair
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election and that he also, and also bear in mind these joint chiefs, the chiefs of the various services incredibly close, very tight. they build, if not -- if they didn't have a previous pre-existing relationship on a personal, professional level, they create one. and so they get together and share their inner thoughts so it is not surprising that general milley got together with his brother chiefs and said, look, we may have a problem here and that would have included the resignation. so everybody is prepared to resign and everybody has to be prepared to walk. what we heard from day one, it is not about me. it is about the institution called the military. it is your respective service. and you cannot in any way try to demeanor in any way risk that professional culture that has been in place for hundreds of years. so i'm not surprised by mark doing that. what is atad surprising is mark
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milley is very taciturn guy, he's a very private guy. he's not a self promotor. i would find it odd that he would in these descriptive terms as a moment where i saved democracy, we saved democracy, kind of a high-five moment, because moral courage is what takes place behind closed doors. personal courage is in the open and you get medals for personal courage and moral courage, you don't get recognized and walk with your head held high, we did the right thing and move on from here and have this ten second memory. >> and in spite of that, thats an interesting point. because i've been thinking about this. because general milley is known as a man who works hard to keep the military apart from politics. to keep the military out of politics. to do so himself out of politics. and it is clear from the
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reporting that he did not seek -- he doesn't seem to seek out these situations but he found himself in these situations. and barbara starr is reporting something very similar and said that according to a close source to milley, he won't sit silent while people try to use the military against americans so while he's trying his hardest to actively stay out of politics, if the events that occurred brought him into that arena temporarily, quote, so be it. what do you think of this? >> well, it's true. look, there is a very, very thin line, kate, between political and military. we often conflate those two. this is a political military issue, that is not unusual. let's go back to lafayette square in the summer when the president and the chairman of joint chiefs are walking in step across lafayette square and all avenue sudden it is apparent that both secretary mark esper and general mark milley seem like their ambushed. i don't know that.
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but it seems like they're intellectually ambushed. oh, goodness, we should not be here. and it was an opportunity for both of those gentleman to stop, do an about-face and leave. could have done that. but that didn't take place. but what mark milley did close on the heels of that is he very publicly did a mea culpa. he said i take ownership of this. that was a bad decision on my part. nobody put a gun to my head. an i did this and i should not have been there because i crossed a line. so let's consider that, i'm wrong for having done that and i'm going to take ownership. did he that days, if not a week before the secretary of defense did. so good on him for saying i have to make right with this. >> there is a lot to work there. i look forward to continuing this discussion with you. spider, thank you so much. coming up for us, president biden, le be addressing the nation minutes from now about billions of dollars in direct payments going to millions of
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hitting the bank accounts of millions of families today. the expanded child tax credit was one of the centerpieces of the president's pandemic relief package. passed by congress. according to the treasury, roughly $15 billion were paid to families that include nearly 60 million eligible children in the first monthly payment. it is aimed at cutting child poverty in half. that is at least the goal. and eligible families get up to $300 a month for each child under the age of six and up to $250 a month for children between the ages of six and 18. let's get to this right now. let's go to the white house. jared bernstein is standing by. jared, thanks for coming back. this is a big day for millions of american families. but when are we kind of as a collective whole, do you think, going to see the impact of this? >> starting about today. i mean families could go on to their bank accounts and see this electronic transfer for many families. as you mentioned, tens of
8:22 am
millions of families coverage almost 60 million kids getting this check either through direct deputy or in the next few days in the mail. so this is implementing as we speak. and by the way, that is a real value of president biden. he recognized that the legislative lift is, of course, essential, and that is why this rescue plan he manages to pass less than two month news his term. but he's always been about implementation and helping american people who need the help, folks who are raising kids see the results and they could click on their bank accounts and litly see those results as we speak. >> there are months of these payments ahead. but they do eventually stop. i believe at the end of the year. and right now, keeping this essential priority as you've laid out going further is part of the $3.5 trillion budget deal that democrats have just announced. but it is clearly no guarantee that that is going to pass.
8:23 am
do you worry this credits future is in peril. >> is there is nothing in politics, but you mentioned cutting child poverty in half, obviously that is so important for low income families. there are about 25 million kids who, threw the old, unreformed child tax credit, got less than higher earning families. president biden's plan fixes t that imbalance. so when members of congress start to hear from constituents about the importance of this, nothing is assured but this is one of the top priorities in expanding this child tax credit in legislations come beyond 2021. >> so do you support then if this goes nowhere, pulling this out and moving this alone or in something that is more palatable. $3.5 trillion budget deal,
8:24 am
congress can't get much done these days. so let's speak in reality. if this is a top priority, why not ask democrats to single this out and move on this? >> well, first of all, just underscoring what you said, this really is a top priority. it is a top priority of the president, it is a top priority of many members of congress to whom i've spoken about it and i believe that they will find a legislative path forward. now i'm not going to negotiate this way versus that way, but i'm confident that when politicians understand just how important this is to people and the delivery, the kind of delivery that we're talking about, a monthly check to people or direct deposit to people who are trying to raise families, i believe it will continue. >> something that is also facing americans coast to coast is inflation right now. you have the consumer price index saw the largest one-month jump in 13 years in june. sparking more fears of how long -- more fears of inflation.
8:25 am
jamie dimon said this. the inflation could be worse than people think. i think it will be a bit worse than what the fed thinks. i don't think it is ome temporary. i quote him because i know that you've said that you think it is going to be temporary. what are you seeing that jamie dimon is now? >> i guess the best way to answer that question is to point out the following -- you mentioned the .9% increase in the cpi in june, yes, a very strong pop and something that we're watching very carefully. as americans definitely are dealing with higher prices. something we're very sympathetic to. but if you take out the pandemic effected sectors, autos, hotels, airfares, that .9 falls to .2 which is a tick down from what it was in april and may. so clearly as fed chair jay powell said yesterday, this is being driven by supply chain
8:26 am
mismatches caused by strong economic demand, again flowing from the rescue plan, and a supply chain that is recovering from the pandemic shutdown. that doesn't happen with the snap of a finger and that is why we think these mismatches will be worked out. but -- >> but do you have a measure when you are start to be worried this is more than temporary. how high the consumer prices could have to go? >> i think the answer to that has to do with people's inflationary expectations. one of the things that we watch very closely is the extent to which people think inflation is going to continue to be very high. not just next year but in the year after that. because that turns out to be a really important determining factor. when we look out at short-term measures, we see that the expectations have gone up. and i think that is appropriate because i don't think that the supply chain mismatches get settled in a matter of weeks or even months. it is going to take some time. but if you look beyond one year
8:27 am
and you look into the longer term expectations, you see what the federal reserve is talking about, continued expectations that inflation is going to settle down after the supply chains come back. by the way, we've seen some easing in autos and semiconductor and lumber in particular. and that is a very important sign that perhaps some of these constraints are loosening already. >> jared bernstein, thank you for coming on. >> my pleasure. now to a exclusive. stephen breyer, the high court's most senior liberal just sitting down with cnn for a rare interview. all the more important because of the not so silent pressure campaign from many progressives who want breyer to retire so they don't lose the chance for a democratic president to fill breyer's seat. john bis coupic has this reporting. you sat down with breyer in rural new hampshire. what did he tell you about
8:28 am
retirement? >> thank you, kate. there has been so much speculation about his plans because he is about to leave the bench and give joe biden the first opportunity to make a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. that question has been out there for a long time now and i went up to new hampshire and talked to him and i said, have you decided what you're going to do and he said no. he had not yet decided. i asked him what factors might be on his mind, as he considered whether to retire. and the first one was his health. he said my health is a priority. he's about to turn 83. he's a pretty youthful 82 right now. hasn't had any serious health conditions that we know of as had occurred with justice ginsburg who passed away last year so he's a vigorous 82 but he's still 82 going on 83. but the other concern he said was the court. so he's already thinking about what is best for the institution of the court at this time and, you know, how to perhaps account
8:29 am
for politics and not get caught up in politics. one of the major themes of speeches he's given and a book he's writing is he wants to protect the court from the perils of politics, kate. >> fascinating. and it is a great read. i recommend everyone go to to read what john has put out. it is a complete with a khaki shorts clad stephen breyer. >> no black robe. >> no black robe in this interview. which would be strange in rural new hampshire for the record. thank you, joan, great reporting. >> thanks, kate. coming up for us, american surgeon general is asking for you to help fight misinformation. why he said it is a serious threat to public health now. (realtor) the previous owners left in a hurry,
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8:35 am
and just take a look at map to see where things stand in the country. 47 states are reporting increases in new cases. new infections are multiplying. a 70% jump in the last two weeks. and the vast majority are among unvaccinated people. joining me now is dr. megan rainy from brown university. it is good to see you again, dr. so the surgeon general's message here in this lengthy memo he puts out is declaring misinformation a serious threat to public health. how big of a problem do you see this as? what are you hearing from patients who still haven't gotten the shot? >> i hear these myths and frank lies, honestly, almost every day in the emergency department from patients who haven't been vaccinated yet. some people have heard misinformation. the statements that maybe the vaccine hasn't been tested enough or it is somehow not safe and there are other people
8:36 am
caught by the real lies spread online on vaccines hurting fertility or killing five out 100 people. let me be clear, neither of those things are true. but as we know, on social media, the lies spread easily. there have been studies showing that fake news about health is 70% more likely to be shared than real news. because it catches your attention, it appeals to your emotions. it is a huge problem and it is keeping people from getting vaccinated, from wearing masks and doing other basic things to protect themselves from this disease. >> so then what is the solution? right? because it appears clear now that speeching and pleading from the president of the united states, from dr. fauci, from governors and local leaders across the country, that it isn't working, right, to break through this, at least on some level. so what is going to make the difference. >> i wish i could say there is a single solution.
8:37 am
as with so many problems, it is a verity of things. it is a large tech platforms have to do a good job of identifying and stopping the bots, the people that are purpose my spreading conspiracy theories. and the next thing is that we have to become informed consumers. every one of us has been caught by one of these myths or misinformation campaigns when you read a headline, when you read a post that immediately appeals to your emotion, take a second and double check the sources. and the third thing is discussions with friends and family. it is the discussions over the dinner table or at a coffee shop that could help to change people's opinions and help to eliminate the truth rather than the lies. >> i wonder if you think this is what this comes down to, everyone's individual responsibility to speak to her loved ones now because just to this point, pop star olivia rodrigo was at the white house yesterday as part of a push to get more young people vaccinated and she spoke directly to this
8:38 am
point in the white house briefing room. listen to this. >> it is important to have conversations with friends and family members and encouraging all communities to get vaccinated and get to a vaccination site which you could do more easily than ever before. >> is that a message you think that the white house needs to be pusher more? it is up to every individual, is that what this is coming down to? >> i really think it is all three. there is national level kind of big tech changes that have to happen. but it is also the individual conversations. listen, i went to my dentist this morning and they were telling me about the conversations that they've had with patients about vaccines. each of those makes a difference. and we all have a role to play in fighting the misinformation that is out there around vaccines. >> so, back to kind of where we are as a nation in terms of this surge that we're seeing once again. you see that the surge that we're seeing is sadly was predictable. tell me why and what you see now as then we head into the fall. >> so i'll be clear that in my
8:39 am
state of rhode island, we have done a great job with vaccinations so we're not seeing a lot of covid cases right now. but my colleagues across the country, particularly in missouri, arkansas, nevada, are telling me that the e.r.s are getting filled with patients with covid again and similar to what they experienced in the fall and early winter of last year. the sad part about this is that it is people who have not been vaccinated. 99% of the folks that are getting infected and hospitalized are people who have not gotten the shots. that is what makes it predictable. the delta variant is so transmissible and if you are not vaccinated you are at risk, especially if you're not wearing a mask. not getting vaccinated and wearing a mask tends to go together. for the fall, kate, i'm hopeful that we're going to be okay, because so much of the country is vaccinated, but what happens between now and september, how many more doses in arms, that is what is going to determine our course. >> doctor rainy, thank you for coming on.
8:40 am
i want to turn now to this. a scathing report reveals massive failures by the fbi. in its sexual abuse investigation of convicted former usa gymnastics doctor larry nasser. the inspector general launched an investigation into the bureau's handling of the case in 2018 and just released report saying very clearly the fbi failed. here is one quote. despite the extraordinarily serious nature of the allegations and the possibilities that nasser's conduct could be continuing, fbi failed to respond to the nasser allegations with the utmost seriousness and urgency that they deserved and required. the i.g. said that agents violated multiple agency policies and failed to document complaints and failed to interview some of them and in doing so the report notes that in court filing said about 70 women and girls were victimized
8:41 am
by nasser between when the fbi first learned of the allegation and when he was arrested. nasser is now serving a life sentence after hundreds of women and girls have said he sexual abused them over the course of 20 years, largely under the guise of medical treatment. joining me now is rachel dunnhollander and the first one to speak publicly about nasser's abuse. rachel, thank you for being here. this report is more than 100 pages long. what was your reaction when you went through it? >> horror, disgust. i wish i could say i was surprise. but really what we've seen in this report is just one instance of what is taking place with law enforcement and rape and abuse cases across the country. out of every 230 rapes reported to the police, only about six result in criminal charges despite a 92% to 98% accuraty in reporting. so what we really need to be doing when we read this report is asking what are we not seeing
8:42 am
and what needs to change so there is accountability and transparency and consequences for bad actors in our law enforcement. right now they have all of the authority and none of the accountability. >> rachel, during the investigation, during the course of this, did you think something was wrong? you said this did not surprise you? >> it didn't. and the reason that i chose to come forward so publicly with my name and my identity and the details of my abuse because i was convinced for 16 years that the only way to stop larry was to the only to be get to control of the narrative from larry and the institutions surrounding him but also from law enforcement. who i was sure at this point have multiple botched investigations and likely outright corruption and collusion with these institutions. this is not an abnormality. this is a common problem that survivors walk through all of the time. and so what i hope people see when they read this report and they react with right horror is ask what we're not seeing, what
8:43 am
don't we ever find out because we don't have hundreds of survivors coming forward, we don't have a press that is paying such close attention to those cases. look at this case and ask what you don't see and then how we change it the next time. >> i have to say, there are many details in this report that are appalling. and just the fact also as i said at the top that so many more women and girls were assaulted during kind of this time period. and it leads you to this point of understanding possibly that if this investigation had been handled properly, that it at least some women and girls could have been protected. how does that impact you? >> that is an incredible weight to carry. and that is the reality. in fact, we know that over 100 women and girls were abused from the time the fbi learned of exactly what larry was doing and who he was. but yet did nothing. and in fact, if detective andrea
8:44 am
mumford and angela hasn't listened to me and fought for the truth and move sod quickly, the likelihood is that larry would still be out there. we have multiple failures in multiple law enforcement agencies and all of the reports that were made, only one detective did the right thing and now the question is what kind of accountability comes for those bad actors and how do we change this system. because this is what survivors face. >> and i do want to read the fbi's statement about this as this report cams out. the fbi stated this, actions and inactions of certain fbi employees described in the report are inexcusable and a discredit to this organization. adding that it has taken action to ensure and has confirmed that those responsible for misconduct and breach of trust no longer work fbi matters. is that even close to enough for you? >> absolutely not. because all of the movement of
8:45 am
those officials are either voluntarily retirement or moving on to a new career. there are no consequences that allowed over 100 little girls and women to be sexually assaulted. now they carry the cost with them for the rest of their lives. it put myself and my family and the other survivors in a position where we had to speak publicly to get law enforcement to take us seriously and there are no consequences tor those actors. this is not an anomaly. this is what survivors face at every level and very few survivors have the kind of press coverage and the group of sisters to walk with to be able to shine a light on what is actually going on wlax, we're s one case, ask what we're not seeing. ask why out of every 230 rapes reported to the police, only six result in criminal charges. this is not an anomaly. this is very common and we have to start asking the hard questions of what we have to do
8:46 am
to be able to make changes, to provide a level of accountability and transparency for bad actors in law enforcement. because this is not an anomaly. >> and i saw you write, when people say why didn't you come forward sooner, in general to survivors, you point to this and you say, this is exactly why. rachel, thank you. thank you very much for coming on. thank you for your strength. so, president biden is about to speak at white house. we're going to take you there. we're going to go live to the white house very shortly as his remarks are about to begin. please stay with us.
8:47 am
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developing right now, the pentagon has just revealed that some of the former colombian soldiers accused of assassinating haiti's president received some training by the u.s. military in the past. cnn has also learned the head of security at the presidential residence is in custody. matt rivers is live in port-au-prince for us once again. matt, there are new developments, startling ones, in this every day. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah. kate, that's correct. seemingly by the hour we're getting new information. we know that the prosecution --
8:52 am
the prosecutors that are leading this investigation into the assassination of the president wanted to question the heads of three different agencies here in haiti tasked with protecting the president and/or the places where he spends his time, including one man who is in charge of protecting the presidential residence where this assassination happened. and we know that he was detained, put into police custody last night after not showing up to that question. to the questioning session requested by the prosecution. we know that because we spoke to a very close associate, a friend, a business partner, of ed, who talked to us yesterday and said he believes the man is innocent and has nothing to do it and it goes much higher up in the haitian government in terms of how is culpable in this. he said his friend, associate, is basically being framed or set up in a very political way. we're going to have to see exactly how that plays out. plus, new information today with two more individuals being
8:53 am
arrested by haitian police, accused of actually helping supply the alleged mercenaries, carrying out this assassination. we know that these two individuals were found with rifles, pistols, bullet proof vests, lots of things the prosecutors say give them the evidence to eventually charge the men. >> matt, thank you so much for your continued reporting on this. still ahead for us, we're just moments away from president biden speaking at the white house about taking on child poverty in america. we're going to bring you his remarks live as soon as they begin. stay with us.
8:54 am
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all right. we're showing a live look at the white house right now where any moment now president biden will be speaking. and he will be touting the direct payments that millions of american families are feeling today or seeing today that are going out today as part of the expanded child tax credit that congress passed. it's part of biden's pandemic relief package. i want to get to john har wood at the white house for us as we're awaiting this event to begin. john, what are we expecting to hear from president biden about this? >> reporter: what we're expecting is to hear president biden talk about what he considers a core mission of his presidency. to deliver tangible improvements in the lives of average americans, and in the american rescue plan, they for a brief period of time temporarily expanded the child tax credit so
8:59 am
that people with children under six years old could get checks of up to $300 a month to help support their families. people with kids under 18 and above age six would get up to $250 per child. those are dramatic refundable, so that've phen-- refundable. those are dramatic improvements or benefits in the lives of average americans and joe biden wants to lay that in contrast with what happened in the previous administration. we're all now talking about revelations in the books of crazy behavior. joe biden is going to try to say today, we're on the job and delivering for the american people, and this is part of his argument for the infrastructure and help for struggleling families packages going out to millions of families this month. 90% of households with children are going to be eligible for these expanded tax credits.
9:00 am
and joe biden considers that a signature achievement. >> the president will be p speaking any moment now. when he takes question, meeting with the german chancellor today. there are opportunities for that there as well. thank you for joining me at this hour. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. hello, everybody. welcome to "inside politics". it is a busy news day. today a show of loyalty to donald trump. kevin mccarthy's visit comes with more trump lies. it come as the former president wants mccarthy to undermine the investigation about the insurrection. new help for millions of american families. the white house says the new tax


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